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Teresa, from "Real Housewives Of NJ", is a full out, lying bitch, who wants to destroy those around her

This woman's psycho - she really has serious mental, and anger issues.

by Carolinereply 13707/29/2013

I believe it.

by Carolinereply 105/07/2012

Teresa is a stupid fool who got caught up with a felonious liar of an abusive husband, who is so totally emasculated by the fact that his wife is the breadwinner, that he takes out his rage on her. She is incapable of thought or accepting responsibility for anything, but has caught the fancy of delusional fangurls ( of both sexes) who really think that she is right. Delusional people come in all sizes and sexes.

by Carolinereply 205/07/2012

This season of RHONJ is so blatantly fake its ridiculous. That fight last nite that Melissa and Teresa had to have been staged.

by Carolinereply 305/07/2012

Oh come on girls, I just LOVE Teresa. She's a great mom. Her husband is a pompous ass, that's not her fault though.

by Carolinereply 405/07/2012

You're all trash. Society's lowest bottom-feeders.

You realize this, right?

Save yourselves. Turn the TV off, get some fresh air, do something positive for yourselves and the world.

by Carolinereply 505/07/2012

[quote] This season of RHONJ is so blatantly fake its ridiculous. That fight last nite that Melissa and Teresa had to have been staged.

You're wrong. That was so NOT staged.

Remember, this was filmed during the airing of last season, and Teresa was pissed that Melissa and her brother were going to be on the show. This was HER show.

The way that Melissa held her tongue until she couldn't hold it anymore, was admirable. And that girl (Melissa) is a fighter. She stood there up against Teresa, and made a logical, coherent, and 100% true case against Teresa, and all Teresa could do was stand there like an idiot.

Melissa is many things, but she's not stupid. She called out Teresa, and Teresa had no defense.

I agree 100% with Caroline, that Teresa wants to see Joe and Melissa divorced. I assume it's because Teresa married a total loser, and she needs some kind of affirmation that everybody's marriage is the same.

Remember, Teresa never wanted Joe and Melissa on the show. She is very jealous of Melissa, and Caroline and Jacqueline are "her friends." When the season started airing, Caroline and Jac started liking Melissa, and that's where this season began.

I think that the majority of the Housewives shows are fake, but this episode was definitely not.

by Carolinereply 605/07/2012

You're really sad, R6.

by Carolinereply 705/07/2012

I agree, r7. r6 made me sad.

by Carolinereply 805/07/2012

Enough about these bitches. I wanna talk about handsome Albie and that hot chick he's banging.

by Carolinereply 905/07/2012

Albie looks like total shit due to too much partying.

by Carolinereply 1005/07/2012

Never seen a RH show, but if this is Teresa G from the other thread, she has some ugly-ass spawn that look like those troll dolls that were popular in the 70s.

by Carolinereply 1105/07/2012

I've never watched this (or any of the others) wretched show, but from the commercials I've seen, is Theresa the one who looks like she's part wolf? The one with the hairline that is only an inch above her eyebrows?

by Carolinereply 1205/07/2012

At least her children are breathtaking.

by Carolinereply 1305/07/2012

She's a bully, shes completely ignorant, she's sasquash, shes a Jersy Pig. Hope she, and her husband go straight down , and those kids are allowed to be raised by someone else. Like her brother though.

by Carolinereply 1405/07/2012

She's a hoor!

by Carolinereply 1505/07/2012

Love that she freaks out when the word 'jail' is mentioned, instead of her preferred 'went away'. Hilarious ! This Jersey bitch can't deal with reality- ironic, isnt it, since she's on a reality show.

by Carolinereply 1605/07/2012

We don't like to say "jail." We like to say "going away." Give me a break. They're obviously all criminals, right? Tell me how any one of those goombahs could operate a busines without mob ties, graft and corruption.

And there's always an unhappy fat daughter with two brothers, sitting in a self-made shadow, marinating in her own victimhood.

The boys don't manage to aim any higher than "strip club owner" when it comes to career options.

I used to watch the show for Dena Manzo, driving down the Garden State in her black 500SL, expertly colored tresses hovering around her head in a ballet of blondness. Yes, I adored Dena.

Without her, sorry, these housewives shows are so ov-uh.

by Carolinereply 1705/07/2012

crazy!! Melissa certainly knows how to press her buttons..

by Carolinereply 1805/07/2012

Don't like Theresa, but Caroline's not my fave either. For god's sake, she took her daughter into the city to see Perricone. She simply couldn't tell her daughter was fat because she was overeating and not exercising.


by Carolinereply 1905/07/2012

It says that Joe Gorga's net worth is $15 Million. How? That's all I'm asking. How? The guy's dumber than a tree stump.

by Carolinereply 2005/07/2012

I loved Dina too, r17. She was so smooth and beautiful. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Did anyone else notice melissa's legs? Holy shit, they are perfect. She really made Theresa look like an idiot. I still can't help but think that theresa's issues are stemming from her unhappiness. That sucks. She is in such a bad place.

by Carolinereply 2105/07/2012

Yes, and like a typical selfish hoor, she's trying to make everyone around her miserable too.

by Carolinereply 2205/07/2012

Dina, yes. (Not Dena) The rumor is she beards for Al's brother Tommy who lives elsewhere with his boyfriend. She always seemed to be alone in her little country-french mansion, with Grandma Wrinkles and her smart kid Lexi (not Tommy's)

She left the show after the subject of the Manzo's mob connections were brought up on a reunion show. Her father-in-law was, the 300-lb "Tiny" Manzo, was found naked, wrapped in plastic, and shot numerous times, in the back of his Lincoln. Maybe she was afraid her relationship with her husband would come out also.

by Carolinereply 2305/07/2012

Dina's husband, Tommy. "My Phantom Husband."

by Carolinereply 2405/07/2012

Dina & her hubby (indeed flaming) had a VH1 show pre RHONJ about over the top weddings. LOVE HER.

by Carolinereply 2505/08/2012

Puts that prostitution whore Danielle in a whole new light, eh.

by Carolinereply 2605/08/2012

I don't think any of these people are wealthy. I am convinced Gorga is headed down the bankruptcy path.

I think what we see on television is every nickel they can beg, borrow, or steal proudly converted into a tacky Greek statue or godawful gold lamé outfit. They don't own anything that isn't on display, and a lot of what IS on display is a mirage of debt, theft, and Bravo designers.

Joe Giudice is clearly a criminal and a thug and not a businessman. Teresa I feel a little sorry for. She is just soooo stupid, and now, her stupidity for public consumption is her household's only source of income.

Soon enough we'll see the Joe and Melissa relationship is the same dynamic.

by Carolinereply 2705/08/2012

Work & partner time demands forced me to give up this show at the start of last season. Can someone fill me in on what's so horrible about Teresa? Is she really the villain in the fight with her bro & sis in law? Do the other housewives really hate her now too? Who is going to jail?

I loved Dina too, and loved hating Danielle.

by Carolinereply 2805/08/2012

Danielle must be doing the "Told ya so" dance.

by Carolinereply 2905/08/2012

Gorga? What a vulgar sounding name.

by Carolinereply 3005/08/2012

OMG, I can't stand her.

by Carolinereply 3105/08/2012

I'll take Gorga over "Jew-dice" any day.

by Carolinereply 3205/08/2012

Does her brother have hair plugs? The texture on the top of his head is different from the sides.

by Carolinereply 3305/08/2012

R16, I don't like the J word either.

by Carolinereply 3405/08/2012

[quote]Does her brother have hair plugs? The texture on the top of his head is different from the sides.

Looks like bad hairplugs to me -- like he had pubes grafted on his head.

Also, he's proportioned like a midget even though he's 5'5" or 5'6". He has stubby little arms and small, fat-fingered hands. Kinda like a guido Orc.

by Carolinereply 3505/08/2012

Guarantee you that in all of Italy, there is no one with the sir-name of Guidice that pronounces it "Jew-dice."

by Carolinereply 3605/08/2012

Can't we keep this discussion to one thread?

by Carolinereply 3705/08/2012

[quote]Teresa, from "Real Housewives Of NJ", is a full out, lying bitch, who wants to destroy those around her

Doesn't the lower end of reality TV depend on this kind of character? No toxicity = no ratings. She probably aimed for this.

by Carolinereply 3805/08/2012

How is her daughter, little Melanoma?

by Carolinereply 3905/08/2012


Are you an idiot?

by Carolinereply 4005/09/2012

It was a joke, R40.


by Carolinereply 4105/09/2012

r41 is spinning.

by Carolinereply 4205/09/2012

Now I am really confused. Radar has a story today about how the gorgas lived in a 500k house until they moved into the spec home (for the show). So why is teresa saying that Melissa only married her brother for money? Would a gold digger be happy in a 500k house? That is very middle class. Also, where does Melissa get the cash for all of the designer clothes and shoes?

by Carolinereply 4305/11/2012

Is melissa a prostitution whore?

by Carolinereply 4405/11/2012

What R5 said. These people are pieces of shit, and watching them be pieces of shit to each other is a huge waste of time.

by Carolinereply 4505/11/2012

Both the Gorga's Montvale and Tom's River homes are up for sale. Since they built it as a spec house they only had to make interest payments. Now they have to make balloon payments they can't afford. I think they're asking $3.8 Million for the Montvale house which is worth about $1.2. They'll move to LA where Missy's recording career will evaporate and eventually settle into a small place with a pool in Reseda.

by Carolinereply 4605/11/2012

I really kind of like Melissa. She is hot.

by Carolinereply 4705/11/2012

Isn't it pronounced Gwih dee chay?

by Carolinereply 4805/11/2012


by Carolinereply 4905/11/2012

The [italic]National Enquirer[/italic] ran an interview with a profoundly butch lesbian who claimed to have been Melissa's girlfriend before she married Joe. Both she and Joe give me a carefree bisexual vibe.

by Carolinereply 5005/11/2012

I think Kathy's dykey sister wants Melissa in the worst way.

by Carolinereply 5105/11/2012

I hate that Teresa is probably thrilled that her sis-in-law is broke. I knew, we all knew, that something funky was up with the Gorgas. Flashes me back to 1st season of RHOOC , when Slade looked gtreat, lived in a big house, and (pre housing market falling out) , was a high flying mortage broker, with Jo, his little GF. He wore expensive suits, made a ton of money, and life was beautiful......we thought. Next thing we knew, his house was forclosed, and he was broke - so , other than living at Gretchen's, he's been homeless, and unemployed for 4-5 years now. Seems to happen to most of them on these shows.

by Carolinereply 5205/11/2012

Can someone tell me what Teresa means when she says "Go scratch"?

by Carolinereply 5305/11/2012

I'm sorry to rock the boat with some people on this thread with what I'm about to say, but I have to be honest. I know I'm going to be lambasted.

I can't, and I do mean can't, STAND!!, Dina!! She is a major snob, and she thinks she is above everybody. When she had her own show on HGTV on how to give parties, which was laughable. She thought she was hot stuff, and she was going to be on her own becoming another Martha Stewart. At the time, she ditched and bad mouthed her sister, Caroline, who was honestly responsible for getting Dina on RHONJ and setting a foundation for Dina to get some fame. Also, at the time, Dina got fatheaded tweeting what a bunch of losers are on the RHONJ and she tweeted that I'm over their drama, etc. Now! this major phony’s show bombed, and she coming back on RHONJ!! What a major, major phony!! Maybe she turned her husband gay?!! LOL!

I like Melissa a lot. I think she is one of the least phonies out of all of them. I really believe she truly loves her husband Joe. Teresa is aware of Melissa and Joe's solid marriage, and she is obviously jealous. Melissa seems like the type of person that if she and her husband went totally broke, she would manage completely. I think Melissa likes the wealthy lifestyle, but I think she can take it or leave it. However, I think Joe's sexuality is questionable, and on the show they keep throwing that question mark out there. I think her husband Joe is a, major major Italian stud, but he is just too crass.

The person who was asking what does Joe do for a living, he flips homes and he owns rentals. Joe used to be in business with his brother-in-law, Teresa's husband.

I know people on this thread must think I'm loony, but I love Melissa and Joe's decor. Not every piece but I like many pieces. I notice they don't have any antiques in their home, which is a drawl back for me though. However, I love the glitzy decor, and I think it’s definitely not a boring home.

I love Caroline's daughter, and I think she is very real and honest. I think Caroline’s husband is a complete pig when it comes to his daughter. You notice when he talked about his daughter’s future weight loss he told his two sons she'll have gorgeous tits?!! Then, daddy jackass puts on his I-phone a picture of a pretty girl, and he shows the picture to his daughter's boyfriend giggling. Apparently the daughter’s boyfriend has a roving eye for women. How considerate of her father. What kind of shit bag father is that? Any guy who puts my sister down, my dad would beat the crap out of the guy. My sister has had a weight problem though out her life off and on. And my dad never ceased to express fatherly love for my sister, and he has always expressed what a truly intelligent and lovely daughter he has. He thinks the world of my sister no matter how she looks. Once again, I was floored by Caroline's husband. I can't stand that obnoxious turd! Also, I used to like Caroline, but I think the way she is handling her daughter's weight issue is degrading!! Especially she conveys her daughter's weight problem with millions of viewers!! What a witch!

by Carolinereply 5405/12/2012

And wasn't Caroline's husband a former fatty, R54? AND his father was know as Tiny Manzo because he was like 300lbs?

by Carolinereply 5505/12/2012

A few thoughts: - Dina and her foundation? Rubbish. All about promoting herself as a philanthropist. Small-time foundations are a really effective way of supporting a cause. They generally don't know what they're doing and lots of times very little, if any, makes its way to the cause in question after the principals pay themselves salaries and lay off their expenses on it.

- I liked Lauren until the last episode where she starting spouting off over and over about wanting to be filthy rich. Get a real aspiration. And maybe a job!

- Danielle would love watching Teresa being piled on. If only Danielle could afford cable...

- I think the Teresa/Melissa confrontation was real and it wasn't. The emotions were real. But clearly the producers made her stall while they told Melissa now's your chance -- your big scene!

by Carolinereply 5605/12/2012

I should add that I know someone who recently made an appearance on one of Bravo's reality shows. He confirmed that very little of what you see was real.

by Carolinereply 5705/12/2012

The show should go off the air. All of them have lost their minds due to being on the show. I'm glad I didn't watch the last season. I was very sick of all of them. Ugh!!!

by Carolinereply 5805/12/2012

Dina is a snob, but most of us classy types would be if surrounded by those low life's.

by Carolinereply 5905/13/2012

Tonight, after the conversation between Joe, and Teresa, by the pool, I am even more convinced that Teresa has both narcissistic personalty disorder, and bordrline personality. She has the absolute inability to see anything wrong in her actions-only in others. Whenever Joe would ask her if she had ever done anything wrong, in all the problems with he, and/or his wife, she simply could not utter a simple 'sure', or 'of course'. She couldnt acknowledge one little thing. it was all about, what Joe, or Melissa, had done. She's got serious mental issues to deal with - but I can see, she'll continue down this mentally destructive path, until she has no friends, or family, speaking to her anymore. Oh, and she's dumb as a clam.

by Carolinereply 6005/14/2012

why is she so very different on Celebrity Apprentice? The Donald was very disappointed. he kept trying to get her to flip tables and lose her temper, and she didn't. Even when she was upset, she was able to hold it together. Could it be that she was amongst normal mature adults for most of the show?

by Carolinereply 6105/14/2012

R60, I agree, Joe was was acting very calm ,and he admitted being wrong ,but Teresa thinks she doesn't do anything wrong. At least Joe was willing to go to therapy ,but Teresa is too stupid to realize that going to therapy to work things out is a good thing. I really like Melisa and Joe, even though Joe can get pretty crass.Teresa's husband seems like he is heading for a break down. No wonder why Teresa's husband had an affair. Living with that woman will drive a guy to drive off of a cliff. BTW, Teresa's husband said Melissa has horse face; that is sure laugh! Right! like Teresa is equivalent in beauty to Ava Gardner! I think Melissa is very pretty.

WOW! Caroline and Albert were a handsome couple when they were younger.

by Carolinereply 6205/14/2012

I'm mostly with you, R62, but there is never an excuse for an affair. Furthermore, if anything, Teresa seems to bend over backward to make Joe feel more a man than he apparently is.

by Carolinereply 6305/14/2012

[quote]I notice they don't have any antiques in their home, which is a drawl back for me though.

Because you, R54, are clearly a person of good taste and refinement.

Oh, dear (God)

by Carolinereply 6405/14/2012

I notice that Kathy's sister Rosie doesn't have a husband or kids. Sad to say, but I think if she lost some weight and dressed better, she'd increase her self esteem and probably have a better chance of landing a husband in shallow, looks- and money-driven Franklin Lakes.

by Carolinereply 6505/14/2012

Rosie is so butch. Don't think a hubby is in the cards.

by Carolinereply 6605/14/2012

Is Rosie actually out? I guess she sort of pings, but then again she looks like every other straight mother in my town--overweight, bad hairdo, ill-fitting clothes, abrasive. It must be tough to live and snare a husband in Franklin Lakes if you're above a size 3 and don't pay $200 a month to have your hair done.

by Carolinereply 6705/14/2012

Is there really even a question that Rosie is out?

by Carolinereply 6805/14/2012

Tereze may be stupid and narcissistic, but she's basically harmless. Caroline, on the other hand, is pure evil.

by Carolinereply 6905/14/2012

You're kidding, right R65?

by Carolinereply 7005/14/2012

Joe had an affair because she became the breadwinner and let him know it. She, in effect, emasculated him. For a macho Guido, that's like killing him. He needed a woman who dotes on him and makes him think that he isn't a colossal loser. Expect more affairs

by Carolinereply 7105/14/2012

By all appearances Teresa does dote on Joe. Do you watch the show?

He's an ass, we all know that.

by Carolinereply 7205/14/2012

I was on the NJ Turnpike this weekend -- there's a billboard for Teresa's appearance at some casino in AC later this month. Anyone know *anything* about this? What would this consist of? How much is a ticket?

by Carolinereply 7305/14/2012

Appearing at a casino? Apparently, she MUST be cheating on Juicy!

by Carolinereply 7405/14/2012

I had to laugh at Joe, who's the cutest little guido I've ever seen, talking about how Italian guys don't go to therapists. I wanted to scream DID YOU NEVER WATCH "THE SOPRANOS " ? Remember, at the beginning, how Tony was the same way. Then he found Dr. Melfi, and went for years. Anyway, it's Teresa who needs serious help. Joe was very kind, and first. But it really was like talking to a dumb wall.. My aunt used to say 'You can't argue with an idiot'. Give up on Teresa. Lost cause.

by Carolinereply 7505/14/2012

Lol Rosie is definitely out...expect to see her and Kathy at a gay bar in nyc later this season.

by Carolinereply 7605/14/2012

Li'l Joey will also be in attendance at the gay bar, cock-teasing the menz.

by Carolinereply 7705/14/2012

R72, think about Teresa going to book signings, while Joe, who fancied himself as a major builder, was forced to make pizzas. Remember her making him bring her pizzas and calling him her pizza maker? Remember her saying on camera that she was now the breadwinner of the family? If you remember that, then you can see how she has emasculated a "macho" man, who thinks that he should be the one to dictate everything, rather than being moved to the background, as his wife became a celebrity. So he goes to another dimwit who tells him he's the greatest and admires his masculinity and "doting" by Teresa will substitute for that.

by Carolinereply 7805/14/2012

R78, I saw her pamper him and talk him up in every episode from the beginning. Joe cheats because he's an asshole, not because of Teresa.

by Carolinereply 7905/14/2012

Theresa "Silverback" Giudice and that Neanderthal cavemate of hers, along with their brood of baby chimps do absolutely nothing to raise the bar when it comes to New Jersey, and let's face it...that bar is set an inch off the ground.

If you watch Jersey Shore, you can then switch to Bravo and see exactly what these losers are gonna be like if they ever grow up and have chimps of their own. It's so weird because I know a smart blonde Italian girl from Jersey who just made partner in a big law firm. You never hear about people like her. In fact, I don't know anybody like those people on those shows. Of course, I'm from Long Island...

by Carolinereply 8005/14/2012

Joe Guidice sounds like a third grader with his pathetic insults. He said every juvenile thing except calling someone a "poopy head". Give it time, though...

He always reminds me so much of the little gangster, Rocky, from Looney Tunes. Looks and sounds just like him, minus some pounds:

by Carolinereply 8105/14/2012

The reason Theresa's freaking out right now is because her husband is cheating on her and she's totally projecting it onto her sister-in-law. I mean he all but admitted it in the SUV on the way to the Shore. "What girl?"

by Carolinereply 8205/14/2012

I really think Teresa's main issue is her abusive, idiotic, brain-washing husband.

She's stressed out trying to keep her family together, but she also is in denial of what her home life has become.

Yes, she's also stupid as hell too.

by Carolinereply 8305/14/2012

So is Joe Guidice going to jail, er...a ...sorry Teresa, going 'away', anytime soon ? Does he still have charges pending against him ?

by Carolinereply 8405/14/2012

[quote] I was on the NJ Turnpike this weekend -- there's a billboard for Teresa's appearance at some casino in AC later this month. Anyone know *anything* about this? What would this consist of?

Hopefully a long piece of rope, and a bucket of pig's blood.

by Carolinereply 8505/14/2012

I guess Teresa's hubby's a cocksucker. He sure knows a lot about faggotry.

by Carolinereply 8605/14/2012

He does remind me of the guy on "The Sopranos" who was gay, and heads north to get away, and meets the cook, at the diner, who he falls in love with. Remember 'Johnny-cakes' ? Anyway, I see Joe, on the DL, stopping at a truck -stop, or rest area, getting blown, than going home to that hag, Teresa. Would never venture into a gay bar, or suck off a guy, but certainly see guys blowing him, out of frustration.

by Carolinereply 8705/14/2012

Nah, r83, she really does know he is a piece of shit, and due to her religion, realizes she is stuck with him.

by Carolinereply 8805/14/2012

R64, screw off miserable bitch!

by Carolinereply 8905/15/2012

I don't like Melissa's husband's crass behavior ,but he is hot as Hades! Wow! gorgeous eyes, he is Italian, and so manly!

by Carolinereply 9005/15/2012

He might be hot if he'd grow a foot or two.

by Carolinereply 9105/15/2012

Looks like Gia da Cocksucker is a total, raging cunt in next week's episode. Her parents should give her up for adoption. Hooker cooker!

by Carolinereply 9205/15/2012

r40, love you for trying to spin your stupidity...but it was dumb to write "sir-name". When you looked it up, you knew it.

No need for delusions in life.

Look at what they do to Tre.

by Carolinereply 9305/15/2012

I knew it from the start, R93.

Get over yourself.

by Carolinereply 9405/15/2012

They should not allow Gia to be on the show. She obviously has emotional issues, and she is going to be teased at school about the bra incident. Most of this episode revolved around her, and it is just wrong.

by Carolinereply 9505/24/2012

Go scratch, Carolyn at r95. Stop picking on Tre already. It's disgusting.

by Carolinereply 9605/24/2012

[quote]Is Rosie actually out? I guess she sort of pings

You've got to be fucking kidding.

by Carolinereply 9705/24/2012

[quote]If you watch Jersey Shore, you can then switch to Bravo and see exactly what these losers are gonna be like if they ever grow up and have chimps of their own.

What they'll be is what they are now--residents of Staten Island and other places. You must be the last person alive who doesn't know that 99% of the J Shore cast is from other states.

by Carolinereply 9805/24/2012

Teresa is so hideously ugly to the point of being offensive.

by Carolinereply 9905/24/2012

I think Jacqueline meant well about reading the book to Gia BUT let's not forget Jacqueline's mothering style produced that gentle blossom - ashley.

Melissa's lower ass cheeks were hanging out of those shorty shorts...squats girl!

by Carolinereply 10005/24/2012

That's Ashlee, bitch.

by Carolinereply 10105/24/2012

R100, I actually think that Melissa has a very nice ass and those toned legs are amazing. It was not appropriate for a 'family' party though. I'm surprised that Teresa mentioned melissa's shorts, when hers were only an inch or two longer.

by Carolinereply 10205/24/2012

r102 agree melissa's legs are KILLER. But ass cheeks out - not cute.

When did Ashlee dye her hair blonde - -she really is just an awful awful waste of space. Jackie has been so much mellower w/her away. Must be a huge relief.

by Carolinereply 10305/24/2012

That Gia child is horrendous ! It's as if she's taken Madonna's adult behavior, and is doing the same, in a child's body. That kid, between the mother, and father, is already doomed. I've known spoiled brats, but she is the motherfucking QUEEN . She must be stopped. Lock her in a room with Caroline, for a weekend, and she'll set her straight.

by Carolinereply 10405/24/2012

When is that fat pig Joe Guidice going to PRISON ? Can't wait. He's such a waste of space. He offers nothing - only put downs about everyone, and only talks well of himself. I can't stand Teresa either, so I guess all those miseries deserve each other. And Gia is an absolute horror !!!

by Carolinereply 10505/24/2012

I feel badly for Teresa. She seems very sweet but very conflicted. I hope she makes amends with her brother.

by Carolinereply 10605/25/2012

Why haven't we seen Granny G this season? She really knows how to bring the drama.

by Carolinereply 10705/25/2012

I love Granny G, too! I can't wait to see her.

by Carolinereply 10805/27/2012

If Teresa made up with her brother, her plot line is over.She wants to milk it for several seasons, making the series about her.But, the series will soon be over, if it isn't already.The producers were successful with making the series about everybody vs. Danielle, but Teresa still has deluded, very stupid supporters who are on the same mental level as she.

by Carolinereply 10907/13/2012

Teresa is the sweetest. I met her at a book signing and she loved my shoes!!!! God, I love that woman.

by Carolinereply 11006/26/2013

The REAL Real Housewives of NJ:

Caroline: Nowhere near the perfect mother/wife she portrays. Beyond obsessed with controlling every minutia of her children's lives. Al has a mistress and she is ready to walk, right into her kids' live full time. Extremely corrupt and very shady business dealings. The Jersey Water Commission scandal was just the tip of the iceberg. God complex.

Teresa: Loud, brash but not nearly as stupid as one would think. She is about an inch away from divorcing Joe. Was facing serious financial trouble a few years back but got her shit together and worked worked worked to dig herself out of that hole. Basically followed the Bethanny Frankl guide to success with her own little Italian twist and it paid off...big time.

Jaqueline: Certifiably insane. Stripper, hooker, alcoholic. Extremely violent and just recently attacked a man in a bar along with Chis and Joe Gorga. She literally stabbed him in the head with her stiletto and drew blood. Knew her son was autistic for awhile but "played the card" to save her spot on the show. Makes Taylor Armstrong look stable. Both her and Chris are facing serious jail time for bank fraud, money laundering and false asset claims.

Melissa: Her and Joe are practically broke. T are not leaving heir home to get their kids away from Teresa's kids. They are leaving because they are being thrown out after living illegally in it for a few years. Bravo fronted the Gorgas an expensive vacation in the Hamptons to "keep up appearances."

Kathy: Hairdresser. Richie pumps gas. Lives above her means all for the sake of the show. Hates that her sister is a lesbian but will never allow that to be seen on television. Image is everything.

Most of the "Housewives" are damaged in some sort of way (don't even get me started on Bev Hills or NeNe "MY shit don't stink" Leakes) but I do admire the NYC gals. Aviva, Sonja and LuAnn really do care about equal rights and are always willing to lend their time/resources to help raise money for LGBT causes. A lot of what they do goes unreported in the media.

by Carolinereply 11106/26/2013

Spill on the sexual proclivities and personalities of men of various franchises, R111. I want to hear about: OC Eddie, OC Doug, OC Terry, ATL Apollo, BH Mauricio, NJ Joe Gorga, and Miami Romain.

by Carolinereply 11206/26/2013

OC Eddie was a bartender at Ripples in Long Beach in the 90's. ...doesn't mean he's gay, but I tend to think so.

by Carolinereply 11306/26/2013

[RE113] Really ? I still get the gay vibe off Eddie, but more like a 'gay for pay' / opportunist vibe. He strikes me as one more good-looking / buff guy, working at a gay bar for better tips, and if patron wanted to give him a lot of cash for a night, he'd do the deed. Very flexible, re sex, if the price is right. I used to go to Ripples in the 90's, but would have remembered him.

by Carolinereply 11406/26/2013

Thanks for the inside all sounds so right.

Especially about Caro and Theresa.

I do admire T b/c it does look like she is always working and she still keeps a smile on her face.

by Carolinereply 11506/27/2013

[quote]I want to hear about: OC Eddie, OC Doug, OC Terry, ATL Apollo, BH Mauricio, NJ Joe Gorga, and Miami Romain.

OC Eddie: Straight, really nice guy

OC Doug: Don't know him

OC Terry: Laid back, jokes a lot, definitely straight as an arrow

ATL Apollo: Sexy and straight, doting father. Fantastic husband material.

BH Mauricio: Self-infatuated scumbag, but then look what he is married to. Serial cheater.

NJ Joe Gorga: Straight but loves attention in all forms

Miami Romain: Honestly none of us really pay attention to this one. Ratings are horrid but it is Andy's pet project so it takes top priority.

by Carolinereply 11606/27/2013

Bravo insider -

But what about Albie?

by Carolinereply 11706/27/2013

Albie is very, very private. A hard one to read. The cheerleader girlfriend plus Billy Joel's daughter, Alexa was all created for the show. Albie is always so quiet and reserved.

Crittafur is classic straight Italian fat boy but is very personable and sweet.

by Carolinereply 11806/27/2013

Thanks for great info, Bravo Insider! What's the deal with Danielle? I thought she was rumored to come back this season. The show started to suck once she left.

by Carolinereply 11906/27/2013

It is disturbing to imagine that Bravo employs someone capable of writing the following sentence: "Her and Joe are practically broke."

by Carolinereply 12006/27/2013

Shut up, R120. You seem like the type of DLer who flames someone with legitimate dish, turns them off, and then bitches in another thread about how the site has gone downhill in terms of interesting gossip.

by Carolinereply 12106/27/2013

"Bravo Insider" means that the poster is obsessed with reading every single bit of info on the Bravo website.

by Carolinereply 12206/27/2013

Well, at least OC Doug and Albie can still be gay...

by Carolinereply 12306/27/2013

OC Doug is a devout Christian who met his wife at bible camp. He would never be with another man.

by Carolinereply 12406/27/2013

Excellent parody, R124!

by Carolinereply 12506/27/2013

It looks like Caroline and Kathy have turned on Melissa this year. Is that because they have learned that she really was lying about her stripper past or are they pissed because their husbands lust after that ass and those legs? Caroline's shameless flirting with Joe Gorga, while pretending to give him "sisterly" advice about his relationship with his real sister, was kind of creepy. She needs to find something to do besides meddling in other people's shit. Buying an apartment in Hoboken to be closer to her sons and pushing the friendship with Gorga also insures she gets more screen time. I agree wtih the Insider, she is not as Saintly as she would like us to believe. Her daughter always looks resentful and jealous of her brothers but in her own way she is as dysfunctional and dependent on her parents as Ashley. Giving Kathy's sister more screen time is a mistake. It is cringe worthy to watch this woman in the throes of an alcohol fueled manic episode every week. I know it is mean to talk trash about kids but Gia is insufferable. The face doesn't justify the attitude. That bratty child is in for a rude awakening.

by Carolinereply 12606/27/2013

Andy offered Danielle a ridiculously low amount of money.

by Carolinereply 12706/27/2013

Insider, What was the story on Kathy. Didn't Bravo declare that she would not be a full time housewife this year? And weren't they looking at another family member of Teresa?

And, more details on Caroline's dealings! Any gossip on if one of her sons is gay?

by Carolinereply 12806/27/2013

Richie Wakile is really sexy.

by Carolinereply 12906/28/2013

As sexy as a bout of chronic diarrhea.

by Carolinereply 13006/28/2013

She's not a cooker - she's a hooker.

by Carolinereply 13106/29/2013

She goin' to jail!

by Carolinereply 13207/29/2013

Real Housewives of Sing Sing?

by Carolinereply 13307/29/2013

I bet Melissa is laughing really hard right now. Though she'll be joining Teresa soon enough. I always had Sheree from RHOA as the Housewife most likely to serve time post-show.

Who will raise the children???

by Carolinereply 13407/29/2013

^ My guess is Juicy's brother Pete and his wife.

by Carolinereply 13507/29/2013

By the way: the name "Giudice", pronounced Gee-OOO--dee-chay, is the Italian word for Justice. Judges, in Italy are called "giudici". .. Ironic, huh??

by Carolinereply 13607/29/2013

She and her husband are going to jail. The only question is for how long...

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Teresa Giudice, 41, and her husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, 43, stars of the Real Housewives of New Jersey were indicted Monday on federal fraud charges.

They have been accused of exaggerating their income while applying for loans before their TV show debuted in 2009, then hiding their improving fortunes in a bankruptcy filing after their first season aired.

The couple, of Montville Township, were charged in a 39-count indictment with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications and bankruptcy fraud.

They say they hope to resolve federal fraud charges as quickly as possible.

A 39-count indictment, handed up Monday in federal court in Newark, N.J., accuses the couple of bank and bankruptcy fraud. Joe Giudice is also accused of failing to file five years of tax returns, before the show began airing, when he allegedly earned nearly $1 million.

Teresa’s attorney says she will plead not guilty and that “we look forward to vindicating her.”

Giudice also issued her own statement saying “today is a most difficult day for our family.”

She says she supports her husband and is committed to continuing her career.

The show is in its fifth season on Bravo. A network spokesman had no comment.

The reality TV stars submitted fraudulent mortgage and other loan applications from 2001 through 2008, a year before their show debuted on Bravo, making phony claims about their employment status and salaries, the indictment said.

Joe Giudice also failed to file tax returns for the years 2004 through 2008, when he is alleged to have earned nearly $1 million, the government said.

Their attorneys did not immediately return calls seeking comment. A spokesman for Bravo said he had no comment.

The two were scheduled to make their initial court appearances Tuesday.

“The indictment returned today alleges the Giudices lied to the bankruptcy court, to the IRS and to a number of banks,” U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said. “Everyone has an obligation to tell the truth when dealing with the courts, paying their taxes and applying for loans or mortgages. That’s reality.”

When Teresa filed for a mortgage loan of $121,000 in 2001, she falsely claimed she worked as an executive assistant, submitting fake W-2 forms and fake paystubs as part of the ruse, the indictment said.

In their petition for bankruptcy protection, initiated in October 2009, the couple concealed businesses they owned, rental income they received, and Teresa’s true income from the “Real Housewives,” website sales and personal appearances, the indictment said.

Prosecutors said they also hid their anticipated increase in income from the then-upcoming second year of the show, which is in its fifth season."

by Carolinereply 13707/29/2013
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