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Tell us about your cat.

It's Sunday. Harmless enjoyment for us catless souls and for those more fortunate. This is for you, Looney, because I was thinking about you today.

by Anonymousreply 19203/24/2013

He's been dead for seven years and I have yet to replace him.

by Anonymousreply 103/18/2012

My pussy stinks

by Anonymousreply 203/18/2012

My cat is in the kitchen munching on oat grass and watching birds. She has a really sweet personality and loves to cuddle with me. I love her very much.

by Anonymousreply 303/18/2012

My cat is 10.5. I adopted him from the SF Animal Shelter when he was about 5 mos. old. He looks like a Maine Coon. He's a big, fluffy guy. Deeply affectionate with me.

He's extremely shy and skittish around everyone except for me. He's not social and spends much of his waking hours running away at the slightest human sound. I accept him just as he is and love him just the same.

During the day, he sleeps in the storage space above the garage. His cat bed and blanket is there. Yet, every night, he sleeps with me. No. Not "with." On me. On my stomach to be exact. He weighs roughly 19lbs and every morning I wake up with a sore belly. I don't dare kick him off. He's just too damn cute.

My cat is not special. He will never be a YouTube sensation. He's just mine and I love him more than most things in life.

by Anonymousreply 403/18/2012

My cat is named Mel. He weighs 15 lbs and has long fur. He looks like the first Queen Elizabeth and when he runs he looks like a moving coffeetable. He's very sweet and really dumb. I take him to Petsmart for a comb-out and a nailclip. I have two other smarter short-haired cats who torment him and trick him into kitty judo. He always loses. I wuv him.

by Anonymousreply 503/18/2012

My cat is sitting in the sunshine by our front bay window right now. She is about six years old, black and white tuxedo. She was apparently the runt of the litter so is very small and peitite. We've always had male cats so I didn't know female cats actually have female habits. She will sit and bend her front right leg and hold up paw up very gracefully when begging for chicken. She loves a bite of chicken. That's the only human food she's interested in.

by Anonymousreply 603/18/2012

Munchkin is about 18 months old. When he was a tiny thing, in dead of winter, someone dropped him off at my house, thinking I wouldn't notice. I got him neutered and vaccinated, then put him up on Craigslist.

Thank god all the adoptions fell through. Munchie-cat is best friends with my Maine Coon; he's the only thing that gets a happy rise out of my mom, who has Alzheimer's. I think of him as a feline George Harrison. He is THE total Zen cat.

I have his picture on my office door along with other rescue cats, and EVERYONE who sees the pic says "There's something about that cat."

Munch never changes expression, never gets angry , scared, or violent. Purrs like a Mack Truck.

When they feel anxious and stressed out, my coworkers and friends say they want to borrow him. When students or staff come by to vent, I tell them "Munchie says it's gonna be all right." That's become the office mantra at my job.

I love my little alien yellow tabby, dropped down from another, more peaceful planet.

by Anonymousreply 703/18/2012

I usually don't have boy cats (spraying), but I found this five year old when he was two months. He think's I'm his mom. We watch TV together. He actually watches...once he ran up to it and tried to catch a rabbit on the screen.

by Anonymousreply 803/18/2012

My first cat was named Bootsy Gumdrops.

by Anonymousreply 903/18/2012

My cat is a pussy.

by Anonymousreply 1003/18/2012

R7 - i think am in lover with ur Munchkin, he sounds well cute...

by Anonymousreply 1103/18/2012

I have been feeding an outdoor cat and need for someone to come take it away. I cannot get any outdoor work done because the cat will not get out from between my feet. It rubs up against me, purrs and then claws and bites my legs. It really hurts.

This cat has to go. Soon.

I have 3 cats who live indoors and don't want another. I just threw out a gallon bag of cat droppings I scraped from the litter boxes. It weighed about 8 lbs. I know what my house smells like.

No more cats

No more ctas.

by Anonymousreply 1203/18/2012

Aw, thanks, R11. I'll post a pic when I can. We're lounging together in bed right now, enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Nomi, my Maine Coon, is on house patrol, as usual. He's our official sentry.

by Anonymousreply 1303/18/2012

He'll be 9 years old this summer, probably about July 1.

He was dumped at a public laundromat next door to my cousin's business when he was a tiny kitten, probably about 4 or 5 weeks old.

He's dilute gray tabby and white bicolor, small for a male cat, and a hilarious clown.

He loves to play rough and wrestle with my cocker spaniel and smooth fox terrier bitches, and if I make them leave him alone, he'll go running past them or jump on them from behind, trying to instigate another session.

He also will chase a ball like a dog, come when he's called, like a dog, and follow me around like a dog.

His name is Motor, because of his purr, of course, and he was named for a previous cat I had, who was also a rescue from the street in front of a business.

His only fault is that he's just too aggressive with other cats. I had a 4-year-old female bob-tailed cat when I got him, and even as a tiny kitten he was just too aggressive. I had to keep them separated when I wasn't at home, because he would be mean to her if I wasn't watching. (She's now gone on, I'm sorry to say.)

When it's cold in the winter, he likes to get under the covers with me at night and cuddle up like a baby. I don't love that, but sometimes I tolerate it.

by Anonymousreply 1403/18/2012

Cat owners do not make good boyfriends. They have psychological issues. Dog owners are far more well-adjusted people - less sanctimonious, self righteous and judgmental. Cat owners are always looking for something or someone to put down as a tool for elevating their own self esteem.

by Anonymousreply 1503/18/2012

Eat shit sleep is her middle name.

by Anonymousreply 1603/18/2012

Trolling a cat thread, R15?


by Anonymousreply 1703/18/2012

R15? You're full of shit.

by Anonymousreply 1803/18/2012

Dog owners are completely emotionally insecure and rely on their dogs to boost their self-esteem with slobbery obsequiousness. They're, also, rife with diseases from handling shit several times a day and allowing their dogs to lick their faces after eating shit. The only people who should be allowed to own dogs are those who use them as service animals.

by Anonymousreply 1903/18/2012

Dead. Both of them.

by Anonymousreply 2003/18/2012

Enough with the dog owners vs cat owners. Let's have a thread where people actually ignore the trolls and carry on as if they are not there.

by Anonymousreply 2103/18/2012

My cat, Annie (I call her Annie Fanny, much to my mum's disdain) is a big four-year-old Maine Coon Cat. I've posted her pic on other cat threads and someone said she looks like she's probably a lesbian. She lives here at home and, when I'm at school, I miss her terribly. She terrorises my male schnottie, but she stays away from the female schnottie. She loves to sit out on the deck and catch bugs and, when she wants to get back inside, she climbs the screen door.

She sleeps with me when I'm home, but stays alone when I'm away.

by Anonymousreply 2203/18/2012

r19 is clearly an effeminate.

by Anonymousreply 2303/18/2012

Don't give up, R20. You must replace.

Poor Violet needs a backrub and a forever home.

by Anonymousreply 2403/18/2012

I have two orange and white boys and a grey tabby girl. They're all rescues. The youngest boy is going to be 7 in late May/early June. I've had him since he was 5 months old and he thinks I'm his Mommy. Doesn't like other people much but is very affectionate with me. He will jump up on the desk when I'm on the computer and just lie there purring.

The second orange boy is our most recent pet. We got him from ACC last summer. He was on the kill list - reason for owner surrender was "pets conflict" but he gets along with our other two very well. He's a a bit older than our other guy. He's a very laid back, quiet cat. Rarely meows and has the most quiet purr. Friendly to everyone who comes into the house except the dog. He has a voracious appetite. He is a huge cat but very athletic - the other cats are jealous of his jumping abilities.

Our girl cat is the oldest and she is a bit of a bitch but very smart. Mostly keeps to herself and seems disgusted by the other two cats but she tolerates them. She actually seems to prefer the dog.

We also have an English bulldog who is the bane of the cats' existence. He eats their food, chases cat #2 and generally thinks he owns the place. He actually thinks he owns the entire block. Our male cats hate him but the female tolerates him. He will come right up to her and stick his big face in her face and flinch when she raises her paw.

by Anonymousreply 2503/18/2012

I gifted my newly divorced sister with a beautiful little kitten - Tasha. She was an American shorthair miniature. She had a great personality, but didn't like to be touched or even looked at for to long (if you stared at her she would attack you). And of course she looked like a perpetual kitten - jet black with big eyes and people just wanted to touch her all the time - can't tell you how many people left her apartment with bleeding scratches. I later took that apartment when she remarried and Tasha came with it. She was a great companion provided you pretty much left her alone. She would sometimes jump in my lap but I could not pet her. She used to sleep on my bed and one cute thing she did was if I got up to go to the bathroom, or to lock the door (which I always forgot), or get a drink etc. she always came with me - like she wanted to make sure I would safely come back to the bed. Anyway, she was a friend to me at a very bad period in my life when I honestly didn't have a soul in the world - I hope to see her again one day.

by Anonymousreply 2603/18/2012

My little noodlehead lurks around me on the bed when she wants to be loved on. Gets right up in my face and "kisses" me until I wake up. Her little face is right next to mine, sometimes, when I open my eyes. She then rolls onto her back for belly rubs. She loves to have her belly rubbed. Totally trusting.

When she gets too excited, she runs through the house like a maniac cat but then sometimes throws up! From excitement. That's not too often.

She's about five. And a calico cat. Her fur is chocolate brown, orange and black. A little sweetheart. Very loving.

by Anonymousreply 2703/18/2012

Meh, not too fond of cats. Kittens are cute I guess.

Can I tell you about my childhood pet Keeshond, Ashley? She was very jovial and furry.

by Anonymousreply 2803/18/2012

Too many cats are so indifferent they seem like moving furniture.

by Anonymousreply 2903/18/2012

I had a Maine Coon cat. He lived to be over 20 years old. He wasn't particularly a lap cat, but he always stayed close to me. In the morning, he always sat on the window sill and watched the sun rise. I thought it might never rise again if he wasn't there to encourage it.

The one affectionate thing he did was just so sweet. In the morning when I woke up, I would say 'where is my pillow' and he would come running. I would lift my head and he would lie on my pillow and I would put my head on his warm fuzzy belly. Sometimes I would fall back to sleep, my head gently rocked by his breathing. When he got old and bony and frail he still wanted to be my pillow, but I was afraid of hurting him, so I would gently put my head on his belly without allowing the entire weight of my head to rest on him. My neck would get stiff, but it was so lovely that he wanted to be my pillow and I just didn't care.

by Anonymousreply 3003/18/2012

I moved in with my Mom after my Dad died in 2010. She always wanted a Calico, but Dad was allergic. After I moved in, I found two rescue Calicos, sisters. Cali and Gypsy. I have always been a dog person, but these two have stolen my heart. They play, frolic, fight and act just like sisters do. I've never met such purry kitties. Loving and aloof at the same time.

I just bought a house in California, and am moving my mother and the cats in about three weeks. I flew my pug to Seattle from Palm Springs and back, and he did fine. Now I'm flying the cats from Chicago to Palm Springs. I've talked to their vet. I want them tranquil for the trip, and have read about the do's and don'ts about tranq'ing cats for travel. The vet is giving me no answer one way or the other. Any help here?

by Anonymousreply 3103/18/2012

I don't have a cat of my own but my Mom has a beautiful tortoiseshell/Maine coon named Baby. Baby is very spoiled and is very good to my Mom, who is 89 and cannot get out much.

Mom spends about $75 per month on fancy cat food. Baby deserves the best, because she makes Mom happy, and she is a killer of pesky vermin.

by Anonymousreply 3203/18/2012

Still grieving over mine also. Tuxedo cat, three legs, lots of attitude. I miss my Bitchkitty. :(

by Anonymousreply 3303/18/2012

R31 it can be fatal to give them sedatives. Do not put them in cargo.

by Anonymousreply 3403/18/2012

My two cats are black. The girl Darcie is an exotic short hair. The male is Thomas. I adopted both from the vet. I had taken my Siameses Ty in for medical check up. He was 18 and was going thru kidney failure. Had to put him down. Thomas and Darcie were vet cats, in fact Darcie had been staying at the vets office for close to 9 months. I would have taken her sooner but some guy had put down money to adopt her. He never came back and I guess he never got a refund. The vet called and told me I could have Darcie if I wanted to adopt. I saw Thomas and decided to adopt him too. They are great indoor cats. I live in a high rise.

by Anonymousreply 3503/18/2012

As offensive as R19 is and tries to be, one does hope R23 starts to pass a pork tapeworm while showering with his fellow sophomores at the big high school swim meet.

by Anonymousreply 3603/18/2012

I wish I could adopt the tuxedo cat in the video of that woman whose phobia was of cats. Loved its freaky eyes!

by Anonymousreply 3703/18/2012

Laddie is a feral cat, and unlike a lot of ferals he is purry, playful, incredibly affectionate, touchy, and incredibly well-mannered. He never climbs, begs, bites, or scratches anything he shouldn't, he is perfectly content to eat his kibble and play with his cat toys.

I don't know why he came out to be such a good boy, I didn't train him or anything. Maybe it's genetic, or maybe he was taught good manners by the late Lady Cat, whose deportment was as perfect as that of an Austen heroine.

by Anonymousreply 3803/18/2012

Why must dog and cats always be pitted against each other? Many families have both. My brother has a pitbull looking stray dog he adopted. The dog and the cat have worked out a relationship. He's afraid of the cat, but they get along okay.

by Anonymousreply 3903/18/2012

Sadly, my last cat passed away in 2005. I had Sam for 18 years. He was such an amazing cat. It was hard to say goodbye to him.

by Anonymousreply 4003/18/2012

My grey and white tuxedo kitty was supposed to be euthanized Friday. In six weeks she will be 20. I've had her since July 1992. She has moved all over the world with me. She's about done, but the vet gave her some prednisone to give her one little last hurrah. Currently she's upstairs miffed about the carpet cleaning. This is a good thing. A couple of weeks or a couple of months of sitting in the spring sun is all I can hope for for her. But she has had a good life for a cat who was born to be extraordinarily lazy.

by Anonymousreply 4103/18/2012

His name is Roy and he's a low down cheap little punk. He's lanky, but he's getting jowls - too cool.

It's his first season of luuuv - and his last.

I will have him fixed in early April *budgeting* if he promises not to get smashed on this fucking hillbilly highway disguised as a residential street.

Roy uses our old dog as muscle against an ancient male Felix Cat that used to kick his ass. The dog chases the feral off while Roy scouts for the female.

Roy doesn't eat mushy food, but monopolizes the outdoor plate when the female appears - like he's the one taking her out to country buffet - what a little cheap ass…. not even rabbit guts, or regurgitated grass?

by Anonymousreply 4203/18/2012

Oh, R30, I'm teary-eyed from your story. They do become a part of you, don't they?

I still cannot talk about my beloved L.S. Mobutu. Shiny black, emerald eyes that my neighbor could see from her window across the street.

Our last night together, we watched Obama win the Presidency. We went to bed. Next day he was gone forever.

I was a basket case for months, still hearing the little bell on his collar, still expecting to see that black lump eyes sitting in my window when I pulled into the driveway.

The anniversary of Obama's election is always bittersweet for me. Makes me sad and teary.

by Anonymousreply 4303/18/2012

I love you r9.

by Anonymousreply 4403/18/2012

I agree, R39, I don't get it either. I will admit I was guilty of being anti-dog until we got the bulldog who has completely won me over. Part of it is that he's so uncooperative and stubborn which I can relate to as cat person. He's thoroughly housetrained (better than the cats, actually) but aside from that, it's his world and we all just get to live in it. I like that about him.

I know a lot of supposed "dog people" who are won over by cats once they get to know them. Cats are just more reserved, but they are just as loving and lovable as dogs. When my mother got a cat, a Siamese, my father (supposedly a cat hater) said, "don't expect me to pay any attention to it!" That cat wasted no time winning him over by jumping into the paper when he was reading it, biting his nose and other antics. My father turned out to be the cat's devoted slave.

R41, you made me tear up a bit. Sounds like she's had a good life and I am sure you will enjoy the rest of your time together, however long that may be.

by Anonymousreply 4503/18/2012

Cat owners don't feel the need for complete obedience...they can let an animal be an animal.

by Anonymousreply 4603/18/2012

R42, that's such a great story. What a character Roy is. Love the way you painted the word-picture for us--I can totally see that cat and his world.

by Anonymousreply 4703/18/2012

R29, you're so needy.

by Anonymousreply 4803/18/2012

My cat Columbus is 17 and he's slowing down. He picked me when he was born in 1995. I was over at the "cathouse" and he came down the hall, first out of the box, and started showing off his cat skills for me, like balancing on a log by the fireplace. I ended up taking him home and he has rewarded me with his devoted affection ever since. I was ALWAYS a dog person and I only did this as a favor and because I liked the cat's personality. I'm still a dog person but I love Columbus, especially now that he's going deaf.

by Anonymousreply 4903/18/2012

Love reading about y'all's cats since I can't have one.

Aww, r30, you made me cry too.

R39, Laddie looks like a sweetheart. He sure looks like he adores you.

by Anonymousreply 5003/18/2012

[quote]while showering with his fellow sophomores at the big high school swim meet.

You just gave half the thread boners

by Anonymousreply 5103/18/2012

I agree with r39. I like both cats and dogs. I've had a dog (he passed away 8 years ago at the age of 10. My cat is alive and well.

The problem is people who take every opportunity to bash cats. I don't get it. You don't know a cat until you've lived with one. They are not "indifferent" or just a piece of "furniture." They're very affectionate but in their own way. Like I said about my cat, he's shy, but at night, he always come snuggling next to me. When I'm sick, he's sitting on my bed. When I'm gone for a few days or more, he greets my return with endless meows and purring. He'll follow me around because I think he's afraid I'll leave again.

Don't talk about things you've never experienced.

by Anonymousreply 5203/18/2012

My cat Susannah passed away from kidney disease.

by Anonymousreply 5303/18/2012

Two females, from the same litter. They don't seem to like each other very much. Every night, they have a race to see who gets to share the bed with me. Once one claims the bed, the other won't go near it.

Both have feline diabetes, and require two shots each per day. What a fucking pain in the neck!

One of them has a little kitty cat cold right now. Her sneezes are about the cutest thing ever.

by Anonymousreply 5403/18/2012

We need a like button for so many of these sweet stories.

by Anonymousreply 5503/18/2012

Our cat is named Evangeline but most of the time she's called Angie. She is a buff colored (Blond) tabby with some reddish mackerel striping on her tail.

Another of her nicknames is Miss Clairol #29, mostly in reference to her hair color.

She's also a fairly vocal cat. She lets you know what she's thinking at the moment.

She's a sweet enough cat now. Very skittish at age 3.5 when we got her. She's almost 10 now.

by Anonymousreply 5603/18/2012

I think we need to take a moment to honor the memory of the DL Patron Saint of cats.

A moment of Silence, please for...

Miss Sissy Boodles

by Anonymousreply 5703/18/2012

My cat curls up on a pillow next to my head when I go to sleep and when I wake up we're usually holding hands/paws.

by Anonymousreply 5803/18/2012

Tasty. With just the right amount of spices. Bubbling hot in a flaky crust.

by Anonymousreply 5903/18/2012

My first cat was named Bootsy Gumdrops and he was a rescue cat

by Anonymousreply 6003/18/2012

I have a 1 year old female orange tabby named Ginger and a 12 year old female snowshoe cat named Sophie. I love them dearly, but they aren't in love with each other. Hopefully, they'll grow closer over time. In the meantime, I spend a lot of time playing with Ginger because Sophie doesn't want to play with her.

by Anonymousreply 6103/18/2012

I like both cats and dogs, though I've only had cats since college. I dearly loved our beagle Barney, whom we got when I was in 8th grade and who lived about eight years. But, as I live alone, I would not get a dog again, as I think they simply need more company and constant, predictable routines. I had to have my sweet, very demanding Chloe put down the day after Christmas--she was down to 5 lbs, wouldn't eat or drink the last three days, and no longer wanted attention or petting. She just wanted to be done. She lived with me 16 years--I inherited her when my mother died and when Chloe died we we estimated her age as about 19--pretty good for cat, but it was still a hard decision (for purely selfish reasons). I was able to hold her while the vet very gently gave her the medicine that stopped her suffering.

I thought I couldn't have another cat for a long time, but the house felt so damn lonely, and I was able to find two shelter kittens who were being fostered at the same house (a nice big farm)--I've always been partial to girl cats. So, while not biological sisters, they knew each other and got along. Phoebe was 5 months--beautiful, gray tabby, with a round sweet face. Molly was the only girl in a litter of six boys, brown tiger and a bit of tomboy--and also a kitten likely to remain small all her life because of nutritional issues when she was very little. Still, she is friendly, assertive, and the more vocal of the two (she squeaks like a mouse). They seem to have bonded remarkably well--they wrestle with each other and all of a sudden start grooming and licking each other, and then fall asleep on top of each other. At night they eventually end up on the bed with me, one on each side.

They are adorable, and keep me on my toes as they race throughout the house, scratching old bad furniture and causing general havoc. It's been since my own childhood that I lived with a kitten--they are fun, and they grow quickly.

I miss my sweet, ornery Chloe still and feel pangs of disloyalty at moments, but I also figure these kittens needed a home before they got too big themselves (and, while it makes me sad to say, I didn't want to adopt older cats this time, having just gone through the decline of one). And they are good company for each other while I am at work.

by Anonymousreply 6203/18/2012

We have a couple of Russian Blues, who are litter-mates. If I get anywhere close to the recliner, I am tackled and covered neck to knees in a total of 27 pounds of purring puss perfection.

by Anonymousreply 6303/18/2012

My husband is allergic to cats. My first cat was a shelter cat. I called him Bootsie Gumdrops.

by Anonymousreply 6403/18/2012

My cat is Radar, a blind kitten I found on our deck one day. I took him to the vet and he said his eyes never fully developed, so his eyes are always shut. He can get around as if he has sight-he's five now, and only has a problem if I rearrange the furniture. I don't know how he does it,or how he even knows it's there, but he jumps up to a shelf above the doorway and sleeps, somehow gets down, and will actually chase the other cats. He's very loving and will sleep on my chest. If he gets disoriented, he'll let out a few really loud meows, like he's calling for me, and when I say his name, it turns into a tiny little mew, and he finds his way to me. Never seen anything like him, never been so amazed by an animal.I used to feel very sad for him, but he knows no other way of life, and is happy.

by Anonymousreply 6503/18/2012

R25: seriously, I would pay good money to visit you and your cats for a few hours! (like, $100, 200; I'm serious!)

by Anonymousreply 6603/18/2012

An affectionate Russian Blue that insists on playing fetch.

by Anonymousreply 6703/18/2012

(She's laying on my torso and purring as I type)

by Anonymousreply 6803/18/2012

Cats have three types of fur r65, and one of them extends beyond the undercoat and the normal looking coat. I believe it's called the hawn (someone correct me if I'm wrong). If you look closely, it's the superfine, longer hairs jutting out. That coat is similar to whiskers and is utilized in the same way. The hairs and whiskers are highly attuned to spatial functioning, and contribute to balance, etc. It's like a spatial sensor system, or as you aptly named your kitty, a radar.

I'm not surprised at all that your cat functions as well as he does. They are physically brilliant creatures. I guarantee you he's quite happy.

by Anonymousreply 6903/18/2012

Aww, I want to hug and smooch R65's cat.

He might feel safer sleeping high up on a small space.

by Anonymousreply 7003/18/2012

Sorry, I got it a bit mixed. There's the undercoat (down), the awn (not hawn), and the guard coat. Guard is the one that provides insulation as well as spatial information. There are actually four types of hair, the fourth being whiskers.

So you can see why even a sightless cat would do rather well r65. They have other powerful physical attributes to rely on.

by Anonymousreply 7103/18/2012

Last night I adopted a 5 yr old deaf Persian named Cameron. He's cute as can be and I already started teaching him a bit of sign language. He was returned to the shelter by 5 different people just because he is deaf. I'm madly in love with him already.

by Anonymousreply 7203/18/2012

I must be the only one who thinks this thread is useless without pictures.

by Anonymousreply 7303/18/2012

My nearly 20 year old has been deaf for a couple of years now and doesn't seem to mind. She still meows when she feels like it, a little louder than she used to (like a hard of hearing old person) but she's less mouthy than she used to be. The deafness seems to be a bonus to her when the vacuum cleaner comes out; she couldn't care less. She just sits and purrs and watches me vacuum around her.

Have any else had a cat who had/has temper tantrums? My little old girl had them a few times. She would yell and stomp around when she had just *had it* with something, usually on a long car trip or if she felt I was being insufficiently attentive to something. I had to pull off the road because she did this in the car once. She made my ears ring just with her damn loud meows. Watching her stomp around was hilarious, though.

by Anonymousreply 7403/18/2012

Here's Cameron.

by Anonymousreply 7503/18/2012

Your cat is adorable r75, but are you sure he's a Persian? He doesn't look like a Persian. Persians are long-haired and have a flat-face.

by Anonymousreply 7603/19/2012

I love the Radar story! R31, I would recommend not tranking your cats. I flew my cats from L.A. to Seattle and they were just fine. More importantly, I would check to see which airlines have better records with flying animals. For this reason, I flew them on Alaska Airlines and was very pleased. Make sure the freight compartment is pressurized and do not fly them during the summer. Also, make sure to have them chipped beforehand. Talk to your vet and Google for airline pet safety information.

by Anonymousreply 7703/19/2012

Love all these stories about adopted cats. I'm unemployed right now and have stepped up my volunteering at the local pet store where shelter cats can be adopted. I go in every morning and feed them breakfast. It's good for everyone. The cats get their breakfast and I keep myself on a "work schedule." I love the little buggers, even the cranky obese one who has been on display for 4 months now. I'm praying someone adopts the ornery bitch soon because the poor thing needs to get out of that cage.

I have two of my own at home and if I ever do find the motivation to go back to work--it'll be because I have to support their standard of living. I can eat boiled lettuce and noodles, but they must have their grain-free canned food. They're worth it.

by Anonymousreply 7803/19/2012

R76, R75's cat could be half Persian or he could be a doll-faced Persian, the way Persians looked up until the 1960s, when breeders started selecting for flatter faces and have bred cats with faces so flat they can have respiratory problems.

In fact, last time I read the breed standard from a cat show book, the doll-face was still the written ideal, though any doll-face breeder who took their cats to a show would be laughed out of the building.

by Anonymousreply 7903/19/2012

BTW, R72, thank you for being such a sweetheart and adopting Cameron. And R74 and Radar's owner also touch my heart, along with so many other wonderful cat stories here.

by Anonymousreply 8003/19/2012

A very nervous grey tabby girl who has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. And a 17-pound very fluffy tuxedo who is a pure love bug.

by Anonymousreply 8103/19/2012

BIg. WhiTe with stRIPES. MEAN AS FCUK!

by Anonymousreply 8203/19/2012

Cameron is a Persian mix.

by Anonymousreply 8303/19/2012

My precious girl enslaves me. She likes cashmere, velvet, and my beautiful faux fur throw pillows. The only cat I have ever known who loves to be dressed up. She was an abandoned kitten that I fed with an eyedropper, thinks I am her mother (I did not appreciate the nursing at night), and got me through the most difficult period of my life. Caring for her kept me alive. She rewards me by ignoring me unless she wants attention, and then gives up purrs that sound like a pig snorting.

Ah, feline love!

by Anonymousreply 8403/19/2012

[quote] had a Maine Coon cat. He lived to be over 20 years old. He wasn't particularly a lap cat

No Maine coons are lap cats.

It's just the way they are.

by Anonymousreply 8503/19/2012

For you, R11--meet Munchie:

by Anonymousreply 8603/20/2012

R86 Thanks you posted ..Aww Muchie is so well A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E ..please Cuddle him for me !!! I think i Love him ..

by Anonymousreply 8703/20/2012

Thanks, R11/R87. He is such a little love. Every time I come home, or he comes in from outside, he stands on his back paws and stretches his front paws up on my right leg, so I can scratch his head and ears and massage his back. All the while he's purring away.

My Munch also loves getting wet (as does my Maine Coon), just so I can rough-towel him dry, while pretending to fuss at him. He LOVES being wrapped up in that warm towel.

Here he is, all swaddled and sweet:

by Anonymousreply 8803/20/2012

My cat Hector came from a shelter where he'd been in a cage for months (black cats are often the last to be adopted).

He's super-social, affectionate, never hides, likes company, greets me at the door when I come home from work and runs to the door when the doorbell rings. He also plays fetch and comes when called. Most remarkably (to me, at least), he has never once hissed, bitten or scratched.

Some people with black cats say they're more social and laid-back than cats of other colors. I'm skeptical, but it fits his personality.

Great little buddy. I have never had a cat before Hector.

by Anonymousreply 8903/20/2012

R88 Aww look at him all Loved up .. Cuddly lil Cutie , i so want one Munchie for me right now..*pets him*...

by Anonymousreply 9003/20/2012

I agree with the people who say black cats are more laid back. Unless they're truly feral, I've found black cats to be the most fun to be around. So sleek and beautiful, too. The three black cats I've had in the last 30+ years were all special, and I miss them so much.

by Anonymousreply 9103/20/2012

r87, I needed to be told that everything's going to be OK today, and, I swear, just by looking at Munchie's picture I feel a whole lot better.

Give him a cuddle from me, please.

by Anonymousreply 9203/20/2012

R92, I just got home. Munchie is sorry you had a rough day, but you'll need to remember his mantra @R7. Internalize it. Keep his pic where you can see it; I guarantee it'll put you in a calm place. I don't need Klonopin since he came to live with me.

Munch is all love, and sends his love overflow out into the ether. You may take in as much as you need.

R92, he asked me to pass this on to you'll, and ONLY you:


by Anonymousreply 9303/20/2012

I think that's awfully personal. Is this an offshoot from one of those other dirty threads?

Usually tubular in shape, a little tapered at each end, brown in color. Often the shape, color or consistency is based on my diet. This one time I had giardia and it was non-stop and soooo runny. But I won't go into details.

Why are you asking everybody about this again?

by Anonymousreply 9403/20/2012

His name is Johnny, he's got three legs, and he's a Capricorn. Now mind your own business.

by Anonymousreply 9503/20/2012

At the first sign of danger my pussy's hairs stand on end.

If I'm not home on the stroke of six, my pussy goes mad.

Last winter the central heating broke down. I had to light the oven and hold my pussy in front.

Mr. Humphries never does leave my pussy alone.

by Anonymousreply 9603/20/2012

His name is Sylvester, he was a rescue from a no-kill shelter where he'd been for months. He's a tuxedo, 17 lbs, very demanding, very vocal if we don't open the door fast enough for him. In the summer, if we don't close the door tight, he opens the door for himself.

by Anonymousreply 9703/20/2012

Aw [r7], I also had an orange tabby that I would call Munchie (his real name was Milo), although Milo was not as chill as your MunchButt.

Anyway, this is my favorite kitty in the whole wide world, Ahsa. He's almost 13 and recently diagnosed with small cell gastrointestinal lymphoma. Prognosis is pretty good for this type of lymphoma- it can go into remission with chemo. He's on his 9th pill (taken every 3 days). After we see the vet to test his white blood cell levels, I take him out for a walk as a treat:

by Anonymousreply 9803/20/2012

Kitty nugget and Mini nugget are my fur babies. They are both doing well and love each other very much.

Some of these stories brought tears to my eyes.

OT what about Umpy and Tammy?

by Anonymousreply 9903/20/2012

Skye: 12 year-old grey tabby, perpetual lap cat and giver of kitty hugs. My constant companion, follows me everywhere and acts as my protector when the storms get bad.

Piper: 11 year-old brown tabby who never grew out of kittenhood. Always knocking something over, breaking toys and acting like she's batshit crazy, but full of love.

Both of my cats came from the SPCA and they're wonderful little balls of love. Keep the stories coming; love reading about all these wonderful cats.

by Anonymousreply 10003/20/2012

My cat hates you

by Anonymousreply 10103/20/2012

Awww...these are sweet.

r82, that was horrible--and I'm going to hell for laughing at it.

by Anonymousreply 10203/20/2012

R98, your cat is STUNNING. Was it easy to train her on the harness? That's exactly what I plan to do for Nomi, my Maine Coon. He wants outside so badly.

But he is a huge boy, and I haven't found the proper harness, even in the doggie section of my local pet supply stores. I've been looking online. Nomi-san is quite strong, and loves chasing after scents, so I need a very.sturdy harness.

Wishing you all the best luck for you and your gorgeous baby.

by Anonymousreply 10303/20/2012

I love your cat's markings, r84.

by Anonymousreply 10403/20/2012

Hey [r7] thanks for the well wishes. It was absurdly easy with Ahsa- he used to be a showcat (I got him used at 9), so I think he was used to collars. I have another Bengal-Bosch, who is also harnessed trained, but his response to being outside is more typical for cats- a bit agoraphobic and wanting to hide in bushes. He's just started to actually "walk", but pays no heed to me if I want him to go somewhere (unlike Ahsa). I can't walk them both at the same time.

What I did (took about 8-10 weeks or so):

Sprayed Feliway on the harnesses

Let the harnesses lie around for a couple of days so they were familiar with them

Put the harnesses where they slept for about 2 weeks

When they were sleeping, drape the harnesses on their backs like a blanket, as often as I could, for about 2 weeks

Got them used to me putting the neck strap around their neck (but not fastening it) 2 weeks again

Fastened the neck and belly straps (loosely) on them-finally! Give them treats. Let them wear it for 5 minutes, more treats The harness kinda constricts them at first- they'll try to walk backwards out of it, or walk slunked to the ground. Their jumping abilities will be severely impaired at first, but as time progresses, they'll get used to it. For Bosch, I immediately played with him (string), so he would associate the harness with playing- it also accustomed him to jumping and running in the harness. Eventually make the harnesses tighter and tighter until you can only slip 2 fingers between the harness and them.

Every day, put the harness on them for longer durations- I ended up having them wear them for about 1/2 day.

THEN you have to introduce the leash- sort of same process as the harness, until you get them used to being to attached to something and you can walk them around the house.

It sounds more difficult than it is, but the slow introduction is the best method. I've talked to people who tried to pop it the harness on immediately and trauma and shenanigans happened.

With the harness I have, if they really want to, they can run/tug backwards and get out of the harness, but the link below looks more secure:

Pics of Nomi-san?

by Anonymousreply 10503/21/2012

Sister Mary Tallulah is a gorgeous tuxedo bobtail, the most vocal cat I've ever known. She sounds like the feline version of Tallulah Bankhead, always a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes over the line. One of her vocalizations is an amazing throb that puts Patsy Cline to shame and always tears at my heart.

She's very loving and a cuddler and she comes immediately when I call her name. When I come home, she gives me a report on everything that went on while I was gone.

My two dogs are her responsibility. When they go outside during the day, she watches them from the window. When it's night they are only allowed outside for a short time before she goes crazy and yells until I bring them in.

I had to put down one of my dogs yesterday, my favorite dog ever. Tula has spent most of the night looking for him because they loved each other and she always took turns sleeping with him and me. It looks like we'll be mourning him together. It's good to know I'm not in this alone.

I also have a psychotic tortyshell manx named Etta James. A friend used to talk about a family cat who was so mean they had to pet him with the fireplace poker. That's Etta James. I quit trying to pet her after I ended up with three stitches in my nose. My only purpose in her life is keeping her food dish full. Anything less than a full dish is unacceptable.

My family always had cats and dogs and all kinds of other animals. My mother drew the line at snakes, but my soft-hearted animal loving parents let us adopt all kinds of other species. We always had cats and dogs and they co-existed quite peacefully.

by Anonymousreply 10603/21/2012

R105, I went through a similar process to train my cats. Not as thorough but same principle.

At the end of the day it really isn't about the harness for them. One of them, Jo, loves to go outside so she tolerates the harness. Doesn't love it but wants to go out. She doesn't really walk either. We just spend 15-20 minutes outside the apartment building and she skulks around and trying to prey on squirrels. My other cat is the skittish one, and she tolerates the harness but is scared of the outside world. I take her out to the porch of the building and she's fine with that. I sit on the steps and just hang out. If I take her down even one step, she starts to freak out.

Obviously because of this, I can't take my cats out together. But I wouldn't even if I could. I did that initially and learned it is almost impossible to control them if one or both of them act out. I stopped taking them out together when one of them nearly got of her harness. Luckily I was chatting with neighbors and they gave me a hand.

I use the same harness as R98.

by Anonymousreply 10703/21/2012

My cat - all black - knows to sit on her hinds, straight up like a ferret, and beg - front paws up and curled - for food. It's easy to get her to do it. Just show the food or shake a box.

by Anonymousreply 10803/21/2012

[quote] Munchkin is about 18 months old. When he was a tiny thing, in dead of winter, someone dropped him off at my house, thinking I wouldn't notice. I got him neutered and vaccinated, then put him up on Craigslist.

No wonder he's purring constantly. He's having all that sex!

by Anonymousreply 10903/21/2012

Question for dl cat owners.

I'm going to be working some nights. The cats are used to me being at home. I am going to leave a small lamp on for them. But should I leave the tv on? Neither cat really watches tv and they don't really like loud noises,music, etc. I was just wondering if I kept it on like a pbs create station, with the volume low, that just has talking if they would like it or would that just be a waste of electricity?

pls help.

by Anonymousreply 11003/21/2012

Waste of electricity to leave a TV on for pets.

Only leave a light on for you so your return will be easier and for security if this is an issue where you live. Of course a timer would be even better.

Cats don't need lights or TV.

Haven't you ever seen how they cover their eyes when they want to be near you but want to snooze too?

by Anonymousreply 11103/21/2012

I don't think it matters to cats as much as it would to a dog with separation anxiety. The cats just don't give a shit. I'm unemployed right now and at home a lot--one of my cats bugs me in the morning for attention, but from noon until evening, they pretty much zone out. My other cat starts her all day napping session after breakfast...

I use timers for lights and the radio when I go out of town. Mainly for security but also just to give the cats some semblance of the routine since I would be away for 1-2 weeks straight and a 1/2 hour visit from the sitter isn't enough.

But in your case, working some nights isn't going to be that big of a deal. You would still be a part of the cat's daily life.

by Anonymousreply 11203/21/2012

I have two black cats - rescues that had to be adopted as a pair. They are both female and very affectionate with each other and very affectionate with me. Usually one or both sleeps with me, and one of them is curled up next to me on the couch right now.

I love cats.

by Anonymousreply 11303/21/2012

Ty for responding.

by Anonymousreply 11403/21/2012

Taylor Swift just made the cutest little video with her kitty Meredith. It's on her twitter feed. I heart it.

by Anonymousreply 11503/21/2012

R98/R105, a million thanks for the specific harness training go-by. I keep a good supply of Feliway on hand, since I also care for a outside cat colony. Bookmarked the supply site you gave.

Here is Nomi-san on his very first night in his new home. He was found at the Agriculture Barn at the university where I work (I'm one of the trap/spay-neuter/return) volunteers).

Backstory: I'd just lost my beloved Miss Bosco six weeks before, and hadn't the heart for a new cat. But my friend, the head of the Operation Stray Cat kept after me to just meet him. So, "Rusty" (as he was most inappropriately called then) and I were introduced, and we fell in love. This most beautiful rescue came home with me the Monday after Thanksgiving, 2010. He was right at one year old then:

by Anonymousreply 11603/21/2012

R116 so very regal . A beaut.

by Anonymousreply 11703/21/2012

R98, here's a more recent snap of Nomi; you can see he's lost the baby face. The lighting was harsher for this shot.

BTW, that first night I'd decided to name him Alpha Blondy, after the reggae artist. That lasted a few weeks. He had a habit of throwing himself across the wood floors, coming to a stop EXACTLY like that famous Roy Scheider clip from "All That Jazz." So I thought, "How about calling him Fosse?"

My sister finished her dissertation and finally had tme to spend with the new one. She teasingly called him "de Plume." I thought that was perfect--a play on the French term. So Alpha Blondy-Fosse became Nomi de Plume.

Nomi loves me, but he ADORES his Auntie. He follows her everywhere, chirping and chattering to her in that textbook Maine Coon trill. Sister pretends to be annoyed, but she loves it.

by Anonymousreply 11803/21/2012

He's a big boy now.

by Anonymousreply 11903/21/2012

8 months old. Fearless and obnoxiously smart. Just yacked up various food & non-food items on my rug. Asshole.

I don't love him as much as I love the dog, but he's pretty cool.

by Anonymousreply 12003/21/2012

My kitty Jane is the love of daily life. She's now 8 years old. I got her when she was a year old. She had been living in a auto repair shop and cared for by the owner in so far as feeding her each afternoon. I have totally spoiled her and she's allowed total freedom within our house. She's a totally perfect kitten and never claws furniture or does anything destructive. She is my first true love.

by Anonymousreply 12103/21/2012

These are my two 3 year old babies, Mooshu and T-Bone.

Mooshu (the tuxedo) is my favorite though. He is social and unconditionally affectionate. His brother T-Bone is 'not having it' you can tell from the picture.

I only have the two cats so they can keep each other company while I am at work.

Mooshu sleeps in my legs or crotch area, and it used to bug me, but I got used to it, and now I need him there or I can't sleep. Silly, I know.

by Anonymousreply 12203/21/2012

r122 your babies are are right about T-Bone looks a bit grumpy :)

by Anonymousreply 12303/21/2012

I am do sad when I go to petco. All the unadapted cats are black. People have silly superstitions about black cats.

by Anonymousreply 12403/21/2012

Apologize for my iPhone errors.

by Anonymousreply 12503/21/2012

I have cats named Tabby and Blackie. Bet you can't guess what they look like!

I'm not creative at naming cats. Other cats from their litter were named Tiger and Killer (Killer liked to play with stuffed mice and walk around with one in his mouth, like a great hunter). Tiger and Killer were given away to very nice homes.

I'm getting another cat and don't know what to call it since it is black with a white streak on its nose, and I already have a cat named Blackie. I'm stumped."Whitey" doesn't seem right,

by Anonymousreply 12603/21/2012

R126, call him/her Tuxedo...or Penguin...or Grey...

by Anonymousreply 12703/21/2012

Here's Gabby, my mom and dad's kitty. She had been living in their backyard for about 3 months. When I was over visiting I grabbed her and brought her in the house. She was starving. She is the sweetest cat..loves to give kisses and real hugs. We found out later that she belong to the neighbor in back of them and they just threw her out one day because she was terrified of their 4 great Danes. Oh well, mom and dad love her to pieces.

by Anonymousreply 12803/21/2012

Mister P, best cat ever. Sadly gone these past two years from that old-age cat killer, renal failure.

I adopted him from the SPCA and he was already old and in terrible shape. His pads were really rough and they thought that he'd been on the road for a long time before a kind soul found him and brought him to the shelter. I wasn't in the market for a cat, but we bonded instantly. From the moment I brought him home, I could tell there was something very different about him from any other dog or cat I'd ever had. At the risk of being mocked, I'll tell you that it was as if we'd known each other in a previous life. It was an undeniably strong feeling of familiarity.

Mister P had a very direct gaze, more human than cat, and he treated me as a long-lost friend from the moment we met. We had 8 wonderful years together and I can't wait to be reunited again.

by Anonymousreply 12903/21/2012

R7- Good luck with your training- Nomi is a beaut!

Everyone else's kitties are also gorgeous.

R126- How about Fred? As in Fred Astaire- the epitome of a tux wearer.

My other cat Bosch, is a melanistic Bengal, which means he's black on sable- you can barely see his stripes in the sun. He has the fabled silky glitter coat of Bengals and the acrobatic abilities:

by Anonymousreply 13003/23/2012

R129 Mister P was a beautiful boy.

I found my cat as an 8-week-old kitten cowering under a car in the pouring freezing rain. It was coincidence that I happened to hear her mewling. Never did find her mom, though we looked and asked around. We don't know how she got there by herself, but it's been 2 years and she hasn't left my lap since. She's the sweetest, silliest girl in the world. Rubbing her head against my foot as we speak. Flirts with everyone who comes over. She's a tortoiseshell calico, too, and those are supposed to be mean bitches, but not mine.

by Anonymousreply 13103/23/2012

My male cat is 4 years old. We got him at a local shelter. He'd been with another family but was quickly brought back to the shelter. He took awhile to get used to us, but now he's the most loving cat ever. He curls up next to me while I watch TV, he's constantly rubbing up against my legs and seems to need attention 24/7. And he loves to gaze out the window for long periods of time and listen to the sounds of the outdoors.

by Anonymousreply 13203/23/2012

r41 here. I had to euthanize my kitty tonight.

She had six days of prednisone. Yesterday she was sitting in the spring sun on the stairs, soaking up the light, demanding a bowl of cream. Last night she stopped eating or drinking, and this morning she was in horrible pain. The prednisone did give her some perky days, but it blew out her kidneys.

I got the last in-home euthanasia for the week from the vet who does house calls. It was fairly horrible, but they were quick. I think if I hadn't done it she would have been in a coma within a few hours or a day and died on her own.

For years I've dreaded the moment I had to make that decision, but the decision today was extremely easy; she had almost 20 years of good days. I wasn't going to let her have the rest of them be terrible ones. I really hoped never to see her suffering, but I'm glad I made it as brief as it could be.

by Anonymousreply 13303/23/2012

My condolences R133. Sounds like she had a great life with you.

by Anonymousreply 13403/24/2012

My cat is a regular cat with black/white fur. She is mostly an outdoors cat. She is a very good hunter... often comes home with a mouse, only she doesn't kill them! She just drops it inside and plays with them until she gets bored and the whole family has to go mouse hunting for days! ugh :(

by Anonymousreply 13503/24/2012

I need advice on dealing with cat fur.

I was suddenly and unexpectedly "rewarded" with 3 cats. I think I have allergies because it's almost impossible to wear my contacts (burning eyes) and bad coughing.

I need something to pick fur off everything -- furniture, rugs, duvets, pillows.

Do the mitts from petco work? The ones you are supposed to wipe across furniture and they pick up fur?

Will I need an expensive Miele vaccuum cleaner?

by Anonymousreply 13603/24/2012

Rub a plain old dry rubber glove that your mum uses for the washing up across the be-furred surface. It will come up.

by Anonymousreply 13703/24/2012

My mum has a dishwasher.

by Anonymousreply 13803/24/2012

R29, Mr. P was awesome. What a great picture. He was so lucky to have have found you. And you, him.

by Anonymousreply 13903/24/2012

Sorry, I meant R129. Mr. P was awesome. What a great picture. He was so lucky to have have found you. And you, him.

by Anonymousreply 14003/24/2012

R133, so sorry to hear about your kitty. It's probably little consolation, but I think you did the right thing. As soon as you're able, get down to your local shelter and bring home a new friend (or 2). There are a ton of animals that need a good home.

by Anonymousreply 14103/24/2012

R136 you might want to pick up the stray fur for housekeeping reasons, but allergies are triggered by microscopic dander, not fur. I see an antihistamine prescription in your future.

by Anonymousreply 14203/24/2012

My cats name was Miss Sissy Boodles. She passed three years ago in August of kidney failure. I think about her everyday. I am crying as I type this.

When the BF moved in Misty followed. While she will never replace MSB she is a real sweetheart and I love her "bunches". She sleeps with us now and curls up right between us making cuddling nearly impossible. She is something like 15 years old and I worry about hewr passing a lot. Sometimes I call her Miss Misty Boodles.

by Anonymousreply 14303/24/2012

His name is Meowlynn. He was adopted from the humane society. He's an orange tabby. I love him. He is 14 now and doing great. He was such a sweet kitty, but once he became a "man" - it all changed. He's very sweet inside, very loving, demands food 24/7, cuddles, but outside, that's a different story. He's tried to kill me twice. He lunged at my throat knocking right off my deck (two story fall) head first into my garden. I fell right on top of my concrete fountain statue and detroyed it. The other time was at a cocktail party I threw where Mewolynn lunged at my throat and tried to slit it right front of all my guests, knocking me right off my balcony and into the party below. Thankfully, my fall was stopped by one of the umbrellas on the table. People were aghast, but that's Meowlynn. I laughed it off, but I was embarassed.

He's an alphamale outside. He likes to show you who's in charge.

by Anonymousreply 14403/24/2012

Why isn't that cat fixed?

by Anonymousreply 14503/24/2012

I just put my old girl down in October, Shadow was twenty, it broke my heart.

I have a fat ginger tabby named William Jefferson Clinton. I named him WJC because he will sleep with anyone (I am a liberal, FWIW). I just call him Billy. Billy is the most handsome, adaptable, sweet kitty I've ever known. I have introduced two dogs into his life in the past six years, he suffers them gladly. Bill loves music (which I mentioned in another thread), loves tummy rubs, and eats like a horse. Billy does not have a mean bone in his body, despite being occasionally stalked by the dogs; Bill always stands his ground.

I miss my Shadow, she was shy, feminine, beautiful, and always looked to me for her affection. Shadow was not cuddly, though toward the end of her life, I'd find he snuggled up with WJC in her favorite chair.

by Anonymousreply 14603/24/2012

Damn [r133} sorry to hear that. You're so lucky you had your kitty for so long, I've only had Ahsa for about 4 years, and can only hope for 2 more

It's going to rip my heart out when I have to make the decision to put him to sleep. God, I hate that phrase.

We had an amazing 30 minute walk today after the vets. He actually got pooped and had to take a rest and loll around on the ground:

by Anonymousreply 14703/24/2012

r98, one of the things that I think helped my grey kitty a LOT in terms of longevity is that she decided she had a mania for coconut oil. You might try a little of it (get the refined kind as the unrefined or "virgin" kind still smells like coconut and I haven't known any cats who like the taste of the unrefined) and see if he eats it. It is full of a number of helpful fatty acids. If he does eat it, be careful about quantity though.

It really helped her and it also got a lot more calories into her than she otherwise would have eaten - that was approved of heartily by her various vets, since failure to eat is a major contributor to sick cats getting sicker.

My grey kitty went into severe renal failure when she was 13 and nearly died. The vet was talking about kidney transplants, etc. and three weeks of subcutaneous fluids and an antibiotic cleared it up and she lived 7 1/2 more years with near-normal kidney function. You don't know how long you've got if he goes into remission. Cats are very tough, and I know with the lymphoma if you're not dealing with other problems (renal failure, diabetes) they have a fighting chance.

by Anonymousreply 14803/24/2012

Here's Blinky Marie, our one-eyed calico, snuggling her brother. Travis...

by Anonymousreply 14903/25/2012

question for DL.

My cat keeps waking me up biting and scratching my legs and feets. She likes me to get up and take her food from the kitty bowl and put it on the mat. The food is out 24/7 so she knows where it is,etc. She only does this when I turn out the lights. I've seen her actutally sitting on the table next to my bed eyeing my feet and legs ready to pouce. No I can't shut her up she will dig up all my carpet. I just want a little sleep. She's been waking me up 3-4 times a night. It's like having a newborn. She has some quirks but she's just started this biting/scratching that last couple of weeks. Yes, she is spayed.

by Anonymousreply 15006/20/2012

How old is she? Have you tried to play with her before bedtime? And I mean really play, tucker her out? Do you trim her claws? Try that if she'll allow it. Then I would ignore her when she bites and claws.

I used to play footsie with one of my cats but her biting was only playful and she never inflicted any damage. I stopped it because I didn't want her to think it was okay to do it when I was sleeping. I'm lucky, my cats don't even like to sleep in my room. Sometimes I wish they would but if it means not having my sleep interrupted, I'll take the status quo.

by Anonymousreply 15106/20/2012

R151 she's between 1 1/2 years to 2 years. No way will she let me trim her claws. She not big on playing. I can't really have a session where she will get tuckered out. She will play a little bit and get bored and stop. She has my other cat which she chases,etc. I'm thinking it has to do with the is the time of year when cats go into heat and I've read even if they are spayed they might act crazy (although she's a strictly indoor cat). I'm having to sleep with one eye open. Enjoy getting your sleep.

by Anonymousreply 15206/20/2012

I have two cats. Maxine has been with me for about 16 years and now has thyroid disease and is kind of wasting away but still active. She has had a very good life with me. Charlie was a neighborhood orphan that I started feeding. I didn't want to bring him indoors with Maxine because she had never been around another cat. But one morning, I found Charlie out back and he had been attacked by something.a coyote or another cat. He was thrashed poor baby. So, I took him to the vet, had him neutered, got all his shots and brought him inside. Wow..what a wild couple of months that was till he settled down and decided the indoor life was pretty cushy and safe. Now, they both get along great. He tries to play with Maxine, which she takes as "aggression" sometimes but I really think she loves her big brother. I have seen them touch noses a few times.

by Anonymousreply 15306/20/2012

He's a fat and affectionate tuxedo style. Not a mean bone in his body. He made friends with mice for goddsake

by Anonymousreply 15406/20/2012

I love dogs too and I have a perfect yard for one...high wall all around. But, with trying to feed two cats, I can't take on a dog right now. I get so sad when I see a hungry, stray dog that is obviously lost and searching for a home. It really upsets me.

by Anonymousreply 15506/20/2012

I have three. One is a Persian with the typical Persian expression and personality, dignified and quiet, and is basically a decorative pillow. The youngest one is basically a juvenile delinquent at this point. He was found outside as a 4 week old fluffy kitten and is absolutely adorable but he's a terrorizing little shithead. Went through a phase of running up and down my curtains and still claws the shit out of my furniture, while staring at me defiantly. He has times where he is very sweet and affectionate though and loves to suckle on my t-shirt while I'm watching tv. The third cat is a gray with a white bib and paws and he has a fixation with being close to my head and sleeps cuddled next to me every night. If he decides I've slept long enough he nudges my head with his and will pull the sheet off if I try and cover my head with it. He will sit on the back of the sofa and groom people's hair. He is very maternal for a male cat and immediately adopted the little delinquent and mothered it. They are still best buds and groom each other and play-fight while the Persian looks on condescendingly.

by Anonymousreply 15606/21/2012

OMG I want to kill my cat. I am serious. I have had this cat now for 8 years and up until now she has been great. But now things have changed. She spends all night knocking things off shelves. I hear glass breaking, stuff falling all the time. She acts like she is starving and meows for food every 10 minutes. I had her checked for an illness that would make her need to eat, but the Dr says she is fine. She eats and shits and eats and shits all day. If I dont give her food she will knock things over and meow nonstop. I hate her now. She is totally out of control and I am this close to tossing her out the door. She goes from her litter box to her food bowl and back non stop.. if her food bowl is empty all hell breaks loose. I am so over it.

by Anonymousreply 15712/01/2012

Sounds like she's bored, r157. Do you play with her? Is there a window she can look out of?

by Anonymousreply 15812/01/2012

R158 boredom isn't the issue. She has 2 cat trees full of toys, a staircase that she plays with the dog on, windows everywhere including a bay window that has a fluffy bed for her. Her new fun now is breaking things. Anything she can push off a counter will end up broke on the floor. Knocking trash cans over and her new favorite thing is to take the bathtub drain stopper and drop it down the garbage disposal. It's like she is being bad on purpose to see how far she can push me. I am going to take her to the pound today and just tell them that I found her on the street. She just blew it. I hope she regrets her behavior then.

by Anonymousreply 15912/01/2012

I have two black cats. Black cats and dogs are frequently euthanized so I will only have a black pet. Freaky Friday is male, neutered, big at about 14 pounds. He is always courting me, never far away, checks in frequently. He responds to commands and I can get him to do many things most cats wont. He sleeps with me.

Tita is a small black cat at 8 pounds with white whiskers. She is a diva, petulant and retentive. She can be sweet but seems to have emotional issues, does not like Freak but tolerates him in a hateful manner. I am always courting Tita, she insists on it, she has my number.

by Anonymousreply 16012/01/2012

My persian is yowling grouchily at me because his dish is empty. I've never heard a cat meow like him. Loud and grumpy and only when he wants something. As with most persians he has that condescending look. The other day I was irritating him by playing with his tail and he got the most hilarious expression of outrage on his face I laughed out loud. I've never seen a cat with a look like that on it's face.

My other two are laying on the deck sunning themselves.

by Anonymousreply 16112/01/2012

My pussy is beautiful and always smells good.

by Anonymousreply 16212/01/2012

My cat licks my eldergay friend's manbreasts until they're angry with fibro rage. Then she claws at the neighbor children until she's successfully transmitted one of her many parasites. Cats are such a blessing.

by Anonymousreply 16312/01/2012

my female cat nane tabitha[i call her tabby] .is a beautiful charcoal grey. so smart she like to go out side to use bathroom she will come get me if im sleep.she let me know whwn the male cat sabastian is at door wants in or out,they bothj are remarkable smart animals. i have bad allegries looking for a good home for them. 443- 870- 3186' please give them a lpoving home.thanks [Odessa].

by Anonymousreply 16403/18/2013

I put this in the looking for a kitten thread, but it seems to belong here.

Right now I am catless, having had three that I loved for years not ready to get a new cat yest.

I have had three cats I raised from the bitty kitty stage. Same home, same schedule, same treatment.

One became a sort of hidey cat, if she didn't come out for food and the litter box I might not have known she lived with me. She hardly ate, lived on the gravy on her tinned food. She did not like to be handled, but would sit under the lamp like a sphinx, blinking at me as I worked at my desk.

Another grew up to be a class pal. Clamored for attention and play, loved to be petted and cuddled, would follow me around mewing till I answered her. Whatever I was doing, she liked to be near. She would fetch small balls and items for me. Also a clown, would go into various antics just to make me laugh. She ate everything and anything, would beg like a dog when I was eating. Sat up put front paws on my leg, would dig at me like a puppy. Lover her so. Will never have another like her.

The third was a hunter. She lived to be let out so she could prowl. Once while driving through the neighborhood, I observed her streaking across a yard, then skulking and stalking till she got her prey. I often opened my front door to an offering on my doormat. When she came home from her outings, she would sit on the island counter and stare at me. Like feed me, slave. Imperious. She was top cat in the neighborhood. All the cats were afraid of her. Except the male cats of course, they would collect on my deck, serenading us with their yowls. She would sit inside the screened door, watching their contortions, a scornful queen. After her first litter she was spayed. She was a great mother, and she chose several of the kittens as her hunting students. She went out one day and never returned. Perhaps I should have made her an indoor cat like my others had been, but she demanded her freedom.

by Anonymousreply 16503/18/2013

Like all cats...Total piece of SHIT

by Anonymousreply 16603/18/2013

My cat is my daily love object. She's perfect in every way. She is mostly quiet, but she will vocalize for anything wants. She doesn't claw furniture and only does her nails on provided objects for that purpose. She sleeps in my bed and keeps to her side of the bed. She's not one to canoodle but she's very affectionate in a totally kitty way. She lived with me for 8 years, longer than anyone since my parents. Should she die before me, I will be completely devastated. I live to return home to be with her.

by Anonymousreply 16703/18/2013

My cat is a bit of a shithead. My former cat died last January at 20 and I was destroyed. I hated coming home to an empty, catless house, so last April, I adopted Charley, an 11-year old, from the shelter. He's a big orange tabby, 12 lbs with a barrel chest and short legs, and really small ears. He is the complete opposite of my little girl, who was a tiny little 7 pounder, long legged elegance with giant Maine Coon-type ears. She loved to be held and cuddled, this guy will cut you to ribbons if you try that. She used her scratching post and let me trim her nails, he decided to use my 1954 Hans Wegner Teddybear chair to sharpen his claws.

We've reached an understanding - he lost his home and family and I lost my girl, and it sucks for both of us, but we're what each other has now, so we're trying to make the most of it. He'll occasionally give me a head bump, but mostly he steals my seat every time I get up.

by Anonymousreply 16803/18/2013

This is my kitten, Sparky. She's sweet, purry, super-cute, and playful, and has an attention span of about 0.00001 seconds.

She'll be sitting in my lap purring sweetly away, and then she'll notice a mote of dust moving on the far side of the room, and she'll leap ten feet to chase it, using me as her lauching pad.

by Anonymousreply 16903/18/2013

pretty Sparky

by Anonymousreply 17003/18/2013

Mine are both dead and I still miss them. They were really good cats.

by Anonymousreply 17103/18/2013

Kitty the cat, is a wonderful, wonderful cat

Whenever he gets in a fix

He reaches into his bag of tricks

My favorite cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat

I laugh so much, my sides will ache

My heart will go pitter pat

Petting my cat, my wonderful cat

by Anonymousreply 17203/18/2013

My cat is so effectual

My cat is homosexual

Close friends gave him the HIV

Raping all of his dignity

My cat, the indisputable leader of the klan

He's the top, he's the tip

He's the championship

He's the most tip top

He's the boss, he's the king

Far above everything

He's the HIV, top cat

by Anonymousreply 17303/18/2013

Aww, Hi Sparky at r169! What a cute fruit you are! So fluffy and sweet, a gray tortie..aww..more cat pics!

by Anonymousreply 17403/18/2013

r118 Oh my god, your cat is gorgeous! I want her. I had a blondie (not an orangie though I love them too and have had a few) many years ago and don't ever see them. They are so beautiful.

by Anonymousreply 17503/18/2013

Charley slept in my bed last night for a while. I think he does it more often than not, but doesn't want me to know about it. I just happened to wake up last night and saw him there.

He seems to hold me personally responsibility for the snow, and is pissed off it snowed again.

by Anonymousreply 17603/19/2013

My ten year old tabby is cuddly and sweet unless you rub him the wrong way and then you get the teeth. No way to tell what the wrong way is today either. Cat bite roulette.

He has always ignored any toy but recently has started playing some pretty damn impressive soccer with a ping pong ball. He dribbles it back and forth across the room using all four feet. It is bizarre to watch, though if he catches you watching......"I don't know what ball you are talking about"

by Anonymousreply 17703/19/2013

Aw, what a sweet thread. Does Looney know about it?

by Anonymousreply 17803/19/2013

Do you guys read Catfancy? It's now available for the Nook, which you can read on your iPad.

by Anonymousreply 17903/19/2013

[quote]She went out one day and never returned. Perhaps I should have made her an indoor cat like my others had been, but she demanded her freedom.

R165, this is the reason I never let any of my cats outside, no matter how much they protest. I have two 11 month old cats now (had them both since they were about three months) and one of them is perfectly fine being an indoor only cat, but the other is dying to be let out. He can meow at the door all he wants - I never want to go through the personal anguish of having him never come back one day and never knowing what the hell happened to him.

He's getting more and more used to it, though, and I suspect it won't be much of a problem the older he gets (they're over a lot of their initial kitten craziness but still very young, although he's also calmed down a lot ever since we had him fixed at five months). He still likes to sneak out the front door when people come in and out, but now he hates it if the door is closed behind him by accident and always comes running up to us when we go out to retrieve him a minute later. I let my boyfriend play with him outside in the yard sometimes if he's being watched the whole time, but that's it. I'm way too paranoid for anything else.

by Anonymousreply 18003/19/2013

I've lived with a number of cats (never mine specifically, always belonging to someone I've lived with) and it seems to me the ones who had the option of going out whenever they wanted to were less neurotic. But certainly indoor cats live a lot longer. My city has an ordinance requiring cat owners to get their neighbors' permission before allowing their animals to trespass on their property, which pretty much means no outdoor cats.

by Anonymousreply 18103/19/2013

Oh yes, re the post above that mentions coyotes--since my city passed that cat leash law we've been overrun by rodents and lagomorphs, with the perhaps predictable addition of hawks and coyotes. So now it's really, really, really not safe to let your cat roam free.

by Anonymousreply 18203/21/2013

I have two kittens that I adopted nearly six months ago. They were rescued from a cardboard box full of 18 kittens. Some hoarder had them. They will turn 1 year old this month. One kitty, The Kraken, is a damn cute tuxedo cat with giant white paws. He is very laid back, affectionate and easily amused by a speck of dust. He can spend an hour tossing around a tiny dot of paper, all by himself. He's a great mouser, too, has a real hunter's eye. Twice, he has alerted us to the presence of scorpions in the house. One night, I thought he was being weird because he was staring so intently at the a/c vent in the dining room. Turns out, he had spotted a scorpion hiding out. This was a few weeks ago. Ever since, he goes from room to room, checking the vents. It's both cute and reassuring to know he is keeping an eye out for critters. And now, when he is staring intently at something, I don't immediately ignore him, thinking he's just being a silly cat.

His brother, Darth Kitty, is solid black with wispy gray hair curtains that hang down from beneath his arm pits, so to speak. It's a really cool feature of his coat. While The Kraken is thin with wispy fur, Darth Kitty is solid with fur as soft as a bunny. It is very satisfying to pet his wide, fuzzy body. Alas, he is a fucking nervous nelly. When he is on the floor, he seems insecure. If you make a sudden move or an unusual noise, he will run like you're about to kill him. This is disconcerting to us. If you bend down to pet him, there is a 50% chance he will run. I understand that his personality is still forming, and the longer he is exposed to us, the more secure he will feel. But I would love a solution to his anxiety. We use Feliway pheromones. He has toys, scratchers, trees and hidey holes and he gets regular play sessions. He will cuddle in your lap and lay belly up like a whore. He loves affection and cuddling. I just want him to stop running like we're going to hurt him. Also, he has a specific ball that he really loves. They are made of soft foam. You can tell they excite his predatory instincts because he carries it around and throws it in the air so he can "kill" it. But, he will deconstruct a foam ball in a matter of hours. He holds it between his paws and pulls it apart. I would love a suggestion for a more durable ball with similar texture.

by Anonymousreply 18303/21/2013

I love the name Looney. I bet he lived up to the name in the best sense of the word, ha ha. May he rest in peace. I still think about Annabelle Scissorhands McBoing-Boing alot, too!

by Anonymousreply 18403/21/2013

More pictures, please.

by Anonymousreply 18503/21/2013

My cat's name is Sissy Boodles, he's from the shelter

by Anonymousreply 18603/21/2013

Hey r157, maybe your cat is going deaf?

by Anonymousreply 18703/22/2013

I hate cats. Civilized people have dogs

by Anonymousreply 18803/22/2013

R118- tell that to the gun toting rednecks in the south.

by Anonymousreply 18903/22/2013

My cats talk to me. They tell me they're plotting to kill me. Should I call 911?

by Anonymousreply 19003/22/2013

r188, I like dogs and cats about equally, and since I live alone and work 40 hours a week I've thought about adopting a bonded adult pair of cats or dogs so they could keep each other company while I'm out of the house. The problem is, dogs get bored and anxious when they're stuck in the house too long, whereas cats may actually appreciate having a house all to themselves for hours at a time. So right now I'm leaning towards cats.

by Anonymousreply 19103/24/2013

r191, I was in the same situation in 2009. I went with common sense and adopted a pair of sister kittens. I worked in an office (I now work from home about 3 days a week) and didn't have the income to pay for doggie daycare or a sitter.

I adore them and even though they're not particularly close, I think it's good they have each other. They're indoor cats only, making it even more important they have another cat around.

I volunteer with a rescue to get my dog fix once or twice a month.

by Anonymousreply 19203/24/2013
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