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Anyone see 'The Woman Who Wasn't There' on ID ?

She pretended to be a survivor of 9/11, and help to comfort other survivors, & appeared on TV, But she made it all up.When people caught on to her ruse, she disappeared.

by Meredith V.reply 5809/10/2017

Yes, I watched it, although I missed the beginning. It was a fascinating story. I'm sure DL armchair psychiatrists would be able to diagnose the woman!

by Meredith V.reply 104/19/2012

I have it on my DVR, op, but haven't got around to watching it yet.

by Meredith V.reply 204/19/2012

It wasn't about money. She didn't swindle anyone. It's like she just wanted attention. One thing stood out. Like Casey Anthony, they all refered to her as the best liar they'd ever seen. Her stories were so detailed. No one suspected.

by Meredith V.reply 304/19/2012

Was it crazy Kelli, the muse??!

by Meredith V.reply 404/19/2012

Is it available on PPV or online?

by Meredith V.reply 504/19/2012

Just 'On Demand' , on Discovery ID channel. I thought it was really well done, with the cartoon like pictures of what she 'claimed' she witnessed. The ending was kind of abrupt though - guess just wanting to show she's been seen back on the streets of NYC, and not happy to be spotted, or filmed.

by Meredith V.reply 604/20/2012

Watched it last night. Fasinating. So she lived off family money? Turned out she never worked and she rented office space where she would meet other members of the 9/11 survivor victims groups. Is that right?

by Meredith V.reply 704/20/2012

Thank you R2. That was a huge addition to the discussion.

by Meredith V.reply 804/20/2012

Such are the forms loneliness can take...

by Meredith V.reply 904/20/2012

Thank you R8. I needed a little smart ass snark to get my day properly started.

by Meredith V.reply 1004/20/2012

r8: The New r1

by Meredith V.reply 1104/20/2012

Her name's Tania Head and she's fat and unattractive. So many fat and ugly women pull these kinds of scams.

by Meredith V.reply 1204/20/2012

It was a great documentary. It unfolded in such a surprising manner and in such contrast to what we had seen from Tania in the early portion of the film.

I thought it was most telling that at the end of the movie, even the survivors who said they had hatred for her, were missing her.

And I agree, the abrupt shot of her on a NY street wasn't enough for me. However, the filmmaker said that he became good friends with Tania until the truth was uncovered.

by Meredith V.reply 1304/20/2012

What about the man who claimed to have "surfed down the debris" and ridden the collapsing building all the way down? I think he was even a firefighter.

by Meredith V.reply 1404/20/2012

Tania is Spanish and European women are rarely obese. What happened with this one?

by Meredith V.reply 1504/20/2012

Mental illness, R15?

by Meredith V.reply 1604/20/2012

Repeats tonite at 8p.

by Meredith V.reply 1704/20/2012

She was reputedly a reptilian.

by Meredith V.reply 1804/20/2012

I thought people would've caught on sooner. Wouldn't they have thought it weird that she had no pix of her beloved Dave?

But the level of detail she invented was just amazing. I try to imagine her sitting around thinking all that stuff up.

by Meredith V.reply 1904/20/2012

NPR has a story on it.

by Meredith V.reply 2004/20/2012


by Meredith V.reply 2104/20/2012

[quote]And I agree, the abrupt shot of her on a NY street wasn't enough for me. However, the filmmaker said that he became good friends with Tania until the truth was uncovered.

It's explained better in the book. The book was fascinating and much more detailed. You will absolutely hate her if you read it. What a cunt. Not sure I could find it in my heart to forgive her. I just wanted to hug her friend Linda..

by Meredith V.reply 2204/24/2012

There also was another documentary about her that I saw a few years ago - it's so weird that she could lie so skillfully and not have a conscience about it, she never apologized to any of the people she duped. I don't know why some of those folks forgave her. People like this should be put away somewhere.

by Meredith V.reply 2304/24/2012

What do we think of the movie's openly-gay director Angelo Gugliemlo?

by Meredith V.reply 2404/24/2012

[quote]What do we think of the movie's openly-gay director Angelo Gugliemlo?

IFFH.. over and over and over again.

by Meredith V.reply 2504/24/2012

I am a Lesbian and if I ever meet her I will kick her in the vagina bone repeatedly.

This woman was out of her fucking mind for what she did and I hope someone beats her down. She took time away, for all anyone should know, from others in need. She did not take away money, but time, and after a disaster time is just as important as money if not more so.

Fuck her. She'll get hers at some point.

by Meredith V.reply 2604/24/2012

I was there.

by Meredith V.reply 2704/25/2012

Is this about the large woman (originally from Spain)? Who pretended she was rescued, and even visited the family of her 'rescuer'. She then disappeared.

by Meredith V.reply 2804/25/2012

[quote]The book was fascinating and much more detailed. You will absolutely hate her if you read it. What a cunt.

You're not kidding. I just finished the book and she's worse than my friend Julie. She made sure she had the ultimate survivor story by stealing elements of many 9/11 stories, then lorded over other survivors with her suffering. She was a sucking eddy of need and reminded everyone that her story was the biggest. She was also vindictive as hell.

She was last seen on 34th and Lexington (probably staying at the Affinia Dumont) in September of 2011. She's lost a handful of pounds and changed her hair--I wouldn't put it past her to try to change her appearance completely so she can continue to live in the city she loves and start over with a new fantasy life.

Beware, NY DLers! Don't pick up any stray chubby and charming hags without vetting!

by Meredith V.reply 2905/04/2012

I wonder about bipolar disorder with Tania. She, Timothy Treadwell, and the Invisible Children guy seem cut from a similar cloth. Treadwell was a known unmedicated bipolor.

by Meredith V.reply 3005/05/2012

Here's a different documentary on her:

by Meredith V.reply 3105/05/2012


Nah. This lady is just a batty piece of shit on Earth is all she is.

by Meredith V.reply 3205/05/2012

Just finished watching that video I posted. R29, it says at the end that the organization received an e-mail in 2008 stating that Tania/Alicia had killed herself, but they weren't able to verify the claim.

by Meredith V.reply 3305/05/2012

Does anyone know where I can find that pigshit sucking cunt tania head. I want to cut the fat cunt to ribbons?

by Meredith V.reply 3408/16/2012

So strange. She lived in my building until very recently. She is so dumpy and benign looking, I was shocked when I learned the whole story about her.

by Meredith V.reply 3508/16/2012

Just finished the book - it was very good. She's an astoundingly good manipulator. The way she made herself the centre of the group, then edged out anyone who challenged her, re-victimizing these poor people all over again...

Then when she was caught, her only fear and concern was for herself.

by Meredith V.reply 3608/16/2012

I hadn't seen this until the thread about documentaries. How many of you would have believed her? I wouldn't have believed her story for 2 seconds. Especially about the fiancé. That rose petals to the dining room/trip to Hawaii story was so false I honestly can't have any respect for the people who believed her. I have a feeling there weren't very many people in that particular 9/11 survivor group. They all seemed neurotic and needy. Birds of a feather, just waiting to be plucked.

by Meredith V.reply 3709/04/2013

She seems like a textbook case of Munchausen Syndrome to me. It's not only about people who fake illnesses, but other kinds of trauma as well, to gain attention and sympathy.

by Meredith V.reply 3809/04/2013

Or split personality?

I remember Roseanne Barr saying she was in therapy with other troubled youths, most of whom were drug addicts. And they toured with a sort of production based on their experiences. She wasn't into drugs, but just by listening to the stories over and over, she invented her own backstory that sounded quite real.

Then we have the folks who come here pretending to be bitchy gay men- but that's another thread.

by Meredith V.reply 3909/04/2013

Or the people who come in here and matter-of-factory make up stories about celebrities, claiming to know the celebrity. Everything they say is false, yet you get the feeling that they totally beleve their made up stories.

by Meredith V.reply 4009/05/2013

Matter-of-factly -- thanks, ghost of Steve Jobs

by Meredith V.reply 4109/05/2013

What's the name of the book about her? I'd like to read it.

by Meredith V.reply 4209/05/2013

r42, the one I read was called the same as the documentary: The Woman Who Wasn' There.

by Meredith V.reply 4309/05/2013

Apparently the man she made out to be her fiancé was David Tengelin from Marsh McLennan. He was from Sweden. His family lived in various countries in Europe, so Head didn't need to worry about bumping into them at any 9/11 ceremonies in NYC.

by Meredith V.reply 4409/05/2013

No, I'm wrong. It appears she madeDavid Suarez out to be her fiancé. He was a handsome young guy. How anyone could believe a handsome young guy like that could be remotely interested in the hoglike Head, who on top of being ugly and fat had a voice like Andy Kaufman, is a mystery to me. The bald guy who said he looked up Dave on the Internet and had "doubts" but *put them away,* has to be one of those retards who forwards idiotic glurge and obvious Internet hoaxes onto everyone in his address file.

It's a comment on America. All of the lies fold by Bush, by Rush Limbaugh, by Fox News - these are the people who are swallowing these lies whole and digesting them. The same people who believed Tania Head for so long. they're too lazy to think. They're too lazy to do anything even when confronted with proof that this woman was lying. They voted out the president of their group and replaced him with this pig-faced liar because she bad mouthed him behind his back and they sided with her -- without even letting the guy know they were being told doubtful things by Miss Piggy. They're scum, too. Especially that Linda woman, who attached herself to Head like a barnacle. She's one of those people who needs drama in her life and seeks out liars and con artists.

by Meredith V.reply 4509/05/2013

That's half the people on datalounge, with respect to the AIDS epidemic. Don't lie. We know you were all married to women and gay bashing in your spare time.

by Meredith V.reply 4609/05/2013

Don't worry R46. Nobody wants to fuck you.

by Meredith V.reply 4709/05/2013

It's on Netflix or you can pay $2.99 to watch it on YouTube

by Meredith V.reply 4809/05/2013

That last scene with her on the street spooked me in a really weird way.

by Meredith V.reply 4904/30/2014

I read somewhere (maybe it was here, on another thread) that the guy who made the documentary was suspicious of Tania from the beginning, because she was fat and fug and claimed to have a hot guy as a fiance. Anybody with a halfway decent bullshit detector would not have been taken in by her lies. Her stories were like cheesy romance fiction. I've met similar people in the past, who spin stories like a compilation of Lifetime Original Movies Greatest Hits. Attention whores, the lot of 'em.

And yeah, her "friend" Linda was pathetic. As I recall from the documentary, she had no connection to WTC but just happened to be walking in the area when the planes hit. Granted, that would be a traumatic experience for anyone, but most people would have gotten over it. She seemed to be a gullible type who was looking for a leader.

by Meredith V.reply 5004/30/2014

I just watched it this morning on Netflix.

by Meredith V.reply 5104/30/2014

R50, that story of him in the coconut bra should've told anyone with half a brain that she was lying. No real human would do something like that outside of an episode of Step by Step. Especially for someone like her.

by Meredith V.reply 5204/30/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by Meredith V.reply 5304/30/2014

Fascinating documentary and as much about the psychology of those who believed her as the crazy liar. Fraud seemed to run in her family.

Agree about the last scene R49. Eerie.

by Meredith V.reply 5404/30/2014

Tania fiancee Dave (link below)

Just seeing his picture, there is no way he would fall for someone as dumpy and fat as Tania.

No offense , I can't picture them together exchanging vows in Hawaii, making mad passionate love, or him having the hots for her.

Especially with all the single women in NYC far better looking than Tania.

That should have set alarm bells off by other survivors, by seeing his picture.

by Meredith V.reply 5511/26/2014

btw every single person was taken in by Tania. NO ONE questioned her story except one person

Brenden Chellis who is in both the book and the movie.

Even the director was conned by her, and changed the documentary from the survivors of 9/11 9which it was originally going to be) to Tania's con.

Linda was (as is) a weak person. Tania being the psycho is recognized that and manipulated Linda into being her slave.

by Meredith V.reply 5611/26/2014

btw the story is being developed into a feature film.

Melissa McCarthy name is being floated around for the role of Tania.

by Meredith V.reply 5711/26/2014

ID channel is showing this right now. I have never heard of this monstrosity. The show is on for 10 more minutes and I didn't see the first half. It doesn't look like something that will end with redemption or forgiveness.

by Meredith V.reply 5809/10/2017
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