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Dominion Wackiness Post of the Week: Jordan Turns 30/Marscel Goes Straight

Once again our struggling filmmaker Jordan Niednagel was an utter failure at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival, but his in-laws the Thomases, his sweet Meliss, and his seemingly rather withdrawn "bro" Nathan Daher threw a surprise 30th birthday party to ease the patriarchal pain. Meanwhile, young Marscel Thomas celebrated his youth by experimenting with a decidedly non-VF "look."

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3912/12/2013

Yes, pre-festival, Marscel tried out a new emo hairstyle, with Ma Thomas SHOCKINGLY using a styling iron on his male head...

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 103/19/2012

...and Pa Thomas seemed to have no objection. Of all the families caught up in this cult, I must say that this is the most disturbing to me. I want *so* much to be able to like them.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 203/19/2012

Moving on to the festival, Nathan appeared to have a new, bespectacled best buddy, and you can almost see Jordan rolling his green eyes as he bitchily comments, "I just can’t get enough of this guy."

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 303/19/2012

Then at Jordan's birthday party, Jordan had his own, admittedly "awkward," encounter with another man.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 403/19/2012

Oh, those sexy Thomas siblings! Can you imagine how many breeding-obsessed nut-jobs they attract at these events? Their DNA is like gold in them there parts.

Have a great week, Dataloungers!

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 503/19/2012

How the hell does he afford that house? His god-fearing wife sure doesn't work. He seems to have plenty of time to photograph himself all day, and indulge his filmmaking delusions. What does he do for money?

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 603/19/2012

r6, Jordan works for his father, Jonathan Niednagel, the very successful developer of "brain typing," a system of mental athletic development that has been used on various pro athletes for several decades now.

I find it interesting that although brain typing is based on psychology, apparently no one at Vision Forum ever criticizes it or hassles the Niednagels about it. Big donors? Maybe, but then you'd think Doug would give Jordan at least *one* of his crappy film awards.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 703/19/2012

oh dwt. you know i love jordan's blog -- thanks!

(1) how bad IS his case of gayvoice in that top trailer...??


(2) how photogenic IS the Thomas family??


(3) do you really think the hipster with the glasses came WITH nathan??

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 803/19/2012

"do you really think the hipster with the glasses came WITH nathan??"

That's what I'm trying to figure out from the photos, r8. Neither Nathan nor Hipster Dude were with the Thomas/Niednagels when they traveled *to* the festival, and then they appear to hang out together for the run of the festival, but only Nathan appears in the final group photo.

I just sense a distance between "Jathan" that wasn't there before, and now this new guy appears...

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 903/19/2012

Love it!

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1003/19/2012

In the trailer, he says wants to meet new people to be "spiritually encouraged"! Too funny. Don't forget the lube, Jordan.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1103/19/2012

The Niednagels and Thomases fascinate and repulse me at the same time.

But I always unconditionally LOVE when DWT snarks on them!

Long life to you, dearest troll!

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1203/20/2012

Seconding MJB - the fascination/repulsion, and the love!

(Do you think these young men have *any* idea how their behavior comes across??)

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1303/20/2012

I wonder if Jordan's lovely bride has ANY idea.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1403/20/2012

The mysterious hipster is Micaiah! ♥

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1503/22/2012

OMG, r15-- it is Micaiah! Between the new haircut and the enormous glasses, I honestly didn't recognize him!

Well, that mystery has been solved...

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1603/22/2012

micaiah is seriously hot.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1703/22/2012

This is my first encounter with the Neidnagels but...they don't seem that bad? The kids are cute and the wife looks genuinely happy, not downtrodden or bitchy/shrewish. I'm sure if I got a broader picture I'd object but they come off alright to me in these little excerpts.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1803/22/2012

Except that they want to take over the government and form a "Christian" theocracy and stone you and everyone you love to death for sinning. So there's that.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 1903/22/2012

I guess Jordan really meant it when he said, "William and Philip hardly recognize their uncles...every time they see them they look completely different."

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2003/22/2012

Jordan is capable of a little snark, apparently:

"Doug gives another epic speech of cinemagraphic domination."

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2103/22/2012

Jordan seems capable of a LOT of snark, actually.

They do seem *almost* normal.

But he pings to the high heavens...

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2203/22/2012

I wonder where Jordan and Nathan met.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2303/22/2012

Nicely put, R19.

I do wonder how Jordan and his buddy Nathan would do, if they got their wish and the place became a homo-hating theocracy. Imagine it would be a little along the lines of "Animal Farm," where just as some animals were more equal than others, some fellows' extra curricular activities would be ignored conveniently.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2403/25/2012

Wtf? I've actually met some of the Niednagels and gotten to know them through Facebook, and I have never seen them expressing belief in dominionism. They are very conservative Christians and creationists, but their politics are more along the lines of Ron Paul, not theocracy. Goodness knows people need to make their own individual choices on matters of religion and such.

Btw, Jordan and Marscel seem soft to you because they are BCAR and BEAR, or INFP and ISFP, in their Brain Typing system (which is how I first got to know them).

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2507/18/2012

Actually, it might be another one of the Thomases (Micaiah?) that's ISFP, but Jordan always states he's INFP.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2607/18/2012

"...and I have never seen them expressing belief in dominionism."

Well, it's kind of funny that they were just at Vision Forum's Reformation of Food and the Family conference then, isn't it? And that Jordan enters his films in Doug Phillips' film festival every year, huh? And that they attended VF's Titanic 100th anniversary thingy a few months ago, right? Oh, I could go on...

"Of all people, Christians who honor the Creator should have a passion for creation. We are losing the debate through subversion, silence, lack of vision, and because of the Christian community's fear of the God-ordained, perpetually valid, creation precept called 'The Dominion Mandate.' This mandate directs man is to rule over the earth, subduing it and taking dominion over it for his benefit and for God's glory."

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2707/18/2012

Just because they attend some functions associated with the belief doesn't mean they believe everything about it, or want to institute some kind of theocracy. I have posted on atheism forums, and my fiance is an atheist, but that doesn't make me one.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2807/18/2012

K have you actually given money to those forums? Probably not. The Thomases support the theocratic "Dominion Mandate" every time they buy tickets to VF's events.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 2907/18/2012

Uh, again, I know a few of them personally having met several of them through the Brain Typing site and through social media, and they ain't dominionists - they are Ron Paul supporters. Period. You can make all the tenuous connections you like, but just because someone buys tickets to something doesn't put them 100% with that belief system any more than me being a member of atheist forums with memberships makes me an atheist. Unless you know them personally and have seen them make these statements themselves, you are just fishing for bits of confirmation bias.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3007/18/2012

I think a Dominionist may have found his way to this thread.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3107/21/2012

Hijacking the thread, I just read this article by a former-Quiverfull wife who has decided that Universal Health Care is not such a bad thing.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3207/21/2012

All quite photogenic, except, ironically, the most conceited of the bunch: Jordan himself.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3304/02/2013

lol, if you all had written to jordan for any length of time like i have over the years you'd realize he probably wouldn't know all of what dominionism even is, let alone succeed in adhering to all the aspects of it. he actively tries to avoid any type of impersonal analysis. vf was just a venue for him to finally share the movies he likes to make, and because they are conservative and christian, he felt comfortable. so, homeschooler, yes, and from a clearly conservative religious family, but you folks are reading WAY too much into some of his connections. projection much. he doesn't take stuff as far as you all assume. if he did, he certainly as heck wouldn't write to this outspoken tomboy nerd (although i make him upset a lot because i am tactless and unkind).

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3412/10/2013

are you his very handsome and possibly equally closeted bff nathan from cali?

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3512/11/2013

"tomboy" should be a giveaway as to who i am. wrote to nathan a few times...results mostly not good. he and jordan are utterly convinced of me being one brain type despite jordan's brother being open to possibilities of two others.

freejinger needs to realize some people know the niednagels only through brain types and stop throwing around "fundie" too loosely. atheist fiance is having laughs at your expense. yes, it's possible to be 1) christian 2) not fundamentalist and 3) know the niednagels all at the same time.

you folks might not be able to accept that, but it's a fact. next thing you know, because ll cool j has a "connection" to brad paisley, ll cool j will be considered "white" by you folks. same type of assumptive and imprecise logic by people who spend too much time on the interwebz and think they can know everyone's intents and beliefs through internet comments.

i'll probably check back to laugh at you all in another year when you inevitably post another silly assumption that doesn't hold up to empirical scrutiny.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3612/12/2013

You definitely sound a little off.

The only interesting people in the Niednagal family are the beautiful wife and her young brother with the gorgeous hair.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3712/12/2013

[quote]You definitely sound a little off.

Then "Tomboy" will fit in here just fine. Everyone her is more than "a little " off.

And, Tomboy, your description of Jordan is pretty much how I imagined it.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3812/12/2013

Sorry, "everyone *here* is more than..."

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 3912/12/2013
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