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A Free ONLINE Version of Grindr ? ? ?

I found this on WeHo Confidential today & thought I should share it. Not everyone has an IPHONE. __________________

Finally a site with the GeoTargeting functionality of an app & the accessibility of a website that's both PC/Laptop & Mobile Friendly.

The new APPless place to meet a bro from home, work or on the go!

An all new gaysocial network with the geo functionality of Grindr & the accessibility of a .com like gayromeo(uk) / adam4adam(usa).

Tired of being left out in the a world of apps, sick of logging on to multiple accounts just to browse the APPless bros or fed up with paying $1.00 just to load more bros!?

Then check-out this completely free, work friendly & mother approved website that puts all other gay networks to shame!

The site is UP & growing at a rate of 100 new bros per day & if you're not a member yet you're missing out!

"I am glad my son finally has a classier place online to meet like minded bros" Regina Corsaro, Mother

"Why do I need a grindr & an adam4adam? With all my bases are covered". Fletcher S., Bro

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1605/17/2013


by Lucas John, WeHoreply 105/16/2013

OP? It's existed for years. It's called Manhunt. Also, while an iPhone may be pricey, do you lack a smartphone, period?? Are you still using a fucking flip phone??? Sweet Jesus.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 205/16/2013

Some of the ugliest guys I have ever seen.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 305/16/2013

Anyone that dose not have a smart phone by this point is either homeless or someone living in their parents basement.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 405/16/2013

It should really be called Twinks for Twinks. Judging by the guys on there.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 505/16/2013

Is Grindr somehow not online? I thought it depended on getting constant updates.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 605/16/2013

So that's your word for hot guys r5? You're a sad soul

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 705/16/2013

No R7, I just checked it out, most of the guys are not good looking AT ALL. And most seem very young and frail looking. Not exactly what one pictures when one calls someone BRO.

Beside, most gay men do not refer to each other as Bro. It is trying to hard to be cool and straight acting by using a label that has been out of use for over a decade.

Calling someone Bro or Dude is a punchline these days.

Grovy Man, Far Out, Gag me with a Spoon.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 805/17/2013

Very surprised to find someone like R8 with an accurate grasp on slang on the DL.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 905/17/2013

op, make a new thread entitled Bros4Bros. Love the name

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1005/17/2013

Unless R8 is referring to Grover in the diminutive, I don't think "Grovy" qualifies as an accurate grasp of slang.

And though it may be tired, many young straight guys on the east coast do indeed still say bro, btw.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1105/17/2013

R6 is cute in his ignorance.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1205/17/2013

On you can sort people online by "recent" or "near me" on your computer.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1305/17/2013


by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1405/17/2013

THE problem is the composition of the people on there. They are not the "bro" type. They are very thin and non-masculine. A site called Bro4Bro should have buff athletic masculine jock types.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1505/17/2013

R5, you sound like you'd be much happier on Scruff.

by Lucas John, WeHoreply 1605/17/2013
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