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SMASH Thread #3

As Rebecca Duvall quits, we are back where we started - will Ivy or Karen be Marilyn?

Will Ellis survive?

by Debreply 56602/16/2014

Please let it be Ivy

by Debreply 105/09/2012

It will be who you expect it to be (no spoilers, but think about it for half a second...)

As for Ellis, the link below should make a lot of people very happy. Think Joan Crawford meets... Joan Crawford.

by Debreply 205/09/2012

The guy who plays Ellis tweeted that Anjelica Houston told him he did a great job in the role.

by Debreply 305/09/2012

Production will NOT move to LA.

by Debreply 405/09/2012

I will be sorry on Monday night that there's no new episodes until next season. Despite some faults, I like the show a lot.

by Debreply 505/09/2012

What happens to Nick the bartender?

by Debreply 605/09/2012

How many episodes is SMASH picked up for next season? Do we have to wait til February to see it again? Is it going to LA or not?

by Debreply 705/09/2012

There are some villains that people love to hate, but Jaime Cepero's Ellis was just someone that people hated, period. It's hard to say if he didn't have the charm to make the character multi-layered, or if the writing of the character was just so awful, but whatever, everyone hated him and wanted him gone.

Just getting fired wasn't enough. They should have had it be a season ending mystery after his body was found in a wood-chipper.

by Debreply 805/10/2012

You fire someone who just confessed to attempted murder. Shouldn't the police.

by Debreply 905/10/2012

Now, it's just the character of Ellis who has been fired, correct? Not the actor? I thought I read somewhere (sorry; forget where) about him - Jaime Cepero - talking about plans for Ellis for Season 2?

by Debreply 1005/10/2012

I'm still hoping for Ellis's body to be found, and that the SVU folk to come in and solve it.

(And maybe a Benson/Ivy hookup...)

by Debreply 1105/10/2012

[quote]It will be who you expect it to be (no spoilers, but think about it for half a second...)

That means Karen.

McPhee is the big name and she's featured as the primary focus of every big cast photo.

And of course it wouldn't make sense on network TV to set up a whole season of drama about a scheming, conniving, director-fucking boyfriend-fucking Broadway insider with big tits and bleached hair vs a wholesome naive girl from Iowa, and then give the role to Ivy, regardless what we think of McPhee personally or professionally.

by Debreply 1205/10/2012

R!2 - that's what I suspect, too. (Sigh) McPhee is ok, btu she's no Marilyn.

by Debreply 1305/10/2012

McPhee is awful. And as 'Marilyn' she looks like a skinny drag queen or Helmut Berger in THE DAMNED.

by Debreply 1405/10/2012

Ellis is gone. Gone! You cannot glean much about next season from the finale. A lot is going to change next season, and will cut against whatever "cliffhangers" dangled in front of you. They are as good as worthless. Next season is more or less a reset, with a bunch of new characters introduced and a new underdog, so to speak.

by Debreply 1505/10/2012

Will Wes Taylor be back?

by Debreply 1605/10/2012

I think they need to be a bit more focused. They should keep: The Director; Julia and Tom; Kat McPhee and Ivy; Michael Swift. Everyone else should be ditched or drastically minimized, including Anjelica, who they haven't figured out what the hell to do with.

by Debreply 1705/10/2012

Anjelica is the only reason I keep watching, R17. Without her, it's a show about a bunch of uninteresting, ugly, petty, squabbling cunts.

With her, well, it's still the same, but with Anjelica Fucking Huston, and she's a goddess.

by Debreply 1805/10/2012

Don't get me wrong, I love Anjelica, I've just been very disappointed that they haven't figured out a way to make her character interesting. I keep waiting for her character to 'break out' in some interesting way, but now I realize that that ain't happening.

by Debreply 1905/10/2012

Angelica's character IS Interesting. She's the only common thing about the show that everyone seems to like. She's authority, she's grounding, but she's also so appealing and charming.

by Debreply 2005/10/2012

And what McPhee is doing as the character is just right. She's new, she's awkward, well intentioned, shy. I don't get the mean comments about her. Of course, the mean comments are usually from shitty, over the top musical theatre actors who ont buy it unless its indicative acting

by Debreply 2105/10/2012

I hope the new writers/show runners (Ellis, can you hear me?) take in consideration Brantley's rave for Megan Hilty in GPB.

by Debreply 2205/10/2012

We need to hear some songs from her that are not pop oriented. Give her some show stuff. The only good thing about that Eumor Has It number a couple of months ago was Wes Taykor grinding in the background as her backup dancer. He was sexy.

by Debreply 2305/10/2012

Hilty was wonderful last night in Encores! Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

by Debreply 2405/10/2012

Wes Taylor! He's the one you watch in this number not McPhee.

by Debreply 2505/10/2012

Thanks to all for the inside scoop!

by Debreply 2605/10/2012

R17, you think they should keep Michael Swift? Really?

by Debreply 2705/10/2012

Which one is Michael Swift?

by Debreply 2805/10/2012

R28 - Will Chase

by Debreply 2905/10/2012

NY Times article about the state of the Broadway season. SMASH gets a nod too

by Debreply 3005/10/2012

Thanks R28- Never been a fan of Will Chase.

by Debreply 3105/10/2012

Au contraire, R21, I'm about as far from a musical-theater actor as you can get, but I've hated McPhooey (tm) in the role from the beginning.

It's not as if the Hayseed-from-Bumfuck unexpectedly gets the lead in the show is a new trope, for god's sake. Dozens of more talented people have done it before, and much better. The problem is, it's difficult to think of anyone who's ever done it worse.

by Debreply 3205/10/2012

R25, Wes Taylor needs a lesson in "never upstage the star" because he's totally the one you can't your eyes off of in that number.

by Debreply 3305/10/2012

Two words for how to improve SMASH next season-Laura Benanti.

by Debreply 3405/10/2012

Ellis is the Jar Jar Binks of network television. He definitely won't be back next season.

by Debreply 3505/10/2012

I will say, though, the music has been outstanding for the entire season. There have been some rather stupid staging choices (Times Square, bowling alley, etc.), but the songs, production, and performances have all be great.

I hope Shaiman & co. will be staying next year.

by Debreply 3605/10/2012

What is Wes taylor's story? is he a stage actor? Indeed he upstages McPhee, but it' would be hard not to. Though beautiful, she's not particularly interesting to watch. He, on the other hand has charisma.

Why is Ellis universally hated? Strange phenomenon. I never found him particularly offensive.

by Debreply 3705/10/2012

What R8 says is true. It is not true that everyone hates Tom & Julia (I kind of like them, and realize they are necessary to the story) but EVERYONE HATES Ellis!

by Debreply 3805/10/2012

21 McPhee the person has dead eyes and she plays that awkward, shy girl as if she is bored and lethargic.

I always get pissed when people critique actors as if it is the actor that is responsible for everything. The director should take the blame imo. So I will go as far as to say every director on the show has done a shitty job of directing McPhee OR they did all they could do with her and she just can't play what they need her to play to make the character of Karen Cartwright believable and likeable as that shy,awkward wide eyed Browadway lovin newbie from Iowa.

by Debreply 3905/10/2012

I hate to raise this issue, primarily because I think writers of any color should be able to write for characters of any color (ideally if not realistically) but as a black person, I was somewhat annoyed by the fact the white writers of SMASH immediately went to "religious freak" for the Sam character instead of giving him some other more interesting issue to bring to the table. This may come as a shock but not all black people are religious nuts and make the church the center of their lives (I myself have no use for organized religion and hadn't set foot in a church in 20-plus years until just a couple weeks ago when I flew home to attend my beloved mother's funeral). I would especially like to think that a gay Broadway dancer in NYC would not likely be so caught up in religion that he'd want to drag his new BF to church on Sunday morning, but of course anything is possible.

This is not a charge of racism against the writers of SMASH, just a sense that they didn't go deep enough into their imaginations when creating the Sam character, instead just going to the first thing that's assumed to be the case with all black people, even the gay ones.

by Debreply 4005/10/2012

R40, I could be out in left field here, but I assumed the reason they made Sam church going was to have an excuse for him to sing gospel. Isn't the actor in the Leap of Faith musical on Broadway? I gathered this from previous posts on DL.

I appreciate your perspective. Thanks for posting.

by Debreply 4105/10/2012

R41 - yes he is in that dreadful show which closes Sunday.

I hope Wes Taylor and Philip Spaeth makes it. They're too gorgeous to get the boot

by Debreply 4205/10/2012

The writers of Smash didn't go deeply into their imaginations into any of the characters.


by Debreply 4305/10/2012

R34- Laura Benanti already has her own show on NBC next season. They haven't given up on her.

by Debreply 4405/10/2012

I think the new showrunner/team need to decide: who, exactly is the show about? is it the story of a lyricis/book writer and her family? is it the story of a hayseed froM Iowa; her family, her story? Or: and this is MY personal favorite: is it the story of a middle-aged+ woman, newly divorcing, and her attempt to make it on her own doing the labor of love (with some hoped-for S$S$profit) of producing on Broadway?

Age demographics mitigate against it, but as one poster pointed out: Anjelica fucking Huston! Who could wipe the floor with the whole Smash cast if she chose to. NBC is lucky to have someone of her pedigree on the show.

The audience has to know who to root for - or dislike; who is the protagonist in this show. Cause so far there have been WAY WAY too many charactes; here one week, not the next. I myself love this show, messy and all over the map as it has been, but I am a self-professed musical theater queen (Saw the original La Cage 27 times (26 in standing room) for God's sake; "Sunday in the Park 9 times, Tap Dance Kid 5 times, etc., etc. (and yes, I'm old!)

So I fucking LOVE LOVE LOVE Smash (except for some of the real howlers, like the Anjelica Huston character burning up the investors' contracts - although I didn't mine the leaving-from-Grand Central number 'cause even though the trains to Boston don't anymore live for there, that was a great, rousing number.

I don't have much hope though with the new showunner coming from - Gossip Girl, is it? I predict he'll probably focus just on sexual escapades and intrigues, but as we all know, there's plenty of that in show biz (from community theater to Bway to Hollywood).

The poster who mentioned about 6,7 people the show should focus on is right - but I don't think the Michael Swift character is intended to be around that much - but I like Will Chase's acting and singing enough so I wouldn't mind.


That is all

by Debreply 4505/10/2012

One of the two girls should have been a working class girl from Queens. A point the show should make is that show business is a way that someone can move up in the world if she's talented and is in the right place at the right time.

I'd have loved it if it turned out that Rebecca Duvall had only been hired to placate the investors. Eileen and the creative team always intended for her to quit (publicity for the show) and Ivy or Karen would end up starring (more publicity for the show).

by Debreply 4605/11/2012

[quote]I was somewhat annoyed by the fact the white writers of SMASH immediately went to "religious freak" for the Sam character

Are you of the mind that religious people are, by definition, freaks? That's your prerogative, but that character doesn't fit my conception of "religious freak" at all.

by Debreply 4705/11/2012

R40: The other Black male character, Ellis, doesn't seem to be religious in the least. And there's also a Black chorus girl in the cast whose religious beliefs are not mentioned.

by Debreply 4805/11/2012

R47 Yes...religious people are freaks.

by Debreply 4905/11/2012

[quote]I think the new showrunner/team need to decide: who, exactly is the show about? is it the story of a lyricis/book writer and her family? is it the story of a hayseed froM Iowa; her family, her story? Or: and this is MY personal favorite: is it the story of a middle-aged+ woman, newly divorcing, and her attempt to make it on her own doing the labor of love (with some hoped-for S$S$profit) of producing on Broadway?

Why can't it be about all of them?

There are innumerable shows out there that follow multiple characters and storylines. It's the norm on television. The musical ties them all together just fine. I don't think that's where the show's problems lie.

by Debreply 5005/11/2012

[quote]I think the new showrunner/team need to decide: who, exactly is the show about? is it the story of a lyricis/book writer and her family? is it the story of a hayseed froM Iowa; her family, her story? Or: and this is MY personal favorite: is it the story of a middle-aged+ woman, newly divorcing, and her attempt to make it on her own doing the labor of love (with some hoped-for S$S$profit) of producing on Broadway?

Yea that was the problem with Gone With The Wind.

Was it about Rhett, Scarlett, Melanie, or that dreadful war, or was it about Melanie and Ashley, or Mammy and slavery?

Are you so stupid you can't have more than one character in a show and follow it?

by Debreply 5105/11/2012

I have no problem with the amount of characters on the show. It's the banality of their stories that is the problem. Who gives a fuck about Dev and Karen or Deb Messing and her boring ass family? Give them more than cliches to deal with and it might make the show a helluva lot less cringe inducing.

by Debreply 5205/11/2012

[quote]I hope Wes Taylor and Philip Spaeth makes it. They're too gorgeous to get the boot

Wesley Taylor was the only good thing in that dreadful Addams Faminy, the musical!

by Debreply 5305/11/2012

Ellis is black??

by Debreply 5405/11/2012

Too bad they couldn't use the plot of Garson Kanin's novel SMASH which is about FUNNY GIRL and all the problems that show had on the road.

by Debreply 5505/11/2012

Did Nathan hit on Wesley?

by Debreply 5605/11/2012

R54, I've heard he's actually Puerto Rican.

by Debreply 5705/11/2012

R52 - And we would ---what?--- spend each hour episode in the rehearsal room watching the really hard work that goes in to each rehearsal day? Yeah, the general public would love that.

by Debreply 5805/11/2012

I truly hope it is finally acknowledged that "Bombshell" is a boring, tired show with idiotic, cliche musical numbers. I mean, the steam room with newspapers number??? Jesus

by Debreply 5905/11/2012

I actually loved the steambath number when it was just in rehearsal and Christian Borle "stood in." He was so UNLIKE a Darryl Zanuck, but still doing a great job with the number - which his character after all composed - that I was really captivated. Guess that was Marc Kudisch in the part last week? Pretty good, too but yes, a strange number...

by Debreply 6005/11/2012

[quote]Wes Taylor! He's the one you watch in this number not McPhee.

Yes. That was the moment I started crushing on him. Are he and Matt Doyle still together?

I know I'm an atheist, and that I'm not shy about it, but I do believe in being respectful to people with religious faith as long as they respect me enough to understand that no amount of witnessing the Gospel is going to convert me.

But the whole thing with the entire cast going to church together was one of the most offensive things I've ever seen. I'm invested in this show for reasons I can't quite explain, but if I was even a smidge less invested, that stuff might have had me turning the show off for good.

by Debreply 6105/11/2012

Can we start a running list of all the dropped plots they've had?

Like Ellis stealing Julia's notebook and then that being completely forgotten?

by Debreply 6205/11/2012

VOTN - I've always enjoyed your posts and always thought it interesting that you, more than most that use DL, reveal an awful lot about yourself whether you intend to or not.

But ---"the entire cast going to church together was one of the most offensive things I've ever seen". Oh honey, such a sad statement. Belies what you said about being tolerant of those that think differently than you as long as they ---etc. I think you are one of the good ones --stay open to the possibility that there is something above and beyond this "mortal coil" we live on. Best not to find out there is once you kick the bucket.

by Debreply 6305/11/2012

I want to see Christian Borle's mortal coil. I've heard it's huge.

by Debreply 6405/11/2012

[quote] Oh honey, such a sad statement.

Hyperbolic, perhaps, but I don't consider it sad. I hate the idea that people don't seem to understand that there's nothing missing in my life because I don't believe in God. It's not like I've never been exposed to religion, and I find the idea of faith endlessly fascinating.

But what bothered me about the episode was that we were supposed to believe that gay chorus boys, Jewish composers, and a presumably Hindu press secretary can have their problems fixed by some of that old time religion.

Maybe I'm just being too sensitive, but I can handle a certain amount of preachiness when it comes in a form that I find entertaining, like for whatever reason GCB does. But there was something about that scene that really bothered me.

by Debreply 6505/11/2012

I agree w/VOTN. The church service felt like it was pandering to Middle America, and almost as if were needed to justify the gay content, which the show has always been uneven about.

by Debreply 6605/11/2012

I want to love Samantha Wise but after reading that she was spotted deep throat kissing Tyler Maynard .... yikes!

Tyler is gayer than the bugle beaded red beret he snatched from Jessie Mueller's dressing room at the St. James.

by Debreply 6705/11/2012

It's SAVANNAH Wise, not Samantha.

by Debreply 6805/11/2012


by Debreply 6905/11/2012

R69 Shut the fuck up. You are a vile hall monitor the most hated troll on DL.

by Debreply 7005/11/2012

Sorry if it's not "correct" to mention VOTN, but I agree heartily with him about the gospel episode. I like listening to good gospel; never been to a gospel service but am religious: brainwashed Catholic, baptized, confirmed, blah-blah. But I remember doing college in theater, amateur theater; friends who are 'semi-professional", a few acquiantances who have been in Bway musicals in the 80's, etc.: and as other posters have said, I don't know ANYONE who would get up on a Sunday to go to church!

And to the another poster(s) upthread who said they thought it was a bit - coincidental? that it was the black chorus boy, I agree; did anyone notice that it was the black chorus girl( sorry, don't know what that character's name is?) who was the first one to agree with Sam and say something like yes, I'd like to pray.

And the poster just a bit upthread who said something about sohw wanting to - diffuse? (my word, not his, sorry) the gay content? Like, you wonder if NBC/whomever is thinking, oh dear, too many faggots, gasp! we'll make the black faggot suggest church!

Oh, and as someone else mentioned, if an excuse to have Leslie Odom sing gospel, great: but who was doing must of the singing? Katherine fucking MacPhee.


by Debreply 7105/11/2012

R64 -- OK, I admit I did chortle. Thanks for the laugh. Knew mortal coil was a set up for someone even as I typed it.

See, VOTN didn't get all pissy and strike back and took my comment graciously. R69, you could learn a lesson there.

Finally, Hilty WILL WIN THE EMMY. Mark my words.

by Debreply 7205/11/2012

Tyler Maynard likes snatch.,,,

by Debreply 7305/11/2012

I agree with VotN totally about the gospel episode.

It rang so totally false and not believable on any level that it's easily a "jump-the-shark" moment.

I continue to watch because I love Anjelica Huston, but as VotN said, if I were even a smidge less invested in the show for other reasons, that would be enough to make me not bother watching it again.

by Debreply 7405/12/2012

Angelica Huston's song was embarrassing, made even more so by having Marc Shaimin egging her on to sing.

by Debreply 7505/12/2012

Hmmmm, perhaps the writers of the show thought they needed to find another arena where their characters could sing. They've had people sing in the show, sing at parties, on city streets, in their bathrooms, in their a church seems like a plausible option.

Or the network insisted on it because of the gay content...but if that's the case why would the network allow two gay relationships, gay stories and multiple gay kisses? And if the network wanted a church scene to apologize for gay content, why would they have a gay character be the instigator?

This show has more gay content and characters than any other network show.

by Debreply 7605/12/2012

Wouldn't it be an interesting finale if with the departure of Rebecca, suddenly they find a 'name' Broadway actress that happens to be available and can learn the part in a few days? Ivy and Karen will be on the edge of their nerves and giving each other the side-eye in the rehearsal space, but then suddenly Anjelica Huston bursts into the room excited with some great news. Everyone gasps, as Sutton Foster walks in to claim the role. Ivy and Karen look at each other, shrug their shoulders, then burst into laughter.

The End!

by Debreply 7705/12/2012

Has anyone pointed out that Anjelica's father, John Huston, directed Marilyn in two films -- in "The Asphalt Jungle" very early in her career, and "The Misfits" her last completed film? I haven't seen it mentioned here or elsewhere. I'm surprised they haven't made a note of it on "Smash."

by Debreply 7805/12/2012

"Hmmmm, perhaps the writers of the show thought they needed to find another arena where their characters could sing. They've had people sing in the show, sing at parties, on city streets, in their bathrooms, in their a church seems like a plausible option"

Interesting that the writers didn't just write a regular hang out into the show where the characters could sing. There are still cabaret bars in New York right? Seems that might be a more natural way to allow the characters an opportunity to sing.

by Debreply 7905/12/2012

R25, they were in Boston.

by Debreply 8005/12/2012

I thought Anjelica's song was sweet, given her history with it. Although one would have thought they could have auto tuned some of those off pitch notes.

by Debreply 8105/12/2012

I hate the misuse of the term "jump the shark.". How many people actually know what it means? It refers to Happy Days when the Fonz jumped a shark on water skiis. That was when the show that had BEEN pretty great became pretty ludicrous and never recovered. I love SMASH and think it's been pretty consistent. It has hardly jumped the shark. It's too early for it to even be possible. It really has to be something that happens to a long running series. Like if Greys Anatomy suddenly decided to do a vacation in Hawaii episode.

by Debreply 8205/12/2012

R82, that's why I used the term jump the shark.

In my opinion, having a bunch of gay Broadway people, as well as an Indian (unlikely to be Christian) political operative show up at a rare non-homophobic black church so Kat McPhee can sing gospel while the black gay Christian and his new bf express their love all over the place was akin to the Fonz' water-skiing moment, though I'll give the caveats that SMASH hasn't been "great" in the sense that Happy Days was extremely popular for several seasons.

You may disagree, but as I said above, if I didn't love seeing Anjelica Huston so much every week, it would be enough for me not to bother watching again. I'm really over the show, but it's worth sitting through, just for the opportunity to see AH give us far less than we know she is capable of, were it a venue worthy of her talent and stature.

by Debreply 8305/13/2012

Ellis isn't black, he's Puerto Rican. The network would never allow a black villain.

by Debreply 8405/13/2012

[quote]Has anyone pointed out that Anjelica's father, John Huston, directed Marilyn in two films -- in "The Asphalt Jungle" very early in her career, and "The Misfits" her last completed film? I haven't seen it mentioned here or elsewhere. I'm surprised they haven't made a note of it on "Smash."

You do know Anjelica Huston is not playing herself, right?

by Debreply 8505/13/2012

Karen and Dev's storyline is so boring. I do hope they break up so it will end.

by Debreply 8605/13/2012

I hope they break up when Dev realizes he's gay and wants to sing show-tunes. It's actually his one-nighter with Ivy that makes him realize this.

Season cliffhanger is a hot kiss between Raza Jaffrey and Jack Davenport. What does it mean??!?

by Debreply 8705/13/2012

R85, I realize she isn't playing herself, but they do stuff like that, like when Anjelica sang that song that her real grandfather originated. I didn't know that 'cause I'm not familiar with her family tree apart from her dad, but I learned it here. One of the characters, or better yet, Eileen herself could've mentioned John Huston in passing as a sort of wink to the camera for those Marilyn fans who know of Anjelica's connection to Marilyn. Then again, he wasn't particularly nice to her on set (even calling her a "whore"), so maybe they decided not to rehash that out of respect for Anjelica.

by Debreply 8805/13/2012

And that star will be...Lindsay Lohan. Blackout. End of Season One.

by Debreply 8905/13/2012

They should get Aileen Quinn to play Marilyn as a shout out to John Huston for directing Annie.

And the star will be...Lindsay Lohan. Blackout. End of season One.

by Debreply 9005/13/2012

NBC just announced their schedule and SMASH has been held until midseason...again.

by Debreply 9105/13/2012

No mention on here of DL fave and former hottie Marc Kudish as Zanuck?

by Debreply 9205/13/2012


by Debreply 9305/13/2012


"I hate the misuse of the term "jump the shark.". How many people actually know what it means? It refers to Happy Days when the Fonz jumped a shark on water skiis. That was when the show that had BEEN pretty great became pretty ludicrous and never recovered."

Thank you!

by Debreply 9405/13/2012

I giggled at the very notion of a gaggle of theater people attending church (in the morning, before noon) when they have a little time off. Truly a fantasy.

Angelica was marvelous in "September Song," if only because she meant it, was still, and didn't overplay it. The simplicity of the moment upstaged all the strivings of the musical team and directors hurling out overproduced musical numbers for weeks on end.

by Debreply 9505/13/2012

R91, that sort of makes sense, I think - someone, can't remember where, had mentioned Rebeck saying, or Shaiman and Wittman saying themselves, that they of course have to have time to write the song for the show-within-the-show. But are the cast having to start in July? d'Arcy James said so - but the show not air till February, mid-season? Now I've gotten confused, sorry.

by Debreply 9605/13/2012

I never mean to advocate for anyone, including an actor, to lose his job but d'Arcy James really should get the heave-ho when the show returns next season. He and the son bring absolutely NOTHING to the series and are the TV equivalent of a dial tone every time they appear on screen. They need to go.

by Debreply 9705/13/2012

D'Arcy James and the horrendous kid who plays Leo will probably be in the first episode and then written out.

If SMASH was to start airing new episodes in the fall then July would be when it would begin shooting. But because it will now not air until midseason it can start shooting in late August or September. SMASH's pilot was shot in March and the series itself started shooting in late August.

by Debreply 9805/13/2012

[quote]What happens to Nick the bartender?

It turns out he is heavily indebted to the mob and starts to lean on Eileen as she discovers that the show is essentially bankrolled by the mob.

He didn't injure that arm in a volleyball tournament.

Eileen will strike back, however, after being played for the fool for a couple of episodes.

But it's hard to see where the show heads during a second season so they might as well just retitle it CRASH and get on with it.

by Debreply 9905/13/2012

R84, not sure how much you watch the shoow? But when R83 wrote "political operative" , he meant not Ellis but Dev (Karen's boyfriend. And thus Indian. It IS hard to tell, though what the hell ethnicity Ellis is supposed to be!)

by Debreply 10005/14/2012

I think the kid who plays the son is a pretty good actor. Don't get the hate for him.

by Debreply 10105/14/2012

Me neither, R95. He reminds me of some teens I've known. Kinda slow-talking, laid back, underachievers. And I don't see what the big deal was about his being upset and crying about his parents separating. Why wouldn't he be upset?

by Debreply 10205/14/2012

New Yorker TV critic rethinks first review of SMASH.

by Debreply 10305/14/2012

The Bollywood number Dev did, was that from BOLLYWOOD DREAMS a show he did in the West End or an original number for SMASH?

by Debreply 10405/14/2012

SMASH second season will air in Feb--

So if producers decided to transfer GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES for a limited 10 week run this fall, Megan could do it.

by Debreply 10505/14/2012

agreed r102, my reaction to that scene was "wow that kid is a good actor" People objected to the character crying and being upset? Made sense to me. His mother is flakey adultress and his father is an ineffectual clueless dork, whats NOT to cry about?

Also, people do realize that there is a director and a writing team that kind of dictates what the actors do. I think people confuse not liking the writing or the character with not liking the actor,.

by Debreply 10605/14/2012

All the "let us pray" crap in this episode was so fake and manipulative, it made we want to vomit blood.

It was just crass, ham-fisted pandering to the Christian demographic, in the same way that Glee and Grey's Anatomy have added characters who are always telling everyone "I'M A CHRISTIAN!!!!!" to counterbalance all the gay in their shows.

It is such a cliche to have the blacks being the churchgoers.

And why didn't ONE gay character have the nerve to point out that pestering invisible nonentities with prayer is completely nonsense?

by Debreply 10705/14/2012

Thanks for the link the New Yorker review, r103.

I think viewers (and the reviewer) are way too harsh on Katharine McPhee. It's not great acting, for certain, but on the other hand, I think it's a reasonable depiction of what we are supposed to expect for her character. Plus I kind of like her and think her voice is gorgeous.

Nonetheless, overall I agree with the review: the show is a mess. On the other hand, it's something of a glorious mess.

The part of the review I most agreed with was this part:

"we suddenly discovered that Ivy’s mother is a famous actress played by Bernadette Peters, which made no sense, given that she’s supposed to be a plucky but unknown veteran who rises to starhood, not the heir to the Great White Way. (What could be more marketable for a new musical than “daughter of a famous Broadway actress”?)"

Completely agree. IT MADE NO SENSE! That episode drove me crazy, so crazy that I couldn't bring myself to appreciate that Bernadette Peters was on the show in the first place.

Still, I watch it every week and kind of look forward to it. So maybe (like the reviewer) I love the show and am not even aware of how much I love it.

by Debreply 10805/14/2012

Just because they are running all the shows in a block starting in February, that doesn't mean they can wait to start shooting until January 15th. They may have a later start but they will still be in production in the fall I'm sure.

by Debreply 10905/14/2012


"Season cliffhanger is a hot kiss between Raza Jaffrey and Jack Davenport. What does it mean??!?"

I'm sitting here trying to think of who I wouldn't cheerfully main to see something like that.

Why is it English men make American men seem like immature high schoolers?

If you wanna see Raza is all his splendor, I highly recommend "Mi-5" (aka "Spooks".) Where, as a bonus, you'll find Matthew Macfayden, Rupert Penry-Jones and Richard Armitage.

by Debreply 11005/14/2012

I wish to god someone would stop borle from welling up at every possible opportunity. It's so forced, those tears

by Debreply 11105/14/2012

r109, shooting ended in March and resumes in July.

by Debreply 11205/14/2012

[quote]If you wanna see Raza is all his splendor, I highly recommend "Mi-5" (aka "Spooks".) Where, as a bonus, you'll find Matthew Macfayden, Rupert Penry-Jones and Richard Armitage.

I agree! All hot men in that series. Take me away Rupert Penry- Jones......

by Debreply 11305/14/2012

R109, not true. The crew assumed they'd resume shooting in July but that's because it was a given that the show would be on in the fall. But it won't. It's a midseason replacement and can resume shooting anytime between late August-mid October.

I gather two cliffhangers were cut from tonight's finale-Julia finding out she's pregnant and Ivy taking way too many pills.

It wasn't Leo crying over his parents separation that cemented our hatred of him. In what was one of the worst scenes ever on television Leo actually whined to mommy "There's a baby girl waiting for us in China? What's going to happen to HER?"

by Debreply 11405/14/2012

99 -- I thought the rock singer backed the show? I was waiting for him to intefere a la Bono and "Spiderman."

The Ellis actor has an extended interview in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (don't think he's ever actually been in a soap, but apparently "Smash" counts.) He's *incredibly* full of himself, but is Latino. Anybody else read this? I get the feeling the actor's pulled a few "Ellis" stunts in his time. He makes it clear he expects to be back next season, btw.

by Debreply 11505/14/2012

R114, do you think the actor wrote that line, directed it and then edited it into the show?

I get that people can dislike the writing, directing, storyline and even the acting.

But people here overwhelmingly dislike the actor who plays Deb Messing's son, but their complaints generally are like yours: they don't like the lines he speaks or the attitude he projects, neither of which does the actor control.

by Debreply 11605/14/2012

Jaime Cepero (Ellis) will be lucky to get on a float at this year's Puerto Rican Day Parade. The best he can hope for in television from now on would be the role of Tranny Hooker #4 on an episode of L&O: SVU.

by Debreply 11705/14/2012

[quote][R109], not true. The crew assumed they'd resume shooting in July but that's because it was a given that the show would be on in the fall. But it won't. It's a midseason replacement and can resume shooting anytime between late August-mid October.

In other words, the fall. Not sure how this contradicts what I said. The point was, just because the show is not back till February, that doesn't mean they won't still be working this fall and Hilty or anyone else will be free to do Broadway.

by Debreply 11805/14/2012

Katherine McPhee is so blah, her acting is lifeless and her voice is nothing special, she's very pretty, but she's incredibly dull. I think Ivy is a better singer, she's not as attractive, but she's got a better voice than McPhee.

by Debreply 11905/14/2012

The Bollywood number Dev did was the only time I found him interesting, I loved that and he was good in it.

by Debreply 12005/14/2012

I think Megan Hilty is attractive, maybe not as much as Kat.

by Debreply 12105/14/2012

Ivy has a smokin' bod, man! Karen is all bones, though she has nice legs

by Debreply 12205/14/2012

Dev will be revealed to be working for Angelica's ex-husband. That's prediction.

by Debreply 12305/14/2012

I see little attractive about McPhee--linebacker shoulders, broad hips, plain face even with the enormous amount of makeup she wears.

She has a flat affect and her nonperformance distracts from the rest. She is also too old to be playing a niave character. She comes across as low IQ or heavily tranquilized.

I do love this show, especially the musical numbers, and hope McPhee is gone next season. Any actress could do this part better and make it a true rivalry between two actesses.

by Debreply 12405/14/2012

I like Kat's body type, especially when she carries a little weight (like she appears to now).

by Debreply 12505/14/2012

R124=chorus boy or old guy who hangs out at piano bars

by Debreply 12605/14/2012

Sorry, R109, I was actually correcting R112.

by Debreply 12705/14/2012

Is Grace Adler gonna be pregnant with Michael Swift's baby?

by Debreply 12805/14/2012

McPhee's overly broad shoulders are distracting and odd and she DOES act as though she's on sedatives. How is it that the producers missed the fact that she's a HORRIBLE and dull actress? Her voice isn't that great that they HAD to have her, she's awful.

by Debreply 12905/14/2012

Take all the speculation that contradicts my spoilers with a grain of salt, and then fucking ignore it, because it's wrong, and I am not.

by Debreply 13005/14/2012

There are a host of bad actors on the how but McPhee is not oe of them

by Debreply 13105/14/2012

Ellis looks black to me. His girlfriend is black on the show although I thought he was gay.

by Debreply 13205/14/2012

Where to begin? Horrible, awful, ghastly in every way.

"I'm not running away from you, I'm running away from ME!"

That fat cunt Theresa Rebeck should hand in her WGA card for that line alone.

by Debreply 13305/14/2012

So Karen won't be on next season right?

Everything else is good

by Debreply 13405/14/2012

Most predictable ending ever. Everyone in the audience at the end looked high with those weird ass smiles. And Ivy and the pills...oi vey.

by Debreply 13505/14/2012

Oh wait, I guess the original finale had Messing finding outs she's pregnant and Ivy taking the pills. I guess they copped out so the new writers could do what they want.

by Debreply 13605/14/2012

Well, the show is called SMASH. So whatever crap they threw up in the final show was going to be "sensational". But McPhee sucked either way.

Is Ellis dead yet? Please.

by Debreply 13705/14/2012

Love McPhee. Ivy is so trashy. No class.

by Debreply 13805/14/2012

Ivy would have been believable

by Debreply 13905/14/2012

That song was fabulous and she really pulled it off. I hope I'm not the only one who will admit it.

by Debreply 14005/14/2012

Totally agree. Sensational finale song and McPhee did it beautifully.

The whole hour was soooooo melodramatic as written but every actor handled it skillfully. Can you imagine how laughable it would have been if actors like McPhee and Hilty had not been restrained throughout the series and kept their characters' emotions under control!

by Debreply 14105/14/2012

I was fucking SHRIEKING at my tv set during the Deb Messing was sick, saying hasn't felt that sick since she had her son. I was shrieking, OHMIGOD she's not going to be pregnant, is she?? Especially since, according to this board, she got pregnant by Will Chase, and had an abortion in real life???????????????

I got so I didn't know WHO was going to come out as Marilyn; getting ready to think it might be Borle in drag. Huston "in drag", Messing, or Bernadette, hee-hee!

But ILOVE this show. All over the place but very enjoyable. Fear it won't be ANYwhere as good next year - glad we had this year to like it.

by Debreply 14205/14/2012

They certainly couldn't have done those dance numbers with the boys throwing Hilty around the way they did McPhee.

by Debreply 14305/14/2012

I can't admit McPhee did a great job with the finale. All I could think of was all the camera work they were doing to create the energy for her performace and how skilled Spellberg had always been at that kind of manipulation. Smash is after all, his production.

I will admit that I can somewhat see that Karen has a soft quality to her and Marilyn as a person was more soft. Not brassy the way Ivy comes across but Ivy has the wattage that Karen does not have. Just watching from the seats I doubt that the qualities Karen has would make much of a performance as watching her during the previous episodes did not make much of performance either.

by Debreply 14405/14/2012

I don't know 143 McPhee is a lot taller than Hilty. Weight is a weird thing they could weigh close to the same where with one of them it is in the length and the other in bulk.

by Debreply 14505/14/2012

McPhooey (tm) did indeed perform the last song really well, but the other two numbers where she reprised the performances by Ivy and Rebecca were noticeably worse.

Her acting was still sub-par; you could actually see her say to herself "Okay, now I'm supposed to screw up my face in anger at Ivy" but not be able to quite do it.

by Debreply 14605/14/2012

I was so hoping the reveal would be Bernadette Peters as Marilyn.

Instead it was that Olive Oyl who can't act.

And Megan Hilty is fat and has a bad nose.

Neither one has the star talent to play the role. Bernadette, OTOH...

AND she was there!

by Debreply 14705/14/2012

Weird that after the weekend that Hilty got raves in GPF, she loses to a dishrag as Marilyn

by Debreply 14805/14/2012

Dear dear r105. You do realize the show doesn't shoot the week it airs? Yes, SMASH doesn't air til February but it will start SHOOTING in the fall so no, Hilty won't be available for a fall run of Blondes. It would be best to do it in the spring when they are finished shooting SMASH.

by Debreply 14905/15/2012

The only Marilyn quality that Ivy has over Karen is her blonde hair and that can be and was solved by a wig. Karen was much better as Marilyn and all dolled up, looked way more like Marilyn than Ivy did. I'm glad she got the role. I loved the show tonight.

by Debreply 15005/15/2012

It's clear that Messing character is preggers. They didn't need to make it more specific.

Hilty made comments on line about how it would take years for Bombshell to actually make it to Broadway, but that "this one is set to go" (meaning Blondes). Sounds like she wants Blondes to go. I wonder if she's actually signed for next season - or if her part will be reduced?

by Debreply 15105/15/2012

{quote]That song was fabulous and she really pulled it off. I hope I'm not the only one who will admit it

I agree. She did pull it off. And I am not a McPhee fan.. Hilty screams BROADWAY. McPhee, too pop sounding and looks like a drag queen as Marilyn. But she did nail that final number.

by Debreply 15205/15/2012

I may be the only person on the planet who liked Ellis. He was so melodramatically villianous, he just needed the moustache to twirl. I though Cepeda did quite well with the role as written.

by Debreply 15305/15/2012

R153, sorry, as a melodramatic bad guy, the actor reminds me of Helena Bonham-Carter portraying Bellatrix LeStrange. Small, mean, irritating, nasty and off-putting, but without the stature, volume or power necessary to carry off the role of a larger-than-life villain.

by Debreply 15405/15/2012

I thoroughly enjoyed the finale and I like Katherine McPhee. It's so fundamental to me that you have to have a contrast between the low-key Karen and the scenery-chewer Ivy. McPhee was excellent in all the numbers in the finale. I think those of you who are so wound up in hating on her just have your own issues.

And you will of course fly into me for not sharing your disdain, but I don't care, I'm not going to.

by Debreply 15505/15/2012

I thought the same. I liked McPhee too. I thought she was great last night.

I kept trying to think what was wrong with me since there is so much hate on DL. Thanks R155.

by Debreply 15605/15/2012

[quote]I was so hoping the reveal would be Bernadette Peters as Marilyn.

I can hear her now . . . "I've whitten a wetter to daddy . . . "

by Debreply 15705/15/2012

Peters as Marilyn??!!! Get real. Whatever qualities Peters may have as a performer, sensuality is NOT one of them.

I do admit that if a musical called "Bombshell" actually opened on Broadway with McPhee as Marilyn and Hilty was there on stage doing the numbers she does as part of the show ---well, audiences would be looking at the voluptuous Hilty and thinking "hmmm, why isn't she playing Marilyn?". I will look forward to next season .I think that if they do cover it going to Broadway and Mc Phee remains the Marilyn it will be interesting to see McPhee grow and develop as an actress and as Marilyn in the show-within-the-show. She's a good singer, got better with each showcase song she had, and still think she played the newcomer in a world of show business that she didn't know and fully understand very, very well -- avoiding all the cliches of that kind of role.

Looking back on this season, I realized what a difficult role Davenport had. He could have come off the worst of them all, considering the tempermental fits he had to do, the crazy sexual affairs he had to make believeable. He deserves credit for making it all work.

by Debreply 15805/15/2012

Someone, somewhere, needs to take a flat-iron to Bernadette's hair.

by Debreply 15905/15/2012

Loved the ending. Watching McPhee - realized that it was not implausible that they would have gone with Karen. Audiences would be expecting Ivy - an impersonator. Karen would be unexpected and maybe considered more like "Marilyn de-constructed."

I hope they keep Ivy and pit her against Karen via competing musicals. The writers could use Bernadette to teach Ivy how to use the "claws" effectively. Then they could let Bernadette get her own show - the aging star competing against the up and coming starlets (one of whom she trained well). For kicks, I'd have one of the shows produced by Jerry and let him woo Julia away (thus adding conflict between Julia and Tom). Keep Ellis in the mix - but more subtle. Season two could be very exciting.

by Debreply 16005/15/2012

If a show is in previews and the star just quit, would anyone really think the worst if they took a few days to get the new lead ready? No way Karen (or anyone) could have learned the second act choreography and the new song in one afternoon. And the new end did not have to be introduced the very next performance.

by Debreply 16105/15/2012

I didn't understand the last line of the song. McPhee was too breathy and didn't enunciate.

It is an incredibly beautiful song. SMASH really needs more musical numbers song by Broadway singers.

by Debreply 16205/15/2012

But if Ivy is a pill-popper, doesn't that mean she is the "true" Marilyn?

by Debreply 16305/15/2012

The shitty level of storytelling on this show is the biggest cuprit and Theresa shouldn't be surprised at all that she was moved aside.

Secondly, poor execution of poor story telling and unimaginative direction on many of the episodes are sinking this thing into a level of mediocrity that justifies the staff changes coming next year.

Some of the shots are so poorly set up and the quality of the scenes is rushed, it does make you understand why they are cleaning house.

The next big problem with this show is casting.

Why such lackluster picks in the supporting cast?

All of these people are excellent performers in the right context but it seems like there was this "casting concept" of just hiring people from the Broadway musical world whether or not they are called upon to use those talents.

I get the feeling Telsey lobbyed for all of these musical theater people to play secondary roles that don't require them to sing and dance and NBC bought the idea thinking it would give authenticity and create some buzz for the target audience.

I don't know that for a fact, just a hunch.

For example: Nothing against Ann Harada but wouldn't it have been a more dynamic choice to hire the comedically gifted Kristine Nielsen to play the PSM rather than waste her in a nothing 3 line part as a school teacher?

Was this the best use of Brian Darcy James who is ok as the husband but is only playing this role because of his musical career and is not singing.

The writing casting and direction is either lazy or self lauditory or smug. The actors are working their collective asses off to make this work with varying degrees of success but they are really trying, you can tell.

I don't buy for a minute this contrivance that Jack Davenport's character is lusting after Karen. It is totally contrived and completely inorganic.

What is making the show work is that it is about Broadway and the cast is making the most of the tripe they are given.

The worst bit of storytelling however, sunk the entire first season in the last episode. The idea that the director chose Karen over Ivy because she "has something you don't" COMPLETELY FALLS FLAT because the audience can't seen anything that Karen has that Ivy doesn't.

In fact, it is pretty clear that Ivy is better in the role, sings it better, looks better for it and acts it better.

by Debreply 16405/15/2012

Great post, R164, you've articulated a lot about where SMASH has gone so wrong.

That final song was a hideous Disney-fied piece of shit, complete with key change. Anyone who thinks it was actually good has the taste of a slug.

by Debreply 16505/15/2012

Christ, you must be from ATC where those asshole have absolutely no ability to just sit and watch something and enjoy without taking the whole fucking thing apart. It's a night time soap built around the Broadway community. It's a hit, it's been renewed. Get over yourself.

by Debreply 16605/15/2012

Yes, great post R164.

I'll watch it next season too.

by Debreply 16705/15/2012

thanks r166, for schooling us regarding the joyless enterprise of discussing television show in a thread dedicated to a discussion of said television program.

Your post is a good start in a new direction: So as a template lets have all the subsequent posts follow your model:

r166's template:

insult anyone who goes outside the bounds of what you are comfortable hearing. Don't ignore what you don't agree with, punish the person who posted it with vague insults.

relax school marm.

by Debreply 16805/15/2012

R166, your intelligence is pulp.

by Debreply 16905/15/2012

r159, I'll her send her a bottle of Madame C. J. Walker's Hair Relaxer. I've been using it for yearsAl.

by Debreply 17005/15/2012

R166 I'm with you. Some of you need rto lighten up.

Just for clarification Jack isn't lusting over Karen as much as he has a vision of Karen playing the part. That's what made it work.

by Debreply 17105/15/2012

On Ellis' (actor's) racial heritage - there's a huge issue in the latino community about self-identifying as African heritage or Latino, especially for those from Caribbean countries.

I guess I'm the only one who was shrieking at the TV set "throw it! throw it!" when Eileen was sipping a drink while her husband was bothering her. Oh well, maybe in the first ep of the new season?

by Debreply 17205/15/2012

r171, it does NOT work unless the point is he is a shitty director because Ivy is so much better in the part than Karen.

So unless the story they are telling is the director is blinded by his own inexplicable lust for the Karen character that he THINKS she is better than Ivy, he ends up just being a shitty clueless director.

Because Ivy is so clearly better suited in every respect to the part.

That I believe, was the point.

by Debreply 17305/15/2012

The audience is supposed to believe that Karen has "it" and Jack is a genius for spotting "it."

by Debreply 17405/15/2012

I thought part of the "it" that Jack thinks Karen has and Ivy does not, is freshness, innocence?

by Debreply 17505/15/2012

R171, you obviously aren't watching the show very closely or you're simply not terribly bright. In the pilot eoisode Derek tried to fuck Karen and in subsequent episodes had several fantasies of her, fusing her with Marilyn. And they weren't "artistic" fantasies, either.

by Debreply 17605/15/2012

Yes R159, my thoughts exactly. Peters is too old for the curls.

by Debreply 17705/15/2012

what a weird critcism: telling everyone to "lighten up"

Everyone knows this isn't the fucking mid-east talks, but it is fun to break things down and discuss why something does or doesn't work.

you "lighten up " peeps are the ones who need to lighten up if criticism of your precious show puts you in such a state.

by Debreply 17805/15/2012

Bernadette Peters looks like Sluggo in curls.

by Debreply 17905/15/2012

[quote]I guess I'm the only one who was shrieking at the TV set "throw it! throw it!" when Eileen was sipping a drink while her husband was bothering her. Oh well, maybe in the first ep of the new season?

No you weren't.

by Debreply 18005/15/2012

Well, at least "History Is Made At Night" wasn't included at all last night. Deeply irritating song.

by Debreply 18105/15/2012

I think that "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" song is the worst, but that's me.

by Debreply 18205/15/2012

No, VOTN, not just you. I don't like it either.

by Debreply 18305/15/2012

McPhee and her bird hand thing was just on my very last nerve during the finale. She's shit. She can't act, she's not even close to believable doing musical theater...also Ellis is vile. The fact that they tried to make him straight was absurd. Also, is that teenager supposed to have had a traumatic brain injury?

by Debreply 18405/15/2012

r173 & r176 I was thinking the same thing. He wanted to fuck Karen right from the start and all along the way they have showed that as how he operates. He beds Ivy, he feels up that other actress at his party, his fucks Uma's character. But he still hasn't had "Marilyn".

Makes him a scumbag but an interesting scumbag. An it might make a somewhat interesting season 2 if they explore his obsession with Karen as Marilyn. Or would that be the "Marilyn" in Karen.

by Debreply 18505/15/2012

Uma's character needed a director who fucks her, so he did it. That's called being a professional.

by Debreply 18605/15/2012

In the original pilot script, Ivy has the part until Karen fucks Derek in the final scene. A little edgier.

by Debreply 18705/15/2012

The "Director" with the British accent mumbles his way through every episode. Hey Spielberg, get rid of him!!!

by Debreply 18805/15/2012

Kudos to the tech staff. The "W" (for Boston's Wilbur) on the doors is a nice touch knowing it's filmed at the St. George Theatre on Staten Island.

by Debreply 18905/15/2012

I did see that episode and I'm sure at some point Jack will fuck her. However a few weeks ago when Jack had to tell Karen that she was no longer playing Marilyn he started seeing her as Marilyn when she talked to him. Last night he explained that he chose Karen beccause that was his vision.

As for Ivy being better for the part than Karen. That's not definitive it's just your opinion. I think Ivy is too chubby and as someone else said here more of an impersonator. I thought Karen was better.

But that is a debate that could go on forever in this thread.

by Debreply 19005/15/2012

I liked the final number.

by Debreply 19105/15/2012

I'll tell you what Ivy has that Karen doesn't: bitchface.

Seriously, put aside the fact that Hilty is curvier and a more experienced and natural Broadway performer and ask yourself whether someone with her face would ever have become a screen icon. She's got sex appeal, sure, but she's not beautiful like Marilyn was. She would be right for someone like Mae West. Karen is prettier and has that innocent thing going for her.

by Debreply 19205/15/2012

R188, the director mumbles? Really? Karen is the one who mumbles in monotone so low I have to turn up the volume whenever she's in a scene. She can sing, but talking seems to be a challenge for her.

by Debreply 19305/15/2012

"As for Ivy being better for the part than Karen. That's not definitive it's just your opinion. I think Ivy is too chubby and as someone else said here more of an impersonator. I thought Karen was better."

Well it certainly seems as if the writers/producers weren't sure if the audience would think Karen was better than Ivy or else they wouldn't have felt they needed to tell us every single episode how special and amazing Karen is for the part.

by Debreply 19405/15/2012

What's Hillty like in real life? I hope she's not a bitch.

What about McPhee. What's she like in real life?

by Debreply 19505/15/2012

If I am in the back row balcony of a theater r192 that innocence and beauty better be crystal clear to me or else the portrayal isn't going to work right? What works for the screen doesn't necessarily translate for the stage. It needs to be bigger.

by Debreply 19605/15/2012

R195-friends who worked with Megan Hilty in 9 TO 5 had nothing but nice things to say about her.

by Debreply 19705/15/2012

One of the WORST season finale's I've seen in quite a long time.

This show just isn't craptacular enough to keep me watching beyond this season.

And another year of the fucking Monroe musical?

No thanks.

by Debreply 19805/15/2012

R195 - she's fabulous and SO very gay friendly.

by Debreply 19905/15/2012

I can't imagine they are going to make the transition to Broadway the whole season. Perhaps a few eps, then they need to move on to something new. How many times can we listen to those songs?

by Debreply 20005/15/2012

You silly twats. Directors never give the plum role to the one they are having sex with --the truth is they subconsciously lose respect for that person and the last thing they would want is that talent to become a sensation in their production and go on to bigger and better things, leaving them behind. If you want to get all Freudian about it --if anything, it's that Karen didn't sleep with him when she had the chance and secretly he is intrigued/ amused/ mystified by her because she didn't. It would contribute to Karen being a fantasy Marilyn, lusted after but unattainable. There is no mystery about Ivy left for him. Karen is a question mark for him and a challenge to create a Marilyn out of her -- the potential is there and he sees it. Ivy is too easy to turn in to the "sexpot".

Dear dear, very few of you have actually worked in the theatre, right?

by Debreply 20105/15/2012

"You silly twats. Directors never give the plum role to the one they are having sex with..."

- What?

by Debreply 20205/15/2012

It's interesting how so many people who hate the show are hooked on it, and eager to discuss it (and all its faults). Note: I count myself in that population.

by Debreply 20305/15/2012

I liked Jack Davenport on SWINGTOWN, that flop series he did with awesome Lana Parrilla. I don't like him on SMASH-- way too smarmy. Don't like McPhee either. Debra Messing I want to slap. Others are OK.. I find myself falling in love with that hottie chorus boy Wesley Taylor. Christian Borle is fine. So is Anjelica although they need to do something with that wig.. way too severe for her face. I watched every episode .Hated the musical numbers that were done outside of performance or rehearsal. Liked the backstage drama. Hated the church scene. Hate just about every song pop princess McPhee does except for the finale song. Not a fan of the choreography.. God forbid is it Rob Ashford? But yes, I am hooked and will watch it next season.

by Debreply 20405/15/2012

I thought they were moving on to another musical next season.

I was looking forward to seeing more Broadway people and not having to see Ellis or Karen again.

by Debreply 20505/15/2012

I have to stop reading this thread. I was enjoying the show until I came here.

by Debreply 20605/15/2012

Messing is great. You people are bizarre

by Debreply 20705/15/2012

Pleasantly surprised that Karen played Marilyn and not the more obvious choice, Ivy. I am one of the few people who didn't enjoy Megan Hilty's performance in "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" this past weekend in New York. Hilty looked the part and had some funny moments. But, she does not have the star quality necessary to be a long-term success on Broadway.

by Debreply 20805/15/2012

I thought it was thrilling and it made me wish I was a teenager again because if there had been something like that on TV when I was a young gay I would have lifted right off the ground.

by Debreply 20905/15/2012

R205- No, next year is about bringing Marilyn musical to Broadway.

by Debreply 21005/15/2012

Did the season end with Ellis' murdered body?

by Debreply 21105/15/2012

It's not McPhee that's good, it's the songs and staging, she makes NO impact whatsoever and when that stunning shot of Marilyn Monroe lit up in the background, McPhee's performance became totally forgettable in the face of a REAL star. I thought Ivy was MUCH better in the role, better voice and acting.

by Debreply 21205/15/2012

Ivy is fat and Karen in make-up actually looks like Marylin, not some plump drag queen as Hilty does. Ellis is a soap villain of course he's going to be over the top.

by Debreply 21305/15/2012

187 -- you may be right. Someone else pointed out the show runners apparently edited the ending leaving some loose threads for the writers and new producers to work on during hiatus. The space between the director and Karen on the floor in the wardrobe room and when they strut out (confronting Ivy in the wig on stage) could be where they did it.

by Debreply 21405/15/2012

212 -- wow, that's so true. When the pic of Monroe lit up in back, I nearly cried. And the new song's lyrics were wonderful. In that face I saw her gentleness and -- still -- a certain defiance. I agree McPhee conveys that in a universal way, where Hilty would only imitate it.

by Debreply 21505/15/2012

I realized why I like this series so much (well, aside from the theatre stuff.) The universals expressed about the crummy things people do to each other in a complex organization surpass the show biz stuff. Ivy's patronizing explanation to Karen about her one-night stand with Derek has happened to me, in a different setting. I bet it's happened to a lot of other viewers, too.

by Debreply 21605/15/2012

Watched "Don't Forget Me" again and it hasn't been mentioned that at the key change there's a roar from the audience, like they're at the final of AMERICAN IDOL. This would NEVER happen at a theater, even at a musical.

by Debreply 21705/15/2012

R212, someone connected to the show told me that a big straw which broke the camel's back with Spielberg vs Rebeck was Rebeck wanting the backdrop to be Karen as Marilyn and Spielberg wanted it to be Marilyn herself. I found this to be somewhat surprising because it's no secret Spielberg is fixated on McPhee. Spielberg's choice certainly makes more sense because how would they have had the time to come up with a backdrop of Karen as Marilyn?

by Debreply 21805/15/2012

[quote]When the pic of Monroe lit up in back, I nearly cried.

MARY! One thousand times: MARY!

by Debreply 21905/15/2012


by Debreply 22005/15/2012

What kind of an audience would "Bombshell" be targeting if it were an actual production?

The whole Andrew Lloyd Webber bridge and tunnel crowd? Certainly not families.

by Debreply 22105/15/2012

Thank you R210.

I've changed my mind about Ellis leaving the show.

Now does McPhee have any food allergies?

And Voice, certainly not people who want to see a triple threat in a lead musical.

by Debreply 22205/15/2012

So Ellis wasn't murdered?

by Debreply 22305/15/2012

USA Today's TV critic, still pro-"Smash," gives his advice on what he thinks would make the show better:

by Debreply 22405/15/2012

I also though McPhee was quite good in the scene where they were rehearsing the USO number. She was certainly dancing about as well as she's been able to thus far.

I hope she's gotten an acting coach and dance lessons over the break.

by Debreply 22505/15/2012

VOTN, you must admit the USO number was edited within an inch of its life and was also speeded up, frames-wise, so she looked to be dancing a hell of a lot better than she did.

by Debreply 22605/15/2012

I saw hilly on Leno and she seemed very sweet and endearing.

McPhee also seems like he would be sweet.

by Debreply 22705/15/2012

McPhee, Borle and Hilty are apparently very sweet, Huston is lovely, Davenport is just OK and, of course, Messing is a complete and utter cunt.

by Debreply 22805/15/2012

Will Chase and Messing are made for each other. cunt and asshole.

by Debreply 22905/15/2012

R218, thank you for mentioning that Spielberg is enthralled (not your exact quote, sorry) with McPhee. I wondered WTF she was on the show; that explains a lot.

by Debreply 23005/15/2012

No, R223, just fired. And did have a line saying, "this isn't last of it(me?)" or something.

And as I posted (don't remember no.) way upthread, I read somewhere online that actor - Jaime Cepero - talking about next season. Although I also read on this board him quoted as saying Angelica Huston told him me "did a good job" - so I'm a bit confused...wait till February, I guess!

by Debreply 23105/15/2012

Cepero is deluded, obviously. Doesn't he have any idea how universally hated Ellis is?

by Debreply 23205/15/2012

So is Messings character pregNant? So does this mean there will be a big who is baby daddy next season?

by Debreply 23305/15/2012

Don't you love it when you tell people what's going to happen, and people ignore you because they prefer to speculate?

by Debreply 23405/15/2012

I'm hanging on your every post, R234, and have been for several pages now.

by Debreply 23505/15/2012

[quote]VOTN, you must admit the USO number was edited within an inch of its life and was also speeded up, frames-wise, so she looked to be dancing a hell of a lot better than she did.

Glee does the same thing in some of the group numbers. I guess I'm just used to it.

But I also thought it was a rare case where the fact that she always looks like she's trying so hard to hit her steps worked, because that's what Karen would be doing at that point in a real production.

I mean, the baseball number is probably my favorite one of the original numbers they've had, but given the way we've seen it staged since the pilot, there's no way that even with clever editing McPhee could have pulled it off. The USO number worked. And like the baseball song, it's also catchy.

by Debreply 23605/15/2012

I believe you too, R234.

Pls give us more ...

by Debreply 23705/15/2012

You queens never fail to astound me at the amount of analysis you put into these threads.

by Debreply 23805/15/2012

[226] - It didn't seem anymore edited than any of the other fully staged musical numbers (Let's Be Bad and Dig Deep). And regardless, they spent seven episodes cutting around Megan Hilty's inability to dance, didn't they? What's so different?

Megan Hilty's not ugly, but she's too ugly to play someone cast as the biggest sex symbol of the 20th Century on TV. She looks like a Hapsburg.

Is the original pilot script floating around online anywhere? it sounds interest.

by Debreply 23905/15/2012

I can't give it all away, but regarding the last couple of pages of posts, you can pretty much ignore all the cliffhangers in the finale. Expect a very fresh start. (But not quite a reboot.)

by Debreply 24005/15/2012

Even though I prefer Hilty as Marilyn, and just in general, I liked that she didn't get the role. Having Hilty be upset over not getting the role gives her more to do that if she got what she wanted. Now she's out for revenge!

by Debreply 24105/15/2012

[quote]Watched "Don't Forget Me" again and it hasn't been mentioned that at the key change there's a roar from the audience, like they're at the final of AMERICAN IDOL. This would NEVER happen at a theater, even at a musical.

Are you kidding? They've been doing that since Jennifer Holliday sang "And I'm Telling You" in the original "Dreamgirls". Did you see Patti Lupone in 'Gypsy", they were standing and screaming before she finished "Rose's Turn".

by Debreply 24205/15/2012

No, R210. It is both. BOMBSHELL going to Broadway AND a new musical.

by Debreply 24305/15/2012

Ugh R217- it would happen and it has happened.

by Debreply 24405/15/2012

I thought McPhee was weak in the USO number, but the end number was FANTASTIC, and I don't think hilty could have done the beginning as well. It seemed to me to be written for a weaker voice, was made to have that explosive rise in it...and well, worked for me, I was in tears by the bridge.

by Debreply 24505/15/2012

drives me crazy how I go between loving and hating the songs in the show, no middle ground.

Even will chase's number, the lex & 42nd street thing, LOVE everything...except the punch line. Feels out of place. Like history was made at night - I've heard before and boring and with Mr and mrs Smith.

But the closer, and Let Me Be Your Star are fantastic, same with 20th century fox and some others. Way hit and miss.

by Debreply 24605/15/2012

No, McPhee's dancing in the USO number was very sketchy, I was watching her closely and it looked labored and not effortless the way a good dancer would be able to pull it off - something was amiss.

by Debreply 24705/15/2012

Don't fohget about MEEEEE...

I want to be yo 'TTAAAAAAARRR!

by Debreply 24805/16/2012

I also loved the closing number -- and McPhee's dancing in the USO # could be chalked up to having had to learn the fine points and blocking at the last minute in costume, wig and shoes that don't fit.

by Debreply 24905/16/2012

Honestly thought McPhee was fine I just can't get over not have any curves whatsoever. Couldn't they ask her to gain a few pounds. The last song, she was singing it was kind of rushed and breathless, it seemed like she was straining. I am definitely team Hilty as Marylin and was really disappointed it just ended with that song. I do love Smash and hate it but even the cringe-inducing moments are fun.

I hope all of Julia's family dies in the train crash back to NY.

by Debreply 25005/16/2012

[quote]I hope all of Julia's family dies in the train crash back to NY.

But what about my sister in China!?!?!

by Debreply 25105/16/2012

I think Scott Wittman has done great work on Smash. Marc Shaiman also, but the lyrics are clever and intelligent in ways not heard much anymore.

I wonder how the songs are created. Did they write a bunch of songs that would fit in a Marilyn Musical, or are they involved as writers and creating the songs for each episode? A bit of both?

The finale song was a killer.

by Debreply 25205/16/2012

[quote]Honestly thought McPhee was fine I just can't get over not have any curves whatsoever. Couldn't they ask her to gain a few pounds. The last song, she was singing it was kind of rushed and breathless, it seemed like she was straining.

What? They are supposed to be opposites, one tall and thin, the other short and curvy, not clones. And singing breathless? Have you actually heard Marylin Monroe, who Karen was singing as.

by Debreply 25305/16/2012

So insider, is it possible they will start season 2 from scratch and just make Julia single? It could be that the family never existed ( or were from an alternate universe)?

by Debreply 25405/16/2012

I was really surprised at how good the songs were, I really wasn't expecting much from a TV series about Broadway show, but they really put a lot of effort into creating high quality songs and it's one of the main reasons I decided to keep watching SMASH.

by Debreply 25505/16/2012

R253, please. McPhooey never made any effort to sound remotely like Marilyn when she was singing.

by Debreply 25605/16/2012

256 -- yes, she did make an effort to sound like Monroe. Run the spot again and look at her jaw and mouth and upper body movements.

She sounded rushed and breathless because her character had (supposedly) learned the song during intermission or something.

by Debreply 25705/16/2012

Marc Shaiman tweeted that most of the song ideas/concepts were Wittman's.

Aren't they fucking?

by Debreply 25805/16/2012

251 -- Julia's songwriting partner and *his* partner can raise the Chinese baby.

by Debreply 25905/16/2012

McPhee's father Dan is a TV producer, and her mother Peisha is a/the vocal coach on "American Idol". No connections there, nope.

Spielberg met KMcP at AI.

by Debreply 26005/16/2012

Marc Shaiman use to post here on DL.

by Debreply 26105/16/2012

I liked the melody for "Don't Forget Me" but the lyric was atrocious.

by Debreply 26205/16/2012

Maybe he still reads DL, as per his latest Facebook message:

"I hope my inability to answer every message I get or that was posted is not a reflection on my manners, but only on the very touching reception our finale song has gotten. By the way, after a day of joyful words, last night I happened upon one review eviscerating it and, of course, that was the reaction I'll remember word for word. Anyway, sorry I can't possibly write everyone back! But (Scott &) I thank you!! x Marc"

by Debreply 26305/16/2012

The music was wonderful as are all of Marc and Scott's songs.

Just the wrong singer. I realize the probably had to go with someone a TV audience would recognize but I think most would have appreciated Hilty's performance.

Marilyn wouldn't be breathless if she were belting in a Broadway theater. That was an affectation she had in some movies.

She also wasn't innocent or vulnerable so I'm not sure why the director kept going with that concept. I know it was a popular enough notion at one time that even Elton John wrote of her this way. But recent interviews in the past years have shown she was quite manipulative and uncaring to the people she worked with.

I hope I don't sound hypercritical. As I've said before, I enjoy the show and love the musical numbers. Maybe my expectations of the finale were too high. But the women on Glee are an example of great musical talent on TV and show it CAN be done with the right actress.

I like Debra Messing and her family. I think the son is a totally believable actor.

by Debreply 26405/16/2012

Marc also use to post on ATC but those heartless, cruel theatre teens 'n queens managed to run him off. Sad.

by Debreply 26505/16/2012

[quote] But the women on Glee are an example of great musical talent on TV and show it CAN be done with the right actress.

Well, you've just invalidated your entire post.

Give me McPhee over the awful Lea Michelle any day.

by Debreply 26605/16/2012

Go to Facebook and read the thousands of posts regarding the Smash finale. Overwhelmingly, people liked the episode and loved Karen getting the role. There is some Ivy support but the Karen support trumps it 15 to 1.

by Debreply 26705/16/2012

Well, the show hasn't gone to Broadway yet, so it's way too soon for Hilty fans to count her out as the uiltimate Marilyn. But still, there was no choice but to end the season with McPhee as the apparent victor. She was established as the nice girl to root for against Hilty's more manipulative character. I think the majority of fans would have screamed bloody murder had it gone to Hilty (and-- as I think people need to remember -- this is Hilty's character against McPhee's character, not Hilty against McPhee).

Giving McPhee the role was the more "feel good" note on which to end the season, which is exactly the note a show like this should leave its audience on as it goes on 8-month hiatus.

It was a great episode.

by Debreply 26805/16/2012

Take THIS, Marc-one of the main melody lines in "Don't Forget Me" is a direct rip-off of a melody lines in "Part Of Your World" from THE LITTLE MERMAID. That may be why it's been mentioned more than once by critics that it sounded like a Disney song.

by Debreply 26905/16/2012

Well, even though it's DL, I'm willing to say I think the songs for "BOMBSHELL" were pretty remarkable, especially for network television where (from my own experience) it's hard to do anything that still has your own touch after all the interference. From what I've heard, they stuck to their guns.

And yes, I have been playing and singing "DON'T FORGET ME" non-stop since Monday night.

by Debreply 27005/16/2012

I thought "Don't Forget Me" had a stupid lyric.

The other songs were terrific - 20th Fox Mambo, Mr and Mrs Smith, Let's Be Bad, Let Me Be Your Star, the Korea number and the one Marc Kudisch did in the steam room.

by Debreply 27105/16/2012

My absolute favorite was the "Wolf" number, but as done at the Lyle bday party/backers' audition, more so than on the stage as part of the show. I just LOVED the way it all came together, people joining in. Love me some Josh Bergasse choreography!

by Debreply 27205/16/2012

What's with the weird quasi-British accent McPhee does on "Don't Forget Me"?

And her breath control on it totally sucks.

by Debreply 27305/16/2012

They should have filmed two endings. Giving McPhee the part if the series was cancelled and Hilty the part if it was given a second season.

by Debreply 27405/16/2012

Come on, if Whitman was a good composer, it would have been 20th Century Fox-trot, not Fox Mambo.

by Debreply 27505/16/2012

I'm laughing at the Facebook comments favoring McPhee getting the part. As if that meant anything. In the real world, the SMASH finale had terrible ratings (the worst of the year) and the only reason this show is getting renewed is because it's on NBC. If they can't totally reboot this show in 8 months, it's DOA.


by Debreply 27605/16/2012

Only a bunch ol theater queens want Hilty. They some wierd obsession about who can appear on broadway.

[quote]Marilyn wouldn't be breathless if she were belting in a Broadway theater. That was an affectation she had in some movies.

Yes she would. They want the illusion Marylin is there on stage and she's telling the world to not forget her. Audiences don't know her real voice, they knew by her breathless one, the "Happy Birthday Mr President" voice. It ain't rocket science.

by Debreply 27705/16/2012

The "sing Happy Birthday" lyric in "Don't Forget Me" is offensive in the context of what really happened (a sloshed Marilyn singing to the President she banged with his wife sitting beside him) and the "diamonds" lyric is simply awkward. Awful lyrics. And the song itself is very much a Disney "I Want..." song, which would normally be the second song in the show, not the finale.

by Debreply 27805/16/2012

I think if they do season 2 about the Marilyn musical, the show is doomed. Hopefully, the writers will begin working on another show just to bring in some new faces.

I can't stomach another season of McPhee singing the same songs over again while Hilty looks pissed. Enough.

by Debreply 27905/16/2012

Except next season Bernadette Peters and special guest star Patti Lupone will scissor in episode 3!

by Debreply 28005/16/2012

Sondheim at R275- dear dear. Read the whole lyric. She says "but the 20th century Fox trot is....not hot". Thus, she yearns for the 20th Century Fox Mambo.

by Debreply 28105/16/2012

U miss Deb?

by Debreply 28205/16/2012

thank you [R281], and allow me to add some more facts for the expert at [R275]. It's Wittman, not Whitman, he is not a composer, he is the co-lyricist (with Shaiman) and then what [R281] said.

by Debreply 28305/16/2012

R277 is spot on. Show queens have absolutely no taste. Ancient.

by Debreply 28405/17/2012

278 -- when Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to JFK at Madison Square Garden, Jackie was riding in Virginia. She knew what was going to happen in NYC and didn't wish to be a part of it.

To whoever posted that Monroe wasn't delicate - she wasn't, but the persona she projected and left behind *was.* That's what people remember, and McPhee's final number is performing in that mode.

by Debreply 28505/17/2012

I just looked at the YouTube clip of Hilty in the Encores GPB and now I see the difference between her and McPhee. As a dancer Hilty's sort of a Gene Kelly, physically,very muscular with punchy moves but good tech skills. McPhee's a raw beginner who needs a few years of demanding classes and performance to ramp up her game on stage. It may be too late; she tends to use stunts and tricks in singing and movement; that's a tough habit to break.

by Debreply 28605/17/2012

Here's my fantasy - McPhee's character goes on to star in Bombshell and every other character moves on to the new musical that they start writing. And Ivy helps workshop it and her understudy is a shrew, cunning out of my way bitch that makes Ivy look like McPhee!

The next musical would have Messing and the other guy adapt the Best Picture Oscar winning movie: "The Greatest Show on Earth."

by Debreply 28705/17/2012

"That number was performed by Megan Hilty, who as the gold-digging Lorelei Lee gave an original, audacious comic performance that, for the moment, wiped out memories of Carol Channing and Marilyn Monroe, her indelible predecessors in the role. It felt like one of those fabled performances (much cherished by theatergoers) that in a single, golden night thrust its leading lady into the firmament of musical stage stardom."

-- Ben Brantley

How can they not give the lead to Hilty after the NYT says that?

by Debreply 28805/21/2012

Ellis - what's this?

by Debreply 28905/21/2012

Hilty doing Diamonds:

by Debreply 29005/21/2012

SO they are casting 3 new regulars, 2 of which sound like new performers in the show perhaps, and one who is clearly a love interest for either Ivy or Karen. Is it too much to ask that they create, oh, I don't know, a Musical Director for the show, as there doesn't appear to be one? Or maybe a fun confidante that works in wardrobe? The most ridiculous thing about the show is that Tom, Derek, and the stage manager seem to be doing everything themselves (witness the completely empty costume department during previews.)

by Debreply 29105/21/2012

I saw in the Times yesterday that the male lead from Once just had a messy break up with Hilty in real life. Such a small word.

by Debreply 29205/21/2012

When Phillip Spaeth was interviewed at the GLAAD Awards, like every other word was like. He's in good company. Justin Bieber is another "like" kinda guy.

by Debreply 29305/21/2012

r292, Steven Kazee is straight?

by Debreply 29405/21/2012

I think Hilty's Diamonds is too over-the-top. It's a good voice, though. But does she have to sing it at top volume, and why?

by Debreply 29505/21/2012

Yes according to the Times...he is straight...or straight enough to have been coupled with Hilty. He had a tough upbringing too. Very cute.

by Debreply 29605/21/2012

Danny and Joe are not performers. You should be able to piece together who they are based on my previous posts. If you can't, then you bitches truly are slipping.

by Debreply 29705/21/2012

Ellis, R297 - I hope you don't listen tot hose stupid suggestion and get real artists/performers - no more AI rejects please!

by Debreply 29805/21/2012

Danny and Joe look like love interests for Kat and Megan?

by Debreply 29905/21/2012

I said they're not performers because they're not performers. Danny and Joe, the characters, are not going to be singing and dancing on stage unless it's some kind of fantasy sequence. Can you figure out who they are? I'll entertain guesses.

by Debreply 30005/21/2012

r287 aka Ellis like your ideas.

I'll co-sign.

by Debreply 30105/21/2012

Danny is the replacement for Dev.

Joe is the replacement for Ellis and possibly Sam.

by Debreply 30205/21/2012

VOTN: No and no. They will be introduced together.

by Debreply 30305/21/2012

It's funny for Ellis to think he would know anything since he and the actor who plays him will never be heard from again.

by Debreply 30405/21/2012

I'm sure Jaime Cepero has a future in porn. He's got a tight little body.

by Debreply 30505/21/2012

"Ellis", at your various postings, please please keep posting; you are wonderful!!

by Debreply 30605/21/2012

How many weeks earlier than EW did you get this scoop?

by Debreply 30705/22/2012

Buh bye, Dev and Ellis. I pray to God Leo and Michael Swift are right behind you.

by Debreply 30805/22/2012

But what about my sister in China!?!?!


by Debreply 30905/22/2012

R308 - read this thread from the beginning.

by Debreply 31005/22/2012

Karen is boring enough on her own, but add in the tedious romance with Dev and it was DEADLY. So glad that's over and good riddance to that smug schemer Ellis.

by Debreply 31105/22/2012

I did, R310, why do you ask?

The firing of Cepero and Jaffrey is breaking news, hon.

by Debreply 31205/22/2012

And now Ausiello from TV Guide is tweeting that Will Chase (Michael) and Brian d'Arcy James (Unfrozen Caveman Husband) are also going.

Cousin Deb can't be too happy about her loverrrr getting the boot.

by Debreply 31305/22/2012

R312 - the firing of Cepero and Jaffrey was already on this thread two weeks ago. Look it up, hon.

by Debreply 31405/22/2012

Don't you people read? Our insider reported on the first page of this thread that only FIVE people from the original cast will be retained.

by Debreply 31505/22/2012

The Hollywood Reporter is saying Emory Cohen/Leo will still recur next year. WHY??

by Debreply 31605/22/2012

R316, Leo will be the love interest for the new gay kid.

by Debreply 31705/22/2012

R317? That actually is an excellent idea! Then viewers could see all sorts of drama with Deb Messing: surrounded by and creatively partnered with, gay men probably all her showbiz career: if her son turns out to be gay, though: how will she react? This would be a storyline I would really like to see (might be "too gay" for boring middle America, alas), and: ooh! ooh! they could do a bullying storyline!

(why should "Glee" be the only show? Let's ALL try to make, "it get better", people...)

Anyone know what Spielberg thinks of the gays? Pretty supportive, based on last season's Smash? OR: was that just Rebeck and all the gays on staff?

Well! I am obviously giong to spend All Summer in A State of Anticipation second only to, 100 years ago, when all America spent the summer in SUhc a State over "Who Shot JR?"!

by Debreply 31805/22/2012

SOrry for the actor playing Dev; he was quite good, and was interesting for me (ignorant!) ot find out he's an accomplished musical performer, too. But at least we'll get rid of his obnoxious office/mate promoted over him, and that obnoxious woman co-worker. See: WAY oto many plotlines for the average person to follow. Glad NBC knows they had to fish-or-cut-bait SOMEwhere.

(Just don't get rid of Bobby or Jessica! waaaaaaaaaaa!)

by Debreply 31905/22/2012

R318 - you will wait all summer and winter - it comes back January

by Debreply 32005/22/2012

r315 - "Cast" members refers to contract players. Will Chase wasn't a contract player, he was only a recurring guest star. He doesn't really count against the cast.

Brian D'Arcy James and Emory Cohen were contract cast members. Cutting them from the official cast (even if Cohen stays on as recurring he wold no longer be an official cast member), as well as cutting Jaffrey and Cepero, still leaves SIX major cast members: McPhee, Hilty, Messing, Borle, Davenport, and Huston.

If only five cast members are returning, which one of that six is getting the heave ho?

by Debreply 32105/22/2012

R314, that was pure speculation at the beginning of the thread. This is fact. I don't know about you but I tend to know the difference.

by Debreply 32205/22/2012

R308 - it wasn't a speculation - it was our resident insider tipping us...which then became a fact.

by Debreply 32305/22/2012

R321, you don't know what you're talking about. Will Chase was fucking Debra Messing so you can bet he was treated like a regular every single day he was on set. More than Brian D'arcy James, I should think.

by Debreply 32405/22/2012

Wrong, 324, Will Chase could have been fucking all the contract players in the cast. That didn't make him a contract player.

Here is a link to NBC's list of cast members. Does not include Will Chase.

by Debreply 32505/22/2012

You're missing my point, R325. Chase is not technically a regular cast member but believe me the crew is buzzing about him getting fired just as much If not more than they are about Raza Jaffrey. Chase's trailer space at locations was, I have a feeling, even bigger than Cepero's. And Cepero WAS a regular.

So a certain amount of you actually assumed that what the "insider" presented early in this thread was fact? A fait accompli? Because it wasn't. It wasn't anywhere remotely a fact until today. My Twitter feed of TV journalists is far more reliable. It's not like he predicted something surprising, like, say, UNFORGETTABLE being cancelled. Now THAT was a surprise. NONE of these firings are a surprise. If Katherine McPhee was fired? That would be a surprise.

by Debreply 32605/22/2012

The only reason Will Chase would have a big trailer woule be because he is sharing it with Deb, although I wonder what this would do to their relationship

by Debreply 32705/22/2012

They actually met and fell in love on the set.....they probably were just getting going as the filming was coming to a close.

by Debreply 32805/22/2012

"They actually met and fell in love on the set.....they probably were just getting going as the filming was coming to a close."

Um, just getting going? They both divorced their respective spouses, and allegedly, if this thread is to be believed, she had an abortion.

by Debreply 32905/22/2012

LOL @ R324. I was not speculating. I was sharing a fact with you that is now publicly known, only because breakdowns for new roles had to be released and actors options were not exercised. "Gossip columnists" like Ausiello know absolutely nothing and rely on public information like casting breakdowns and TiVo listings (!) that everyday readers don't know to access for their "scoops."

I know who Danny and Joe are. Ausiello and whoever else you want to link to do not. I know more but revealing it would not be cool. But -- FOR THE RECORD -- I was not speculating, I was dishing the scoop to the DL before anyone else had it.

And R324? Kiss my snooping ass. There are several more surprises in store. Like I said, the finale is hugely misleading in terms of what next season holds in store.

by Debreply 33005/22/2012

R329 I just meant that Chase hardly cache for a big trailer at the beginning and he didn't appear in that many episodes.

by Debreply 33105/22/2012

The only one I'll miss is Will Chase. I thought he was very appealing, though I agree that they didn't leave anywhere for his character to go.

by Debreply 33205/22/2012

R330, aren't you special? Getting all riled up about Hollywood gossip. How profound.

by Debreply 33305/22/2012

Smash fans worried about its future under new showrunner Josh Safran have at least two good reasons to breathe a little easier. TVLine has confirmed that polarizing (and by polarizing, we mean absolutely intolerable) characters Ellis and Dev won’t be a regular presence when Smash returns to NBC for its second season sometime in 2013.

No decision has been made whether or not Ellis and Dev’s portrayers, Jaime Cepero and Raza Jaffrey, will return to wrap up their characters’ story arcs. Nevertheless, it appears the former’s days of hallway lurking, eavesdropping, and unpleasant scheming are numbered, while the latter probably won’t find forgiveness after cheating (with two different women!) on Bombshell star Karen (Katharine McPhee) — then trying to wave it all away with an engagement ring. News of Cepero and Jaffrey’s exits was first reported by

UPDATE: A show insider tells TVLine that two more actors — Brian D’Arcy James, a series regular as Frank, the hubby of Debra Messing’s Julia, and Will Chase, who recurred as Julia’s sometimes lover Michael Swift, are also exiting in Season 2.

by Debreply 33405/22/2012

Ellis/R330 - I was with you from the start

by Debreply 33505/22/2012

Loving your scoops, Ellis.

What can you tell us about Tom's hunky love interest Sam and Eileen's hunky love interest Nick?

Will they be back next season?

by Debreply 33605/22/2012

I guess I'm in the minority, but I thought both Ellis and Dev had enormous screen presence/charisma/it, whatever you want to call it. Sure, Ellis wasnt likable, but the actor playing him was memorable. And, again in the minority, but I really enjoyed Dev's storyline and looked forward to his screen time. He's adorable. Sad to see him go. Hopefully both actors will enjoy other projects elsewhere.

by Debreply 33705/22/2012

Oh, dear, Ellis/R330. Riled up or not you're a fraud/attention seeker with zero legitimate scoop. ZERO. Sorry, you've been busted.

by Debreply 33805/23/2012

r338, this was an enjoyable thread until you showed up. fyi.

by Debreply 33905/23/2012

R330 is a smug asshole who doesn't know shit.

by Debreply 34005/23/2012

Dear Ellis, please stay with us after your namesake departs. We can call you "Ghost of Ellis."

by Debreply 34105/24/2012

The "Director" has to go. Mustard Mouth can barely be understood.

by Debreply 34205/31/2012

The insider who said they were changing casting directors was wrong.

by Debreply 34305/31/2012

Hey Ellis - looks like you are being replaced by Jeremy Jordan?

by Debreply 34406/14/2012

Jen Hudson to have recurring role.

by Debreply 34506/22/2012

Season 2 .....

by Debreply 34607/01/2012

So, I finally caught up on the rest of the season (having only watched the first three episodes at a friends house).

What can I say ? It was an enjoyable mess.

Here's why ---

Characters with no character ... who are you supposed to root for exactly ? Ivy ? Julia ? Derek ? Ellis ? Michael ? All pretty unlikeable folks that do unlikeable things.

Too good to be true ... how can you like Karen ? Even I wanted to "Nancy Kerrigan" her with her long stroke of good luck. Lands the OJ commercial, records a demo with a big time producer, ultimately lands the lead in a big musical. And her midwestern good girl routine ? Ugh. Of course, she'll stick with the $ 200 a week workshop rather than bail to record with the big time producer (who she 'never heard of')

Stories going nowhere .... Julia cheated five years ago and does it again now ...and we're supposed to feel sorry for her (and her professional partners are supposed to risk their production by NOT casting her ex-lover ?)

Karen's dating a guy who works at city hall ? (who cares ??), Note - the guy who played Dev was in London in a musical. He could've been cast as a performer of some type ... maybe the he's on his way down/she's on her way up story. Or him trying to weasel his way into 'Bombshell'

The 'mean girl' chorus line embraces Karen within one episode and fondly call her 'Iowa' and show her how to dance in the chorus and how to dress.

Enemies Ivy and Karen become 'frenemies' and sing together drunkenly in Times Square.

HUH Stuff .... why is it a period musical if the show wanted so badly to use current music so much ? Just make it a modern musical. Instead they're singing more 'current' music -- at bar mitzvahs, in bowling alleys, in fantasy sequences, cutting a demo. The only one that was semi-realistic was the revamp of the musical with a number by 'One Republic' ...but THAT number was totally not right with the rest of the show.

Another one --- Derek seemed to lose his edge (and his balls) when he started fantasing about Karen being Marilyn. Weird.

They seemed to try to squeeze EVERY possible type of musical number into the season. Bollywood, Country, et (and didn't even release some of the best music on the soundtrack. Instead, the Target deluxe version includes a Anjelica Huston song and a Bernadette Peters song ... I guess both wanted a cut of the CD profits)

Maybe it IS like a real musical (with some good parts and some clunkers). It was an enjoyable trainwreck and I'll watch next season (probably the last season since it costs about $ 4 million an episode) to see what they do 'for an encore'.

I do kind of wish they'd kept Ellis and Michael. Since they aren't afraid to go the 'soapy' route, both of those characters could've upped the villain quotient. Michael could've hooked up with bad girl Ivy and Ellis could've caused more trouble until someone killed him (leading off to the murder mystery arc).

by Debreply 34707/03/2012

to [158] YES, thank you finally someone agrees with me- Jack Davenport's performance as Derek is what keeps me watching. Him and the music. His acting for this character has been very sharp. A lesser actor would have made the director a one-note cliche (because honestly that's how the character is written), yet Jack is talented enough to bring the layers and a formidable charisma.

by Debreply 34809/01/2012

The first half of the two hour premier is on On Demand. Everyone is single again.

by Debreply 34901/25/2013

I saw it too, R349. Some of the writing at the beginning was clunky, but a huuuuuge uptick in quality. And it seems as though Katherine McPhee may have taken some acting classes in the mean time. She's still awful, but quite as bad as she was last season.

by Debreply 35001/25/2013

Sharing the screen with Jennifer Hudson is a comparison-gainer for Katherine!

by Debreply 35101/25/2013

Get me Doug Hughes!

by Debreply 35201/25/2013

I love that this new episode was filmed at the National Arts Club what a beautiful place. Jennifer Hudson is lovely but is playing the same character as she did in sex and the city except she's a star now.

by Debreply 35301/27/2013

Jessie Mueller is a name now? HA!

by Debreply 35402/19/2013

Jeremy Jordan and Jonathan Groff performed Let Me Be Your Star from SMASH at the Miscast show this year.

Even Jordan knows the show is a joke.

by Debreply 35503/10/2013

Jeremy Jordan can smirk and camp it up as much as he likes, but as the weakest element on SMASH right now, he's kissing off his film and TV opportunities.

by Debreply 35603/10/2013

Nobody can be worst than Michael Christofer. As an actor, he's a great playwright.

by Debreply 35703/10/2013

Smash is listed under "Certain or likely cancellation," along with The New Normal, and a couple of shows I really like, Body of Proof and Golden Boy. I even like CSI: NY, despite Gary Sinese being a Republican.

by Debreply 35803/11/2013

Terrible Liasions indeed

by Debreply 35903/11/2013

So now Michael Cristofer is the villain of the piece? Would he really treat his star that way? Has any of these people ever been on Broadway?

by Debreply 36003/12/2013

So now Jerry is taking credit for a Roundabout production? Of all the shows that he shouldn't have produced!

by Debreply 36103/12/2013

LOL Condola just said Ellis is gay! haha

by Debreply 36203/12/2013

Sean Hayes needs to be back on his meds. Maybe he can make sense of this episode.

by Debreply 36303/12/2013

Did Karen start speaking Russian tonight? Cuz that would be the only logical reason for these idiots not being able to understand that her PAYING JOB is what's preventing her from doing their little downtown musical, not because she just decided on a whim to bail on them for kicks (which is how they're treating her).

Seriously, are these people that stupid? And why she didn't just tell them all to kiss her Broadway ass is beyond me.

by Debreply 36403/12/2013

I thought the book for Hit List was supposed to be awful? If so then why is Kyle still hanging on as the writer if Jimmy owns the whole thing now?

by Debreply 36503/12/2013

Because Kyle is in love with Jeremy. That's also the reason Karen didn't tell them to kiss her ass. She is in love with Jeremy. They are all controlled by their hormones.

by Debreply 36603/12/2013

OMG McPhee's wig in this Hit List sequence! Why would Derek ever imagine her in that atrocity??

by Debreply 36703/12/2013

After all the promises that the show would finally start geting better by the third or fourth episode this season.....WTF?

by Debreply 36803/12/2013

I've never been more embarrassed by my work before and I was in Urban Cowboy! hahahahaha

by Debreply 36903/12/2013

Hilty didn't look a piggy tonite. Maybe it's the hairstyle?

I figure there must be at least 7 or 8 more episodes before the season (oops, i mean the series) is over. How are they gonna stretch this Bombshell vs Hit List thing out?

Oh, and was I the only one hoping Deb would hop on a plane to London with Danny S? And, that's right DMess, DON'T FORGET TO BRING LEO!!!!!!

by Debreply 37003/12/2013

As if the Royal Court would welcome the thoughts and scribblings of an American dramaturg and lady authoress!

by Debreply 37103/12/2013

It's the Winter Fringe Festival and Julia mentions that her son is soon going on his winter break but why does it look so much like early-mid October outside?

And rehearsal numbers for the press are never done with full costumes, make-up and wigs. Ever. These writers obviously don't watch NY1 Onstage.

by Debreply 37203/12/2013

Why are the producers on Bombshell so involved while the producers of Liaisons are nowhere to be seen?

by Debreply 37303/12/2013

Robert Bianco, TV critic for USA Today, today said the following:

[quote]Now we know: Negation alone is not enough. When Gossip Girl's Josh Safran took over as showrunner from Smash creator Theresa Rebeck, his first, incredibly welcome move was to purge the show of Rebeck's weakest plots, ideas and characters. Unfortunately, that seems to be as far as Safran thought things through. Every new plot and character this season has equaled Rebeck's worst, from Jeremy Jordan as a charm-free composer whose inexplicably indulgent treatment by the other characters calls to mind the much-loathed Ellis, to a painfully ludicrous current subplot built around Sean Hayes that plays like a kiddie-theater redo of Uma Thurman's run from last year. There is so much talent gathered here, but the uses to which it's being put, either by Safran or someone else in this multi-cook series, is closing in on unwatchable.

I couldn't agree more.

by Debreply 37403/12/2013

Poor Sean Hayes. What does he think he's doing here? Besides ensuring a future of stage and screen unemployment?

And as R367 called it: the Hit List number (wreckage of love? WTF) featuring the Pepsi sign and one of Susan Lucci's old wigs was tonight's beyond the beyond-o number. I had been routing for Ivy's Liaisons' "Glitter & Be Gay Moment", but then they cut that short. Damn.

by Debreply 37503/12/2013

This show just keeps getting worse. The dialogue is awful. Jimmy actually says "I'm gonna go get high" as he sulks off....I wonder if Jeremy Jordan regrets leaving newsies for this. And why is katherine McPhee so in love with jimmy when he treats her like shit? The Sean Hayes subplot is astonishingly bad.

by Debreply 37603/12/2013

I especially loved Sean Hayes explaining to Ivy that he was cutting her number. Because it was too good and funny. And only he can be good and funny. Cause he's the star of the show.

It was a bit like the defining Helen Lawson moment in VOTD ("there's only one star in a Helen Lawson show....!"), but transcribed for the brain dead.

by Debreply 37703/12/2013

Is the Sean Hayes character supposed to be based on Nathan?

by Debreply 37803/13/2013

I love how the star decides that other characters numbers are being cut from a revival

Hit List looking like a La Boheme/Moulin Rouge rip off (and a terrible song)

If they are using the workshop script-why is public Relations in the show?

If Liaisons is not a broad comedy-why is Cecile number broadly comic?

Why cant McPhee speak a line of dialogue without a dull monotone

Since when can an actors contract specify that a producer has control over what else an actor can do outside of the show (and where the hell is Karens agent?)

Derek on the spot agrees to direct Hit List-eventhough he still hasnt read the script

by Debreply 37903/13/2013

is Bombshell still rehearsing without a theatre? Why can Karen not be avail for Hit List--just because shes currently in reh for Bombshell--it doesnt mean she couldnt do Hit List when/if it gets produced--its not even written yet Even Sean Hayes is badly photographed--he looked great in Promises, Promises--he looks pasty and bloated God Bless Veanne--nails the one decent line in the history of the series

by Debreply 38003/13/2013

I enjoyed it. The show's not perfect but if I hated it I wouldn't watch it. But then again, I don't live to be viscous and cruel. Bad karma.

by Debreply 38103/13/2013

This show is total shit now. Not even worth hate watching. Everyone involved is incompetent.

Get it the FUCK off my TV.

by Debreply 38203/13/2013

Will Ellis come back?


by Debreply 38303/13/2013

yes, part of Elli's deal with Jerry was that he would return to replace ivy after she replace Karen as Marilyn--this will all happen while they are still in the most expensive rehearsal space in the world with no director and no theatre

by Debreply 38403/13/2013

NBC has just announced that Smash will move to Saturdays at 9 p.m. beginning April 6 and will air its entire season of 17 episodes.

by Debreply 38503/13/2013

sat night is the tv graveyard

by Debreply 38603/13/2013

SMASHlings, rejoice!

Yes, Saturday night is the TV graveyard, but at least we'll get to see all of Season 2! Gather one, gather all, to watch one of the most expensive, least successful TV series of all time! Pass the popcorn, kids.

by Debreply 38703/13/2013

Nothing about Christian Borle's massive bulge during the stupid Marilyn song that was redone with all the gay dancers in tight tank tops?

I'll admit I was making sure I didn't look at his face but when he sat on the edge of that table he had massive box. Who knew?

by Debreply 38803/13/2013

How many actors have played JFK so far?

by Debreply 38903/13/2013

From the Playbill recap:

This brings to light an interesting (and, of course, unexplored in the teleplay) question about rehearsal rooms: Who "owns" that room at this point? The producers? The writers? The director?

Most smart show people would say "the director," though the Dramatists Guild contract says that writers must be allowed access to the experience. Getting notes from the producers during the rehearsal? It doesn't really happen unless it's the most dysfunctional of circumstances.

by Debreply 39003/13/2013

17 episodes???? How the hell are they going to stretch these stupid plots through 12 more shows?

by Debreply 39103/14/2013

From Playbill:

Ratings of the second season of NBC's "Smash," the Emmy Award-winning musical drama about the creation and inner workings of a Broadway musical, increased following the March 12 episode.

According to affiliate estimates from Nielsen, the one-hour March 12 episode scored a .9 preliminary rating with viewers 18-49 — up a tenth from last week's .8 and even with the ratings from Feb. 26 and Feb. 19. The two-hour season premiere on Feb. 5, 2013, brought in a rating of 1.1. (The second season premiere was down 71 percent from the series premiere on Feb. 6, 2012, and down 39 percent from a 1.8 for the first-season finale on May 14, 2012.)

This week, "Smash" brought in 2.89 million viewers during the 10-11 PM time slot — up from 2.61 million viewers on March 5, but down from 2.99 million viewers on Feb. 26, 3.29 million viewers on Feb. 19 and 4.47 million viewers on Feb. 5. Besting the series on March 12 were CBS' "Golden Boy" with 8.53 million viewers and ABC's "Body of Proof" with 6.38 million viewers.

by Debreply 39203/14/2013

McPhee cut her hair.

by Debreply 39303/14/2013

They are moving it to Saturday night.

by Debreply 39403/14/2013

Did anyone buy Megan Hilty's new CD?

by Debreply 39503/14/2013

Love how they dropped in that reference to "Drew from Spotco" to serve up Broadway realness.

by Debreply 39603/14/2013

Is Drew from SpotCo still into bears?

by Debreply 39703/14/2013

No idea, r397. I'm friends with a bear couple who are old friends of his, so it's possible.

by Debreply 39803/14/2013

Can't wait to see what Cheyenne will be wearing in the finale:

Tony Award winner Bernadette Peters (Annie Get Your Gun, Song and Dance) will reprise her role as Ivy Lynn's mother on the second season finale of NBC's "Smash," according to Rosie O'Donnell and Cheyenne Jackson are also among the episode's guest stars.

by Debreply 39903/18/2013

1/2 hour to go...

by Debreply 40003/19/2013

Is it true that the whole Debra Messing-bad writer plotline is really an attack on Theresa Rebeck?

by Debreply 40103/19/2013

Is tonight the last Tuesday airing before the move to the Saturday graveyard?

by Debreply 40203/19/2013

R401, think of it this way: Bombshell can't go straight to Broadway or else there is not enough to do to fill a season. Something must be wrong with it that can be fixed. The music? Not a good candidate considering the composers are executive producers. The acting or casting? Of course it can't be that, Katharine McPhee is the second coming. The directing, the costumes? Not enough to keep a show from Broadway for long. What's left? Only one thing, the book.

by Debreply 40303/19/2013

It moves to the Saturday 9 pm timeslot on April 6. This is clearly the last year for the show.

by Debreply 40403/19/2013

I'm with Jeremy Jordan. Why are they listening to someone who is talking them out of an off-off Broadway production?

by Debreply 40503/19/2013

If Sean Hayes is sitting at home watching this, I know he's asking himself, "Why on earth did I agree to take this shitty part?"

by Debreply 40603/19/2013

Oh my God, it's Seth Rudetsky.

by Debreply 40703/19/2013

Nepotism Alert!

by Debreply 40803/19/2013

Karen would never give up her big debut. So the whole first season was a dream or something?

by Debreply 40903/19/2013

Nothing about Liaisons makes sense. If you string together the facts we've learned episode to episode there was no consistency.

by Debreply 41003/19/2013

So will Ivy be nominated for Supporting Actress for Liaisons and Actress for Bombsell? Maybe her name should be Dana Ivey.

by Debreply 41103/19/2013

I'll grant you that, R410. There is no way Liaisons was ever a serious show.

by Debreply 41203/19/2013

I doubt Ivy will be eligible for a nomination for Liaisons. I assume the Tony committee will rule the entire production ineligible because it didn't run long enough to invite the voters. That's pretty standard operating procedure.

by Debreply 41303/20/2013

Ratings went down again. Will Saturday's wasteland of good shows help?

by Debreply 41403/20/2013

Ivy can still be nominated for Liasons. Hell, Tovah Feldshuh was nominated for Sarava and it never officially opened.

The idea of Ivy's mom accepting the role of Marilyn mom in Bombshell is ridiculous. Isn't this woman supposed to be a broadway star? Ya gotta figure Marilyn's mom is going to be a tiny role.

It seems like the focus is going to shift over to Hit List now. I mean, how much more can they do with Bombshell?

by Debreply 41503/22/2013

Have these famous mothers and daughters ever been on stage together?

Meryl Streep and Mamie

Diane Ladd and Laura

Rosemary Harris and Jennifer

by Debreply 41603/23/2013


Tuesday, March 26 - The Bells and Whistles ...

Tom ends up in an awkward situation when Ivy brings Sam back to town; Jimmy and Derek's visions clash; Karen and Ana try to stand up for what they want.

by Debreply 41703/23/2013


by Debreply 41803/23/2013


by Debreply 41903/23/2013

Over 400 people clearly care.

I finally caught up on it.

Ivy or Karen who will be the new pope?

I bet Ivy breaks her food on opening day and Karen must be called to 'save the show' and leaves her collaborators heartbroken...this is such a soap, but I keep watching.

by Debreply 42003/23/2013


I know Meryl's son Henry was in Mother Courage with her a few years..or many years...ago.

Not sure about Harris and Ehle but they were both nominated for tony's in the same category in the same year and Ehle won.

Blythe and Gwennie did Picnic together at Williamstown. Tammy Grimes (who?) and Amanda Plummer (whoooo????) did a play at Roundabout together a few decades ago.

by Debreply 42103/23/2013

Messing is doing a pilot for CBS. Obviously, she has moved on. I won't be surprised to Jeremy Jordon do a summer stint in ONCE.

by Debreply 42203/25/2013

Jeremy Jordan is an incredibly CUTE boy. Are there any shirtless shots on the Internet?

by Debreply 42303/26/2013

This show is a mess.

by Debreply 42403/26/2013

No one else watched tonight???

It was the return of Leslie Odom Jr!

by Debreply 42503/26/2013

Loved the SLAM at GLEE when Jordan freaked out about having the "name" star Lea Michele being brought in by Derek to audition for the DIVA role.

Krysta Rodriguez is all haircut, no special talent.

by Debreply 42603/26/2013

Except Hilty, all of the main characters are surprisingly average or bad singers. These people are doing musical theater outside of this show?

by Debreply 42703/26/2013

Someone posted that Jeremy's marriage to actress Ashley Spencer in trouble because he likes to 'dutch oven.' What does that mean??

by Debreply 42803/27/2013

I've been one of the few who liked season one. After tonight's episode, it's clear why this failed... adding the second fringe show plot was all wrong... awful episode all around.

by Debreply 42903/27/2013

[quote]Someone posted that Jeremy's marriage to actress Ashley Spencer in trouble because he likes to 'dutch oven.' What does that mean?

It means he likes to fart in bed and then her hold her head under the sheets. Who knows if he actually does that. But anyone who's ever had to share a dressing room with him can tell you he is a VERY flatulent young man.

by Debreply 43003/27/2013

R429, you are so right. I blame the newish head at NBC and Spielberg for picking that fucking idioIt waste of human existence, Josh Safran, and I blame Safran for being the most stupid fucking excuse for a writer/producer/showrunner in the history of television. Yes, that is the extent of the fuckup of this show,I think. Rebeck was no prize but she comes across as a brilliant genuis next to this trainwreck. I feel sorry for viewers like those of us on this board, but I feel really sorry for the actors in this show.

If NBC goes off the air someday, I won't Shed. A. Tear.

by Debreply 43103/27/2013

Awful episode although, according to Playbill, the ratings were up last night!

by Debreply 43203/27/2013

What's kind of interesting is that all three network shows in that timeslot appear to be headed for cancellation. Is there something really compelling on cable at that time, or are people just not watching TV?

by Debreply 43303/27/2013

I can't believe Jeremy Jordan will get much on-camera work after this. Although it's not his fault, the character is playing is thoroughly repulsive, and he hasn't done anything to give him some likability.

Added to that, he's short and has the face of a gnome. He'll come crawling back to Broadway by summer.

by Debreply 43403/27/2013

Is Jordan bi racial?

by Debreply 43503/27/2013

Megan Hilty seems to always talk through clinched teeth. Maybe she is Bernadette Peter's daughter.

by Debreply 43603/28/2013

Kathernine McPee refuses to talk about the show or be associated with it. She just sang with One Republic on Idol and they introduced her as recording artist Katherine McPeenis..

by Debreply 43703/28/2013

You can seriously be telling us that you continue to watch that show?

by Debreply 43803/28/2013

Jordan already has been cast in the film version of The Last Five Years opposite Anna Kendrick.

by Debreply 43903/28/2013

Isn't the lead singer for OneRepublic gay? I know that he and Kat met on the set of SMASH in that ill-conceived episode (which one wasn't), where they were seriously considering taking the Marilyn musical from the composers and giving it a modern sound.

That song she sang was awful.

by Debreply 44003/28/2013

I just don't get Hilty's appeal. Great voice. That's it. Nothing special. Not a very good actress (except when acting opposite JHud in which case she's fucking Streep).

I want Rebecca Duvall to come back and play Marilyn.

by Debreply 44103/28/2013

You really don't think Hilty's a good actress after Encores last year R441?

by Debreply 44203/28/2013

Acting onstage and in front of a camera are two entirely different things r442.

by Debreply 44303/28/2013

She talks like she has her jaw wired shut.

by Debreply 44403/29/2013

The first 5 minutes of this episode feels different. Better writing? Directing? A sense of humor?

by Debreply 44504/02/2013

r444 she most definitely doesn't have her jaw wired shut

by Debreply 44604/02/2013

Katie McPhee and Jeremy Jordan suck the life out of every scene they're in. Ugh.

They shouldn't do straight screen acting. At least Jordan should stick to stage musicals. Not sure what to do with McPhee.

by Debreply 44704/02/2013

Bernadette Peters and Dylan Baker were both lifeless as well. The direction and writing are completely flat.

by Debreply 44804/03/2013

You're describing yourself, r448. Completely lifeless.

by Debreply 44904/03/2013

I thought Bernadette Peters was good. They should have made her a regular at the beginning. In fact, she would have made a much more interesting Julia than Messing.

Jeremy Jordan is so ugly, I can't believe they picked him for this role.

by Debreply 45004/03/2013

Isn't it funny that Krysta Rodriguez is not in the Playbill series that Wesley Taylor created? Weren't they going to be new Jonathan Groff-Lea Michelle super couple? Even Debra Messing and Will Chase made an appearance.

by Debreply 45104/05/2013

Don't forget, SMASH on tonight for its Saturday night burial.

by Debreply 45204/06/2013

Messing may not be a great actress but she is a skillful one. Week after week she manages to bring off the most wince-inducing dialogue and most ridiculous dramatic situations . She deserves credit for that. She's damn good and anyone that thinks Bernadette Peters could do the role better --- go get a life! Peters is NOT an actress.

The whole shifting back and forth between Bombshell and the so-called off-Broadway tryout of the "ground-breaking" Jeremy Jordan musical is a total disaster. The musical numbers are excruciatingly bad for that off-Broadway crap. Granted, you can't sustain two seasons of it being just about the Marilyn musical but something better than the Jordan/McPhee aspect of the series and those tiresome musical excerpts and Davenport mumbling through it all.

by Debreply 45304/06/2013

I argue you could have done a whole season only on Bombshell. The thing was clearly moving toward a Broadway debut. You could have built an entire comedic episode around a disastrous final rehearsal. You could have done an entire fantasy episode about the principal characters' fears and insecurities for opening night centred on the idea everybody's worst fear is Karen as Marilyn gets stage fright, you could have done an episode from the perspective of Linda the Stage Manager.

There were endless variations of backstage and onstage at a big Broadway show that could have been played with but they gave it to somebody with the producing skills of Gossip Girl and that's what we got.

Whatever its flaws - and they were many - this was always meant to be a show that was a serious effort, not a staple or a formula. They abandoned their roots, gave the audience formulaic garbage (X 2 with the introduction of Shit List), and the result is cancellation.

I don't quite know how they managed to fuck this up, except apparently someone with creative vision and people and production skills was never utlimately in charge. Broadway is rich in myth and legend they could have mined and massaged for a good long run with the right person in control.

by Debreply 45404/06/2013

I agree about Messing. She doesn't have much to work with but at least she gives it her all. The rest are either embarrassed (understandably so) or not used to working in front of a camera (Borle, Jordan, McPhee, Peters and on and on and on).

I actually liked Peters in some of her movies and tv movies but, alas, her face is a tad frozen now and she, like Liza, has just become a caricature of her old self.

Maybe Garbo had the right idea? Retire and let everyone remember you the way you were.

by Debreply 45504/06/2013

Also, does anybody else hate that braid in McPhee's hair these days? I keep expecting her to pop in a Daisy and start singing the Coke jingle from the seventies.

by Debreply 45604/06/2013

I never got the universal love for Peters but I gotta say that Hang the Moon melody is still rattling around in my head. It was a sappy, sweet song.

by Debreply 45704/06/2013

So what was the point - were Bombshell and Hit List going to open on Broadway at the same time, and season 3 was to have been a battle between Hilty and McPhee for the Best Actress Tony?

by Debreply 45804/06/2013

Peters is still a great talent but then and now, especially in her tv work, needs a strong director. People liked her Moon song because for something like that-which was written specifically for her-she knows what to do regardless if the director is good or not.

by Debreply 45904/06/2013

Why are there no hot men in SMASH? Jack Davenport? Christian Borle, Jeremy Jordan?

Fprget hot, maybe just eye candy?

by Debreply 46004/07/2013

Very well put R454!

by Debreply 46104/07/2013

So, Ivy who was heading home in a cab after dinner, left her keys in the restaurant and Tom went after her in, I'm assuming, another cab when all he had to do was call her on her cell and say 'Yo, Ivy ya forgot your keys so tell the driver to turn around.' No, instead Tom managed to find Ivy in a bar surrounded by castmates. Then Derek found her in the bar. Does Ivy spend a lot of time IN the bar?

Why didn't the writer have Ivy leave her cell in the restaurant.. at least that's one less hole in the plot.

And Tom wrote a special birthday song for Ivy in a matter of hours AND had Liza memorize it AND perform it that night?

And, still, I'm gonna miss Smash.

by Debreply 46204/07/2013

I also hated the gutted the ranks of the minor characters who were the ensemble. Bobby, Jessica, Dennis... they were interesting and their little observations and facial reactions could be hysterical. I loved the expressions during Rebecca Duval's first solo.

by Debreply 46304/07/2013

oh R454 why can't you be in charge!? That sounds like a terrific show

by Debreply 46404/07/2013

and dont forget he was in tech all day which all seemed very lazy especially since hes a composer and has never teched a Bway musical before as a director

by Debreply 46504/07/2013

Has there ever been a composer who's directed a show? I can think of a few lyricist/librettists of course. But composers?

by Debreply 46604/07/2013

Everytime someone said 'WE'RE IN TECH' I took a shot of tequila. I woke up 24 hours later.

Since Jimmy is also playing the male lead in Hit List how can they kill him off? I think the writing partner (what's his name?) is going to get it. And the show will go on.

I also think Bombshell is going to get a lukewarm reception from the critics and it's going to be a struggle to keep it going. Especially after Hit List opens with the powerful (?) Times behind it.

by Debreply 46704/07/2013

Jeremy Jordan dropped a hint about who gets bumped off in his Broadway World interview.

by Debreply 46804/07/2013

A show based on the making of "Smash" would be more interesting than this drivel.

by Debreply 46904/07/2013

What was the hint?

by Debreply 47004/07/2013

Jeremy Jordan is supposed to be this show's eye candy.

by Debreply 47104/08/2013

I wish there was an 'Ivy on Ivy' bitchfight. I want Megan Hilty and Ivvvvvvvvvvy Winnnnnters (on stilts, of course since Hilty is Chenoweth-esque -give or take a Golden Corral lunch).

Now that's entertainment!

by Debreply 47204/08/2013

speaking of ridiculous plot points, ivy is supposed to be the daughter of a two-time tony-winning broadway legend. yet we're supposed to believe that she's never met liza minnelli!!

by Debreply 47304/08/2013

The first Saturday episode was the lowest rated episode in the history of the show.

Just saying...

by Debreply 47404/08/2013

Leigh Conroy stole the role of Reno Sweeney in the AG revival from Liza. They stopped speaking before Ivy was born.

However, in Season 3 of Bombshell, Liza fills in for Leigh during her vacation from Bombshell. Unfortunately, Liza loses her voice and Anne Runnolfsen jumps in to save the day.

by Debreply 47504/10/2013

Meagan Hilty was less annoying tonight.

by Debreply 47604/13/2013

The numbers for tonight's show should be the lowest yet, since at the last minute NBC moved the show from 9 pm to 8 pm! All 3 people who tuned in to watch at 9 missed it.

by Debreply 47704/13/2013

But all the people who wanted to see THE VOICE just left it on...

by Debreply 47804/14/2013

Kat looks good at Coachella.

by Debreply 47904/14/2013

The other thread hit 600 bitches!

Does anyone else feel sorry for the chorus boys who have to toss Ivy around? No wonder they have 4 male swings.

by Debreply 48004/15/2013

I'd pay to see ELLIS gang-banged, but I'm afraid he'll enjoy it too much.

by Debreply 48104/16/2013

Peters also supposedly starred in a "Sound of Music" revival -- casting the finally makes sense.

by Debreply 48204/16/2013

I missed Ellis, glad to see him back if only briefly.

by Debreply 48304/16/2013

I'm pretty sure that's not the only nightmare Ellis has appeared in.

by Debreply 48404/16/2013

I love gypsy run-thus.

by Debreply 48504/16/2013

I'm guessing that based on yesterday's events, they wouldn't now consider trying out "Bombshell" in Boston.

by Debreply 48604/17/2013

Bernadette Peters in 'the Sound of Music' might really work, especially if it's audience participation and you can vote for the Nazis.

by Debreply 48704/17/2013

They should have Reba McIntire come on as Peters' arch-rival - work in an Annie Get Your Gun singoff

by Debreply 48804/17/2013

Bobby and Tally

by Debreply 48904/17/2013

Whoops, wrong thread, but at least this is what an out of town tryout should look like...

by Debreply 49004/17/2013

SMASHtacular Saturday. Has another week come and gone already?

by Debreply 49104/20/2013

WTF? The HOTEL CARTER????!!!! The opening night party is being held at the Hotel Carter?? The biggest flea bag, worst rated flop house hotel in the city? Was this an inside joke for Broadway insiders?

What theater was used for the opening? I bet it's a former movie theater. That was an awfully wide orchestra pit and that first row of seats really far back. No New York legit theatre is like that.

by Debreply 49204/20/2013

Happy opening night!

by Debreply 49304/21/2013

r492, possibly the Saint George Theatre on Staten Island.

by Debreply 49404/21/2013

I did a literal spit take when I saw the Hotel Carter. So is next week's episode going to feature everyone scratching flea bites?

by Debreply 49504/21/2013

I know R495! Me too.

by Debreply 49604/21/2013

The show has gotten a bit better. I'll keep watching and will be sorry to see it go. But, if you want man eye candy, better musical numbers, and good writing and acting you should be watching Nashville.

by Debreply 49704/21/2013

[quote]if you want man eye candy, better musical numbers, and good writing and acting you should be watching Nashville.

Absolutely. There's no real comparison. I watch Nashville when I want to see decent TV. I watch Smash when I'm in a scoffing mood.

by Debreply 49804/21/2013

Thanks R494. I thought that looked like the theater that was used last season for the BOMBSHELL tryout. Beautiful venue. Too bad that they couldn't use the actual name of the Lyceum for the exterior shots though.

by Debreply 49904/21/2013

Have to admit, I am hooked on NASHVILLE.

by Debreply 50004/21/2013

Someone told me that was the Barrymore not the Lyceum Theatre for the exterior. My mistake

by Debreply 50104/21/2013

They originally referenced the Belasco but the theatre from last night was too big for the Belasco, wasn't it?

by Debreply 50204/21/2013

Yes,R502. I think it was the restored movie theatre in Staten Island that was used last season too.

by Debreply 50304/21/2013

Nashville is terrible. Smash is not great and has never fulfilled its promise but Nashville is just an earnest Young and the Restless and boring as hell.

by Debreply 50404/23/2013

It looks like Smash will go a little less gently into that good night. In an effort to give the musical drama a more high-profile sendoff, NBC is giving the show a reprieve from its Saturday time slot and has scheduled its two-hour series finale for Sunday, May 26 (9/8c).

There’ll certainly be plenty of action packed into the installment — titled “The Tonys” — according to showrunner Josh Safran. “Someone is pregnant! Someone is arrested! There is a kiss between a gay man and straight man — who kisses back!” he teased while spilling spoilers for TVLine’s “May Sweeps/Season Finale Scoopapalooza.”

Smash kicked off Season 2 on Tuesday nights, but the show opened its sophomore season with just 4.5 million total viewers and a 1.1 demo rating, plunging 25 and 39 percent from its freshman finale and both marking series lows. A few weeks later, NBC made the decision to move Smash to Saturdays beginning with its April 6 episode.

by Debreply 50504/25/2013

I hope the straight guy with the gay kiss is Jeremy Jordan. Has he ever played gay?

by Debreply 50604/26/2013

I don't think so r506, my money is Tom kissing the Supposedly straight Actor played by Luke Macfarlane

by Debreply 50704/26/2013

It's 8:01 and they lost me with the very first shot. Ugggg.

by Debreply 50804/27/2013

Andy!!! Dead?

by Debreply 50904/27/2013


Seems so, thanks for spoiling us in the previews NBC

by Debreply 51004/27/2013

R510 If you haven't figured it out by now, NBC doesn't give a shit about this show. They're embarrassed to have it on their network, and considering the other crap they show, that's saying something.

by Debreply 51104/27/2013

You know it's a dead horse when they're running promos for soaps in it. What, they couldn't sell airtime even to some snake oil salesman?

by Debreply 51204/28/2013

So NBC accidentally ran a preview for the episode two weeks from now? That is classic! But what do you expect from a network that thought Kathie Lee Gifford would make for a good crossover guest star?

by Debreply 51304/29/2013

I'm actually loving it as the season wears on, enormous flaws and all. I can enjoy it for the things it does well, and also for the so-bad-it's-good aspects.

The characterization of Jimmy - he's a bomb constantly waiting to go off and does so at any provocation - is not executed well and just seems absurd even if there really are people like that - but it always makes me laugh.

by Debreply 51404/29/2013

I actually liked the past couple of eps more so than most this season. Perhaps it's because they actually focused more on the actual musicals and musical numbers. For some reason, it seemed, for me, to give the show more focus where the emphasis should have been all along. When the show starts to move to the non-musical, behind the scenes machinations, I find myself getting really bored. Guest stars and whatnot are fine if they actually serve a greater purpose and added truly necessary enjoyment to the show, but most (esp. J Hud)just seemed like filler to kill air time. Either I have a very limited attention span, or I just don't care much for the characters. . .or both.

Like with Glee, it's sad that a show with initial promise has taken such a dismal turn because no one had the forethought to plan for the long haul. I wonder if this type of show would prosper with someone like Joss Whedon at the helm in that what both these shows lack is a balance btw the entertaining musical numbers and the audience's engagement with the characters and the storylines.

by Debreply 51504/29/2013

I respectfully disagree with R515. The most recent episodes were shockingly melodramatic . The attempts to sort out the "tangled" relationships pushed from beginning of series were more tiresome--if not darn well laughable--than ever before. And if they had been clever and given us just a few musical numbers as the seasons went along then it would indeed be thrilling if there were more musical production numbers that brought the two seasons to a climax by this point.

How could this series that was 'initially promising', as many of us felt, been improved?? The writers should have STUDIED the few truly outstanding series of recent years that were basically ENSEMBLE dramas --'Six Feet Under', the Mormon series (forgot it's name!) and yes, even the first seasons of 'Mad Men'. Studied them before ever writing 'Smash'. The writers and producers trusted that the characters of such series were interesting and complex and that audiences would be willing to have quiet scenes of honest interplay between characters. Not every scene had to be sensational and some dramatic event happening. You got to know and care about the characters in those series and could identify with them and were willing to wait for dramatic action to sweep you away in this or that direction (Wow, 'The Americans' on FX is right now a classic example of taking your time and creating riveting character first, then putting them in tense situations.) 'Smash' --every thing was an attempt to making it all 'larger than life' and one melodramatic moment after another. There was plenty of room for exploring characters and really showing what life in theatre is really about. The payoff would always be fabulous musical numbers placed at just the right times during the series.

by Debreply 51604/29/2013

[quote]the Mormon series (forgot it's name!)

BIG LOVE. It went insanely off the rails in the last few seasons, but man those first few years were terrific.

SMASH was sunk from its pilot on, and I honestly don't know how anyone can think otherwise. The shallow, cliched characters and unappealing stories were set into action and nothing was ever going to right the ship. Tone, topic, pace; it was all wrong from the get-go.

How I wish HBO's show (the one Sondheim was supposedly offended by) had been greenlit instead.

by Debreply 51704/29/2013

I'm indifferent to Kathie Lee... she's not worth the effort... so this is not reflexive Kathie Lee hating when I say: she looked and 'acted' totally fucking ridiculous in that segment. Cringeworthy would have been a step up.

And thinking back on it, why was Rosie at an opening with a Stanford Blatch arm ornament and not the Mrs.?

by Debreply 51804/29/2013

I thought it was going to be a Jonathan Larsen death.

by Debreply 51904/29/2013

R516, no single person had enough control of Smash at any point to enact any creative vision as cohesive as you outline, and that is the truth.

by Debreply 52004/29/2013

Not Marc, Why did they kill off Kyle? He was one of the most likable characters on the show. Do you know the reasoning on this?

by Debreply 52104/29/2013

Not Not Marc here. But, I'll hazard a guess, R521.

Characters get killed off in things like this to push someone else's story along. Presumably, the writers thought that killing Kyle off would a.) raise the stakes of moving HIT LIST to Broadway and b.) allow Jimmy to mourn and learn a lesson, thus (theoretically) endearing him to us.

But Kyle's relationship with Jimmy was told to us and never really evidenced. Kyle was never a fully developed human being of his own. He was there to serve Jimmy's story. Thus we won't really mourn him, nor will we be moved by Jimmy's supposed loss. Ned Stark he ain't.

by Debreply 52204/29/2013

Thanks R522, that makes sense. It just seems like a lost cause at this point to try and redeem Jimmy.

by Debreply 52304/29/2013

The finale was being written when Season 2 premiered. So no efforts were made to change direction due to ratings in any way since none was possible.

Kyle's death was part of the original pitch for Season 2. It got the new showrunner the job. The purpose of his death will be apparent this Saturday.

There are other questions I wish I could answer, but I am restrained in what I can say. Apologies. Needless to say, there are some questions and complaints raised here that have answers I wish I could shout to you. Keep asking and I'll answer what I can.

by Debreply 52404/30/2013

Tee hee! This is gonna get juicy! The drama behind SMASH is more interesting than the drama ON SMASH!

by Debreply 52504/30/2013

Thanks Not Marc!

Very interesting that Kyle's death is what got him the job. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

by Debreply 52605/01/2013

to me Kyle is more likeable than Jimmy, so audiences will mourn his death

by Debreply 52705/01/2013

Megan Hilty just released a CD. If nothing else, Smash should make Hilty a pop star.

by Debreply 52805/01/2013

Kyle always looked & acted like a nervous, angry mouse. Other than being gay, there was nothing appealing about either his looks or his character that I'll miss.

The mute twinky boyfriend Kyle cheated on is at least cute. Tom should have a lot more fun consoling the grieving twink widow.

by Debreply 52905/01/2013

Kyle died because they need Julia to re-write the entire book

by Debreply 53005/04/2013

Are you guys watching this tonight?

by Debreply 53105/04/2013

It's like an inappropriate speech by a drunk at a wedding. You can't help but watch.

by Debreply 53205/04/2013

Completely disagree R529, Kyle was the person who got Karen interested in "Hit List." It helped greatly that Karen liked Jimmy, but Kyle was the first link. There are few nice people on "Smash," Kyle was one of the few.

by Debreply 53305/04/2013

Kyle died because he was gay and had a sex life. Being that the show was about "The Thea-TA" having two gays especially one having sex would be highly unbelievable. The single Monk Gay gets to live another day and live with his best Hag.

by Debreply 53405/04/2013

Who else was praying for Jimmy to jump into the water?

God help me, the flashback of Christian Borle singing Vienna actually moved me a little. I like it when he sings.

by Debreply 53505/04/2013

I love how everyone just shrugged off Ivy skipping a performance so she could stand in the back of a downtown theatre to support a man she really doesn't trust. We listened to her whine and scheme for 2 seasons because she just had to play Marilyn on Broadway and now that she's got it she just doesn't seem to give a shit.

by Debreply 53605/04/2013

Ivy calling in sick was just another stupid plot point that made no sense. She could have shown up after her performance to tell Derrick off.

The whole episode was painfully bad.

by Debreply 53705/04/2013

I kind of liked it - even with the silly plot twists. How many more drinks will Mangelica hurl?

I thought Jeremy Jordan was much better tonight - his acting was more subtle and they did his make up better. They've learned to light him so his facial angles look less sharp and you can see his blue eyes. When the light is harsh, his eyes look black and beady.

I was a little sniffly during Vienna and Jeremy's song at the end.

by Debreply 53805/04/2013

That was the only drink Eileen has thrown, and will throw, this season.

by Debreply 53905/04/2013

[quote]I kind of liked it - even with the silly plot twists. How many more drinks will Mangelica hurl?

I was waiting for her to turn around and grab Debra Messing's drink on the street!

by Debreply 54005/04/2013

I liked tonight's show a lot. We got to know more about Kyle. I agree that Jeremy Jordan acted and looked better. So there was some pay off for the dull episodes leading up to the last two or three.

But there was no reason for Ivy to call in sick to see the performance of "Hit List." Over the years, many stars of Broadway shows have not missed perforances even when a close family member has died, including parents. So that part was hard to believe to the extreme.

by Debreply 54105/04/2013

Anjie needs to throw a drink at Jimmy so the taste of the alcohol will entice him to fall off the wagon.

by Debreply 54205/04/2013

So Andy moved to LA?

by Debreply 54305/04/2013

so Jesse Martins character has already committed to a production of a play based on the The Great Gatsby for next season that not only, isnt even written (by a non playwright, lyricist/book writer) but that she doesnt even have the rights to. (and he'll lose his job if he pulls it? and why is he constantly losing his job over everything)?

(also if she produced it in another country first--its already in the public domain)

by Debreply 54405/05/2013

nice that Eileen is in attendance at Hit List, while the star of her show who called in sick is there as well and she knew Kyle--how??

by Debreply 54505/05/2013

Yeah, why couldn't Ivy just say I'm taking a night off?

by Debreply 54605/05/2013

One thing I will miss when SMASH is officially canceled, these entertaining threads on DL. More entertaining than the actual show.

by Debreply 54705/05/2013

I just watched Saturday's episode...I was an early fan - I loved the first episode, and even though it was soapy I enjoyed it...but honestly, this was not only the series' WORST episode, it was some of the worst TV I've ever seen. All the previous posters' comments about Ivy just skipping out on her performance were dead on, and Karen telling Derrick on the phone "I think something terrible's happened"....??? Um, yeah something terrible happened, KYLE GOT HIT BY A CAR AND DIED...she couldn't say something more meaningful like "I'm scared he'll do something stupid, he loved Kyle" - ???

This whole second CRAP season has read like they put all the worst dialogue cliches on fortune cookie papers and pulled one out of a hat every time a character had to say something. All that money couldn't buy a DECENT WRITER?

by Debreply 54805/05/2013

Ditto, R548. I was a fan of the show from the beginning and quit watching earlier this season. I saw that there was a new episode last night and wanted to see how they would handle the maudlin content. The only decent scene was Christian Borle singing Vienna; otherwise the whole episode was a train wreck.

As bad as the writing is--and it will go down in television history as one of the worst--it can't compare to Katharine McPhee's "acting." She fucks up the simplest line readings. If a real actor had been cast in the part the show might have been watchable.

by Debreply 54905/05/2013

mcPhee's bad acting was so evident last night - bellhop/Not Marc : could no one see this? Did everyone turn blind to it? Everyone else - yes even Jer Jordan - was trying, but McPhee...such a lost case...I mean, how is she going to that Lifetime Lisa Loeb movie ?

by Debreply 55005/05/2013

totally agree about McPhee' horrendous "Acting". The problem is that she CAN be good, watch he recent scene when Karen and Ivy sang a song on opening night and Kat looked like she was having a good time and did fairly well. I have to agree with how could TPTB not see this??

by Debreply 55105/05/2013

at least she turned her face away from the camera when tom said kyle was dead. she knows her limitations.

by Debreply 55205/06/2013

lol you're right r552...what on EARTH did Spielberg see in her??!!!! And he wanted to fire HILTY?! At least there is life behind those eyes. I think she's cute...I know people call her chubby and pick on her but I think she's such a little star...I hope she skyrockets after this shitshow. She should do some review in Vegas and back a bunch of money, or get a dramedy type hour long show...I bet she'd be great in anything that actually requires acting, and/or Broadway-style singing.

Does anyone know if her album is any good?

Her hair has to go's like a wig that's not a wig.

by Debreply 55305/06/2013

back=bank a bunch of money

by Debreply 55405/06/2013

I love Megan's album

by Debreply 55505/06/2013

Megan is doing a workshop of Cole Porter's CAN-CAN next month. If all goes well, it could come to Broadway next season.

by Debreply 55605/06/2013

New episode tonight!

by Debreply 55705/11/2013

If a tree falls in the woods....

by Debreply 55805/11/2013

Sigh - only one more double episode and this is done. Oh well, I was hoping for Karen Z with a banjo. I've enjoyed this.

by Debreply 55905/12/2013


by Debreply 56005/28/2013

R551, McPhee can indeed occasionally exhibit some lifelike expressions while singing, but never yet while just acting.

by Debreply 56105/28/2013

note to "Nick"--if you are looking to avoid running into your ex Bway producer/fckbuddy/girlfriend--don't get a job at The Edison Cafe

by Debreply 56205/30/2013

My friend just gave me the complete season 2 song collection. It is mostly dreck except for Jeremy Jordon's first song.

The rest makes my ears bleed.

by Debreply 56308/01/2013

Throwback Sunday.

Who else miss hate-watching this show?

by Debreply 56402/16/2014


by Debreply 56502/16/2014

Why didn't they just give Karen the understudy role at he start?

by Debreply 56602/16/2014
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