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Josh Hutcherson

So cute. Love the planes of his face.

by Petareply 12110/09/2013

I cannot believe I'm lusting over someone born my senior year of high school. Makes me feel so dirty.

Oh well. At least he's legal.

by Petareply 104/01/2012

Same here. I've been lusting after him a long time... and I'm old enough to be his father.

by Petareply 204/01/2012

I like that he's small/short.

by Petareply 304/01/2012

What I love about him even more is how pro-gay he is. He took time off from promoting Hunger Games one afternoon and visited a gay-straight alliance meeting in an LA Highschool. I can't think of ANY straight male celebs that would do that. Really cool if u ask me!

by Petareply 404/01/2012


by Petareply 504/01/2012


by Petareply 604/01/2012

Adorable. But looks like he's a midget.

by Petareply 704/01/2012


by Petareply 804/01/2012

His shortness is going to be a problem, but he's a good actor. Certainly more talented than, um, T Lautner.

by Petareply 904/01/2012

I don't mind the shortness. Which is weird, because mostly I like tall guys.

by Petareply 1004/01/2012

TEAM GALE!!!!!!!!!!!

by Petareply 1104/01/2012

To me Taytay is better looking and has fuller lips.

by Petareply 1204/01/2012

Who the fuck is "Taytay"?

by Petareply 1304/02/2012

[quote]Who the fuck is "Taytay"?

Ask your local twitard or any teen age social misfit loser with their acne ridden nose in a Stephanie Meyer book.

by Petareply 1404/02/2012

A voice in my head says BABY SOPARNO!!! Shivers..

by Petareply 1504/02/2012

I think he looks closer to a young Michael J Fox. Back to the Future Reboot starring Josh Hutcherson hits theaters June 2013!

by Petareply 1604/02/2012

Is he one of Jerry's Kids?

by Petareply 1704/02/2012

Wouldn't mind to be stranded with him on a deserted tick tock-ing island.

by Petareply 1804/02/2012

R1 and R2, are you two by any chance lesbians?

by Petareply 1904/02/2012

He won the GLAAD Vanguard award last night. The youngest to ever do so.

by Petareply 2004/22/2012

He's totally awesome. I love him, even when he's in crap movies.

by Petareply 2104/22/2012

If only he were taller, didn't wear vests, and had an ass.

by Petareply 2204/22/2012

It was well deserved. He has gone out of his way to support gay causes, not just doing standard publicity things.

by Petareply 2304/22/2012

It's interesting that all the closeted actors from Twilight have been absolutely mum on gay issues.

by Petareply 2404/22/2012

I love Josh Hutcherson because it isn't easy to be a young, male, action star and be the gay rights crusader that he is. I wish more stars in Hollywood had the balls to be like him.

by Petareply 2504/22/2012

A (hot gay) friend of mine worked with him on a filmed piece a couple of years ago and says Josh totally eye-raped him.

by Petareply 2604/23/2012

Totally going the Daniel Radcliffe route. Cool guy.

by Petareply 2704/23/2012

He upstaged Jennifer Lawrence in THG, which really surprised me. The kid can act.

That said, he really does look like one of ours.

by Petareply 2804/23/2012

I love that Josh is so committed. So many male movie stars will make flip comments here and there about gay causes, but he really walks the walk. Good for Him!

by Petareply 2904/23/2012

Love for Josh too!

by Petareply 3004/23/2012

Seems nice, but I don't see the hotness. He's got an old man's face.

by Petareply 3104/23/2012

A Pocket Gay

by Petareply 3204/23/2012

He is VERY committed to marirage equality, and gay causes because he had *two* uncles die of AIDS, and his pet project is "Straight but Not Narrow" which targets anti-homophobia in high schools. He will be a gay ally for life.

by Petareply 3304/23/2012

Me too(r33) I probably saw Hunger Games more because I wanted to support him.

by Petareply 3404/23/2012

Any other josh fans?

by Petareply 3504/23/2012

Yeah I love Josh too! Wish more were as outspoken!

by Petareply 3604/24/2012

I have to agree that Josh upstaged Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games"...he really showed his acting chops. I was very surprised that he supports his gays, and is against bullying and homophobia.

Josh is also the youngest actor to receive a GLADD award.

by Petareply 3704/24/2012

[quote]A (hot gay) friend of mine worked with him on a filmed piece a couple of years ago and says Josh totally eye-raped him


by Petareply 3804/24/2012

I like and respect Hutcherson a lot but I think it is laughable he upstaged Lawrence in the Hunger Games.

He played his part well but she carried that entire movie on her shoulders. It would not have succeeded without her damn impressive performance.

by Petareply 3904/24/2012

They were BOTH great, and the chemistry was very good.

by Petareply 4004/24/2012

Lawrence was great, Hutcherson was OK. They barely had any chemistry.

by Petareply 4104/24/2012

Yeah I think he rocked in Hunger Games and The Kids are All Right

by Petareply 4204/24/2012

[quote]They barely had any chemistry.

Word, they really didn't. Katniss and the Gale dude had much more of a romantic chemistry between them.

by Petareply 4304/24/2012

R22: If you knew anything about Josh, you would know he has lots of ass.

by Petareply 4404/24/2012

(44) is he a player?

by Petareply 4504/24/2012

I heard that his family was concerned from the start that he had a recessive form of dwarfism when he was younger because his arms are relatively short. You can also see the problem with his mandible. Corpus mandibulae extremis is associated with this form of dwarfism.

Apparently he is now taking the growth hormone therapy they give short children with to try to add a couple of inches to his height before he matures out of the chance for help. He is 5'2" but wears lifts that add two inches. He's extremely sensitive about it and knows his career will be over as soon as he's past the male ingenue stage. That's one reason why he'll take just about every job he's offered.

by Petareply 4604/24/2012

He's only 5'2"? Yikes.

by Petareply 4704/24/2012

Does anyone have any scoop on Josh Hutcherson?

by Petareply 4804/24/2012

I think he's adorable just the way he is.

by Petareply 4904/24/2012

I would say 5'4"-5'5".

Anyway fuck you r46. Josh is awesome.

by Petareply 5004/24/2012

And he's really cute!

by Petareply 5104/24/2012

I don't think you can understate how awesome Josh is.

Here is a guy who is not even 21 and who is the heterosexual love interest in billion-dollar franchise that every teenager is America loves and he is going out of his way and probably counter to everything his publicists and managers have told him in order to speak out in unabashed, triumphant, rapturous language about GLBT equality.

It's because of people like Josh Hutcherson that we can look forward to a future generation that will finally acknowledge complete civil and social equality of gays and lesbians.

by Petareply 5204/24/2012

I totally agree with (52)

by Petareply 5304/24/2012

That's great, R52 and R53, but you do know that "overstate," not "understate" was meant, right? When you're waxing poetic it's sometimes hard to not whack poetic.

by Petareply 5404/24/2012

Here's his speech at the GLAAD awards.

by Petareply 5504/24/2012

He needs to stop with the vests, they just make him look shorter and stumpier.

by Petareply 5604/25/2012

Did anyone else notice at Cinemacon, where Josh won an award on Thursday night, his "straight but not narrow" button and wristband he wore to the GLAAD awards was missing. Either his publicist told him to tone down the gay stuff, or he only wears that stuff at gay events like GLAAD Awards and Newnownext. I wonder if he only feels comfortable wearing that stuff to events where he knows everyone shares that same idea.

by Petareply 5704/27/2012

He's definitely got that Soap Opera star square jawed look.

by Petareply 5804/27/2012

And that Wizard of Oz munchkin height.

by Petareply 5904/27/2012

That speech made me cry

by Petareply 6004/27/2012

So who is Josh's girlfriend now?

by Petareply 6104/27/2012

I will not tolerate anyone ragging on this amazing young man.

by Petareply 6204/27/2012

He's a stocky little midget who tossed aside his gay buttons the second he landed in Las Vegas (to receive some piddly little award).

by Petareply 6304/27/2012

So (63) do u think it was his choice? Maybe he's only pro gay around gay audiences?

by Petareply 6404/28/2012

Do you really think it's fair to expect him to wear those buttons at every appearance he makes?

by Petareply 6504/28/2012

[65] It would be a nice gesture! lol

by Petareply 6604/28/2012

He's only 19? (He was busted trying to use a fake ID to buy liquor.)

by Petareply 6704/28/2012

Josh was at the washington dc show last night. Apparently according to the Hollywood Reporter, when asked what he would do as president, he answered "marriage equality"

by Petareply 6804/29/2012

There's a bit of Woody Harrelson around the jaw.

by Petareply 6904/29/2012

I love him. He's awesome. I wish him much success and happiness.

by Petareply 7004/29/2012

He is cute! I like the shorter hair he's been sporting this past week!

by Petareply 7104/29/2012

Is his dick at least normal sized? It'd be a shame if that's stumpy too.

by Petareply 7204/29/2012

[r72] We should ask Vanessa Hudgens. They dated.

by Petareply 7304/29/2012

Vanessa certainly has a type.

by Petareply 7404/29/2012

What's her type?

by Petareply 7504/29/2012

Has Josh ever dabbled with men?

by Petareply 7604/29/2012

He's 5'5 and a terrible actor. I don't have much hope for a career.

Though to be honest I've only seen him in Hunger Games. Perhaps he only seemed terrible in contrast to Jennifer Lawerence, who was fantastic in a shitty movie.

by Petareply 7704/29/2012

Ok, 5'2 seems more likely than 5'5.

He was on Punkd this week and he was the same height as Lucy Hale and she is 5'2.

by Petareply 7804/29/2012

Does shortness run in his family? Are they all short too?

by Petareply 7904/29/2012

[quote]Does shortness run in his family?

Not very fast!

by Petareply 8004/29/2012

Other movies he's been in:

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island


The Kids Are All Right

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Bridge to Terabithia

American Splendor

He's also done some voice acting work (English dub of "Howl's Moving Castle" to name one example)

by Petareply 8104/29/2012

He should stick to voice acting.

by Petareply 8204/29/2012

I think he's hot....and an advocate. So basically, he's amazing.

by Petareply 8304/29/2012

Oh, brother. R83, are their any openly gay actors you think are amazing? Seems like there are a contingent of homosexuals who grade on a curve when it comes to judging our "advocates."

by Petareply 8404/29/2012

R84, can you stop being a fucking moron?

It's perfectly possible to find Josh amazing AND find openly gay actors amazing. Jesus Christ.

It's not a zero sum game. You're an asshat.

by Petareply 8504/29/2012

Here's what I don't understand about Datalounge. Hunger Games has made 600 million dollars. Hutcherson at 19, is the youngest winner of the GLAAD Vanguard Award for gay rights allys (which was very much deserved) and yet his thread only goes to 85 replies?

And yet, the stars of Twilight, who have said NOTHING about gay rights have huge, long threads on datalounge.

Is Josh really that uninteresting? Am I the only big fan?

by Petareply 8605/01/2012

Trust me, not having a 600 post thread on Datalounge is a GOOD THING.

Josh is aces in my book, and he appears to be clean-living, polite and intelligent, so there's not too much mystery there. That's a good thing!

by Petareply 8705/01/2012

I agree with [87]

by Petareply 8805/01/2012

I agree with r87 as well. I prefer quality over quantitiy.

by Petareply 8905/01/2012

I think DLers are wary of posting in threads about hobbits after the Prancing Ponies mess.

by Petareply 9005/01/2012

Hutcherson is not really that hot and he doesn't have any juicy gossip or rumors to discuss about him. Ergo a short thread R86.

Just the way it works.

by Petareply 9105/01/2012

He may not be muscle hot, but I find him really sexy in a weird way.

by Petareply 9205/01/2012

Flaw. Less.

by Petareply 9305/01/2012

I like that josh isn't being overexposed either like Efron and lautner. He attends events but they are big ones like the white house dinner and Glaad awards.

by Petareply 9405/01/2012

Yeah although he will be attending the MTV Movie Awards. Then the Teen Choice. Yuck.

by Petareply 9505/01/2012

I will not tolerate an unkind word being said about this amazing young man.

You have been warned.

by Petareply 9605/02/2012

Is everyone voting for him to win the MTV Movie Award for Male Performance??

by Petareply 9705/02/2012

I will!

by Petareply 9805/02/2012

Well, he could have shaved for the Correspondents Dinner.

by Petareply 9905/02/2012

Did he interact with anyone at that dinner? The only pics I could find we're of he and Diane Keaton/woody harrelson.

by Petareply 10005/02/2012

His face has planes? It looks round and mushy to me.

by Petareply 10105/02/2012

face has remarkable planes. they're changing, hardening a bit, as he ages but still looking good.

by Petareply 10205/02/2012

He was terrilble in Hunger Games. That movie had a lot of problems but Jennifer Lawerence was such a great Katniss, how did they fuck it up so bad with Peeta?

by Petareply 10305/02/2012

Does anyone else think the whole "straight but not narrow' thing is a bit of a front. Kind of his way of being pro-gay without having to damage his career by coming out himself?

His last "girlfriend" was Vanessa Hudgens, who famously dated Zac Efron. (Inset your own joke) Now, the paps are saying he's dating a girl from a nickelodeon teen show named VICTORIOUS that happens to also co-star "straight but not narrow" founder Avon Jorgia, who is Josh's best friend.

I'm not saying he's gay or straight, but it does seem like a clever coup.

by Petareply 10405/02/2012

We probably won't know either way till he is 40 like Ricky Martin, ect

by Petareply 10505/03/2012

[quote]Does anyone else think the whole "straight but not narrow' thing is a bit of a front.


by Petareply 10605/03/2012

Meet him, he's ADORABLE.

by Petareply 10705/03/2012

[quote]Does anyone else think the whole "straight but not narrow' thing is a bit of a front.

I think it has the potential to become the new dreadful 'no H8' campaign (you know, where minor celebs have their mugshot taken with tape over their mouths). Though I do hope it doesn't become that way.

by Petareply 10805/03/2012

no wonder he looked so familiar i mean i haven't watched the hunger games yet but i remember journey to the center of the earth and loved him in it !!

love his jawline ..he reminds me of a less attractive version of matt bomer

by Petareply 10905/03/2012

[quote]Does anyone else think the whole "straight but not narrow' thing is a bit of a front. Kind of his way of being pro-gay without having to damage his career by coming out himself?

No, but I bet more straight celebrities would me more vocally Pro-gay if it weren't for idiots that assume this kind of warped logic.

by Petareply 11005/03/2012

[bold]Josh Hutcherson buys Heath Ledger's 'tree house' in the Hollywood Hills[/bold]

Josh Hutcherson has cemented his place in Hollywood, purchasing a home formerly owned by the late actor Heath Ledger, located in the Hollywood Hills.

The 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home was built in 1951 and is referred to locally as the "tree house," due to the dense surrounding foliage and large deck area with an outdoor screening room, grill and fire pit.

The 19-year-old actor, who plays Peeta Mellark in the hugely popular franchise, "The Hunger Games," has not commented on the purchase.

The property, which is located on nearly an acre of land, was listed at $2.9 million in September, though it is unclear whether the young actor paid the asking price. Other features include a vibrant garden, modern kitchen and spacious bedrooms.

Ledger, who died of an accidental drug overdose in January 2008, bought the property with his then-girlfriend Michelle Williams in 2005, from talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Last year, Hutcherson appeared in the film "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" as Vanessa Hudgens' love interest. He has also appeared in the films "Journey to the Center of the Earth," "Bridge to Terbithia," "and the Oscar-nominated movie "The Kids Are All Right."

Hutcherson was romantically linked to Vanessa Hudgens. The pair finally admitted that they had dated in an awkward interview on an Australian morning talk show in January.

Hutcherson recently made headlines after undergoing surgery to fix a deviated septum. He was photographed with bandages on his nose.

He Tweeted of the surgery, "just had surgery to fix my broken nose. Recovery sucks...thank god for a marathon on lifetime...#theclientlist."

by Petareply 11105/24/2012

Tell me this pic doesn't make you hot... damn...

by Petareply 11207/09/2012

This boy is a god among men. A tiny, tiny god.

by Petareply 11307/18/2012

Love. him.

by Petareply 11410/12/2012

I wish he weren't such a midget.

by Petareply 11510/12/2012

I know exactly where that house is. To bad I'm not a stalker.

by Petareply 11610/12/2012

This hobbit was interviewed by Out and says he's "mostly straight".

by Petareply 11710/09/2013

I love that he's a little guy. God, the things I'd do to him. And I LOVE that pic of him with Alexander Ludwig and Liam. They need to spit roast Josh so badly.

by Petareply 11810/09/2013

Has anyone else seen that picture of him in a t-shirt that says something like "I fuck guys who fuck girls"?

by Petareply 11910/09/2013

[quote]He Tweeted of the surgery, "just had surgery to fix my broken nose. Recovery sucks...thank god for a marathon on lifetime...#theclientlist."

Ha! Lifetime marathon. All straight dudes love those!

by Petareply 12010/09/2013

He's a great hugger -- first-hand knowledge on that one.

by Petareply 12110/09/2013
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