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Mamie Gummer is EMILY OWENS, MD

It'll be for the CW! Premiering this fall!

I'm so proud I could burst!

by Dame Merylreply 12211/26/2012

I will win an Emmy next season for my work on "American Horror Story" because I am the centerpiece of next season along with Jessica Lange. That is, if Sarah Paulson does not drive Jessica any more batshit than she already has. I'm on the fence as to further encourage the Paulson/Lange thing or just leave it be. Thoughts, kids?

Well. At any rate, at least the lipless Gummer girl has a job. What is a job to some is a future award to others or so my dead mother once told me.

by Dame Merylreply 105/17/2012

Is it true you're playing silent film star Mary Pickford, Lily?

Good luck with that.

by Dame Merylreply 205/17/2012


My lips and I can out act any one of your lipless daughters any day of the week and you know it.

Yes, M. In the first season of "American Horror Story" my characters' style was partially based on Mary Pickford and Ethel Barrymore. You do know of Ethel, right, M? You are old enough to have worked with her for all I should know.

Meanwhile. Your daughter is to play a shit doctor on a shit t.v. show while the next season of "American Horror Story" will feature my acting prowess as well as that of Jessica Lange all season long.

Well. Jessica should do alright if Sarah Paulson does not screw her over. I am still weighing my options with that because the further Sarah gets with Jessica then the larger role I will have. Your daughter would know nothing of options, though, would she M?

Worse case scenario for me. One Emmy and a trip to a rehab for Jessica Lange. I do so worry about Jessica because I did see Cherry Jones rather recently and Sarah Paulson aged her. Cherry is still far more talented than you, M. She could not do "Doubt" because she has always been, well, "out" but that does not stop her.

by Dame Merylreply 305/17/2012

She'll coax the blues right out of the horn.

by Dame Merylreply 405/17/2012

Why didn't M ever offer to fix Mamie's nose?

by Dame Merylreply 505/17/2012

Why should I, VOTN, when it'll be on the CW's dime? I gather they've paid for Blake Lively's boob job more than once.

by Dame Merylreply 605/17/2012

As you say, your ladyship.

by Dame Merylreply 705/17/2012

Mamie's like the ugly version of M. Considering Meryl isn't exactly a beauty queen, that doesn't leave Mamie anywhere but "kooky character parts."

Lily Rabe is much more beautiful.

On the other hand, M's gay son, Henry, got the looks among her kids.

by Dame Merylreply 805/17/2012

[quote]Lily Rabe is much more beautiful.

That I am. All natural to boot.

The hair is all mine, btw. The stylists behind my future Oscar award winning role as Mary Pickford in her biopic will just have to work around my hair somehow. I am sure they will find a way. Well, that is if Sarah Paulson does not have a fit and cut it off on set of the second season of "American Horror Story."

Quite worried about that Sarah Paulson. Jessica Lange has told her time and time again that she is not a Lesbian but Sarah keeps on trying all the same. Poor Jessica. Sarah drops hints online and such that she is in a relationship with Jessica even though Jessica is straight. I am as well, actually, but Jessica and I are gay friendly and wish for gay marriage in all fifty states while Sarah just screws whoever is handiest for "career advancement" or so she thinks.

Sarah might hit up Mamie next. She is M's daughter and all even if she looks like a retarded lipless version of M.

Oh well. Life does go on. My (late) mother did not live with Leukemia for soo very long without having taught me a thing or two about surviving.

by Dame Merylreply 905/17/2012

Lily, darling, my Portia in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE when I was at Yale Drama School is apparently still the talk of the campus. Susan...oops, sorry...SIGOURNEY Weaver bowed down to me and she was quite the heifer even then, as I recall. Isn't she doing a miniseries for the USA network? She is but I digress...

Is your Portia still being discussed two year's later? I somehow doubt it. Al's projectile spittle is more likely to be.

by Dame Merylreply 1005/17/2012

'Mamie Gummer' is the worst, most unappealing name ever.

by Dame Merylreply 1105/17/2012


I have evolved and am soon to be doing "As You Like It" as a warm up for the next season of "American Horror Story" unless Sarah Paulson's behavior causes filming to be suspended.

One evolves in their craft, M, and that is something your lipless daughter Mamie can't ever do since she hasn't a craft.

'Hope Springs' eternal, M. Maybe one day you will come back to the theater. Cherry Jones has alluded to that since the 1990's in interviews and yet all you do it carry on in film because you fear her. Good luck in "Hope Springs" with Tommy Lee Jones of all people, M. Did your son do the soundtrack?

by Dame Merylreply 1205/17/2012

[quote]Mamie's like the ugly version of M.

Oh, my sides!

BTW, check out my daughter, actress Annie Stark.

by Dame Merylreply 1305/17/2012

Darling Lily (see what I just did there?),

Thank you for your public wish that I return to the stage. In fact I shall do just that after I play Violet (take THAT, Patty Duke!) in the film version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY. I was just warming up Brecht-wisewith MOTHER COURAGE a few years ago-my GOOD WOMAN OF SETZUAN will no doubt be a theatrical highlight of the 2012-2013 Broadway season, followed closely by BRING IT ON and a revival of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY starring my daughter Grace.

by Dame Merylreply 1405/17/2012

annie stark is prettier than mamie.

by Dame Merylreply 1505/17/2012

Can't wait for the Lilian Gish biopic.

by Dame Merylreply 1605/17/2012

Mamie EISENHOWER is prettier than Mamie.

by Dame Merylreply 1705/17/2012

Both girls are on the homely side, but Mamie is easily able to achieve ugly when the angle is bad.

by Dame Merylreply 1805/17/2012

I think Glenn's kid is pretty.

by Dame Merylreply 1905/17/2012

Good luck, Mamie love. You should be grateful that you're too homely for soaps, as your pretentious mother would no doubt banish you to Gummer/Streep Siberia if you were appear on one, as she did me since the day I returned home with the news that I'd just won the part of Angie Perinni.

by Dame Merylreply 2005/17/2012

I just don't even understand Mamie's nose; how does she breathe through that thing?

by Dame Merylreply 2105/17/2012

it really is freakishly narrow, r21

as is her talent

by Dame Merylreply 2205/17/2012

[quote]'Mamie Gummer' is the worst, most unappealing name ever.

And like her mother, her actual first name is "Mary."

by Dame Merylreply 2305/18/2012

I think if I were MG, I would have dropped the Gummer, she must have a middle name she could have used as her professional surname.

The case of the Gummer girls has to be one of the worst applications of unchecked nepotism in recent history.

No shade though, who wouldn't take advantage. However, the liklihood that Mamie would headline a series outside her own youtube channel without her royal parentage is nil.

by Dame Merylreply 2405/18/2012

[quote]Meryl isn't exactly a beauty queen,

Meryl was very pretty in her youth(see Woody Allen's "Manhattan" or "Kramer Vs. Kramer") and ain't no slouch now in her 60's (see "The Devil Wears Prada").

by Dame Merylreply 2505/18/2012

Aw you guys are harsh, I think Mames is very good on the Good Wife. I could easily see her starring in her own Ally McBeal-ish primetime dramedy.

by Dame Merylreply 2605/18/2012

Hell, our last name was Gumm and even that was shit. We knew to changed it right away!

by Dame Merylreply 2705/18/2012

Grace Gummer is much prettier than Mamie.

by Dame Merylreply 2805/18/2012

Annie Stark looks like Lizzie Grubman

by Dame Merylreply 2905/18/2012

"M's gay son'

Proof,please,because he's my type!

by Dame Merylreply 3005/18/2012

[quote]Aw you guys are harsh, I think Mames is very good on the Good Wife.


[quote]I could easily see her starring in her own Ally McBeal-ish primetime dramedy.

Only if it were to air on YouTube or that "Damages" tripe Glennie slung on satellite t.v.

by Dame Merylreply 3105/18/2012

Damn, Sarah Paulson sounds like a whackjob supreme. Lily Rabe is the shit and she will rock AHS.

How could Paulson "derail" it?

I saw Cherry just a few days ago and yes she has aged - but I think it's smoking and lack of exercise heaped on top of losing her parents in the same year. She will bounce back, I'm sure of it.

The attractive Gummer is the baby girl who isn't interested in acting.

by Dame Merylreply 3205/18/2012

r26, Mamie is fine on The Good Wife. I agree.

Many girls Mamie's age are good in their guest or costar parts on The Good Wife.

However, it is completely true that without Mamie's mother's agents working for her and her mother's presence looming, Mamie would not have the lead in a Pilot.

Most have more experience and training than Mamie but they aren't represented by CAA and don't have a tripple oscar winner for a mother.

Of course, you are going to use whatever you can in that business. I don't think there is anything wrong with using this advantage, just don't expect the rest of the world to not point it out for what it is.

by Dame Merylreply 3305/18/2012

[quote]I saw Cherry just a few days ago and yes she has aged - but I think it's smoking and lack of exercise heaped on top of losing her parents in the same year. She will bounce back, I'm sure of it.

Hopefully she will be alright. Cherry Jones comes across as being good people.

Do you know her? I am just curious.

by Dame Merylreply 3405/18/2012

Cherry has deep roots in NYC and knows many people. I am not a close friend but know her to chat with as we have mutual close friends.

She manages her public image to a degree but is largely who she appears to be AKA good people.

by Dame Merylreply 3505/18/2012

Well after these posts, it's time to put Rabe and Streep in a revival of MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA.

by Dame Merylreply 3605/18/2012

Lovely gossip R35

Cherry Jones projects a "nice girl" vibe and I wish her well.

by Dame Merylreply 3705/18/2012

Well, at least CW beats basic cable.

by Dame Merylreply 3805/18/2012

Mother absolutely adored Cherry Jones and I do as well. Even the very best of us go through trying times. All good things in due time for dear Cherry.

Cherry and I are equally as talented and yet keep things natural because we are both character actresses. Poor Sarah (yes, she is a whack job) Paulson knows nothing of keeping things natural because she is an actress who hasn't any, well, character (if you pardon the play on words).

Since the talent of Cherry Jones ran Meryl off from theater except for the odd charity production she does with her fuck buddy Kevin Kline, I think Cherry and I should just do a revival of a grand Greek Tragedy. The thing is, I cannot pick one just right off hand! Oh well.

R38 The Emmy people take basic cable far more seriously than whatever the CW is. Thanks for playing all the same.

I have to go back to rehearsals for "Shakespeare In The Park" now. C Ya!

by Dame Merylreply 3905/18/2012

The CW in fact does not beat basic cable. USA, TNT, TBS all get much better ratings. USA in fact is the cash cow for NBC Universal; NBC loses money.

by Dame Merylreply 4005/18/2012

Fuck buddy Kevin Kline? WHAT? Isn't he happily married to Phoebe Cates?

Yes, Mamie really is quite unattractive. Meryl on the other hand has presence which makes her appealing whether or not you find her pretty.

by Dame Merylreply 4105/18/2012

Meryl is beautiful and her husband is a hottie. I don't understand how they produced such an ugly child.

by Dame Merylreply 4205/18/2012

R41 maybe Lily meant in times past because that might have been something her (late) mother told her. Poor dear was on rehearsal break for "Shakespeare in the Park" for goodness sakes LOL.

Man, I hope Cherry Jones is alright. All joking aside, Cherry Jones is just really fucking cool.

by Dame Merylreply 4305/18/2012

It's this kind of crap that made me flee to Micronesia!

by Dame Merylreply 4405/18/2012

"Lily, darling, my Portia in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE when I was at Yale Drama School is apparently still the talk of the campus."

Oh please - the only people who could possibly remember THAT far back have Alzheimer's by now.

by Dame Merylreply 4505/18/2012

The Mamie and Donna Summer threads keep bumping to the top on my Thread Watcher list. I thought for a moment it said MAMIE GUMMER DEAD!

(If that was true - I'd cast the side eye on Lily Rabe….)

by Dame Merylreply 4605/18/2012

How did Sigourney's daughter turn out? I always thought Sig would breed properly being born to privledge and all.

by Dame Merylreply 4705/18/2012

R47, darling, Susan Weaver is from a nouveau riche family, not old money. Her father worked in TELEVISION, for God.

by Dame Merylreply 4805/18/2012

Oopsies, sorry, just dozed off for a bit. It should have read "Her father worked in TELEVISION, for God's sake."

by Dame Merylreply 4905/18/2012

No I think we can count Sig is a member of the elite. After all her father went to Dartmouth and her mother was in The Letter with Miss Bette Davis!

by Dame Merylreply 5005/18/2012

A Lily Rabe troll? This has to be a new low.

by Dame Merylreply 5105/19/2012

She might as well be a drug dealer or garbage woman. I have no (eldest) daughter.

by Dame Merylreply 5205/19/2012

Let's show the love to Mer=mer's very handsome son, Henry.

by Dame Merylreply 5305/19/2012

He looks like a fuglier version of JGL.

by Dame Merylreply 5405/19/2012

But Lily - Aren't you best buds with Sarah Paulson via appearing in 2 shows with her?

by Dame Merylreply 5505/19/2012

R55 Cherry Jones is a dear, Sarah Paulson is a whore on Earth. I'm not alone in being downright gleeful that Cherry and Sarah are no longer a couple.

I have worked upon the stage with Sarah Paulson and it was like working along with a lisping oak tree.

For the first season of "American Horror Story" we both had small character arches but I thankfully hadn't scenes with Sarah. Poor Jessica did and it was all she could do to not ask for a raincoat what for Sarah's lisp.

I have to go now because reading upthread about Cherry Jones possibly being in a bad way has me worried and so I just must call her. Cherry Jones is a fine lady who was always rather kind to mother.

by Dame Merylreply 5605/19/2012

"The case of the Gummer girls has to be one of the worst applications of unchecked nepotism in recent history."

Robert Downey, Jr., Nic Cage, Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Michael Douglas, Anjelika Huston, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kate Hudson ....

by Dame Merylreply 5705/19/2012

Cherry Jones is doing fine and sends her love to all of you. Her new girlfriend is wearing her out, but in a nice way and not a Sarah Paulson way. Get it, honey!

Sigourney Weaver's daughter sure is homely!

by Dame Merylreply 5805/21/2012

George Clooney is one of the biggest cases of nepotism ever.

by Dame Merylreply 5905/21/2012

While we're on the subject of actors' offspring, David Strathairn's older son Tay (named after a Scottish river) is also a musician who has worked with Streep's son Henry, including co-writing the song that appeared over the credits of JULIE AND JULIA.

He definitely has some of his dad's features.

by Dame Merylreply 6005/21/2012

Clooney worked for years and years in shit roles. And by the 80's who was Rosemary Clooney anyway? He definitely worked his way up.

by Dame Merylreply 6105/21/2012


Good christ, why don't they just call it "For Shut-Ins Only"?

by Dame Merylreply 6205/21/2012


They were to call it "The Fibromyalgia Express" but were worried that the non cable having breeders who watch the CW would think ill of the title.

The CW has yet to have any troubles with One Million Moms and hopes to keep it that way.

by Dame Merylreply 6305/26/2012

The Lily Rabe troll is the least funny and most obnoxious fake "celebrity" troll we've had since I discovered this site in '03.

by Dame Merylreply 6405/26/2012

I don't know, R64, I'm finding "Ellis" and his non-scoops over at the SMASH thread to be pretty obnoxious.

by Dame Merylreply 6505/26/2012

He may have worked his way up,r61,but he is still well connected-Aunt Rosemary,Oscar winning uncle Jose Ferrer;newscaster father Nick. He even roomed with his cousin,Miguel Ferrer when he first started out.

by Dame Merylreply 6605/26/2012

[R61]: without his connections, he wouldn't have had a chance to "work his way up".

by Dame Merylreply 6705/26/2012

"And by the 80's who was Rosemary Clooney anyway?"

You're a twit. People certainly knew who Rosemary Clooney was in the eighties. George had a lot of industry connections which no doubt secured him some work.

It's the same way with Mamie. But what it comes down to is that you have to be able to prove yourself to the general audience otherwise. George did that with ER, and Mamie turned a few heads with her roll on THE GOOD WIFE.

by Dame Merylreply 6805/26/2012

There are a lot of"Emily Owens,M.D." promos up on youtube now. Very'Shonda Rhimes'-with those annoying interior monologues to let us know what the character is thinking:

by Dame Merylreply 6905/26/2012

She doesn't have the charisma to be the title character, this will be a huge flop, plua who's gonna tune in to 45 minutes of that face?

by Dame Merylreply 7005/26/2012

I'd rather there be a Lily Rabe troll who works within a proper context than the trolls who post on every thread or something.

by Dame Merylreply 7105/26/2012

I think the idea of a Lily Rabe troll is funnier than the reality.

by Dame Merylreply 7205/26/2012

EMILY OWENS debuts tonight at 9 PM EST on The CW.

by Dame Merylreply 7310/16/2012

[quote] EMILY OWENS debuts tonight at 9 PM EST on The CW.

Going up against the 2nd Presidential Debate? Oh, dear.

And it's still EDT, OP. Standard time doesn't kick in for another few weeks.

by Dame Merylreply 7410/16/2012

Thank you for the correction, R74.

by Dame Merylreply 7510/16/2012


There was a "Lily Rabe Troll"

by Dame Merylreply 7610/16/2012

BLIND GOSSIP 10/12 She is the daughter of a famous and talented actress. Although the daughter also trained to be an actress, she is under the illusion that she is scoring jobs on her own.

No one on her new television show has the heart to tell her that both her looks and her talent are mediocre at best, and that the main reason she got cast is because of her mother.

The daughter should brace herself now for the fact that her new show is going to be cancelled in its first season. Yes, it’s that bad. And she is that bad in it. You should change the channel on this one before it even starts.

Daughter: Mamie Gummer Mother: Meryl Streep TV Show: "Emily Owens, MD"

by Dame Merylreply 7710/16/2012

She really needs to work under a stage name. That name makes her sound like a contemporary of Ima Hogg.

by Dame Merylreply 7810/16/2012

Uh huh, Phyliea, I mean CONDOLA. (simultaneous eye roll and neck roll)

by Dame Merylreply 7910/16/2012

I kept seeing the billboards and thought how weird looking the actress on there was. I had no idea it was her.

Yeah, cancelled after one season.

by Dame Merylreply 8010/16/2012

Mamie Van Doren as Emily Owens, MD.

Now THAT I might watch.

by Dame Merylreply 8110/16/2012

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned that the yummy Justin Hartley from Smallville is on it.

by Dame Merylreply 8210/16/2012

Does Justin take his shirt off? On Smallville he did every week!

by Dame Merylreply 8310/16/2012

No shit? I've seen that commercial about nineteen times and had no idea. I usually have the TV muted during commercials so if they said her name I wouldn't have heard it.

by Dame Merylreply 8410/16/2012

Call me crazy, but I really liked it. I hit record series and hope this is able to play out a full season. Mamie was great and held the whole thing together well. You guys are being too harsh on her- she does have talent and charisma.

by Dame Merylreply 8510/16/2012

The show is an even more annoying Grey's Anatomy rip-off, with pretty much no likable characters except for Hartley's and Gummer's, but she is written as so unrealistically awkward and pitiful that you start to lose patience well before the end of the hour. It's not Mamie Gummer's fault at all, and I would watch her in a good show, but I will definitely not be watching this piece of shit again.

by Dame Merylreply 8610/17/2012

Mamie is a pretty decent actress. Regardless of the fate of this show, she will continue to get better and better parts.

by Dame Merylreply 8710/17/2012

She looks like a Picasso knockoff (if painted by Michael J Fox wearing a blindfold).

by Dame Merylreply 8810/17/2012

That's a mighty big mole on her face.

What is it with fugly children of celebrities not getting heir moles removed?

by Dame Merylreply 8910/17/2012

What kind of fucking name is Mamie??? I love Meryl but she's an asshole for naming her kid that.

by Dame Merylreply 9010/17/2012

Meryl's son Henry looks like Dustin Hoffman...

by Dame Merylreply 9110/18/2012

Playing a supportive mother who watches her daughter's TV show must be Meryl's toughest challenge yet.

by Dame Merylreply 9210/18/2012

Seriously, she's soooooo ugly and unlikable. I know people who know her and her gay boyfriend. She is an uber-cunt.

by Dame Merylreply 9310/18/2012

Necar Zadegan should stick to movies and plays. She could still do guest starring roles.

by Dame Merylreply 9410/18/2012

I'm sorry. What more can I say?

by Dame Merylreply 9510/18/2012

Lily Rabe has no mother!!!!

by Dame Merylreply 9610/18/2012

R90, Mamie is her nickname. Her real name is Mary Willa.

by Dame Merylreply 9710/19/2012

I'm glad they mentioned how ugly Mamie is on the show. The trend is usually to flatter the homely star's egos...Nurse Jackie, Sex and the City....

by Dame Merylreply 9810/19/2012

So how come Grace isn't the star, who strongly resembles her mother and certainly much more attractive than Mamie? Son Henry is also decent looking and has a few acting credits, but not a thriving career.

by Dame Merylreply 9910/19/2012

The son lost interest in acting. He got an MFA from NYU (a really tough program to get into) but then got into music and never really pursued acting too much.

by Dame Merylreply 10010/19/2012

The youngest Louisa (21) is about as attractive as Grace, but resembles the father more and doesn't look much like Meryl.

by Dame Merylreply 10110/19/2012

Grace didn't look so great on "Smash" last year although she looked pretty good in "Arcadia" on stage.

by Dame Merylreply 10210/19/2012

This show quickly rang false for me when the African American girl was revealed to be the high school tormentor of the blond,blue-eyed Emily. Assuming that Emily comes from a middle class family and background,she probably went to a high school with very few people of color attending. Any abuse would have been immediately reported to a high school official and the(only)black girl in her class expelled or kicked out of the school entirely.The idea that any sort of abuse would have been allowed to continue for years from that girl towards Emily is too much of a suspension of reality to buy. Am I wrong?

Anyway,the only reason to keep watching for me would be Michael Rady's character. If they could isolate his storyline into a separate,by all means,do!

by Dame Merylreply 10310/19/2012

I haven't watched the show. I saw the clips and it didn't interest me. It's like the show is copying the formula of Grey's Anatomy and Nurse Jackie.

by Dame Merylreply 10410/19/2012

Glenn's daughter Annie Starke has eyes far apart and Mamie Gummer's eyes are Close together. Were they switched at birth?

by Dame Merylreply 10510/20/2012

Grace is playing an FBI gal in a new ABC series Zero Hour with Anthony Edwards. It starts airing in December.

by Dame Merylreply 10610/20/2012

I figured "fug daughter" comments would be the sole realm of datalounge but imdb makes liberal use of the description as well.

by Dame Merylreply 10710/20/2012

R103, some black people are middle-class and even wealthy! Who would have thought!

by Dame Merylreply 10810/24/2012

You know what I mean,r108. Black girl continuously harassing blond white girl and no one intervenes? Please.

by Dame Merylreply 10910/24/2012

M needs to come to the rescue of dear Mammie's failing show and make a cameo appearance.

by Dame Merylreply 11011/15/2012

How do you think Meryl really feels about her daughters trying to climb out of her shadow?

by Dame Merylreply 11111/15/2012

I think M is being very passive aggressive. SHe claims she wants her darling Mammie to be successful in her own right, yet she chooses shitty projects for the girl that inevitably fail.

by Dame Merylreply 11211/15/2012

Oh, R112, that's oh-so-amusing but oh-so-inaccurate.

by Dame Merylreply 11311/15/2012

This show is going the way of "Mercy" on NBC which I knew it would fail when the lead character said she was from LAN-caster, Pennsylvania. Locals say LANCA-ster.

by Dame Merylreply 11411/15/2012

But Mercy was actually good.

by Dame Merylreply 11511/15/2012

Re; 55 and 58 I had worried about Cherry Jones when she was with Sarah Paulson. Paulson seemed so immature and really didn't seem to take life seriously. Cherry on the other hand, always seems like a dear lady. I hadn't heard that Sarah ran around on her. Is that true? Who could be with Cherry Jones and think of anyone else?? I also know that Cherry has had such a rough time with the loss of her parents and can't imagine that kind of pain. Glad to hear she's doing ok and seems to have a good circle of support. She has a new lover? Who is it?

by Dame Merylreply 11611/26/2012

[quote]Mamie is her nickname. Her real name is Mary Willa.

Just like "Meryl" isn't Meryl's real name.

by Dame Merylreply 11711/26/2012

Poor Mamie. Her show is now facing almost certain cancellation due to low ratings.

by Dame Merylreply 11811/26/2012

"Mercy" was great. The lead actress was terrible and her character was hateful. But the men on that show were HOT. Discuss!

by Dame Merylreply 11911/26/2012

This is all such a terrible reflection on artistic families overall. Tears are streaming down my face as I contemplate this sad little albino girl playing a Doctress, while her "mother" polishes her undeserved Oscars. Is there NO justice left in this forlorn world? Dear, oh dear, life has become a trembling shadow of gilded shame. Meanwhile, my beloved Drew gets so little recognition, even though she is much lovlier than all these other horse-faced fiends parading in their existential awfulness!

by Dame Merylreply 12011/26/2012

Do you think Meryl would let Mamie do a soap if that became the girl's only option? I could see her on Y&R as NuAbby.

by Dame Merylreply 12111/26/2012

Click, click, click junior.

by Dame Merylreply 12211/26/2012
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