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I rented a cottage on airbnb, and I've been hanging out all week with the host's two labs.

These dogs are so damn sweet I don't want to leave them. They came into the cottage today, climbed on the bed where I was working, and the old one plopped his chin on my leg and fell asleep. The young one fell asleep at the foot of the bed.

I have a house full of great cats but damn if I don't want dogs now.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 1205/04/2012

Sweet OP. Dogs are the best.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 105/04/2012

And while Labs look like dogs they are indeed pussycats. :)

by horse and peacock, tooreply 205/04/2012

Don't get a puppy then. Labs are terrors until they are 7 and then they are awesome. Adopt an older one there are literally tons.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 305/04/2012

OP do they pay you very much for posting these airbnb posts?

by horse and peacock, tooreply 405/04/2012

05/11/12 @ 1:04PM

"How hard is it to install skylights? The place I rented on airbnb has them, and I just love the natural light."

05/16/12 @ 7:19PM

"OMG, just saw Chris Evans holding hands with some older guy. They walked right by my airbnb rental, where I sat in my tastefully appointed room sipping tea."

05/22/12 @ 11:16AM

"My trick with the neck tattoo refuses to leave! He's so enamored with the great room I picked up on airbnb, he wants to just camp out here all day. I have things to do!"

05/24/12 @1:41PM

"Hey, I'd love to take a trip this holiday weekend. Does anyone know any websites where fantastic bargains can be found on vacation rentals?"

by horse and peacock, tooreply 505/04/2012

Oh no! I did post one other airbnb thread because I just discovered it last week but not any of those in r5 (go ahead, trolldar me. ). Not a shill I swear just in a happy place. with labs.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 605/04/2012

Aw Christ, now I actually read r5 and feel even dumber. Fuck it, I just wanted to talk about sweet dogs.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 705/04/2012

Dogs are the best. Mine is snoring away on the bed next to me.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 805/04/2012

Old lab is a snorer too. Loud! Are all labs so friendly?

by horse and peacock, tooreply 905/04/2012

our irish terrier just has a way of insinuating herself - always up for a cuddle and will lie on the sofa - or in the front passenger seat of the car! - and just gently lay her head on your leg or lap & give a contented sigh...

we love her soooooo much!

by horse and peacock, tooreply 1005/04/2012

Now blissed-out lab is asleep in my bed, perfectly horizontal. No room for me at all. Snoring. And I don't want to disturb him.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 1105/04/2012

For anyone who is falling for the airbnb troll, PLEASE read the link below.

by horse and peacock, tooreply 1205/04/2012
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