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Whats the deal with Mark Steines leaving E.T. ?

Did he get pushed out, like Mary Hart, because of age - or ? What else is the guy gonna do - he's been on there forever, and still looks great, at 48. Always seemed a likeable, taller version of Cruise- Cher loved him too !

by Leanzareply 7512/12/2012

He does not look great. He passed his expiration date at least 10 years ago.

by Leanzareply 104/04/2012

Whats your idea of expiration date then - 35 ? I'm serious.

by Leanzareply 204/04/2012

HE'S LEAVING E.T.? Since when? I didn't watch tonight, but I wasn't aware of him jumping ship. Was it announced tonight?

He really is like a taller, more likeable version of Tom Cruise. He was so hot back in the day. He'd gained a considerable amount of weight, but took it off over the last year and is a lot slimmer.

Here's a funny clip of mark popping a boner during a behind the scenes tour of the set of CSI. Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan notice it, but try to play it off.

by Leanzareply 304/04/2012

he's a hottie; ET is nuts to lose him.

by Leanzareply 404/04/2012

Speaking of nuts - see above post, with video

by Leanzareply 504/04/2012

R2, it's just that he looks foolish getting all excited for things that appeal to younger viewers. They need someone younger. I'm saying that as a 45 yr old

by Leanzareply 604/04/2012

Where did you hear that was leaving?

by Leanzareply 704/04/2012

It was announced March 23rd- blurb said "he's leaving to pursue other opportunities". That's never good, so I'm assuming he was pushed out, for someone younger. He'd never leave that cushy job. Heard salary was around $350, 000. So whadda you think - the guy walked out on that, after 17 years ?

by Leanzareply 804/04/2012

It's weird he even got on the table knowing he had a boner. If I was him I'd make some excuse not to.

by Leanzareply 904/04/2012

He was very tight with Howard K. Stern during the final days of the Anna Nicole Smith drama. Stayed with Stern while others in the media were kept outside the gate. As soon as Larry Birkhead was declared the baby's daddy, Steines suddenly dropped Stern and became Larry's BFF, flying together back to the U.S. with Dannielynn.

by Leanzareply 1004/04/2012

That slut that took over for Mary Hart had him fired.

by Leanzareply 1104/04/2012

[quote]Heard salary was around $350, 000.

You're talking a week right? There is no way he wasn't making a few millions a year after all those years.

by Leanzareply 1204/04/2012

Steines used to be a sportscaster. Maybe he realized that 50 is pushing it for an E.T. correspondent but just fine when it comes to sportscasting.

Bob Goen tarried too long, and now where is he?

by Leanzareply 1304/04/2012

I hope he saved a lot of money and invested well. Sure, he'll work again, but he's unlikely to command the same kind of salary he's used to.

by Leanzareply 1404/04/2012

I agree, R9. He was clearly hard as a rock and pointing upward. I'll bet that was pretty embarrasing. I would have grabbed it and told him to yell UNCLE!

by Leanzareply 1604/04/2012

RE 12 - The guy was only working 2 days a week. I'd say $350 k for working 104 days a year is very good.

by Leanzareply 1704/04/2012

Come again, R15?

by Leanzareply 1804/04/2012

Is it true that Mary Hart was forced out rather than retired on her own? I figured she die with her Spanx on.

I was happy when Mark took over from John Tesh, whom I never liked. I'm surprised that anyone watches ET anymore since you can hear about everything on the internet and generally get more non-publicist approved dish.

I quit watching when they covered Mary Kay LaTourneau's wedding. That and it's 12 minutes of "coming up next" and "coming up later in the show" and eight minutes of content. Working there must be the cushiest job in the world.

by Leanzareply 1904/04/2012

Why in the hell would Steines "pop a boner" during a set tour, with actors, and a camera on him? That makes no sense at all. Are we sure it's a boner?

I remember a blind item once, that said that Tom Cruise started hitting on a "handsome entertainment reporter," but was shot down. I just know it was Steines, because Cruise is famous for being into guys who look like him.

I often wondered if Steines was at all bisexual. He looks like he could be, but I also know that he's been married to former Miss America Leanza Cornett, for like... forever.

by Leanzareply 2004/04/2012

I thought it was Bob Goen who took over for John Tesh.

by Leanzareply 2104/04/2012

He IS bisexual, r20. He has talked about openly and quite movingly, actually. Check out my link.

by Leanzareply 2204/04/2012

Another actor/person in the biz who resembles Tom is Dan Gauthier from "Teen Witch". Wonder if Tom has met and hit on him too?

by Leanzareply 2304/04/2012

RE 20 Do you have a job for me ?

by Leanzareply 2404/04/2012

R2, I am 47. When I said he had passed his expiration date, I meant it more along the lines of his 15 minutes being up, not his age.

The very fact that the announcement of his departure had no news impact at all speaks volumes.

If ET wants to survive, they need a 2012-type host like Mario Lopez.

by Leanzareply 2504/04/2012

There IS no link, R22.

by Leanzareply 2604/04/2012

You know you did not post a link R15.

by Leanzareply 2704/04/2012

R21 You're right, I got my reporters confused. Did Mark take over from Pat O'Brien when he went to The Insider?

by Leanzareply 2804/04/2012

He's already moved on to his next project -

You've all seen his infomercial for that workout program haven't you? He still looks HOT shirtless.... now!

by Leanzareply 2904/04/2012

[quote]Did Mark take over from Pat O'Brien when he went to The Insider?

I don't think so. Wasn't Pat O'Brien on the entertainment show that followed ET with Nancy O'Dell? That's the only place I saw O'Brien, though I was out of the country for a few years and may have missed him.

by Leanzareply 3004/04/2012

Marg's expression at the 1:38 mark is priceless. She saw his woody.

by Leanzareply 3104/04/2012

[quote]Why in the hell would Steines "pop a boner" during a set tour, with actors, and a camera on him? That makes no sense at all. Are we sure it's a boner?

No it wasn't. If you watch it's clearly the fabric of his dress slacks bunching up as he climbs on the table. Marg makes the face because it looks funny.

by Leanzareply 3204/05/2012

Didn't he come to work with huge gash over his eye that required stitches and makeup to cover?

Closet drunk?

by Leanzareply 3304/05/2012

If he is bisexual, he's never talked about it publicly. I think the poster who says he has is full of shit, hence his "link" that isn't even there.

by Leanzareply 3404/05/2012

He has been on the program for 17 years. Maybe he sees what Ryan Seacrest is doing with his career, and thinking why can't I do that to?

by Leanzareply 3504/05/2012

Steines' bisexuality is well-known.

by Leanzareply 3604/05/2012

But I'm dead, R35!

by Leanzareply 3704/05/2012

Only eldergays care about ET.

by Leanzareply 3804/05/2012

[quote]Only eldergays care about ET.

Classic film, best seen stoned.

by Leanzareply 3904/05/2012

He's moving on to Head Celebrity Ass Licker at the Cult of Scientology.

by Leanzareply 4004/05/2012

I met Mark Steines at Kathy Griffin's house party a few years ago. He forced me into the hall closet and raped me. Then I became pregnant.

by Leanzareply 4104/05/2012

Steines contracted anal warts from suing john Teshs' old bathroom.

by Leanzareply 4204/05/2012

R41, OMG Are you serious ? What did her house look like inside?

by Leanzareply 4304/05/2012

Boy, there are some wackjobs posting here. Mark has never discussed his "bisexuality" in public. And he certainly did not rape anyone in a closet. And if he did, do you think she would be posting here on the Datalounge? Good lord.

by Leanzareply 4404/05/2012

[quote]Mark has never discussed his "bisexuality" in public. And he certainly did not rape anyone in a closet.

Where DID he rape 'em?

by Leanzareply 4504/05/2012

In the ASS, Edith.

by Leanzareply 4604/05/2012


by Leanzareply 4704/05/2012

LMFAO Edith @ R47

by Leanzareply 4804/05/2012

r44, he DID too rape me. I was in the closet going through people's coats for money when he snuck up from behind, put his hand over my mouth, and pushed me up against the wall of the closet. No one could hear us struggle because of the noise from the party. "You'll do as I say, homo, or I'll KILL you!". I turned around long enough to catch a glimpse of his face, his crazed eyes. He hit me, then yanked down my Daisy Dukes, and proceeded to pound my ass. It went on for what seemed like an eternity. He climaxed with a moan and a grunt, slapped me in my head, and left. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity, then wrapped a coat around my torn pants, and slunk out of the house, deeply ashamed.

Three days later, I went to the doctors office, and he said that I was pregnant. How could that be possible, if I'm a MAN?

OMG, sure enough, nine months later, I gave birth to little Mark Jr. His head is shaped like a turd, but other than that he is healthy. I try to love him, but when I think about how he was conceived...*shudder*

by Leanzareply 4904/05/2012

[quote] How could that be possible, if I'm a MAN?

Darling, I feel very certain that is the one thing you are not.

by Leanzareply 5004/05/2012

Mark looking especially fetching (i.e., fuckable) in an ET segment with the equally fuckable Scott Bakula...

by Leanzareply 5104/05/2012

Now THAT'S a cut of beef I'd like to put in my broiler!

by Leanzareply 5204/05/2012

I drooled over Mark Steines for years, watching him on E.T.

Then I met him in person. He is a nice guy and a nice looking guy. He is very tall and athletic (legs like tree trunks!). But as a result of meeting him, I no longer find him sexy.

by Leanzareply 5304/05/2012

He's really hot in those shirtless shots at R29.

Maybe he's leaving ET to become a model.

by Leanzareply 5404/05/2012

He's a hottie, does he have the AIDS?

by Leanzareply 5504/05/2012

This has turned into one of those wacky threads.

by Leanzareply 5604/06/2012

He looks especially felching....

God my dyslexia makes me laugh sometimes!

by Leanzareply 5704/06/2012

Mark's wife was originally cast for ET some years back -she was the beauty queen, can't recall her name - and they canned her for being unlikable, but saw Mark and hired him. Nice.

Nancy O'Dell's shtick on ET, sitting high atop her perch while an underling delivers her script is such a prima donna move. Bitch won't last. I hear ET is sorry they didn't pick Lara Spencer who was first runner up.

by Leanzareply 5804/06/2012

Nancy O'Dell worked for a long time with Pat O'Brien and she picked up his honking rat-a-tat machine-gun style of delivery on Access Hollywood. I quit listening to her years ago.

by Leanzareply 5904/06/2012

I can't believe anyone watches shows like E.T., Access Hollywood, etc., anymore considering all of the celeb gossip blogs online.

by Leanzareply 6004/06/2012

r18...he's like out his way.

by Leanzareply 6104/06/2012

I only watch ET because Mark is on it, & I'm 70 years old. I don't like Nancy!

by Leanzareply 6206/20/2012

I hear he has the AIDS and that's why he's leaving.

by Leanzareply 6306/21/2012


by Leanzareply 6406/23/2012

I, too, am cumming forward as another of Mark Steines' male rape victims.

After working behind the camera to shoot the scene for the ET/CSI clip linked on here, Marg and Gary exited, leaving Steines, his raging boner, and me all alone. He said he had a gun in his pants, so I obeyed his commands.

Mark did me on that autopsy table that he'd been laying on. Hope I didn't get any of his AIDS.

by Leanzareply 6506/23/2012

Mark is FINE!!!! He is NOT too old and I hate to see him leave ET but I wish him the best of luck. I'd jump him in a heartbeat.

by Leanzareply 6607/27/2012

Mark Steines and Larry Birkhead are an attractive couple.

by Leanzareply 6707/27/2012

Bob gone was before Mark Steines and he was forced out due to age. Maybe Mark is going on to persue his photography hobby.

by Leanzareply 6807/27/2012

Yes why is Mark Leaving. I know he is going on to another show but was he forced out.

by Leanzareply 6907/27/2012

Mark Steines is leaving to finally get that sex change operation he always wanted.

by Leanzareply 7007/27/2012

Anonymous, you sound like an angry, arrogant egoist who only wishes he had his 15 minutes. So what have you done that matches the style of Mark Steines? So sick of experts on the sidelines.

by Leanzareply 7107/27/2012

"Where DID he rape 'em?"

In the butt, Bob?

by Leanzareply 7207/28/2012

All you mean spirited losers need to get a life. Can't believe the venom you spew. Stop wasting your time being hate mongers and try doing something beneficial for once in your life. Think youreall so much better, look in the mirror!

by Leanzareply 7307/28/2012

Mark is (unfortunately) NOT gay nor bisexual. He was in my improv class back in 1990/91. Super nice guy. Hot. Straight. Had a kickass body.

by Leanzareply 7412/12/2012

He's co-hosting the Hometime show that no one's watching on the Hallmark Channel. I say "bring back Martha!"

by Leanzareply 7512/12/2012
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