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"The Bronson Pinchot Project" on DIY Network

Anybody a fan of this show? I love it and Bronson has turned into a hot daddy, which is really surprising. Never found him attractive during the "Balki" days.

by Not Bronsonreply 9703/22/2013

I LOVE this show! Bronson is hot and over the top in an amusing way. He'd be fun to hang out with, but I wonder how long it would take for him to go devastatingly entertaining to incredibly annoying.

Yes, he's got an odd hawt thing going on as well.

I realize he wants to restore everything to be historically accurate, but all of the destressed walls and ceilings are a little monotonous.

Still a road trip to NE PA sounds like it could be fun!

by Not Bronsonreply 103/18/2012

I heart Bronson Pinochet!

by Not Bronsonreply 203/18/2012

Never hesrd of the show....

by Not Bronsonreply 303/18/2012

I saw the first episode and liked it. Fast paced and interesting. Happy to see him doing something normal, because his behavior on "The Surreal Life" was disturbing. He's still handsome, IMO.

Is he out? I can't even remember if he is or isn't.

by Not Bronsonreply 403/18/2012

[quote]Is he out? I can't even remember if he is or isn't.

I don't think so, but I still think he's gay.

by Not Bronsonreply 503/18/2012

Did Bronson have a nose job?

by Not Bronsonreply 603/18/2012

Gay? yes

Out? Never - not good for his "career"

by Not Bronsonreply 703/18/2012

He does look good in that photo.

by Not Bronsonreply 803/18/2012

Wow, Mark Linn-Baker looks like a disgusting slob now!

by Not Bronsonreply 903/18/2012

Is that Balki in that photo at R6, or Horshack?

by Not Bronsonreply 1003/18/2012

Don't be ree-dick-ew-lus!

by Not Bronsonreply 1103/19/2012

Do they travel to Balki's home island and stomp grapes?

by Not Bronsonreply 1203/19/2012

If he's gay but not out, Out, OUT, why don't you guys hate him? I thought DLers hated anyone who didn't shout their gayness from the mountaintop.

by Not Bronsonreply 1303/19/2012

[quote]anyone who didn't shout their gayness from the mountaintop.

...HIS gayness...

by Not Bronsonreply 1403/19/2012

He's deliberately weird. Like Crispin Glover weirdness. It's part pretense, part haught, part WTF -- and all insufferable.

by Not Bronsonreply 1503/19/2012

R13, DL saves our most virulent hatred until after someone comes out.

by Not Bronsonreply 1603/19/2012

A few years ago he said he was straight, had a unnamed girlfriend and was engaged. This happened at a time when he was trying to relaunch his career.

Previously, he had never been married or anything, he had never been associated with women in a sexual or romantic way.

I don't know if he is gay or not, but it looks like he is.

by Not Bronsonreply 1703/19/2012

I also remember his antics on [italic]The Surreal Life.[/italic] His groping Janice Dickinson reeked of desperation.

by Not Bronsonreply 1803/19/2012

Bronson is all hetero man! He loves the ladies and we love him back!

by Not Bronsonreply 1903/19/2012

Remember when he would be on The Arsenio Hall Show and he would do the most bizzare interviews and would flop with the audience each time?

by Not Bronsonreply 2003/19/2012

He gave an awesomely candid Random Roles interview to the AVClub a couple years ago and talked about how weird Tom Cruise was with the gay thing.

by Not Bronsonreply 2103/19/2012

He's so annoying.

by Not Bronsonreply 2203/19/2012

I get the restoring thing. What I don't get he takes apart old stuff and replaces with old stuff. I can see using an old hearth but he does absolutely nothing to restore it. No sanding and painting, just replacing it with another paint peeled hearth. It would be spectacular if he sanded and repainted everything and it looked like it would have new centuries ago.

by Not Bronsonreply 2303/19/2012

He did a very fine job in The Lanoliers. Saw it recently and was impressed.

by Not Bronsonreply 2403/19/2012

He's gay. I worked on his failed sitcom "The Trouble with Larry" for a couple of weeks. He was a total asshole. At one point, he made me go home and change shirts because I was wearing a light pink shirt (it was the 90s) and he kept getting "distracted" by me. Total egomaniac and he really had no reason to be. Gave the director all sorts of fits and she was an industry veteran. The Trouble with Larry was really, really bad. It was canceled after only a couple of episodes. I think Linn Mark Baker directed the last couple of episodes because no other director would work with him.

by Not Bronsonreply 2503/19/2012

Before he was famous Bronson lived on Thompson near Bleecker. Used to ride his skate board shirtless.

by Not Bronsonreply 2603/19/2012

Bronson was selling antiques on eBay last year. I would not be at all surprised if eBay kicked him off (he is no longer a registered user) because he was shill-bidding his own items.

by Not Bronsonreply 2703/19/2012

According to my friend Ruthie Henshall, when she, Bronson and John Barrowman did PUTTING IT TOGETHER on Broadway (with Carol Burnett), Bronson chased after Barrowman to the point of embarrassment - used to "visit" Barrowman's dressing room naked, send him flowers, squeeze his ass and offer to blow him under his breath while they were onstage. Barrowman finally had to call Equity...

by Not Bronsonreply 2803/19/2012

The show is fun and Bronson does a great job, I didn't think I would like it, but I did. It was nice to see someone working in neoclassicism. The facade they did of the house was really amazing.

Kudos to whoever was responsible for designing that facade. It was awesome.

by Not Bronsonreply 2903/21/2012

US Magazine March 25, 1985

Carrying On He's the swishy Serge in Beverly Hills Cop, but Bronson Pinchot is neither blue nor gay....

....These days, the only thing Pinchot isn't happy about is his recently broken engagement to an actress whose name he won't reveal. "The low point of my adult life was getting back my engagement ring in a little manila envelope under the windshield wiper of my car with a note that said, 'I'd like my Bloomingdale's card back.' She's gonna die when she reads this," he says with a sad smile, "but she deserves it."

by Not Bronsonreply 3003/22/2012

There have been a few claims of girl friends and engagements over the years but no names, no real ones. His passion is Greek sculpture - naked athletes and gods - what does that tell you...

by Not Bronsonreply 3103/22/2012

He's had his nose done. They actually did a good job with it--you can tell it's still him because it's still got the length, but he had the end of it (the "blub") thinned down. he's also had his eyes done which make him look younger but a bit eerie.

by Not Bronsonreply 3203/22/2012

[quote]I realize he wants to restore everything to be historically accurate, but all of the destressed walls and ceilings are a little monotonous.

If only he were at all concerned about historical accuracy. He's just concerned with tarting up places in cheap "shabby chic" fashion, which was never an historical style -- except on Etsy and Ebay.

I watched part of a couple of episodes on the promise of the promos, but it was cheesy, too personality-driven, and his "meticulous restorations" are laughable (though not funny.)

by Not Bronsonreply 3303/22/2012

Well R-33 I suppose you are right - that shabby chic thing would never have been done at the time, and true neoclassicism is not shabby in any way.

All that stuff about the cracking in the paint layers - the patina - that was something new, had nothing to do with historical accuracy. I thought the library sucked big time - it was a waste of an episode. I also didn't like the green and red paint he used in that gothic portal. That looked cheap and amateurish. Still, there is a lot in this series that I like.

His dyed hair looks phoney - like Tom Selleck.

He's obviously totally gay and I wish he'd come out - but then how do you explain all the lies over the years about being straight.

by Not Bronsonreply 3403/22/2012

This isn't shabby chic, it's just shabby. Paint the damn walls.

by Not Bronsonreply 3503/22/2012

Looks like the Restoration Hardware catalog that came today....

by Not Bronsonreply 3603/22/2012


Reading the posts here are dissappointing I hope he never see them. Who cares if he is gay or not.

Great show! Great projects! He Seams like a genuinely good person.

by Not Bronsonreply 3703/24/2012

Last night was a train wreck! The cheap plaster casts looked horrible on the walls, like the result of some Flintstones in Athens project. It just didn't work. The plaster looked slimy and was chipped all over - it didn't look a bit like stone. The fireplace wall was so stupid and out of scale - it just looked grungy and very, very bad. The neoclassical junk suspended near the ceiling was cheap, heavy and nightmarish.

Where can one begin on that horrible, worn blue cloth used for the patchwork slipcover!

Disaster, Bronson, total disaster!

by Not Bronsonreply 3803/25/2012

What kind of accent does he have? I cannot place it at all.

His homes look nice, on t.v., but they would be a drag to live in. Could you imagine having a young child around all that peeling lead based paint?

by Not Bronsonreply 3903/25/2012

I can't imagine he will ruin that splendid neoclassical mansion he has with more of this decorating of his.

by Not Bronsonreply 4003/25/2012

[quote]I can't imagine he will ruin that splendid neoclassical mansion he has with more of this decorating of his.

Don't be ree-dick-eww-lus.

by Not Bronsonreply 4103/25/2012

Is there something between Bronson and his friend/helper Michael or Mickey? The chub who appears mentally disabled but able to be a carpenter. One episode, Bronson, Mickey, and the other guy put their heads together to mock a meeting of the minds. The third guy didn't take part in that.

I read they have been friends for some time but it seems more than that.

Bronny P isn't the most desireable man but he's nothing to sneeze at. Quite doable. Hard to believe he isn't doing on of those guys.

by Not Bronsonreply 4204/01/2012

Mepos, R39.

by Not Bronsonreply 4304/02/2012


by Not Bronsonreply 4405/06/2012

r38, Bronson was born in Manhattan, went to high school in California, then to Yale. Maybe that's why you can't place the accent.

by Not Bronsonreply 4505/06/2012

Sat across from him once on the 6 train in NYC. He got off at the 68th Street (Hunter College) stop. This was years ago.

by Not Bronsonreply 4605/06/2012

R46 Did he ping?

by Not Bronsonreply 4705/06/2012

No, R47, he just kind of sat there stone-faced for the whole ride. Quite handsome in person, though, I must say.

by Not Bronsonreply 4805/06/2012

Yeah, Mikey definitely has that "Tell me about the rabbits, George" quality.

by Not Bronsonreply 4905/07/2012

I started out with high hopes for this series, but it went downhill fast. The one shoe where they did the facade of a building was cool but all of the interiors were absolute horrors. Bronson's work would turn anyone against Neoclassicism as a style. The rooms looked cheap, thrown together and even creepy. I imagine they had no money for the actual work.

by Not Bronsonreply 5005/07/2012

He was involved with David Hyde-Pierce for a couple of years whom I know (not well) and who commented once how funny he thought Bronson's attempts to "in" himself were given that they lived together.

by Not Bronsonreply 5105/07/2012

I just got a renewed crush on this guy. He's better with age. Wonder if he's partnered up?

by Not Bronsonreply 5205/07/2012

R51 What years did that take place?

by Not Bronsonreply 5305/07/2012

Bronson seems very sweet and cute.

He looks better now with some weight. When he was Balki, he looked anorexic.

by Not Bronsonreply 5406/01/2012


by Not Bronsonreply 5506/03/2012

R51, I had not heard that about BP and DHP, but it seems plausible because they are both the same age and the both attended Yale at the same time.

by Not Bronsonreply 5606/03/2012

I thought he was dead.

by Not Bronsonreply 5706/03/2012

My opinion of him went way up after reading the interview at R21. He may be a total bitch but damn, he was testifying the truth against some big stars. Good for him.

by Not Bronsonreply 5806/03/2012

BP was pretty cut during his perfect strangers days

by Not Bronsonreply 5906/06/2012


by Not Bronsonreply 6006/08/2012

Bronson bump!

by Not Bronsonreply 6107/22/2012

watching the show now on DIY marathon and he has the same sort of speaking pattern that Liza has. His s's are sh.

Shalad for salad.

by Not Bronsonreply 6208/15/2012

Why is he still closeted? It's absurd.

by Not Bronsonreply 6308/15/2012

Ruined Putting It Together. I don't think Sondheim was a fan of the show though.

And he started talking shit about Bette Midler just to get his name out there again. Total asshole.

by Not Bronsonreply 6408/15/2012

Late 90s (?) when "Clueless" was out, he was living with director Amy Heckerling in her house and when she went away for awhile, started dismantling and making major changes to her house without her permission. When she returned, she was furious and kicked him out. She's been known to have dalliances with gay or bi actors, Chris Kattan, Brian Backer.

by Not Bronsonreply 6508/15/2012

"Clueless" was '95.

by Not Bronsonreply 6608/15/2012

He's emotionally unstable! Remember that show on VH1 with him & Jose Canseco & Omerosa? Bronson was a big cry baby.

by Not Bronsonreply 6708/15/2012

He was asked in an interview what it was like working with other actors and he gave honest answers. He didn't suger coat it. Bette may very well have been a bitch.

He's from an abused childhood. After days of drama on the surreal life, Janice Dickenson unloaded all her stuff and Bronson broke down. I wouldn't attribute that to mental instability maybe just extremely sensitive.

by Not Bronsonreply 6808/15/2012

The show is in it's second year. It's better this year. He's got a facebook page, it doesn't seem to me that he's gay. He mentions having dinner with a female companion and he's carrying on with some female fan, on fb, who found some light fixture for him. if anyone makes a comment about her and him, they get banned.

by Not Bronsonreply 6903/04/2013

[quote]it doesn't seem to me that he's gay. He mentions having dinner with a female companion and he's carrying on with some female fan, on fb, who found some light fixture for him.

I have dinner with female "companions" all the time and if I had a fan that had found something for me, I would be "carrying on" with them too. These things don't imply he's straight.

by Not Bronsonreply 7003/04/2013

Yeah, he's straight. His publicity photo for DIY just SKA-REEMS heterosexual!

by Not Bronsonreply 7103/04/2013

Pinchot and David Hyde Pierce had an LTR? Pinchot is much better looking than Hyde Pierce - the latter must have one hell of a personality.

by Not Bronsonreply 7203/04/2013

R71 LMAO!!

by Not Bronsonreply 7303/04/2013

some straight guys can have effeminant characteristics.

by Not Bronsonreply 7403/04/2013

[quote]Pinchot is often reported to have been a founder of The International Wizard of Oz Club, for fans of L. Frank Baum's books and the movies based on the books. The club began two years before Pinchot was born, but he is a long-time member, and once drew an illustration that was included in the club's annual calendar. He collects classical Greek art.

by Not Bronsonreply 7503/04/2013

DHP was adorable in his thirties. And he's so fucking talented, too.

by Not Bronsonreply 7603/04/2013

He makes me do sex on his bottom. DERRRRP!

by Not Bronsonreply 7703/04/2013

If you like off-white, you'll love his work.

by Not Bronsonreply 7803/04/2013

[quote]If you like off-white, you'll love his work.

Phoning Bronson as I TYPE!

by Not Bronsonreply 7903/04/2013

[quote] If you like off-white, you'll love his work.

Difficult brown?

by Not Bronsonreply 8003/04/2013

OMG r71

That is a horrible picture!

He looked so much better on a repeat of L&O Criminal Intent that I just saw.

by Not Bronsonreply 8103/04/2013

For what it's worth, he's also a popular audiobook narrator.

by Not Bronsonreply 8203/04/2013

I find him an insufferable bore who, every so often, turns on the "zany act" in a forced attempt to be funny, which he isn't. I find his style depressing and cheap, too. Also, if you notice, they don't show his stomach. Sometimes there's a glancing view but he's usually filmed walking away, turned looking at something with his back to the camera, standing behind something, etc. His stomach looks fat.

by Not Bronsonreply 8303/04/2013

actually during the show, one can see his stomach and it's bloated. maybe he's a drinker. (no that doesn't make him closeted)

by Not Bronsonreply 8403/04/2013

I have read he is gay but very closeted except among his friends from the "Ivy League", which I took to mean in show business he is not out. I have read interviews with him at the height of his fame on PS and he always brought up his rough childhood, and when he got famous he would go into restaurants and order (not necessarily eat) everything off the menu because it was the first time in his life he could go afford to go to restaurants. This was always an undercurrent of sadness and I was not surprised when he said somewhat recently that he should have gone into therapy after becoming famous to deal with the drastic life change. I think he is nice and the article he did with the AV club was probably the most true interview done in the last 15 years, I believe every word he said.

by Not Bronsonreply 8503/04/2013

I like Bronson Pinchot, just in general. I don't know anything about decorating so I haven't seen his new show but his personality has always charmed me.

Apparently he had the good taste to fall for David Hyde Pierce, so he can't be all bad.

by Not Bronsonreply 8603/05/2013

Bronson Is hot and fun. Come out and join the fun Bronson!

by Not Bronsonreply 8703/07/2013

Guess BP was Top. DPH is a wimp.

by Not Bronsonreply 8803/07/2013

I remember when Bronson used to come on the Arsenio Hall show and his snotty "clever" remarks would always get met with silence from the audience instead of laughs.

by Not Bronsonreply 8903/07/2013

Two closet cases together, then, R89.

by Not Bronsonreply 9003/07/2013

This is Bronson's advice to his fans on his facebook page if they want him to respond to their posts (vlp is some term of endearment for him, something little pumpkin?):

"Oh, criminy, I better quickly add: posters, being long-winded does NOT qualify you for V. L. P.-hood. You must be breathtakingly lyrical and articulate as well. And if you stay on-task and on-topic, you will become a V. L. P. If you veer off, you won't get your knuckles rapped, but you will be, er, benevolently left to your own devices."

He sounds like a snobby, little bitch. He'd fit in real well here.

by Not Bronsonreply 9103/11/2013


by Not Bronsonreply 9203/12/2013

Why doesn't he use some Rogaine for that huge bald spot in the back of his head? He's got hair everywhere else, so why doesn't he try to fix the back?

by Not Bronsonreply 9303/12/2013

First off, I enjoy his show very much. It is much better exposure for him than the dreadful Surreal World or whatever it was called. But here's the trick in determining who is closeted and who isn't.

When a guy who is closeted says on a talk show/interview that he is dating _______. And then _____ comes out as a lesbian or bisexual....he's pretty much outed himself. I remember Bronson loudly declaring Amy Heckerling(director of Clueless)was his girlfriend. True, they are/were very close. But Amy is a lesbian who at that time was coupled with Twink Caplan who was also in Clueless. It reminds me of 15 years ago when Chris Isaak declared his love for Margaret Cho(then single and NOT out). Uh huh.

by Not Bronsonreply 9403/12/2013

[quote]But Amy is a lesbian who at that time was coupled with Twink Caplan who was also in Clueless.

Huh? Twink is gay? I never heard that one before.

by Not Bronsonreply 9503/12/2013

When did Amy Heckerling come out as a lesbian?

Please, something with meat to it,not this "she's well known to hang out with gay men, it's OBVIOUS". Alot of women have gay male friends just as alot of gay men have straight female friends.

In an old interview with Stephanie Miller, bronson said he and Amy were trying for a baby. Yeah, he could have been just saying it but it beats what some of you all come up with with here.

by Not Bronsonreply 9603/12/2013


by Not Bronsonreply 9703/22/2013
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