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Massive heart attack.

by About timereply 2404/18/2012

I thought he died years ago.

by About timereply 104/18/2012

since OP declined to post a link

by About timereply 204/18/2012


by About timereply 304/18/2012

I'm happy I won't have to see him stumbling through New Years Eve again.

by About timereply 404/18/2012

Longtime host of "American Bandstand." Never aged a day.

by About timereply 504/18/2012

Rumor has always had it that, behind the facade, he was a vile, major league asshole.

by About timereply 604/18/2012

He was R6. I worked for the shithead for a time.

by About timereply 704/18/2012

Always had a soft spot for him. Rest in peace, Dick.

by About timereply 804/18/2012

Strange how he and Don Cornelius died the same year.

by About timereply 904/18/2012

So who is now America's Oldest Living Teenager? Carson Daily? Ryan Seacrud?

by About timereply 1004/18/2012

BTW, although Clark tried desperately to market American Bandstand after the fact as an A-Class variety show on the same level as Ed Sullivan's, it was FAR from it. Bandstand was a cute little afternoon teenage dance show that played records and sometimes has singers appear to lip-sync records.

I'm curious to see how the network news represents it tonight. Guess they will go with the bullshit that Bandstand was a "breakthough" and a "classic."

by About timereply 1104/18/2012

Apparently the doctors killed him with their excess procedures - probably an angioplasty.

by About timereply 1204/18/2012

Thass jus turble.

by About timereply 1304/18/2012

It's about time.

by About timereply 1404/18/2012


by About timereply 1504/18/2012

Not to worry, next year's Rockin' New Year's Eve with Dick Clark's Corpse promises to be no less (and no more) entertaining than usual.

by About timereply 1604/18/2012

I don't believe it, he hardly looked aged at all.

by About timereply 1704/18/2012


by About timereply 1804/18/2012

R16 must be a Disney Imagineer.

by About timereply 1904/18/2012

[quote]Not to worry, next year's Rockin' New Year's Eve with Dick Clark's Corpse promises to be no less (and no more) entertaining than usual.

Dick will be MC'ing Tupac's 2013 tour

by About timereply 2004/18/2012

He aged plenty:

by About timereply 2104/18/2012

Are they sure he's really, most sincerely dead? Cuz ya never know...

by About timereply 2204/18/2012

Dick Clark promoted Frankie Avalon and Fabian's careers. I wanted Fabian inside me, deeply. His Playgirl layout made me the gay I am today!!

by About timereply 2304/18/2012

Well, which records were stacked on his Hi-Fi?

by About timereply 2404/18/2012
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