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Any real proof Bradley Cooper, and Victor Garber, had an affair while working on "Alias" ?

Heard this rumor for years, but couldn't they have just been great buddies on the set , and thats it - any real proof ?

by J. Espositoreply 7206/04/2015

It is just a rumor. No proof. Even if Bradley is gay I doubt he'd be into Garber.

by J. Espositoreply 104/29/2012

Desperate people do desperate things

by J. Espositoreply 204/29/2012

No proof at all.

by J. Espositoreply 304/29/2012

Garber likes 'em really young, so Cooper would have been too long in the tooth for him. I'm sure they became good friends because of the natural bonding of having in common the plight of the closeted gay actor in Hollywood.

by J. Espositoreply 404/29/2012

Just because Cooper has Daddy issues doesn't mean he fucked Garber - but he did.

by J. Espositoreply 504/29/2012

Cooper has a blue dress with the evidence of their affair hidden in his closet just in case, OP.

by J. Espositoreply 604/29/2012

RE 5 .And didn't you insert your giant hose into Mr. Cooper too Liam ? Is he everyone's pass around boy ?

by J. Espositoreply 704/29/2012

Don't forget about me- I just worked with him in the upcoming "The Words", and after divorcing my last wife , I had a piece of Coop's fine ass too !

by J. Espositoreply 804/29/2012

Speaking of divorce, isn't that what I did after I caught you in bed with that trick Bradley ?

by J. Espositoreply 904/29/2012

R4, like Paolo Montalban-young?

by J. Espositoreply 1004/29/2012

Any other gossip about yourself you'd like to share with us, Dennis at R8?

by J. Espositoreply 1104/29/2012

Garber brought Cooper to the Emmys.

Pretty weird for just work buddies, if you ask me.

by J. Espositoreply 1204/29/2012

He likes them old...

by J. Espositoreply 1304/29/2012

but that makes me think nothing was going on between them r12....if there was would they be bold enough to go to the Emmys

by J. Espositoreply 1404/29/2012

I thought someone had a credible story of Garber introducing Cooper as his partner in some private context. Anyone?

by J. Espositoreply 1504/29/2012

Never heard that. Think Victor will ever write a book ? He's got a lot of Broadway / Hollywood stories to tell. Though he could always go the Frank Langella route, and just make it look like he fucked only women. Cowardly.

by J. Espositoreply 1604/29/2012

That was me

by J. Espositoreply 1704/29/2012

RE 11 Can't talk now. Furiously doing my sit-ups

by J. Espositoreply 1804/30/2012

Garber has had a partner for decades. He may have fooled around—and probably has—but there's little chance he introduced Cooper with that title.

by J. Espositoreply 1904/30/2012

Yes, Garber's partner is Rainer Andreesen. And not suprisingly, he looks like an older version of .......Bradley Cooper ! Striking looking guy, but not young. Maybe like alot of couples together for a long time, they seperated for a while, Vic had his fling with Coop, then got back together with his older version of Brad, Rainer. Or, Coop joined in for a 3-way.That would have made quite a sandwich.

by J. Espositoreply 2004/30/2012

I assume this is a painting is nude self portrait of Rainer Andreese couple others on his website

Wonder if he has ever painted Garber in the nude?

by J. Espositoreply 2104/30/2012

Victor Garber can't be gay - he was Jesus in Godspell.

by J. Espositoreply 2204/30/2012

I had Brad's ass too, when we made "Valentine's Day" !

by J. Espositoreply 2304/30/2012

Really ? So did I, on the same movie !

by J. Espositoreply 2404/30/2012

I remember that ass when we made " He's just not that Into You". Call me Coop-

by J. Espositoreply 2504/30/2012

Hey Coop, did you forget about our romp on "Limitless" ? . Miss that peen !

by J. Espositoreply 2604/30/2012

Know it was a long time ago Coop, on "Nip-Tuck", but would love to rim you one more time

by J. Espositoreply 2704/30/2012

It was a rumor that you heard passed around, but it had a whiff of the Gerbil Story to it. I know Bradley is gay, and La Garber is well-known as gay, so part of me suspects they could have gotten pushed together into a piece of gossip that didn't reflect the facts.

But Bradley is gay. He wasn't even very discreet when Alias first hit the airwaves.

by J. Espositoreply 2804/30/2012

And you are ..............?

by J. Espositoreply 2904/30/2012

Here are Garber and Andreesen together.

By the way, even Wikipedia says they're dating.

by J. Espositoreply 3004/30/2012

R21: It looks like he has. But only from the chest up.

by J. Espositoreply 3104/30/2012

This is what Victor enjoys at night.

And sometimes in the morning.

And on steamy afternoons.

by J. Espositoreply 3204/30/2012

Jesus I had no idea Victor had a piece like that at home. Lucky man.

by J. Espositoreply 3304/30/2012

So I think whoever said he likes emyoung, has been proven wrong. Older daddy, old daddy

by J. Espositoreply 3404/30/2012

Rainer could do SO much better than Betty Garber.

by J. Espositoreply 3504/30/2012

Lucky for me Bradley likes them old!

by J. Espositoreply 3604/30/2012

Me too !

by J. Espositoreply 3704/30/2012

r34: Aint that refreshing?

by J. Espositoreply 3805/01/2012

Re R31, ewww! I don't wanna see my SpyDaddy nekkid!

He needs to be in a sharp, dark suit and tie!

Or a white linen suit, if the climate allows.

by J. Espositoreply 3905/01/2012

That self-portrait of Rainer made him look older, and worse than he is in reality.

by J. Espositoreply 4005/01/2012

Lovers were reunited last night in NYC:

by J. Espositoreply 4108/21/2012

Do ya'll think that Liam's friend Ralph Fiennes has ever shared Bradley with Liam?

We all know Liam's hung like a stallion but can he pound like one too?

by J. Espositoreply 4208/27/2012

bumping here b/c I'm watching Bradley Cooper on KATIE right now.

I've known about this guy for years, but never really paid any attention to him.

At times all the Bradleys and Ryans run into each other and I can't tell 'em apart.

But I really like this guy. He seems friendly, like someone you'd want to hang out with.

He is awfully restless though... he's acting like Katie's going to ask him who his boyfriend is.

by J. Espositoreply 4302/04/2013

He seems like this is the last leg of this promo tour and he wants to be done with it. Deniro is barely awake.

by J. Espositoreply 4402/04/2013

I have no doubt after seeing this.

by J. Espositoreply 4503/25/2013

bump that is a really good find!

you don't hold each other whilst walking between friends. gay or straight.

that is overly friendly.

by J. Espositoreply 4604/16/2013

No, it is not true. Garber has much better taste than that.

by J. Espositoreply 4704/16/2013

I have a pair of Bradley's blood-soaked panties with Victor's cum mixed in. Still waiting for a decent offer from someone to release them.

by J. Espositoreply 4804/16/2013

Those photos prove not everything you read on DL is a lie.

by J. Espositoreply 4904/16/2013

Garber has been stalking young actors and cornering them (sometimes in tandem with Nathan Lane) until they gave in, for fucking years. There are many many actors out there who have been tag teamed by Garber, but have never said a word.

Like that actor in "Bones", for instance.

by J. Espositoreply 5004/16/2013

Which actor on Bones?

by J. Espositoreply 5104/16/2013

Maybe Bradley is really gay friendly. It has to be mentioned that Bradley and Jennifer are extremely close to Garber.

by J. Espositoreply 5204/16/2013

puhlease Matthew Broderick is really gay friendly, do you see him walking with his arm around Nathan Lane (who is also probably one of his best friends) down the street whilst Nathan holds him too?

by J. Espositoreply 5304/16/2013

That caption reads they walked arm n arm or holding hands. IF that's true (I'm taking this persons word), straight dudes don't do that.

My guess is he's either Bi or or very touchy feely.

by J. Espositoreply 5404/17/2013

This is the worse gossip board EVER. Self-loathing closet cases and homophobic fraus demanding 'proof' of gossip, then arguing vehemently that no one in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is gay or bisexual. Go to the History channel website if you can't handle gay gossip folks. And see psychiatrists.

by J. Espositoreply 5504/17/2013

It's clear in the second photo that Victor has his arm around Bradley's waist.

by J. Espositoreply 5604/17/2013

Who cares? At the very least, I am sure both Bradley Cooper and Victor Garber are both very good friends. As much as we'd like to think they WERE an "item", it's nonetheless, nobody's business! Labels should be a thing of the past; Straight, bi or gay, it's all bullshit! Anyone and everyone has the right to like ( or love ) whomever they want...opposite sex, same sex - it doesn't matter.

One thing is certain: Both Bradley Cooper and Victor Garber are both great a fellow Canadian, I should also add that if the rumors were true, Bradley has great taste in men - Canadian men! LOL!

by J. Espositoreply 5706/20/2014

When Garber called Bradley his "protege'" he really meant that Cooper was the bottom and he was the top.

by J. Espositoreply 5812/31/2014

Bradley Cooper is not gay. He's just boy friendly.

by J. Espositoreply 5901/01/2015


by J. Espositoreply 6001/01/2015

bradley cooper, he look like Christophe Michalak, chef pâttisier françias

by J. Espositoreply 6101/18/2015

i mean chef pâtissier français

by J. Espositoreply 6201/18/2015

IIRC back in the day one of the tabloids outed Bradley and Victor.

It was when Jennifer Garner married on some secluded island. Victor performed the ceremony and long camera lens caught him and Bradley being very touchy feely.

I can't remember if it was Jennifer's first or second marriage.

BC and VG wore matching grey suits.

by J. Espositoreply 6301/18/2015

R63 Well this is BS. Jennifer was already married to Scott Foley when she began Alias and met Victor.

Her wedding to Ben Affleck was captured by paparazzi. The man in the photo with them is VG's longtime bf Rainer. So you did not recall correctly.

by J. Espositoreply 6401/18/2015

Did Bradley walk funny after seeing Victor?

by J. Espositoreply 6501/18/2015

Rainer Andreesen is technically proficient, but there is no question he paints from photographs.

by J. Espositoreply 6601/18/2015

I saw Victor Garber at Copley Sq in Boston today. You know is also in Boston, Bradley Cooper.

by J. Espositoreply 6704/26/2015

Oh DL.

The only allegedly closeted celebs who've had guys come out of the woodwork are Travolta and Spacey. And maybe Jeremy Renner because the roommate thing.

Everything else is just pure speculation, even Tom Cruise.

That's not to say that these guys are definitely straight, just that there's been no one actually claiming to have had sex with them.

by J. Espositoreply 6804/26/2015

[quote]Victor Garber can't be gay - he was Jesus in Godspell.

Your point?

by J. Espositoreply 6904/26/2015

R67 BC isn't in Boston. 'Joy'which was filming there wrapped almost 2 weeks ago. BC was at the White House Correspondent's Dinner yesterday in DC.

by J. Espositoreply 7004/26/2015

Together again!

by J. Espositoreply 7106/03/2015

Cooper was Garber's plaything. He gave it up for whatever connections Garber was willing to offer.

by J. Espositoreply 7206/04/2015
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