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Ricky Martin Has Slept With Women!

“I’ve slept with women and I’ve fallen in love with them and I’ve felt wonderful things,” the hunk says. “There was love, passion. I don’t regret anything, any of the relationships I’ve lived, they taught me a lot, both men and women equally.”

by Alexreply 12901/27/2013

Of course he can't admit that his "relationship" with the South American TV star (forgot her name) was a shame.

He is probably still protecting her and her career (if she has one).

by Alexreply 103/22/2012

I think he had more or less already said this when he came out a couple of years ago. He said in interviews on Larry King and elsewhere that he had been intimate with women in the past.

by Alexreply 203/22/2012

[quote] Of course he can't admit that his "relationship" with the South American TV star (forgot her name) was a shame.

Oh, dear.

by Alexreply 303/22/2012

And Christian Slater has slept with men. Big deal.

by Alexreply 403/22/2012

Well, R3, technically it WAS a shame.

by Alexreply 503/22/2012

A large percentage of actors, gay or straight, men or women, have experimented with both sexes. It is fairly common.

by Alexreply 603/22/2012

Many gay men have had sex with women before coming out, including some on this board, I'm sure.

by Alexreply 703/22/2012

So what? I've had relationships with women and felt the same way about them. Big deal.

by Alexreply 803/22/2012

Yes, but do you - or anyone else - consider yourself gay r8?

by Alexreply 903/22/2012

Lance Bass said on Oprah that he had sex with a woman once before finally acknowledging he was gay.

by Alexreply 1003/22/2012

And no! I was not the one Lance Bass had sex with once.

by Alexreply 1103/22/2012

R9, it's pretty common for gay men to have sex with women.

by Alexreply 1203/22/2012

Of course he has! He was a closeted, international, superstar with women offering themselves to him.

by Alexreply 1303/22/2012

Miss Martin may have slept with a woman before, but other than trying it once or twice, I don't believe he had any relationships with them.

When he came out a few years ago, he said he knew he always knew he was gay as from the time he was a kid, and he said when he was 20 he was in a serious relationship with a man, and now he's spouting this nonsense? Please. He's just saying this shit so that his frau female fans can still daydream that they might have a chance or that he wasn't really lying to him all those years.

Same pathetic story.

by Alexreply 1403/22/2012

R4 what Christian Slater has slept with men, really??

by Alexreply 1503/22/2012

Nothing new about this,Mary OP.

MOST sisters have had Lesbian experiences(i.e., porking fish)!

by Alexreply 1603/22/2012

I thought the whole way he came out was ridiculous. I remember him correcting some host (I think it was Oprah) when they identified him as bisexual, he had to clarify that he is actually homosexual. Ricky, if you're having sex and falling in love with women then you are bisexual, just because you prefer men does not make you homosexual. Why do bisexual men continue to confuse the situation by identifying as gay? Just come out as bisexual already. There's all this talk about bi-invisibility and bi-phobia, well, the first step in correcting these issues is by actually coming out and being counted as bisexual.

by Alexreply 1703/23/2012

R7, I would bet that most gay men under 30 haven't had sex with women ever. At least not myself or any friends or acquaintances that I know.

by Alexreply 1803/23/2012

I have had sex with two women. I don't identify as bisexual. I'm a gay man.

by Alexreply 1903/23/2012

R17, for a lot of gay men, declaring yourself a "bisexual" is the half-way house toward acknowledging your true orientation.

by Alexreply 2003/23/2012

Once a man goes dick, he doesn't go back, and who could blame him?

by Alexreply 2103/23/2012

Lance Bass said on Oprah that he had sex with a woman once before finally acknowledging he was gay.

I'd hate to be the one that slept with the ugly one from NSYNC and turned him gay

by Alexreply 2203/23/2012

r17 here, he makes it quite clear that he has been in love with and enjoys sexual interaction with men and women. If that isn't bisexuality then I don't know what is. That's completely different to a gay men having sex/relationships with women because of societal pressure.

I know many bisexuals say it is harder being bisexual than gay but how do you expect that to ever change if you don't come out? And I'm talking about the bisexuals who lie and say they are either straight or gay. Again, the first step in addressing the issues of bi-invisibility and bi-phobia is to come out and be counted as bisexual.

by Alexreply 2303/23/2012

Is this more prevalent in Latin America where I imagine there's more bearding for religious and cultural reasons?

by Alexreply 2403/23/2012

R23, you sound like a suave bisexual.

No one knows what to make of you, so you are free to roam.

by Alexreply 2503/23/2012

It's pretty common for gay men to have sex with women. It's not exactly like he's the only one.

by Alexreply 2603/23/2012

I agree with you, R23. I have had sex with and been in love with both men and women (I am female). However, I have been with 4 men and only 1 woman - but my lesbian relationship was nearly 15 years. My longest heterosexual relationship was 4 years. I have slept with (and fallen for, and enjoyed sex with) a man after my relationship with a woman broke up - btw, due to her (the lesbian) cheating, not me (the bisexual woman).

It has always been difficult to identify as bisexual as yet I always have, because it was/is the truth. It was never difficult for me personally (I have known since I was 15 or so that I had both sexual and emotional capacity for both genders), but it has been difficult for other people.

A few good friends accept you as you are, many others "forget" that you are actually bi and act as if you are standing on a soapbox if you mention it others deal with their own discomfort by little digs and or teasing (teasing that adds up eventually when you realise it is spawned from discomfort).

I have always been out (more "out" than many gay/lesbian people I know). I am not slutty. I know my true sexual orientation. I have never cheated on a partner. I am not interested in threesomes, ever. I am monogamous and am only interested in monogamous relationships.

And yet when bisexuals are open, they are told that they are fooling themselves or people make character judgements about their behaviour that has nothng to do with them. Did you ever think how damaging that might be, to constantly tell the truth and constantly be told that you are lying to yourself, or that you are at heart a very different character innately (a lying, duplicitous, closeted, cheating, promiscuous one)?

No wonder people like Cynthia Nixon, Ricky Martin, Stephanie Miller feel uneasy with the term, even though it is equally clear that they have the capacity to have sex with and be emotionally attracted to both genders - and have done so.

by Alexreply 2703/23/2012

[quote]I would bet that most gay men under 30 haven't had sex with women ever. At least not myself or any friends or acquaintances that I know.

Exactly. I'm 29 and I've never slept with a woman and never would. We're lucky that our generation didn't really force us to TRY to be straight like these eldergays' generation did. I mean, yeah, some may have "dated" girls, but like you said, no gay men I know under 30 tried sleeping with women.

by Alexreply 2803/23/2012

i suppose it depends whether you enjoy it or not

by Alexreply 2903/23/2012

I'm curious - bi men what are your experiences with women?

by Alexreply 3003/23/2012

Rebecca de Alba was Ricky's beard for years - on and off for 10-12 years.

She also "dated" Ricky's ex-lover Miguel Bose for some time.

Rebecca wants to stay in the closet and she still claims that her "relationship" with Ricky was real, so Ricky has to support her story.

by Alexreply 3103/23/2012

"Lance Bass said on Oprah that he had sex with a woman once before finally acknowledging he was gay."

Ricky's answer to Oprah: "I'm not bisexual, I'm a gay man".

by Alexreply 3203/23/2012

Why do you assume that he has to 'support' her story, R31? Gay men have sex with women all the time - why is it so hard to believe Ricky may have actually had sex with women?

by Alexreply 3303/23/2012

Latino culture doesn't typically "beard" the way white Hollywood does.

More often than not, its the poor, unsuspecting wife or GF staying at home or whatever, clueless to her macho guy playing with guys on the side. Happens way more than people think, sadly. I would not be surprised if Rebecca was snowed all those years.

by Alexreply 3403/23/2012

"I would not be surprised if Rebecca was snowed all those years."

Under which rock do you live?!?

Rebecca is older than Ricky, works in show business - there is 0 chance that she didn't know.

Rebecca is most likely gay herself - she is 47, never married, "dated" other gays.

by Alexreply 3503/23/2012

He is bisexual.

by Alexreply 3603/23/2012

Please! NO REAL GAY MALE can get an erection for women! I never did in my life once,and I know of many who haven't either.

Bi phobia? give me a friggin break! I spoke to many who have dealt with gay and bisexual people in their occupations. They said bisexuals are huge users ,and they play musical partners.They said they play mind games on their partners and many have mental problems.Also,many are complete sleaze bags. BTW,on the contrary,bisexuals are major homophobes!

Shovel the BS sad song elsewhere. Leave gay and straight people alone and date other bisexual people like yourselves. Since bisexuals are restless and mixed up human beings, stick with other bisexuals who are nuts like you ,and who can connect with your lunacy. You'll live in bliss and in harmony!

BTW, lets get back to real honesty. Again, cut the game playing

by Alexreply 3703/23/2012

I'm sure there are lost of gay celebs that have never had sex with women while closeted, while of course it's all just my own opinionated speculation I doubt Lee Pace, Anderson Cooper, Matt Bomer, Luke MacFarlane, Zachary Quinto have had straight sex even while closeted.

I don't know maybe Ricky is bisexual and at the moment swinging toward a gay phase, since a lot of bi guys have periods where they prefer men then women, maybe he is a gay apologist, maybe he is looking for a re-boost in album sales, who knows, but I don't think it was helpful statement to young gay men who might look up to him.

by Alexreply 3803/23/2012

"NO REAL GAY MALE can get an erection for women! I never did in my life once"

Calm down, Mary. You do not speak for everyone. Many gay men have sex with women at some point before coming out.

by Alexreply 3903/23/2012

"Why do you assume that he has to 'support' her story?"

Rebecca was Ricky's friend for a long time. What can he do now? Expose her as a liar? Out her as a lesbian?

by Alexreply 4003/23/2012

Honestly, I don't know much (or care) about the chick other than she dated Mr. Rosa Salvaje way back when, so yes, she might very well be a lezzer.

Just trying to make a point that Latino celebrity "bearding" is not common at all. Most closeted gay Latino men (yes even celebrities) are too ashamed to admit their gay tendencies to themselves, much less enter into some prearranged relationship of convenience, where the woman knows about his gay proclivities. That's white Hollywood.

by Alexreply 4103/23/2012

"I don't think it was helpful statement to young gay men who might look up to him"


There is something wrong with having sex with women or liking women?

by Alexreply 4203/23/2012

[quote]Ricky's answer to Oprah: "I'm not bisexual, I'm a gay man".

Ricky can't seem to keep his stories straight (no pun intended). His stories are never consistent. I take everything he says with a grain of salt, which I've done ever since he claimed to be straight back in the 90's.

by Alexreply 4303/23/2012

R37 & R38 are so ignorant of the way things work in the real world.

On 'Dawson's Creek', Kevin Williamson even had Kerr Smith's character have sex with a woman before coming out and then explain that many gay men often have sex with a woman and that this is normal and understandable on the way to the coming out process.

So Ricky saying this is not harmful - it just reflects the reality and diversity that is out there.

by Alexreply 4403/23/2012

Why the exclamation point, OP? .. What's the big deal? .. We actually live in a world where most men - especially in large metropolitan areas - are try-sexual. They'll try anything at least once. Variety is the spice of life. Some of you folks on this thread sound like you're constipated with your gayness.

by Alexreply 4503/23/2012

The man is gay. Since when do men lie about being gay (especially a Latino man)?!

If he were bisexual, he would do what 99% of [closeted] bisexual men do and marry a woman, have a few kids, and have his mansex on the side.

by Alexreply 4603/23/2012

[quote]If he were bisexual, he would do what 99% of [closeted] bisexual men do and marry a woman, have a few kids, and have his mansex on the side.

THANK YOU! You said it all right there.

End of thread.

by Alexreply 4703/23/2012

I think he is saying that being gay, and having sex with men isn't good enough. You have to at least give sex with women a tryand try and be straight or bisexual.

He should say he was or is bi, but not act as gay man supporting the idea gay men should try and have straight sex.

by Alexreply 4803/23/2012

R48, as someone upthread already mentioned, he is merely stringing along his female frau fans by making himself seem at least semi sexually accessible to them.

by Alexreply 4903/23/2012

It's weird being a "gold star gay" is still pretty taboo, even in the gay community itself.

by Alexreply 5003/23/2012

Here we go again! The we all have a gray side BS game! Or gay men have been known to experiment with women game! This is all a con game for bisexuals to say everyone is just like them!! Get a life and stop including the whole gay population!

Some of you folks on this thread sound like you're constipated with your gayness.

R45, no you bisexuals sound like you are paranoid and uncomfortable with accepting the fact that there are actual people who do not have a gray area in their sexuality, and who never have and who are completely not in the least interested in being bisexual. You sound pathetic because you need everyone to be just like you in order for you to feel conformable with your sexual game of square dancing sex partners.

by Alexreply 5103/23/2012

March 6, 2012

Ricky Martin to Nancy Alvarez: We're Born This Way

Nancy Alvarez, the colorful former host of Univision's Spanish-language TV show Quién Tiene la Razon, has stepped in it again, this time telling AOL Latino that people are made gay by "mistakes made by their parents" in response to a tweet from Ricky Martin arguing that people are born gay and not made gay, as are heterosexuals born that way rather than "made straight."

According to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, which responded to Alvarez's comments with a column on today's AOL Latino, Martin took to Twitter "after the question was posed on an unfortunately biased segment about so-called conversion therapies that promise to change a person’s orientation on Univision nighttime newsmagazine program Aquí y Ahora, a show that usually produces fair, accurate and inclusive coverage of LGBT people."

Alvarez, who bills herself as a sexologist and a doctor, has previously said that she was concerned about gay parents and the effects they may have on their kids.

"Unfortunately, Nancy Alvarez’s comments are only a symptom of a larger problem," GLAAD wrote in response. "Though true that in recent years, we’ve seen a growing number of positive representations of LGBT people and issues in Spanish-language media, (meaning that millions of Latinos are getting to know LGBT people as their neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members), as with English-language media, there’s plenty of room for improvement."

by Alexreply 5203/23/2012

"Ricky Martin Has Slept With Women!"

This is scandalous and desgusting.

by Alexreply 5303/23/2012

I gave the women multiple orgasms.

by Alexreply 5403/23/2012

Ricky's multiple orgasms = Ricky + gal pal plopping coins into suite's "adultery noises" machine.

by Alexreply 5503/23/2012

He should just say he is or at least was bi, saying he was gay and sought out sex with women that he enjoyed a lot is sorta giving the homophobic right a helping hand in saying being gay is a choice. He saying gay men, want, do and can have and enjoy sex with women.

Why did he say this, I get it his truth or whatever, but he stayed silent about being gay for for long enough why choose to divulge this information? When so many young gay kids are killing themselves because of homophobic bullying, these remarks were sorta irresponsible.

by Alexreply 5603/23/2012

Of course he slept with women. He was closeted a long time and sleeping with women was part of the facade. But he's gay all the way.

by Alexreply 5703/23/2012

I envy gay men who can do that. I have never been able to feel anything sexual toward a woman. I love them, but even the thought of french kissing doesn't interest me.

by Alexreply 5803/23/2012

Lots of closet case have sex with women, I did, but I didn't enjoy it. I came, but it was mechanically, it was sex without sexuality. I don't think of it, I didn't really enjoy the act of straight sex, I guess that how I knew I was gay, I didn't want to have or enjoy sex with women. I don't talk about, I don't use it as a badge of pride.

by Alexreply 5903/23/2012

"Bi-sexual" = likes both men & boys

by Alexreply 6003/23/2012

I like chicks, I like dudes. I married a chick, have five kids, but I am attracted to some dudes. I am bisexual.

by Alexreply 6103/23/2012

I bet that when Rickt gets home he yells: Lucy... I´m home!

by Alexreply 6203/23/2012

He still has sex with women.

by Alexreply 6303/23/2012

"Why did he say this"

Ricky is protecting his celebrity beards, like Rebecca de Alba and Gabriela Sabatini.

"When so many young gay kids are killing themselves because of homophobic bullying, these remarks were sorta irresponsible."

What sex with women has to do with homophobic bullying?

by Alexreply 6403/23/2012

Ricky and Gabriela - WHAT were they thinking?

They beat Andre Agassi and Barbra Streisand in the "weird tennis/music couplings" category.

by Alexreply 6503/23/2012

"frau female fans"

"female frau fans"

lol. what's so difficult about simply saying "female fans?"

by Alexreply 6603/23/2012

The truth is likely quite simple:

Ricky is lying.

by Alexreply 6703/23/2012

Gay men have been having sex (and children) with women for centuries. Why is this so difficult for people like R51 to understand?

by Alexreply 6803/23/2012

Andre Agassi and Barbra... wow, I'd forgotten all about that one...

by Alexreply 6903/23/2012

He's a traitor!

by Alexreply 7003/23/2012

Bisexuals are hot

by Alexreply 7103/23/2012

I was married to--and had sex with--a woman. And I think my wife knew that I was gay before I was ready to admit it myself. She has since re-married and we are still best friends. I have two beautiful daughters and three precious grandchildren, so something good DID come out of my closet days.

by Alexreply 7203/23/2012

What so strange about that? A lot of gay men, myself included, slept with women when we were younger. That's how we figure out we dont like it. (actually, I did like it. The needy clingy emotional roller coaster that follows was what really turned me off)

by Alexreply 7303/23/2012

Tho i've never slept with a woman, I cn understand that people who have done both. I think most people are bi and there's nothing unsual for that.

by Alexreply 7403/23/2012

Alot of people sleep with both, I consider myself gay and have never slept with a woman but i'm not saying never. And if it happens it happens.

by Alexreply 7503/23/2012

So have I, it isn't all that, but I'm not RM, so who cares?!

by Alexreply 7603/23/2012

Ricky's telling his truth which is the same for some of us. Sexuality is a spectrum.

by Alexreply 7703/23/2012

[quote]I like chicks, I like dudes. I married a chick, have five kids, but I am attracted to some dudes. I am bisexual.

Yeah sure you do.

by Alexreply 7803/23/2012

Even Rock Hudson slept with women, and he LOVED men.

Liberace too.

by Alexreply 7903/23/2012

Records not selling? This is same kind of shit Lambert tried to pull "I can see myself falling in love with a woman."

by Alexreply 8003/23/2012

Another new Broadway production, the revival of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical “Evita,” had an even stronger first week at the box office, grossing $1,167,685 for six preview performances – or about 96 percent of the show’s maximum possible gross.

Those numbers are exceptionally strong for a first week on Broadway, a sign of the interest in the musical (which has not been on Broadway since the original production ended in 1983) and perhaps the popularity of one of its stars, the singer Ricky Martin, who plays Che opposite Elena Roger as Eva Peron.

by Alexreply 8103/23/2012

Ricky is just trying to keep the fraus buying his music and now his play tickets. As long as they have hope that he reallllly likes the heterosex, they'll keep throwing money at him. Good for him I say.

by Alexreply 8203/23/2012

No part of my body has ever touched a vagina. Not even when I was born.

by Alexreply 8303/23/2012

god he's sexy...I don't care what foolishness come out of his mouth, anyone male or female who has the opportunity to ride him has my *undying* jealousy.

by Alexreply 8403/23/2012

Soooo many unacknowledged bisexuals on this thread, including you, Ricky.

by Alexreply 8503/23/2012

Adam takes great pains to say that he's no longer a gold star gay, r80 - he was when he started out after Idol, but that designation went bye-bye semi-recently.

by Alexreply 8603/23/2012

R79, that is not even remotely true. Mamie Van Doren said she had sex with Rock Hudson ,and they said she lied about that.Rock was 100% gay! Also, Liberace was forced to go with a prostitute when he was a kid and she force herself on him and he ran out of the car horrified. He was 100% GAY!!

Bisexuals are just in the closet. Also, those of you who claim you are really gay, but you have had sex with women, and you are able to have sex with women are putting kids who are 100% gay in a harmful situation. straight kids are going to think that those kids ,who are 100% gay, are going to be beaten to a pulp because the straight kids will think the 100% gay kids are able to get it up for girls ,and they are just choosing not to have sex with girls. when in reality, those gay kids can't have sex with girls because there is not a remote sexual desire. When I was a kid I couldn't if I wanted to and I did not have the remote desire to have sex with a girl ever.

Great going and well done!to those of you who sound like a bunch of straight beer drinking guys!

I have to admit, more and more after reading DL threads like this, I really think there is a huge percentage of guys who chose to be gay or bisexual.

by Alexreply 8703/23/2012

I agree with you R87. Some of the people in this thread are idiots.

by Alexreply 8803/23/2012

[quote]I spoke to many who have dealt with gay and bisexual people in their occupations.

r37, were you holding a clipboard and wearing a labcoat at the time?

[quote]bisexuals are major homophobes!

Considering how much vitriolic, hateful shit you spew about an entire swath of our GLBT community, the irony of this quote is hilarious.

by Alexreply 8903/23/2012

I love Ricky, but let us not forget that he was a slut. That housekeeper said he constantly had new people at the house to fuck with him. Im not surprised he banged a woman in the sea of men that he had sex with in his early 20s.

by Alexreply 9003/24/2012

I don't know but that statement has bisexual leanings to it, there was passion, no gay man gets passionate with women.

by Alexreply 9103/24/2012

"That housekeeper said he constantly had new people at the house to fuck with him."

Lucky people!

by Alexreply 9203/24/2012

I don't why he would feel the need to say this unless he was trying to play to straight women, giving them some sorta hope.

I think people think he is the deep, kind, considerate, genuine guy but when I was a kid and he was at the height of his fame, the time of La Vida Loca, my Irish cousin was over visiting us and he was TV, She said she hated him because he snubbed some award show, I think it was the MTV Awards that year because they were held Ireland and he was too famous to go there, apparently he had a list of countries that he was too famous to step foot in.

Maybe he is just a vain, superficial diva after all.

by Alexreply 9303/24/2012

R93 - that's bullshit.

The time of La Vida Loca was super busy for Ricky, he couldn't do every gig.

by Alexreply 9403/24/2012

I never understand the phrase, "They taught me a lot". Like they were Asperger's sufferers who don't have a clue. Or lack any intuition at all.

by Alexreply 9503/24/2012

I dont get Bi-phobia ..... ..yet again i do get it ..because it affects people who are 100% gay..and that the notion its not a choice goes out of the window ...because bisexuals make it seem like its a choice

to me ..sexuality for some if very fluid and not straight forward .....i wish i was bisexual ....cos it would be so much more easy

a few days ago i got very intimate with a guy and felt nothing more sexuality has shifted and fluctuated again..and thats what goes on with most bisexuals

by Alexreply 9603/24/2012

That housekeeper said he constantly had new people at the house to fuck with him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ r90, WHAT are you talking about??????? You'd best provide a link.

People, people, I must reiterate: Ricky is protecting Rebeca De Alba, instead of making her look both the fool and the liar (in the VH-1 "Behind the Music," First episode, RDA says, "I knew when he sang "Vuelve" ["Return"], he was singing it to ME.") Ricky and she claimed a relationship from his 18 and her 25 to not so long ago.

by Alexreply 9703/24/2012


[quote]Apparently, the Puerto Rican also invited many attractive young men to his department, among there was an Argentine boy.

[quote]“They were very handsome boys. There was an Argentine named Donovan and others, although some were only for one night,”

by Alexreply 9803/24/2012

"i wish i was bisexual ....cos it would be so much more easy"

Really? Being shunned by gay men and lying to straight women?

by Alexreply 9903/24/2012

I mean i wish i wasnt bisexual

by Alexreply 10003/24/2012

Did it ever cross anyone's pea brain that sex with a woman might make your dick feel good? .. You can be gay and still stick your dick in a woman cuz it FEELS GOOD!!

by Alexreply 10103/24/2012

Sexually Confused Thread

by Alexreply 10203/24/2012

He hasn't had pussy since pussy had him!

by Alexreply 10303/24/2012

LOL @ r101

by Alexreply 10403/24/2012

"When so many young gay kids are killing themselves because of homophobic bullying, these remarks were sorta irresponsible."

Gay kid:

Anthony GIl - free spirited ; 24 tattoos ; store manger / part time model & college boy - bron-xx

My dream for the future! Congrats to Ricky Martin your an icon

by Alexreply 10503/24/2012

R94, I actually remember that, I had forgotten all about it, but yeah I membered it being all over the place, it was hair's-breadth from being in the press, maybe it even was. They said he snubbed an award show because he was too famous to go to Ireland. I do recall that.

I remember people giving out about, even of the radio, the "Who they fuck does he think he is?" routine.

by Alexreply 10603/25/2012

"They said he snubbed an award show because he was too famous to go to Ireland. I do recall that."

That is enough to make it true?

Being "too famous to go to Ireland" is more likely than being too busy?


by Alexreply 10703/25/2012

The only way Ms. Martin has slept with women is if the woman used a strap-on.

by Alexreply 10803/25/2012

I think it was leaked by someone involved in the show. I guess the difference is if he said it or one of his team. Like when Mariah Carey 's assistant said she didn't do stairs. A lot of the time it's the assistants and agents going on their own ego trip in the name of their celeb.

But it was out there, that is what everyone was saying the reason he didn't do it since he did a less famous UK award show 2 or 3 days later. But that was the reason given, he was too famous to go to an award show in Ireland.

It's not just him, Madonna is the same, it's just how it works, but at least she was honest about being a superficial fame-whore, I think Ricky Martin is pretty much the same. He is an ego driven superficial fame whore. A BISEXUAL ego driven superficial fame whore no less.

by Alexreply 10903/25/2012

R109 - since you believe that Ricky is a liar and fame whore, you should be consistent and believe that Ricky "liked" sex with women just to please fangirls, ergo that he's gay.

by Alexreply 11003/25/2012

r99, that's not really true. There are many gay men (myself included) who accept bi men and then there are some gay men who prefer bi men. And yes, there are some gay men who don't really have time for bi men, due to past negative experiences, feelings of inadequacy, whatever... My question for bi men would be: why do you care if some gay men aren't interested? Seriously, from a numbers perspective there are infinitely more bi men (not to mention women) available to you. Your pool of options is so vast I don't understand how any rejection by such a small minority (i.e. a subset of gay men) could have any effect on you.

by Alexreply 11103/25/2012

r111 here, just to be clear, I think everyone should be accepted for who they are. I just don't understand why bisexuals seem to be looking towards gays to tackle the issues of bi-invisibility and bi-phobia. The bisexual community dwarfs the gay community in terms of raw numbers so shouldn't they be leading the charge on these issues by coming out and making their voices heard?

by Alexreply 11203/25/2012

Oh my God, how shocking.

I pee'ed in shower this morning should be headline news on CNN.

by Alexreply 11303/25/2012

Well they should r112, but they are way too busy flaunting their straight lovelife.

by Alexreply 11403/25/2012

One more thing, it's just really up to bisexuals (those who lie and say they are either straight or gay) to stand up and be counted. That's the only way things are going to change. When people like Ricky or Cynthia Nixon talk about their experiences as bisexuals but refuse to actually identify as such it does nothing to advance the cause. Nixon said the most ridiculous thing about how she refuses to identify as bisexual because they get no respect. what a load of rubbish! How in the world do bisexuals expect to challenge bi-invisibility and bi-phobia if they won't stand up and be counted?

by Alexreply 11503/25/2012

" When people like Ricky or Cynthia Nixon talk about their experiences as bisexuals but refuse to actually identify as such it does nothing to advance the cause."

For God's sake!

Ricky fucked women only because he, like so many gays, hoped that he can turn straight. He had hard time accepting his homosexuallity.

Now, when he's out and happy as gay man you claim that you know his sexuality better than Ricky himself. Like being gay is somehow better or easier than being bisexual! WTF?!?

by Alexreply 11603/25/2012

I think Cynthia Nixon is gay.

Her bisexuality = "I didn't fake and lie to my husband all those years in order to have easier life and kids".

by Alexreply 11703/25/2012

C'mon! The only way Ricky and Gaby Sabatini had the hot sex was if Gaby was wearing a strap on. About Steffi and Andre, Steffi is the top, right?

by Alexreply 11805/01/2012

He is bisexual, gay men don't have and enjoy sex with women, bisexual and straight men do.

by Alexreply 11905/01/2012

He's not bisexual. He's protecting Sabatini and del Alba who are rumored lesbians in the closet.

by Alexreply 12005/01/2012

Why are bi women acceptable but bi men aren't?

by Alexreply 12105/18/2012

I don't know.

I don't understand why some people here are so bothered by the fact that some gay men like Ricky have had sex with women and can't accept it.

by Alexreply 12205/18/2012

R121, because the precious straight men get turned on by bi women and bi men scare them to death.

by Alexreply 12305/18/2012

And..he always brought them a nice new strap-on dildo as a gift....usually the biggest one he could find too.

by Alexreply 12405/18/2012

well i haave too say im a big ricky martin fan since menudo u guys dont know what use are saying he was never in a relationship with a guy at 20 that was never said you guys dont know what use are talking about so stop lying and talk about somthing you know about dont makeup anything its not very nice what ever is his decision we should still love and respect him so stop gossipping and say the truth thank you its not your business

by Alexreply 12510/04/2012

Fuck bisexuals! There are gay teens killing themselves because of their fight for acceptance and then these bisexual "gays" promote straight sex? Fuck you! I would never ever have sex with a woman, just like I wouldn't have sex with a dog or washing machine. I'm not attracted to it, I wouldn't be able to get an erection, and the thought of it, it's just meaningless and disgusting.

by Alexreply 12610/04/2012

R126 protests too much. He's gay not bisexual and many gay males had and continue to have sex with women.

by Alexreply 12710/04/2012

Almost every sister has had one or more Lesbian experience, Miss Martin is no exceptia!

by Alexreply 12810/25/2012

So, why didn't he come out as bi?

by Alexreply 12901/27/2013
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