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CNN's Rob Marciano posts a photo of his butt

(In jeans of course, not naked.)

Italian-American booty!

by Don Lemonreply 2901/25/2013

direct link:

by Don Lemonreply 105/10/2012

You see Don, this is why CNN is failing. You spend way too much time taking and uploading pics of each other's asses to twitter instead of working!

by Don Lemonreply 205/10/2012

Is this Boston Rob from Survivor?

by Don Lemonreply 305/10/2012

Nope, it's Rob Marciano, the CNN weatherdouche.

by Don Lemonreply 405/10/2012

So what do you think of its size?

by Don Lemonreply 505/10/2012

I bet he has dingleberries

by Don Lemonreply 605/13/2012

He is so cute

by Don Lemonreply 708/25/2012

I saw him near Rockefeller Center 3 years ago- he is drop dead gorgeous in person and I would lick his ass raw if he so desired.

by Don Lemonreply 808/25/2012

He's a Republican homophobic pig.

by Don Lemonreply 908/25/2012

He was with Anderson during the storm. Anderson was drooling. Rob is a complete hottie.

by Don Lemonreply 1008/29/2012

He got promoted to the boss of Entertainment tonight

by Don Lemonreply 1111/27/2012

How did such a homophobe get to headline a show like ET? And how did anyone so beautiful end up being straight? Or is he ...

by Don Lemonreply 1201/22/2013

He looks like a younger version of Stephen Moyer who plays Vampire Bill on True Blood.

by Don Lemonreply 1301/22/2013

He looks like a younger version of True Blood's Stephen Moyer. He's really cute. I have started watching Entertainment Tonight just because of him.

by Don Lemonreply 1401/22/2013

R14, will you post that yet again in an hour and hourly thereafter to remind us? Thanks.

by Don Lemonreply 1501/22/2013

Anderson Cooper used to have a crush on him.

by Don Lemonreply 1601/22/2013

Could you fuck off, r15? It is not my fault that it takes so long for some responses to post to a thread. Take it up with the Webmaster.

by Don Lemonreply 1701/22/2013

He looks like a younger version of Stephen Moyer who plays Vampire Bill on True Blood.

by Don Lemonreply 1801/23/2013

Robby: I watched ET last night. PLEASE, fly me to Hollywood--your wardrobe person"sucks!" I am a former male runway model for Brooks Brothers, i.e, working for John Malloy, author of: "DRESS FOR SUCCESS". Please do not be too sensitive, but your dark jacket was horribly tailored(too short and buttoned the front of the jacket caused the jacket to buckle and wrinkle on both sides of the long lapels). Loose the pink shirt. Loose the Prada shoes. You may hire me and we shall not go to Rodeo Drive--puke! The 17 Gold Medal Tailor and "the very best custom tailor(West of Denver is NOT in Hollywood--trust me!) My name is: Rod McLean, 503-318-9655, Upto you my friend....Rod

by Don Lemonreply 1901/24/2013

He is awful on ET--very wooden and awful chemistry with his female costars. They need someone like Carson Kressley on that show who knows how to camp it up and not take entertainment "news" seriously.

by Don Lemonreply 2001/24/2013

The Carson suggestion is brilliant, R20! They really need to find hotter gay reporters (Kojo and that fat pretentious dude they featured recently cause me to scramble for the remote every time I happen to watch).

I loved Rob, but, alas, the rumors of his homophobia have tainted that love.

I'd still suck the cream out of his cannoli if he presented it to me.

by Don Lemonreply 2101/24/2013

If you wanted to live a normal life and you had all these freaks into piss and shit and bestiality posting about you, you'd be a little put off too.

by Don Lemonreply 2201/24/2013

Didn't Rob Marciano get his girlfriend pregnant before he married her?

by Don Lemonreply 2301/24/2013

The Twitter photo that Rob posted leaves me cold. Not hot. Not even warm. In previews he looks sizzling ... but such a disappointment. All image. The rest is but burned bar-b-que.

by Don Lemonreply 2401/24/2013

He's not meant to be a porn star, R24

by Don Lemonreply 2501/24/2013

He strikes me as way less cute on the air than he looks in his photos. Something about his teeth looks a little fucked-up and he also lacks real presence as an anchor. Weird choice by ET's producers.

by Don Lemonreply 2601/24/2013

An antipope (Latin: antipapa) is a person who, in opposition to the one who is generally seen as the legitimately elected Pope, makes a significantly accepted competing claim to be the Pope,

by Don Lemonreply 2701/24/2013

That is a classic married-guy ass. Sadly. TV, food, with only exercise being deadly routine boning.

by Don Lemonreply 2801/24/2013

I bet his butt is hairy with dingle berries.

by Don Lemonreply 2901/25/2013
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