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Battle Of The Biceps: Derek Hough Vs. William Levy

They are both sexy. But who has bigger biceps?

by Samreply 711/02/2013

Levy for the win. He is hot as hell, and has the bigger biceps.

by Samreply 103/21/2012

Uh, duhhhh...ya think R1?

OP was obviously joking.

by Samreply 204/10/2012

How does Hough even have a chance to be on TV no matter who else is on?

by Samreply 304/18/2012

What an idiotic question. Derek is and will always be a twink. Twinks don't have biceps.

by Samreply 404/18/2012

No wonder America is on a crash course toboggan ride into the trash heap of history. A slow, sad ending to a once mighty nation.

by Samreply 504/18/2012

Derek made a mistake taking his shirt off. He's perfectly normal and sexy, but onscreen appeared pale and twinkish.

by Samreply 604/18/2012


by Samreply 711/02/2013
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