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Taking Photos/Videos During Concerts

I go to a lot of shows. I get that some younger people like to blog, text, and document every damn bowel movement they make, and that you have to deal with people whipping out their iPhones to document portions of the concert they are witnessing.

I also get that the pictures and video will likely NEVER be watched with any kind of joy, because that's how it is when you try and tape a live show.

But sometimes I go to shows and it's like a dozen fucking douchebags in front of me and beside me all trying to VLOG their way through the concert, and of course, the glow from the phones is always there, always moving around, always adjusting...while everyone behind them has to 'ignore it'. Then they all get home, and nobody gives a shit about their stupid little documentary. So, the whole thing is pointless.

I keep thinking that most people would start to GET IT that it's pointless, but I'm afraid that's not the case.

I was just at a MAZZY STAR concert. 15 years since they last performed, I've been so excited to see them since I heard they were doing a reunion tour. The security in the front gave a big lecture to everyone NOT to use their devices during the show, because the lead singer, Hope Sandoval, has been known to stop a performance when she sees it happen. I've actually seen her do it during one of her solo shows.

But never mind, right? There's always the fucking dozen douchebags that have to stay connected to their devices, despite anything they've been told. Fuck Hope Sandoval, and Fuck the audience in the space around me, I think I'm gonna be a YouTube sensation. Is that it?

THREE of us surrounding this one guy actually approached him and asked him to give it a rest...after a half hour or so of his non-stop media coverage. He patently refused to stop, and gave some lame excuse that he didn't think that his camera was 'that bright' so that it wouldn't be an issue. Then, again, we repeated, 'well, it's clearly an issue if three people are asking you to stop!' He took a break for about 5 minutes, and then started back up again. By the way, this guy was not some young hipster, he was a late 40s gay man.

Anyone who's listened to Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval should's mellow, shoegazing, zone out, relaxing, romantic, chill, fucking smacked out trippy music. Meditative.

But I get the impression that many people are so fucking glued to their gadgets they have lost all sense of manners.

Thanks, I needed to vent.

by get off my lawnreply 3405/04/2013

Sounds like a total nightmare, OP. I agree with you. I hate going to concerts now; almost everyone is watching it through their IPhone and filming the entire thing. Someone I know live-Facebooked a concert she went to. I thought it was obnoxious and removed all her updates from my feed.

by get off my lawnreply 104/11/2012

If you try to tape it on your iPhone, you miss out on the experience of being there live because you were too busy on your phone. And you're never going to watch your motion-sickness wavy video at home anyway.

by get off my lawnreply 204/11/2012

I wonder why someone would prefer to distance themselves from an experience that way?

Not long ago someone to whom I had once been close came to visit and I spent a couple of days taking him sight-seeing. The entire time we were driving around through mountains and rivers and wild country, he was taking pictures and texting his friends back home. He never asked any questions because he apparently had no curiosity or real interest in anything we were seeing.

All he cared about was taking pictures and texting friends. He was upset that some of the things he saw signs for were not on the main highway, but I wasn't all that willing to take him more places when all he was going to do was continue texting.

My feeling was that he wasn't in that car with me; In fact, I didn't get a sense that he was present at all. He wanted to impress his friends, not add to his own experience.

It was also obvious he wasn't interested in spending time with me. When it was time to put him on the plane for hom, I wasn't nearly as sad about it as I would have been had I enjoyed my time with him and the life he seems to be living via texts.

by get off my lawnreply 304/12/2012

BE HERE NOW. I'm 100% with you OP. It's so lame and I feel bad for the performers who can't get a response out of a crowd because of it.

I'm also sick of friends who are on their iphones during the smallest lull in conversation. Surfing the internet is not something you should do when you're in the company of real people!

by get off my lawnreply 404/12/2012

I don't think there is anything wrong with taking a few photos, but some people take it to an extreme, spending THE ENTIRE TIME taking photos/videos and it drives me nuts!!

Like r3 I have a (close) friend I see all the time and he is constantly playing with his phone, but hates if other people use their phones around him. It's so annoying!

by get off my lawnreply 504/12/2012

Hey, is Hope Sandoval still a humorless/tuneless skag? She was the last time I saw her in Denver in 1996.

by get off my lawnreply 604/12/2012

I experienced this, too, OP. I went to a concert, and all the dummies in front of me weren't even looking at the groupb on stage in front of them, they were holding up their phones and looking at that. And this was a small venue - so, in addition, that is what the band gets to see, instead of an energized crowd, and feeding off their energy. The beauty of concerts is that they are lived experiences - these clowns missed it (and wrecked it for others). It's stupid, it's joyless, it's totally uncool, and they aren't even getting a good film!

by get off my lawnreply 704/12/2012

I have taken some SICK pics at concerts and I love it when they show up on my screensaver slideshow.

by get off my lawnreply 804/12/2012

OP? Chill.

by get off my lawnreply 904/12/2012

R9, it's hard to 'chill' when people are flashing their cameras around in front of you.

That's the whole point, I wanted to CHILL at the fucking concert...

I'm supposed to just bend over and accept that people are becoming more stupid?

by get off my lawnreply 1004/12/2012

[quote]I'm supposed to just bend over and accept that people are becoming more stupid?

Yes. That's what chill means.

by get off my lawnreply 1104/12/2012

I'm just amazed at how much money people will pay not to experience a live show.

by get off my lawnreply 1204/12/2012

Right, R12?

I love live music, especially the really slow, quiet, moody stuff.

I had been to two of Hope's solo shows. One of them we got great seats in the VIP section, because we knew the house manager. One of them we stood in the general area. Both those times people generally just stood there, zoning out, taking in the experience...I think there was only like one or two drunk/coked out people being obnoxious or phone-happy. THAT I can deal with...because it's just part of being out in public where there's booze.

But when you have a dozen or so people in your area non-stop phone-fucking the performer, and blogging about it to their friends around the world, it's impossible to just 'chill' and zone out the way you want to.

We did end up moving to the back near the bar area, and it was a bit better and more spacious. People were all sipping cocktails and just watching the performance for the most part. We should've just started there.

by get off my lawnreply 1304/12/2012

I'm tall and get asked to hold phones to record shows. Yes, people really do ask me to do this.

by get off my lawnreply 1404/12/2012

[quote]He wanted to impress his friends, not add to his own experience.

This seems to be the problem with so many things. I have a friend who went to Italy last year. You'd think he'd want to unplug and just enjoy the culture, food, activities, etc. But he was on Facebook several hours a day. HOURS. When he was in ITALY. What the FUCK?

he was constantly updating his status,(Ciao!! Having gelato in Rome!" "Just drove through Cortona!", "About to take a dip in Lake Como!"), posting photos every hour, etc. I was shocked. How can you go to such an amazing place and spend all that time plugged in to your phone and computer? His poor partner was livid and they broke up soon after.

by get off my lawnreply 1504/12/2012

OP sounds like kirker.

by get off my lawnreply 1604/12/2012

Agree with OP. How can a person experience something if they are concentrating on recording it? If all they want is a recording of the experience they should stay home.

by get off my lawnreply 1704/12/2012

It's so annoying. People aren't even paying attention to the show and frankly the audio is going to be shit because if I'm standing near you while you're filming, you're just going to hear that you're a cunt over and over again.

by get off my lawnreply 1804/12/2012

[quote]if I'm standing near you while you're filming, you're just going to hear that you're a cunt over and over again.

I have to remember that. Great idea!

by get off my lawnreply 1904/12/2012

I wish I couldn't believe you, r14, but very sadly I do.

by get off my lawnreply 2004/12/2012

Totally agree. You trade your whole panoramic experience to a view through 2X4 screen. Live concert money well spent.

by get off my lawnreply 2104/12/2012

This seems to happen everywhere. I think people are so lonely, insecure and self-absorbed that they can't enjoy life. Nobody seems to be interested in what is going on outside of themselves. I think the cameras, dogs and other intrusions people use are just excuses to get somebody's attention. "Look at me with my camera (phone), aren't I special." "Isn't my dog adorable. I know he is sniffing your crotch and getting dog smell all over you, but aren't he and I the best things you've ever seen."

by get off my lawnreply 2204/12/2012

R22, that's very true. There are some others, however, who aren't trying to draw attention to having an iPhone (big deal, everyone has one now)...but are actually trying to be 'artists' the lazy way, by documenting things going on in front of them, rather than spending the time and energy being self-reflecting so that one could create true art.

The bitter irony is, the ones who are courageous enough to be real artists are the ones being harassed by the ninnies with iPhones.

by get off my lawnreply 2304/12/2012

I've never understood why people would take more than a few photos at a concert because you aren't really absorbing and taking the concert in if you're busy looking through a lens the whole time.

by get off my lawnreply 2404/12/2012

R22, you reminded me of a guy I see on my walk to work. He's relatively good looking, probably even hot, but he's walking a 3-legged dog and constantly texting (ie, ignoring the dog). Oh, and he wears goofy hats. I've seen him in a beret and of course in winter he wears those big knit hats with the pom poms. You could probably guess that he has sleeve tattoos and "interesting" facial hair.

He seems so totally, ridiculously starved for attention, even if it's negative attention. He's been doing this for years. So strange.

by get off my lawnreply 2504/12/2012

R25, but is he cut or uncut?

by get off my lawnreply 2604/12/2012

The only solution is to beat them to death.

by get off my lawnreply 2704/12/2012

[quote]"Look at me with my camera (phone), aren't I special."

Who would possibly think that? You might as well say "Look at me with my wallet and keys! Aren't I special?"

by get off my lawnreply 2804/12/2012

I'm with you OP. I was actually at a music event recently where someone in the crowd was using an iPad as a camera/video recorder. It was obnoxious.

by get off my lawnreply 2904/12/2012

I just went to a concert the other night, and I couldn't believe how fucking stupid people are!

Some white trash family of 6 was in the same row as me. 4 of them were on one end next to me and the other 2 were on the opposite end of the row. First, the mother asked me and my friend if we could switch seats with her husband and daughter on the other end so that they could all sit together. Me and my friend said no because we liked the seats we had and their seats were further from the stage. She looked disappointed and said OK. 10 minutes later, her stupid ass husband asks me the SAME thing, as if me and my friend may have changed our minds since then. Again, I say no, we like the seats we have. He says, "OK, no problem" and I thought, why didn't you fucking idiots buy all of your tickets together in the first place? And if you couldn't find 6 tickets all together, that's not my problem. I paid for my seats and I want to stay in them.

So throughout the whole fucking 2 hour show, this redneck family and their nasty kids walk back and forth up and down the row switching seats with each other, stepping on peoples' feet and not even saying "sorry", blocking everyone's view and acting obnoxious.

That's what I get for going to a Carrie Underwood concert (my friend is a fan, not me) - bunch of redneck trash in the audience with no manners.

by get off my lawnreply 3005/03/2013

I felt exactly the same way during the annual Seattle May Day riot. (Quite disappointing this year, btw) The poor anarchists literally had to fight their way through all the cameras just to get near the police.

by get off my lawnreply 3105/03/2013

I went to a concert about two years ago. I didn't record a thing and the only photos were of my sis and me, before it started. Don't even occur to me to record.

Last year, after my dad passed away, I took my whole family to a fun concert. I recorded 30 sec max of every song placed and put it away. I don't know, I guess I wanted to remember the live songs and reaction video of my mom and family. It was the first time we did a family event since dad died, I think I just wanted to record/remember that moment?

by get off my lawnreply 3205/03/2013

People filming/taking pictures at concerts doesn't bother me in the slightest since it's not bothering my experience, however, I don't understand why some people want to watch the majority of a concert through a camera lens instead of looking directly at the stage to take it all in.

But that's their choice. I'd rather they do that than deal with idiots around me screaming the lyrics to all the songs so loud that you can't hear the performer. Bitch, I paid to hear the people on stage, not your wannabe karaoke shit.

by get off my lawnreply 3305/04/2013

Rerun snuck his tape recorder into the Doobie Brothers concert and got busted. How come it is okay to record now?

by get off my lawnreply 3405/04/2013
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