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Phrases and terms unique to DL

The 'Nipples to the Day' thread popped up again, which led me to wonder...

what words and phrases are unique (or mostly unique) to DL.



by Mary!reply 5012/04/2012

Pron is widespread among internet nerds.

I think some of you think just because DL was the first place you heard something that DL invented it.

by Mary!reply 105/12/2012

Both of these originated in the old Usenet newsgroup alt.showbiz.gossip, and ported over to alt.gossip.celebrities, before coming to DataLounge.

by Mary!reply 205/12/2012


by Mary!reply 305/12/2012

Mt. Stance

by Mary!reply 405/12/2012


by Mary!reply 505/12/2012

homosex where....

by Mary!reply 605/12/2012

Shopbottom / salesbottom.

by Mary!reply 705/12/2012

lady ham

quadraplegic squirrel

typhoid goldfish

rotted girl-eggs

by Mary!reply 805/12/2012

This thread will be proof that there are DLfangurlz.

Surprise anal.

by Mary!reply 905/12/2012

Once around the garden

by Mary!reply 1005/12/2012

Uncle Bottom and Nephew Troll

by Mary!reply 1105/12/2012

How many more times this year will some newbie announce that PRON is unique to DL?

by Mary!reply 1205/12/2012

bucket of boiled assholes

by Mary!reply 1305/12/2012

The Samsonite-on-a-leash tourist doing Manhattan on a shoestring budget.

by Mary!reply 1405/12/2012


by Mary!reply 1505/12/2012

"present hole"

by Mary!reply 1605/12/2012

This tread is useless without...

by Mary!reply 1705/12/2012

Julianne Moore, Seriously!

by Mary!reply 1805/12/2012

Is gay face and cane face unique to DL?

by Mary!reply 1905/12/2012

"slack-jawed 'tards."

by Mary!reply 2005/12/2012

"I'd lick his shitter."

"Please don't let him/her/them be... black."

"Will someone please shit in my mouth?"

by Mary!reply 2105/12/2012

I heard "Republitards" here first, but I imagine that wasn't original.

by Mary!reply 2205/12/2012

"Constance McCashin"

I never hear that term outside of DL.

by Mary!reply 2305/12/2012

Raul Esparza and his bisexual cock

by Mary!reply 2405/12/2012



cooked non-event toast

*kisses doll*

nacreous layer of permacum

punch & delete

OSL (overly-serious lesbian)

prance, ponies, prance!


by Mary!reply 2505/12/2012

I've never heard "I eat old people's excrement" outside of DL.

by Mary!reply 2605/12/2012

Move it along, toots! Corn! When did I eat corn?

by Mary!reply 2705/12/2012

"I'll NEVER stop ______!" vows _______ _______



by Mary!reply 2805/12/2012


by Mary!reply 2905/12/2012

[quote]Move it along, toots!

My favorite DL-ism ever. Is the move it along, toots poster still around? Anyone have a copy of that thread?

by Mary!reply 3005/12/2012

Mama likey!

by Mary!reply 3105/12/2012


Vodka and meth of course!

Get some sleep hon.

The sky was so blue that day.

by Mary!reply 3205/12/2012

Potluck wedding reception

by Mary!reply 3305/12/2012

Kisses, R33.

by Mary!reply 3405/12/2012


by Mary!reply 3505/12/2012

"Speeding her tits off."

This always pops up in Judy threads.

by Mary!reply 3605/12/2012

King Kong will stop the rain.

by Mary!reply 3705/12/2012


Momma's mussy (plus improbable simile)

Oh dear (purely for bad English)

by Mary!reply 3805/12/2012

"Look at this, tasteful friends"

by Mary!reply 3905/13/2012


by Mary!reply 4005/13/2012

"Verificatia of sizemeat"

by Mary!reply 4105/13/2012

Getting all clicky with the cliteysaurus

by Mary!reply 4205/13/2012

Can I have your stuff?

by Mary!reply 4305/13/2012


by Mary!reply 4412/02/2012

Earrings, caftans

Blatino hus-bear

by Mary!reply 4512/02/2012

The last DL phrasebook thread is still around:

by Mary!reply 4612/02/2012

Julianne Moore, seriously.

by Mary!reply 4712/04/2012

This can only end in tears

by Mary!reply 4812/04/2012

My pussy stinks!

by Mary!reply 4912/04/2012

"is Barfly a verb?"

"____ is trying to make ______ happen"

by Mary!reply 5012/04/2012
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