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Kate Bush Got Fat

Very draggy looking, as well. I haven't seen her in years, so was kind of shocked.

by Alison Moyetreply 40803/16/2015

I think she looks lovely. She aged, so what. At least she lets her life be reflected in her face and doesn't cut it away like American celebs do. You go, Kate!

by Alison Moyetreply 105/02/2012

It seems like it happened rather fast, too. Like in the last ten years. Maybe the weight gain is a result of some illness. We'll never know.

I was surprised to see her like that, because she never looked like someone who would be fat in old age. It's weird.

On the other hand, her ex, Del Palmer, became a handsome older gentleman.

by Alison Moyetreply 205/02/2012

She looks like a normal, well adjusted adult. Good for her - and love her early work!

by Alison Moyetreply 305/02/2012

I took more notice of the photo from early in her career (down the page) where her ribs are sticking out as are the bones in her chest. She looks borderline anorexic.

What a great voice!

by Alison Moyetreply 405/02/2012


by Alison Moyetreply 505/02/2012

I can't believe she was still a teen when Wuthering Heights came out. She's amazing! I think she looks a bit like Boy George's sister in those photos, but not in a bad way. She has a sweet face.

by Alison Moyetreply 605/02/2012

her vulgar name was always a turn off and so unnecessary a shock gimmick given her talent. i guess you had to do that to compete with punk, but, honestly, it makes me literally angry.

by Alison Moyetreply 705/02/2012

another thing that made me broil was the video for peter gabriel's 'don't give up' where she's groping him for five solid minutes. they had to film a different video for the american market because the original was so over the top offensive. the story overshadowed the song and the single floundered stateside as a result.

by Alison Moyetreply 805/02/2012

I know. Kate's a disgusting name.

by Alison Moyetreply 905/02/2012

I love that she once called Tori Amos weird.

by Alison Moyetreply 1005/02/2012

She's lovely. You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful. She is proof.

by Alison Moyetreply 1105/02/2012

Tori Amos was gorgeous before her weird plastic surgery. I mean, I know she's a ginger and they age quicker but hell, she did not need such a tragic over haul. So sad.

by Alison Moyetreply 1205/02/2012

She looks very happy in the pic. She's in her early 50s, the body shape is to be expected for someone who spends most of her time at home and isn't fame-hungry.

by Alison Moyetreply 1305/02/2012

r7/8, I hope these are failed attempts at humor, because if not, YOU CRAZY, GIRL!

by Alison Moyetreply 1405/02/2012

I love her. I wish she would tour again.

by Alison Moyetreply 1505/02/2012

She must have some kind of illness, she was a dancer, they hardly ever get fat as they age.

Always loved her music, especially "Running up that hill". Her brother was in the video, he was gorgeous!

by Alison Moyetreply 1605/02/2012

She looks fucking gorgeous and happy, as someone else has posted.

What's more, she is a FUCKING GENIUS. Which *more* people should be posting threads on, not forever dissecting women's ("inadequate") bodies on various threads.

by Alison Moyetreply 1705/02/2012

[quote]another thing that made me broil

Not broil, R8 dear, boil or, better still, seethe. Kate got fat because she has been on the sauce for a long time and your body can only cope with so much, especially when you are less mobile. Breeding also does not help with your metabolism.

I don't care that she looks mumsy. I do care that her last three albums sound mumsy and dull as fuck.

by Alison Moyetreply 1805/02/2012

The Daily Mail are such bastards doing an article provoking anti-fat comments about Kate Bush - lucky most people, even DM readers, aren't biting.

by Alison Moyetreply 1905/02/2012

Here's a video (starts 30 secs. in). She seems awfully sweet.

by Alison Moyetreply 2005/02/2012

Don't know who she is.

by Alison Moyetreply 2105/02/2012

How fascinating, R21.

by Alison Moyetreply 2205/02/2012

R21 - when were you born?

by Alison Moyetreply 2305/02/2012

If she only could she could make a deal with Jenny Craig.

by Alison Moyetreply 2405/02/2012

Believe it or not she not Sarah Brightman, r21.

by Alison Moyetreply 2505/02/2012

Think she looks great. Always loved kate bush. Compared to what we have nowadays!

by Alison Moyetreply 2605/02/2012

She doesn't look bad, but I don't think that she should try running up that hill anytime soon.

by Alison Moyetreply 2705/02/2012

I knew a guy once who was obssessed with her music back in college. That was the first time I ever heard of Kate Bush. He told me she was a witch,which kinda scared me a little...

by Alison Moyetreply 2805/02/2012

R7 How long is the Kate Bush bashing going to last? On every thread you make up the same stories. I do see that you post anonymously now, can't even remember you're name; except that it was something pretentious. Just stop.

by Alison Moyetreply 2905/03/2012

Her last name is not some vulgar's her actual last name.

And "Don't Give Up" did not do well in the States because it wasn't "Sledgehammer" or "Big Time," was it? Duets that made it big at that time were cheesefests like "Almost Paradise" or that horrible "Freebird/Baby I Love Your Way" remake.

And finally, she has never, ever commented on Tori Amos. In fact, she's made a point of not addressing the issue, and quite famously demures every time it's asked.

by Alison Moyetreply 3005/10/2012

She had a magic few could match, and her body doesn't have to for that to remain true forever to me.

by Alison Moyetreply 3105/11/2012

She looks like Boy George.

by Alison Moyetreply 3205/11/2012

Once a woman is past a "certain" age, it's extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to stay slender.

by Alison Moyetreply 3305/11/2012

I think if she became fitter she would actually be a stunner. Kate's promotional photos seem to be airbrushed to make her look slimmer. It's a shame she doesn't appear in her videos anymore, because a major strength of Bush is her imagery/visuals.

by Alison Moyetreply 3407/18/2012

She's certainty bigger. Not seeing draggy at all. She looks fine. If anything, it's amazing how, not bad, but bland she looks. She looks exactly like my sister's cohort of late 40s, early 50s women who were alt kids and young adults who are now all moms and trying somewhat to hang on to something that makes them look different and interesting, but the overall impression is always just 50ish career mom (or even grandma in a few cases).

Yes, I agree with so many posters - she aged, that's no sin. But, she seems to be getting a "she's cool" pass unlike a lot of celebs who are raked over the coals. I guess that's understandable.

by Alison Moyetreply 3507/18/2012

On the shop floor there's a calendar

As obvious as snow

As if we didnt know

Some girls are bigger than others.

by Alison Moyetreply 3607/18/2012

She aged, and I'm glad she didn't succumb to the knife. She put on some weight, it happens (and better than anorexic skinny). She looks happy. Great. But come on, it was an awards show, she could've used a comb or something. What's that bird's nest?

by Alison Moyetreply 3707/18/2012

Oh dear god.

Basset hounds of love.

by Alison Moyetreply 3807/18/2012

anna wintour i would kick out of bed in an instant for fear of being cut by one of her skeletal neck bones.

kate bush i would keep.

by Alison Moyetreply 3907/18/2012

No more willowy waves for her at the end of her videos!

by Alison Moyetreply 4007/18/2012

I think Paula Cole was better backing Gabriel in Don't Give Up than Kate.

by Alison Moyetreply 4107/18/2012

She looks like Boy George.

by Alison Moyetreply 4207/18/2012

Out On the wiley, windy moors We'd roll and fall in green You had a temper, like my jealousy Too hot, too greedy How could you leave me When I needed to possess you? I hated you, I loved you too

Bad dreams in the night They told me I was going to lose the fight Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window

Oh it gets dark, it gets lonely On the other side from you I pine alot, I find the lot Falls through without you I'm coming back love, cruel Heathcliff My one dream, my only master

Too long I roam in the night I'm coming back to his side to put it right I'm coming home to wuthering, wuthering Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy, I've come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window

Ooh let me have it, let me grab your soul away Ooh let me have it, let me grab your soul away You know it's me, Cathy

Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy come home I'm so cold, let me in in-a-your-window Heathcliff, it's me, Cathy come home

by Alison Moyetreply 4307/18/2012

I was at a screening once of the film version of "Kiss Me, Kate" at LACMA and Kathryn Grayson was there for a discussion afterwards. She looked like a big fat old pussycat, in contrast to her very svelte appearance in the film, and it occurred to me how natural it would be, after years of starving yourself for the camera (which, we know, puts 40 pounds on so you have to be 40 pounds underweight to look normal), to finally say one day "To hell with that, life's too short" and just eat whatever you want.

by Alison Moyetreply 4407/18/2012

Consider she was a teen when discovered, she was groomed and protected by Dave Gilmour and EMI who basically gave her the time and money to grow up and pursue her interests.From a well to do family, had a father and brothers who also protected her financial and legal interests. After her first flurry of fame she retreated more and more into total control over the production of her albums. Much respected and I would assume she has been either forgotten,flown under the radar or just left alone by the British press.

Basically has lead a scandal free life. A bit of a kook, once reputed to be a bit of a stoner. Probably a bit of a control freak.That's pretty much it.

The Lindsey Lohans and the Britney Spears of the world should take note.

Not a grotesque granny like Debbie Harry(Mick can still get with away with acting 30,Debbie when I saw her was just sad in concert a couple of years ago.) Stevie and Linda always tottered on pudgy, Kate's now more Ann than Nancy Wilson..Benatar has grown into herself. Those were her contemporary fellow sex symbols

And then there's Lulu ,who admits to work and looks better than any of them.

I think she's tremendous !

by Alison Moyetreply 4507/18/2012

Strangely irrelevant for an artist like Kate

by Alison Moyetreply 4607/18/2012

Is this a gay thing? I have no idea who this woman might be.

by Alison Moyetreply 4707/18/2012

Girls with big tits usually end up with some meat on their bones later on. Are you all stupid?

And furthermore, you clueless fucks talking smack about Kate Bush need to fucking shut up and die.

You don't deserve her.

by Alison Moyetreply 4807/18/2012

I agree with R18, her last 3 albums were snoozers. She looks 'frowsy' now, as my mother would say. Anne Wilson-esque, actually. This all seemed to come down on her in the last 5 years or so, she seemed to be holding it together well and them obviously, bam!

by Alison Moyetreply 4907/18/2012

[quote]This all seemed to come down on her in the last 5 years or so, she seemed to be holding it together well and them obviously, bam!

Imagine how it's going to sound when it happens to you.

by Alison Moyetreply 5007/18/2012

Apparently she just shot a new video for a new version of Running Up That Hill with Jude Law. Rumor has it it's a much dancier version, and due to be released in the fall, possibly as part of a new greatest hits package. There was a photo of Jude in armor from the video shoot circulating around, and tweets from others working on it that have since been taken down, apparently at Kate's request.

By the way, it was not Kate's brother in the original RUTH video, it was Michel Hervieu, a dancer who was appearing in a London production of Barnum at the time.

by Alison Moyetreply 5107/18/2012

50 responses and not one word about Tom Jones? You're losing it, people!

by Alison Moyetreply 5207/18/2012

Fuck off, R52. FUCK OFF!!

by Alison Moyetreply 5307/18/2012

Her early work was lovely and haunting. She gets a lifelong pass for "Wuthering Heights" alone.

by Alison Moyetreply 5407/18/2012

She gets a lifelong pass for the entire 'The Kick Inside' album.

by Alison Moyetreply 5507/18/2012

R51...looking forward to the Jude Law video and Greatest Hits package!

by Alison Moyetreply 5607/18/2012

She gets a lifelong pass for the entire "Hounds of Love," but especially the B side.

by Alison Moyetreply 5707/18/2012

Shit, if Kate bush can get fat then none of us are safe.

by Alison Moyetreply 5807/19/2012

This is not about growing older, it's about being obese. Singers like Joan Baez (71) and Shirley Bassey (76), frankly look significantly more elegant than you do at 53.

Hire a personal trainer Kate and start appearing in your videos again. Who wants to have three minutes of boring Robbie Coltraine hamming it up when they can have you pouting in front of a wind machine.

by Alison Moyetreply 5907/25/2012

Kate has probably realized how much more fun it is to be fat. Thin is too damn much work at her age and there's almost no payoff.

Most scrawny older women are so unattractive and the ones who count every calorie that goes into their mouths are so pinched-looking.

by Alison Moyetreply 6007/25/2012

I wonder if these same people defending Kate Bush's right to be lard ass would be as kind if ole Madge blew up to Rosie O'Donnell sized proportions?

by Alison Moyetreply 6107/25/2012

She was never a beauty.

by Alison Moyetreply 6207/25/2012

It wouldn't bother me a bit, R61 and it would probably mellow her out. Maybe that's what she needs. Dump the gym and hit Krispy Kreme.

by Alison Moyetreply 6307/25/2012

"Gone was the big-eyed, waiflike look that made the teenage Kate Bush a pop pin-up when her first single Wuthering Heights went to number one in 1978."

Not one mention in the article that Tom Jones is no longer dyeing his hair, not to mention he no longer has his original nose! The double standard sure rears it's ugly head when it comes to women musicians. Not a surprise.

Kate always had a weak chin, so I'm not surprised by how bad her chin looks, otherwise she looks fine for her age.

Don't forget, Brits are not big on exercise, most smoke heavily and drink a lot. One of my cousins is British, he's 35 but looks much older than his age.

by Alison Moyetreply 6407/25/2012

[quote]She was never a beauty.

Ooohhh, I am not sure about that.

by Alison Moyetreply 6507/25/2012

Are those photos from a real award show, or a Little Britain sketch?

by Alison Moyetreply 6607/25/2012

R61 - Madge could stand to gain 20-30 lbs.

Besides, Kate has talent as a singer/songwriter. Madge, not so much.

by Alison Moyetreply 6707/25/2012

Tom Jones doesn't look so good

by Alison Moyetreply 6807/25/2012

It's called insulin resistance/metabolic disturbance. Too much sugar and starch consumption causes this.

by Alison Moyetreply 6907/25/2012

More likely post-menopause, R68. That's when women tend to get fat and sassy and say the things they've always wanted to say.

by Alison Moyetreply 7007/25/2012

Kate Bush was raped!

by Alison Moyetreply 7107/25/2012

She looks quite good for 53. You wouldn't expect her to look 19 again!

by Alison Moyetreply 7207/26/2012

Honestly, my heart sank when I saw her. This is not the student of dance and mime that I once knew. I feel let down. Myers-Briggs(INFP)personality types like Kate draw on imagery heavily and it's a shame, for whatever reason she chooses not to 'reveal' herself very often. Simple-get fit and appear in your videos.

by Alison Moyetreply 7308/01/2012

jesus christ, get a life, r73.

p.s. myers-briggs is practically astrology.

by Alison Moyetreply 7408/01/2012

I'm 43 and have a fitter, slimmer, more healthy body than I did at 23. Putting on weight as we get older is not inevitable. And that's not a criticism of Ms Bush.

by Alison Moyetreply 7508/06/2012


by Alison Moyetreply 7608/13/2012

Horrible singer. Sounds like the sister of Mickey Mouse. The Wuthering Heights video was awful.

by Alison Moyetreply 7708/13/2012

Are you a woman, R75? Men don't have hormonal issues the way women do.

by Alison Moyetreply 7808/13/2012


by Alison Moyetreply 7908/14/2012

"Men don't have hormonal issues the way women do."

That's right, men don't have hormonal issues the way women do, men's hormonal issues are much worse.

Like, for example, hormonal men shooting into crowds of strangers. Women don't get hormonal like that.

by Alison Moyetreply 8008/14/2012

Myer's Briggs, R73? 1921 called, they want their therapists back.

by Alison Moyetreply 8108/14/2012

by the way, kate is plump, not fat.

by Alison Moyetreply 8208/14/2012

It's very appreciable of so many people who say she looks fantastic and we shouldn't be bothered by how she looks now. But honestly, I was shocked to see her gaining so much weight. I don't want to be mean and of course it's none of my business: she must live her life the way she wants and not what other people expect her to be.

by Alison Moyetreply 8308/14/2012

It's not that Kate is plump, as R82 says, it's that she gained weight in a relatively short period of time. Less than ten years. I find that unusual for someone who used to be into dance for most of her life. It is possible she had some injuries.

Kate in 2002:

by Alison Moyetreply 8408/14/2012

Ten years is a long time.

by Alison Moyetreply 8508/14/2012

'Plump' is a camp word for 'fat'.

by Alison Moyetreply 8608/15/2012

I find the waspish comments about Myers Briggs interesting. Myers Briggs was influenced by Jung. Kate Bush was influenced by Jung.

by Alison Moyetreply 8708/15/2012

Myers Briggs is, seriously, not respected by real psychologists and is tantamount to astrology.

by Alison Moyetreply 8808/15/2012

I can't believe this beautiful girl has got so fat, old and bedraggled and it seems over the last 12- 15 years. She hesitates when she talks and is hardly recoginsable, something bad really must've happened. He music isnt as good as it was either, well not to my mind. I used to idolise her!

by Alison Moyetreply 8910/14/2012

HA HA HA, she looks like Fred Flintstone.

by Alison Moyetreply 9010/15/2012

She's 53 and gorgeous! I was a skinny bint 30 odd years ago too but hellooo!! Still beats the pants off every other new and 'innovative' artist in the charts. Kate, I still adore you and congrats on your award!

by Alison Moyetreply 9110/15/2012

It's not so much that she's put on a few pounds. Her hair is awful. She could use a stylist.

by Alison Moyetreply 9210/15/2012

Darling, she IS the hills of time.

by Alison Moyetreply 9310/15/2012

Bush was not a shock tactic name...its her birth surname! catherine bush. alot of people gain weight with age, if you look at her from the start of her career through to her late 30s when she disappeared, she did gradually gain weight from a waif girls body to that of a woman. she is a woman who has not tried to defy the laws of 'getting older',so big respect to her. she is still beautiful,not as beautiful as she was obvioulsy, but what 58 year old is not compared to their 20 something self. give her a break its nature. not like many stars of today who once their looks run out, so will their music careers.'music' said in its loosest terms. and tori amos is not a natural ginger, if you see her before she got big she had brown hair!

by Alison Moyetreply 9411/30/2012

Kate is not fat, grow up!

by Alison Moyetreply 9511/30/2012

Kate ate all of the sausages!

by Alison Moyetreply 9611/30/2012

[quote]Her hair is awful. She could use a stylist.

Maybe she's been out on the wiley, windy moors.

by Alison Moyetreply 9711/30/2012

[quote]HA HA HA, she looks like Fred Flintstone.

GROW-UP! I can't believe the immaturity level here!

by Alison Moyetreply 9811/30/2012

Kate was unhealthy when she was underweight. Her body showed effects of starvation. She would rather be a normal weight or even slightly overweight than have osteoporosis, heart disease, bad teeth an other health problems that are associated with being chronically underweight. Its too taxing on the female body to be as skinny as she was when she was young. I'm skinny and athletic so I know what its like to feel burned out. Also, the metabolism slows way down when you starve yourself, and if you do it for too long, it will always be slow, causing you to get fat more easily. That's why Lady Gaga can gain weight like a spunge.

by Alison Moyetreply 9901/14/2013

OP so did Tom Jones

by Alison Moyetreply 10001/14/2013

Ann Wilson.

by Alison Moyetreply 10101/14/2013

Kate was made a CBE by the Queen today.

by Alison Moyetreply 10204/10/2013


and we all get fat, either literally or metaphorically, when we age.

by Alison Moyetreply 10304/10/2013

God she is so fat she makes Ann Wilson look thin! Her face looks OK BUT she looks like a female version of HR Pufenstuff.

by Alison Moyetreply 10404/10/2013

harsh, r104. she's quite short, so she's not as fat as you are saying.

by Alison Moyetreply 10504/10/2013

[quote] She looks like a normal, well adjusted adult

Not with that hair she doesn't

by Alison Moyetreply 10604/10/2013

Look at Tom Jones. He's turned into an old black man.

by Alison Moyetreply 10704/10/2013

kate bush is a goddess. fat or thin, young or old.

she is fabulous.

by Alison Moyetreply 10804/10/2013

R105 Remember the Babooshka video?Sshe was rail thin then. She got really fat though. It's common for someone to gain weight with age BUT not that much.

R106 True, so very true.

by Alison Moyetreply 10904/10/2013

I'm so proud of her getting a CBE. I've always loved her music. So she's a big fatter, big deal.

by Alison Moyetreply 11004/10/2013

Agree R108

by Alison Moyetreply 11104/10/2013

Love Kate!

by Alison Moyetreply 11204/10/2013

Swoon for Kate

by Alison Moyetreply 11304/11/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 11404/11/2013

She should retire already. The shit she turned out in the last ten years was dreadful. Pack it up.

by Alison Moyetreply 11504/11/2013

thanks for sharing, Madge.

by Alison Moyetreply 11604/11/2013

I found this site because I Googled "What happened to Kate Bush" which was not related to whatever you guys are talking about, necessarily. But, I must concur with many of you posts: SO WHAT. My little bro (10 yrs younger) handed it to me a few years ago when I made some deprecatory remark about how "old" Paul McCartney was looking. "So what? We all get older. You are, I am, he is. That's a fact of life." [or something resembling that.] Well, I must say he put a sock in it, didn't he? So although I have no idea what visual you are all discussing, Kate was brilliant when she was younger; I assumed she had retired quietly.

She was gorgeous, but THAT IS IRRELEVANT compared to her talent. I live in DC and I saw Debbie Harry in a diner nearby some years back, and I admit I was surprised, but then, again, so what? These people do NOT have some responsibility to maintain a certain appearance just to make US, the fans, happy.

I'm an INFP, BTW, and I do think the Myers-Briggs is a useful index. Oh, and who cares about Tom Jones? My MOTHER liked him, and I'm 53! (She's 85) And yes, hormones rage in male and female both, particularly at adolescence, so you might want to reframe your remarks on that. And Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, RULES!

by Alison Moyetreply 11704/25/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 11804/26/2013

Kate's weight has varied over the years. In her Love and Anger video she was very slim. 'Her business' you may say, and I kinda agree. However, her recent promo pictures appear substantially digitally 'slimmed down' (take a look)and in the King of the Mountain video (2005)she is covered in a heavy coat and appears to be 'elongated' to look narrower. This is all fact, not me being judgemental. Since Kate has stopped appearing in her videos they have lacked visual interest and depth. I hope she returns to front her videos again whatever age or weight she is as they are simply dull and very un KT without her on screen.

by Alison Moyetreply 11905/24/2013

There is the view that the music should speak for its self and that personal appearances in videos or elsewhere are not needed. I disagree. A bit like going to see Maria Callas and being told that she will only be singing at you from the room next door and you will only be able to hear her.

by Alison Moyetreply 12005/28/2013

Don't want to be a killjoy but to me she acted like a childhood sexual abuse survivor all breathy little girl voice and multiple characters she rarely writes in first person and was surrounded by show biz creeps during her formative years.

Maybe I'm wrong but I doubt it and may explain her blowing up right now... that is not just menopausal weight gain that is big time emotional eating...

by Alison Moyetreply 12105/29/2013

good lord.

it's called AGING, particularly after becoming a parent.

time has a way of adding pounds, people. deal with it!!!

by Alison Moyetreply 12205/29/2013

It's a celebrity's job to give the public what they want. If you're fat, lose weight, saggy, get a lift. If you can't face public criticism, don't pursue a showbiz career.

by Alison Moyetreply 12305/29/2013

She's aging. Let her age.

Having said that, Alison Moyet is 51 (ish?) and looks fucking fantastic. But she also lost a lot of weight and probably had all kinds of work done.

by Alison Moyetreply 12405/29/2013

She misprounced Jeux Sans Frontières on Gabriel's song.

by Alison Moyetreply 12505/29/2013

It must be frustrating for Kate's fans that they hardly ever 'see' her. She has clearly made a decision to mostly keep out of the limelight, whether this is because of her weight or because she wants to live a non-celebrity lifestyle.

That other gay icon Marlene Dietrich refused to be filmed or photographed in later life too. Her daughter said;

"Dietrich did not become a recluse because of her age. She became a recluse only when the 'legend', the 'picture' was no longer able to be re-embelished".

by Alison Moyetreply 12605/31/2013

Interesting that Bush and Dietrich are being compared and contrasted here. Admittedly quite different personalities but both keeping away from the cameras. There's a line about Marlene in Steven Bach's Dietrich biography; "She withdrew...when she HAD to...forbidding any roumour that would have betrayed the legend."

In other words, in her seventies it became harder and harder for her to keep the Dietrich image going. She chose not to tarnish the public's memory of her and stayed indoors instead. I have heard that she wasn't afraid of age or death personally but wanted to preserve the professional legend.

by Alison Moyetreply 12706/06/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 12806/06/2013

This has nothing to do with age. Compare photos of Kate in the last few years to photos of Maria Callas at a similar age and make your own decision who looks more elegant.

by Alison Moyetreply 12906/13/2013

I'd take Kate over Maria any day of the week. Beautiful face, whatever her weight.

by Alison Moyetreply 13006/13/2013

She looks fine to me.

by Alison Moyetreply 13106/13/2013

Maria Callas?!!?

She died of a heart attack at age 53.

Kate Bush is still alive and very very well.

by Alison Moyetreply 13206/13/2013

I have been a huge KT fan for 30 years. The Dreaming and Ninth Wave are in my view the best she has ever created.

I hear people here saying 'she looks great'.Yes, she has beautiful brown eyes, but she is substanially overweight.

Most people don't agree that overweight=looking good. Go to your nearest Gay bar and ask people if they would prefer to sleep with Matt Damon or Eric Pickles... 9 out of 10 cats prefer Cattycat.

by Alison Moyetreply 13306/14/2013

Well, she's 54, let her age. I'm sick of those demands that women be fuckable from the diaper to the grave.

by Alison Moyetreply 13406/14/2013

Kate is a former pothead whose marijuana munchies have caught up with her.She was so rail thin that her current appearance is so alarming. She needs to go on an Alison Moyet makeover. Alf was cute when she was fat BUT now she's so fuckable now she must have guys AND girls swarming all over her.

by Alison Moyetreply 13506/14/2013

thank you, r134!!

by Alison Moyetreply 13606/14/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 13706/14/2013

We are all fans of Ms Bush. We wouldn't be on this site if we were not.

There seems to be two main viewpoints going on here; 1. She looks lovely/It doesn't matter what weight she is/Her appearance is normal for a woman in her mid 50's. 2. She is several stones overweight/ This may well be influencing her choice not to appear in public/ we long for her to get fitter and make one or two more appearances.

I wonder what Kate would do if there was a button in front of her saying [Press HERE to loose 3 stones]?

by Alison Moyetreply 13806/14/2013

you think she needs to lose FORTY-TWO pounds?!

by Alison Moyetreply 13906/14/2013

Kate is a fair bit overweight. The recent pictures of her standing next to the Queen will put that in context. If she lost 14 lbs she would look healthier although she'd still have a full figure. If she lost 42 lbs I honestly think that would be the weight whereby she would look a fit 50 something. Its up to the individual how far they go. Going to the gym and eating raw will see people tone up remarkably quickly, whatever age they are. It's a matter of priorities for a person. Maybe she doesn't think it's important.

by Alison Moyetreply 14006/14/2013

KB could be struggling with a health issue as well that's causing the weight issue.

by Alison Moyetreply 14106/15/2013

Here's a clue to the puzzling query, as to how did Kate Bush become so fat?

Well, as many of Kate's fans have noticed, she has mysteriously released very few records in the past ten years. Curiously, she also became fat during that period of time. Therefore, the only sensible is explanation as to why she became fat, whilst at the same time releasing only a few records, is simply that she was eating most of her records! Case solved!!!

by Alison Moyetreply 14206/19/2013

omg, r142, how old are you, eleven?

Talk about juvenile lame attempts at humor...

by Alison Moyetreply 14306/19/2013

Her weight looks like the effects of steroids or medication combined with inactivity due to health issues, maybe RA?

by Alison Moyetreply 14406/19/2013

We don't know Kate has been ill. She has said nothing on the subject and we can only guess. She is a petite person and I'm surprised her frame has changed in quite this way.

It takes discipline to stay trim in your 50's. I'm no follower of Madonna (although her Frozen video verged on looking Kate-esque). However, she works like stink to keep fit and looks trimmer than most 30 year olds as a result. And before the Kate vs Madonna comments begin; 'I think Madonna is great' Kate Bush-quote 1984.

Whoever said The Dreaming was her best is spot on, (although Cathy demos are surprisingly good).

by Alison Moyetreply 14506/20/2013

She is 55 and plump.

She is not morbidly obese.

Why are you so invested in what she weighs?

She is happy, and living her life with millions in the bank and a lovely son to enjoy.

by Alison Moyetreply 14606/20/2013

Dreaming was her pinnacle. A dark masterpiece that has worn well over the years. Cathy Demos? Good stuff as was her first album. Lionheart suffered from the sophomore blues. Never For Ever has the beginning of that wonderful influence Peter Gabriel had on Kate.

The sad thing about Kate being so fat is that she was so lithe and attractive when she was young. She wasn't this fat.Not even close.I wish she would lose weight for health reasons. I'm not asking her to become a ridiculous gym slut like Madonna but can she at least drop some weight. She makes Dawn French(who has lost a lot of weight and doesn't look like a stick figure either) look normal now for Chrissakes!

by Alison Moyetreply 14706/20/2013

oh please, r147. Stand Kate and Dawn side by side today, and Kate is still slimmer.

by Alison Moyetreply 14806/20/2013

"Stand Kate and Dawn side by side today" and we'd have a total eclipse!

by Alison Moyetreply 14906/20/2013

Too bad she's not a man; she'd be considered a "hot, sexy bear".


by Alison Moyetreply 15006/20/2013

R148 Kate now is fatter than Dawn french after the weight loss. You are thinking of Dawn when she was fat. She's lost a ton of weight. Kate needs to do the same.

Clitty Doris, how true, how true.......

by Alison Moyetreply 15106/20/2013

[144] Though you reckon that "her weight looks like the effects of steroids or medication," have you considered the possibility that her weight might simple the "effect" of eating like a COW?

by Alison Moyetreply 15206/20/2013

Oi, Anonymous... if you'd only have another look at Kate, you'd realise that she too looks like a "bear" - albeit one who's just awoken from hibernation!

by Alison Moyetreply 15306/20/2013

I'm so pleased that there's an undercurrent of admiration for The Dreaming. Dark, intelligent, emotive. It's the album I have never stopped playing since 1982. Most things post Experiment IV I can't be bothered about. Down a bottle of vino, put the head-phones on and play the Dreaming LOUD. Give it a go NOW! Lake Tahoe is the only recent track that comes close to the feel of Dreaming/Ninth Wave.

And I DO want Kate to become a gym-slut! I would love her to drop the weight and get back on stage in a lycra catsuit. DON'T TELL ME YOU WOULDN'T LIKE THAT TOO!

by Alison Moyetreply 15406/21/2013

Kate's public appearances are so rare and fleeting now 'some wonder if there's life inside at all'... No TV interviews. No video appearances. Only radio interviews and a few heavily airbrushed publicity shots of her with a cat or hiding behind a fur mask/hat. 'Snowflake' only has her singing a few lines in it. So does 50 words for snow.

I find it unrealistic to think that all this has nothing whatsoever to do with her weight gain.

by Alison Moyetreply 15506/21/2013

good god.

by Alison Moyetreply 15606/21/2013

The reality today is that Kate is a singer/artiste that appeals to quite a niche market. Mostly thoughtul, creative, slightly geeky people over 40 (like me). She's no Adele or even Cher in terms of fame or record sales. Many people under 30 don't know who she is and they certainly don't care about some old English singer who looks like a cross between Joan Collins and (a heavy)Elizabeth Taylor.

There's a longing in some people's words here that she should ditch the weight and return to us fans like Norma Desmond. Us fans have to come to terms with the fact that she won't. 1978-1985 was a long time ago.

by Alison Moyetreply 15706/25/2013

The name Kate Bush sounds fat, kinda like Lori Eisenmann sounds skinny.

by Alison Moyetreply 15806/25/2013

It looks a lot like steroid weight gain (obesity around the trunk, puffy face).

by Alison Moyetreply 15906/26/2013

I understand why she doesn't perform on videos anymore.

Imagine her wide-eyed and pouting infront of a wind machine. It just wouldn't work at the weight she presently is.

But if she lost weight and with good lighting it could easily work. Look at Cher in the Believe video.

by Alison Moyetreply 16006/26/2013

In most parts of the world having a fit/slim body=Being sexually attractive. Like it or not.

Why do gay men go to the gym? Because they want to get laid by other fit guys.

Some older people strive to look good. Raquel Welch is 73, strives and gets to go to bed with hunks in their 20's and 30's. Go for it Girl! It sure beats watching TV and eating pringles...

by Alison Moyetreply 16106/26/2013

R151 Dawn has put a good deal of her weight back on now.

by Alison Moyetreply 16206/26/2013

she looks like Boy George

by Alison Moyetreply 16306/26/2013

We deserve Kate Moss to lose weight.

by Alison Moyetreply 16406/26/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 16507/02/2013

I work in Healthcare, at one time specifically dealing with meds used for RA and Lupus. Also diabetes.

It's not just the weight gain but even more so, her hands that made me question her health. A combination of steroids, other meds and diabetes had a very similar affect on my mom. She put on a lot of weight and her hands and feet especially looked quite different. Also there is also a snowball effect of interactions that change metabolism and diet. Also Kate did smoke but I believe she did quit. That causes people to put on weight.Kate was a vegetarian and I doubt that has changed. Her mother was very petite and thin.

It seems since the last appearance of Boo Radley Bush, something changed dramatically. I don't think it was from eating.

And thankfully, for whatever reason the British press has always respected her privacy more so than most celebrities. Rumors regarding Kate have been few and far between and mostly re: smoking pot or a regarding previous weight gains, which did seem more in line with age, lack of activity and between albums. She is notoriously private,an obvious a control freak (but in a good way) but has always seemed protected by the people she is surrounded by. You get the feeling she is well respected and well liked by everyone.

by Alison Moyetreply 16607/03/2013

She looks good for her age.

If she had stayed rail-thin at 55 years of age she would look like hell.

Women and skinny men over 50 should put on a good twenty pounds of muscle. You should start this goal in your forties, or even earlier.

A stick-thin old woman or man is not attractive.

by Alison Moyetreply 16707/03/2013

I have just read a quote from the director of the King of the Mountain video who indicates that Kate was very uncertain about appearing in front of the camera because of her weight.

This does make sense as the shots do seem elongated and she remained seated in her heavy coat. Presumably an attempt to make her look slimmer. This was to be the last time she would appear in a video (unless you count the ghostly outline of her face in Wild Man).

I'm beginning to think that it is a real possibility that K does have health problems and as someone with health issues myself I understand the challenges. She does cover her hands with fingerless gloves (RA?)and she does tend to cover her left eye with her hair alot (stroke?)

by Alison Moyetreply 16807/08/2013

Straight female here:

Why are so many posters here concerned about people being fat?

Nathan Fillon? Seriously? Kate Winslet? Not a swizzle

And [insert name of anyone else who is not underweight or has gained 5 pounds]

Someone even said somewhere Natalie Portman has a fat ass. Are ya kidding me?

I don't get the obsession with degrading their weight. I kinda doubt these Posters are Joe Manganiello look-a-likes.

by Alison Moyetreply 16907/08/2013

Well, think about this:

Many male fashion designers are gay. They like to design clothes for human hangers.

Ergo, anyone who is not severely underweight is "overweight" in their eyes.

by Alison Moyetreply 17007/08/2013

I have just watched KB Live at Hammersmith again. I have to say I am astounded just how good this young woman of 20 or so was. Such intelligent, complex lyrics and themes presented in such an emotive, theatrical way.

The thing that stood out for me was just how good at dance and mime she was. For me KB is about emotion, individualism, artistry, storytelling, image, dance, mime and costumes.

Kate has said she doesn't dance anymore as she's 'too busy'. I understand that she might not be willing to jump around like in'Cold Gun' anymore, but I think it's a shame she can't/won't incorporate any movement or mime at all into her art. The world of KB is about theme, image and theatre. Without this, the power of KB is diluted to such an extent that she ceases to truly offer her full potential to the world.

by Alison Moyetreply 17107/11/2013

Kate is wealthy enough not to have to work ever again. She still records music, when she wants to and she does it all on her own terms. Those terms are that she makes hardly any public appearances. Who wouldn't want the best of both worlds? I don't blame her.

Unfortunately it leaves many of us that like her music feeling a little short changed.

It is possible to have a full career in music well into middle and older age. At the 2013 Oscars evening Shirley Bassey at 76 years old made the performance of her life and made Adele look like a chavvy X-factor winner from a few years ago.

by Alison Moyetreply 17207/13/2013

Kate is 55 today. She has always engaged and most importantly challenged me intellucturally and with her music and personally I look forward to what she comes up with next!

Happy Birthday Kate! Best wishes with much love.

This Yank thinks she should be made a Dame!

by Alison Moyetreply 17307/30/2013

I have to sing now!

It doesn't hurt me. You wanna feel how it feels? You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me? You wanna hear about the deal I'm making? You be running up that hill You and me be running up that hill

And if I only could, Make a deal with God, And get him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building. If I only could, oh...

You don't want to hurt me, But see how deep the bullet lies. Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder. There is thunder in our hearts, baby. So much hate for the ones we love? Tell me, we both matter, don't we?

You, be running up that hill You and me, be running up that hill You and me won't be unhappy.

And if I only could, Make a deal with God, And get him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, Be running up that building, If I only could, oh...

'C'mon, baby, c'mon, c'mon, darling, Let me steal this moment from you now. C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling, Let's exchange the experience, oh...'

And if I only could, Make a deal with God, And get him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up that hill, With no problems

'If I only could, be running up that hill.'

by Alison Moyetreply 17407/30/2013

the bitch never could sing! Seriously she has one of the weirdest, most annoying tones ever. I'm surprised she got fat though as she used to do karate right? anyway whatever. Go back into obscurity, weird one.

by Alison Moyetreply 17507/30/2013

R175 = idiot.

by Alison Moyetreply 17607/30/2013

Yes, r175...Kate knows karate, but you are wrong on everything else.

by Alison Moyetreply 17707/30/2013

Happy Birthday Kate!

by Alison Moyetreply 17807/30/2013

Compared to Linda Ronstadt and Aretha Franklin, she's skinny.

by Alison Moyetreply 17907/30/2013

homegirl is a weak singer. #truth

by Alison Moyetreply 18007/30/2013

I have to say I do prefer Kate's earlier work.

Even B-sides like Empty Bullring/Lord of the Reedy River/Warm and Soothing (and the adorable RAN TAN WALTZ) are in my view better than anything she has made in the last 23 years. I think she needs to be very careful when she duets with people like Prince, Elton John and Steven Fry. Kate has her own style and this is diluted when people like this get involved.

Her best collaborations have been with the likes of the choir on Hello Earth and Percy Thrower on the Dreaming. They add to the KT atmosphere and don't compromise it.

by Alison Moyetreply 18107/31/2013

For the person linking a photo from 2002: that photo was NOT from 2002.

The sexy 'body armor' pics of Kate were around the early 80s? IIRC, they were taken during the "Babookska" era. She definitely didn't look like that in 2002.

As for why some women remain thin in menopause/middle age, it's about genes.

My mom remained slim her entire life, she also breezed through menopause, she didn't have one menopausal symptom except a few occasional hot flashes. She didn't get heavier, didn't get thinning hair, she basically remained the same, save for some wrinkles and her hair going white.

Not all women gain weight in middle age. Stop using that obsessive nutjob Madonna as a comparison. First off, Madonna doesn't look good at all, she is borderline anorexic, she actually looks older than her age, Madonna looks about 65-70! Those disgusting veiny hands and oddly muscled arms, are not healthy looking. Have you even seen recent photo of Madonna without makeup and extensions? She looks awful.

The same goes for another weight obsessed celebrity, Kelly Ripa, she is abnormally thin. A friend lives near Kelly downtown NYC and sees her out and about quite often. He said he was shocked at how thin Kelly is in person and she basically looks like an adolecent boy wearing a big blond wig! She's all hair!

He said her skin looks yellow and she basically looks really ill. She has sunken in cheeks and is very underweight. When she was hired to work with Regis years ago, she looked normal and healthy.

Many here seem to forget the camera adds pounds, most celebrities are much thinner and shorter in person.

There is no way these celebs eat normal meals and remain that thin. Most celebrities have eating disorders and/or obsessive exercise schedules. Besides not eating enough, Kelly Ripa is a gym rat.

by Alison Moyetreply 18207/31/2013

I think people compare Kate to Madonna here because they are the same age.

I don't personally think Madonna looks 65. She looks like a 55 year old that has fairly good genes, goes to the gym alot, has surgery and generally makes a little go a long long way in every sense.

Kate looks like a 55 year old vegetarian that doesn't go to the gym, reads alot and has her hair coloured. She is weighty and I'm sure that influences her decision hardly ever to appear.

In truth though, if I was offered the chance to lunch with either M or K I think Kate would be more interesting company for me.

by Alison Moyetreply 18308/01/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 18408/25/2013

Who cares if Kate's fat? She's always been one of my heros, someone whose music has given me a lot. Someone here wrote that her childlike whispering and voice tells of childhood abuse.. oh jesus, what a load of bullshit.

Her image has always been important to her, and I can imagine that the weight is in that sense embarrasing to her. But for some reason I feel that she's been raising her child and living a happy home life, without thinking too much about calories. Some wondered if she's sick and I hope not, but you never know. I remember reading that she did quit smoking, and with that you easily gain 10 kg, like I did. But I don't give a fuck about her being fat, it's her life.

Even though I absolutely love her early work, up until Hounds of Love, Aerial is up there in the quality in my mind. It's beautiful and has great feeling. 50 Words for Snow has great moments, like Wild Man, which is sad and raw. But it also has cringeworthy moment with that Elton John duet. For some reason her collaborations with other stars always seem to fail. I've never liked Sensual World and The Red Shoes that much, since they were too mainstream-y, and lacked certain wild creativity her other albums had. The Director's Cut was a bore, I don't understand why she wanted to do it, but that was her choice.

But in any case: she's Kate Bush, and whatever some sad wankers say about her weight doesn't change the fact that she'll always be considered one of the greatest musicians of our time. She's always loved her privacy, and I've never wanted to invade that.

by Alison Moyetreply 18508/27/2013

Nicely spoken, R185.

by Alison Moyetreply 18608/27/2013

Why do you DL-ers all read the Daily Mail?

It's a shitty, racist, right wing rag, despised by most decent Brits.

by Alison Moyetreply 18708/27/2013

I do agree with most of what 185 says. Red shoes I really didn't like. Jazzy, poppy Kate doesn't work. Screaming mules (or is that asses or donkeys?) Now you're talking. With Director's Cut she decided to re-hash my two least favourite albums. It would have made more sense for her to re-record Cathy Demos or perhaps parts of Lionheart. She's very much a part-time niche singer now and not very well known to younger people. You could say she's having her cake and eating it living a quietish life, recording bits now and then and not having the responsibility of looking like a MILF for the cameras. Some starts do look fabulous into older age though without surgery. Josephine Baker in her 70's had an unbelievably fit figure. It can be done.

by Alison Moyetreply 18808/28/2013

I was so glad when Aerial came out, because it was back to the world of those screaming mules, even though in a more refined way. Aerial was sort of Hounds of Love 2, a "real" Kate Bush album, after couple of missteps. 50 Words of Snow didn't reach Aerial in its scope, but it was in the same vein. I hope she's doing some new stuff.

I wonder how many and what kinds of crazies has she been forced to meet during her life. Her music speaks to all kinds of people, and many seem to love her a lot. Was it last year when that crazy American dude travelled to UK and broke into her home? I read from a fan forum one guy telling he was "visiting" the town she lives in and she met Kate who was biking at night when it was dark and quiet. He said he almost said something to her but didn't. Must be lovely for Kate to have those kinds of people interfering her life all the time.

Personally I've never felt any need to meet my idols, but I must admit that when I was a teen I did write Kate a letter and she sent me an autographed picture of her with my name on it. I'm that much of a fan that it still makes me feel warm at heart :)

by Alison Moyetreply 18908/28/2013

Oh damn, Rolf Harris, the originally Australian tv-presenter who made his career in UK, has been taken to court on child pornography charges. Harris was a guest artist on Aerial (from Wikipedia: "A Sky of Honey features Rolf Harris playing the didgeridoo and providing vocals on 'An Architect's Dream' and 'The Painter's Link.'").

I hate it when this happens. Something great is tarnished by a pedophile. It becomes so hard to separate something you love from something nasty. And the collaboration with Harris was pretty good on Aerial, this is just so fucking sad.

by Alison Moyetreply 19008/29/2013

Pat Benatar would never have collaborated with a paedophile.

by Alison Moyetreply 19108/29/2013

She wouldn't have spelled it that way either...

by Alison Moyetreply 19208/29/2013

The guy that broke into her Devon home was from the US and wanted to propose to her. Didn't he already know she had Danny? She wasn't at home anyway. Her house in Berkshire was sold recently and pictures of it are still on if you search. It had a gym in it which proves someone in the household had the idea of keeping fit at some point. Small sections of 50WFS seem like 'old Kate' like Lake Tahoe but some are very repetitive to my ears. I'd love to see her make a really experimental album that would out-Dreaming The Dreaming. Yes, get those Mules and Whales back! In Director's Cut-Lily her yelling voice reminds me of Get Out of My House.

by Alison Moyetreply 19308/30/2013

I would just settle for a tune rather than a ponderous, meandering collection of notes.

by Alison Moyetreply 19408/30/2013

Her voice has changed since the days of The Empty Bullring when it soared and plunged. It cracks a little in RUTH 2012.

Shirley Bassey is heading for 77 and her voice is astounding. Streisand is still half decent too and swares she does no vocal exercises.

I hear a common thread here that Red Shoes-y type stuff is a thumbs down and Dreaming/Ninth Wave-y stuff is thumbs up.

I hope Katey comes accross this thread and reads it.

by Alison Moyetreply 19508/30/2013

Ponderous meandering collection of notes(!) The unspeakable truth is that I agree with you.

Oh the days when we had a catchy tune...what was it?

"Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-Ya-ya.." How I miss the 80's...

by Alison Moyetreply 19608/30/2013

50 Words for Snow is a masterpiece with only one flaw, that Elton John duet. It's typical Kate, if you actually listen to it. Full of sex (those snare drums) and menace. Plus lots and lots of water.

by Alison Moyetreply 19708/30/2013

I don't like the Elton John song either. It's almost as though Kate feels she needs to be supported by a big name. No more duets please. Kate should just do Kate.

I remember when they were re-making 'The Avengers' as a film with Sean Connery. The original UK spy/fantasy/surreal series was filmed mostly on specially created sets that emphasised the surreal, peculiar feel. The producers of the remake film wanted to film on location on Big Ben, etc. They totally misunderstood that when you place characters like John Steed/Emma Peel against 'real' backgrounds like big ben it just looks ridiculous. The original series would have created a spooky set of Big Ben and it would have worked. Similarly, place Kate next to a 'standard' singer and the whole thing looks absurd.

by Alison Moyetreply 19808/30/2013

I still can't believe people are into "50 Words For Crap".

by Alison Moyetreply 19908/30/2013

I am glad you heard all that in 50WFS, R197. All I got were the all too frequent long pauses, the single piano key note dragged out for what seemed like an eternity and the lack of ability to tell a story succinctly enough to draw you into a song.

Compared with the Cathy bootlegs, Kate now takes 8 minutes to say a fraction of what she managed in 2 back then. She has run out of steam.

by Alison Moyetreply 20008/30/2013

Well, as people have said before;

"Dreaming/Ninth Wave" incredible

"50WFS" intermittently good/Bad

"Red Shoes" Don't bother

by Alison Moyetreply 20108/30/2013

R201. I beg to differ.

Red Shoes has Big Stripey Lie and Moments of Pleasure at the very least to recommend it. 50WFS has nothing.

by Alison Moyetreply 20208/30/2013

The painful truth is that I agree with 200. Stuff Kate was doing aged 16 is more advanced than most of the stuff now. And I don't want to be cruel about that. I'd prefer her to do 1 song every 5 years if it was to the standard of the earlier work.

Nevertheless I do find it excrutiatingly interestin g what type of gay guy is attracted to Bush compared to Kylie or whoever. I suspect quite quirky, alternative, arty, emotional, intelligent, revolutionary, misunderstood, creative. Kate is quite camp, don't you think. Babooska video...ya-ya...

by Alison Moyetreply 20308/30/2013

Yes Big Stripey Lie comes close...agreed. Moments of Pleasure for me is the pinnacle of "Un Katey-ness" though so it's interesting that you pinpoint that as good. (?)

by Alison Moyetreply 20408/30/2013

I have a vision and that is of a load of Gay guys at a (vegetarian) dinner table getting pissed and exchanging coments about how they could squeeze into a Babooshka outfit. Kate was always for the gays and for HIV+ people bless her!

by Alison Moyetreply 20508/30/2013

Ha Ha. Kate Bush is the thinking (Gay) Man's Lady G G.

by Alison Moyetreply 20608/30/2013

Never got her appeal. She's a very weak singer who is pitchy in a lot of her songs. The tone of her voice can be quite annoying at times.

by Alison Moyetreply 20708/30/2013

50 Words for Snow is in many ways a slow album, but it has a great atmosphere. You have to slow yourself to listen to it, but of course if you don't like then you don't like it. Wild Man is a beautiful song, the lyrics tell an ugly story of how weird and different things will get killed by a man.

Sensual World and The Red Shoes are the albums of Kate that I did not like when I first heard them, and still I don't like them. BUT they both have many great songs that I sometimes listen to. It's just that the albums are too mainstream-Kate for my taste.

I wouldn't mention Gaga in the same sentence as Kate. Gaga is a produced pop-star with over-calculated image that makes utter and complete garbage when compared to Kate Bush. I don't actively hate Gaga, and I've given her many chances to make me like her, but when I compare her with Kate I see a desperate one-trick pony who tries to hide her musical incompetence under bullshit imagery, that just screams fake to me. Gaga's fans always bring out how extraordinarily talented she is, but I have yet to hear evidence of that. Harsh, but who gives a fuck about that poseur.

The guy who broke into Kate's house had some sort of Kate-fetish for some time before flying to UK. He imagined Kate was in contact with him all the time. He posted weird angry rants how he hated her, and I might remember wrong but I think he threatened to kill her. This was left out from the news stories that would tell that an obsessed fan bought a wedding ring with his last money to propose to Kate. Dude was seriously disturbed, and possibly schitzo who maybe was not taking his meds.

by Alison Moyetreply 20808/30/2013

This reminds of a song, think ill sing!

I hear him Before I go to sleep And focus on the day That's been. I realize he's there When I turn the light off And turn over.

Nobody knows about my man. They think he's lost on some horizon. And suddenly I find myself listening To a man I've never known before, Telling me about the sea, Oh his love is to eternity.

Ooh he's here again, The man with the child in his eyes. Ooh he's here again, The man with the child in his eyes.

He's very understanding and he's so Aware of all my situations. When I stay up late He's always with me What I feel when I hesitate. Oh I'm so worried about my love. They say "no, no it won't last forever". And here I am again my girl, Wondering what on earth I am doing here. Maybe he doesn't love me, I just took a trip on my love for him.

Ooh he's here again, The man with the child in his eyes. Ooh he's here again, The man with the child in his eyes

by Alison Moyetreply 20908/30/2013

I remember finding out that it was Donovan that wrote Lord of the Reedy River and not Kate and being very surprised. This song is so KB, how could it not have been written by her?? Images of her on a lake and falling in love with a swan. So KB. She has covered a handful of songs including Candle in the wind and The man I love which seemed very Un-KB. Iv'e head her say that she doesn't like being famous/public and only sings because she writes the songs so she figures she's the best person to understand them and sing them. This angle doesn't make sense because she has covered other people's songs. The comments about screaming mules make me laugh. I thought I was the only one that appreciated them! I have learnt today that the hard-core KB fans love the intense and the emotional. After the Big Stripey Lie coments I've re-listened to it and yes it's not bad-verges on being a bit Dreaming like don't ya think?

by Alison Moyetreply 21008/31/2013

Many, many years ago I had Kate's personal phone number. It was not given to me, of course. One person in my office had it on file and I copied it in secret. I knew I was never going to call the number, but it was cool to just have it.

by Alison Moyetreply 21108/31/2013

I still think she has never looked more beautiful than in the original RUTH video. Pale, clear skin, deep brown eyes, hair with a touch of henna, very lean and fit. So good at dancing/movement too.

I remember thinking the male dancer was quite attractive too. Not sexy as such, but attractive and beautiful. I think his name was Michael Hervieu or somethind. I recently heard a comment that he is not the same person now. Does anyone know what that meant? Did he go to drugs or get fat or something?

by Alison Moyetreply 21208/31/2013

Sex change?

by Alison Moyetreply 21308/31/2013

Didn't think of gender reassignment. Possible I suppose, but I think the comments were more though he had gone off the rails and was no longer the healthy fit dancer he once was. I remember aged 15 listening to the radio which was about to play RUTH for the very first time. The first few seconds made me electric-"She's back!!" I thought. I felt such an oddity at 15 loving her when most other people derided or dismissed her or just didn't understand.

I'm 43 now and I'm comfortable being an oddity.

by Alison Moyetreply 21408/31/2013

There's a high camp student film on Youtube 'Kate Bush and the Gas Man' that's about Kate refusing to acknowledge that she's aged since 1983.

Quite appropriate to this thread. What do people think of it?

by Alison Moyetreply 21508/31/2013

Kate at 21, with her parents who are being interviewed about her success. She was so lovely and shy.

by Alison Moyetreply 21608/31/2013


by Alison Moyetreply 21708/31/2013

At singing and dancing, I suppose.

by Alison Moyetreply 21808/31/2013

She was so petite in the 70's and 80's and I think that's why people are so surprised when they see her now. She has not just put on a few pounds with age, she's actually pretty overweight now. If you look at the 1994 TOTP appearance the weight gain is beginning to be visible even then.

There are several indications to say she's not happy about gaining weight. Her current photos in a fake fur hat etc. are clearly photoshopped to the hilt to make her look fitter. It must have been her choice to alter them?

You could say it doesn't matter/it's Kate's life etc. and to a degree I agree. But what would happen if the Queen decided to stay at home and never appear because she was too heavy or too wrinkly?

by Alison Moyetreply 21909/03/2013

Red shoes was the first album not to have an image of Kate on the front. I recall how sad I was to be presented with a pair of feet instead of Kate's face. Kate never appeared on an album cover again. What a missed opportunity! Even if she doesn't want to be photographed I'd like her to be represented somehow. Never For Ever had artwork of her but no photo. Why not do that now?

Seems Kate is gradually disappearing altogether... Snowflake only has her uttering a few words on it. No Kate album covers, no appearances,not much singing. Not much Kate really...

by Alison Moyetreply 22009/03/2013

She was on the cover of the Rubberband Girl remix and also in the Red Shoes film that she directed, so I wouldn't say she was not visible at that point.

Hell, she even came to NYC to promote the album.

by Alison Moyetreply 22109/03/2013

I think Kate is slowly retiring.

by Alison Moyetreply 22209/03/2013

Yes there will come a day when Kate does no more and I feel that it will be a gradual flickering out not a sudden halt. Perhaps she will do one more album, possibly two. Then nothing.

Shame as there are singers like Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez in their seventies and still sing well.

We all started seeing a lot less of Kate after Red Shoes so I don't think it will surprise anyone when she does call it a day and 'Kate Bush' is just a memory in people's minds.

by Alison Moyetreply 22309/04/2013

She's aware of her weight. It's why she only goes public every 7 years or so.

Cher was more or less her age when she did Believe. If Cher had been as rotund as Kate is now I don't think she would have done the Believe video. Then again I don't think Cher would get that rotund. It would be nice to see Kate as an in-shape 55 year old. She has lovely eyes and I think if she did drop the weight she would look a very attractive and elegant woman. The extra pounds does make her look slumpy.

by Alison Moyetreply 22409/07/2013

Kate makes Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich seem like a publicity whores.

(Yes I know Garbo and Dietrich are dead)

by Alison Moyetreply 22509/10/2013

Kate is wealthy. She only makes music now because she wants to make it (not because she needs the cash). It's made on her terms and I sense it wouldn't take that much for her to say 'OK, that's enough-I finish'. Kind of a take it or leave it approach. Us fans need to come to terms with the fact that she is never going to tour or appear on a album cover. After her 2013 palace appearance I wouldn't be surprised if she never appeared again either. All very understandably difficult for her fans. There's something about coming to terms with a loss or even a bereavement in all this. Acknowledging that the person you adore/d is no longer around.

by Alison Moyetreply 22609/16/2013

She barely toured in the beginning and certainly didn't even tour at her peak in the mid 80s, so it's not at all surprising.

If I were her I would do exactly the same thing.

She's a goddess. She was one as a lithesome young woman, and she is one as a more matronly 50-something woman. F- the haters.

by Alison Moyetreply 22709/16/2013

Her following is small compared to Madonna or Cher. But her fans are incredibly loyal.

Some of us say it doesn't matter that she's matronly. A few of us dare to say otherwise.

The director of King of the Mountain is quoted as saying she was very unsure of being filmed 'coz of her size. When a singer is plump it's very difficult to film them in a flattering way. It just tends to look odd or comical. That's why K never does videos.

If I'm honest I feel that K is shortchanging her fans a little in this respect.

by Alison Moyetreply 22809/19/2013

Oh fuck off, R228. You're "daring" to be a snipey little control freak.

by Alison Moyetreply 22909/19/2013

r228 is starting to sound deranged.

Kate Bush doesn't need or want you as a fan.

Deal with it.

by Alison Moyetreply 23009/19/2013

Which complete idiot said she was never a beauty R62?

by Alison Moyetreply 23109/20/2013

she still IS a beauty, but yeah.

by Alison Moyetreply 23209/20/2013

R231 that's called good makeup and hair. She's not ugly but no stunner. Then again, a lot of entertainers aren't beautiful naturally. I'd call Bush slightly above her average. Weak voice though. She went off-key a lot.

by Alison Moyetreply 23309/20/2013

Remember the day before MTV where you didn't have to be a stunner to be a famous singer?

by Alison Moyetreply 23410/10/2013

Her voice does crack now and then in RUTH 2012 and in parts of 50WFS and it doesn't have the range it once had in her amazing Empty Bullring days. Regardless of that I'm hoping that any future stuff will be closer in feel to Under Ice than the Elton John one. Experimental, complex soundscapes and concepts are what she does best. Not unremarkable duets with big pop names.

by Alison Moyetreply 23510/17/2013

When I saw the recent publicity photographs of her wearing an Elizabethan ruff (you know the one) I thought, my god she's looked after herself-she looks hardly any different to how she did 20 years ago. It's clear that these photos have been enhanced and somebody (Kate?) authorised the airbrushing. I think Kate has lovely eyes. I do think however, she would look 100% better if she lost a bit of weight and re-thought her hairstyle. Length is fantastic but it could do with a good condition and taking from black to auburn. it's less harsh.

by Alison Moyetreply 23611/20/2013

jesus christ! she's 55 or so, and not interested in looking better for you!!!

by Alison Moyetreply 23711/20/2013

i am the same age as kate bush . . .we all age FACT!!! i think she has grown older gracefully . . .i mean come on even cher can't escape it no matter how much surgery she has done, plus you get to a certain age where you can't wear certain things and yes madonna that is pointed at you lol

by Alison Moyetreply 23812/06/2013

she's fat and happy. no surgery, no hunger pains, plenty of money from her amazing career. no worries.

by Alison Moyetreply 23912/06/2013

Kate Bush was a big name with the general public between 1978-1985.

In 2013 it's only really a smallish group of die-hard followers that care if she's fat or not. If she were still that big name I suspect she would be in line for much more public comment. If 'big name' Madonna gained weight in the same way I can only imagine the volume of comment there would be.

There was a time not that very long ago when Kate loved to get in front of the camera for her videos and tell a story. What process has made her do an about turn? Paper puppets and Noel whatever his name is just ain't the same.

by Alison Moyetreply 24012/09/2013

it's called growing older, emily, and becoming a mother and not caring what people like you think.

by Alison Moyetreply 24112/09/2013

There's quite a bit of belittling other people's comments around here. There is an alternative option of writing about what you yourself believe in instead of being angry about other people's thoughts.

I wonder which approach Kate Bush would take.

by Alison Moyetreply 24212/09/2013

I wonder as well.

Since she would never in a million years be on this particular website, it matter not.

Gee, Emily, you might take a look again at the top left of this page. You know, the part that mentions "pointless bitchery."

by Alison Moyetreply 24312/09/2013

There's no evidence to suggest that Kate Bush is content with being bigger. Quite the opposite.

There are quotes on the web from Michael Algan, producer of king of the mountain video recounting how apprehensive Kate was about being filmed and how he reassured her that she was still attractive. Since then she's never appeared in any video and her promo photos depict a woman much slimmer than she actually is. The assumtion that Kate Bush is happy about being plump is without foundation and is more to do with people being protective/defensive.

by Alison Moyetreply 24412/11/2013

I dunno, R243, it seems Emily et al. has contributed more than enough of her share of pointless bitchery. I think she gets the concept just fine.

The underlying theme in this thread that, if Kate Bush would just do what all these strangers on the internet say she should do about her appearance, that she'd make her fans happier is really creepy. Fans are nuts. Contrary to what you crazy fangirls think, a bunch of overinvested fans on the internet don't get to decide what a person they've never even met before does with their body.

by Alison Moyetreply 24512/12/2013

Word, r245.

by Alison Moyetreply 24612/12/2013

I've never understood why Kate made The Director's Cut. I'd have preferred her to put the effort into one really good new single instead. I thought I read a quote somewhere saying she wouldn't re-record the Cathy Demos because she doesn't look back to old songs (?). Yet she did exactly that from the two albums that are consistently rated by fans and others as her least good. And ignored the Demos ?!!!! Certain material from Lionheart would have been a much more interesting and logical to revisit. Can you imagine KT redoing Homeground or Kashka in an alternative new way and producing it for the first time herself?

I'm really grateful that she has never re-done The Dreaming or Ninth Wave. That really would be like remaking Sunset Boulevard.....

by Alison Moyetreply 24712/13/2013

Sunset Boulevard. The story of Norma Desmond, a fifty-something ex-Hollywood star that had her heyday some 25 years ago and who is obsessed with returning to the public gaze and with keeping slim and young looking.

And then there's Kate Bush-a kind of anti-Norma Desmond figure. The fans want her back but her reply is ' I won't letcha in'.

by Alison Moyetreply 24812/13/2013

Given what an unmitigated dud the DC was, R247, I am kind of glad that she left the older stuff alone. Most of the Cathy demos were just her and a piano. Not sure how what she could have stripped those down to.

Probably drawn each song out to eight minutes each with lots of pauses and discordant minor chords, I suppose.

by Alison Moyetreply 24912/13/2013

I think what she does best is not 'stripping down', but the reverse-'layering'. The Dreaming single is so layered with voices and animal noises and under ice has submarine 'blips' etc etc. Ponderous 8 minute piano chords bore me. The intense interaction of different sounds in Get out of my house and the like are 'proper' Kate to me.

by Alison Moyetreply 25012/13/2013

Her talent in her early years was almost abnormally advanced for her years. Read her poems that were written when she was 11 or 12. Incredible. But for me since 9th Wave most stuff has taken on a new style that I'm not keen on. Jazzy, poppy...I'm not sure what. Maybe simply not quirky or intelligent enough. Big Stripey Lie came close to the Dreaming in feel and sections of Lake Tahoe evoked 9th Wave but I'm still waiting for that new album that shows what she is really capable of.

by Alison Moyetreply 25112/14/2013

If anything she looks slightly younger than 56. And that's with the weight.

There's a lot of talk about her making a choice some time ago not to appear anymore, not to be a public star and to just make music without presenting her face to the public. That doesn't make sense to me because she does still present her face to the public in the form of photographs. What does make sense is that she's become plump and like many, many, many men and women out there she's not happy about it. Previous posts are correct, there's stuff out there that will back up the belief that she has withdrawn because she's plump. It's no more complex than that.

by Alison Moyetreply 25212/20/2013

Kate Bush is a mature, sexy and beautiful woman. I wish you people who judge her by her body weight would grow up!


by Alison Moyetreply 25301/01/2014

Kate Bush is NOT fat. Why is everyone obsessed with the way she looks? Can't you look deeper? She is a 54 year old sensuous, happy, contented and very gorgeous woman. Why should she change or be any different than she is? She has everything......good looks, a great family, talent and fortune. Much more than most of us will ever get. Perhaps your all bloody jealous of such a successful woman! Stop your bitching..........PLEASE.


by Alison Moyetreply 25401/01/2014

If you think it doesn't matter that she's big then fine. I couldn't care less up to the point that it affects her output. And it is affecting her output as the guy who produced/directed King of the Mountain has said "She was very self conscious about her weight and needed to be reassured that she was still attractive". She clearly is not 'content' or 'happy' about this aspect.

Can anybody seriously say that the videos for The Dreaming, RUTH, WOW etc. etc. would have been just as good if Kate hadn't appeared in them wide eyed and pouting in front of a wind machine?. Yep, puppets would have been much better...

With regard to saying that you don't think she's fat/overweight. Well that's your subjective view. Objectively, the Body Mass Index may offer you accurate if unpalatable results.

by Alison Moyetreply 25501/01/2014

Kate Bush used to be a complete, natural, true performer; I'd go as far and say that she was born to be in front of an audience or a camera, and it showed. The fact that she suddenly stopped appearing in her own music videos means that she chose not to appear in them. I always suspected it was because of her weight gain and the quote from the director of King of the Mountain video confirms that.

I still listen to her music, but I miss the performing part.

It can't be easy going from absolutely gorgeous and thin (through her mid 30s) to a heavy middle-aged woman, in a span of less than ten years.

by Alison Moyetreply 25601/01/2014

I couldn't agree with you more.

Take a look at Live at Hammersmith and you will see what a powerhouse this girl, barely in her 20's was in the area of performance/mime/image/storytelling. I think it is precisely because she was SO good that some of her followers are so saddened that we have the puppets instead of her now. From one extreme to the other. Take away the performance/mime/image/storytelling from 'Kate Bush' and you are left with something that is so diluted it doesn't resemble the original.

by Alison Moyetreply 25701/01/2014

Kate was asked to sketch the cover for Mojo magazine's 20th anniversary issue. She drew the "j" as a penis, the saucy minx!

by Alison Moyetreply 25801/01/2014

I can't remember whether it was Rocket Man or the Man I Love that was the last video that she appeared in. I don't count King of the Mountain as it's only three our four heavily masked snippets of Kate, mostly in longshot. This makes her 36 or so in 1994 when she retreated, giving Greta Garbo a run for her money.

Much better to keep going I say. I have so much admiration for Eartha Kitt who I saw at the Pigale, London a few months before her death. She was still on stage in her 80's entertaining the troops (and doing the splits) with the full knowledge that she was dying.

by Alison Moyetreply 25901/01/2014

[quote]his makes her 36 or so in 1994 when she retreated, giving Greta Garbo a run for her money.


by Alison Moyetreply 26001/02/2014

Aah, the old long-shot trick, egh? More effective for us old gals than even gauze or Vaseline.

It all reminds me of Mae West's last ever movie 'Sextette' (1978) in which the 85 year old Miss West plays a thirty something sex kitten who has the hots for a 34 year old Timothy Dalton. West's contract stipulated that she be photographed only in flattering longshot AND STRICTLY that she was to be the only female to wear white. Maybe Miss West passed on the longshot tip to Kate when she was taking a rest from her bodybuilder 'friends'...

by Alison Moyetreply 26101/02/2014

For the record ladies, Greta Garbo retired from the screen aged...36.

by Alison Moyetreply 26201/02/2014

Garbo shut up shop in 1941 for the same reasons that Bush did in 1994;

1 She had loads of money and didn't need to carry on. 2 Her later stuff wasn't as good as her earlier work. 3 Her looks had started to change. 4 She was an introvert and constantly being centre stage was tiring for her.

by Alison Moyetreply 26301/02/2014

Let's be honest-she hasn't been a public figure of any sort for well over 20 years.

She releases a bit of music now and then to a small and loyal following and goes on the radio to chat about it. That's it.

There's no need for her to look trim for the cameras because she rarely goes in front of them. If she was still in the public eye it may be a different matter.

I do miss her image in those videos. And I do wish she would do new stuff that was as good as 9th wave/Dreaming. Most material since 1985 apart from Big Stripey Lie has been sub-standard.

by Alison Moyetreply 26401/22/2014

She really has the best of both worlds. She still creates music on her terms and at her pace when she wants to. And because she's not a high profile musician anymore she flies under the radar of celebrity. I'd do exactly the same if I was her.

It doesn't stop me wanting to see just a little bit more of her though. I don't know how much longer I can be vaguely interested in her current videos when she's not even in them.

by Alison Moyetreply 26501/25/2014

It's quite strange who does and who doesn't put on weight in middle age. You'd think that a petite vegetarian into dance would keep the weight off. I did hear her say recently that she 'doesn't have the time for dance anymore'. Mmmmm....sounds like a lazy person making excuses.

by Alison Moyetreply 26601/31/2014

50 WFS had the capacity to be stonkingly good. Better even than Ninth Wave perhaps. A Kate Bush album about winter, snow, ice, wind, crows and being frozen underwater? Lots of sounds, metaphors, hidden messages. Classic. I hoped for a multi layered song about the Ice Queen story perhaps(?) Or being trapped in snow and confronting death. I got the crows (Great!!!) and sections of Lake Tahoe verged on being pretty good. But overall it wasn't deep enough or experimental enough. Too many lingering piano notes.

I had wanted to hate Snowflake with her son singing. In fact his voice was superb

by Alison Moyetreply 26702/11/2014

I have been thinking about what subjects would make great KT songs.

The myth of the Minotaur rates pretty highly. A man-bull all sweating, snorting and tortured. Created and controlled by others. Who is the bad one? Minotaur itself or those who created him?

Then there's the myth of Persephone and the underworld...

What subjects do other people think would be good?

by Alison Moyetreply 26802/11/2014

OP, if there's any justice, you'll be "fat" yourself when you're older. In fact, the probability is that you [italic]will[/italic] be "fat" when your older. Suck on that, weasel.

by Alison Moyetreply 26902/11/2014

R268, she has already been near there with The Empty Bullring.

by Alison Moyetreply 27002/11/2014

There's one KT song that I keep going back to again and again and it's GET OUT OF MY HOUSE. Somebody said that if Alfred Hitchcock wrote songs it would be like this. It's so full of electricity and symbolism and meanings. Theatre instead of pop. People often say this song (and the Dreaming in general) is mad. I'd say this song is normal and that most other songs are dull and boring.

Are there any other GOOMH fans out there? EYEORE-A!

by Alison Moyetreply 27102/13/2014

When I saw her at the Sky awards it took me a while to recognise her. She still has those lovely eyes and she doesn't even look particularly old, but she is carrying a lot of weight now and it looks odd on her petite frame.

There are some VERY elegant ladies out there over the age of 65 such as Angela Landsbury, Glen Close, Luise Rainer, Vanessa Redgrave, Shirley Bassey and Joan Baez. One thing they all have in common is they are not overweight.

by Alison Moyetreply 27202/28/2014

You actually ate comparing Angela Landsbury to Kate Bush?!? What the fuck?!?

by Alison Moyetreply 27302/28/2014

R271, you're not alone. One of my favorites of hers. She really did take you on a scary and wonderful journey with some of her older music.

I agree with the poster above, 50 WFS should have been more experimental...but it wasn't bad at all. Yeah, less piano, and more 'attempts' at being new wave or prog rock. It was when she was dabbling with a variety of influences that she created totally original music.

by Alison Moyetreply 27402/28/2014

MY bush got fat.

by Alison Moyetreply 27502/28/2014

I liked 50WFS outside of the heinous Elton John appearance.

I think Aerial and 50WFS have some really cool, interesting moments. I wouldn't say they were bad at all. She obviously has mellowed as she's gotten older, but she's still creating interesting other worlds. I've liked almost everything she's done and all of it has aged well except for The Red Shoes.

by Alison Moyetreply 27602/28/2014

[quote] I always suspected it was because of her weight gain and the quote from the director of King of the Mountain video confirms that.

She's hardly the side of a barn, but she's the size that a lot of 50-something women are, and not a tiny waif.

by Alison Moyetreply 27702/28/2014

Jesus Christ people!!! She's 55!! Give her a f--ing break! It's not like she's been someone who tours a lot. She doesn't need to lose weight for random DLers!

by Alison Moyetreply 27802/28/2014

The reference to Angela Lansbury was not a literal comparison to Bush. It was to say that it is perfectly possible at Lansbury's age (88-more than 30 years older than Kate)to have clear skin, stylish attire, good posture and intelligence. However, once we put weight on, whatever age we are it's hard to look elegant.

Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Feltz and Diana Dors were all bullishly defensive when they were fat saying they felt sexy. Once they slimmed down they all said they were in fact lying. Feltz now has a fiancé-a hunky fitness instructor. Draw your own conclusions...

by Alison Moyetreply 27903/01/2014

got forbid you like her songs and voice rather than her appearance.

Grow up.

by Alison Moyetreply 28003/01/2014

I agree with other people that 50 WFS was not a terrible album, but somewhat of a missed opportunity. The Steven Fry song was more of a parlour game than a song, Snowflake was decent but hardly had Kate's voice in it, and Snowed in at Wheeler St as Elton John himself said was a difficult song to sing. All just too repetitive. There have been gems like Big Stripey Lie over the past 20-odd years, but most songs post Experiment iv just don't seem as good. Can anybody seriously argue that The Dreaming and 9th Wave is not head and shoulders above any album she's done since?

by Alison Moyetreply 28103/02/2014

The average weight of a person in the UK has increased significantly during recent years. I remember watching the Carry On films as a child and thinking that Hattie Jaques was enormous. Looking at those films now she is not massive by today's standards. She's a very similar size to Kate Bush.

by Alison Moyetreply 28203/07/2014

I've just been searching on the web what KT album(s) most people rate the highest. I'm very pleasantly surprised. I thought The Dreaming would have been overlooked and misunderstood and maybe Aerial and Hounds would have come top. It seems a huge majority of fans rate The Dreaming and Hounds the highest by far. If anything The Dreaming is ahead by a whisker. I'm amazed. I couldn't agree more.

by Alison Moyetreply 28303/07/2014

HOUDINI is one of her best songs EVER!

by Alison Moyetreply 28403/07/2014

Never mind the fat. Is she recording something?

I loved 50WFS.

by Alison Moyetreply 28503/07/2014

There's something on the web that says she is working with a brass band. I don't know if it's true or not. Irish pipes I can imagine. Brass bands I can't.

by Alison Moyetreply 28603/09/2014

I have kept a dark secret for many years. Too afraid even to admit it to other Kate fans for fear of being rejected as a quirky outsider.

I adore The Dreaming!!! It's the only Kate album that I still play regularly.

I had expected other people to find it inaccessible, unfathomable and unmelodic and to like more obvious songs like This Woman's Work etc.

Dreamtime is the semi-instrumental version of The Dreaming single and is so tense and emotive it's better than the original version.

by Alison Moyetreply 28703/09/2014

She's essentially a private person now who makes music sporadically, almost on a hobbyist basis. She can't be compared to the likes of Madonna or even Cher.

I still think it's a damn shame though that the album covers and videos are SO boring now. Even if she refuses to be photographed there are ways of making them more authentically Kate-esque. The Never For Ever cover had no photograph but was wonderful.

by Alison Moyetreply 28803/13/2014

Well the last video that Kate appeared in was in 2005, aged 46-ish. Then, for whatever reason she decided not to appear in any videos again. It's all quite inconsistent because she still releases publicity stills. The last ones were the ones with cats, fur hats etc. Those stills were heavily embellished-they made her look like a slim 30 year old.

by Alison Moyetreply 28903/18/2014

Bertie destroyed her!

No, not really. In fact I'm sure he's brought the greatest happiness into her life. And I'm truly happy for her. But..there's that saying about the pram in the hallway being the enemy of great art. And I think this has been the case in her career. Another saying that goes:"happiness writes white" might be going a bit far but ever since that all-consuming joy entered her life she writes somewhat..beige.

And I don't mind the fact she got fat she's earned the right to do whatever the fuck she wants with her body and still command RESPECT (That said, I suspect she minds A LOT -- and that's sad).

I think she needs to surrender a BIT of that control freakery that had served her brilliantly in her youth but which at this point is impeding her creativity. The truth is she needs a producer. Some one from a younger generation who has lived and breathed and assimilated KBs influence and can parlay it into suitably weirder off kilter territory, which is the oxygen her work needs to breath again. And what absolutely don't mean is a Madonna-Stuart Price getting-down-with-the-kids pandering nonsense. I think she's in a middle aged rut creatively and needs to throw the cards in the air see where they land.

by Alison Moyetreply 29003/18/2014

Kate Bush is not fat, OP!

Moving stranger Does it really matter As long as you're not afraid to feel? Touch me, hold me How my open arms ache Try to fall for me

How I'm moved How you move me With your beauty's potency You give me life Please don't let me go You crush the lily in my soul, soul, soul

Moving liquid Yes, you are just as water You flow around all that comes in your way Don't think it over It always takes you over And sets your spirit dancing

How I'm moved How you move me With your beauty's potency You give me life Please don't let me go

You give me life Please don't let me go You give me life Please don't let me go You crush the lily in my soul, soul, soul

by Alison Moyetreply 29103/18/2014

It's interesting what 290 says. Kate is at her best when she's being 'mad' and 'fierce' and using lots of symbolism and metaphor. Waking the Witch, Get Out of My House and Pull out the Pin are testament to that. Rocket's Tail and Big Stripey Lie have fitted into this category but there's not been a 'mad' song for 20 years. As somebody said, 'Bring back the mules!'

by Alison Moyetreply 29203/20/2014

Agree with R292, crazy Kate is usually the best Kate, although I do love some of her more commercial and conventionally structured songs. Moments of Pleasure was every bit as moving as The Coral Room was not, although both dealt with the death of her mother.

And R284 has it right. Houdini is one her very best songs. Love the flow of the lyrics in that.

by Alison Moyetreply 29303/20/2014

"Him and I in the room To prove you are with us too." R293 it's R284

by Alison Moyetreply 29403/20/2014

Well just been announced on radio here that she's doing live shows in August and September.

by Alison Moyetreply 29503/21/2014

Only in London, R295. I wouldn't want to be the lighting technician on that gig.

I would mortgage my house for a ticket except we are going to get all of the later Kate with the dull piano sagas rather than Kate with a bit of verve and a naughty twinkle in her eye. I'll pass, sadly.

by Alison Moyetreply 29603/21/2014

Kate's weight will prohibit her from moving on stage. She will waddle rather than dance. This is too much too late. She's making quite a bit from royalties, I wonder why she's doing it now.

by Alison Moyetreply 29703/21/2014

There are some Mary's clutching pearls about the poster used to advertise these tour dates. They show Kate in water wearing a life vest and so people think it's somehow disrespectful to victims of MH370.

Unfortunate timing is all.

by Alison Moyetreply 29803/21/2014

There are people complaining about the life vest in the water? They don't know what happened to the plane yet and can't even find it!

by Alison Moyetreply 29903/21/2014

I never thought another gig would happen, let alone a tour. I'm excited but apprehensive. Unless she loses some of that weight she will only be sat in front of a piano plonking out those ponderous 50WFS notes. A poor follow up to 1979. But can you imagine this; She trims up and theatrically performs the ninth wave on stage. Holy shit. Please Kate-No plonky plonk piano stuff. Do what you do best-Dramatic theatrical spectacle.

by Alison Moyetreply 30003/21/2014

We don't expect her to be jumping around in a leotard to whale sound, but please let After the Dawn be more than just her sat at a piano.

by Alison Moyetreply 30103/21/2014

The poster for After the Dawn has obvious links to the Ninth Wave photo. The title suggests a kind of what happens after the morning fog. After the Dawn is a great title.Worthy of a KT album in fact. Far better than 50 shades of grey or whatever it was called. I just hope the show is about her two greatest albums. (You know the two I mean without me even mentioning them). My greatest fear is that Steven Fry will be invited to do an appearance. And that there will be no dry ice at all.

by Alison Moyetreply 30203/21/2014

Today I have found out that Kate Bush is to perform live at Hammersmith again. (Am I dreaming? Pinch me) All I now need to hear is that the BBC are bringing back Eldorado then my life will be utterly complete.

by Alison Moyetreply 30303/21/2014

R287, what on earth makes you think Kate Bush fans would see you weird for liking The Dreaming? I'm pretty sure it's one of her most loved albums among her fans. It's probably the one I've listened to most during my life, although certainly I love her other stuff, too. The Sensual World and The Red Shoes are my least favorite because they feel too mainstream.

I'm really surprised to hear about the live shows, positively that is. It's obvious that performing live is really hard for her and I can only imagine the pressure she's feeling now. I'm so surprised to hear that she even decided to do this.

She is a legend and she is an artist. She does what she wants, even if it's "just" an intimate piano concert without theatrics. I don't see any need to expect A Tour of Life 2. This is a complete different era and Kate is now 55.

Then again I expect the show to have nice visuals. I wish I could go and see her but the demand for the tickets will be so huge worldwide that I'm afraid I'd end up paying hundreds of pounds for one even if I managed to get one.

by Alison Moyetreply 30403/21/2014

she always was a weird-sounding, weird-looking bitch. Not a good singer and not pretty. Now she's fat on top of it all.

by Alison Moyetreply 30503/21/2014

Her music is awful. She should have bowed out gracefully. Instead, she redid her songs for a new generation, all autotuned and shit like George Michael a few years ago.

by Alison Moyetreply 30603/21/2014

Eldorado??! That name is used as a slur against the BBC

by Alison Moyetreply 30703/21/2014

Well I loved Eldorado for being set in Spain and having a completely different feel to other soaps. In the same way that I adore Kate for being original and different from the rest.

by Alison Moyetreply 30803/21/2014

The picture of her released today in a red dress does not look photoshopped. If this is correct then she has indeed lost weight because she looks absolutely lovely in it. And very healthy too. The other one of her in a life jacket does look as though the jawline has been tampered with so maybe these pictures were taken at slightly different times.

by Alison Moyetreply 30903/21/2014

Could you post a link to that picture, r309?

by Alison Moyetreply 31003/21/2014

The picture is in the Guardian online.

I wonder if Madonna will sneek in and watch?

by Alison Moyetreply 31103/21/2014

R311, I'm sure the audience will be full of celebrities. Kate Bush is truly a mega star on her own way.

by Alison Moyetreply 31203/21/2014

Please post the link!

by Alison Moyetreply 31303/21/2014

I will try to get a ticket, but I'm assuming there will be an insane overload on the web site selling them.

The tickets will be in the buyers name, so they can't be resold. Scammers #suckit.

by Alison Moyetreply 31403/21/2014

[quote] 'I am rather concerned at some comments that have been passed on to me and I feel I should clarify my position. 'The image that was chosen to advertise the shows originates from a conceptual piece called The Ninth Wave that was released in 1985. 'It is about a woman who is lost at sea but is rescued in the end. Months ago I thought that, as part of the show centres around this musical piece, it would hopefully make a dramatic shot.'

OMG, she'll play songs from The Ninth Wave!

by Alison Moyetreply 31503/22/2014

She's made a wise choice to do 9th wave. It is mostly in a lowish key which will suit her current range. It's also very theatrical. And good. I hope she does it in it's entirety with perhaps RUTH and a few from the Dreaming.

Subtle whale noise in the foyer as you enter? ...That would be asking for too much.

by Alison Moyetreply 31603/24/2014

It can't be a Tour of Life 2, unfortunately. She will be 56. Maybe a bit overweight, maybe not by then (?) But she certainly won't be jumping around with a gun. My guess is that she'll mostly be at the piano or stood at a microphone in front of a team of musicians with certain 'events' happening like projections or puppetry or something. I don't think I'll be far wrong.

by Alison Moyetreply 31703/24/2014

Ninth Wave? Right, I'm in, then.

by Alison Moyetreply 31803/24/2014

Subtle whale noise. Good idea!

by Alison Moyetreply 31903/24/2014

I got a ticket, but my seat is waaaaay back. I may as well bring binoculars.

by Alison Moyetreply 32003/26/2014

I heard on one of the media reports that she has said she will not be dancing. Shame. That said, strictly speaking she didn't dance to every song on Tour of Life. Oh England My Lionheart is an example of her being stationary. So there still is a chance that she will do something other than sit at a piano or stand at a microphone. Realistically I think it will be along the lines of a Theo Bleckman show, only better. No Tour of Life 2, but still pretty good. It remains to be seen if she decides to slim down or not for the show. 20-odd dates for any 56 year old is physically demanding.

by Alison Moyetreply 32103/27/2014

Any of you who truly thought she would recreate the one-piece leotard dancing phase of her early 20s are nuts.

Of COURSE she won't be dancing!!!!

Good lord.

It will still be an amazing thing to behold. wish i could be there….

by Alison Moyetreply 32203/27/2014

I was there at 930 full of optimism. Then the sites just jammed, put me in a holding bay or said 'no tickets available'. God knows if many Kate fans actually got tickets or if it was mostly ticket touts. All very repugnant. Maybe lucky or wealthy people will see her but I don't think I ever will. I think I'll just forget about it and get on with my life.

by Alison Moyetreply 32303/28/2014

Her music has gotten less interesting to me over the years, but I am happy to see she is performing. Fat? So what? So is Stevie Nicks, and she actually sings more consistently and better than she ever did as a skinny young waif. People age. Get over it. Are you over 50 and still fitting in your pants from high school? Doubtful. These people may be talented writers and musicians but they are not superhuman. Not everyone is going to live on lettuce and altoids and get surgery to pretend they are still 30. I love that some artists look like real people. Both Kate and Stevie are still remarkable beautiful. Enjoy the show or stfu.

by Alison Moyetreply 32403/28/2014

I think it would have been better if it was one ticket per application. Eradicate those repulsive money grabbing touts. I'm sure Kate would have preferred to play to a group of real fans at £100 a shot instead of people who can afford £1000+ a ticket who are jumping on a trend just so they can say they have seen her. Even worse, fans who are not wealthy who have decided to pay that sort of money. What happens if not everyone is prepared to pay £1000? Does Kate play to a house with some empty seats? Never mind there's still some seats for Susan Boyle.

by Alison Moyetreply 32503/30/2014

Couldn't get anything although I had three computers up and ready all linking to different days. Everything went in seconds except for the hospitality seats at £400+ and they went shortly afterwards. What I noticed was that the main ticket page was reporting tickets available when they clearly were not. There are also rumours that most tickets had already gone in pre-sales made available to those with connections. One of my acquaintances with media links claimed to have secured tickets not long after the tour was announced in the press.

by Alison Moyetreply 32603/31/2014

This was my experience too. Vile. Isn't all this why she retreated from view in the first place? She needs to be tough as old boots to go ahead with it all now. I hope in all honestly that she pulls the plug before it becomes a danger to her and a fiasco.

by Alison Moyetreply 32703/31/2014

This is so absurd. Can all people talk about is her appearance. How dare she age? I don't believe a man who had been away for a while and put on weight would have been scrutinised like this.

by Alison Moyetreply 32804/01/2014

The title of this thread refers to Kate's weight and so naturally most people will be talking about that subject here. If it was titled 'Kate Bush new album' most people would naturally be talking about a new album. As previous posts have pointed out some people are interchanging the terms 'fat' and 'old'. Few if any people have said she looks old. On the contrary. However at the Sky awards she was quite clearly overweight. Whether this is our business or not depends on your viewpoint. If they are an accurate representation of Kate currently those red/black dress pictures on her website show her to have slimmed down drastically.

by Alison Moyetreply 32904/01/2014

Yes, it's called Kate Bush Got Fat not Kate Bush got Old.

by Alison Moyetreply 33004/02/2014


by Alison Moyetreply 33104/03/2014

The picture of her in a red dress on her website shows a woman who looks very fit and radiant. Either she's had a period of juicing, yoga and going to the gym or she's borrowed Joan Collins' team of lighting technicians.

by Alison Moyetreply 33204/03/2014

Why are you saying Of course Kate won't be dancing? Lindsay Kemp, her dance teacher was still dancing in his 70's. Are you saying at 56 she's too old? Or too fat?

by Alison Moyetreply 33304/04/2014

I really think it's a non-starter to say that talking about Kate's weight is sexist because if it were a man we wouldn't be talking about his appearance. Loads of people comment that Bob Dylan looks like an old vagrant. And when Leonardo DiCaprio's weight changed after he starred in the Beach loads of people discussed it.

by Alison Moyetreply 33404/08/2014

She has said that 9th wave will be part of the show(!) What else will be the other part? RUTH? Certainly Something from The Dreaming? Hopefully Nothing from Director's Cut? Hopefully There's so much to pick from that I don't think she will do anything that she has already covered in the tour of life. And that includes wuthering heights. Her voice is too low to do WH now anyway.

by Alison Moyetreply 33504/17/2014

She has been shooting(9th wave)underwater footage to be projected at before the dawn. Sort of a video for 9th wave. Wow, typical Kate. Kate has been quoted years ago as saying she always puts on weight in between albums. I suspect she has already lost some of her weight in preparation for her shows. If she does slim down, the underwater shots will be amazing. If she is still big it may end up looking like a Dawn French comedy sketch. If this happens I may start to think it's all 20 years too late. I can't believe she won't pull it off though. Her standards are just too high and she's just too creative and intelligent.

by Alison Moyetreply 33606/29/2014

I've just paid £360 for a circle seated on opening night. We know she will be doing all or most of ninth wave (some discussion about missing out The Morning Fog which was the least interesting track). Surely she will be doing RUTH?

It will be a travesty if she ignores her best album, The Dreaming. I'm quietly hoping that she doesn't do Aerial. I know some people like it and I have really tried to see what they see in it but I think its constant meandering piano notes are a bit dull. Give me the RAGE of The Dreaming anytime. If Aerial does start, I'm the one going for a toilet break.

by Alison Moyetreply 33708/07/2014

what date is that? and please come back to this thread with a report on how it was.

by Alison Moyetreply 33808/08/2014

I bought a ticket, but I don't know if I'll be able to splash on a plane ticket to London. Also, I'm still waiting for my ticket to arrive in the mail.

by Alison Moyetreply 33908/08/2014

Is she doing a new album, you know, an actual good one soon?

What's with her whole "fish" production company? What's with the fish?

by Alison Moyetreply 34008/08/2014

First night is 26th August and I will report back and tell you what songs she did, what the atmosphere was like, what her voice was like and what 'special effects' there were. I don't think there's any need for her to do anything she did on tour of life again and that includes wuthering heights. So much more to choose from. I really hope she does get out of my house.

by Alison Moyetreply 34108/09/2014

thank you, r341! maybe even try to sneak a camera pic??

by Alison Moyetreply 34208/09/2014

Apparently she will have laser images of ciggies and bangers and mash projected all over the stage.

by Alison Moyetreply 34308/09/2014

I don't care. She's a fat GODDESS. I bet she looks like something out of a Rubens painting naked.

by Alison Moyetreply 34408/09/2014

I think she would laugh at the bangers n mash comment. I did. In reality the imagery on the tickets is starfish, seaweed and stars so that re-confirms the theme will be water. Look to her photos of men with fish heads/bird heads for a potential clue; there's some talk of puppetry in the show and somehow I don't think it'll be Kermit. Another fact is the 9th wave 'video' that will be projected of her underwater. She has said she won't be dancing (shame...) I think it will be her sitting at a piano or standing at a microphone with all these 'things' happening around her.

by Alison Moyetreply 34508/11/2014

I'd put good money she's been on an exercise/diet binge and will look pretty damn good as a result.

by Alison Moyetreply 34608/11/2014

She really doesn't need to do anything she previously did in tour of life. It's been done. Move on to the vast catalogue that hasn't been touched. All I ask is that the show is Ultra-Spooky. Give me screaming mules, witches and minotaurs.

Please DON'T involve Steven Fry (purlease)or even Peter Gabriel. Kate doesn't need other 'stars' encroaching on her world in an attempt to back her up or make her look 'trendy'.

by Alison Moyetreply 34708/11/2014

I think she will lose at least some weight for the show. She has said that she always loses weight when she has a big project on. The current red dress picture certainly shows a much fitter woman than the one that appeared before the Queen last year so either she's been doing body pump a lot or the picture has been doctored. Look carefully at the red dress picture on her website. This is the face of a 55/56 year old woman who looks, frankly like a radiant, healthy 35 year old. The Before the Dawn life jacket shot, however looks as though the jawline has been digitally altered. What do people think

by Alison Moyetreply 34808/11/2014

I'd be extremely surprised if she does any other shows after BTD. It takes so much energy to create them and she doesn't need the cash or the media spotlight. As for the idea of her doing Glastonbury. NO. Kate performing on stage in the bright unforgiving light of day to people who are really there to see the Arctic Minkeys or what ever they are called. NO. You may as well expect her to appear on X-factor. Kate belongs on a smallish darkened stage with lots of dry ice and whale noise. Exactly what she has opted to do.

by Alison Moyetreply 34908/11/2014

i hope there are some bootleg videos of the shows that will make their way to youtube.


by Alison Moyetreply 35008/11/2014

I got my ticket for the show. Should I go? It's going to cost me $1500 to fly to London. Shit.

by Alison Moyetreply 35108/11/2014

well of course you should? are you nuts? or just a troll....

by Alison Moyetreply 35208/12/2014

Why would I be a troll?

by Alison Moyetreply 35308/12/2014

Stevie Nicks, the Wilson sisters, Kate Bush; they all look like Wiccans.

by Alison Moyetreply 35408/12/2014

You might be a troll because you went ahead and bought a ticket and are now ASKING if you should get yourself to London...

I mean, wtf??

by Alison Moyetreply 35508/12/2014

Some of you are highly paranoid. The ticket was not that expensive. The plane ticket is pricey. It equals my monthly rent. I would have to be extraordinarily idle to troll on a Kate Bush thread.

by Alison Moyetreply 35608/12/2014

I get that the ticket is less than the airfare, r339.

But why would you go ahead and buy a ticket for a show in London if you weren't prepared to actually get on a plane and get there?!!?

by Alison Moyetreply 35708/12/2014

I bought the ticket back in April, I think. I wanted to give myself the option of going if I'm financially OK come September. Surely I'm not the only person who did this.

by Alison Moyetreply 35808/12/2014

Late summer in London. Seeing what is likely to be Kate's very last appearances. I think on your deathbed you'd regret not going. Borrow the money.

I not only have a ticket to see Ms Bush but I've also just discovered Dame Shirley Bassey has a new album coming out with a possible world tour!! The world just gets gayer.

Kate was offered the James Bond theme Moonraker but declined it. Bassey did it and Kate said she sang it better than she could have done. How generous.

by Alison Moyetreply 35908/13/2014

There was some talk of her putting on weight around the time of The Dreaming. I didn't think it was true then. There were no pictures and she really didn't look as though she could put on weight with that petite frame.

I'll be extremely surprised if she doesn't slim down for the shows.

by Alison Moyetreply 36008/17/2014

kate could sit on an overstuffed barcalounger weighing 500 pounds and she'd still be a genius-goddess icon for the ages.

by Alison Moyetreply 36108/17/2014

I think Debbie Harry still looks amazing at her age. She isn't rail thin and yes, she had some work but she is in the public eye and has been for over 40 years.

Obviously Kate has no concern with her appearance -- her messy hair proves that. And if she is happy, awesome. It is jarring though and for me it's not the weight gain, just the look like she rolled out of bed.

I agree I would rather people be HAPPY and not starving.

At the height of Desperate Housewives popularity, I lived in California and saw Terri Hatcher with her daughter at Disneyland. She looked EMACIATED in person. She never looked too thin on television. I don't doubt that to maintain that for any woman, is a horribly quality of life.

by Alison Moyetreply 36208/17/2014

She's asked for the audience not to use smart phones to record the London show. Absolutely.

Can you imagine trying to do waking the witch and seeing row upon row of jostling arms and pulsing lights in the shadows.

by Alison Moyetreply 36308/19/2014

Actually I think Kate is very concerned with her appearance and image and suspect she will have lost weight. She always seemed to put on weight between albums but she seems to be a bit of a control freak.

I also think her re-emergence is tied in with her kid reaching a certain age and she had stated she would like to perform live again before she had to use a walker.

I do wonder if she hadn't waited to long and wonder about the critical and fan reaction will be. I hope the British press are kind but she seems to evolved into the realm of a music icon and hopefully has not set herself up for criticism.

I would think she is under a lot of pressure to wow us

by Alison Moyetreply 36408/23/2014

On my way to London for the Tuesday show. Dribbling in my panties at the prospect! The tension in the theatre the second she walks out will be immense. I hope she handles it.

by Alison Moyetreply 36508/24/2014

your mothers bush is fat

by Alison Moyetreply 36608/24/2014

We really shouldn't be continuing this thread owing to its obnoxious title. Can't we migrate to the other thread ("Kate Bush's first concerts in 34 years") about her and allow this one to wither and die?

by Alison Moyetreply 36708/24/2014

Here's a link to the other thread.

R367, I'm afraid, though, that trying to tell Dataloungers to act nicely is like throwing bloody entrails into shark-infested water.

by Alison Moyetreply 36808/24/2014

Could the "Kate Bush is Fat" cunt brigade all jump into a vat of boiling oil and go away? She's a great musician no one worth a damn gives a shit if she's a size 16 or not.

by Alison Moyetreply 36908/24/2014

So, anyone seen tonight's show?

The Telegraph gives it four (out of five) stars, marveling at her voice.

by Alison Moyetreply 37008/26/2014


by Alison Moyetreply 37108/26/2014

best recap I have seen so far:

by Alison Moyetreply 37208/27/2014


by Alison Moyetreply 37308/27/2014

5 stars from the Guardian

by Alison Moyetreply 37408/27/2014

I was there and as I had previously predicted here, the were lots of men with fish-heads and Bird-heads. 9th wave was as good as tour of life, especially when the 'helicopter' came out into the audience. travesty was she did quite a bit from red shoes and NOTHING from the Dreaming (?!!!!!)

by Alison Moyetreply 37508/27/2014

She was last night more or less the same weight as she was when she met the Queen, ie a bit plump and when she was thrown onto the floor by her dancers it was a bit ungainly. However she does carry the weight very well and does look very stylish. and her voice was stronger than I had expected. I can't believe if she does this show for 22 nights she won't drop a few dress sizes. I'd sooner have a plump, talented Kate than a slim, less talented singer though.

by Alison Moyetreply 37608/27/2014

She looks fine.

by Alison Moyetreply 37708/27/2014

thanks for the first hand report r376!!!

Can you elaborate a bit?

How was her son Bertie?

by Alison Moyetreply 37808/27/2014

I'm going. Just booked a ticket. Fuck it.

See you in a few days, Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Alison Moyetreply 37908/27/2014

You anonymous morons are entitled to your opinions, but really? Not an original thought

by Alison Moyetreply 38008/27/2014

Have fun, R339!

by Alison Moyetreply 38108/28/2014

Eh? She didn't get fat "because of illness", she got fat for the same reason that virtually every fatty gets fat - over-developed hand-to-mouth co-ordination.

by Alison Moyetreply 38208/28/2014

Kate Bush had two choices, "doesn't she look fat" and "doesn't she look old" she went with the most sensible option which was fat. Madonna went the "doesn't she look old" option which in my opinion is the worst option if you want to be relevant.

by Alison Moyetreply 38308/28/2014

It's called aging.

by Alison Moyetreply 38408/28/2014

I saw her on opening night and her figure was 'full' or 'curvy' but I don't think she was fat. She's probably average weight for a 56 year old woman in the UK. The thing that struck me was that she actually looked quite healthy, even radiant and quite young for her years. And her hair was gloriously long and her costumes very stylish and very 'Kate'. She has a few lines on her forehead which she could easily botox away if she wanted to and she chooses not to. The only thing I know for sure is that she has had her teeth fixed.

by Alison Moyetreply 38508/29/2014

i adore her and i am so so so so so so so so jealous of you, r385.

by Alison Moyetreply 38608/29/2014

I saw her last night on stage. She is not full or curvy. She is plain fat.

What matter is that her voice is incredibly well preserved thanks to the fact that she never really toured. She sounds fucking amazing live.

by Alison Moyetreply 38709/02/2014

thin or stout, she's a goddess.

by Alison Moyetreply 38809/21/2014

She has the funds to at least get fit and pay a personal trainer there really is no excuse. She did not perform her hits which the fans wanted to hear. They pay her lifestyle. Give back to them Kate

by Alison Moyetreply 38909/23/2014

You're an idiot, minx.

by Alison Moyetreply 39009/24/2014

Yes she is overweight. I'm sure she's aware of the fact. And it certainly looks as though the photo of her in a life jacket has had the jawline slimmed. However, thank god she did not say NO to playing live because she's chubby. I saw her on night one and what came over to me was that her voice was strong, her imagination even stronger and she seemed a really decent, grounded, ethical, humble person.

by Alison Moyetreply 39109/27/2014

R389 Believe or not she has a personal trainer and is still fat!

by Alison Moyetreply 39209/27/2014

[quote] she seemed a really decent, grounded, ethical, humble person.

You got all that from watching her on stage? Did she make some sort of speech or something?

by Alison Moyetreply 39309/27/2014

Her last album was embarrassingly awful.

by Alison Moyetreply 39409/27/2014

says you.

by Alison Moyetreply 39509/27/2014

She didn't do a long monologue but she regularly spoke to the audience in a really respectful, thankful way. There was one situation mid-song when a doorman stepped in when a couple of people decided to get up and 'dance' very enthusiastically a few yards in front of Kate. She smiled at the couple, handled the situation intelligently and never missed a note. I used to think that Kate's weight mattered and that it was preventing her from dancing and doing videos etc. Watching her live, the roar of her voice, her creativity and sheer talent-The size of her waist seemed practically irrelevant.

by Alison Moyetreply 39610/06/2014

She is clearly a kind, warm, loving human being.

Couple that with her immense talent, and she is a goddess.

by Alison Moyetreply 39710/06/2014

She certainly is aware of her appearance; 1 She had her teeth fixed years ago 2 At 56 she presumably colours her (very long)hair brown (?) 3 The lifejacket photos are clearly doctored around the jawline.

And yet she doesn't drop any weight for the shows-(!?) Either she thinks; 1 her weight is irrelevant (evidence suggests this is not the case) 2 She has a health problem like arthritis that hinders weight loss 3 she's been gradually putting on weight for the last 20 years and she's decided for whatever reason not to try to slim down for the shows. This is the most interesting possibility as it forces us fans to confront our existential fears of ageing, body change and death. And gays certainly run a mile from all that.

by Alison Moyetreply 39810/07/2014

She's also funny. I've read bits and pieces of stuff she said during the shows. She has a quick wit.

Well, we're not going to see her for a while now. Sigh.

by Alison Moyetreply 39910/07/2014

It would be a big commitment for her to do any future shows. Even if she decided tomorrow to do more it would take 18 months to develop. So we are looking at 2016 at the very earliest, when she would be 58/59. Her next job is to edit the DVD before Xmas. Her back catalogue is so vast though that more shows could be viable. Can you imagine her bellowing Get Out of My House across a stage to a guy with a mule's head. Wind tunnel centre-left of course. Perhaps she ignored The Dreaming this time around for a reason....

by Alison Moyetreply 40010/08/2014

Some of you (r398) spend too much time considering her specific body issues.

by Alison Moyetreply 40110/08/2014

Yes Get out of my house would be Eee-aw-inspiring... At Hammersmith she turned into a crow and flew above us. I'd like to see how she turns into the wind on stage. Well if anyone can do it she can

by Alison Moyetreply 40210/08/2014

Now she's got the beehive she looks spookily like a brunette Mae West in her later years

by Alison Moyetreply 40312/02/2014

Blink, blink ... is it Heart's Nancy Wilson or Kate Bush? Yikes. Some meds can do that ... hope KB is well. She loves to shock -- and she has succeeded! Fat and happy. Who could have imagined it?

by Alison Moyetreply 40412/22/2014

She's boring beyond belief and strapped for cash.

by Alison Moyetreply 40512/22/2014

Madonna shits ALL OVER Bush's entire career!

by Alison Moyetreply 40603/16/2015

Madonna who?

by Alison Moyetreply 40703/16/2015
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