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Let's Discuss "Female On The Beach" (1955)

What an odd little film in Joan's later oeuvre this is!


by aybreply 3503/09/2014

1) Jeff Chandler is an odd one. Sometimes he looks devastatingly handsome, and other times he looks kind of funny looking. Is he an early example of ugly-beautiful? It doesn't usually apply to men...

2) What's with Joan's conversion from disliking him and being annoyed by him to getting herself into a state and being besotted by him in what seems like a matter of days? Some sort of clever metaphor for her own life?

3) Sometimes this film looks really good, and other times like a soap. The cinematography is odd. The boat/danger element made me think of [italic]Knife In The Water[/italic], although that came later of course.

4) If you didn't work out who the murderer was after that heavy-handed jealousy scene in the boat you'd have to be sub-mental. Jan Sterling is dreadful in this film.

5) Again, as I alluded to above, Joan's character is totally uneven in this film. Lyn Markham is a shit-kicker who's been around the block and drops bitchy one-liners around her house like Shake N Vac.. for the first 30 minutes. And then from nowhere she's turned into an unstable alcoholic who even though she knows this man is apparently dangerous and is a trickster, she can't wait until he calls again.

6) That ending is so rushed and cheap. B-movies used to have really abrupt endings in the past, didn't they?

What are YOUR thoughts?

by aybreply 103/10/2012

Love it! Joan at the start of the film has some great lines.

by aybreply 203/10/2012

I love Joan's '50's B-movies, just loopy. We're supposed to believe that JC, now hard-looking in her 40's with those inexplicable caterpillar eyebrows (who's idea was that??) is supposed to be the object of lust of all these young hotties. I guess her fading clout got these greenlighted, and some of them do have their moments.

I wonder how many aging hausfraus said, "Oh look Marge, Joan has a new pic-cha at the Bijou. Let's have lunch at Woolworth's and make a day of it?"

by aybreply 303/10/2012

Jeff Chandler was a rugged, manly hunk. He wasn't a pretty boy.

And this movie is a campfest.

"I wouldn't have you if you were hung with diamonds upside down."

"You're about as friendly as a suction pump."

by aybreply 403/10/2012

Isn't Mrs. Howe the neighbor's wife?

Beware of Fast Friends!!!

Love how Joan C. just ends up with an oceanfront home.

The missing boat part.

Oh My!

by aybreply 503/10/2012

Love the scene where she rubs her ass while talking on the phone.

She never wears the same set of PJs twice--sleeps alone in these elaborate outfits.

Love the reply to "how do you like your coffee?"

This film is being shown Thursday at Hedda Lettuce Chelsea Classics, and is finally coming to DVD in June in a TCM Women In Danger box set.

It's Joan's only Universal film, thus a slightly different look.

Love the tagline "he was the kind of man her kind of woman can't resist!"

by aybreply 603/10/2012

Joan bump.

by aybreply 703/12/2012

Someone please explain her hair in that movie.

by aybreply 803/12/2012

"Sudden Fear" was also a Universal Picture if I'm not mistaken.

by aybreply 903/12/2012

I'm curious if bodybuilder Ed Fury was balling Joan Crawford during the filming in late 1954. He had a bit part in the movie at the end. I understand he was doing 61 year old Mae West at about that time. 26 year old Ed is the type 50 year old nympho Joan would go after. She had been involved with costar 36 year old Jeff Chandler in the past, but Ed was better looking and had a better body. I know in early 1955 when she filmed her next movie, "Queen Bee", she was having a fling with costar John Ireland. This while she was being courted by Pepsi Vice President Alfred Steele. She would marry Steele that Spring.

by aybreply 1001/16/2013

My favorite part is one I'm shocked got by the censors. On the morning of their honeymoon only one of their twin beds has been slept in.

by aybreply 1101/17/2013

The 2 old neighbours are amazing - dear old Cecil Kellaway and Natalie Trundy play Osbert and Queenie, who pimp young studs to lonely rich women like Joan and the woman who had the apartment before her. Then they bring Ed Fury around when Joan is in't biting their latest bait, Jeff. Jan Sterling is terrific as usual too .... and I wonder is Jeff eyeing up Joan's outfits and wondering how they would fit him ?

Its as good as Torch Song, Autumn Leaves, or of course Johnny Guitar. Joans 50s films are certainly better and more fun than Bettes, whereas Bette's 60s ones are better than Joan's - I suppose Straitjacket and Berserk have their admirers, but give me Dead Ringers or The Anniversary any time.

by aybreply 1201/17/2013

I've never this but I do love all of Joan's later movies. Are there any passion scenes in this movie where Jeff is grimacing at the thought of having sex with Joan? Because it wouldn't be Crawford B-movie without a young man looking more feminine than Joan herself.

by aybreply 1301/17/2013

This Crawford in the 50s box set is a MUST OWN

by aybreply 1401/17/2013

[R12] It's Natalie Schaeffer, not Trundy. It's Mrs. Lovey Howell!

by aybreply 1501/17/2013

Anyone have a copy of that amazing book by the Hollywood Kids, "Bad Movies We Love"? The article on this film is great! Talking about classic 50's JC, and how her co-stars kiss up to her, referring to her as "a girl" although she's way into her late 40's, with "sour milk lips". And the scene when she's on the phone, rubbing her bum is properly noted as well.

by aybreply 1601/17/2013

Go away, OP. Back to your little FaceBook page. Nobody called you back here. Troll.

by aybreply 1701/17/2013

WHET The Hollywood Kids?

by aybreply 1801/17/2013

Count me as one of those who loves STRAIT-JACKET. It's a pretty good thriller and IMNTBHO Joan is wonderful in it. She plays the softer scenes beautifully and, of course, knocks the camp scenes out of the park. She really runs the gamut and plays it with no less conviction than she would an A pic.

by aybreply 1901/17/2013

R17 is unhinged. I started this thread months ago and someone else has bumped it. YOU run along. Shoo!

I have seen so many Joan movies now, do I get some sort of gay medal?

by aybreply 2001/17/2013

I have that book, R16. It's not written by the Hollywood Kids it's by Stephen Rebello and Edward Margulies, two editors at MOVIELINE magazine who used to write the 'Bad Movies We Love' column there. That book was my bible for a long time.

Her costumes in this film are hilarious. I love the scene where Chandler chases her onto the beach and she collapses to the sand with her skirt hiked up to her waist to show off her still stunning legs.

A friend of mine who saw the film recently noted how Crawford holds her head in this film. She is carefully moving her head to avoid any neck waddle being seen. She does a great job at it too. Crawford was even in her drunken later performances, a master technician of film acting. I love that in STRAIT JACKET she's just as committed as she was at Metro being directed by Cukor and starring opposite Gable.

by aybreply 2101/17/2013

[quote] Jeff Chandler is an odd one. Sometimes he looks devastatingly handsome, and other times he looks kind of funny looking. Is he an early example of ugly-beautiful?

Are you under the impression that this phenomenon begain the 1950's? People have looked this way for centuries, and have acknowledged the phenomenon for almost as long.

by aybreply 2201/17/2013

With hindsight, R22, it was perhaps a silly assertion of mine, quite right.

by aybreply 2301/17/2013

Jeff Chandler was a rugged, manly JEWISH hunk. He wasn't a pretty boy.

Wasn't Joanie going exclusively with chick by the 1950s? I mean aside from her fat rich husband.

by aybreply 2401/17/2013

A sleazy film and love it because of it. Old couple blackmailing and pimping hunky men into servicing lonely customers (we can assume men as well).

by aybreply 2501/17/2013

"I have a long list of dislikes and it's getting LONGER"!

by aybreply 2601/17/2013

It was originally a play. Detective: "The previous owner took a swan dive off a bottle of brandy and is dead." Joan: "Dead?" "Yes. Any comment?" Joan: "Yes, I'm getting a new real estate agent!" "The Tingler" star Evelyn Keyes is good in this, too.

by aybreply 2701/17/2013

The saxophone heavy score is good, clearly influenced Bernard Herrman's "Taxi Driver". Although the same riff is repeated endlessly.

by aybreply 2801/17/2013

[quote]She is carefully moving her head to avoid any neck waddle being seen.

It's 'wattle' not 'waddle.' For Christ's sake, Joan had a turkey's neck not a duck's ass!

by aybreply 2901/17/2013

[R29] Oh Bette, you're still such a bitch! We love you!

by aybreply 3001/20/2013

I'm sure the title looked titillating on a marquee (esp. if you were boy passing by). But probably a disappointment once the lights went down.

The ad people were crafty, though: "Co-starring Jan Sterling"

by aybreply 3101/20/2013

"Female on the Beach" reminds me of the ending of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"

by aybreply 3201/20/2013

Shortly before the film was made, Joan Crawford was dating the president of Universal Pictures, who offered her the role. She also was given her choice of leading man, and she selected Jeff Chandler.

by aybreply 3301/20/2013

Offscreen, she and Chandler shared a wardrobe - designed by Jean Louis.

by aybreply 3401/24/2013

AUTUMN LEAVES and ESTHER COSTELLO weren't all that camp, unlike QUEEN BEE and FEMALE ON THE BEACH, unfortunately.

by aybreply 3503/09/2014
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