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God is Bigger Than Elvis

It's now on HBO On Demand. I just watched it and it gets 4 stars. Very moving. I had no idea all the big names Delores Hart worked with. Elvis was the least of the bunch.

She was engaged to someone named Don Robinson. Not a clue who he was. Looked him up and he was a successful architect. He met and fell in love with Delores.

Watch the documentary for the rest. It's quite beautiful.

by Crying as I typereply 901/21/2013

Isn't it sacrilegious to talk about God's equipment?

by Crying as I typereply 104/07/2012


by Crying as I typereply 204/07/2012

Saw it and loved it, too.

by Crying as I typereply 304/07/2012

She was a stunner in her youth.

And, she is hardcore because she is "The Reverend Mother Dolores Hart is Prioress, of the Abbey of Regina Laudis."

This documentary is just the right length and rather fascinating. Nicely edited to boot.

by Crying as I typereply 404/07/2012

Don Robinson died 11/29/11. He never married but remained very close to Delores and he continued to visit her annually. In lieu of flowers he asked that donations be made to Delores Hart's Abbey in Connecticut.

That's quite a love story.

by Crying as I typereply 504/07/2012

I gotta say, judging from the Connecticut grounds and beautifully designed convent, chapel and refectory: if you gotta live the life of a contemplative, Regina Laudis is the place to do it.

by Crying as I typereply 604/07/2012

Hart was like a young Grace Kelly. She conveyed such intelligence in her roles, especially her most famous "Where the Boys Are", where she argues for premarital sex in a classrom in her first scene in the movie.

The final scene in the movie is where Robinson and Hart say goodbye after a visit. Robinson had never gotten over her (he says as much) and Hart never did either. As he departs, Hart's expression is heartbreaking. She'll never be together with the only man she'd ever loved. Then she crosses herself.

by Crying as I typereply 704/07/2012

Saw this yesterday. Very moving. I was confused though when one of the nuns being interviewed says they are very sexual and don't deny themselves of their sexuality.

I think this would be a very peaceful life.

by Crying as I typereply 801/21/2013

I'm glad Don died before Delores. Don't think he would have lasted too long in a world without her.

Really beautiful film.

by Crying as I typereply 901/21/2013
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