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SMASH Thread 2

And they said it wouldn't last

by Ivy & Karenreply 60005/10/2012

for a trashy bad soap opera SMASH sure is a smash on DL.

by Ivy & Karenreply 103/20/2012

When Ivy was "dancing" in the workshop tonight and her skirt blew up I couldn't help but wonder, isn't she a little chubby for a Broadway performer?

by Ivy & Karenreply 203/20/2012

Well, gays in the cast on and off screen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 303/20/2012

Ivy + Karen definitely need to swim in the lady-pond together to liven this shit UP!

by Ivy & Karenreply 403/20/2012

That's why she is more suited for Marilyn, R2.

by Ivy & Karenreply 503/20/2012

Derek sounds like he has marbles or mustard in his mouth.

by Ivy & Karenreply 603/20/2012


by Ivy & Karenreply 703/20/2012


by Ivy & Karenreply 803/20/2012

Ivy has the classic MM body.

by Ivy & Karenreply 903/20/2012

How can people not understand the teenager was crying at the end because his mother was having an affair behind his father's back with a man he thought was his friend.

And yes, a teenager would lash out in anger, which the kid already did several times, while resentment and anger and pain grew inside until he could hold it no longer.

Have none of you ever burst into tears when you felt hurt, disappointed, betrayed, lied to, furious, and worst of all, powerless?

That said, I didn't much like this episode, either.

I like that Eileen is becoming the doyenne of downtown and that she's probably going to have a torrid affair with a hot bartender, but it was a big waste of time to spend so much dialog on faulty plumbing and how overheated the room was.

And I agree with posters from the other thread that it didn't make sense there's no Bernadette Peters in this Broadway world. That's a minor quibble, however, and I'd be willing to overlook it if her presence had added a lot to the show.

It reminds me (and I'll probably be shot down for this) why I think BP isn't a bigger star: she's brilliant and wonderful in every way on stage and in person, but on television or film, she's not particularly compelling or interesting to me.

Plus, I didn't buy her as Ivy's mother. I probably wouldn't buy Cher as Chaz Bono's mother, either, if it weren't an undeniable fact, but for whatever reason, Peters and Hilty just didn't work for me.

I still love the show, however, and will of course wait for the next episode with bated breath.

by Ivy & Karenreply 1003/20/2012

True, R9, but I doubt Monroe could get hired today for the kinds of roles she excelled in, unless she lost substantial weight.

What was she, a size 10? Now she'd be reduced to character roles or force-fed diet pills to skinny her down to a size 2 or 4, at least.

Maybe that's what is so off-putting about Hilty to some of us.

And I'm not even an anti-fat troll.

by Ivy & Karenreply 1103/20/2012

It's not so much that Hilty is chubby but that she is so ridiculously out of shape. Where is the tone you would have if you were a dancer?

by Ivy & Karenreply 1203/20/2012

Hilty is in shape. She's just thick and curvy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 1303/20/2012

Hilty looks *much* thinner in person.

by Ivy & Karenreply 1403/20/2012

Rose's Turn would have fit the plot better.

For me!

For me!


by Ivy & Karenreply 1503/20/2012

It's "Heaven ON Earth," r7!

by Ivy & Karenreply 1603/20/2012

Can someone please let BP know that as fabulous as she is, that at 60 something years old, it's time to drop the pincurls and get a big girl hairdo?

by Ivy & Karenreply 1703/20/2012

Yes R17. As someone on another site once said --- Bernadette looks like Sluggo (Nancy comic strip) in curls.

by Ivy & Karenreply 1803/20/2012

It seems to be getting better, but considering where it started out at that's not saying a whole hell of a lot.

But I actually noticed some jokes in last night's episode.

Also, you need to check out the imbd page -- Garson Kanin is credited with writing six episodes ... which is pretty good for a man who's been dead since 1999.

by Ivy & Karenreply 1903/20/2012

R17, please BP alone.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2003/20/2012

Messing made a man out of the actor who plays her teenage son. It's all very gross on set.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2103/20/2012

Season 1 wrapped production today.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2203/20/2012

yes, and Cousin Debbie is on letterman tonight.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2303/20/2012

thanks for heads up, R23

by Ivy & Karenreply 2403/20/2012

Apparently NBC/Universal are such fucking cheapskates that the SMASH cast and crew didn't get wrap gifts or a wrap party. Anjelica Huston gave the cast and crew lovely personal wrap gifts.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2503/20/2012

I hope it wasn't a Manhattan in the face!

by Ivy & Karenreply 2603/20/2012

Seriously, she sounds like a nice lady.

She could have been meaner to that girl/waitress who told her at a party: I'm also an actress/dancer and she said 'no now, honey.'

Firm, but not devastatingly dismissive. Like so many can be.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2703/20/2012

The guy that plays the director sounds like he's impersonating Simon Cowell.

by Ivy & Karenreply 2803/20/2012


Ummm, you do realize that was a character saying a scripted line, not actually a documentary about Anjelica Huston, right?

by Ivy & Karenreply 2903/20/2012

Can't wait to hear about their musical project for Season 2!

by Ivy & Karenreply 3003/20/2012

Finally like Angelica's character tonight but with BP there it made me wish she had been cast in Angelica's part.

Bodies like Marilyn's and Hilti's are sexy. It's a real female body. Unfortunately since the fashion industry as well as the advertising industry and everything else in the world is run by men, anything that is too overtly feminine is disparaged for anything less threatening and more masculine leaning so that men can feel comfortable. The beanpole with boobs that passes for a woman these days is what the public has been brainwashed into accepting as attractive.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3103/20/2012

Apparently Season 2 sill focus on teh Broadway run, Season 1 ends with the out of town tryouts.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3203/20/2012

Has the show been officially renewed? Even though the ratings are just okay for NBC they're probably good. The only problem I see is that the show looks very expensive to produce.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3303/20/2012

Marilyn was not big. That pesky myth of her being a size 16 or 13 refuses to go away. Her measurements were 37-24-36. She had a tiny waist, but wide hips and an ample bosom. That's what gave her the hourglass figure. Hilty is just thick all around with practically no waist and a fat face. By today's standards Marilyn would be more like a size 6. McPhee would get away with it if they padded her hips and bust, like they did Michelle Williams.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3403/20/2012

I thought the casting of a real Broadway star, Bernadette Peters, through the whole story off.

Think Ethel Merman on Mad Men being hired to do a commercial.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3503/20/2012

Hilty is a fat pig.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3603/20/2012

On the Antiques Roadshow they featured a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in I think "The Seven Year Itch."

She was a tiny little thing, no more than 5'6", so her proportions were exaggerated onscreen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3703/20/2012

Thank you, R34! Monroe's body was nothing like Hilty's, except for the big bust.

by Ivy & Karenreply 3803/20/2012

"She should also have a bra and some blouses that actually fit she is Anjelica Houston after all!"

Favorite line from the prior DL thread about SMASH, my NEW favorite show!

by Ivy & Karenreply 3903/20/2012

Bernie is doing well knowing that most female voices go downhill after menopause.

by Ivy & Karenreply 4003/21/2012

I kept thinking that Joe DiMaggio looks a lot like Doogie Howser. Glad they fired him, he was NOT Joe DiMaggio, just like McPhee could never be Marilyn. Someone said it right with the comparison to the Norman Bates wig.

by Ivy & Karenreply 4103/21/2012

So is the guy who was playing Joe actually off the show? Wonder if it had anything to do with his affair with la Messing...

by Ivy & Karenreply 4203/21/2012

r22,when do they resume shooting?

by Ivy & Karenreply 4303/21/2012

Has it been renewed? I thought no one was watching!

by Ivy & Karenreply 4403/21/2012

I agree, R41. Will Chase is another one who is popular with Broadway audiences, but he is nothing like DiMaggio and totally wrong for the role, IMO.

by Ivy & Karenreply 4503/21/2012

rumoured to be 4million per ep

by Ivy & Karenreply 4603/21/2012

Matt Cavanaugh IS Joe DiMaggio!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 4703/21/2012

[quote]But I actually noticed some jokes in last night's episode.

Written by playwright Jason Grote, who's a very good writer and a funny guy. He & Rebeck met at a play festival in Colorado, and hit it off, and they stayed in touch. Later, when he lost his dayjob, and his health insurance, and had a sick kid, he got in touch and said: do you know about any jobs, and she gave him a job on the show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 4803/21/2012

[quote] Bernadette Peters, through the whole story off.

by Ivy & Karenreply 4903/21/2012

I brought shapely women back to the screen. This is what real women look like, not those sticks you are used to.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5003/21/2012

Aaron Tveit IS Joe Di Magio

by Ivy & Karenreply 5103/21/2012

r15 -- ITA, but someone posted elsewhere on DL that Spielberg didn't like it and asked for "Roses" instead. More subtle, but made the same dramatic point.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5203/21/2012

R19, Garson Kanin did write a book called "Smash"; I googled it - can't remember when was written but - 50's? 60's, maybe. I had never heard of it before.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5303/21/2012

R42, could be, but I think Will Chase was only going to be on for a specific period of time, as evidenced by guest star billing. He seems to be busy; I saw him on an episode of "Unforgettable" last night, and remember seeing him - last year? on an episode of "Royal Pains." It's equally possible he was hired for "Smash" because of his relationship with Messing...???

by Ivy & Karenreply 5403/21/2012

R41/R42/R54, he's back in the show by the time they hit Boston for the pre-Broadway tryout.

Season 2 would begin shooting in late July/early August, depending on if it is back in the fall or midseason.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5503/21/2012

Shaiman is the devil. I have had "Listen" stuck in my head for weeks.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5603/21/2012

R56 - According to my iPod, I have listened to "Let Me Be Your Star" 78 times. He is Devil x 78

by Ivy & Karenreply 5703/21/2012

Grimm is picked up for second season, but not the higher rated Smash yet. It's on the bubble but I think it will make it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5803/21/2012

I wonder if they'd move SMASH to (gasp!) Toronto if it gets picked up. It's an awfully expensive show to produce in NY.

by Ivy & Karenreply 5903/21/2012

I have to say the music is strong. I would rather watch a show about a musical being produced than an actual musical. I don't really like them. Strange I know.

by Ivy & Karenreply 6003/21/2012

R55, thanks for the dish! R60, I see your point - I like both musicals and shows about them, which are pretty rare - LOVE me some "Smash!", dear God, I hope it's renewed...

by Ivy & Karenreply 6103/21/2012

Cast have been told that they are almost sure to be renewed

by Ivy & Karenreply 6203/21/2012

At 4 million an episode, I wonder if this show actually makes money for NBC. They should think about getting rid of some cast members.

How about Messing's son, her husband, Kat's boyfriend.

by Ivy & Karenreply 6303/21/2012

R60 I don't like musicals either but I really like Smash, flaws and all. I like watching a show about smart creative people doing their job and putting this musical together. It's interesting.

I do skip every scene with La Messing at home and McPhee doing anything outside of the musical.

by Ivy & Karenreply 6403/21/2012

I don't understand why Brian D'Arcy James is a series regular. They don't use him at all. At series regular money, he has the best job in NYC. Easy money...

by Ivy & Karenreply 6503/21/2012

R65 - I suspect it's because of the baby adoption storyline, which they have all but abandoned now because of its unpopularity. I don't think he will be regular Season 2

by Ivy & Karenreply 6603/21/2012

What's scale these days for the chorus?

Thought of this as I watched the guys from rom "Newsies" dancing today on GMA. IIRC, if they get a week's pay for doing one number on TV.

by Ivy & Karenreply 6703/22/2012


by Ivy & Karenreply 6803/22/2012

First thing they oughtta do is send that fucking kid to military school.

by Ivy & Karenreply 6903/22/2012

Thank God that fat bitch Theresa Rebeck won't be the show runner next season, she might just write a few scripts.

by Ivy & Karenreply 7003/22/2012

Who'll be running it?

by Ivy & Karenreply 7103/22/2012

[quote]Can someone please let BP know that as fabulous as she is, that at 60 something years old, it's time to drop the pincurls and get a big girl hairdo?

I always think of this.

by Ivy & Karenreply 7203/22/2012

[quote]Matt Cavanaugh IS Joe DiMaggio!!

If he shows up.

by Ivy & Karenreply 7303/22/2012

I think Rob Marshall should step in as the new show runner.

by Ivy & Karenreply 7403/22/2012

Megan looking good. I think she's lost some weight.

by Ivy & Karenreply 7503/22/2012

And more Hilty

by Ivy & Karenreply 7603/22/2012

There's no Equity member here who can answer r67's question?

by Ivy & Karenreply 7703/23/2012

Do shows try out in Boston anymore? Was the ART's Porgy and Bess considered a tryout?

by Ivy & Karenreply 7803/23/2012

So is SMASH also 13 episodes in Season 2 - or was it a shorter season just b/c it was a midseason replacement?

by Ivy & Karenreply 7903/23/2012

They try out in Seattle or Chicago or La Jolla.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8003/23/2012

Porgy and Bess was not an out-of-town tryout in the old sense.

It was a production at a regional theater for a subscription audience. The old style out of town tryout was more like what we call a tour. And there was no gap between the end of tryout and Broadway opening.

Today the out of town run followed by a few months of tinkering and a second rehearsal period is more common.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8103/23/2012

Rebeck is leaving !!!!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 8203/23/2012

R82: thank God! now hopefully show can REALLY improve. Doubtless it was her amazingly stupid fucking idea that anyone watching would give a rat's ass about the Debra Messing characte's husband, son, or proposed Asian baby. UNbelievable.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8303/23/2012

R79, the online sources I perused via google variously report that the renewal is either for 15 episodes or "at least" 15 episodes.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8403/23/2012

They should get Ugly Betty's Silvio Horta as the new showrunner. He knows how to do the mix of humor and drama this show needs, not to mention the obvious camp sensibility they're often attempting and failing to pull off.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8503/23/2012

R83, the Debra Messing character is TOTALLY based on Rebeck, from the Park Slope brownstone to the hideous hair and ill-fitting Eileen Fisher wardrobe. I predict a lot less of her family life and more of the stylish Deb we saw in Will & Grace in Season 2.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8603/23/2012

Can't we just do without her altogether?

by Ivy & Karenreply 8703/24/2012

R19/R53 - Garson Kanin wrote a novel called "Smash" in the 1980s (near the end of his life) which was a thinly-fictionalized re-telling of the tryout for the Broadway musical "Funny Girl" (which Kanin directed) - yes, it's all about Barbra and Jule Styne and Sydney Chaplin, etc., even if they aren't mentioned by name. The book is well-known and much-loved among theater people, as much for its backstage gossip as for its semi-realistic depiction (for the time) of the travails of a musical working out its kinks before opening night on Broadway.

When Rebeck started "creating" this TV show, the parallels were clear to Kanin's novel, so Spielberg bought the rights to the book so they could use the title (since other than the idea that it's about the development of a musical about a famous star, there is nothing in the TV show like the novel). If you watch the end credits, every week you'll see somewhere it says "based on the novel SMASH by Garson Kanin". That's why he gets an imdb writing credit for the show.

And it's a good thing, since Kanin's widow Marian Seldes had that stroke and can't act anymore, she has a nice income from the royalties.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8803/24/2012

When was Deb Mess stylish? Hate that bitch.

by Ivy & Karenreply 8903/24/2012

Was Horta running UB when they ruined it by trying to turn it into Sex And The City? It's whoever was at the helm that first season that should take over for Rebeck. The first season of UB was brilliant.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9003/24/2012

R90 the Season 1 Ugly Betty showrunner was Jim Parriot. He also ran Grey's Anatomy during Season 1.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9103/24/2012

R83/R86, Rebeck also has an adopted Chinese daughter. And her son actually got busted for smoking in Central Park. She talked about that on Theater Talk.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9203/24/2012

I don't hate Messing, I just don't get the hype. She is uninteresting to me on every level, and I can't figure out how she has a career thousands of more talented women would love to have.

It's one thing to have lucked out with Will and Grace by being cast in something no one expected to become a long-running hit, but pretty much everything else she's done has been unsuccessful, hasn't it?

I don't remember much about it, but there was that unwatchable series on TNT or USA where she played someone whose husband had dumped her ...

by Ivy & Karenreply 9303/25/2012

With so many kids here needing to be adopted here why do people go to foreign countries? There are many cases of kids adopted from Russia who have severe mental problems.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9403/25/2012

Congrats to SMASH for winnig the top GLAAD award

by Ivy & Karenreply 9503/25/2012

[r94] Adoption is a long, difficult process in the US. Going elsewhere sometimes is more expedient.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9603/25/2012

86 -- I was just about to post that Rebeck was probably writing about her self or a close friend, when I saw your post - you're right on the mark.

96 -- aside from the risk of the parent surfacing to re-claim their rights, no matter what they may have signed in the past, the U.S. process is tedious and expensive for infants. If you're willing to adopt a multi-child sibling group, a special-needs child or a teen, especially if the child is a minority, the process can be quicker.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9703/26/2012

Tom doesn't seem to like his new lawyer bf.

Michael is not hot and his voice is average.

Eileen's hair is not flattering and she's so huge she looks like a tranny.

by Ivy & Karenreply 9803/26/2012

Oh God, tonight's episode was HORRENDOUS.

To paraphrase Gracie Gummer Streep's character-"This SHOW makes me want to flee to Micronesia."

They don't show SMASH over there, do they?

by Ivy & Karenreply 9903/26/2012

It's this kind of crap that made me flee to Micronesia!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 10003/26/2012

I enjoyed the show tonight. Didn't care for Meryl's daughter though.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10103/26/2012

The Gummer girls are one of the biggest problems facing the US, right up there with the economy, healthcare and the war on terror.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10203/27/2012

Did not care for tonight's episode at all. Nothing redeeming about it. The entire thing was cliche. Trying to sell McPhee as sex (didn't work), the overdone bowling musical number, all the taste testing foreplay in the kitchen - I could go on and on. just awful. Really disappointed. Nothing creative or original at all.

Like others have voiced, I wish they'd stop forcing musical numbers unrelated to the musical. The show isn't Glee. Keep it about the making of a musical. Not a musical within a musical.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10303/27/2012

Apparently the bowling alley musical number was a re-shoot. It was originally a sequence set in a drag bar called Lips and the guys put on ball gowns and make-up. Spielberg deemed it "too controversial" so they ended up at the bowling alley, instead.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10403/27/2012

What a clusterfuck.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10503/27/2012

How did the Streep girl manage to decorate an entire apartment with coordinated furniture and wall art in an afternoon? Now that's talent.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10603/27/2012

Boring episode, mostly a music video for "Touch Me" which is the single for the SMASH album coming out next week.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10703/27/2012

Dreadful episode. I agree with all the criticisms posted to date.

I'm starting to actively hate McPhee every time she's on screen (she just passively annoyed me previously). She is a Theresa Russell-level bad actress. She's so wimpy and expressionless in her acting and speaking voice it's beyond embarrassing. Worse, her singing voice has no discerable character. You'd never say on hearing a song of hers "Yep, that's McPhee!" Her voice is perfect for anonymous commercial ditties, not for a lead role in a theater-oriented show.

Spectacularly bad casting. I don't think the show is savable unless they dump/replace her.

by Ivy & Karenreply 10803/27/2012

Producers promise major changes for Season 2

Hopefully Ellis is gone - they acknowledge he is annoyinh

by Ivy & Karenreply 10903/27/2012

Grace Gummer is somewhat easier on the eye, but even less of a presence than Mamie as an actor.


by Ivy & Karenreply 11003/27/2012

Sounds like Rebeck taking a hike was one of the conditions for renewal.

Ellis is *really* creeping me out. (I actually make sounds out loud when he suddenly appears around corners.) I don't think they *can* dump him since they keep promoting him in the story. Besides, we all know people exactly like him.

BTW, I don't think Messing is or has been all that heavy. I do think they put her in baggy, mumsy Brooklyn yuppie-mom clothes at the beginning. Then as she got more and better sex the clothing became more revealing and the heels got higher.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11103/27/2012

Bit of a mess this ep, wonder if it put the final nail in Rebeck's showrunner coffin. She "wrote" this one.

That Glee meets Fame bowling alley bit nearly made me switch it off.

Liked Tom and lawyer boyfriend.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11203/27/2012

Not only was the bowling alley number clearly an afterthought (Ivy seemed baffled as to why she was there, beginning-to-end) but the director of photography kept cutting off the dancers' *feet* -- kind of missing the point?

by Ivy & Karenreply 11303/27/2012

OMG. When they were at the bowling ally, all the pins had strings attached to them.

Can they not even try?

That was the WORST effect I have ever scene since Ed Wood.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11403/27/2012

Horrible episode. And I agree with the previous post about the bowling alley number. Keep the musical performances in the rehearsal hall or theatre. This isn't Glee.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11503/27/2012

If Spielberg really didn't want a scene in a gay bar? Fuck him; fuck him right in the ass.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11603/27/2012

I don'tmind a character like Ellis, but I just cannot figure out WHAT f---ing ethnicity that actor is? I mean, can you say, "mongrel"?? I know that's a terrible thing to say, sorry (although a friend of mine who is Mexican-American doesn't mind that word, at all.) And his "girlfriend", Cynthia/Cyn/"Sin"? Like WTF/who cares??

Cannot WAIT to see what they come up with next season.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11703/27/2012

Castmembers are saying "nice edit" regarding the bowling scene - I wonder what they mean by it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 11803/27/2012

The only thing that could keep me watching the show is if Ivy Lynn became incontinent onstage...

by Ivy & Karenreply 11903/27/2012

R119 = Carol Channing (soon to appear cast as Ivy's great-grandmother, another famous Broadway diva, just like her mother, Bernadette Peters)

by Ivy & Karenreply 12003/27/2012

The bowling scene was the most pretentious, cringe-worthy thing I can remember seeing in a long time.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12103/28/2012

R117, Cepero is a Cuban name, but he looks to have some South American or Mexican in there too.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12203/28/2012

Agreed with everything. Worst episode and McPhee is a like a wet noodle. They need to dump her. I hear Ellis will be gone soon too.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12303/28/2012

[quote]OMG. When they were at the bowling ally, all the pins had strings attached to them.

Some small bowling alleys have these new type of pins. The wires allow the pins to be reset quickly and are used when there is not enough space for the traditional pin setting mechanisms. They don't interfere or help make strikes or spares.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12403/28/2012

Any behind the scenes gossip? Do the actors get along? Is everyone enjoying working on the show? Are they happy with their story lines?

by Ivy & Karenreply 12503/28/2012

The bowling alley is a few blocks from the studio.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12603/28/2012

I wish that they could have used the plotline from Garson Kanin's novel SMASH. Thinly veiled plot taken from his experiences working on FUNNY GIRL. Fun read.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12703/28/2012

[bold] 'Smash' Star Megan Hilty Scores Columbia Records Deal [/bold]

The Broadway vet joins fellow stage-to-screen singer Kristen Chenoweth on Sony subsidiary Masterworks, along with co-star Katharine McPhee, who signed to Columbia in 2011.

After some seven years spent on Broadway (Wicked, 9 to 5) then a co-starring role on NBC's hit drama Smash, Megan Hilty can now call herself a major label recording artist. our editor recommends NBC Renews 'Smash' for Second Season 'Smash's' Katharine McPhee: No 'Idol' In Sight

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the 30-year-old Bellevue, Washington native has been signed to Columbia Records through Sony subsidiary Masterworks, which has typically been the label home to classical music releases and, more recently, the likes of Wilson Phillips and Kristin Chenoweth.

She joins fellow Smash star Katharine McPhee in the Sony family. The American Idol alum signed with Columbia back in June 2011.

No word yet on when a debut album by Hilty may be due, but the actress has said that she's currently working on demos.

On Smash, Hilty's character Ivy Lynn, in the midst of workshops for a Marilyn Monroe musical, was recently visited by her mother, played by stage icon Bernadette Peters.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12803/28/2012

I'm glad cutey patootey chorus boy Dennis (Timothy Spaith) is back. If Tom had any sense, he'd drop John, forget about Sam, and hook up with hot Dennis.

by Ivy & Karenreply 12903/28/2012

It's Philip Spaeth not Timothy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13003/28/2012

Maybe they can kill Ellis in the first episode of the second season and the SVU cops can take it over to their show for a crossover.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13103/28/2012

Yes, you ARE, R 131! I would actually totally love to see such a crossover episode.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13203/28/2012

Smash has cornered the market on love to hate it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13303/28/2012

Watched a marathon of Smash last night, and I'm almost caught up.

As much as I dislike Huston and Messing's characters, I HATE Ellis. Just hate him, and the actor.

Really like Derek, and Ivy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13403/28/2012

This last episode was HORRENDOUS.

I'm close to dumping this show. No series should have awful episodes so early in their run.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13503/28/2012

I can't believe this piece of shit costs 4 million per episode

by Ivy & Karenreply 13603/28/2012

r136 --*seriously*? What did they do, *buy* the brownstone in Brooklyn?

by Ivy & Karenreply 13703/28/2012

Ellis is there straight through the season finale. I gather they've written it so he could easily be sent off to prison where he'll be some brute's bitch for the foreseeable future.

by Ivy & Karenreply 13803/28/2012

Which are the funniest SMASH blogs out there besides Rachel Shukert's on The Vulture?

by Ivy & Karenreply 13903/28/2012

Congrats to Megan. Cute picture of her too.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14003/28/2012

We're gonna scor-or-ore tonight! We're gonna scor-or-ore tonight!

by Ivy & Karenreply 14103/28/2012

I though Gracie Gummer was really good. She brought some spunk to the screen, and I like spunk.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14203/28/2012

I hate spunk

by Ivy & Karenreply 14303/28/2012

I think it's hilarious that Meryl's daughter, with her big nose and unique face, really looks like she could be Anjelica Huston's daughter.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14403/28/2012

R127--She could be if Huston was fucking Meryl Streep and got pregnant by her.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14503/28/2012

Serious repercussion for Deb on tonight's episode.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14604/02/2012

Watching tonight by proxy. How do you say 'awful,' 'terrible' and 'ghastly' in Show Biz parlance?

by Ivy & Karenreply 14704/02/2012

Ivy flubbed "her number"? I thought she was in the ensemble.

So Ellis would go on the DL because of a fancy hotel room with a view? What a whore.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14804/02/2012

That Ellis was going to sleep with a guy to get ahead was obvious from his first scene in the first episode.

by Ivy & Karenreply 14904/02/2012

no - he'd do it to be a producer. clearly miscalculated though. hehe.

i've been critical of the show but thought tonites was excellent and deb was a revelation. if you nix the stupid times square song it was the best episode by far.

by Ivy & Karenreply 15004/02/2012

I like Kat McPhee's song "Touch Me." Why they haven't put it up on itunes yet is a head scratcher.

by Ivy & Karenreply 15104/02/2012

Deb looked HORRIBLE in that final scene. She's got a mean little mouth.

It wasn't a bad episode but not good enough.

by Ivy & Karenreply 15204/02/2012

So what was a poster for Bernadette's GYPSY production doing in Times Square alongside PRISCILLA...and THE ADDAMS FAMILY? What did it get CGI'd over...a poster for SMASH?

by Ivy & Karenreply 15304/02/2012

Get me Doug Hughes!!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 15404/02/2012

R148, excellent point. And - perhaps professional actor-singer-dancers can help me out here? I cried "foul" when the Christian Borle character said he had to get back to the theatre because of Ivy falling/melting down, blah, blah; some audience were asking for refunds.

Asking for refunds? For a member of the ensemble? Are you fucking KIDDING me? And my question, sorry: aren't there swing performers who "understudy" the members of the ensemble, in Broadway shows? Have been (listed in the program) in every Bway musical I've seen (but none since 97, alas.)

by Ivy & Karenreply 15504/02/2012

How did Messing's husband kn0w she was having an affair because she wrote a song about lovers on the Brooklyn Bridge? What?? The actor playing the son is the worst actor on any TV show ever. Give him an award!

by Ivy & Karenreply 15604/02/2012

The Times Square musical number was godawful, but the green-screening work was even worse.

by Ivy & Karenreply 15704/02/2012

Debra messings costumes on this show r so bad they might as well cut to the chase and start dressing her in hefty bags!

by Ivy & Karenreply 15804/02/2012

I think Deb looks slim and tres chic and completely believable as a writer for the stage.

by Ivy & Karenreply 15904/02/2012

Who lets a stranger in off the street DURING a production? You leave a package with the Stage Doorman, NOT the Assistant Stage Manager...

He's been dating the super-hot lawyer for weeks and only NOW does Christian Borle find out he's a Republican? Puh-leeze! That didn't get discussed on their first dinner date??

This show really jumped the shark big-time tonight, and only gets worse next week when Uma Thurman appears as a movie star.

Too bad we didn't see Ellis sexing up Sean Dugan.

by Ivy & Karenreply 16004/02/2012

Poor Uma. I kind of like her, but you just know she wasn't even among their first 10 choices for Cameo By A Big Hollywood Celebrity.

by Ivy & Karenreply 16104/02/2012

I guess even a Tony winner like Norbert Leo Butz can use an extra paycheck now and then. But he probably laughed himself silly at the thought that "Heaven On Earth" is supposed to be an actual musical.

Yeah, Deb;s husband figuring out she had an affair from some random song lyrics? Right. I did think he handled himself well in their scenes together, though. I got his anguish and anger.

Yeah, like a nobody assistant is going to bypass channels and get a movie star to appear in a show by giving someone a blow job.

Why the fuck wouldn't the actor playing Tom have gotten a chin implant before getting his first headshot?

by Ivy & Karenreply 16204/02/2012

What is the source material of "Heaven on Earth"? It looks horrendous but I'm fascinated.

by Ivy & Karenreply 16304/02/2012

I gave this show about 10,000 breaks, but they completely lost me tonight.

An ensemble member's performance garners refunds?!?!? On what planet?!?!

Poor Bd'J. All he's ever wanted was to be on a successful series (You know, he's never even done a "Law & Order", because he's been trying to protect his career as a player on TV). He once said to me, "If I'm going to go Network, I want to be there every week" - Ouch... Now he's completely miserable, which makes me sad, because he's a good guy.

Finally, I'm a gay man, and I wouldn't get past the bar at Joe Allen's with someone who was a Rethuglican.

Deb Messing looks like she was costumed by Ann Hould-Ward (and if you think that's a compliment, you probably think Debra Monk would have made a brilliant Sally in "Follies"; and yes, she auditioned).

This train wreck goes from worse to unwatchable... It makes "Cop Rock" look cutting edge.

by Ivy & Karenreply 16404/02/2012

R161 - she's on a six episode arc, not a cameo

by Ivy & Karenreply 16504/02/2012

OH GOD, there are 6 more episodes of this SHITE this season still to come.... ?!?!?!

by Ivy & Karenreply 16604/02/2012

Yes, r163, I too am fascinated. I loved finally getting to see a number and I thought Norbert was fantastic. Replace Ivy with Karen. I want mor HoE numbers!

As for BD'J. He has been misled. Almost every series regular has done a CSI or L&O or Friends or Cheers or whatever. Since when does turning down guest work kill your chances of landing a series? It actually gives you great experience to prepare for the opportunity.

by Ivy & Karenreply 16704/03/2012

When is this season's final episode?

by Ivy & Karenreply 16804/03/2012

The show is not THAT bad. It could use some improvement and the loss of a few subplots, but I enjoy the musical numbers and some of the characters, especially Eileen and backstabbing Ellis. And, in my opinion, Smash has replaced Glee as the GAYEST show on television.

by Ivy & Karenreply 16904/03/2012

Take away the domestic drama like Debra Messing's home life and that ugly bf of McPhee's. Also, why is chinless composer and everyone else so concerned about Abby? He leaves his bf to attend to this nutcase? His bf is gorgeous, why would he bother with Chinless? The only fascinating storyline is the making of the play and Angelica Huston.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17004/03/2012

Christian kissing the boyfriend on the mouth at Republican event would never happen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17104/03/2012

Now that Rebeck's gone, it'll get better next season.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17204/03/2012

Anjelica Huston needs to soften her look. Those bangs and the harsh makeup look hideous.

Is Uma Thurman supposed to be playing a much younger character? Or is she going to pull a Mary Martin?

It'll turn out the husband character has ESP since he seemed to divine the affair out of nowhere, and will get a spin-off as a crime-solving science teacher ("The Seer"), taking the horrible teenage son with him.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17304/03/2012

[quote]The Times Square musical number was godawful

Yes, it was. I said last week that bowling alley shit was far to Glee/Fame and this was more of the same. They need to cut it out.

That kid is indeed the worst actor on TV, Conor Paolo can breathe again. No offence to the actor if he has suffered a traumatic brain injury recently but, if not, he's a natural.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17404/03/2012

Misogyny is a crime.

DL is a misogynist space, as this "frau" hatred makes clear. Imagine a comparable word with which to characterize gay men who bug you; imagine that word showing up over and over again in various threads, without a single objection; imagine how none of you would stand for it.

Your misogyny is juvenile, stupid, out-of-date, destructive of your own humanity, brutalizing to children, murderous, self-loathing, and wrong.

Stop it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17504/03/2012

Or YOU can skip it, R175; plenty of other things to read online besides DL.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17604/03/2012

R170 has it right. And this will sound weird - and I certainly liked her in "Will and Grace" (NBC, remember), but I'm sorry, I think "Smash" would be INFINITELY better without Debra Messing. Concentrate, yes, on Angelica Huston and the musical. Period. Maybe the Debra Messing character (Yes, I know she's first-billed, and perhaps integral somewhat to the show getting green-lit?) could freak out and run off to NJ or across town or wherever the Brian d'Arch James character goes, and during her absence, chinless wonder is forced to work with a new lyricist/book writer. Yes, this is probalby VERY unlikely in real life. But teams DO occasionally "split up"/.work with others. I just don't think Debra Messing and/or her character are, at least currently, of ANY interest.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17704/03/2012

The show would be so much better if they kept the performance numbers only. don't need the cast breaking out into song and dances in bowling alleys and Times Square.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17804/03/2012

Agree 178. More musical numbers that aren't karoake songs.

Get rid of McPhee, Messing's husband, and Ellis.

by Ivy & Karenreply 17904/03/2012

I do think McPhee should go on tour or do a pilot in L.A. for a while; I'm curious about the city hall mysteries surrounding her BF, so he and his slithery friends should stay. I like Messing's husband -- he has possibilities. Maybe he can stay and just visit Leo a *lot.* Ellis is just scary, so very useful. He's creepy; maybe he should hook up with the Rethuglican lawyer?

by Ivy & Karenreply 18004/03/2012

McPhee's boyfriend played one of the secret service agents the UK series MI-5. Like the actor. Yes, keep him dump McPhee.

by Ivy & Karenreply 18104/03/2012

Ann Hould-Ward!!!!


by Ivy & Karenreply 18204/03/2012

Are we ever going to see Ellis without his clothes? His character may be a bitch but he makes quite a cute pocket gay.

by Ivy & Karenreply 18304/05/2012

Anjelica Huston looks like a FIERCE drag queen. If she ever walked into the set of the "RuPaul Drag Race," RuPaul would jump up and yell, "We have a WINNER!"

by Ivy & Karenreply 18404/05/2012

[quote]Anjelica Huston looks like a FIERCE drag queen.

It would be fucking awesome if she had to lip-sync for her life to Make me Your Star!

by Ivy & Karenreply 18504/05/2012

Why do they allow NO shots of sexual activity between two men. The only we've seen two guys in bed is Borle and the lawyer. And all they did was complain about how bad the sex was.

by Ivy & Karenreply 18604/05/2012

...but wait there's more.

Annie Golden a favorite of the songwriters may come in on the 2nd season as a homeless woman who used to be a Broadway sensation. This will cause the 'girls' to examine their lives while the team decide to build a musical around Annie as Marilyn begins to flop.

by Ivy & Karenreply 18704/05/2012

Is she based on Karen Ziemba, r187?

by Ivy & Karenreply 18804/05/2012

I love Angelica Huston, she seems like a cool broad. And, I find her quite attractive in a weird kind of way.

by Ivy & Karenreply 18904/05/2012

No...based on Terri White.

by Ivy & Karenreply 19004/05/2012

When was Terri White ever a Broadway sensation?

by Ivy & Karenreply 19104/05/2012

Wrong, R187, they're doing a story based on the star of EVITA in Vienna in the early 80's whose mobster friends beat up her alternate.

by Ivy & Karenreply 19204/05/2012

Oops, got the story wrong. The producer of EVITA in Vienna hired thugs to beat up its star Isabelle Weicken because he was in love with her understudy and wanted HER to play the role!

by Ivy & Karenreply 19304/05/2012

I wonder if Angelica could still pull off the hair style she wore in Grifters. It really softened her face, and was very chic and classy. But I don't know if it is too dated for now.

by Ivy & Karenreply 19404/05/2012

R175: Stick a splintery piece of driftwood in your rancid cunt.

Seriously, shut the fuck up!

Go away, you twisted, fucked-by-your-fat-step-father, damaged, women's studies dyke.


by Ivy & Karenreply 19504/05/2012

Womyn's Studies Frau: GO AWAY, PUH-LEEZE!

You're inanity is KILLING US!

by Ivy & Karenreply 19604/05/2012

Debra Messing is a guest on "The View" this morning (Friday, the 6th).

by Ivy & Karenreply 19704/06/2012

Debra Messy on the View....what will Whoopi say?

by Ivy & Karenreply 19804/06/2012

Uma makes a SMASH!

by Ivy & Karenreply 19904/06/2012

Katherine McPhee can't act, she's so wooden. And why does her character always try to be so nice and sympathetic to Ivy when Ivy's been nothing but a bitch to her? That's not realistic. I loved that church number Ivy was in though, so trashy.

[quote]Anjelica Huston needs to soften her look. Those bangs and the harsh makeup look hideous.

I agree, plus she's kind of huge and looks like a tranny. She was so nice looking in Crimes and Misdemeanors (that kind of describes her current look, actually) but that movie was years ago.

Ellis is a pain in the ass and he's not as smart or clever as he thinks he is.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20004/08/2012

Characters I hate: Ellis, Borle, the Republican bf, Ivy, Davenport, Messing, Michael.

Characters I don't care about one way or the other: Karen and her bf, Messing's husband, though I'm starting to hate him, too.

Characters I love: Anjelica Huston, Sam the sports-loving dancer, Anjelica Huston.

Character I'd like to fuck: Messing's porky son, right between his cleavage, and then cum on his face.

And yet I can't stop watching. I wish I knew how to quit you!

by Ivy & Karenreply 20104/08/2012

McPhee guests on "Ellen" Monday, the 16th.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20204/08/2012

Is the homeless character based on the real life story of actress Jana Schneider? She was in the originalBroadway cast of EDWIN DROOD. A few years later, she had a breakdown, was diagnosed schizophrenic and was homeless. NY Times did a story on her about 10 years ago.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20304/08/2012

gentlemen, I take back what I said about actress Jana schneide.r Looker her up. She did give up her career and became a free lance photographer who almost lost her life in Bosnia. I do remember reading about some actres sin DROOD who became homeless. Apologies to Ms. Schneider. Looks like it wasn't her.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20404/08/2012

Wes Taylor drives me nuts. The body's good but the face is in a permanent sneer and the mincing about - if not an affect - makes me cringe.

Matt Doyle can do so much better. Hope the stories about the breakup are true.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20504/08/2012

Nope, you were right about Jana Schneider. There was an article back in 2004 (in US News & World, maybe?) about her being homeless and committed to Bellevue.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20604/08/2012

Thanks R206.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20704/08/2012

When does the new season begin filming?

by Ivy & Karenreply 20804/08/2012

Christian Borle is quite fuckable. Hard to believe he's straight.

Despite the show's (many) faults, I do give the producers props for having the balls to let Borle's character be tempted away from his wealthy, white, corporate boyfriend by (gasp!) a black guy. We don't get to see many gay relationships on TV, let alone an interracial one, so feel that's pretty bold on their part (and on NBC's I guess for not doing anything to block it). Hope they will let it last for a while before the black guy inevitably gets killed by a falling prop and a grieving Borle goes running back into the arms of his nice, safe, white lawyer boyfriend.

by Ivy & Karenreply 20904/09/2012

Maybe the darkie can fuck the rethuglican lawyer while Borle watches and jerks his teensy peen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21004/09/2012

R209, if there's any realism in this show at all, Borle will never look back at the Republican lawyer and will shudder with revulsion if anyone ever asks what happened to the guy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21104/09/2012

[205] what r the stories about Matt and Wes's break up???

by Ivy & Karenreply 21204/09/2012

DL favorite Deb Messing's character is shaping up to be quite the :::CENSORED IT WOUNDS:::

by Ivy & Karenreply 21304/09/2012

Does anybody have a link to the site where the critic compares SMASH to how things really work on Broaadway? I saw it referenced someplace but can't find it again.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21404/09/2012

Obviously they're making this show up as they go along. I can't even see how the get a second season from this mess.

My partner watched it with me and said it was the worst written TV show he's ever seen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21504/09/2012

Just watched tonight's episode. LOVE the show. Loved Borle's number. This should be his Emmy submission episode. Loved the number from Three On A Match, lol. Hilarious. Great, great ep tonight.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21604/09/2012

Anjelica got to kiss Thorsten Kaye AND tell off Manny Azenberg & Robyn Goodman!

You all know that's a wig she's wearing, right? Apparently, she has a) bad plastic surgery scars and b) very thinning hair and a receding hairline - in real life. All those years of wearing her hair in a tight bun have cost her...

by Ivy & Karenreply 21704/09/2012

Angelica had plastic surgery? Now that is surprising because she looks very natural.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21804/10/2012

The Zanuck number was AWFUL, done with some speeded up film technology that made it even worse. McPhee has zero energy and she sucks the life out of every scene she's in.

This show is TERRIBLE.

by Ivy & Karenreply 21904/10/2012

[quote]Loved Borle's number. This should be his Emmy submission episode.

I agree with this. I have not particularly liked Borle before this episode, but really enjoyed him in the Zanuck number and I thought he was quite good in the scene with Messing outside the high school. Except for the eye-rolling Huston / investor scenes, I thought this episode was somewhat better than the last few.

And in a bold departure from the DL popular sentiment, I don't hate McPhee. I think she's good and her low-key style is a welcome contrast to Hilty's very actress-y presence.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22004/10/2012

Are we watching the same show, R220? McPhee is a complete cipher. It would take two actresses to replace her: the first one to fill the sucking hole in the universe she creates.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22104/10/2012

I don't hate McPhee, I just don't get why all the professional critics who like this show rave about her. I also have the same problem with her character that I have with Lea Michele's on GLEE -- i.e., the way everyone reacts when she sings like she has the greatest voice they've ever heard in their life. I'm just like please, enough already.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22204/10/2012

McPhee sings passably well, but without conviction or distinction. It's unfortunate for her that she is directly contrasted with Hilty, whose voice is full-bodied and sensuous.

It's McPhee's "acting" that drives me bugfuck. Did The scene where she realizes her boyfriend and the director are fighting is a perfect example. She barely registers any emotion, fear, or passion at all. It sucks the believability right out of the moment, and this show has precious little believability to spare.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22304/10/2012

[quote]Obviously they're making this show up as they go along.

I felt the same way. All the characters change to suit whatever plot twist (or, more accurately, stuff written in a vacuum) is needed in that particular episode.

Is Messing's son angry with her or happy with her? Depends on the episode.

And it is turning into the Debra Messing Crying Hour and bores the shit out of me when she is on screen. And, honey, you can wear all the long scarves wardrobe can find, but are are still chunky from the abortion weight.

No way that bar owner would place lips on the bewigged cadaver Anjelica Houston.

On the other hand: Uma's new face has settled in and she looked GREAT and 100% movie star, although the whole Cuban story was silly.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22404/10/2012

The choreography for the Zanuck steam room number was awful. bad like Rob Ashford bad.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22504/10/2012

[quote]It's McPhee's "acting" that drives me bugfuck.

That was very clear in the scene where the I'm-nice/No-I'm-Mean/No-I'm-Nice director has his supposed epiphany that she should be Marilyn because she is so perfect in the role.

Only problem? She wasn't. Not even close.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22604/10/2012

Get rid of McPhee, get rid of Messing, stop with the production numbers that take place OUTSIDE the rehearsal hall (streets, bowling alley) and maybe this show will work.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22704/10/2012

The script makes no sense. I think the outbursts, nastiness and fleeing from rooms is supposed to make us feel for Messing, but the effect is the opposite. It makes her feel like an unstable bitch who uses others to act out against.

Wouldn't seeing her trying to hold it together be the stronger and more emotionally moving choice?

And the ending? Huston invites investors to a bar to not only dump them but also publicly humiliate them? Are we supposed to think that she is bipolar? Or trying to kamikaze the production? Or is just dumb?

by Ivy & Karenreply 22804/10/2012

McPhee's "acting" on last night's episode was downright bad. And the camera doesn't like Borle at all.

by Ivy & Karenreply 22904/10/2012

I wish someone writing the scripts could introduce a sniper with a machine gun element to the drama. This show could use a good character cleansing.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23004/10/2012

Are Messing and Will Chase still together? He's been married like three times.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23104/10/2012

Exactly, r288! As if Huston might never need to come begging to these producers in the future?

And when McPhee was "transformed" into Marilyn, I laughed out loud. A drag queen from Topeka would have been more convincing.

And Uma as Marilyn? She's older than Monroe was when she died.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23204/10/2012

Borle's number was terrific (although did anyone else think of Tim Curry in "Rocky Horror" for just a moment?) and the choreography was typical for the 1950's. I'm just surprised Ellis didn't show up dancing with him.

Not believable that a Broadway producer would humiliate major investors -- she'll need them again for another deal down the road. And we all know where the Rock Star As Investor thing is headed (one word: Bono.) Plus you don't want to get all your capital from one lender -- gives them too much control.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23304/10/2012

I think the writers intended us to think the old couple were the Investors From Hell, but as played they came across as patient and reasonable. Wanting to meet the star before putting in your money seems eminently prudent to me.

And, as mentioned, a seasoned producer would never burn her bridges with people who have money they want to invest.

The entire investors plot leaked from beginning to end. A real producer would have taken money from all of them.

I think they should burn the writers contracts publicly instead.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23404/10/2012

The old male investor is famed Broadway producer Manny Azenberg, who today it was announced will receive an honorary Tony Award.

Clearly, it's not for his acting....

by Ivy & Karenreply 23504/10/2012

did messing actually have an abortion? she has definitely gained weight.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23604/10/2012

I don't know why most of you hate McPhee. I love her. I think she's beautiful, a good singer, and a beautiful actress. She can even dance and do a surprisingly decent Marilyn. I just don't get all the criticism. I think she's wonderful and so does my partner.

As for burning bridges, I don't think there's any such thing. If those people think they can make money working with Eileen in the future they will. Their biggest crime was intimating to her face that her husband was a better producer. They deserved what they got.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23704/10/2012

R237 = dear, sweet, flyover frau.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23804/10/2012

Team Karen here, too.

I surmise many people here are theater queens and thus prefer Megan Hilty 'cause she's a genuine Broadway actress who's paid her dues, whereas McPhee is merely an AMERICAN IDOL runner-up.

by Ivy & Karenreply 23904/10/2012

I like both.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24004/10/2012

They should cross promote Smash with Glee. Once Lea Michele graduates from high school, she relocates to New York and replaces McPhee as the Marilyn understudy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24104/10/2012

I hate Uma's new face. The old face was unique, this one is more ordinary.

I hope we never see the Republican bf again. Or Dev. And I hate Hilty.

But despite that you all think he's a terrible actor, I have a real thing for Messing's character's son and feel like a total perv for imagining all the things I'd like to do to him.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24204/10/2012

Monday night's episode fell to a 2.0 in the 18-49 demo, with only 6 million viewers. Hawaii 5-0 beat it soundly.

I'm not surprised, since SMASH gets worse every week.

I thought Borle's performance was awful, and in addition, he's the complete opposite of not hot in any way. I never bought him with the handsome lawyer (who Rebeck ruined for me when she made him a republican), and the sexy black dancer can do a lot better, too.

Debra Messing, who I loved in WILL & GRACE, is horrendous. Bad hair, worse clothes, terrible acting. I feel ZERO sympathy for her character, and I find nothing believable about her in this role. The son is a good match to her character, because he sucks, too.

I like McPhee in the role. She's not great, but she looks good and has a good voice, and it's nice to see someone who's not ACTING. Hilty is just ok for me. The problem is that I don't feel bad for her at all, and I don't care if she ever works again.

Love Angelica Huston, but the writing lets her down every week. She should've walked off the set when she found out her character had to burn those contracts.

The main problem is that I don't see how this show would EVER hit Broadway, let alone get investors.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24304/11/2012

I'm confused, r243. If Borle is, in your opinion, "the complete opposite of not hot," does that mean you think he's scorching?

by Ivy & Karenreply 24404/11/2012

Have you ordered yours yet????

by Ivy & Karenreply 24504/11/2012

[quote]the sexy black dancer can do a lot better, too.

Really? How much better should a hot dancer try to do than the admittedly geeky-looking gay half of the most successful musical playwriting team on Broadway?

But I agree that Huston should have insisted the writers change that contract-burning scene.

As many people above have pointed out, it's just not something any professional would ever do, and AH certainly knows that.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24604/11/2012

McPhee is acting too cautiously. The whole show is a campfest and I just love to hate it. That said it is a good time and I hope the keep it on. I absolutely love making fun of the ridiculousness of it all. Borle and Huston at least seem like they're having some fun. Uma Thurman as Marilyn? It just gets more ridiculous with every episode. The upcoming episode looks hilarious. I can't wait!

by Ivy & Karenreply 24704/11/2012

Agree, r247. Uma looks awesome!

I like some of the music, and the actors, but if this show goes beyond a second season, they'll have to seriously improve the writing.

But NBC is so fucking desperate for shows, who knows.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24804/11/2012

Here's a link to some footage of Uma singing and dancing as Marilyn. She looks like a drag queen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 24904/11/2012

[quote]I surmise many people here are theater queens and thus prefer Megan Hilty 'cause she's a genuine Broadway actress who's paid her dues, whereas McPhee is merely an AMERICAN IDOL runner-up.

Well, DUH!

If it's "paid their dues" vs. "fell off the turnip truck," I'll cast the one with experience.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25004/11/2012

I gather that Huston tried to get them to alter the scene where Ellis steps in to help her with her computer problem but they told her the plot depended on it. She rightly felt her character wouldn't be inept on the computer.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25104/11/2012

Darlings, the whole idea of a Broadway musical ABOUT Marilyn is ludicrous to begin with so just relax and go with it and enjoy and stop acting as though this is a major work of great importance being done on television. There's nothing about Marilyn and her tortured life we haven't heard about , read about for decades. The idea of a stage musical bringing something new and revelatory about Marilyn is laughable or that you would even choose to explore what we already know about Marilyn in a stage musical. So--who cares whether Hilty or McPhee or Thurman convince us they are Marilyn! It's a perfectly fun series with very talented people making something (that could have been a disaster) actually work.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25204/11/2012

Oh, okay then. Debate over, people! R252 has spoken.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25304/11/2012

I find it is improving in terms of watchability from week to week for two reasons: a) They are giving Anjelica Huston more to do, and less horrendous dialogue; b) The camp factor is increasing, which would be even greater if McPhee and Hilty would cut loose (Hilty, particularly, is holding back the last two weeks in what should be fabulously bitchy diva behavior).

I am hopeful that they will start having more fun, but I fear it will become Glee 2.0, and the second season will be deadly and Midwestern.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25404/11/2012

...and I was hoping they would stage Bombshell, if only for the scene where they drop the towels in the steam room and dance naked.

I would insist on accuracy regarding the pubic styles of the decade.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25504/11/2012

Thurman looks great - much more believable as Marilyn than McPhooey.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25604/11/2012

The Bombshell storyline ends once they get it on Broadway. Next year it's about a whole different musical.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25704/11/2012

[quote]She looks like a drag queen.

I would expect Uma's role to call for her to be really bad and overdone, but not in a way that Uma look bad. So drag queen sounds about right. The Messing character already pointed out that RD is a movie star who has never acted on stage.

We know from the set-up that Karen will be the ultimate Marilyn. Ivy and Rebecca Duvall are just obstacles along the way.

Now it's starting to look like she'll fall in love with the Jack Davenport character and leave Dev in her dust. I hope he takes a bath first.

BTW, regardless what R252 thinks is realistic for what could actually be produced on Broadway, it seems to me on a gossip site we're still allowed to dish what we think of a TV show about Broadway and a cast of actors that includes a mix of big movie stars, TV veterans and people from the Broadway world.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25804/11/2012

I wish they'd flesh out Dev's story line a little more; it's been clear from the beginning that he's moving to DC and hooking up with the NY Times reporter, but I'm dying to know what backstory they come up for his new boss' being hired despite City Hall knowing about his child porn history.

by Ivy & Karenreply 25904/12/2012

R250- please marry me.

by Ivy & Karenreply 26004/12/2012

There may be some people here who are not aware that there was a musical about Marilyn Monroe called Marilyn, an American Fable. It starred Alyson Reed (Cassie from A Chorus Line movie, Sally in 1987 revival of Cabaret, and the drama teacher from High School Musical)as Monroe. Scott Bakula was also in it. It was a flop although a fuzzy video bootleg exists.

by Ivy & Karenreply 26104/12/2012

R257- I thought next season was about bringing Marilyn the musical to Broadway?

by Ivy & Karenreply 26204/12/2012

When they bought the title to Garson Kanin's novel SMASH, a thinly veiled account of bringing Funny Girl to Broadway, it's too bad that plot wasn't used.

by Ivy & Karenreply 26304/12/2012

The Garson Kanin novel is a fun, trashy read. You can tell he's recycling all the stories he lived through, and some backstage classics.

I met him once and we talked about his various books, and I told him how much I liked "Smash" and he seemed slighly aghast.

(He gave me a copy of his "Remembering Mr. Maugham.")

by Ivy & Karenreply 26404/12/2012

R250, I was referring to the actual actresses not their characters, otherwise I would've used their characters' names. Of course, the seasoned performer should have first dibs over the newly-arrived amateur (on the show). But what I was saying is that the theater queens tend to prefer Ivy and despise Karen simply because they have more respect for Hilty ('cause she's an actual Broadway performer) than McPhee (who's just an "American Idol" runnder-up).

by Ivy & Karenreply 26504/12/2012

It is interesting thought that Hilty's real life bio is much closer to that of McPhee's character and McPhee's real life bio is much closer to that of Hilty's character.

by Ivy & Karenreply 26604/12/2012

[quote] Team Karen, too.

God, I hate this tedious Internet convention. It reeks of "I read People and therefore play a role in the entertainment industry!"

by Ivy & Karenreply 26704/12/2012

{bold]Uma Thurman Steps in as Marilyn Monroe[/bold]

Check out Thurman as Rebecca Duvall as Monroe in photos exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, including from the actress' "Dig Deep" performance, which the EPs note was done as a tribute to "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" -- a Cole Porter song Monroe performed in 1960's Let's Make Love.

by Ivy & Karenreply 26804/12/2012

Is Scarlett Johannsen supposed to be Rebecca Duvall? This is from today's

"Scarlett Johannson is the reason why there are gossip magazines and sites. She gave an interview this month to Vogue and finally admitted she dated Sean Penn. What was that? Like a year ago. Oh, and then she says in the interview that they saw each other but did not know how to classify it. Hmm, let me go ahead and go out on a limb for you Scarlett and classify it. You thought it would be love and he thought it would be great to spend a couple of weeks having sex with you. You might think that Sean was looking at it seriously too but remember how Scarlett said they were making plans for her to go to Haiti with him and do all these things together and blah blah blah. Hey, after a couple of sex trips together he had enough and moved on. He is not a nice guy but Scarlett says he is amazing in the interview. I also get the feeling in the interview that she is the one who dumped Ryan or they got into some kind of fight about kids. She does not mention the word kid, but she hints that she spent a lot of time searching for her next movie and I got the feeling she had purposely taken some kind of break and then Ryan kind of backed out of that plan."

Smash was actually filmed a while ago and the writing done long before that, so the Haiti trip might be wink from the show's writers.

by Ivy & Karenreply 26904/12/2012

R262- it's both. Next season is about Bombshell going to Bway and a new second musical developing as well.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27004/12/2012

The new musical will be based on the life of:


It's being called MIRACLE!

There will be a big emphasis on dance, and it will all be done in mime, so no need for a lyricist. Debra Messing's character has been written out. Look for Debbie Allen to join the cast as the new show's director/choreographer.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27104/12/2012

McPhee is a terrible actress and her voice is bland and generic and her shoulders are so broad, does she have Botox? Her face barely shows any emotion and never really moves but I still root for her character over Ivy.

I wonder what Ellis has on Eileen's bartender bf? She's not too smart, she should've read what was in the folder.

I thought the dance number with Tom was great, I enjoy most of the dance numbers but I'm not crazy about all the solo songs from Ivy and Karen. The scene where Tom and Sam finished each other's "trainwreck" sentence - I think it's over for Tom and the Republican lawyer.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27204/13/2012

Jack Davenport is hot and sexy on this show. His character is boorish and he is a lout, but he is sexy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27304/13/2012

Am I the only one who wants to fuck Bobby, the mouthy chorine who bet against Karen, very badly?

Wesley Taylor, the actor, isn't the most conventionally attractive guy, but when he dances, he's amazingly hot.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27404/13/2012

No, 274, you're not the only one! He's one of my favorite characters on the show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27504/14/2012

Is is just me, or is one of the best things about Smash the songs, especially the great, witty lyrics of Scott Wittman? I crack up thinking of and re-watching the Wolf number and more recently, the Zanuck number - hysterical!

by Ivy & Karenreply 27604/14/2012

You bitches beter leave my Wes alone.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27704/14/2012

R276, I love those songs, which is why I hate when they include blah songs like Breakaway or whatever in the show, I love the musical numbers, "History is made at Night", "Let Me Be Your Star" or whatever they're called.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27804/14/2012

[quote]o, 274, you're not the only one! He's one of my favorite characters on the show.

I rewatched the episode where Karen, Bobby, and the other two chorines did "Rumour Has It" at a karaoke bar, and while I know I'm supposed to watch Karen, my eyes kept drifting towards Bobby, tongue wagging. The boy can move.

I didn't think he and Matt Doyle were still together.

by Ivy & Karenreply 27904/14/2012

Derek makes the case for an Ivy comeback. Will it work?

by Ivy & Karenreply 28004/15/2012

Instead of lame covers why can't they use songs from flop shows?

Something from BAR MITZVAH BOY would be nice.

by Ivy & Karenreply 28104/15/2012

272 -- about the bartender -- I'd assumed it was illegal alien/Irish terrorist background.

by Ivy & Karenreply 28204/16/2012

Why would Rebecca Duvall tolerate Ivy's presence? And what the fuck is Ivy doing there, anyway. Another understudy? An alternate?

by Ivy & Karenreply 28304/16/2012

Rebecca Duvall is allergic to peanuts? Something tells me Ivy will take note of this.

by Ivy & Karenreply 28404/16/2012

Wow, Markus Schenkenberg really can't act, after all.

by Ivy & Karenreply 28504/16/2012

R285, how could you tell, with so much bad acting going on all over the place on this show? Even Anjelica Huston is terrible this week. And Uma! If this doesn't kill her career, she's a lucky girl.

by Ivy & Karenreply 28604/16/2012

Kill her career? This is raising her profile and helping her career. Emmy for Guest Actress coming...

by Ivy & Karenreply 28704/16/2012

What the fuck is Casual Friday 2 about?

A woman in a beret who drives?

Is her name Casual and she has bad luck on Fridays?


by Ivy & Karenreply 28804/16/2012

McPhee as Marilyn? Awful! She looked like she stepped out of one of the flashback scenes from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? or What's the Matter with Helen?

by Ivy & Karenreply 28904/17/2012

They really need to do something wuth Anjelica's hair.

And I am waiting for a shirtless scene featuring my adorable 'Patrick' from OLTL and 'Zak' from AMC, Thorsten Kaye!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 29004/17/2012

Can you really be a Thorsten Kaye fan [r290]? He may have gone shirtless once on AMC ~ that steam room scene? Not advisable.

by Ivy & Karenreply 29104/17/2012

[quote]They really need to do something wuth Anjelica's hair.

Yes, bring the bangs down all the way over her crone face!

by Ivy & Karenreply 29204/17/2012

Nice interview with Anj

by Ivy & Karenreply 29304/17/2012

I miss the hot lawyer.

That fucking kid needs to go. In fact the whole Messing storyline should focus on the work and possibly her struggle with the affair should Will Chase come back.

Liked Ellis getting a small comeuppance - lots more to come I hope.

The Karen/Ivy relationship is engaging and quite real.

by Ivy & Karenreply 29404/17/2012

I can't decide if my complete dislike of the Tom/Sam pairing is because I think Sam is obnoxious, or because I have some unresolved racism that I need to deal with.

I'd like to think that if Sam was being played by a white actor, I'd be just as bothered by it, but the fact that I'm not 100% sure about that worries me.

by Ivy & Karenreply 29504/17/2012

Anj to sing in upcoming episode!

by Ivy & Karenreply 29604/17/2012

Ellis was just voted by Entertainment Weekly was being one of the most annoying characters in TV history.

The black dancer talking about how "holy" sex is made me want to vomit blood.

by Ivy & Karenreply 29704/17/2012

VotN I feel like the Tom/Sam pairing would affect no matter who was playing the dancer. The "sex is holy" and the whole forced discussion about religion feels like pandering.

by Ivy & Karenreply 29804/17/2012

Fox News was just talking about how McPee is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

They also said Kat is a "good conservative."

Who knew?

by Ivy & Karenreply 29904/17/2012

I love Emily Nussbaum on Twitter mentioning "Angelina and her unicorn stud." Hah!

by Ivy & Karenreply 30004/17/2012

[quote]I love Emily Nussbaum on Twitter mentioning "Angelina and her unicorn stud." Hah!

Who's named Angelina on this show?

by Ivy & Karenreply 30104/17/2012

She meant "Anjelica," R301.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30204/17/2012

[quote]VotN I feel like the Tom/Sam pairing would affect no matter who was playing the dancer. The "sex is holy" and the whole forced discussion about religion feels like pandering.

While that bothered me, the fact that Sam seems to be so put-out that Tom is on the femme side really bothered me more. I mean, he's a dancer, which is not exactly the most masculine profession to begin with.

I don't know, I really dislike being told what couple I'm supposed to be rooting for.

I'll just continue to hope that Bobby and Dennis are having hot chorine sex.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30304/17/2012

Me too. I do miss that hot Republican lawyer though. I think that could have been an interesting pairing to explore.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30404/17/2012

Hmmmm,m wonder if the actor playing the hot lawyer was a victim of reverse racism??

by Ivy & Karenreply 30504/17/2012

Wow, R295 aka Voice of the Night. It's not the terrible writing or how the Sam/Tom relationship is being needlessly forced between actors/characters who have no chemistry? It's just because one of the actors is black?

Yeah, it's 2012. You do have issues to resolve. Severe ones. Get a grip.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30604/17/2012

Dennis is a cute twink.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30704/17/2012

I am enjoying the acting range of Miss Deb Messing - almost as much as I'm enjoying the horrible green-screen effects every time the characters go for a walk at night in New York.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30804/17/2012

mcphee is horrid.

by Ivy & Karenreply 30904/17/2012

[quote] They really need to do something wuth Anjelica's hair.

I know for a fact that's a wig. I was there at Anjelica's fitting for it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 31004/17/2012

The exterior night shots are shot on location at night.

by Ivy & Karenreply 31104/17/2012

Three episodes until the end of the season. It's gotta get better since Rebeck won't be around.

by Ivy & Karenreply 31204/18/2012

Which scenes were Green-Screened this week?

by Ivy & Karenreply 31304/18/2012

[quote]Which scenes were Green-Screened this week?

Deb Messing's ass

by Ivy & Karenreply 31404/18/2012

I work in Times Square and saw them filming all those scenes, so sorry r308, but you're just wrong

by Ivy & Karenreply 31504/18/2012

Real Times Square, no green screen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 31604/18/2012

Leslie Odom, jr the dancer boyfriend is now on Broadway in LEAP OF FAITH starring Raul Esparza. He wears big framed glasses. Very talented and a great voice.

by Ivy & Karenreply 31704/18/2012

[quote] I work in Times Square

R315: You're a whore, darlin' . . .

by Ivy & Karenreply 31804/18/2012

Confronting her lying boyfriend: Another scene of gut-wrenching drama where McPhooey brought her entire range of emotions (From A to B) to bear. Oy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 31904/18/2012

What I *really* like about this show is the conversation it's started on DL!

319 -- in this instance it's not so much that Dev lied to Karen; he's been humiliated at his job (lost it to the sleazy pederast from DC), lost his office to his new boss, and clearly feels lost. He's been good at listening to his girlfriend (some might say that's a power thing) -- but he doesn't have the relationship skills to ask her to listen to him, to tell her something is wrong in *his* life. Instead he's reaching out to the delighted NY Times reporter. Because it's an instant fix; she makes him feel good.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32004/18/2012

[quote]Wow, [R295] aka Voice of the Night. It's not the terrible writing or how the Sam/Tom relationship is being needlessly forced between actors/characters who have no chemistry? It's just because one of the actors is black?

That's not actually what I said.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32104/18/2012

Both Sam's relationships feel very contrived. I also hated Messing re-channeling Grace. I also can't believe that Sam took the horrible singing in stride ... I would like to see the dancer and the republican have a spin off relationship of their own. Now that would be interesting (if somewhat contrived ...)

by Ivy & Karenreply 32204/18/2012

I hated that Tom, Julia and Eileen were not livid after it was made clear that Rebecca couldn't sing. The scene in Eileen's office was light-hearted and jokey when they would have been fucking panicking.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32304/18/2012

Talk about projection VOTN, when did Sam say he was put out by Tom being effeminate? He was trading campy quips with him in the past several episodes.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32404/18/2012

Critic Matthew (Western Actor) Murray on the problems of SMASH..

"Why Don't We Love SMASH?"

this guy really needs an editor!

by Ivy & Karenreply 32504/19/2012

Ms Huston, Ms Huston, report to the set.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32604/19/2012

This show is a wannabe-Glee.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32704/19/2012

A Bollywood inspired number this Monday night.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32804/19/2012

Here's a poll about Smash.

by Ivy & Karenreply 32904/19/2012

More drama in rehearsals. Who should sing the new song?????

by Ivy & Karenreply 33004/19/2012

Exactly, R323, and Eileen would not only have broken Ellis's neck, she would have made certain he understood there was no potential for him with her organization now or at any time in the future.

Amazing how the writers last week gave us an Eileen who was willing to humiliate and permanently alienate multi-millionaire investors, but this week she completely ignores that Ellis has gotten her into a contract with a star who is an unredeemable disaster.

by Ivy & Karenreply 33104/19/2012

Got my tickets to GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES at Encores just to see if Megan Hilty is fat.

by Ivy & Karenreply 33204/21/2012

it looks totally gay

by Ivy & Karenreply 33304/21/2012

No, Ellis got her in the door, which *is* a big thing. She signed the contract and knew what she was probably getting into (both talent-wise and as to temperament) when she got on board. Getting a big name has now given Eileen street cred with investors, no matter what her ex tells them.

by Ivy & Karenreply 33404/23/2012

Is the Bollywood number on tonight's show?

by Ivy & Karenreply 33504/23/2012

Karen's never met Julia's husband or kid. Why would they be in her fantasy Bollywood number? That was stupid.

by Ivy & Karenreply 33604/23/2012

Preview for next week

by Ivy & Karenreply 33704/23/2012

"Another mewling ballad I will sing A laundry list of cliches. In place of drama on this show we'll have soap opera for days."

by Ivy & Karenreply 33804/23/2012

Agree that McPhee's "underacting" is a refreshing change from all the overacting going on around her. Yes, I like camp, but most of it is less camp than pure scenery chewing. Debra Messing doesn't really bother me at all (her character, however, does; i wish she'd just throw over that Frankenstein monster of a husband and fuck the hot guy like she really wants to!) I think she's a good singer, but there's just something about Megan Hilty that repels me-- could it be that ugly mouth? Dev's boring as hell. I wish Karen really were screwing the movie star. I think Uma Thurman's a hoot in the role!

by Ivy & Karenreply 33904/23/2012

Tom's crying over Leo missing and then returning was. awful.

That fat cunt Theresa Rebeck wrote another hideously bad episode.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34004/23/2012

Agree. The Tom crying bit was horrible. They've now ruined the only remaining decent character on the show.

I honestly have no idea what they do with this show next year. Can you imagine another 15-20 original songs about Marilyn. It boggles the mind.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34104/23/2012

Snow Patrol never sounded so good as Katherine McPhee's rendition of "Run" tonight.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34204/23/2012

Loved the Bollywood number.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34304/23/2012

I like the show more evert week. Yes, it's not true to real life on Broadway, but it's entertaining. Other than the Bernadette Peters episode, the show has down ok in keeping the Glee guest star factor down.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34404/23/2012

[quote]Agree that McPhee's "underacting" is a refreshing change from all the overacting going on around her. Yes, I like camp, but most of it is less camp than pure scenery chewing. ... I think she's a good singer, but there's just something about Megan Hilty that repels me-- could it be that ugly mouth? Dev's boring as hell. I wish Karen really were screwing the movie star. I think Uma Thurman's a hoot in the role!

ITA, R339. I didn't like Uma at first, but this week I surprised myself by loving her prima dona act.

I can't look at Messing now without remembering the comment someone made a couple of weeks ago about her having "a mean little mouth."

by Ivy & Karenreply 34504/23/2012

I hope Ivy has the new number taken away from her for that treacherous stunt she pulled with weaselly Elliott. Karen is the better talent. Ivy has reason to be afraid.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34604/23/2012

Ivy nailed that song though.......

by Ivy & Karenreply 34704/23/2012

Yeah, and like that little stunt would never come to light.

by Ivy & Karenreply 34804/23/2012

Ivy nailed the song, but now Uma wants it, which means the number will be CUT by next week.

THANK GOD next week is the season finale.

I never want to see Anjelica Huston naked in bed ever again - MY EYES!

by Ivy & Karenreply 34904/23/2012

Next week is not the season finale. 3 more episodes left!

by Ivy & Karenreply 35004/23/2012

Where to begin, bitches...

First of all, r341, there won't be 15-20 more songs about Marilyn next season. The show we've watched them create will be moving on to Broadway and they will start working on a new show.

Second of all, dear r346, his name is Ellis, not Elliott.

Third of all, I love this show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35104/24/2012

I have to admit, McPhooey did a much better job this week, both acting and singing. She kicked ass on her song, as did Hilty. Loved Uma Thurman as well.

The rest of the drama, ugh.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35204/24/2012

The show should be retitled Debra Messing's crisis of the week.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35304/24/2012

Now I kind of wish Uma was a regular. She brings something to the show that had been lacking, an interesting, complicated, diva like hasn't got a clue character.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35404/24/2012

McPhee's boyfriend on the show use to be on MI-5. He is off to London this summer to play Billy Flynn in CHICAGO.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35504/24/2012

Dev was much more compelling in his Bollywood number than he has been the entire season. It also seems that whenever the writers have to made a change in the plot they trot out Ellis to mastermind some obvious subterfuge to facilitate it. I want him dead. I'm surprised they didn't have him behind the disappearance of Deb's over the top sensitive son.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35604/24/2012

I assumed from his performance in last night's Bollywood number that said actor had no singing experience, R355. Shows you what I know.

And I agree with R342, McPhee was great on the Snow Patrol number.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35704/24/2012


by Ivy & Karenreply 35804/24/2012

Season Two begins shooting in July.

by Ivy & Karenreply 35904/24/2012

When will this week's episode be on Time Warner's "Prime Time on Demand," or is the hour-long version online?

by Ivy & Karenreply 36004/24/2012

Those of us that have complimented McPhee all along can't help but notice you bitches are now singing a different tune. She sings well and acts the naive/new-to-the-scene talent convincingly and has from the beginning of series, but I guess you cynical New York types that have had your dreams shattered since arriving from Podunkville years ago just don't recognize yourselves now. She and Hilty will get and deserve Emmy noms--both actresses have refrained from going for the camp and melodramatic --and should be saluted for creating interesting, identifiable characters and bringing off less than great songs and production numbers on top of it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36104/24/2012

Best moment of the night: Julia going incognito to coerce her son's plain-faced friend into telling her where Leo is and threatening him with ruin because she, as a famous Broadway producer, can do that!

I actually loved the Bollywood number and though people seem to hate him on this show, I've seen Raza Jeffrey on other things and he's always been good. I also think he's very handsome, so he's much easier to look at than the rest of the male cast.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36204/24/2012

[r361] I see they have finally found the right anti-depressant for you. Good for you.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36304/24/2012

R363, considering you supposedly can't stand the show yet still can't stop posting about it, seems you're the one in need of a new dosage.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36404/24/2012

R362, I agree about Raza Jeffrey, the actor, being talented and attractive.

However, the character he portrays on this show is just boring and stupid, imo. I attribute that to the writing, directing and editing, not an absence of talent from the actor. I'm sure he could bring a lot more to it, if the role were written better. He seems to have been created only for the purpose of hanging an albatross around Karen's neck, as the Uma character pointed out last night.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36504/24/2012

Yah, because a NY private school kid would be so terrified of a Broadway producer. Snort. Kid who lives in a house like that with a single mother probably laughs at Broadway producers as nouveau-riche hustlers. (Remember the house is so large mom hasn't noticed that an additional 17 y.o. is living there.)

Hilty's mouth is tough to take because she still hasn't learned to lose the jaw tension for TV shots (she's used to working in large theatres.) I agree she nailed that song, tho.

Elllis' scam is kind of stupid; all Karen has to do is produce the text on her own phone, which will tell everyone the source was the stage crew member's phone -- who loaned it to Ellis at the time shown.

Karen's infatuation w/Uma is interesting; acting teachers keep saying to keep your eye on the work, not on the fame.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36604/24/2012

Would Uma's manager really allow her to go without a handler, as much of a troublemaker as she is? Finding a short-term let in Boston wouldn't need two people, would it?

by Ivy & Karenreply 36704/24/2012

The actor playing Leo's friend was good -- you could see the boy laughing at the clueless parents. He's Leo's equivalent of the Uma character, a near-sociopath and interloper.

Hilty seems to have lost some weight; think she's a DL reader?

The show's costumers are deliberately dowdy-fying Messing, piling on layers of clothing where not needed. And the camera angles aren't helping.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36804/24/2012

Ratings up last night.

by Ivy & Karenreply 36904/24/2012

The trailer may have had something to do with that; clearly they have some new cutting and editing the promos, pushing the show's upcoming conflict moments -- even though they're not in the ep being publicized.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37004/24/2012

R357- He was in MAMMA MIA! and BOMBAY DREAMS in the West End.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37104/24/2012

God is this show awful. Gays, Broadway and Superstars don't help the rehashed storyline, mediocre music and dumb dialogue. My grandmother would have loved this in the 60s. The 1860s.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37204/24/2012

Raza Jeffrey sang the gorgeous "The Journey Home" in "Bombay Dreams" lets watch shall we....

by Ivy & Karenreply 37304/24/2012

[quote]I'm surprised they didn't have him behind the disappearance of Deb's over the top sensitive son.

That would have been useful: Deb could have killed him, Ellis would be gone, and Deb would have had to go to jail.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37404/24/2012

Wait, has there really been no mention of Anjelica Huston's party hairdo? God, she looked so much better. Maybe next they'll try softening her makeup to move her away from her Morticia days.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37504/24/2012

I keep thinking about that witch thread that casts Angelica as some high level evil Hollywood witch.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37604/24/2012

Anjelica unfortunately looks like a cross-dressing truck driver from Jersey City. The hair ain't gonna help.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37704/24/2012

I thought the hair change was lovely; so was her date outfit. She moved in a more youthful way as she walked away from her weasel ex husband -- that was wonderful too-- altho I do miss her throwing drinks in his face. Maybe she'll do it in the season finale?

I don't envy the cast shooting in NY this summer --it'll be very humid.

by Ivy & Karenreply 37804/24/2012

Who wants to hear second hand white baby grand again?

by Ivy & Karenreply 37904/24/2012

"It’s even more disconcerting to see such terrible acting on an expensive, pored-over show like Smash, which counts Steven Spielberg as an executive producer."

by Ivy & Karenreply 38004/24/2012

r354 actually wishes Una were a regular.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38104/24/2012

Katherine McPhee has dead eyes. Her true calling must be singing serial killer.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38204/24/2012

When McPhee was on Idol, she always struck me as someone who thought she was above everyone else. Still does.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38304/24/2012

R362, I agree that was a good scene but I wonder how many people, even with a gun held to their head, could name a "famous" musical lyricist/book writer? Perhaps the private school kid, 'cause he's in NYC - but I thought the lines rang WAY false.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38404/24/2012

Raza Jeffrey is HOT!!!

Who's his bf?

by Ivy & Karenreply 38504/24/2012

That was my point, R384. It was ludicrous.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38604/24/2012

R384 I hope a few people would be able to name Hammerstein, Gershwin and Cole Porter...

by Ivy & Karenreply 38704/24/2012

Ludicrous but fun! Show needs more of that (they've got the ludicrous part down). Yes, was struck by how much better Huston looked with the new hairdo-- slightly less the NJ truck driver. But that awkward positioning of her to seem smaller than bar-man in the "afterglow" scene was absurd.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38804/24/2012

Uma is really playing the movie star perfectly. I'm was never really impressed by her but this role has me seeing her in a new light.

I hope they change Angelica's hair. I hate to say it but she really needs a facelift. From her jaw down she looks like a candle. It's all melting on to her shoulders.

by Ivy & Karenreply 38904/24/2012

Oops that should read "I was" not "I'm was".

Also White Baby Grand is a great song and Megan Hilty totally drew me in with her performance. Love to hear her phrasing and how she uses her voice. Best scene in that episode imo.

by Ivy & Karenreply 39004/24/2012

R382 agree, although there is a certain amount of pain in her acting. She seems to give off an aura of, "". However, she is a much better concert performer (PBS and AI) than stage or TV. We must remember who her husband is and how she got the role in this thing.

by Ivy & Karenreply 39104/24/2012

Agree R390. Always liked her though.

I think McPhee should have her acromions shaved so she doesn't have linebaker shoulders. And she should learn some moves beyond shaking or gyrating her hips. She has sung in a bar in almost every episode. She needs to remain a bar singer and stay off the stage.

I also thought Messing and Huston believable in their scenes. I enjoy watching both of them.

Raza was very sexy.

Two great musical numbers. I really enjoyed this episode.

by Ivy & Karenreply 39204/24/2012

Btw, Uma Thurman belongs in this about as much as Jackie Chan does. Talk about miscast.

by Ivy & Karenreply 39304/24/2012

384 -- the kid might have heard his mother's friends discussing the latest NY theatre news while she was entertaining them and ignoring him. His friends would boast their parents know so-and-so and/or invested in so-and-so's show -- or saw Eileen and her boytoy at BAM, isn't she doing the new Marilyn show?

by Ivy & Karenreply 39404/24/2012

360, it's available on:

by Ivy & Karenreply 39504/24/2012

The show is getting better and hopefully will keep improving now that Rebeck is leaving. She's supposedly not a very nice lady.

The best things about Smash are the online recaps on the New York magazine site every Tuesday and the fake Twitter feeds by the characters, especially @smashjulia_h.

by Ivy & Karenreply 39604/24/2012

The recaps by Lauren Shukert on Vulture are absolutely hilarious. She calls Julia "Cousin Deb" and refers to her hubby as "Unfrozen Caveman Cuckold." And their kid as "Carpet."

by Ivy & Karenreply 39704/24/2012

Oops, her name is Rachel Shukert. And she's screamingly funny.

Someone tweeted today (paraphrasing): "I'm quite unlike the SMASH characters in that I had a wildly different reaction to the news that Leo was missing."

by Ivy & Karenreply 39804/24/2012

Yes, R398! That's her. She is amazing. So so funny. I can't watch the show anymore without seeing her version of it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 39904/24/2012

Deb's shakedown of her son's friend brought Grace Adler Designs back out.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40004/24/2012

"...Ellis Dappledawn, who has spent the entire episode dressed in what appears to be his Mustardseed costume from the world’s preppiest production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream, preppier even than the one in Dead Poet’s Society after which Robert Sean Leonard had to suicide himself because they didn’t have “It Gets Better” videos yet in those days..."

This column is better for building my gaycabulary than DL.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40104/24/2012

Okay enough with the Deb Messing family drama. I too had none of the reactions the cast did when Leo went missing. God I hate that kid, and the father. I think they should just kill the whole family. Maybe Daddy gets drunk and drives the wrong way on the Taconic?

Second hand white baby grand was an awful, treacly song. Hated it.

Love Uma in this even though she is a foot taller than Marilyn.

Raza has huge hands. Did you notice?

Angelica needs a lower face lift.

McPhee needs to stop vocal frying her singing.

Did I miss anything?

I still love this show believe it or not.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40204/25/2012

New New York City Pick up line in Hell's Kitchen: Didn't you see me on SMASH last night?

by Ivy & Karenreply 40304/25/2012

what do you mean vocal fry? You want her to sound like a typical broadway singer/Judy Garland - wobbling all over ther fucking place?

by Ivy & Karenreply 40404/25/2012

And Rebeck's Replacement Is .....

by Ivy & Karenreply 40504/25/2012

Vocal fry? You don't know vocal fry? It the intentional cracking sounds she does as she delivers a lyric. It sounds very pop-stylized and not very broadway in fact I think that's why she is kind of a nondescript singer. She's good but sounds like all of her peers.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40604/25/2012

The vocal fry is an obnoxious pop mannerism and makes McPhee sound out of her depth. Unfortunately, the talent disparity between her and Hilty doesn't help this already severely floundering show. McPhee can't move, has a nondescript pop voice, and is an absolutely terrible actress (and even worse Marilyn). I will give her he Snow Patrol song this week which is the only thing that has worked so far for her. Hilty is too broad and brassy physically, and sounds too Broadway. Marilyn is a creature of film only, and is a terrible choice for a Broadway subject. It's already been done and was already a failure.

The central conceit of this unholy mess simply doesn't work. I don't see how they even get into a second season unless they write what would truly happen as it flops. Hard.

The other major problem with this show is the wide cast of unlikeable and completely irredeemable characters. Anjelica works hard to counteract that with her charm but can't compensate for the whole cast.

The final problem is how deeply unattractive this group is on a screen. There's a reason a lot of them have been forced to stay on Broadway. From Hilty's weird, thick body and terrifying jaw and teeth (her gruesome sex scene with the director early on was one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen), to Borle's face made for radio, to Wes Taylor's creepy skinny fat body and carb face... It's an endless parade of unwatchable ugly. No one wants to sit through an hour of endlessly unattractive people. It's all well and good that Norbert Leo Butz has two Tonys and is the male Sutton Foster of Broadway, but I don't need to see the live action version of Moe from the Simpsons prancing around in a white suit for ten minutes. Shudder. This entire cast is seen to better effect on a stage where there is some distance from the audience.

No, Uma is not helping. She needs to be more camp and she doesn't get the tone at all.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40704/25/2012

R407, you sound like a true fan of Smash! I love it too.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40804/25/2012

407 - around when "All About Eve" was released and still thinks of it as a documentary on the world of theatah.

by Ivy & Karenreply 40904/25/2012

Some of you cunts just thrive on being miserable.

by Ivy & Karenreply 41004/25/2012

[r410] No, some of us cunts see this as a waste of money and talent (in some cases). I really wanted this to work.

by Ivy & Karenreply 41104/25/2012

The executive producer of GOSSIP GIRL, Josh Safran, has been hired to replace Theresa Rebeck as SMASH's showrunner. As some TV journalist tweeted earlier this morning "Well, THAT'LL fix it." And another tweeted "The first thing he'll do is have Karen text Ivy and call her a bitch. But she'll make it sound like it's from Derek."

by Ivy & Karenreply 41204/25/2012

Josh Safran gets thoroughly trashed by Anthony Rapp in his memoir (though in fairness Rapp also comes off like quite a piece of work).

by Ivy & Karenreply 41304/25/2012

R407 - wish I had said that.

by Ivy & Karenreply 41404/25/2012

I think the show does work. I like to watch, make fun of it but in the end I enjoy it. I think some of the music is pretty darn good.

by Ivy & Karenreply 41504/25/2012

[quote]It's an endless parade of unwatchable ugly.

I tried to visualize what r407 looks like, just as a means of comparison, and was asked by our boss to temporarily step out of the office if I found it necessary to laugh like that.

by Ivy & Karenreply 41604/25/2012

R405, thanks for the link. I predict unhappiness for all of who like "Smash"; if this showrunner was a tool on Gossip Girl (I've never seen, but the comments listed sound very negative), he might not have a clue about Smash. I predict more "drama" with hookups among the younger cast members; actually that might not be a bad idea...

by Ivy & Karenreply 41704/25/2012

407 must miss soap operas more than anybody

by Ivy & Karenreply 41804/25/2012

Gossip behind the scenes

by Ivy & Karenreply 41904/25/2012

Well, that link was dumb, R419.

by Ivy & Karenreply 42004/26/2012

[quote]Btw, Uma Thurman belongs in this about as much as Jackie Chan does. Talk about miscast.

Isn't that the point? That she's a movie star, not a theater actor, and she's ruining the show-within-the-show?

It'll be interesting to see how they get rid of her, because it's pretty apparent her Marilyn will be all kinds of awful.

by Ivy & Karenreply 42104/26/2012

Sorry, R407, but I think Wes Taylor is HOT, HOT, HOT! I'm completely infatuated with him, in fact. He is sooooo DREAMY!

by Ivy & Karenreply 42204/27/2012

Which SMASH character are you?

by Ivy & Karenreply 42304/27/2012

[quote]And she should learn some moves beyond shaking or gyrating her hips.

You do realize that she is doing what the choreographer instructs her to do don't you?

[quote]Uma is really playing the movie star perfectly. I'm was never really impressed by her but this role has me seeing her in a new light.

Holy Moly have you not seen "Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2? She was Oscar worthy and a true nomination snub.

[quote}McPhee needs to stop vocal frying her singing.

If Katherine McPhee needs vocal coaching from a fifth grade music teacher in Podunk, she'll call.

[quote]Love Uma in this even though she is a foot taller than Marilyn.

Yeah and Marilyn was fifty pounds heavier and had tits. So what?

by Ivy & Karenreply 42404/27/2012

[quote]Raza Jeffrey is HOT!!!

Who's his bf?

He married Miranda Raison, one of his co stars from the series MI 5 (UK title Spooks) although they are now divorced.

by Ivy & Karenreply 42504/27/2012

New York magazine TV critic Emily Nussbaum has written a devastating piece on the show, singling out all we hate about it. Sorry, I'm crappy at posting links.

My favorite quote in it-"Katherine McPhee has been given a one-note character and takes it down a half-note."

by Ivy & Karenreply 42604/27/2012

[quote]I'm crappy at posting links.

For those of you not fluent, this is Internetese for "I'm the stupidest person on this thread."

by Ivy & Karenreply 42704/28/2012

[quote]The show's costumers are deliberately dowdy-fying Messing, piling on layers of clothing where not needed.

Oh, bless your sweet, naive heart!

Wardrobe is actually working feverishly to hide Messing's post-abortion weight with jackets and scarves to distract from her jiggling girth.

by Ivy & Karenreply 42804/28/2012

the actor playing Messing's son gives the best performance on the show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 42904/28/2012

[quote]the actor playing Messing's son gives the best performance on the show.

I bet you think NeNe Leakes is going to get an Emmy, don't you?

by Ivy & Karenreply 43004/28/2012

R429, you are not serious.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43104/28/2012

I hope you all are reading the PERFECTLY SNARKY weekly SMASH recaps on this website....

Now which one of you bitches is writing them?

by Ivy & Karenreply 43204/28/2012

R432: That parody was very funny.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43304/28/2012

R427, fuck you. I'm not stupid, just not techno-savvy.

Go take a spin on Ellis' pencil dick.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43404/28/2012

[quote]fuck you. I'm not stupid, just not techno-savvy.

Honey, it's 2012. If you think knowing how to copy and past a link on the Internet constitutes being "techno-savvy," you are either very old or very stupid.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43504/28/2012

How techno-savvy does one have to be to know how to copy/poste, or to see the "URL:" box right below the message box you type the post in?

On Windows, you just right-click any link and select copy short-cut or copy-link or copy-url (depending on the software, they all love to use different names for the same thing).

Then paste in the box.

No idea how you do it on a mac, but I can't imagine it's any more complicated.

It's basic 101 stuff. No "Savvy" required.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43604/28/2012

In R423's quiz, I'm revealed to be Eileen Rand, which is great, because she's my favorite character on the show. Or at least Anjelica Huston is my favorite actor on the show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43704/28/2012

Hmm, I'm Eileen Rand, too. Something tells me that anyone giving "normal" answers will also end up being "Eileen Rand."

by Ivy & Karenreply 43804/28/2012

I scored Tom Levitt on the quiz.

by Ivy & Karenreply 43904/28/2012

The music of SMASH.

by Ivy & Karenreply 44004/29/2012

I'm Derek on the quiz. Great - I love being a nasty prick (honestly I do!)

by Ivy & Karenreply 44104/29/2012

Thanks R440 for making us PAY for the download... NOT!

by Ivy & Karenreply 44204/29/2012

It's on in 6 minutes, bitches.

Well, here in NYC, the Center of the Universe...

by Ivy & Karenreply 44304/30/2012

Dev's gonna fuck Ivy...I can feel it!

by Ivy & Karenreply 44404/30/2012

SNAP--damn, I'm good.

by Ivy & Karenreply 44504/30/2012

Well, if it wasn't obvious before tonight's episode it certainly is now that Uma Thurman should play Marlene Dietrich NOT Marilyn Monroe.

Whatever happened to that biopic anyway? Completely cancelled when Louis Malle died?

by Ivy & Karenreply 44604/30/2012

Great episode tonight. Fabulous ending.

by Ivy & Karenreply 44705/01/2012

Cast recording available today.

by Ivy & Karenreply 44805/01/2012

Does Christian Borle always sound like Tommy Tune while he's singing? Or was it just for last night's episode?

While the lyrics sounded like Cole Porter's "Another Op'nin'", the melody certainly did not.

And next week, when Uma has her peanut-induced coma, or whatever, can she please fall on that mincing miss Ellis and squash him to death?

How come every time McPhee has a potentially dramatic scene, her character runs away? She did it twice last night. Talk about lazy scriptwriting.

by Ivy & Karenreply 44905/01/2012

I don't know 449 I think maybe they are having her run away so the scene doesn't get dragged down further by her inability to play a dramatic scene. A basket of mushrooms has more personality than Kat McPhee.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45005/01/2012

I usually detest McPhooey's "acting" but she was 1st year drama class okay this time. She did actually tear up a little.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45105/01/2012

"I can't get fucked by your Anglo-Indian pencil dick, Dev, I'M IN TECH!"

by Ivy & Karenreply 45205/01/2012

No I don't think she is chubby, for Broadway. Clearly you don't see many shows... but for TV and Movies, yea, she isn't photogenic with the weight she has.

Also, I can't believe they are going with this trite storyline of the hookup between the boyfriend and her rival... this tactic is very basic and lame writing.

Yea, like in a real setting, when the boyfriend makes an honest confession... hey, I was with another woman and I was attracted to her, but controlled myself because I love you... the bitch runs away screaming cheater at the guy. Come on! please... grow up.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45305/01/2012

Repeating "I'm in tech!" is an audience turnoff; the writers need to step up their game. I still think they're dressing Deb Messing to look heavier than she is. For one thing, the rumored abortion would have been weeks before this was filmed. And filming her in a bulky checked shirt stretched over her rear end? Really? They're trying to make her look like a Park Slope/Cobble Hill mumsy type, that's all.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45405/01/2012

The Ivy/Dev hookup is so tired. It must be all the pressure of TECH.

I couldn't decide whether to be more repulsed by Deb Messing's increasingly awful wardrobe or her mopey banana/peanut butter scene.

McPhee is a passable singer but she really cannot act.

Still, I'm tuning in next week!

by Ivy & Karenreply 45505/01/2012

[quote]While the lyrics sounded like Cole Porter's "Another Op'nin'", the melody certainly did not.

That's because they had phrasing from "Let Me Be Your Star" in it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45605/01/2012

Really hate Julia and her entire family.

Hope they ALL die in a car crash!

by Ivy & Karenreply 45705/01/2012

Yeah the "I'm in Tech" rejection was just ridiculous. he wasn't talking about eloping that night.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45805/01/2012

How ridiculous was it to have that actor playing DiMaggio walking out on BOMBSHELL a few days before previews by simply announcing he just got a pilot? Yeah, like that really happens.

And why wasn't Julia up there in Boston along with everybody else from the beginning? And wouldn't Tom know that the hubby had moved back in if it had been a week since it happened? This show totally fails in terms of logic.

That pygmy blonde dancer girl was super annoying in last night's episode.

by Ivy & Karenreply 45905/01/2012

Are there trains to Boston from Grand Central? Does Metro North go past Connecticut?

by Ivy & Karenreply 46005/01/2012

Uh, no, that's the other thing. There's hasn't been a train to Boston from Grand Central for years. But AMTRAK now leaves from Penn Station, which is incredibly ugly and not film production -friendly. GC is an incredible space and simply speaks of travel, fresh starts, big adventures -- that's why they used it. You'd think the loser producers could at least have persuaded AMTRAK to park one AMTRAK car at Grand Central for the shoot.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46105/01/2012

For the DiMaggio actor who quit, and Julia refusing to join them in Boston? One word: contract. Now even I'm getting impatient with the show runners, and I've been a big supporter of this show. Ivy's performance of "I'm Going Down" was fabulous, though. Then McPhee ruined the moment by resuming her baffled "I'm in tech!" line, as though that means anything to the audience.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46205/01/2012

I could pick this episode apart to pieces but Smash is so hopelessly lame, it's just not worth the effort.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46305/01/2012

Can we just pick apart whoever was responsible for casting that head trauma son? It just makes it so much more painful.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46405/01/2012

I was thinking that people were making too much of Deb Messing's weight, but then I watched the Bollywood number again. She's wearing a sari with her midriff bared, but they were trying to hide how bloated she was behind a swath of material that was draped off her shoulder.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46505/01/2012

R464, I love the son. No, I don't think he's a great actor, but the most accomplished actor on earth would not have parlayed it into an Emmy nomination.

And I want to fuck the shit out of that fat-cheeked bangs boy.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46605/02/2012

The guy who played DiMaggio is Tony Yasbeck who has one of the best bodies on Bway. Saw him in Gypsy. Too bad he won't be a regular.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46705/02/2012

465 - uh, isn't that how a sari is worn?

by Ivy & Karenreply 46805/02/2012

All of the other women had their midriffs exposed except for Eileen, Julia, and Ivy. Make of that what you will.

by Ivy & Karenreply 46905/02/2012

VOTN has a point.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47005/02/2012

This show is corny as hell but I watch it every week!

by Ivy & Karenreply 47105/02/2012

[bold]Smash First Look: Bombshell's Boston Debut![/bold]

Remember the time Derek hooked up with Rebecca on Smash and we all went "WTF?!" at our TV screens?

If you were one of those people, then this is the clip for you. We've got an exclusive first look at next week's episode, "Preview," and as you can guess by the title, Bombshell is officially previewing in Boston.

But what does this have to do with Rebecca (Uma Thurman) and Derek (Jack Davenport)? Well…

…she's nowhere to be found in the number!

Did Derek already dismiss her from the role of Marilyn? Or did he just give this number to his other muses, Karen (Katharine McPhee) and Ivy (Megan Hilty)? Either way, we're the ones who win out, because the number is amazing and we get to enjoy it!

Check out the clip below, and then head on down to the comments section to spitball your theories.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47205/02/2012

It suddenly dawned on me that the kid who plays Leo is destined to star in THE DONALD: THE EARLY YEARS.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47305/02/2012

I apologize for not knowing how to link, and yes, I'm old, and haven't worked (at a computer) in 5 years but I see on that - next week, I think - the Anjelica Huston character is going to SING! And, of all things, "September Song"! (made famous by her grandfather; sorry, I realize you knew that.)

Great short interview in today's Times with Anjelica; how she's not really a singer, how she was nervous..I cannot wait to see how show posits her character singing!

by Ivy & Karenreply 47405/03/2012

I'm starting to like the show again.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47505/03/2012

Grand Central-Boston service ended in the '70s. From GCT take Metro North to New Haven, switch to Amtrak for Bean Town.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47605/03/2012

The accuracy of train station departure terminals is the least of Smash's epic problems...

by Ivy & Karenreply 47705/04/2012

Who takes the train to Boston nowadays anyway?

If there even WERE out-of-town Boston tryouts anymore (which there aren't) - Broadway Production Contract show companies all FLY from city to city.

If it's a post-Broadway touring company, depending on the contract they'll either have a charter bus or fly - trains are so unreliable and don't get you there in any decent amount of time - and nowadays most cities don't have appropriate connecting train service anyway.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47805/05/2012

Regardless of the facts of how company travel is conducted or whether anyone actually does out-of-town tryouts, R478, the idea of taking a train to Boston for tryouts is romantic and charming, and the show doesn't present itself as a documentary.

Sometimes fictional escapist entertainment takes liberties with the truth, and we generally accept dramatic license if it works within the logic of the show world, which doesn't have to mirror precisely the real world.

by Ivy & Karenreply 47905/05/2012

Yes R467, and by far the most disappointing aspect of SMASH was how totally unphotogenic uber-hot Tony Yasbeck was on camera.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48005/05/2012

Equity Rule - On the road if the next city is 300 miles or more, the cast and crew flies. Otherwise, it's a B&T (Bus and Truck) journey.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48105/05/2012

I was curious to see Gentleman Prefer Blondes again so I watched it. Hadn't seen a Marilyn movie in a long long time. I now get that the Karen character does have a soft vulnerable quality that was present in Marilyn even when she was acting. The star part of her is what other people put on her, it was not part of her. So Ivy and all she brings to her Marilyn is actually not Marilyn the woman at all. Just Marilyn that white hot larger than life star.

That being said I still can't stand McPhee's Karen.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48205/05/2012

That was Tony Yazbeck? He didn't look like he could play Joe DiMaggio, he's more a Ralph Kramden type.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48305/05/2012

I got to see Tony Yazbeck's ass up close and personal (sorta) during the revival of "A Chorus Line" over 5 years ago. I had front row seats and it was practically in my face. I felt tempted to reach out and touch it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48405/05/2012

His bulge, too!

by Ivy & Karenreply 48505/05/2012

Lots of crew getting fired because of the new producer. The UPM (unit production manager) is the first to go.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48605/05/2012

The train to nowhere debacle is becoming vaguely Norwegian Catholic.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48705/05/2012

What is the UPM generally responsible for r486?

Also, if the new showrunner has been at the helm of GG for the past couple of years he really should have done something about the ridiculous phoned-in performances. Excepting the fabulous Leighton Meester.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48805/05/2012

UPM basically runs the set during shooting.

by Ivy & Karenreply 48905/05/2012

Maybe Meester will be made Marilyn.

by Ivy & Karenreply 49005/06/2012

First AD runs the set

by Ivy & Karenreply 49105/06/2012

Was the "Bombshell" number shot in a theatre or studio. If theatre, which one?

by Ivy & Karenreply 49205/07/2012

R492 - it's that theater in Staten Island. Beautiful.

by Ivy & Karenreply 49305/07/2012

Must be the St. George near the ferry ON Staten Island.

by Ivy & Karenreply 49405/07/2012

It is the St. George Theatre.

by Ivy & Karenreply 49505/07/2012

SMASH is a fantasy and I think they should go with that and not apologize for it.

I think it is a mistake and kind of cutsey and insiderish to trot out people like Reidel and Doug Hughes, two non-actors in one scene takes the air out of it and most people outside the NYC theater don't even know who Doug Hughes is.

Why not hire and actor to play a director and then you wouldn't get that deer in the headlites look poor Doug had, though he was less Britishy than usual.

Same with Manny Eisenberg and Robin Goodman, dead air and dead weight on screen with no added beneift.

Think of the fun they could have with making a composite characters of actual producers and hiring actors to play them.

Thinking Fran and Barry could be thinly veiled...

by Ivy & Karenreply 49605/07/2012

Are you kidding? Manny Eisenberg was terrifically nasty; Goodman had really good timing. They each carried a dark cloud over them-- you couldn't hire that affect on a bet.

Also thought Jordan Roth's popping into a restaurant scene just as Eileen throws a drink into her husband's face (bring that bit back for the finale, btw!) weeks ago was priceless.

by Ivy & Karenreply 49705/07/2012

Uhhh,'s AZENBERG.And you were kidding, right?

by Ivy & Karenreply 49805/07/2012

It's Manny AZENBERG and ROBYN Goodman.

by Ivy & Karenreply 49905/07/2012

These scenes of the play opening are awful. Uma sounds so mediocre. The towel scene looks like it came from a different musical. Hilty looks enormous.

Oh, well. I never got any sense this mess was ready for Broadway anyway.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50005/07/2012

They wouldn't realize until previews that the ending was a complete downer????

God, this sucks.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50105/07/2012

Tom is Jewish? Please.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50205/07/2012

Tom is as Jewish as a bacon sandwich.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50305/07/2012

Kat can't even yell for help with any feeling.


by Ivy & Karenreply 50405/07/2012

Rebecca ingested peanuts and they cancelled shows and they need a new ending?

This is SOOOOOO fucking bad.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50505/07/2012

"And what about New York? This will be like catnip to them."

Has anyone used the word "catnip" in the last 40 years?

by Ivy & Karenreply 50605/07/2012

A production HOTLINE? Wouldn't everybody simply been texted with updates? This is so lame.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50705/07/2012

Oh God, they're in a black church now. Jesus.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50805/07/2012

Not only "catnip" but the phrase "living in a fool's paradise" uttered by the director.

Not since the days of Norma Shearer has anyone talked like that.

by Ivy & Karenreply 50905/07/2012

That final scene was a total joke. The half-hearted way those "kids" tossed around the monumental news that Rebecca had quit the show was truly awful.

by Ivy & Karenreply 51005/07/2012

And this is Season One?

This looks and sounds like Season NINE stuff, written by 80 year olds.

by Ivy & Karenreply 51105/07/2012

Really good episode. Even the professional critics who have been hating on the show seem to agree.

by Ivy & Karenreply 51205/07/2012

Wow, I thought it was one of the worst yet.

The scene at the church made me feel ashamed to be still watching this nonsense. And the kid saying he felt like cheering when he saw his mother's

by Ivy & Karenreply 51305/07/2012

R513, I think the kid meant he felt like cheering that he and his dad were also there, and "protecting" Julia - but that's just my take. Hard to say; so much bad acting going on.

God, that scene in the church -was that Hinton Battle playing the preacher? Not even a cameo; more of "blink and you miss it." I assume that ws him? I was excited at first when I saw his name in the credits, but...

Are they just going to leave hanging who was trying to make Rebecca ill or worse? I vote for Ellis...

All the above having been said, I really liked this episode. To the poster upthread who thought it unlikely that cast/creative time wouldn't know till first preview that ending wasn't working: I respectfully disagree. I go back far enough that I saw the first preview of the the flop play "Sleight of Hand" in 1987. End was meant to be terrifically scary; but I murdered body - sort of flying in, from side to side - was so OBVIOUSLY a dummy that people hooted in derisision. I saw one of the producers, and she looked stricken.

A month or so later, I saw one of the "regular" perfs. They had actually changed the murdered! and the ending. Still flopped.

Bway insiders can explain this even better than I...

by Ivy & Karenreply 51405/07/2012

i love it. It's a load of fun. So go fuck yourSELF.

by Ivy & Karenreply 51505/07/2012

Like they wouldn't be able to figure out who provided the smoothie.

Like the congregation at the church wouldn't be hooting in derision at the weak-voiced skinny white girl daring to raise her voice in song. Any member of that choir could have blown her away.

Ten to one Ivy found the ring and is keeping it for the right moment.

Why the fuck would Eileen's boyfriend give a shit that Ellis was okay when he left?

by Ivy & Karenreply 51605/07/2012

McPhee moves and looks like she is sedated.

by Ivy & Karenreply 51705/07/2012

In what world would that church give just a single verse to their homeboy and 2/3rds of the rest to a visiting white Broadway harlot with dead eyes? They really needed to let the gay boy let loose on that number instead. [sigh] Not to mention the unrealistic idea of the black church being okay with gays in the first place.

The entire "fight" between Tom and Julia was absurd. That it was resolved with a quick "I'm sorry" in the last minute was particularly lame.

by Ivy & Karenreply 51805/08/2012

You're right, R516; that was pretty lame. So obvious that they just wanted him to come back in and be surprised that Eileen was singing. What did everyone think of Anjelica Huston singing? Not bad- but dramatically quite a WTF??

by Ivy & Karenreply 51905/08/2012

I loved it

by Ivy & Karenreply 52005/08/2012

I like the Tom/Sam pairing but was disappointed by the use of the word "boyfriend" in last night's scene in front of the church. Really? We've barely seen them work on the relationship beyond a few quick scenes of them having dinner together (including, yes, with Sam's family). I guess that's TV shorthand for working on a relationship.

A scene showing the moment when they both realized and expressed their mutual love for one another -- and decided to elevate their relationship to the "BF" level -- would've been nice. But I guess that would've taken precious time away from all the Deb Messing family/Karen and Dev ongoing dramas.

by Ivy & Karenreply 52105/08/2012

What's the BF level? They're dating, kissing, spending their time together and meeting with his parents.

by Ivy & Karenreply 52205/08/2012

[quote]What did everyone think of Anjelica Huston singing? Not bad- but dramatically quite a WTF??

Piano player - Marc Shaiman

White glasses observer - Scott Wittman

Song - introduced by her grandfather Walter Huston in 1938's Bway hit Knickerbocker Holiday

by Ivy & Karenreply 52305/08/2012

[r523] Contrived crap: She looks horrible and her acting is worse.

by Ivy & Karenreply 52405/08/2012

Lots of CGI on lovely Anjelica's face.....

by Ivy & Karenreply 52505/08/2012

What's the term for people who talk the words rather than singing a song?

by Ivy & Karenreply 52605/08/2012

Scene from next week

by Ivy & Karenreply 52705/08/2012

r497, come clean, you can't be serious. Casting Manny Eisenberg, Robyn Goodman and Jordan to play themseleve was the worst kind of insider nonsense: Considering 99% of the total audience has no idea or cares to know who they are.

Riedel looked like Olivier by comparison and while it is a minor issue this is emblematic of the kind of thinking that keeps this show in a holding pattern of mediocrity.

Cutesy self congradulatory shit that doesn't engage the greater audience.

Shaiman's appearance made sense in that he was doing what he does, music, not trying to play a composer.

The new team will hopefully clean that sophmoric crap up.

At some point SMASH is going to have to bring in more characters of the behind the scenes types and they should be looking now for interesting actors to play them not throwing vanity turns to people who add nothign to an already struggling show.

While I a bitching, last nights episode was poorly directed with the focus of every scene slightly thrown off when there were more than two people in the shot. Usually that means they didn't get enough coverage and had to make do with what they shot.

More evidence they made the right move in replacing below the line people.

by Ivy & Karenreply 52805/08/2012

R523 -- Thank you, thank you. When Anjelica sang that beautiful classic, I kept thinking there was some special significance to her singing that particular song and meant to google history of the song after the show. Forgot to do it and now you solved it for me. I'm a big fan of her granddad's films.

One of the (few) pleasures of the theatre thread is when, in the midst of all the bitchiness, someone like you shares a 'gem'about theatre history.

by Ivy & Karenreply 52905/08/2012

Careful, 522; 498 and 499 are terribly sensitve about Manny AZENBERG and ROBYN Goodman getting their names spelled correctly -- because that's the big issue here.

I suspect your numbers are off -- I doubt more than a thousand viewers know who they or Jordan (Roth) are.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53005/08/2012

Anjelica Huston is no singer, but she did a good job with her song, IMHO.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53105/08/2012

Jordan Roth looked like a repulsive queeny zombie. He was terrifying to look at on screen.

R497 smokes to much pot.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53205/08/2012

I think so, too. Her grandfather was no Russ Columbo.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53305/08/2012

Just how many chorus kids would get up early to go to a homophobic black church on Sunday and praise the lord?

by Ivy & Karenreply 53405/08/2012

Borle needs a chin. Props!!!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 53505/08/2012

The show is absolutely crazy, but I'm starting to accept it and enjoy it rather than resent it. I'm even starting to like Katharine MacPhee, which I never thought could happen (she really won me over with her rendition of Snow Patrol's 'Run'). The fact that she can't act is becoming part of her charm.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53605/08/2012

Funny you say that, R536. I've been on McPhee's side all this time, and after last night horrible performance, I finally gave in and said, OK, the haters are right, she's unwatchable.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53705/08/2012

There was a scene in previews (for earlier episodes) where Rebecca said "we need to get rid of Karen" or something like that. Did this scene ever air? She never seemed to turn on Karen that I could see.

How is it people are just able to walk away from the show at a moment's notice? Wasn't Rebecca under contract? Didn't the investor's commitment depend on her casting? The DiMaggio actor also just walked off the show. Is this just Smash nonsense or do actors in musicals really do this?

by Ivy & Karenreply 53805/08/2012

r538, not if they want to work in the theater again.

by Ivy & Karenreply 53905/08/2012

Here's my theory: Rebecca was so stressed about the show she instructed her queeny assistant to put peanuts on her shake, giving her an out.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54005/08/2012

Deb Messing could always give Christian Borle one of her chins.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54105/08/2012

R526, it's called "pulling a Rex Harrison."

by Ivy & Karenreply 54205/08/2012

[quote]There was a scene in previews (for earlier episodes) where Rebecca said "we need to get rid of Karen" or something like that. Did this scene ever air? She never seemed to turn on Karen that I could see.

Thank you! I wondered about that too. I saw that clip in the previews and have been waiting for it. Unless, Uma's character Rebecca decides to stay with the show and that line comes up in the finale.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54305/08/2012

What R540 said.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54405/08/2012

I was impressed with Tom's BF's singing.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54505/08/2012

Leslie Odom, Tom's boyfriend, is featured in the Raul Esparza musical LEAP OF FAITH. Unfortunately, that is closing this weekend. Bad reviews, no advance box office.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54605/08/2012

Well, Ellis gets fired next week - I assumed it was because he was the peanut-bearer, but I liked R540's theory that Rebecca had her assistant do it so she could get out of the show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54705/08/2012

Last week Ellis got put on smoothie duty. What was his motive?

by Ivy & Karenreply 54805/08/2012

Ellis thinks Ivy should be playing the part. He was the one who texted Karen and told her she was released so that Ivy could sing the "big song" (a plot point that was completely dropped after that episode).

I think they also know audiences hate his character so he's out of here. Insulting Anjelica's character ("Well, somebody has to produce") didn't help.

by Ivy & Karenreply 54905/08/2012

R547 - my theory may make too much sense.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55005/08/2012

Your theory doesn't make sense because Rebecca recovered before she dropped out.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55105/08/2012

Sadly, I don't think Ellis will be gone for good.

Can't stand him, but he's like genital herpes, and he'll always be around.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55205/08/2012

... yeah but she could claim that it was a hostile work environment which could be a clause in her contract.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55305/08/2012

The song they sung in church ,"Stand" (if that was the name)was spectacular.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55405/08/2012

I'm glad some of your Broadway devotees are starting to get the fun of this show and stop taking it all so seriously. Smash is hilarious in it's absurdity. Just go with it. I love the Bombshell musical numbers, much better than many Broadway shows I've seen.

Why does Marilyn have claws on the movie poster?

Uma Thurman deserves an Emmy for her performance she was pitch perfect, I found myself bummed she was leaving...

by Ivy & Karenreply 55505/09/2012

The song "Stand" was done by anti-gay peeep.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55605/09/2012

Watched last night. MacPhee is so awful in this show. She sucks the energy out of every scene. And that scene in the church where everyone shows up and is cleansed in the healing waters of gospel was just atrocious. It looked like a scene out of Book of Mormon. Wide eyed innocents in a world of strange and exotic powers. I find it funny that the song they used was by McClurkin. Don't they research anything?

by Ivy & Karenreply 55705/09/2012

R557 you just don't get it and you never will.

by Ivy & Karenreply 55805/09/2012

Who wants to know which cast members are gone next season?

by Ivy & Karenreply 55905/09/2012

The church song was also sung at Nippy's funeral.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56005/09/2012

Slime Ellis - I hope you're gone.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56105/09/2012

I am, R561. And I'm not the only goner. Not by a mile.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56205/09/2012

Well I'm sorry that I liked the song "Stand" now.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56305/09/2012

I'm thinking that they used the song as a fuck you to McClurkin. The whole church set up had to do with Sam who is Black and gay bringing his boyfriend and show colleagues to church with him. His parents and family were also in attendance and very much supportive of Sam and his new beau.

So fuck you Donnie.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56405/09/2012

Can you take Katherine McPhee's gimpy hands with you?

by Ivy & Karenreply 56505/09/2012

so who else? Spill it!

by Ivy & Karenreply 56605/09/2012

No, R565, but I can take the teenage son. And I will.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56705/09/2012

It would honestly be easier to list who isn't gone. It's a bloodbath.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56805/09/2012

Some fuck you, R564. McClurkin still gets a big check which I'm sure he'll be very happy to cash.

by Ivy & Karenreply 56905/09/2012

So just spill, Ellis.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57005/09/2012

I'm a fan of the show. I find it absurd many times, very simplistic and contrived - but I still love it. The musical numbers are all the same, though - they're all staged with intricate comings and goings and shifts and lifts and flips and changes...

Honestly, of everybody on the show - Karen (McPhee) is my least favorite. The self-righteous, christian gay guy is my second least fave.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57105/09/2012

How much do you want me to give away? Everyone you hate is gone. A borderline reboot of the show is in store for next season.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57205/09/2012

Geez - spill as much as you can ! Is Deb gone? How about Philip Spaeth?

by Ivy & Karenreply 57305/09/2012

Give it all away...

If the vile Christian holy sports fag is gone that will be enough for me.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57405/09/2012

Tom, Julia, Derek, Karen, Ivy and Eileen remain. Most others are gone, especially the annoying pointless characters that many love to hate. Some others remain but they are minor. I cannot, in good conscience, spill everything. But one of our girls gets the part. The other gets the boot -- for good. But she gets a job somewhere else, with some very interesting implications. The finale will be very deceiving, and ultimately pointless. I know much, much more than this, but saying anything more would be cruel and unfair at this point. You will not read this anywhere. Never lose faith that real gossip will make its way to these pages. And fuck Cheryl.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57505/09/2012

...but everyone hates Tom and Julia, I thought the hateful characters would be cut.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57605/09/2012

Ellis/R575 - thank you very much. I understand why and how you cannot spill everything, but you have given us enough, and hopefully, will give more as time goes on and when it is more appropriate.

I really hope Ivy gets it.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57705/09/2012

I'll miss Dev if he goes.

by Ivy & Karenreply 57805/09/2012

r575, is it true NBC is looking for a new casting director for SMASH?

What will they do with the series when the Bombshell story is played out? Start another Broadway musical?


by Ivy & Karenreply 57905/09/2012

I like Dev too and I am not surprised so many characters will be gone. Will the barman with the $7 dollar martini be gone? Does that mean we don't get to see his seedy HK bar?

by Ivy & Karenreply 58005/09/2012

Yes, R579, Bernie Telsey is toast at SMASH.

by Ivy & Karenreply 58105/09/2012

Is it true production is moving to LA?

by Ivy & Karenreply 58205/09/2012

Awesome, R575. Thank you!

by Ivy & Karenreply 58305/09/2012

It might as well move to LA for all the realness that filming in NY brings to the show.

by Ivy & Karenreply 58405/09/2012

[quote]Is it true production is moving to LA?


by Ivy & Karenreply 58505/09/2012

Which one is Tom? Is that Christian Borle?

Don't really pay attention to names.

is that cute dancer Wesley Taylor who does the youtube music videos in his underwear staying?

How about Scott Wise's daughter Samantha? I want to like her but I read she was spotted french kissing Tyler Maynard(?!) in front of Becco. Are you kididng me??! Tyler Maynard, the pick pocket with the big dick reserved just for men?!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 58605/09/2012

" I want to like her but I read she was spotted french kissing Tyler Maynard(?!) in front of Becco."

Was this before or after the missing plates?

by Ivy & Karenreply 58705/09/2012

The firing of Ellis!!

by Ivy & Karenreply 58805/09/2012

is Karen gaining weight?

by Ivy & Karenreply 58905/09/2012

Oh, Ellis will be back. They didn't invest this much footage in him to dump him --and of the two people in that scene, he had the better lighting. He'll either go work for Jerry, or for the rock star who invested in the show (anyone else wondering why we haven't heard from him?) and now wants to "improve" it. Or play Marilyn himself.

I've worked with Ellis-like people my whole career; you'd be amazed (or maybe not?) at how far keyhole-peeping and eavesdropping and peanut-tampering can get you in the entertainment industry.

by Ivy & Karenreply 59005/09/2012

Let's all continue to Thread # 3, as this one is finishing up.

Smash Insider, please don't leave us!

by Ivy & Karenreply 59105/09/2012


by Ivy & Karenreply 59205/09/2012

Ellis, and plenty of others, won't be back.

by Ivy & Karenreply 59305/09/2012

R593, what can you tell us about the actor who plays Ellis? Gay? Nice kid or jerk?

by Ivy & Karenreply 59405/10/2012

He's damn cute, that's for sure.

by Ivy & Karenreply 59505/10/2012

Make sure y'all cross over to Thread #3, especially you Elllis!

by Ivy & Karenreply 59605/10/2012

LOL R587!

by Ivy & Karenreply 59705/10/2012





pics from opening night on Playbill on line

by Ivy & Karenreply 59805/10/2012

This thread is ...

by Ivy & Karenreply 59905/10/2012

... done.

by Ivy & Karenreply 60005/10/2012
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