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Gillian Anderson has had lesbian relationships

Who has she been involved with? I heard something about her being involved with Gina Gershon?

by Dew Kovneyreply 59708/01/2013

And in other news, water is wet.

by Dew Kovneyreply 103/13/2012

Love her; damn. All the hot, bi ones are always really "straight".

by Dew Kovneyreply 203/13/2012

She was a total slut in her youth -- and I say that lovingly.

by Dew Kovneyreply 303/13/2012

So who was she with?

by Dew Kovneyreply 403/13/2012

I'm just happy my gaydar was functioning correctly.

by Dew Kovneyreply 503/13/2012

She used to hang out with Ellen and Anne Heche A LOT.

by Dew Kovneyreply 603/13/2012

Guess that famous rumored affair did happen.

by Dew Kovneyreply 703/13/2012

Jodie Foster totally hit that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 803/13/2012

I love when these people come out when their career is long over.

by Dew Kovneyreply 903/13/2012

You're right on the money, r9.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1003/14/2012

Her career is not over. She gets plenty of work in the UK.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1103/14/2012

[quote]She used to hang out with Ellen and Anne Heche A LOT.

Ellen should learn to stay away from two tequila bisexuals.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1203/14/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 1303/14/2012

So little interest in a celebrity coming out?

Well, I guess it isn't news to anyone.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1403/14/2012

R12 You and many lesbians should stop being such biphobic hypocritical bigots.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1503/14/2012

I know someone who met Anderson in Vancouver back when she was doing X-Files. Said in real life she is really petite and incredibly nice/gracious.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1603/14/2012

R14, there was another thread about it too, I think. Anyway, I think the low interest is because female bisexuals coming out isn't really a big deal anymore (unless they're also in an actual relationship with a woman, which is the minority of those who do come out). It happens all the time now (even when the women in question are not actually bisexual).

P.S. I don't mean this to sound like I'm implying Anderson shouldn't have come out. Good for her that she did.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1703/14/2012

[quote] She gets plenty of work in the UK.

She gets plenty of pussy in the UK too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1803/14/2012

She had to go to England because she fucked all of the lesbians and bisexuals in the US.

by Dew Kovneyreply 1903/14/2012

Hahahahahaha, r15. You're funny with those little hands on your hips.

by Dew Kovneyreply 2003/14/2012

Her current partner is not very attractive. And wasn't one of her ex boyfriends abusive?

by Dew Kovneyreply 2103/14/2012

Is she pregnant!

by Dew Kovneyreply 2203/14/2012

She had a fling in HIGH SCHOOL. Big fucking deal. And one with an older woman. That hardly makes her bisexual. I fucking hate when this shit constitues "coming out".. That's called experimentation.

by Dew Kovneyreply 2303/14/2012

r20 an ugly bulldyke

by Dew Kovneyreply 2403/14/2012

Based on rumors r23, it wasn't just in High School. If it was in high school these rumors wouldn't have exsisted. Just the fact that they do means she had relationships with women in the 90's.

by Dew Kovneyreply 2503/14/2012

if the guy in the photo is who she is married to, I'd say she is having a lesbian affair on the side now!

by Dew Kovneyreply 2603/14/2012

Not even, r24. And I sleep with cute little bisexuals and "queer" girls now all the time, at sex parties or through internet meetings, etc. It's still the same old bullshit.

Two tequila bisexuals are two tequila bisexuals. I sleep with them — I'm not judging. It works for me. But it's funny to pretend like these particular women are something more socially meaningful than women who get more openminded when they're drunk and horny.

by Dew Kovneyreply 2703/14/2012

I don't think Gillian Anderson is a "two tequila bisexual" - I'd say she had more than a couple of lesbian relationships, and her character on the X-Files was pretty dykey-iconic.

by Dew Kovneyreply 2803/14/2012

[quote]Is she pregnant!

No, she is not. That's an old photo.

by Dew Kovneyreply 2903/14/2012

She was gorgeous on the X files.

by Dew Kovneyreply 3003/14/2012

lol..I don't think she's a two-tequila bisexual either, but what does her character on a TV show have to do with it, R28?

by Dew Kovneyreply 3103/14/2012

R31, her lesbonic vibes were coming through the TV screen! (not to mention her dyke voice!)

by Dew Kovneyreply 3203/14/2012

Didn't she have an affair with Gina Gershon...?

by Dew Kovneyreply 3303/14/2012

DL rumour mill confirmed again!

by Dew Kovneyreply 3403/14/2012

No, GA is not a two tequila bisexual. I didn't realize this was in contention. Maybe those are the serious relationships she had, but that's not all. She was pretty good friends with the casting director for the X-Files, and I;m pretty certain that she dated a couple of gals she met through him and I'm pretty certain one of them was his famous bff. I don't know anything about the Ellen/Heche stuff though. That was later.

by Dew Kovneyreply 3503/14/2012

r27 you are a ugly, fat dyke who is delusional

by Dew Kovneyreply 3603/14/2012

thank you, R1

who cares

by Dew Kovneyreply 3703/14/2012

You're cute, r36. I hope being a freewheeling heterosexual didn't catch up with you, because it seems you've missed your period.

And it would be "an" ugly — that is, if it were true and if you had a basic hold on grammar.

by Dew Kovneyreply 3803/14/2012

Why is this news?

by Dew Kovneyreply 3903/15/2012

Apparently it's news because she's talking about it on record, R39? Without mentioning her famous liaisons, of course. I wonder if her separation from her current partner has anything to do with the timing. Maybe she wants to be able to be seen with women without hiding it?

by Dew Kovneyreply 4003/15/2012

Never mind. I thought she had split with Griffiths. Apparently not.

by Dew Kovneyreply 4103/15/2012

not yet!

by Dew Kovneyreply 4203/15/2012

I agree with r23.

by Dew Kovneyreply 4303/15/2012

She didn't recount all her relationships, R23. That wasn't the point of the interview. Everyone knew she was involved with Jodie Foster and Gina Gershon back in the day, when she was an adult not a kid. Someone on Gawker mentioned in the comments that she'd been involved with a female friend before she became famous. It's clear she's had plenty of experiences with women. She states that she was always attracted to men also, and has obviously had serious relationships with men. She doesn't give herself a label, but in what world isn't that bisexual?

by Dew Kovneyreply 4403/15/2012

I think her first husband who was somehow affiliated with the X files was later arrested and it had something to do with pedophilia. Very creepy stuff, I remember.

by Dew Kovneyreply 4503/15/2012

r45 here. wrong guy. it was the guy she left her husband for who was arrested and charged with rape.

by Dew Kovneyreply 4603/15/2012

R34 is right, we've been talking about Gillian Anderson as gay/bi at the Datalounge for YEARS.

by Dew Kovneyreply 4703/15/2012

How boring tho that she was with the usual suspects. Jodie and Gina Gershon. I wish we had more juicy stuff like the rumor years ago that Madonna had a fling with Tea Leoni (?) while filming A League of Their Own or that Rachel Weiss and Liv Tyler hooked while filming Stealing Beauty. Btw Rachel Weisz is still looking fantastic. She was on Jon Stewart last night. Isn't she supposedly bi as well?

by Dew Kovneyreply 4803/15/2012

[quote]Isn't she supposedly bi as well?

No, but I have heard she used to be a man but his penis was bit off by a hammerhead shark while snorkeling on vacation in the Turks and Caicos.

by Dew Kovneyreply 4903/15/2012

Usual suspects r48 but it does make you wonder how much Foster gets around. I always figured Gershon does.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5003/15/2012

Wasn't Anderson hanging around with Ellen and Anne Heche back then? There were probably other women who weren't recognizable celebrities.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5103/15/2012

Weisz is extremely promiscuous. Craig knew this when he married her and was not under any illusion that she would change.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5203/15/2012

That has already been mentioned r51. Yawn again.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5303/15/2012

Wrong thread r52 or are you saying she was one of her gfs?

Yes she was hanging with Ellen and Anne during the great rise and fall of Ellen coming out.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5403/15/2012

Promiscuious with both sexes or just men? Is that what ended her marriage to Aronofsky?

by Dew Kovneyreply 5503/15/2012

R54, again we know she was hanging with Ellen and Anne. How many times are you going to mention that?

by Dew Kovneyreply 5603/15/2012

r56 someone asked. Attack the person who asked not the person who's trying to be nice by not ignoring them.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5703/15/2012

I remember a very fishy picture of her and Jodie Foster back in the mid 90's. You know Jodie banged the daylights out of her cooch.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5803/16/2012

Somebody is posting on L Chat, claiming to be a former employee of Jodie. According to this person, GA got the X Files gig primarily due to her 'association' with JF. Lots of dish about GA parading around JF's place half naked, etc.

by Dew Kovneyreply 5903/16/2012

Gillian, Jodie, Jaimie

by Dew Kovneyreply 6003/17/2012

Gillian Anderson & Kate Winslet

by Dew Kovneyreply 6103/17/2012

Word at one point was that Gillian was dating Helen Hunt. This was around 99. Maybe early 2000.

by Dew Kovneyreply 6203/17/2012

Damn, Gillian!

by Dew Kovneyreply 6303/17/2012

(59) as i remember, GA got x Files role because Jodie's best friend, a gay man Randy Stone casted her. He wanted someone who reminded him of Jodie (strong, independent, smart).

by Dew Kovneyreply 6403/17/2012

Can someone please answer r55?

by Dew Kovneyreply 6503/17/2012

R61, Thanks. Kate and Gillian look gorgeous together. I forgot what a nice chest Kate had.

by Dew Kovneyreply 6603/17/2012

so Gillian's been with Jodie, Helen, Gina? is that it for other celebs? Wasn't there a story about Gillian at a gay rights fundraiser? something about being caught while making out with a blond?

by Dew Kovneyreply 6703/17/2012

I said Gilly was into girlies yonks ago and all you mongs just jumped down my throat!

I do so hate to say it but..... I told you so!


by Dew Kovneyreply 6803/17/2012

I don't buy the Helen Hunt one. That's around the time that the a new Jodie rumor surfaced. Maybe they are confusing Helen with a second round affair with Jodie.

I've never once heard the Helen one. Well, except for now that is.

by Dew Kovneyreply 6903/17/2012

I don't buy the Helen Hunt one either.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7003/17/2012

Gillian is hot stuff, whether she's lesbian/ bi/ straight or whatever.

Now calm down you lot, this theory is nothing Lucy didn't post about already.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7103/17/2012

Gillian being bi has been talked about way before Lucy did here. She was correct but its not like it wasn't known in other gossip sites.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7203/17/2012

any others that we don't know about, Lucy?

by Dew Kovneyreply 7303/17/2012

I thought she was very pingy in the X-Files.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7403/17/2012

Randy Stone is the father of Foster's kids, or am I remembering wrongly

by Dew Kovneyreply 7503/17/2012

She never said who the father was. Some thought he was because he took time off from Fox during that time. After his death, his mother did an interview and wanted to know because he never said a word to her about it. She wanted to meet the boys if they were his.

I don't think he is, I would guess she used an anonymous donor.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7603/17/2012

Gilly couldn't help herself when she'd had a drink or three..... or four (and contrary to what she says now... she still cannot help herself.....)

Loads more bi and les women .... Told you before, Nancy D'L (Svens ex) came onto me at a tv awards 'do' as did a childrens tv presenter (uk) at a literary reading. There's also a very famous girlie actress not known or suspected for it, who likes blonde women - she chats you up by asking about your make up and what you're wearing, this quickly slips into stroking your arms, thighs. I managed to escape her trailer by lying .... i told her I was pregnant(!!) telling her my gf (at the time, who was her business manager) would be pissed off had no effect on her at all....


by Dew Kovneyreply 7703/17/2012

I like Gillian as an actress, but I don't think she's that hot.

I hated her big shoulder pads on the X Files.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7803/17/2012

I loved her shoulder pads.

by Dew Kovneyreply 7903/17/2012

I met her several years ago at a charity event and a song by Indigo Girls came on overhead and she said, "Man, I LOVE Indigo Girls!".

That was my confirmation.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8003/17/2012

I just looked at the old A-List gossip on Gilly. The Helen Hunt rumor actually showed up in one of the updates. Hard to believe she used to be kinda hot.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8103/17/2012

I think that's Helen Hunt at R65.

[quote]I like Gillian as an actress, but I don't think she's that hot.

I don't know why, but I find a slightly unusual nose on a classic face sexy. Hers is a bit curvy and pointy.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8203/17/2012

I mean, that's Helen Hunt at R63.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8303/17/2012

Blind Item from 1997:

from The Star: -- This award-winning TV actress has a legion of adoring male fans enthralled by her cool and aloof sex appeal. On camera this beauty plays very hard to get but in real life it's another story -- especially after a couple of drinks. Recently the ice princess visited a Hollywood strip club and her heart melted over one of the topless female dancers. She was mesmerized by the stripper and tipped big for private table dances. After the show the stripper, a big fan, was flattered, but politely declined when the actress invited her to go home with her and her male companion for a menage a trois!


by Dew Kovneyreply 8403/17/2012

Helen had a nice biggie-butt. To be a fly on the wall if Gillian had at that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8503/17/2012

You nasty r85, lol.

I rather imagine her with anyone else.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8603/17/2012

R85, Helen didn't have much of a butt.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8703/17/2012

junk in the trunk. lol. I think this pic looks hot! Girl got some ass.

by Dew Kovneyreply 8803/17/2012

R88 others agree

by Dew Kovneyreply 8903/17/2012

R61, I think I just came.

by Dew Kovneyreply 9003/17/2012

Case closed.

by Dew Kovneyreply 9103/17/2012

R90, it was love at first sight

by Dew Kovneyreply 9203/17/2012

R62 Was Gillian all-out lezzie around that time? Seemed like there was talk about her with women for years, but never a word about men in the late 90's. I thought I remembered people talking ab9out Helen and Gillian dancing at an after-party back then.

When did she hook up with Gina? 2000?

by Dew Kovneyreply 9303/17/2012

Good find, R92. Seems like she has a thing for Winslet.

by Dew Kovneyreply 9403/17/2012

Gillian is gorgeous and pretty much responsible for my gayness, as well as my enduring attraction to redheads. And I totally agree about the nose, R82. A unique, imperfect nose on an otherwise beautiful woman is very hot.

by Dew Kovneyreply 9503/17/2012

"Was Gillian all-out lezzie around that time?"

Does this help figure it out?

by Dew Kovneyreply 9603/17/2012

Gillian's stunning eyes and her full lips do it for me.

by Dew Kovneyreply 9703/17/2012

Do you think these two did anything?

by Dew Kovneyreply 9803/17/2012

@ R59, what did the person say about Gilly & Jo? Dying to hear about that relationship. Is Jodie responsible for GA's career?

by Dew Kovneyreply 9903/17/2012

Thanks for the links. Never thought I would be looking at Helen Hunts ass.

Helen has a really long butt is the only conclusion I can come to.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10003/17/2012

Just saw an old story, circa 2001 Oscar Party:

From the NY Observer. Frank DiGiacomo reports on the Vanity Fair party at Morton's:

"In the next room under a vast tent, actress Helen Hunt planted her feet and began to rock her upper body to the relentless, kidney-rattling beat that Fatboy Slim was laying down in the Vanity Fair tent. Duum-Duum-Duum-Duum. As her head bobbed in time to the drum beats, Ms. Hunt’s pale beige dress began to gather at her boyish hips. But the co-star of What Women Want wasn’t paying attention. Her back was to the audience that had gathered on the periphery of the dance floor to watch the scene that was unfolding. Ms. Hunt threw her ass into the music, then raised her hands, spread her fingers and ran them through her straight blond hair, as if she were Ann-Margret in Kitten with a Whip. Duum-Duum-Duum-Duum. To her left, The X-Files’ Gillian Anderson was rocking out in a way that would have moved the Lone Gunmen to empty their revolvers. The petite redhead wore wire-rim sunglasses and a form-fitting black dress with cut-outs that bared the fat-free sheer sides of her torso. Duum-Duum-Duum-Duum. Facing both women was rock star Melissa Etheridge, wearing a velvety chocolate-brown shirt and a big smile. A couple of sleek, well-styled men danced around them."

Seems something was going on between Helen and Gillian.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10103/17/2012

@ R100, looks pretty good here

by Dew Kovneyreply 10203/17/2012

R88, I agree. Nice ass. Looking at the evidence, Ms. Anderson liked 'em a little bottom heavy if we judge by Helen.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10303/17/2012

@ R96, that's dated to 1996. I wonder what her dating life was like in BC.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10403/17/2012

There were a lot of 'wink wink' articles about Gillian and Helen from that party. All indications were they danced the night away with each other. The same night Gillian wore the infamous low-backed dress (wedgie alert). Interesting that Gillian dressed for sex(x) appeal, and spent the night dancing with Helen. Well, we know they both like flossing at least. Fab idea when eating out.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10503/18/2012

For R99: the poster on L Chat claimed that GA was more or less Jodie's fuck toy. They had a very physical relationship but GA wasn't really smart enough for Jodie.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10603/18/2012

Looking through old Ted Casablanca BI's and the comments, it appears that the two guesses for the lesbian power couple were either Gillian with Gina or Helen with Gillian.

His hints point as strongly to Gillian and Helen as to Gina. I think his trick was that Gillian and Helen were a lot closer in star status than Gina was to Gillian:

Alas, I'm reluctantly concluding that Ted's hints point directly to Helen Hunt. She is mentioned in his column and that "Happy hunting!" remark can't easily be ignored. Granted, I don't consider her an "icon" nor a "role model to millions", but, given the extreme level of hyperbole generally found in blind items, Helen could be very well be our girl. ASGers may be completely underwhelmed to see Helen step out of the closet, but her emergence would definitely fuck with any number of less perceptive heads.

Ted's Hints:


Remember all that hullabaloo Liz Smith created a year or two ago about a "much loved" female TV icon who was considering coming out as a lesbian?

Remind me to ask Liz the next time I see her just when the hell that bombshell is supposed to occur--2019?

In the meantime, I hear from power sister circles that there's another adored female of the tube who might like to come out. She's young, she's beautiful, she's smart--and she's got a pretty cool movie career to boot.

But when and if that babe-bit happens, I predict the (mega successful) performer's sexual declaration will only pale in comparison to the revelation of who her actress girlfriend is: The Star would no doubt assign an entire bureau to the couple--maybe they already have.

The behavior months later at the Oscar party starts to make a lot more sense after reading that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10703/18/2012

re Gillian Anderson and Helen Hunt

by Dew Kovneyreply 10803/18/2012

That's great R108. Maybe it's an open-secret that these two were together. Certainly explains the story about Gillian trying to come out but the GF refusing. Helen arguably had as much, maybe more, to lose than Gillian. Gina never made as much sense.

Good for Gillian. She got Helen before her expiration date.

by Dew Kovneyreply 10903/18/2012

I think people may be forgetting that Helen Hunt did indeed have iconic status during the 90's. During Mad About You's run from 1992-1999 Hunt won the Emmy for Best Comic Actress 4 years in a row (96-99), as well as multiple Golden Globes, American Comedy Awards, SAG Awards, etc. She won the Oscar, SAG, and Golden Globe Best Actress for As Good As it Gets in 1997. Hunt had been acting since she was a kid, with earlier hits like St Elsewhere in the mid-80's.

Hunt was indeed an iconic actress when she and Anderson were an item. It's hard to imagine what the impact might have been if she and Anderson had come out back then.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11003/18/2012

Helen&Gillian! I crushed so hard on both. So. Hot.

And Helen in that thong? Dat ass.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11103/18/2012

r101,there was a rumor at the time that melissa etheridge partied hard after her break up with julie cypher and sexed it up with almost all the famous closeted hollywood lesbians. hard to believe looking at her now but both helen and gillian were a notch on her bed.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11203/18/2012

[quote]Usual suspects [R48] but it does make you wonder how much Foster gets around.

At Yale, Foster had a reputation of someone who had a lot of action. Years after she left, actually. I am sure she had her share of flings before she met her (now ex) partner.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11303/18/2012

gillian anderson = hot. sexy, full lips, pretty face.

helen hunt = NOT hot. ugly thin mealy-mouth, plain face.

melissa etheridge = VERY NOT hot. ugly ugly face.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11403/18/2012

R114= 20 year old who's never had a girlfriend, and never learned how to use capital letters.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11503/18/2012

Feel compelled to point out that "all things," the X-Files episode Gillian wrote and directed featured a lesbian couple. There was no particular reason for it in the plot, and it was handled really well, which is pretty unusual for a science fiction show.

Well, at least one on the air twelve years ago. These days, it might be different.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11603/18/2012

r115 types fat and ugly.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11703/18/2012

Feel compelled to point out that in the episode of Mad About You that featured Barbara Feldon, Hunt's character admitted to her husband that she sometimes had sexual fantasies about another man or "a beautiful woman." I remember this clearly because it was so shocking at the time!

by Dew Kovneyreply 11803/18/2012

You are correct r116. I remember reading that the partner that leaves with a kiss to the character was the script supervisor? Or maybe her make-up woman.

by Dew Kovneyreply 11903/18/2012

Wasn't Jodie Foster the voice of Scully's tattoo?

by Dew Kovneyreply 12003/18/2012

yes, I seem to remember something like that, R120

by Dew Kovneyreply 12103/18/2012

Jodie & GA

by Dew Kovneyreply 12203/18/2012

I'm gonna guess that Gillian is one of those actors who photograph wonderfully, but look downright freakish in person because of their giant noggins.

I have this theory that, besides generally photographing well, people with huge skulls are generally rejected by their mothers because of the pain they inflicted during birth leading them to try to fill the hole in their hearts with fame.

by Dew Kovneyreply 12303/18/2012

Helen Hunt was cute during the first few years of Mad About You.

by Dew Kovneyreply 12403/18/2012

Helen Hunt was never cute!!!

by Dew Kovneyreply 12503/18/2012

She was. Watch the early episodes of MAY. She lost weight through the series, and Reiser gained.

by Dew Kovneyreply 12603/18/2012

Helen Hunt was alright looking on Mad About You.

PS: Here is a bit more of G.A.

by Dew Kovneyreply 12703/18/2012

Gillian had a hot figure, especially when she had a little meat on her.

by Dew Kovneyreply 12803/18/2012

Gillian and Helen are both too skinny, now.

by Dew Kovneyreply 12903/18/2012

Helen Hunt looks ok here

by Dew Kovneyreply 13003/18/2012

Helen Hunt was hot as fuck in that tank top she wore in Twister.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13103/18/2012

Cute pic of GA

by Dew Kovneyreply 13203/18/2012

Oh, please! Helen Hunt was always a 5-head!

by Dew Kovneyreply 13303/18/2012

Gillian Anderson looks good now, too (and thin). In the early X-Files days she was actually a little too chunky and had bad hair.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13403/18/2012

I prefer Gillian with a few extra pounds. Her face looks a little haggard without them.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13503/18/2012

As soon as I meet a bi woman who's not a narcissistic psychopath or a homophobic lesbian hiding behind the "bi" label, I'll consider your advice, R15.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13603/18/2012

Gillian was a little plump at times early in the X Files, but she looks better that way.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13703/18/2012

No, she doesn't, R137. She had bad hair then, too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13803/18/2012

Thank you VOTN at R16! I remember seeing that episode and at the time thing GA was definitely lesbian or bisexual and possibly was trying to tell everyone with that episode. I haven't seen it since because I could not remember which one it was.

by Dew Kovneyreply 13903/18/2012

R127, she looks great there. Even better to know that guys were drooling over that, and it was Helen who danced with her and took her home.

I wonder, would it have hurt their careers or enhanced them if they had officially come out? In retrospect, they were never as popular again. Maybe the shock would have been a positive.

Cute couple. Helen looked great in slacks back then.

by Dew Kovneyreply 14003/18/2012

Slacks? Are you 95 years old?

by Dew Kovneyreply 14103/18/2012

In the nineties slacks were a major fashion trend, even though a lot of women couldn't wear them. Helen's figure looked awesome back then. Even in the ugly lady-pants.

Even better off.

by Dew Kovneyreply 14203/18/2012

linky stinky, R140

by Dew Kovneyreply 14303/18/2012

I like this thread and the photos. Keep them coming.

by Dew Kovneyreply 14403/18/2012

for R144

by Dew Kovneyreply 14503/18/2012

Sorry, R143. Page of screencaps. Thought she looked great in some of those, especially the Waterdance.

by Dew Kovneyreply 14603/18/2012

Gillian with a little extra weight.

by Dew Kovneyreply 14703/18/2012

Why are people posting the worst pictures of GA? It's not exactly difficult to find good pix of her.

by Dew Kovneyreply 14803/18/2012

A wider version of the photo that R61 posted. What is going on here?!

by Dew Kovneyreply 14903/18/2012

Here's another bathing suit photo:

by Dew Kovneyreply 15003/18/2012

R147. not all that much extra weight. That's pretty slim for Gillian back then.

by Dew Kovneyreply 15103/18/2012

I have a bikini very similar to that one, R150.

by Dew Kovneyreply 15203/18/2012

how about this one?

by Dew Kovneyreply 15303/18/2012

stay in shape!

by Dew Kovneyreply 15403/18/2012

R153. that's one of my favorites!

by Dew Kovneyreply 15503/18/2012

I always wanted to see a photo from Foster's chubby days, and here it is!

by Dew Kovneyreply 15603/18/2012

I like this one

by Dew Kovneyreply 15703/18/2012

R156, I don't like the hair, but Foster looked good a little chubby too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 15803/18/2012

ha - what a weird photo, R156

by Dew Kovneyreply 15903/18/2012

this is a good Jodie pic

by Dew Kovneyreply 16003/18/2012

My favorite Foster photo. I saw a print of it at a gallery once.

by Dew Kovneyreply 16103/18/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 16203/18/2012

That is a good photo, R161

by Dew Kovneyreply 16303/18/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 16403/18/2012

Jodie looks good in this recent pic

by Dew Kovneyreply 16503/18/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 16603/18/2012

In a tie

by Dew Kovneyreply 16703/18/2012

Is that Guy Ritchie in the back there r166?

by Dew Kovneyreply 16803/18/2012

Took me a while to track it down, but does anyone remember this pic from the 90's?

Is supposedly Gillian and Ellen Degeneres sucking face, i'll let you be the judge.

I think it's them.

by Dew Kovneyreply 16903/18/2012

yes, it totally looks like them, R169

by Dew Kovneyreply 17003/18/2012

GA & Ellen

by Dew Kovneyreply 17103/18/2012

ha r171 that is gold, definite flirting going on.

Almost as leztastic as the time Jodie was on Ellen and they were both joking about a woman having treats in her pants.

by Dew Kovneyreply 17203/18/2012

They are definitively flirting!

Gillian, cut your hair. At least 6 inches.

by Dew Kovneyreply 17303/18/2012

It does make sense that Helen would be the one to back out of 'coming out', R110. Around the time she was sharing a bed with GA she was still starring in movies with names like Nicholson,

I'm also glad that the pieces of Ted's BI finally fit together. BOTH names were big, and it's hard to say which would have been more shocking.

by Dew Kovneyreply 17403/18/2012

ha ha

by Dew Kovneyreply 17503/18/2012

I bet GA ran away to London not for a career change but because she burned too many bridges in her lesbian social circle.

by Dew Kovneyreply 17603/18/2012

your link doesn't work r175

by Dew Kovneyreply 17703/18/2012

I think she probably freaked out alot of people in Hollywood. The story was that she tried to convince Helen to come out of the closet as a Power Lesbian Couple. Helen backed out. They broke up.

This was near the end of The X-Files.

by Dew Kovneyreply 17803/18/2012

when did Gillian break up with her first husband?

by Dew Kovneyreply 17903/18/2012

here, R177 (I hope this time!)

by Dew Kovneyreply 18003/18/2012

Gillian and Helen? Two lipstick lesbians that like to show their thongs in public? Pretty great that they were tribbing.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18103/18/2012

Helen's thong.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18203/18/2012

Gillian's (and she wore this while dancing with Ms Hunt)

by Dew Kovneyreply 18303/18/2012

r180, it's just a blank page

r179, they divorced in '97 but I think it was known that they were separated and she was dating other people specifically some actor who worked on an episode of the show before that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18403/18/2012

Not R177, but R 180 that doesn't work for me.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18503/18/2012

r183, two pictures of her in that outfit have already been posted in the thread.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18603/18/2012

So Gillian slept with: Jodie, Gina, Helen and...Melissa E?!? That last one is kinda freaky.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18703/18/2012

Gillian has a wonderous back.

by Dew Kovneyreply 18803/18/2012

R179, weren't there stories about Gillian visiting strip clubs and trying to pick up women after lap dances artound '97?

by Dew Kovneyreply 18903/18/2012

Oh, I give up. The photo I was trying to post was of Gillian lauging with Ellen and Anne Heche.

Since it won't come out, I will just post the Gillian in a thong photo, for the fourth time.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19003/18/2012

I don't think she slept with Melissa E. Don't think about that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19103/18/2012

I don't see what all big whoop is about on here

by Dew Kovneyreply 19203/18/2012

r192, that's the ugliest sentence I've ever read. I hope you don't actually speak or think like that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19303/18/2012

R176, I think Gillian wanted to push limits at that time. Look at the Oscar dress. Not only is she dressed to shock but she's trying to draw this attention while simultaneously dirty dancing with her closeted girlfriend. All this on Oscar night. It appears that Gillian not only wore the dress for Helen but was also looking to make a statement to the press there, yet again. The woman was OUT.

What's interesting is that during the time Gillian lived in Hollywood she was clearly not bi but just a lesbian. From '98 to 00 were there any real sightings of her with men?

by Dew Kovneyreply 19403/19/2012

That should be from "98 to 02" actually. The last four years of The X-Files, Gillian dated women. It appears she was dating HH through the 8th and part of the 9th season.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19503/19/2012

R182, sexy back. Great figure on Helen.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19603/19/2012

R191, I hope not. Melissa Etheridge is Bruce Springsteen with half the talent and a strap-on penis. Ew.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19703/19/2012

"Cute couple. Helen looked great in slacks back then."

True. Both GA and Helen could rock the slacks. I loved the way Helen wore pants on that show that always seemed to ride up her crack.

by Dew Kovneyreply 19803/19/2012

...but her ugly face with its huge forehead and grim, thin lips...!

by Dew Kovneyreply 19903/19/2012

R198 that's great. You can see she's wearing a thong. Lucky Gillian.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20003/19/2012

Another nice Helen ass shot

by Dew Kovneyreply 20103/19/2012

The way I see it, Gillian's Coming Out party means one of two things: either she's using it as a way to test the waters, and a segue to reveal her lesbianism (bringing her dates to premiers openly), or this is just a cynical ploy to get her flagging brand talked about.

Hard to say which one. Maybe both?

by Dew Kovneyreply 20203/19/2012

I also wonder how nervous this makes someone like Helen Hunt? Gillian could blab, or people could look into just WHO she was dating years ago. And the past for Gillian is probably more interesting than the present.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20303/19/2012

I agree, R176. If you consider her behavior in the late-90s and early 00s she probably upset quite a few people, both lesbian lovers and powerful studio types. She showed up to events alone for years, never even pretending to be with a man. Then she pulls stuff like snogging on Gina at Ellen's gig with people like Katie Couric there, or grab-assing Helen Hunt at an Oscar Party! I mean, come on.

Is it any surprise that her career was pretty much over on teh States soon after? Has it evver recovered? Nah.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20403/19/2012

baby got back. R201

by Dew Kovneyreply 20503/19/2012

I always liked her. And yeah, Helen's forehead is overwhelming.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20603/19/2012

On the subject of Gillian showing up without a man to events in the 90's, when was the last time over the last few months we've seen her current handbag? I can't remember one event.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20703/19/2012

Helen had a girl next door hotness about her back then. Wholesome. To know she had that cute face buried between Gillian's legs? Wow.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20803/19/2012

R206, even a gay merkin like you admired dat ass.

by Dew Kovneyreply 20903/19/2012

GA is presumably doing press because her BBC version of Great Expectations will be broadcast in the US in April. I'm not sure it's accurate to say her brand is flagging. She hightailed it back to London, where she grew up, when the XFiles ended. She's worked fairly steadily there on more highbrow projects that have gotten good reviews & award nominations. BBC's Bleak House, House of Mirth, Great Expectations, A Doll's House in the West End. She seems to have wanted to bring it all down a notch. I'd think she feels comfortable talking about her lady lurves now precisely because she's less in the spotlight. She's not naming names because the other women haven't gone public.

by Dew Kovneyreply 21003/19/2012

I think she is a no-nonsense type and felt bad or stupid in being in the closet about it

by Dew Kovneyreply 21103/19/2012

R59, Gillian was hanging around half naked? Did the insider say whether that was a good or a bad thing?

by Dew Kovneyreply 21203/19/2012

This thread has turned into that tostada thing about Elizabeth Mitchell.

by Dew Kovneyreply 21303/19/2012

chalupa chalupa

by Dew Kovneyreply 21403/19/2012

So basically, Jodie Foster hit every bi/lesbian in Hollywood.

by Dew Kovneyreply 21503/19/2012

And there was some other thread suggesting she was untalented, R215!

by Dew Kovneyreply 21603/19/2012

Enough! Helen Hunt ass shots.

The sight is making me very nauseous

by Dew Kovneyreply 21703/19/2012

Seriously. She's hideous.

by Dew Kovneyreply 21803/19/2012

She was very pingy during her time on The X-Files. The episode featuring the lesbian couple was a huge tip-off for me. Also, iirc, Chris Carter at one point toyed with the idea of a Scully/Reyes affair on the show but ultimately decided against going that route. Would have been very hard for Gillian to continue to deflect suspicion.

by Dew Kovneyreply 21903/19/2012

I'll admit to having red some decent Scully/Reyes slash.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22003/19/2012

I don't remember a Reyes character, but then I stopped watching around the Lily Tomlin-Ed Asner episode...

by Dew Kovneyreply 22103/19/2012

She only existed for the last couple of years of the show and she pinged even harder than Scully. Annabeth Gish married a guy with gay face for days.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22203/19/2012

That is Simon Pegg, not Guy Ritchie in the photo of GA with Megan Fox.

I, too, thought Helen Hunt was hot as hell in Waterdance & the first few seasons of Mad About You.

Never watched X-Files but love GA in all those British adaptations of classics (and David Duchovny in Californication, for that matter).

by Dew Kovneyreply 22303/19/2012

I just saw Annabeth Gish on Pretty Little Liars.

She's too skinny now, too. But she was very cute back in the day.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22403/19/2012

Annabeth was so cute in Mystic Pizza.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22503/19/2012

Gish and Anderson had some eps with hilarious inappropriate chemistry.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22603/19/2012

In the ep where Scully goes into labor, AB Gish practically drools all over Gillian. It seemed a little inappropriate, under the circumstances.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22703/19/2012

Talked to a friend who used tend bar at the Lounge 217. When I brought up the GA news he reacted with a shrug. "Oh yea, she used to come in every once in awhile," always with the ladies he said. This was the 90's BTW. When I asked him their were any famous faces with her he mentioned Tyra Banks?!?

Said he couldn't give a crap about Gillian being lez, but the Tyra thing bummed him out. Said they came in a couple times, on what were clearly dates.

Take it with a grain of salt. But man, what an odd couple that would be.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22803/20/2012

R228, I'm not saying it's impossible, but what smoke is there?

The Jodie, Gina and Helen hookups all come with a good amount of smoke=fire. There's little doubt she bedded them.

Tyra is such a WTF! that you need something pointing toward it, IMO.

by Dew Kovneyreply 22903/20/2012

223, Helen was indeed hot back then. A lot of people have mentioned that she has a similar look to Jodie, actually. Seems Gillian had a type.

And I think Helen had a killer figure back in the day.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23003/20/2012

Check this out. I think there should be some great GA news coming.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23103/20/2012

So, does this mean Hank Azaria's gay?

by Dew Kovneyreply 23203/20/2012

A couple of things:

Tyra Banks and the ladies is not new. I first read that on DL a good 5 years ago.

Also I hate that Lucy thinks she gifted DL with info on Gillian Anderson. I've visited DL since 2000. And her name was around even back then.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23303/20/2012

R233, for what it's worth when I pressed him on how he knew they were dating he said that they danced a lot, only with each other and that neither showed a bit of interest in the opposite sex. Also said that Gillian's hands were all over Tyra's "badonkadonk" (sp?) when they danced. Said it was quite the spectacle off the dance floor as well. Very hands-on.

Make of it what you will.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23403/20/2012

He also said there was a lesson there: that when a studio or other major companies want a star's sexuality suppressed, they do a damn good job of it.

Gillian almost became a mini-out celeb though: she wouldn't bother to have merkins back then. Wonder why?

by Dew Kovneyreply 23503/20/2012

I looked up Tyra. There are A LOT of gay rumors. Seems possible.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23603/20/2012

R231, I think GA must be happy. When was the last time she was talked about this much in the press. The more scandal the better when you're a star-that-isn't.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23703/20/2012

Tyra Banks was a courtside regular at NY Liberty games the first couple of WNBA seasons. It was no secret she was there as a "guest" of Teresa Weatherspoon.

by Dew Kovneyreply 23803/20/2012

r232, YES he's gay as a goose!

Where have you been?

by Dew Kovneyreply 23903/20/2012

Sarah Jessica Parker was Helen Hunt's roommate.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24003/20/2012

Gillian was sure bedding a lot of bi/lesbian women for a woman that "prefers men..."

I do wonder if she's about to come out as having a GF. Has anyone seen her with her (male) "partner" lately?

The Tyra Banks possibility almost makes up for that Melissa Etheridge thing.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24103/20/2012

No one said she had sex with Melissa Etheridge! It was a gossip thing about GA dancing with Helen Hunt. They wanted to underline the lesbianism of it by saying Melissa Etheridge was there (since she was the most famous out lesbian at the time).

by Dew Kovneyreply 24203/20/2012

Yeah, I thought it was well known about Tyra and the basketball lady; weren't they together for years and years?

I'm sorry, but Gillian is about 5 feet tall in heels and Tyra is an Amazon; I cannot picture them dancing together without it being a sideshow circus sight gag.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24303/20/2012

Gillian's 5'3". Tyra's 5'10".

Not that weird. And if Gillian wears those 5 inch heels from the show while Tyra goes without...

Now I'm picturing Tom and Nicole. lol

by Dew Kovneyreply 24403/20/2012

[quote]I'm sorry, but Gillian is about 5 feet tall in heels and Tyra is an Amazon; I cannot picture them dancing together without it being a sideshow circus sight gag.

I can't imagine it would be too bad, if you're into that sort of thing.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24503/20/2012

I never heard rumors about Tyra.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24603/20/2012

*sigh* Love Mulder and Scully.

Kinda weird to know that this was why Mulder never got any.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24703/20/2012

I hate when she falls back into that ear splitting brit accent. It sounds so forced and phoney like she's doing a parody of somebody.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24803/20/2012

It makes me sad that the original MASHEO (Mulder And Scully Hate Each Other) site is gone.

by Dew Kovneyreply 24903/20/2012

There were tons of rumors and stories about Tyra on DL a few years ago.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25003/20/2012

The Scully/Reyes subtext was nearly text, which was great. And I love GA.

But honestly? That show was terrible without Duchovny. The show was built around Mulder more than Scully and it showed.

And I TA, Gillian's British accent is so pathetically affected. Great actress, but she needs to stop trying to fit in so much.

This Tyra stuff is hot, though.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25103/20/2012

I agree, R242. That was a clearly coded article, outing Gillian and Helen as lovers. Melissa E was a prop to make that point.

If Gillian slept with HH, TB, JF and GG in that time period...Wow. It definitely is odd that Gillian was known for lesbianism when she was most public. If we assume she's mainly straight.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25203/20/2012

But yeah, until very recently I had no idea that Tyra was into girls.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25303/20/2012

R251, I don't think Anderson's accent is affected. She grew up in London, moving to the US as a teenager. I imagine her accent faded and returned when she moved back there. That's pretty common.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25403/20/2012

She didn't grow up in London. She spent a couple of years there in grade school. It's completely affected.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25503/20/2012

Isn't amazing that Gillian Anderson is associated with so many famous women sexually but really no famous men?

There are the Duchovny stories. That's it.

Food for thought.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25603/20/2012

[quote]I bet GA ran away to London not for a career change but because she burned too many bridges in her lesbian social circle.

Haha, that seems totally plausible since it appears GA was a major slut- and I mean that as a compliment. But yeah, you know lesbians and their drama.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25703/20/2012

Oh dear, troll-dar R228

by Dew Kovneyreply 25803/20/2012

r258, you're a stalker and should be banned from the board. F&F. Psychos like you have ruined this board.

by Dew Kovneyreply 25903/20/2012

Frequent posting is fine, imo. But when a poster starts talking to his/herself, as r228 did, then, yeah, they should be chastised at the very least....

by Dew Kovneyreply 26003/20/2012

r228 didn't respond to herself, she just overposted on the same topic. And r258 is a stalker.

by Dew Kovneyreply 26103/20/2012

Re-read r229, r261. Clear case of 'talking to oneself.'

by Dew Kovneyreply 26203/20/2012

OK, it was talking to itself, I stand corrected. But so the fuck what? Let it talk to itself. I'd rather read the ramblings of a crazy person than a stalker.

by Dew Kovneyreply 26303/20/2012

r262, fine, but I think that poster was just trying to keep the thread going.

by Dew Kovneyreply 26403/20/2012

So what? Now it's completely derailed. Wouldn't you prefer the thread to keep going than have a page full of hall monitor bullshit?

by Dew Kovneyreply 26503/20/2012

I collect internet gossip since the middle 1990’s.

I have saved a lot of rumours about HH being gay. Names of girlfriends: Helen Slater (a lot), Daphne Zuniga, SJP.

Only one mention of Gillian Anderson (2003, the A-list).

by Dew Kovneyreply 26603/20/2012

Now, Helen SLATER! THAT's a good-looking woman!

(As opposed to Helen Hunt.)

by Dew Kovneyreply 26703/20/2012

I was wondering if anyone saved all that internet gay gossip from the 90's, there was so much of it.

All the stuff from the old Usenet newsgroups, old internet corkboards.

If anyone has that stuff, like you r266, i'd love you to start a thread about old internet gossip that you or others remember or saved and post it there. I'd love you forever.

by Dew Kovneyreply 26803/20/2012

Tyra has had rumours dogging her for years, and not even on DL. Most of the rumours about Tyra started on black gossip sites. Check into some of the archives on Bossip, if they still exist.

Alot of people thought her and Russell Simmons ex Kimora had something going on the side.

by Dew Kovneyreply 26903/20/2012

Gillian is 5'2" tops.

by Dew Kovneyreply 27003/20/2012

So what about SJP? See R266, and the fact that she and HH were roommates....

Plus she dates & marries sexually ambiguous men...

by Dew Kovneyreply 27103/20/2012

Who are the people that the Jodester is rumored to have slept with?

GA, Kinski, Kelly McGillis, Kim Bassinger, drummer of the GoGos - who else?

by Dew Kovneyreply 27203/20/2012

Most of these names are known. But Tyra? I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 27303/20/2012

I'm gonna check back, see if he has any more good gossip.

by Dew Kovneyreply 27403/20/2012

R272, shouldn't Whitney be mentioned.

by Dew Kovneyreply 27503/20/2012

drummer of the GoGos?

by Dew Kovneyreply 27603/20/2012

Well, was the rumor Whitney was with Kelly or the Jodester?

by Dew Kovneyreply 27703/20/2012

I apologize, R264. Keep in mind that this is coming from a friend, who I trust. But I had NEVER heard about Tyra until then. I still can't believe that one. I'm still kind of surprised that Tyra is...maybe I'm naive.

by Dew Kovneyreply 27803/20/2012

Yes, R276, Jodie and Gina Schock definitely had it going on. There was a nice Go-Gos thread on L-Chat before some asshole wiped the board; I haven't read their current Jodie thread, but maybe it covers that, too?

Google Groups has most of the old UseNet boards in their archive, so if anyone wants to play Research Boy…

by Dew Kovneyreply 27903/20/2012

R277, wasn't it supposed to be a love triangle?

R276, weren't all the GoGos bi at least?

by Dew Kovneyreply 28003/20/2012

Whitney and Kelly were both after Jodie, IIRC. Someone said they got into a fight on the set of an Abel Ferrara movie.

by Dew Kovneyreply 28103/20/2012

Tyra Banks went out with Teresa Weatherspoon (NY Liberty player) for quite awhile.

by Dew Kovneyreply 28203/20/2012

hey, remember this?

by Dew Kovneyreply 28303/20/2012

Was Tyra big in the club scene?

Another point my friend made was that Gillian seemed a bit butch with Tyra. She took her by the hand and generally seemed pretty dykey, while Tyra played a bit of the femme. He said that Tyra was very touchy feely off the dance floor, but that on Gillian was one in control.

Does that sound like Tyra?

by Dew Kovneyreply 28403/20/2012

Tyra as the femme makes some sense. You date WNBA players, you're looking to be the girly one.

by Dew Kovneyreply 28503/20/2012

I've never heard that Tyra dated Teresa or any other women.

by Dew Kovneyreply 28603/20/2012

The Whitney rumor is bs. The incident between Kelly and Jodie probably happened, but Whitney was just added to make the story even more scandalous by adding another famous lesbian. There's no actual indication that she was even hanging out with Kelly or Jodie.

by Dew Kovneyreply 28703/20/2012

Who hangs out at WNBA games? Exactly.

I've heard people talk about Gillian and Tyra, from around the same time. They were seen in plenty of Lez clubs. That they'd hook up is not all that shocking.

by Dew Kovneyreply 28803/20/2012

Gillian calls Daily Show ad homophobic at 5:58

by Dew Kovneyreply 28903/20/2012

Gillian talks about buying a drawing of a naked woman while on holiday at 2:08

by Dew Kovneyreply 29003/20/2012

She looks stunning there. The sharp nose, full lips, full cheeks...

by Dew Kovneyreply 29103/20/2012

You guys are really buying this nonsense that Gillian and Tyra Banks hooked up in the 90s?!

You lesbians are so thirsty for any celeb lezzie gossip, that you guys are starting to make ridiculous stuff up. LMAO

by Dew Kovneyreply 29203/20/2012

"You lesbians" make stuff up, R292?? Have you never read the ridiculous speculation about famous men that goes on around here?

by Dew Kovneyreply 29303/20/2012

Gillian Anderson being 'walked' by Jodie Foster's handbag.

by Dew Kovneyreply 29403/21/2012

I don't know what's so out there about the Gillian/Tyra rumor. Both have a huge number of rumors around them. And both were at their peaks as both bi, maybe lesbian, womanizers around that time.

Keep in mind, a week ago many people thought that Gillian was straight. Why can't this be possible?

by Dew Kovneyreply 29503/21/2012

The Tyra connection doesn't seem impossible at all. I thought about how Ellen has been pals with her for years and would attend a lot (a lot) of her fashion shows back in the day. Gillian starts hanging with Ellen around the same time.

Is it hard to believe that she may have hooked them up? I doubt it was a long relationship, but maybe they fucked each other for a couple months. Happens all the time.

People confuse the relationship odds with the sex odds. Big diff, especially in the lesbian circles that Gillian was traveling in.

by Dew Kovneyreply 29603/21/2012

R231, this should be interesting.

Maybe Helen Hunt will answer.

by Dew Kovneyreply 29703/21/2012

very good find, R294!

by Dew Kovneyreply 29803/21/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 29903/21/2012

Someone likes cleavage.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30003/21/2012

Another shot, confirming it was Gillian staring down at the boobs.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30103/21/2012

linky stinky?

Did you see the photo at some event with the Tipping the Velvet poster in the background?

by Dew Kovneyreply 30203/21/2012

R285, my friend said that the first time they came in they were both pretty casual but glam. But the second time was different. Gillian wore little or no makeup looked like a lezzie stereotype while Tyra had a real glam look going with a short dress that hugged her figure. Looked like "roleplay" is how he put it. Gillian was very territorial. He said they walked in holding hands, and Gillian led Tyra around the rest of the night with her hand on her hip.

A lot of dirty dancing. He said his disappointment at Tyra lezzing disappeared because he got to watch her getting felt up and looking like she was having the time of her life.

After the second time? Never saw Tyra again. Did see Gillian.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30303/21/2012

One other thing he said about Gillian: pretentious bitch. I don't know, does that sound like her?

by Dew Kovneyreply 30403/21/2012

R303 doesn't have any friends!

You should have said your friend was a she it would have made it more believable.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30503/21/2012

I just want to know why r303 felt it necessary to talk to his/herself earlier in this thread.


by Dew Kovneyreply 30603/21/2012

I don't know, but R303 seems a bit unhinged. The whole thread is yellow thanks to her posts. I'm not stalking but avoiding these posts thannk you very much.

It's a pity, it could have been a good thread.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30703/21/2012

The story doesn't seem that ridiculous.

The Ellen connections actually make it seem semi-legit; both Tyra and Gillian were hanging with her. Is there a celebrity lesbian that hasn't been with or around Ellen, Melissa or Jodie? Jesus.

Gillian was around all three for years.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30803/21/2012

forget about Tyra

Did you read the Jodie-Gillian "insider" anecdotes on Lchat? They were kind of funny.

by Dew Kovneyreply 30903/21/2012

I thought I did explain, R306.

It was a Devil's Advocate reply. And maybe my own doubts.

I got this story from a guy I trust, but I had never heard ANYTHING about Tyra before.

It's a second-hand account, so I was speaking for someone else anyway. I don't know if I believe it.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31003/21/2012

I usually don't give a crap about repeat posters, but agree R303 is so over the top the whole thread has become suspect. Advice to R303 et al: 1) Don't reply to yourself pretending to be another poster; 2) Instead of making 3-4 consecutive posts, put everything you have to say into one. It'll make you seem less creepy.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31103/21/2012

Tyra's interesting in more ways than one.

1) Weird

2) Almost obvious (ELLEN!)

3) Is there some sort of lesbian hierarchy in showbiz? Is Jodie the Queen and Ellen the PM?

by Dew Kovneyreply 31203/21/2012

R311, I just posted on here for a distraction from a pain in the ass assignment I'm supposed to be working on. I was going back and forth looking at gossip/picspam and posting as a break or because I was trying to avoid the *writing* I was supposed to do.

The reply was dumb. I admit that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31303/21/2012

But all the gossip I've posted has been, to my knowledge, legit. Period.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31403/21/2012

[quote]But all the gossip I've posted has been, to my knowledge, legit. Period.

LOL. You're a classic troll.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31503/21/2012

What's with the inquisition? A bunch of morons want to pile-on a poster for gossiping, and now the entire thread is being derailed.


by Dew Kovneyreply 31603/21/2012

The past girlfriend thing could lead to some classic stories, R231. Perhaps Anderson should have kept her mouth closed.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31703/21/2012

or open it some more. It's 2012. Not 1992.

by Dew Kovneyreply 31803/21/2012

I agree with R316 - all GA lesbian linkages must be explored.

She starred in movies with Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie. Do you think they ever got friendly?

by Dew Kovneyreply 31903/21/2012

that's a tricky one.

Jolie is pretty one of the few bi women that I haven't heard about with Jodie/Ellen. Anderson seemed to pick up women through them (weren't both GG and HH with Jodie at one point?).

Sharon Stone...another ni woman that has been friendly with Ellen. But I thought the story was that she HATED Anderson.

by Dew Kovneyreply 32003/21/2012

Sharon Stone- GA interaction, starting at 1:18

by Dew Kovneyreply 32103/21/2012

Any links to Lauren Graham?

by Dew Kovneyreply 32203/21/2012

no one wants to link her to Lauren Graham

Heather Graham - yes!

by Dew Kovneyreply 32303/21/2012

Only thing troll-dar reveals is the R303 is happily reporting gossip. And we thank them for doing so.

by Dew Kovneyreply 32403/21/2012

R323 - I prefer Lauren to Heather.

by Dew Kovneyreply 32503/21/2012

wait wait wait. My girl and I weren't hallucinating when we saw tyra and gillian in a west holly bar??? holy shit.

by Dew Kovneyreply 32603/21/2012

this is hilarious shit

by Dew Kovneyreply 32703/21/2012

Gillian on Ellen, Anne and her attraction to women dirty dancing:

Now as I said, it was getting increasingly hotter out there in the bleachers, and my companions thought wouldn't it be a good idea for us to make our way towards the celebrity safe zone. So we did, and there stage left, right beside us stood two fabulously sexy, fabulously entwined women bumping and grinding along with us to the Indigo Girls. And they were so open and so in love and so free, shame-free, carefree - that needless to say, I was distracted from what was going on onstage and I kept peeking over at their bliss and thinking 'Aahh, isn't that nice.'

And a story on that kiss:

"X Files, The" (1993) stunner, Gillian Anderson (photos), has sparked reports about her sexuality - after cameras caught her kissing lesbian comic Ellen DeGeneres (photos). The steamy clinch took place after the two stars dined together a the trendy Los Angeles eatery, Indochine with Ellen's new lover, Alexandra Hedison. An eyewitness says, "It looked like they were really enjoying themselves. It was a very passionate kiss. Ellen and Gillian were obviously having the time of their lives and didn't care who saw them. They kissed for what seemed like more than 60 seconds. Alexandra didn't look very happy." The flame-haired actress first met Ellen two years ago (98) at an all-girl Lilith Fair concert and admitted she was distracted watching her "bump and grind" with her then-girlfriend, Anne Heche (photos). The star also fuelled further controversy when she began hosting major events to promote gay and lesbian rights.

by Dew Kovneyreply 32803/22/2012

Karina Steffans's memories of Tyra -

KS: I’ve walked out on interviews, when they’re so beneath me and what I’m trying to say. And then there are people like Tyra who are hypocrites. Women especially, who have slept their way through their whole careers. And it’s not a secret within the Hollywood circle.

KW: So, are you saying Tyra slept her way to the top? KS: I have a list of names of people that’ she’s been with, including women. Let’s not go there, because I am the truth-teller. And I’ll tell it all. So, hopefully, she realizes that now, and she’ll stay clear out of my way.

by Dew Kovneyreply 32903/22/2012

Gillian on Tyra from some radio interview -

OTHER GUY: Who's the more desirable woman?

KEVIN: Tyra Banks or Gillian Anderson? Bean?

BEAN: Is Gillian on the phone?

GILLIAN: (laughing) Yeah....

BEAN: Ohhhhhhhh (Entire studio is laughing)

GILLIAN: (laughing)You'd have to say Tyra Banks

by Dew Kovneyreply 33003/22/2012

I hope you're for real, R326. My friend's never led me wrong before but I was really surprised to hear about Tyra.

But I guess there were stories about her all along.

by Dew Kovneyreply 33103/22/2012

Helen Hunt.

Gina Gershon.

Tyra Banks.

Was Gillian getting more high-end poon than Duchovny?

by Dew Kovneyreply 33203/22/2012

Why did she marry that fat bald drunken abusive Julian Ozonne?

by Dew Kovneyreply 33303/22/2012

Because she's straight?


by Dew Kovneyreply 33403/22/2012

[quote]after cameras caught her kissing lesbian comic Ellen DeGeneres (photos).

This story becomes even more unbelievable. Like anyone in their right mind would want to kiss Ellen. *shivers*.

by Dew Kovneyreply 33503/22/2012

Gillian has always come across to me as a dyke who likes dick. She's butchy and beautiful and sexy as hell. She dated that actor Rodney Rowland and the rumor was they went on vacation together, he thought they were gonna get engaged but they ended up breaking up. I can't know what's true or not, but judging by what IS known, Ms. Anderson is wonderfully slutty. That probably hasn't changed. There are paternity questions and rumors surrounding all three of her children. I wish I could bang her.

by Dew Kovneyreply 33603/22/2012

i'd rather kiss ellen than helen hunt or melissa etheridge any day of the week.

by Dew Kovneyreply 33703/22/2012

Helen Hunt was actually hot back then.

Ellen is kinda like a cross between a children's show host (think Mr Rogers) and Owen Wilson.

by Dew Kovneyreply 33803/22/2012

R337 = Smelly Ellie

by Dew Kovneyreply 33903/22/2012

I'm with you on the kissing Ellen thing, r335, but someone already posted a picture upthread of the kiss.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34003/22/2012

helen hunt was never hot.


forehead way TOO big, and lips way too thin.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34103/22/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 34203/22/2012

Poor thing just looks incredibly uncomfortable there.

Geez, in that clip with Sharon Stone, I thought for sure they were going to jump each other at the after party. Damn.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34303/22/2012

I think she's sucking in her stomach. That suit is tight.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34403/22/2012

Stop posting ugly pictures of her in clown makeup.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34503/22/2012

'The roles that come to me tend to be complex women who have big secrets or are leading double lives. But then those are generally the only sorts of parts that interest me. Although I don't consciously seek out roles that mirror what's going on in my private life, quite often I'll be reading a script and I'll laugh out loud at how relevant something is to my own situation. It feels like this big cosmic irony.'

Gillian Anderson, 2007

by Dew Kovneyreply 34603/23/2012

I think this is hot.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34703/23/2012

Is Sharon Stone bi?

by Dew Kovneyreply 34803/23/2012

r347, you obviously don't care what a person's face looks like, which is your right of course.

to me, that is not hot simply by virtue of her face and forehead.

by Dew Kovneyreply 34903/23/2012

Helen Hunt looks like Lele Sobieski. She's cute.

by Dew Kovneyreply 35003/23/2012

helen's ass is a pretty big bonus tho

by Dew Kovneyreply 35103/23/2012

Any rumors about her and Chaz Bono?

by Dew Kovneyreply 35203/23/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 35303/23/2012

worst. joke. EVER!!!

I'm screaming at that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 35403/23/2012

Helen Hunt shouldn't even be allowed to have her picture taken.

by Dew Kovneyreply 35503/23/2012

[quote]helen hunt was never hot.

Yes she was. Way better than anything you've ever dragged home to your mother's basement or have buried under the floor boards.

by Dew Kovneyreply 35603/23/2012

r356 is Leelee Sobieski

by Dew Kovneyreply 35703/23/2012

If I have to see another pic of Helen Hunt's ass I'm going to upchuck.

Where were we? Ah yes. Gillian Anderson. Bring on the goss. Someone must know something more? If not, feel free to invent creatively.

by Dew Kovneyreply 35803/23/2012

I'm not sure Helen Hunt was ever hot, but she was sexy in a bossy, cerebral sort of way. Check out Dr. T and the Women, the offbeat Robert Altman movie. It was a flop, but is still interesting. Anyhow, Helen Hunt plays a straight golf pro being pursued by Richard Gere. She ultimately blows him off, but Gere's character is desirable, and Hunt is presented as a worthy match.

Oddly, a central plot point is the resolution of Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson's past lesbian affair in college. I won't give the ending away on the off chance someone decides to see it.

by Dew Kovneyreply 35903/23/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 36003/23/2012

What about Gillian Anderson and Sarah McLachlan? Were they fumbling towards ecstacy on those rainy nights in Vancouver?

by Dew Kovneyreply 36103/23/2012

Sarah not long ago.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36203/23/2012

GA's daughter must be 16 or 17 now. I think she was named Piper (remember Piper Maru?)

by Dew Kovneyreply 36303/24/2012

Her name is Piper.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36403/24/2012

Judging from R362's pic, Sarah has a surprisingly hot body. She looks quite fit.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36503/24/2012

She was named after The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36603/24/2012

Yep, R364, Sarah does have a hot body. She's probably had some work done on her stomach, but still.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36703/24/2012

Who got custody of the daughter? Her ex, Clyde Klotz, has a large gap in his work history on IMDb. Maybe he took the time off to raise her.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36803/24/2012

I thought Duchovny was the father of Gillian's daughter.

by Dew Kovneyreply 36903/24/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 37003/24/2012

Oh God no, R369.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37103/24/2012

Did she and Duchovney really have a fling or was that just PR to drum up interest? There was tension, but that could be because they're so different. He: intellectual and cerebral. She: decidedly not. Then, again, given their histories.

Count me in as one of those who can't understand her marriage (or attraction) to Julian Ozzone. Fat, balding and perpetually sweaty due to alcoholism. What was the story about them? I recall she had some type of a fall in their London home several years ago.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37203/24/2012

there was once a guy on usenet, HATED Duchovny, and talked about how he'd hang around a Vancouver strip club he worked in - at one point he made reference to DD's "co-star" and "pregnant girlfriend" who used to come in late at night looking for him.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37303/25/2012

Anderson has full-time custody of their daughter, [R368]. Clyde Klotz remarried and is on good terms with Anderson, so much so that he and his current wife stay over at Anderson's London home on occasion.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37403/25/2012

R373, it's common knowledge that Duchovny used to frequent strip clubs when XF's was filming in Vancouver. He has a penchant for the young girls, supposedly.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37503/25/2012

Ozanne is an intelligent man who's led an interesting life as a war correspondent, R372, so maybe that's why she was attracted to him. He also has a certain arrogance that some women find appealing. Aside from Rodney Rowland, she hasn't gone for men who are conventionally good-looking, probably because she isn't shallow in that regard.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37603/25/2012

Duchovny is intelligent in the sense that he has book smarts, but he has the emotional intelligence of a horny adolescent boy.

by Dew Kovneyreply 37703/25/2012

Duchovny wasn't the only one to like the strippers:

This award-winning TV actress has a legion of adoring male fans enthralled by her cool and aloof sex appeal. On camera this beauty plays very hard to get but in real life it's another story -- especially after a couple of drinks. Recently the ice princess visited a Hollywood strip club and her heart melted over one of the topless female dancers. She was mesmerized by the stripper and tipped big for private table dances. After the show the stripper, a big fan, was flattered, but politely declined when the actress invited her to go home with her and her male companion for a menage a trois!

by Dew Kovneyreply 37803/25/2012

It's a blind item, therefore it MUST be true~

by Dew Kovneyreply 37903/25/2012

Duchovney seems like an immature moron in most ways.

by Dew Kovneyreply 38003/25/2012

Yeah, R379, you tell 'em! Gossip has no place...oh wait.

Especially ironic since you just got done gossiping about Duchovny.

Yeah, Duchovny's immature. But is GA any better? The woman is pretty but dim, and doesn't appear capable of grasping even that much. Duchovny wins the IQ test by default. GA's basic grasp of debating is to say "oh, shut up!" whenever she disagrees. The most amazing thing is that she looks to have scored more celeb pussy than he did!

by Dew Kovneyreply 38103/25/2012

Do you think there is some English actress she is hooking up with now?

by Dew Kovneyreply 38203/25/2012

She was seen at the airport with her boyfriend over the weekend, R382, so I doubt it.

by Dew Kovneyreply 38303/25/2012

Who's the current boyfriend?

by Dew Kovneyreply 38403/25/2012

Anything else about GA? Esp lesbian rumours?

R358 said we can make things up, too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 38503/25/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 38603/26/2012

Dec 7, 2000

Nobody gabs (or stabs) like a chick.

The third annual A Cracked Christmas benefit for the Trevor Project came off spectacularly at the Wilshire-Ebell Theater in Hell-Ay. The project was established to help gay teenagers while providing a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline (800-850-8078).

This year's honorary chair, Gillian Anderson, held court during a live auction, with Teri Garr and Faith Ford helping out to raise more than $100,000 for the cause. Stellar were the Dan Band and Sophie B. Hawkins, but the Xmas gang was most moved by a weepy but wonderful Olivia Newton-John.

Photo op: Ellen DeGeneres showed up and said she believes the media has made some steps in accepting gay culture but that there is a long way to go.

When asked how my quaint colleagues have treated her own relationships, she responded, "The same as they treat everyone else. Everything I've just been through, they did the same thing with Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. I don't think it's any different. When you're a celebrity, everything you do is news. Unfortunately, it's blown out of proportion or somehow misrepresented--you can't control it all."

And what is happening with Ellen and her tabloid-reported kissing partner Gillian Anderson?

"No, we're together, that's true," she said with a smile and a wink. "Gillian and I have been friends for a long time, and we were kissing goodbye."

Oh, hell, I smooch all my best girlfriends, too, so what's not to believe?

When Gillian was asked about the media's speculation about her own sexuality and how that has affected her involvement for gay rights, she claimed, "Oh, it hasn't. People can speculate as much as they want, and it's fine. You know they say a lot of things, either true or untrue, that I choose not to comment on because it's really nobody's business."

by Dew Kovneyreply 38703/26/2012

Since old BIs and columns are the rage, anyone remember the one about Gillian making out with another woman at a charity event?

by Dew Kovneyreply 38803/26/2012

Faith Ford. A name I haven't heard in ages.

by Dew Kovneyreply 38903/26/2012

Faith Ford what....? :0

l-Chat's throwing Mullaly and Nebeworth into the frame too now.

by Dew Kovneyreply 39003/26/2012

Who the hell is "nebeworth"?

by Dew Kovneyreply 39103/26/2012

R390, are they linking Gillian to MM and BN, or are MM and BN to be linked together?

by Dew Kovneyreply 39203/26/2012

packed tight

by Dew Kovneyreply 39303/26/2012

Neuwirth. Apologies.

Though if there is a Nebeworth out there, I wouldn't be surprised if she was involved. This sewing circle is getting bigger and bigger.

by Dew Kovneyreply 39403/26/2012

Nebeworth is involved. And she is very promiscuous.

by Dew Kovneyreply 39503/26/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 39603/27/2012

I am a fan of her look and her voice but I do think she is pretentious and calculating. She's being interviewed for Out magazine; of course she'd drop the bomb then. I always got the feeling she wanted to be taken very seriously and was consequently very insecure and needy.

by Dew Kovneyreply 39703/27/2012

R397, the level of originality in your post astounds me~ A+

FYI, Anderson's been interviewed by other gay and lesbian publications in the past so following your reasoning, she should have made her disclosure during one of those instances.

by Dew Kovneyreply 39803/27/2012

Not surprised by Megan Mullally putting her face between those thighs. IF possible, I'm even less surprised by Neuwirth's name popping up.

The woman for years would date men known as closet cases. Beard & Merk 101 from Bebe.

And this is topped with her bitchy buttoned down act that she matches with frank sexuality. Whether that's talk about her lingerie tastes or just how nice her ass looks in a thong, she's made it clear that she's a sexual being.

So why would a woman like this date gay guys instead of eligible straight males? There have always been whispers about Bebe, and her social calendar seems like that of a closeted dyke.

Gillian is racking up quite the list of hotties.

by Dew Kovneyreply 39903/27/2012

Neuwirth seems like the type that uses the gay community to hide her own liaisons. She's a bit of a fag hag (sexy though) that uses that as cover for her preference for girls.

She's great on gay rights, she's just homophobic about anyone knowing her own predilections.

Fab bod. The image of her and GA...yummy

by Dew Kovneyreply 40003/28/2012

Neuwirth {whoever that is}= fug.

by Dew Kovneyreply 40103/28/2012

^ 12-yr-old Glee fan.

by Dew Kovneyreply 40203/28/2012


The same disbelieving look was on the face of BEBE NEUWIRTH, the only woman on the boat wearing a dress. We politely asked if she wore Hanes.

"I wear thongs," she said. "That's all I wear are thongs. If anything."


It would be a waste of material if you didn't, Bebe.

Gillian>>>Duchovny at bedding celebrity babes

by Dew Kovneyreply 40303/28/2012

Bebe Neuwirth?!? hot. bitch.

how many of kevin spacey's beards has gillian muff dived?

by Dew Kovneyreply 40403/28/2012

Megan Mullally came out as BI years ago, but in her own way.

Rather unique take on things she has.

[quote]"I consider myself bisexual, and my philosophy is, everyone innately is. I've never had a full-on relationship with a woman, just a couple of what I'd term half-a**ed dalliances, so I haven't explored it to the degree that I'd like to, but I'll tell you, I'm open to it. And I don't have any problem saying that."

by Dew Kovneyreply 40503/28/2012

Bebe, Gillian, Megan, and Bernadette are all gay. At this point my question to you DL'ers is who else hides behind beards on broadway?

by Dew Kovneyreply 40603/28/2012

Bernadette who?

Any more thoughts on GA's lady loves?

For someone who by all accounts was pretty prolific, it's slim pickings so far on names and verifiable facts.

by Dew Kovneyreply 40703/28/2012

Peters, R407.

by Dew Kovneyreply 40803/28/2012

Uhhmmm...I have lusted after Bebe Neuwirth for many years...It's nice to hear she likes the ladies.

by Dew Kovneyreply 40903/28/2012

Ah, that Bernadette.

Is she a gay lady too? I didn't know that. My head and gaydar are in meltdown.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41003/28/2012

Bernadette has had rumored relationship with Mary Tyler Moore, who set her up with her late husband who was rumored to be gay as well as abusive.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41103/28/2012

I thought the Megan Mullally thing was for promotion of her show? I recall reading she took it back.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41203/28/2012

I used to live and drive a limo in Manhattan. We got many Broadway stars and regular performers. Bebe would sometimes ride with her man of the moment, and other times with women, often the understudy types.

She's not straight.

Long story short, one night she gets in with a certain redhead. It was, I think, an AIDS dinner (one of 5,000 per week). They were back there kissing each other's asses. Typical showbiz shmooz. Gillian wined to her about the lack of time to do theatrical work, and told Bebe how much she admired her for pursuing art. Almost the entire time she had her hand on Bebe's thigh.

The next time I looked back they were kissing.

By the time Gillian slid down and began hiking up Bebe's cocktail dress, Bebe slid up the partition. The last thing I saw was Gillian's mouth on her inner thigh.

It took them ten minutes or more to exit the limo once we arrived.

The only surprise for me was that they wanted any privacy. The guys just go for it. But maybe that's the difference between the sexes. As a gay man it was a big shrug, but there's no way either of these women are straight.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41303/28/2012

You saw and heard this all through a darkened partition?

by Dew Kovneyreply 41403/28/2012

Yum! Thanks, R413.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41503/28/2012

People like [R413] are the reasons I come here. Thanks.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41603/28/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 41703/28/2012

With glasses

by Dew Kovneyreply 41803/28/2012

As a fan of the Law and Order franchise, one thing I noted was Bebe seemed far from straight while playing a "Straight" character on Law and Order Trial By Jury.

by Dew Kovneyreply 41903/28/2012

Although it doesn't mean that she is straight, Bebe was married a few years ago to a business man.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42003/29/2012

Bebe was fun on Cheers.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42103/29/2012

Loved Bebe as Lilith.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42203/30/2012

I have a couple mates at The Sun. Just interns, but they know the goss and this is the flavour of the moment.

There have been plenty of responses on the Gillian Girlfriend front but there's a low-level name involved now, which is a bit exciting. Her name's elisha Donowa. Who/ Adult model. She poses under the name Elisha Jade. She's in contact and is saying that there was a casual sexual relationship for a year or so.

They're trying to get her to commit, but she doesn't know if the story will raise or lower her profile. She's afraid that men knowing she prefers girls may drive down demand.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42304/05/2012

thanks, R423 - good gossip!

by Dew Kovneyreply 42404/05/2012

[423]What's the timeline?

by Dew Kovneyreply 42504/05/2012

[423] Thanks!

More / when / who / when / more please!


by Dew Kovneyreply 42604/05/2012

@ R423 - it will do GA's career the world of good to be known to swing both ways. Unfortuately the low life trashy kiss-n-tell ho' will get a moral pounding from the likes of moi.


PS. Good to goss - it excites... bad to spill reality beans.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42704/05/2012

@[427]. True Dat.

Though I'd probably express in slightly less misogynistic terms.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42804/05/2012

I really think that Gillian prefers the girls, this whole had a "Few" lesbian relationships screams lipstick lesbian who has to pretend like men to advance her slowing career.

by Dew Kovneyreply 42904/05/2012

maybe she meant a few thousand

by Dew Kovneyreply 43004/05/2012

GA in 1997 at SAG awards.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43104/05/2012

yes, she is pretty cute there, R431!

by Dew Kovneyreply 43204/05/2012

And Golden Globes

by Dew Kovneyreply 43304/05/2012

To R429,

If Anderson preferred women, I have no doubt she would be open about it. She didn't exactly balk at being photographed and linked to several gay/reportedly bi female stars back in the late 90s. In fact, you could say she went out of her way NOT to conceal the fact that she enjoyed the company of those women. She even wrote a lesbian couple into the script she wrote for The X Files. It's also safe to say she's not (and never has been) a high-profile Hollywood celebrity who's under pressure to cover up the fact that their preference is for same-sex relationships in order to safeguard their public image. She's never given a fuck about her public image; she only got around to hiring a publicist a couple of years ago. Incidentally, she's lived in the UK for a decade now and has forged a decent career there. Also, what's in it for her boyfriend of 6 years/father of her two youngest children? He's not in the business, therefore he doesn't have a celebrity image to protect, and he's independently wealthy, so money's not an issue for him.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43404/05/2012

@ [429] I wish you were right. And I totally would have agreed with you but she does seem uber-relationshippy with the Tony-Blair-Alike she's been with for years.


As - as others have said - when she was less 'little lady' she had a lot more broad appeal. She's become a bit generic girly of late. When she was more of a complex mix of butch and femme, combined with that talent, she was irresitable.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43504/05/2012

"If Anderson preferred women, I have no doubt she would be open about it."

No. No major actor of either sex is out. No matter how cool they are in real life.

She's not stupid. She's had an American career and now a British career. Not many people have done that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43604/05/2012

Except she's not a major actor, R436 - not in terms of fame, anyhow. I could argue your second point as well.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43704/05/2012

Gillian is a major actor.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43804/05/2012

I think she is a big name. She was in a very successful TV show for a long time. She may not be in the Julia Roberts league in terms of fame, but who is.

by Dew Kovneyreply 43904/05/2012

She is bigger than David Duchovny!

And there are not that many female TV stars who went from American TV to British BBC productions!

(I am not talking British to Hollywood, which does happen. The other way is rare. And rare for a TV actress).

by Dew Kovneyreply 44004/05/2012

Some might say she's got the talent of a major actor, but she's *not* a major actor. We are talking in fame terms here, right?

by Dew Kovneyreply 44104/05/2012

I have to go to bed now. I'll come back tomorrow if you want to keep fighting about her actor status.

PS: Even if she just WANTED TO BE a major actor, that meant not coming out. Because NO major actor, male or female is out.

by Dew Kovneyreply 44204/05/2012

Star of an iconic TV show that lasted many years, several movies, major stage roles in the US and England. Major actor

by Dew Kovneyreply 44304/05/2012

R442- Three words: Neil Patrick Harris.

by Dew Kovneyreply 44404/05/2012

Neil Patrick Harris - minor actor, TV show, in gay pigeonhole (let's see the gay hubby and babies). Not remotely a major actor.

by Dew Kovneyreply 44504/05/2012

NPH hosted at least two major award shows. Was an iconic character (Doogie Hoswer), and has had a lead role on another hit show for several years. And btw, that character is far from gay.

by Dew Kovneyreply 44604/05/2012

Thank you, R442.

R443, Anderson has never done a major stage production in the US, and The X Files is no longer relevant. The fact that Anderson used to hang around with - even publicly kiss - openly gay women like Ellen and attend lesbian and gay charity events at the height of her fame suggests to me that she's really never given a rats ass about whether people think she's lesbian or bisexual. The British film and TV industry wouldn't give a collective shit either. It's not like she relies upon her straightness to win her roles.

by Dew Kovneyreply 44704/05/2012

NPH counts as a major actor.

by Dew Kovneyreply 44804/05/2012

@[447]. Although the thoroughly modern Milly you describe here...refused to answer direct questions about her own sexuality for almost twenty years...

So, uh, she did clearly give a rat's arse...

by Dew Kovneyreply 44904/05/2012

@[448] and NPH is not a major actor. He has no international profile. He'd never be given a straight lead now, particularly in film where box office is all.

He's a popular character actor on television comedy.  Character.  Not lead. Comedy. Not drama.  Actors such as NPH are intertwined with a beloved character - who the public get to know each week and who therefore extend more latitude for those 'funny little actor quirks'.

If an actor wants lead roles, the sort to carry movies, to have breadth of choice in their work...sadly, they still have to subscribe to hetero-norms.

That means staying in the closet unless you're a male Shakespearean actor well past playing Romeo.  And if you're a female actor - then staying in the closet unless you can pull off 'I kissed a girl and I liked it, which is pretty hot to fantasise about but don't worry boys, I still prefer you'.

by Dew Kovneyreply 45004/05/2012

The timeline is within the last three years, R425.

Elisha claims they met at a party where she was paid to be *entertainment*. High-paying affair for the moneyed caste who want T/A with their binges. The blokes made passes, but she was thrilled when Agent Scully picked her to flirt w/ telling her she had a beautiful body and slipping her contact info into her thong after relating how gauche she found the men.

Their first date was in a high-class London hotel. Roses, dinner and a bubble bath. The latter because Gillian told her that she had sexual interest in Elisha's "scrumptious arse". The words used to describe the encounter were "nervous" (about the anal play), romantic, wonderful and kinky.

After, Gillian made it clear that she would want more "dates", thanking her for relieving stress, especially the stress of motherhood.

There's much more. And I hope it sees print.

by Dew Kovneyreply 45104/06/2012

That woman isn't attractive but then neither have any of her husbands been attractive.

by Dew Kovneyreply 45204/06/2012

Why do you hope her private life sees print, r451? Because someone has sold a story to a trashy tabloid paper?

And if I did read this "scoop" in a paper, I'd think it was all made up. Especially in The Sun, which is well known for being a heap of Murdoch shit.

Besides, "Leesh" doesn't strike me as Gillian's type, nor as a particularly credible source.

by Dew Kovneyreply 45304/06/2012

Gillian's gf, according to r423/r451. Sounds like she's trying to cover up her Brummie accent, despite claiming to have made this vid because "people always ask to hear what I sound like".

by Dew Kovneyreply 45404/06/2012

(451)Is there proof,corroboration or verification of any events (attendance @ the event,the entertaining,roses delivered etc) or are they taking her word for it?

by Dew Kovneyreply 45504/06/2012

What R450 said!

by Dew Kovneyreply 45604/06/2012

[quote]Besides, "Leesh" doesn't strike me as Gillian's type, nor as a particularly credible source.

I hope it doesn't, because no famous actor or actress will ever want to admit to being bisexual or gay. Not if that means becoming hunted by tabloids.

by Dew Kovneyreply 45704/06/2012

I'm not entirely sure what you're saying, r457, but I'm sure it would do wonders for Leeshe's career if the male audience she aims at saw her as a little bit bisexual: they'd love to imagine watching her with another woman first and then doing her themselves.

As for Gillian, whatever her sexuality I don't find it admirable for a trashy tabloid to publish a kiss-and-tell story. Whatever statements she makes about her private life (and she's never particuarly hidden a liking for women) is up to her. Unless she's some big homophobe who's trashing the gays at the same time as bearding in a fake marriage but secretly having affairs with women I can't see why any such story in The Sun is in the public interest. Why does r451 "hope it sees print"? To damage Gillian, push The Sun's ratings up now that the Murdoch papers have been so damaged, because such gossip" is fun?

by Dew Kovneyreply 45804/06/2012

Ops, I think I used the wrong quote. This is what I was commenting on:

[quote]There's much more. And I hope it sees print.

by Dew Kovneyreply 45904/06/2012

She looks good here, though I like her better as a redhead. I bet she will age well.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46004/07/2012

I think she looks better with red and shorter hair too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46104/07/2012

@[461] Concur.

Someone on L-Chat's thrown Lili Taylor's name in the pot. When they were at drama school together?

I also agree with earlier posts. As a woman who's found her attractive for years I can't help but love the gossip. But I hope the press don't invade her privacy and out any previous relationships. It's not actually public interest and there's a higher principle.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46204/07/2012

What's the gossip on Lili Taylor?

by Dew Kovneyreply 46304/07/2012

Gillian on Letterman circa 2000 about quitting smoking and her vices.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46404/07/2012

Indeed, r462, and I wouldn't be surprised if r451, etc. is some kind of shill for that shitty Murdoch tabloid.

Just check out that ad in The Sun that r231 posted, asking for info from anyone who's had a "lesbian fling" with "Gillian". They're obviously desperate to do a "story" on her. Although, I don't agree with that poster that this would be "great information coming" and r231 is probably a Murdoch shill as well (the same?), trawling the gay web forums, trying to stir up some dirt, especially now that they can't hack phones anymore.

Anderson is still pretty much big news in the UK: she was recently in a mega BBC adaptation of Dickens' "Great Expectations", so The Sun would love some "juicy story" on her right now. Just fuck off, you scum.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46504/08/2012

yeh seem a tetch ignorant as to how media works, R465. Gillian Anderson is a public figure that has depended on media operations to make her name. She is not our Queen on her throne, able to dictate terms. And she wasn't born to this life, she pursued it. The media doesn't exist just to give Gillian Anderson only mint copy, though she seems to think it should. She wanted the mdeia spotlight, got it (for a full stop), and has to live with the negatives. Assuming you're Brit/American or Western, I would hope that you understand the concept of freedom of the press.

On the Murdoch ops, let me tell you what should be blaringly obvious. They've been covering Gillian's many (many) encounters with puss, celebrity or not, whether Sharon Stone or Helen Hunt, even Natalie Portman (think Moby), for years. All to save her image and that of major Fox properties. Gillian should be thanking em for this not condemning em; without a strong media empire on her side, people would widely know just how much she prefers a pair of knockers. As for today, there's not the same interest. Her major property is near brown bread. Why should Murdoch's power be used to cover any longer? If there is a green light on another X-Files, that outlook could quickly change. But at the moment it looks like Gillian will have to cover her own hind quarters.

Gillian has used the media repeatedly for her own benefit. She probably was thinking along those lines when she revealed she fancies girls. We'll see if she can trick women like Elisha into taking hush-wedge/money. But her own hubris drove this story. It's not too smart to shag a bint and only later, after you get some new people, ask her to sign an NDA. It's possible she'll schtum Elisha up, just because Elisha is concerned about her own image. It would be a pity. But no matter, there are so many women involved that some will see print. At least if the Murdoch companies don't stop it.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46604/11/2012

r466 = Tea Leoni

by Dew Kovneyreply 46704/11/2012

(466) And your expertise and credentials extend from what? Other than your bullshit that is.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46804/11/2012

I suppose Tea does have some personal reasons for disliking Ms. Corset but my statements are rather more plain. I don't really dislike the saucy wench, but I do think she's so up her own arse that basic understanding of press freedom is anathema to her. And her ardent fans.

She should understand the barest truth that the media has moulded and protected the Gillian Anderson Image. Her escapades could have damaged it.

That's not to say casual lesbian sex with other celebrities is beyond the pale. It's about as common as common comes. But Gillian has a backlog where she was way too public, whilst most other celebs keep the sex on the grounds.

Considering the stories that have been filed and desiccating for years Gillian could have done some real damage to the industry.

by Dew Kovneyreply 46904/11/2012

Yes, R468. I'm just dying to give you a complete resume.

I assume you know "bullshit", as your ancestors likely defecated it. People like you are a gift, really.

The entire appeal of a site like this one is to pass closed-off goss along without having to worry about massive lawsuits. Realisation's a real cunt huh?

R426, the last name I'll drop before taking leave is someone very few would care about (a safe name).

Alex Kingston.

That one has a chance to get through, I think. No other big name interests to protect still, so someone may even feel free to dig it out and pub.

by Dew Kovneyreply 47004/11/2012

Oooh, R470. Alex Kingston? You can't just drop that one and run. More, please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

by Dew Kovneyreply 47104/11/2012

(470) As I suspected...a lot of vitriol and no intellect..... just another sofa cow with a chronic case of carpal tunnel syndrome. All these musings,how amusing.

by Dew Kovneyreply 47204/11/2012

Loved Alex Kingston's gay storyline on Upstairs, Downstairs.

by Dew Kovneyreply 47304/11/2012

Oh shut up you piece of shit at r466, etc.

"how much she prefers a pair of knockers."

"the saucy wench"

You sound like a tabloid hack. Straight out of The Sun, that garbage.

"basic understanding of press freedom is anathema to her. And her ardent fans."

Yeah, because reporting on who someone's slept with is what press freedom's about! Gillian Anderson is the biggest threat to press freedom and, by extension, western democracy! You sound like the type of scum who would try and claim that hacking people's mobile phones is all about "press freedom".

"At least if the Murdoch companies don't stop it." Sure, you're no Murdoch shill, are you... So, which Murdoch companies are you talking about? Because Murdoch owns both Fox and The Sun. Hm, let me get this "straight": Fox, according to you, had to cover up Gillian's flings with the girls and now The Sun wants to expose them!

Fuck your tabloid shit, you scum. We don't give a shit about your stories about "Elisha". How do you know so much about these alleged claims that The Sun is bursting to do a story on anyhow? Or about other individuals, like Alex Kingston? From your "mates", the interns at The Sun?

by Dew Kovneyreply 47404/11/2012

To R466,

There's no logic in what you're saying - particularly if you've been following Anderson and her career since the beginning of The X Files, like I have.

by Dew Kovneyreply 47504/11/2012

Look - for once Gillian looks a little scared.

All it took was a drunken Chrissie Hynde!

by Dew Kovneyreply 47604/11/2012

I've come to the conclusion that r466, etc. is someone with a mental illness and, as a consequence, has weird delusions of grandeur, or a Murdoch tabloid shill. In fact, they could be both, as most of the idiots who work for trash like The Sun are sick in the head.

by Dew Kovneyreply 47704/12/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 47804/14/2012

Helen Hunt still has a nice behind. Too bad about the personality.

by Dew Kovneyreply 47904/14/2012

No more Helen Hunt ass!! Are you trying to kill us?

by Dew Kovneyreply 48004/14/2012

I would like to know how Gillian could have done some "real damage" to the industry, R469. By being caught sleeping with women? That's ridiculous, and a tad homophobic too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48104/14/2012

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Alex Kingston? Whaat!? Please come back with Alex Kingston news.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48204/14/2012

Alex Kingston is definitely not gay. She likes her men alpha.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48304/14/2012

R482, please don't be stupid and encourage that scum. I'm sure, on the basis of your naive enthusiasm, The Sun would be more than happy to claim it has the support of the "lesbian community" in its efforts to shit all over Gillian Anderson with its "revelations".

And, if you believe anything the scum bucket at r470 has to say then you're not a very smart person.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48404/15/2012

LOL, r484...why so mad? It's just fucking gossip. Lighten up.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48504/15/2012

R485, have you read r466, r469, r470, etc's posts? That idiot claims to have "mates" at The Sun. Your "just gossip" poster claims that the Murdoch papers are going to "stop" Gillian, who, according to the scum bucket, is paying "hush money" to "girls". And your "just fucking gossip" poster can't wait until the day these stories see print. Just on the off chance that this asshole is actually a Murdoch shill and not someone with a mental health problem then I want them to know in advance that they are detestable shits who certainly won't have the lesbians with them. Unless you consider The Sun a "just gossip" forum too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48604/15/2012

Are you really that illogical R481? Why do you think boards like this exist? Or PR fronts and 'walkers' for people like GA? Because the industry -- news media, Hollywood -- are deathly afraid that too much knowledge of gay affairs will damage their business.

You can be outraged about that, criticise as an attack, but it's simply true. Gillian Anderson loved the minge but was posing as a hetero sex symbol.

And no, R483, Kingston is not gay. She's about as straight as they come in the business. But that doesn't mean she hasn't let a bint or three wrap their hands around her rather large hips. Gillian Anderson was a publicised player that wanted her for some casual rutting, and by all accounts romanced her to do get her in bed; there's never been an indication that Alex resisted.

Ironically the Gillian Anderson affair started in the 90's (1998, thereabouts). Word one was that Gillian enticed the lovely Kingston by setting up a business supper that ended in a Beverly Hills luxury suite. These business meetings went on for a number of months, whilst Alex was otherwise, or publicly, engaged.

Keep in mind that casual lesbian sex is something that many gents accept or even encourage in a partner. It's good networking, that doesn't involve another bloke; that's about as much as many men want when they are with a bird in the system. There's no indication that Alex really cheated in that case. She was committed to her man, but had the occasional roll with a pretty hot telly personality, one who had pursued her and made her feel special. Gillian was known as a womaniser in Hollywood, and she was an ace at seducing women the way a man would. Alex was having regular sex with one of the hottest small screen names in the world, while remaining fem. That's hetero in the ind.

Miss Anderson's typical lack of discretion at this, *ahem*, juncture meant that she sent Alex flowers on the set of her hit show on more than one occasion, as well as dropping by in the flesh. Not a terribly big deal, but having third parties send missives that inform your current flame of her dexterity or how beautiful you think she is, is not the brightest detail if you want the media to remain unaware. Nor is being a bit too friendly and hands-on on a major set. Eyes and ears, eyes and ears.

The media covered because Gillian's franchise was a protected class, with too many high-level people involved and counting on it. The same people complaining about the media today don't seem to care that Gillian's entire career is dependent on them, or that they have protected her in the past.

There's some indication that the they've stayed in touch, so this backstory could come back and be printed yet.

by Dew Kovneyreply 48704/18/2012

R487, you sound like an insider. Do you know what Gillian's like as a person, stripped of all the Hollywood PR fakery?

by Dew Kovneyreply 48804/18/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 48904/18/2012

Let's try again


by Dew Kovneyreply 49004/18/2012

What a bod

by Dew Kovneyreply 49104/18/2012

R488, r487 isn't an "insider" - r487 is an idiot, and so is anybody who encourages them or believes their bullshit about "Leesha" and Alex Kingston.

"so this backstory could come back and be printed yet." Yeah, right.

by Dew Kovneyreply 49204/18/2012

First you thought it was terrible because it was going to be printed, now you act as if it's terrible because (you assume) it won't be.

You seem a little unhinged, R492.

by Dew Kovneyreply 49304/18/2012

BTW, R492, you're evidently an "idiot" since you yourself said this person could be connected with The Sun. Now that's impossible? Why?

by Dew Kovneyreply 49404/18/2012

Yeah, Gillian doesn't come across as smoothe enough to pull all of this off. She came across as aloof and kind of goofy and spaced out. Hardly the seasoned serial predator she's made out to be in this thread. But who knows? During that time she was rumored to have been with David Duchovny, and known to have been with Rodney Roland, Clyde Klotz, the convicted rapist guy, Daniel Waterston, and Julian Ozanne. She's been with this Mark guy for 6 years. Not saying none of this is true, just that if it is, then Gillian might be a sex addict, and maybe that's why she's always talking about being in and out of therapy most of her life.

by Dew Kovneyreply 49504/18/2012

R487, I think you're making up your own fantasies about Anderson and Alex Kingston after seeing Kingston's Graham Norton interview from earlier this year. She did talk about "playing" a lesbian, after all ;)

FYI, Anderson didn't have a PR team back in the days of The X Files. She had an agent and manager, but that was it. And all that stuff about FOX protecting their own is bullshit. Evidently, you MUST write for the tabloids with jive like that xD

by Dew Kovneyreply 49604/18/2012

So what you're saying, R495, is that Anderson's had a normal amount of relationships for the average person, let alone someone who's famous. The "rapist guy", as you refer to him, was an actor who appeared in an episode of The X Files that Anderson became friends with. When it was revealed he'd raped his girlfriend, Anderson cut all ties with him. He later released a statement to say that he and Anderson had only ever been friends, which - seeing as she was dating Rodney Rowland at the time - I'm inclined to believe.

She's been in therapy her whole life because of some form of abuse she suffered as a teenager (she makes reference to it in a print interview from 1999). She has also suffered from depression on and off over the years. And no, she's not a sex addict. I guess you're another person who can't separate her and Duchovny.

by Dew Kovneyreply 49704/18/2012

No, I'm saying IF she was with all of those women TOO, plus people we do know about, plus the guys we don't know about, then, yes, that would seem a little me. Not speaking for anyone else.

by Dew Kovneyreply 49804/18/2012

Out of all the famous women that have been mentioned, I'd say it's very likely that Anderson didn't have relationships with any of them. I think she probably kissed and fooled around with Gina Gershon, but that's it. She's made a point of never dating famous men (Rodney Rowland being the exception, and let's face it, he wasn't particularly famous) so why wouldn't that be true of her relationships with women?

by Dew Kovneyreply 49904/18/2012

R494, the person who claims to have "mates" at The Sun is a bullshitter (you are very similar to this person, by the way). They may or may not have any connection with The Sun, I don't know because I don't know who this person is. Either way, what is evident is that this person is bullshitting and seems to have particularly unfriendly intentions towards Gillian Anderson.

Oh, and which dykes actually look up sites called "Your Daily Girl" or "All Nude Celebs"? Dykes who work for The Sun?

by Dew Kovneyreply 50004/18/2012

We know through Randy Stone at least, that there is a connection with Jodie Foster. But I know lots of lesbians. Doesn't mean I've slept with them all. Really:).  I do think, instinctively, that Anderson has somewhat underplayed her revelation. Her speaking in generalities and past tenses takes the sting out of anyone trying to out her later without compromising her fanboy and general public standing, and possibly, with the former, enhancing it. But that's entirely her prerogative.Â

And of course, it's fun to speculate and great for passing a virtual water cooler moment. And it's great to have someone else well respected and attractive in the big gay camp. Â

But the hysteria and mean-fangirl trolling over on L Chat in particular makes me want to disassociate with the whole thing.  Any name that comes up, from any unsubstantiated source is leapt on and assumed correct and woe betide any dissenters. It's insane over there. Â

We don't know who and when - and we won't unless Anderson decides to say more, which seems unlikely.  And it's also none of our business.  Though to be honest, I'm not offended on Anderson's behalf. I'm sure she won't lose any sleep over a minority of extreme fans' guessing games. Â

But speaking as one, it really puts me off the general lesbian online community. L Chat is so aggressive with a real bullying culture and the women (girls, more likely, or I should hope they're not adults) come over as obsessive and unhinged. Any other person in the public eye reading it would most likely be less keen to come out if that's the reception. If the gay community are your friends, who needs enemies...?

I much prefer datalounge. It's less cruel, less creepy and when there is a barbed interchange, it's more likely to at least be witty.Â

And in the face of the L Chat loons, my faith in humanity is restored to see most people here drawing a line and not wanting to encourage either outlandish wishful thinking when it results in abusing others to 'prove' you're right. Or the nonsense guessing presented as fact.  Or, far worse - sending a message that as a community, we'd endorse tabloid persecution of Anderson or anyone else. It's not public interest. I don't want the hacks gunning for cheap, immoral and invasive headlines in our name.  It's dirty, sleazy and we're better than that.Â

by Dew Kovneyreply 50104/18/2012

Finally. Someone with an intellect

by Dew Kovneyreply 50204/18/2012

Why are there Gillian fantards on a gossip site denouncing gossip?

We have at least a couple of psychos in this thread, particularly R500 and 501 (whi posted inane, insane fangirl screeds at The L Chat for pages and pages).

Let's get back to the gossip on the prodigious Gillian Anderson!

by Dew Kovneyreply 50304/18/2012

More, R487! Ignore the nuts and bring the information.

Alex Kingston. Yum!

R500, you keep saying that R487 is a bullshitter. Okay. What proof do you have?


Enough with the the crazed fantard displays. You're mentally ill. Okay. We get it, honey. But don't confuse your worship and preference with fact.

More gossip!

by Dew Kovneyreply 50404/18/2012

I'm here for gossip R501, not to read a celibate hag tell us her life story in stalking Gillian Anderson or shouting down stories she doesn't pre-approve. I used to wait tables in LA and I can tell you that Gillian was with famous women, as per word around town and my own two eyes. The Alex Kingston story rings true. It's not the first time those names have been connected.

by Dew Kovneyreply 50504/18/2012

I'll be happy to try to sleep with her to find out if she's gay or not. Where can I find her?

by Dew Kovneyreply 50604/19/2012

That's really cool, r505. You might want to call that number given at r231's link and tell them all you know, as per word around town and your own two eyes. You might even see your stories in print!

By the way, did you ever see Gillian and Alex Kingston together with "your own two eyes"? And, did you know that "gossip" can very often equal bullshit?

But, since you're here for gossip, perhaps you can tell us who your "own two eyes" actually saw Gillian with. Oh, and a famous person dining with another famous person does not actually mean they are sleeping together.

by Dew Kovneyreply 50704/19/2012

[@503] Not a 'fantard', no. Just someone who cares about retaining some sort of morality, holding onto some semblence of logic and perspective and generally being a little embarrassed at times, by the minority mean-girl factions in the lesbian community.

But you obviously prefer the 'who cares if it's immoral for tabloids to persecute gay people to sell copy, believe any old tat you hear and show your best side by chucking insults around as your first recourse'.

So, good? Carry on.

by Dew Kovneyreply 50804/19/2012

I think the people (teenagers?) on LChat are very creepy, too. Mean-girl, and stalkerish. It is rare when there is a sane or intelligent thread there. A lot of lunatics and bullying attitudes.

by Dew Kovneyreply 50904/19/2012

Last night at the Fox 25th Anniversary Special, she said "cinemagraphically"

by Dew Kovneyreply 51004/23/2012

Interesting that Gillian's interview incites such a storm, but Dana Delany coming out as bi - several times - on Twitter and elsewhere does not. I guess it really does have to be a PR thing before people take notice. So silly.

by Dew Kovneyreply 51104/23/2012

Was that recent, R511? I knew it from the lesbian glasses she wears!

by Dew Kovneyreply 51204/23/2012

Dana seems to be joking in her tweets, she has said many times she's straight. If like Gillian she admitted banging chicks, then she'd get more coverage

by Dew Kovneyreply 51304/23/2012

What makes you think Dana is straight?

by Dew Kovneyreply 51404/23/2012

She has done interviews where she said she is not bi and people are wishful thinking! She seems like the kind of person who would admit being bi if she was.

by Dew Kovneyreply 51504/23/2012

"She/he seems like the kind of person who would admit being bi/gay if she was."

Can someone retire this line? Hollywood is full of gay/bi people in the closet. No matter how cool or relaxed they are, they will not come out because of $, fear that it will damage their career.

by Dew Kovneyreply 51604/24/2012

Well here's a bit of goss. Have you seen the hairstyle she sported in the recent Fox TV special. It's from a second shoot she did for Fiasco magazine in which she appears sans kit in a number of sequences and appears with a "partner" in others. Don't know specifics. This from a DW insider at the magazine. Don't scratch my eyes out!

by Dew Kovneyreply 51704/25/2012

R501 = loon who got run off lchat for her lunacy.

by Dew Kovneyreply 51804/25/2012

Oh shut-up r505. Anderson isn't a lesbian and never was.

It's called publicity and I'm surprised and bored that she is using the tired old "I'm into women" schtick. Oh bitch, please.

by Dew Kovneyreply 51904/25/2012

"and appears with a "partner" in others"

female or male partner?

by Dew Kovneyreply 52004/25/2012

520 female

by Dew Kovneyreply 52104/28/2012

If he dies because of what you've done, no one will be able to stop me from being the one to pull the switch and gas you out of this life for good, you son of a bitch!

by Dew Kovneyreply 52204/28/2012

(522)What is the relevance of the X-Files quote?

by Dew Kovneyreply 52304/29/2012

There isn't one, except that she was awesome in that episode.

by Dew Kovneyreply 52404/29/2012

VOTN, what's your favorite episode?

Mine is "Triangle," even though it doesn't have anything to do with the story arc.

by Dew Kovneyreply 52505/02/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 52605/03/2012

I've been a supervisor on Trevor Project and other gay charity events for years and the Megan Mullally hookup is for real. No question, they were dating back then and were open about it. Holding hands like a couple of teenagers, long bathroom breaks, lots of drinking, dancing and pawing (Megan's hands all over Gillian, Gillian's hands all over Megan's big ass).

If they weren't fucking I'll eat (my very fabulous) hat.

by Dew Kovneyreply 52705/03/2012

Best news I've heard all day, r527! I wonder why Megan 'inned' herself while Gillian came out.

PS, we need a Dana Delany thread. The one on the L chat is useless, and, as others here have noted, full of creepy fangirls.

by Dew Kovneyreply 52805/03/2012

I never did buy that Bi-Curious talk from Megan, she seemed for a while like she was more than a friend of the family.

Speaking of Family, Dana Delany does need a thread, she has pinged to me since China Beach, despite her "straightness".

by Dew Kovneyreply 52905/05/2012

Bump for gossip

by Dew Kovneyreply 53005/07/2012

I was lucky enough to be studio paper-pusher when these women were at their peaks, and between gossipy lunches and partying I heard my share, and saw some too. Can't say what Gillian *is*, but her reputation during her tenure in Lala was that she was a closet dyke. Not bi.

Her friendship with Ellen was a nice bluff, actually. It kept people guessing, and focused on nights out with a friend in place of who she was dating.

The press always knows of course, but Middle America is gullible.

Helen Hunt, Megan Mullally, Kingston, Gershon and Tyra Banks all check out as true. Gillian practically made out with Gina in front of Katie Couric during the Ellen show in NY, and before that was all over Tyra backstage at a VHI Fashion Show; the latter especially raised eyebrows because Gillian wasn't officially there, but it was the talk in the days after that she was Tyra's date.

For the people wondering how Gillian found the time, I think the Joe Average assumption is setting in. These women [i]don't[/i] have the time, and nobody said these were intense relationships. They were hookups by closeted lesbians/bisexuals who knew they could be burned by too many nights with girls off the street. As we see with Travolta, if a lawsuit comes forward even the mainstream media has to cover it.

Plus, what could be hotter than sleeping with other famous women who every guy on the planet is drooling over?

In Hollywood sex is easy and constant, no matter how busy a star is. The hard part is keeping it quiet.

I'm surprised Clarie Danes is never mentioned here. No, I never heard a thing about her and Gillian, but Gillian's "good friend" Jodie Foster probably turned down [i] Hannibal[/i] to sleep with her.

Sorry if that's a tangent. I wanted to feel special by adding some new gossip, even if it was about other lesbians.

by Dew Kovneyreply 53105/10/2012

Jodie Foster and Claire Danes? The mind boggles.

by Dew Kovneyreply 53205/10/2012

Thanks, R531. I always thought Clare Danes pinged, but she always had such public hetero relationships.

by Dew Kovneyreply 53305/10/2012

C'mon, R531: "I'm surprised Clarie Danes is never mentioned here. No, I never heard a thing about her and Gillian, but Gillian's "good friend" Jodie Foster probably turned down [i] Hannibal[/i] to sleep with her." Spill!!

by Dew Kovneyreply 53405/10/2012

[quote]I'm surprised Clarie Danes is never mentioned here. No, I never heard a thing about her and Gillian, but Gillian's "good friend" Jodie Foster probably turned down [i] Hannibal[/i] to sleep with her.

Foster turned down Hannibal so she could sleep with whom? Danes? Why? What?!

by Dew Kovneyreply 53505/10/2012

Is it true about Dana Delany being gay? And was it ever proven if Gillian and Dana were ever a U-Haul?

by Dew Kovneyreply 53605/10/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 53705/13/2012

More about Foster and Danes, please.

by Dew Kovneyreply 53805/13/2012

I'd love to know more about this Fiasco shoot- was the inference that she is partly naked on it???

by Dew Kovneyreply 53905/14/2012

(539)I think that's what the poster meant.

by Dew Kovneyreply 54005/14/2012

She did the Fiasco shoot last year, in their black and white issue. You can google the images. She's wearing suits. She's fully clothed throughout and looking variously like Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Were there secret photos / new photos then - or is someone chain yanking?

by Dew Kovneyreply 54105/14/2012

Fiasco just confirmed that there was NO recent shoot with Gillian- I wish people like anonymous would stop getting peoples hopes up with such BS!

by Dew Kovneyreply 54205/14/2012

I was going to add something pithy..... but then I thought 'fuck it'.


by Dew Kovneyreply 54305/16/2012

Gillian is Gay. EOM

by Dew Kovneyreply 54405/16/2012

[@544] Does her boyfriend know?:)

by Dew Kovneyreply 54505/16/2012

I saw Gillian at the dorchester a couple years ago. she was checked-in and I didn't see her with her man but another girl. now that I've looked at the pics I'm almost certain it was this Elisha woman. a real knockout she was. Gillian was on the scruffy side but still pretty. looked like she could use a good wash though. I don't know if we would have noticed the two except that Gillian was a terror. terrible to the staff and loud about it. and she carted around her woman like she was her plaything. she escorted her around like a child, and even had her hand on her bum. real lack of class. when I chatted with a couple of workers they revealed she was a semi-regular, and that this wasn't the first time she stayed with her "friend". she ordered lots of room service and didn't tip well. had weird demands, like turning the lights down on her floor. Gillian had stayed with other women, including a c-list celeb according to hotel gossip. this one? lauren holly, who had been there before with women too, including nights with Ingrid Casares (they explained this one with a few simple words: Madonna's ex). I asked "isn't Lauren a cockhound?" they laughed. the only verbal reply was "bi, like the rest of them".

I don't care if this person gets her story published, but I dare hope Gillian has to pay up to stop her. from my admittedly short time around her she's a real bitch. and I didn't think she was much better toward her girlfriend.

by Dew Kovneyreply 54605/27/2012

^ Absolute bull. There's no way someone as fiercely private as Gillian would take women to a hotel that's practically on her own doorstep for sex, then flaunt said women in front of every Tom, Dick or Harry going in and out of the hotel. There's no way she would have mentioned having had same-sex relationships to Out magazine, either, unless the encounters she'd had were long ago dead and buried. She's too astute for that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 54705/28/2012

I want to believe, [R546], but I know The Dorchester pretty well...

by Dew Kovneyreply 54805/28/2012

Yeah, not saying this stuff couldn't be true, but Gilliian IS very protective of her privacy. It's hard to believe she'd be so cavalier. Some of the stuff being said doesn't seem to fit with what is known about her. maybe she has multiple personalities.

by Dew Kovneyreply 54905/28/2012

The Dorchester is known as a celeb hot spot because they can flaunt their sexuality, often queer, without a word leaving the door and entering the press. That's really all that matters, and why it has such a strong credit rating with these people. IF a few people see something in the lobby? So what. It won't make the papers.

And Gillian has been known, when in more public venues, for throwing fits, just as described. Years ago she practically attacked a man on an international flight when she had too much booze.

And R548, you know The Dorchester as well as I know Mars. Troll-dar tells me, and everyone else, that you're only on here to say information pointing to Gillian's sapphic liaisons is untrue, over and over. Give it up. Your schtick is wearing thin, and there's no way you know every story from every source is untrue unless you're Gillian herself.

GA's ability to attract nuts is impressive. But it's really boring to hear from these people in a gossip thread.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55005/28/2012

Gillian is "protective" likely by 1) knowing where to go with her girlfriends and 2) because she has known that the press won't report. Since she's outed herself it should be interesting to see if that continues.

But her lesbian preferences? Have been known for a very long time. And that's not because of her need or ability to keep a low profile about it. What the general public knows, OTOH, is what the press tells them.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55105/28/2012

==================================== And Gillian has been known, when in more public venues, for throwing fits, just as described. Years ago she practically attacked a man on an international flight when she had too much booze. ====================================

You make it sound like she physically assaulted the man. She berated him for ignoring his out-of-control child. It obviously wasn't her place to do that, but it turned out that she was dealing with numerous personal problems at the time---not exactly an excuse, but an explanation for such erratic behavior, at least.


GA's ability to attract nuts is impressive.


Ok, which notorious David Duchovny fan are you?


Gillian is "protective" likely by 1) knowing where to go with her girlfriends.


Going to one of the most busy and famous hotels in London that happens to be a stone's throw away from where she lives with her boyfriend = knowing where to go?


and 2) because she has known that the press won't report.


How is it possible to guarantee that the press, or some casual onlooker at a hotel, or - the most likely scenario - a woman she slept with, won't report? It's not like Gillian has the money to pay people off as in the case of, say, a multi-millionaire Hollywood star like John Travolta.


Since she's outed herself it should be interesting to see if that continues.


Technically, she didn't out herself. She spoke about the same sex relationships she'd had as if they were firmly in the past, hence why her mention of it was so casual.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55205/28/2012

MARY! R547/R552.

Over-invested much?

by Dew Kovneyreply 55305/28/2012

r553, that fantard is WAY invested. He spins the same shit at LChat, too.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55405/28/2012

Lauren Holly openly dated Ingrid after her breakup with Jim Carrey. It was a good career move for her as she was no longer part of a power couple in public terms. Ingrid is a player on the party scene, which means networking, which means more work. Sleeping with her was either a small price to pay or the cherry on top for Ms. Holly. Though the average person reading People wouldn't figure it out, it was also a fairly public statement that Lauren was bisexual.

Ms. Holly also has a fair bit of London connection, having spent part of her youth there. Going back for lesbian trysts with Ms. Anderson or Casares would make some sense.

If anyone wants a sexy story they're reading at the wrong post, though. What I'm about to say may make people sick rather than aroused.

In the early days of The X-Files Gillian Anderson was asked to lunch by a high-power lesbian. Her name was Liz Smith. This was not the type of lunch an up and comer could pass up.

Unfortunately it's well known what lunch means with Liz. No matter what Gillian ordered there was likely tossed salad on the menu that day.

These lunches continued for years, and Gillian's press was quite good from Liz, which spilled over to other quarters. So it may have been worth it. Liz certainly promo'd Anderson, and kept a lid on her varied celez affairs. Though she dropped a hint at one point about a tv icon being in the closet, she never pushed the issue. This was around the time of the Gershon rumors.

Gillian slept with a lot of names among celebrity women. Liz had to have known a great deal, but between her friendship with Gillian and the pressures from media orthodoxy, this was kept quiet.

GA's sexual practices could have been made public when the "friendship" began with Smith, as Anderson was not a big name and her show was still cult. But this didn't happen because Gllian made the right friends and, quite quickly, The X-Files became too big of a property for its co-lead and male sex fantasy to be revealed as an aggressive lesbian.

Both Gillian and Lauren were good networkers. What networking means so often is to sleep with people you don't find attractive.

Hopefully they had some fun together to make up for that.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55506/01/2012

Gillian was anything but subtle or retreating about her preferences when her big show was shooting in LA.

She dated a number of names, all women, and was not known for her fondness for male company at that time. If she was seen it was almost always with an attractive woman on her arm, famous or not.

Just because the press suppressed most of it doesn't mean it wasn't happening.

A woman who shows up to a major Hollywood party in a revealing dress and beelines for groping-disguised-as-dancing with Helen Hunt is not hiding her preferences. This was one of the few stories to be reported at all, but it was typical behavior for Gillian in those days.

Gillian's fondness for the ER set was a hilarious example of libido getting in the way of common sense, for instance. But what does it matter when the media have an interest in keeping your affairs quiet?

The real Gillian Anderson is a hot-headed alcoholic that for years preferred to sleep with women.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55606/01/2012

"He", R554?

by Dew Kovneyreply 55706/01/2012

Ffs [550]. Yes, I know The Dorchester well. They hold various industry functions there and it's part of a cluster of 5* but souless (IMO) Mayfair hotels used on the press junkets. Plus I sometimes hold meetings there, though it's easier when industry out of towners Soho base - as that's where TV and Film is epicentred.

For the record you'll no doubt ignore - I'm not denying her sapphic past/present/future. Good for her. I hope she has/had/will have a gay old time.

I merely roll my eyes at the credulous fantasists who cleave to every anonymously written tale as true fact. Principally, because the by product appears to be aggression and troll-like creepiness.

Anyway, why don't you head back to the L-Chat gay creche where all five of you can convince ourselves and each other of everything. Adults are talking.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55806/01/2012

[quote]I merely roll my eyes...

Your meltdowns say otherwise.

by Dew Kovneyreply 55906/01/2012

Yes, r557, it's a guy pretending to be a lesbian who worked in the "industry"...desperate to convince anyone that he's something other than the simple fantard that he is.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56006/01/2012

Gillian and Helen used to hang in my old stomping ground of Westwood. The first time I noticed them it was because my eyes caught on Helen while standing in line for espresso. Stunning in person, my tongue was just rolling back up when it descended again. It was Helen Hunt! Never thought she was all that, but she's an attention grabber on the street. Pretty, blonde and her figure is a 9.

She was with a woman and they were holding hands. When she ordered it clicked. Gillian Anderson. She didn't stick out as much as you'd think. She's real small and she was doing the Doc Martin/baseball cap dyke look so her hair wasn't noticeable. Once you heard her though you knew. Very pretty. But pushy and superior. She scowled at me, but that may have been because I was staring at her girlfriend.

I thought about telling Helen that she didn't deserve her Oscar or that Gillian was carried by her leading man. Not very me. More a New York thing. I laughed and smiled instead.

The next time I saw them was at The Geffen. I think it was a play about a husband and wife coming to terms over his transgender needs. They have good taste in art if nothing else. Both had the lesbian blouse and slacks look. Hot, fuckable and casually open about their relationship status. Gillian seemed to be in charge.

A few months after that I saw Helen with another girl. Black curly hair. It took me forever to figure it out but I think it was a local yoga instructor. They were very close. Did she cheat on Gillian or just trade up?

by Dew Kovneyreply 56106/20/2012

A Gillian Anderson & Helen Hunt lesbian confirmation is about as surprising as seeing the sun rise in the east.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56206/20/2012

Gillian Anderson at the SAG Awards in 1997.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56306/20/2012

Thanks R563 - I love how she tilts her head, particularly in response to the first question.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56406/20/2012

Welcome, r564.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56506/22/2012

Gillian can do plenty of work in England and not be talked about much in America. Her popularity is a lot stronger over there.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56606/23/2012

I am surprised at all these sightings and gossips about Gillian Anderson with women. All my years on datalounge I have never read anything like this about her. Not that I don't believe she is bisexual.

It's just that she was a bigger star back when she was still on X files and if people really saw her with women why didn't they post back then?

by Dew Kovneyreply 56706/24/2012

Gillian Anderson is pretty but I didn't think she was super hot until I discovered how talented she is. She's really an amazing actress.

That said, I saw her in a film (The Mighty Celt) where she looked way too thin... she looked better w/ a little extra weight.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56806/24/2012

Hmm Gillian Anderson being gay always seemed like wishful thinking, but if Helen Hunt is a rumored ex, I believe it.

HH is gay, fact, and not hot or famous anymore, so I can't see anyone bothering to pull this rumor out of their ass.

by Dew Kovneyreply 56906/24/2012


by Dew Kovneyreply 57006/30/2012

Here's Gillian, all smiles, going to the Lesbian Ball the other night

by Dew Kovneyreply 57107/06/2012

Here she is inside

by Dew Kovneyreply 57207/06/2012

What a strange mix of women at Tatler's Ball -(several not lesbian, and have nothing to do with lesbian issues/work etc).

by Dew Kovneyreply 57307/06/2012

Gillian Anderson joined Twitter and Facebook today (Friday, July 6). She is verified as @gilliana

Here is the Twitter link:

by Dew Kovneyreply 57407/06/2012

She looks good as a blond but she looked AMAZING with the red X Files bob.

by Dew Kovneyreply 57507/06/2012

Twice over the last year I've seen Gillian at The Candy Bar. For those who don't know? This is a place for women who like the softer side of sex. The real surprise was who she was with. Thandie Newton. Maybe they're straight girls just fucking around. But they seemed very into their roleplaying.

by Dew Kovneyreply 57607/07/2012

I prefer her with red hair and a little more weight than she's currently carrying -- the lack of facial fat is making her look a tad haggard.

by Dew Kovneyreply 57707/07/2012

r576, were Gillian and Thandie acting like a couple, or were they hanging with other women?

This is the first time that I am reading rumors about Thandie being bi or a lesbian. She is friends with Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, though, so...

by Dew Kovneyreply 57807/08/2012

I was looking up Katy Brand and came upon this Tweet. It seems Katy and Gillian have similar tastes in women.

by Dew Kovneyreply 57907/13/2012

OT, but speaking of Nicole Kidman and Thandie Newton, check out "Flirting", their 1991 film (Newton's debut, and one of Kidman's earliest successes). It's among the best work either has done, a real gem of an indie. Also starring Noah Taylor, i.e., Mr Bucket.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58007/13/2012

How much pussy can one womyn eat?!

by Dew Kovneyreply 58107/13/2012

Does anyone think that Gillian Anderson and Kim Raver could play sisters in a tv movie?

by Dew Kovneyreply 58207/13/2012

Gillian is a lot prettier than Kim.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58307/13/2012

R582, they could play adopted sisters. They look absolutely nothing alike.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58407/13/2012

True, r584.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58507/14/2012

The Candy Bar is boring.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58607/16/2012

I'm watching The X Files right now. She has such a pretty face.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58707/16/2012

She's a clam:

by Dew Kovneyreply 58807/17/2012

Her face looks better fuller.

by Dew Kovneyreply 58907/17/2012

Not really. She was pretty dumpy for the first handful of seasons of the X Files.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59007/17/2012

I thought the dumpiness was appealing on her.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59107/17/2012

Dumpiness is not appealing on anyone, fatso.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59207/17/2012

Gillian is chunky, but adorable here.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59307/17/2012

She looks much better thin i.e. at a healthy weight, as everyone does.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59407/17/2012

She is at a healthy weight, just on the high side of the healthy range.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59507/17/2012

Not a Hunt shill, but it looks like her behind has improved over the years. Shame about the face.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59608/25/2012

You're kidding, R588. No way is Gillian Anderson involved in Scientology. David Duchovny hates that cult btw.

by Dew Kovneyreply 59708/01/2013
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