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Sean Bean Arrested for Sending Ex-Wife Abusive Texts

'Game of Thrones' star was seen at the Holborn police station in Central London to be questioned on suspicion that he harassed Georgina Sutcliffe.

May 10, 2012

For reportedly sending his ex-wife abusive texts and calls, Sean Bean was arrested in London on Wednesday, May 9. The "Game of Thrones" star was taken to police station and questioned on suspicion that he harassed Georgina Sutcliffe, his fourth wife whom he divorced in December 2010.

Reps for Bean have not given their comment yet but a Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed the arrest. "A 53-year-old man attended a central London police station by appointment yesterday, where he was arrested on suspicion of harassment and bailed until a later date," the spokesman told People.

According to Daily Mirror, Bean arrived at Holborn police station in Central London at 12.45 P.M. wearing a blue baseball cap and mustard colored cardigan. Police said the man was bailed out and not charged as investigation goes on.

Bean married Sutcliffe in February 2008 but just months into their marriage an argument between the pair allegedly turned violent. She filed for divorce in August 2010, citing "irreconcilable differences" and claiming the British actor was "unbearable" to live with.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 3105/11/2012

4 ex-wives? Whore.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 105/10/2012

[quote]wearing a blue baseball cap and mustard colored cardigan

that alone should be cause for arrest

by Cersei Lannisterreply 205/10/2012

R1 the news that Bean has been married multiple times is hardly a secret. It's been out there for years. I'm sure we've talked about it here.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 305/10/2012

How do you like me now?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 405/10/2012

He's still a whore, R3. And a violent, unstable one at that, by the sounds of it.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 505/10/2012

How is he a whore?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 605/10/2012

He's had a well known drinking problem for years.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 705/10/2012

r5 = ex-wife

by Cersei Lannisterreply 805/10/2012

He's hot, even with those acne scars.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 905/10/2012

Why is having 4 wives whorish?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1005/10/2012

Being married 4 times doesn't necessarily make someone a whore so long as they are faithful to the person they are with. If they are screwing around with other people during all of the marriages then, yes, that would make them a whore.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1105/10/2012

Can a straight man be a whore? I thought they were supposed to sl;eep with as many women as possible and cheating ios overlooked?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1205/10/2012

Women get called whores for a LOT less all the time on DL.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1305/10/2012

WHy does he need to marry so many times? It's not like we're in the 50's and he'd be blackballed for living 'in sin'. It sounds like has has some sort of pathology where he likes the idea of being married but not its reality. And, yes, he's doubtlessly a big ol' whore. Why do you think he keeps getting divorced?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1405/10/2012

R14, why single out Sean Bean? There are millions of actors, athletes & politicians who have been married multiple times.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1505/10/2012

[quote]why single out Sean Bean?

Because this thread is about him.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1605/10/2012

[quote][R14], why single out Sean Bean? There are millions of actors, athletes & politicians who have been married multiple times.

Because Sean Bean is handsome, charming, and rich.

He doesn't NEED to keep marrying these dumb bitches in order to keep them on his arm for a coupla years.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1705/10/2012

But the point is that it's very, very common to be married multiple times when you are a celebrity. Four marriages is nothing in Hollywood.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1805/10/2012

Four marriages is pretty uncommon these days, even for celebrities. The way he's going, he'll beat Liz Taylor's scorecard.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 1905/10/2012

Why do celebrities even bother to get married?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2005/10/2012

Dumpy, pasty little thing. Of course, she's 20 years younger and an 'aspiring actress' who is now appearing in that old war-horse The Mousetrap in the West End. This big, beefy stud could do a lot better.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2105/10/2012

I doubt it, R19. It's unlikely it will get that high. Sean Bean would have to have more than twice as many marriages as he has now to beat Liz.

Btw, Lorenzo Lamas is on his 5th marriage.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2205/10/2012

In Liz Taylor's day, marriage was considered obligatory if you wanted to be respectable, so public figures like Liz felt obligated to marry their fuckbuddies. Nowadays both men and women can screw around and maintain their respectability, and someone who gets married four times when they're free to fuck around is considered a bit wierd.

IMHO anyone who keeps entering one disastrous marriage after another is not only a slow learner, they're pursuing some kind of obsessive need. They want something so badly that they just kee/p trying over and over again, without being ab le to understand what it is they really want.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2305/10/2012

Trust DL to give you a post about an actor only six nerds have ever heard of and less care about.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2405/11/2012

He's been married and divorced four times because he's an active alcoholic. Due to drink, he's easily enthralled and eventually, suddenly bored when the idealized other slightly loses the luster. Because of drink, he's never managed to develop the skills or tolerance to maintain any long lasting intimate relationship.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2505/11/2012

R24, are you talking about Sean Bean? He's a big name actor, who amongst other things appeared in "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones". Millions of people all over the world recognize him.

We're not talking about some C-list actor here.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2605/11/2012

r25 has had too much therapy.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2705/11/2012

He's certainly got a type. All his ex-wives look alike. Ugly English fraus.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2805/11/2012

[quote]He's a big name actor, who amongst other things appeared in "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones".

He also played 006 in the James Bond film "Goldeneye".

by Cersei Lannisterreply 2905/11/2012

Apparently Bean has an archaic view of marriage which requires women to be very subservient to their husbands (based on an article I read about him several years ago). Thing is, his marriages never seem to last very long, so I think it's a combination of his expectations of his wives combined with his alcoholism that make him impossible to live with. It's like he's looking for that special woman who'll put up with him, but it's going to be hard to find that in the UK in this day and age.

by Cersei Lannisterreply 3005/11/2012

What about some of the other actors who have had even more marriages? Lorenzo Lamas is on his 5th marriage. What could be going on there?

by Cersei Lannisterreply 3105/11/2012
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