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Survivor: Colton's World, We're Just Living in It. Thread 2

Will Bill make it as a stand-up comedian?

Will the Playgirl model finally show some ass?

Will the hot blond layer return from Redemption Island?

Will Colton knock Leaf back to Oz?

Will Tarzan operate on Michael's ugly face?

All this and more on tonight's exciting episode of Survivor!

by Jeff Probstreply 60104/05/2012

I hate to admit this but I've had Colton before and he has a big dick. That's why he's always so smug and impressed with himself. That boy should be in porn, not Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 103/09/2012

Which one is the Playgirl model? links?

by Jeff Probstreply 203/09/2012

No one wants to watch Queen Colton and her moobs in porn dear

by Jeff Probstreply 303/09/2012

Fail, OP. Can someone come up with a better thread title?

by Jeff Probstreply 403/09/2012

R2, bitch please, like you don't know who the Playgirl model is.

by Jeff Probstreply 503/09/2012

When was the last time a DL Survivor thread passed 500 posts by the end of the 4th episode?

Colton has taken DL by storm!!

by Jeff Probstreply 603/09/2012

WTF? Even Bill didn't vote for Colton. Why the hell did he vote for Leif?

The whole thing is perplexing. All the other male players know what a cancer Colton is, what a fucking cunt he is, yet there he is, still there, rolling his eyes, doing his Cher tongue, with that "My farts smell like lavender" look on his face.

by Jeff Probstreply 703/09/2012

[quote]WTF? Even Bill didn't vote for Colton. Why the hell did he vote for Leif?

Bill probably thought it was between him and Leif going, so of course he's going to vote for Leif. He should have taken his lit torch and snuffed it out in Colton's face.

by Jeff Probstreply 803/09/2012

Bill is hot.

by Jeff Probstreply 903/09/2012


They originally told Bill they wanted to go to tribal to vote of Leif. The old dude was even saying how it was the greatest betrayal ever.

by Jeff Probstreply 1003/09/2012

The crazy old man is a surgeon....he ain't cuttin me

by Jeff Probstreply 1103/09/2012

In reference to the Kirk Cameron threads, I wonder if Colton will honor us with his views on gay marriage.

by Jeff Probstreply 1203/09/2012

Colton has the fucking Idol (thanks, Sabrina!) and so there wasn't a point of throwing votes his way unless it was an organized blindside. Bill hoped they were sincere about getting rid of Leif, and then he could hope to get the sane tribemates (Mike, Jay, Jonas) to ditch KKKolton. No such luck, though.

I hate Colton and Tarzan so much. Why can't they cast more gays like J.P. (or even Brad from J.P.'s season, since J.P. wasn't out then) instead of this racist, classist, snobby-without-cause embarrassment? Ugh.

(Or Rafe; his long-term strategy was terribly flawed, but he did a lot well, and it was very cool watching *him* be that season [Guatemala]'s challenge monster.)

by Jeff Probstreply 1303/09/2012

Colton was the basis for Bryce Dallas Howard's character in The Help.

by Jeff Probstreply 1403/09/2012

It's Cunton from now on.

by Jeff Probstreply 1503/09/2012

hot gay guys are too tempting for the newly married Jeff Probst

by Jeff Probstreply 1603/09/2012

FYI R13, Jonas isn't one of the sane ones. Just off the top of my head I can recall 3 separate confessional scenes of him praising Colton, calling him a mastermind and other similar nonsense. He's definitely under Colton's spell as much as the two Tarzans are. It's ridiculous. I think the only normal ones at this point are Jay, Mike, & Leif. Unfortunately, they don't have the numbers.

I really hope there's a shake-up with the tribes next week. Even if they don't get rid of Colton, maybe they'll get rid of his three minions.

by Jeff Probstreply 1703/09/2012

Having a big dick is reason to be smug and self-impressed? Gawd, that's sick.

by Jeff Probstreply 1803/09/2012

Just wached the first four episodes all at once at Fun season so far. Lots of eye candy. Unlike previous seasons, I've gotten to know the large group pretty quickly. Crazy move with the last tribal. Colton is a hot mess. Yikes.

I was kind of rooting for the Muscle aliance ... Michael and Jay are still there to drool over. (why was it the old geezer wearing the bikini/briefs ?)

Looks like next week they mix up the tribes (or merge this soon, possibly .... could be interesting now that it's 7/7 based on that last 'move').

I must say, I'm mostly liking the women more than the men right now. The men's tribe is all over the place and some of them are mighty annoying (Colton and Tarzan).

Can't believe I've stuck with this show so long, but it always grabs me.

by Jeff Probstreply 1903/09/2012

Short interview with KKKolton...

by Jeff Probstreply 2003/09/2012

[quote]Having a big dick is reason to be smug and self-impressed? Gawd, that's sick.

You must be new to DL.

by Jeff Probstreply 2103/09/2012

Bumping the Survivor thread #2

by Jeff Probstreply 2203/09/2012

Entertainment Weekly did an interview with Bill. It's actually maddening listening to him explain what happened. He still doesn't deserve what happened to him, but goddamn, it's frustrating listening to him talk.

by Jeff Probstreply 2303/10/2012

Why did Sabrina give that moron the idol? WHY??

by Jeff Probstreply 2403/10/2012

I thought the same thing when she was giving it to him. Why not save it and use it strategically after the merge. It was sooo stupid.

by Jeff Probstreply 2503/10/2012

I've been here 12+ years, R21, and in that time I've learned DL's smug and self-impressed believe that the average dick is 4.5"

What I'm saying is sick is that R1 is trying to pass off Colton's behavior as a result of having a big dick. Lame!

by Jeff Probstreply 2603/10/2012

Average dick 4.5? What you talking about?

Anyway, guys with big dicks don't usually feel the need to try too hard or desperately prove themselves they way Colton does. If anything his behavior is a sign he has a small one.

I bet Colton fantasizes about big black dick all the time. I knew a guy like him in college who was a complete bigot. That friendship died but years later I see his profile on A4A looking for groups of black tops haha.

by Jeff Probstreply 2703/10/2012

"I was kind of rooting for the Muscle aliance ... Michael and Jay are still there to drool over."

I agree. I'm rooting for Michael and Jay. Jay is the nicer of the two.

by Jeff Probstreply 2803/10/2012

Colton hated Michael because he knew he couldn't have him.

by Jeff Probstreply 2903/10/2012

[quote]I thought the same thing when she was giving it to him. Why not save it and use it strategically after the merge. It was sooo stupid.

I believe the instructions for the idol stated it had to be given up before the next tribal council.

by Jeff Probstreply 3003/10/2012


That's true. If it was not given to the men, theoretically, she could have been voted off with the idol.

by Jeff Probstreply 3103/10/2012

Tarzan as a plastic surgeon scares the shit out of me! I bet his office is in a dingy strip mall and he uses Fix-a-Flat to close those pesky surgical scars...!

by Jeff Probstreply 3203/10/2012

Jay is very religious and not in favor of sex before marriage.

by Jeff Probstreply 3303/10/2012

I don't agree with the things Colton said but some of the outrage here and other sites is over the top. Boycotting the show? This is hardly the first time something like this has happened on Survivor. On Samoa, Ben called Yasmin "ghetto trash". And who can forget Naonka's treatment of Casey B. on Nicaragua? Obviously some of you don't know your Survivor history very well.

So the only conclusion is that some fans are targeting Colton because he is Gay.

by Jeff Probstreply 3403/10/2012

Not true, R34.

by Jeff Probstreply 3503/10/2012

"So the only conclusion is that some fans are targeting Colton because he is Gay."

No, it's because he's a fucking asshole.

by Jeff Probstreply 3603/10/2012

I love the blacks!

by Jeff Probstreply 3703/10/2012

He has plenty of to repair the damage,r34 in time for the live reunion show-unless he says/does something even more outrageous before then.

I suggest he lose about 40 pounds,get a pair of horn rimmed glasses;dress low key and speak in glowing terms of his fellow Survivors. I'm sure he is already being schooled by CBS on how to appear humbled by the shit storm HE caused.

He's,free,white and(literally)21. He'll be just fine.

by Jeff Probstreply 3803/10/2012

this is the most interesting season in a while. So much muscle, and so much drama.

Colton's eye rolling is getting old tho.

by Jeff Probstreply 3903/10/2012

[quote]Colton's eye rolling is getting old tho.

I really want to slap him when he does that.

by Jeff Probstreply 4003/10/2012

I want to gauge his eyes out.

by Jeff Probstreply 4103/10/2012

Can't you gauge his eyes with calipers or something without having to remove them?

by Jeff Probstreply 4203/10/2012

I hope he gets the shit beaten out of him at the reunion show.

by Jeff Probstreply 4303/10/2012

He won't get beaten at the reunion show but he will be booed. And Bill will be cheered. It will probably give Bill's career a boost. All of that will traumatize Colton, who will announce that he has apologized to bill and they're friends now, probably much to bill's surprise. I'll put money it.

I know some people are saying that other people have said terrible things in the past too, but never has anyone gone after African Americans, little people, the poor, the uneducated and pretty much anyone who didn't attend an all white private school, in one hit at tribal council. It was unbelievable. Although the people threatening to boycott are crazy. The only thing that will achieve is that next time Survivor won't air the comments and we may never have known what a racist, narrow minded, shallow, turd Colton really is.

I think Colton thinks he's Scarlett O'Hara but sadly he's more like Ashley. A wishy washy man who thinks the KKK are a fine and noble institution.

by Jeff Probstreply 4403/10/2012

It's "gouge" not "gauge" you idiots.

by Jeff Probstreply 4503/10/2012

It's "idiot," not "idiots."

by Jeff Probstreply 4603/10/2012

[quote]He won't get beaten at the reunion show but he will be booed. And Bill will be cheered. It will probably give Bill's career a boost.

Eh, this is only the fourth episode. Bill will maybe get 15 seconds of airtime at the reunion.

by Jeff Probstreply 4703/10/2012

Doesn't matter that's only 4 eps in. This has guaranteed Bill a big ol' cheer and at least 15 seconds of air time.

by Jeff Probstreply 4803/10/2012

[quote]It's "idiot," not "idiots."

Wrong, moron. There are two of us

by Jeff Probstreply 4903/10/2012

Oh, do you have a helper monkey typing for you, R49?

by Jeff Probstreply 5003/10/2012

Yes r46, please note that R49 is posting that he is one of TWO idiots. Hence the plural.

by Jeff Probstreply 5103/10/2012

Eyes Gouged Out

starring Colton "Connie" Casserole.

by Jeff Probstreply 5203/10/2012

Colton, I can't wait to see what you do next, if I'm out, I will T-Bo the show.

by Jeff Probstreply 5303/13/2012

Preparing Colton for Big Brother and The Amazing Race....

by Jeff Probstreply 5403/13/2012

Here comes Colton!

by Jeff Probstreply 5503/14/2012

Colton tonight!!! I cant waits!

by Jeff Probstreply 5603/14/2012

If they do a tribe switch up, then it's the producers way of saying fuck you to the men for volunteering for tribal council. They want to make an example to future contestants that you don't mess with the game and make comp wins meaningless. If the girls had gone to tribal, the teams would be uneven and it would be unfair to the girls for a switch up. They're only switching tribes because Colton threw a hussy fit to go to tribal council.

by Jeff Probstreply 5703/14/2012

Haha, Colton - merge!

by Jeff Probstreply 5803/14/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 5903/14/2012

How stupid are some of these people?

by Jeff Probstreply 6003/14/2012

Leaf is still the hottest.

by Jeff Probstreply 6103/14/2012

The one thing Colton is right about is that these people are idiots

by Jeff Probstreply 6203/14/2012

Is Colton on DL?

by Jeff Probstreply 6303/14/2012

If Colton were found beaten and slumped against a fence post, I'd be okay with that.

by Jeff Probstreply 6403/14/2012

Colton gets worse next week.

by Jeff Probstreply 6503/14/2012

What exactly does that chick envisioning happening in the merge? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Why is it hard to believe that all of these people are really falling prey Colton? It doesn't even seem plausible for the ignorant to ignore his devious behavior.

by Jeff Probstreply 6603/14/2012

I wish I can slap the eye rolling out of him.

by Jeff Probstreply 6703/14/2012

I loved when Lee shoved Colton in the water during the Immunity challenge, that was great!

by Jeff Probstreply 6803/14/2012

At least I now have a tribe to cheer for. Let's hope they are smart enough to form a close alliance, so when the merge occurs Colton can't work his way back in. Does Colton ever do any work around camp? All we ever see are strategy session and resting!

by Jeff Probstreply 6903/14/2012

Not funny R64

by Jeff Probstreply 7003/14/2012

Even Probst is calling him out on the idiocy at tribal councils. Jeff told him tonight that they already had the by far weaker tribe just voted out their strongest member (Monica). With a great "really??" tone in his voice.

by Jeff Probstreply 7103/14/2012

Colton running through the water in the challenge tonight was priceless. Then getting nearly drowned after he got the ball in that challenge. Amazing.

by Jeff Probstreply 7203/14/2012

[quote]Why is it hard to believe that all of these people are really falling prey Colton? It doesn't even seem plausible for the ignorant to ignore his devious behavior.

He is getting rid of strong players so they might as well let him do what he wants.

Did you see Jay's ass when they showed him walking from behind? Damn that thing swayed like a hooker on the streets.

by Jeff Probstreply 7303/14/2012

I can't believe how stupid these people are. I May not get through the season with these fools.

by Jeff Probstreply 7403/14/2012

Imagine Shambo and Colton on the same tribe...then maybe throw in Cochran.

by Jeff Probstreply 7503/14/2012

It kind of sucks that after only a few weeks they broke up the tribes. We didn't get to see how the dynamics of the men's tribe would have played out.

No doubt there will be some interesting interactions between the mixed-gender teams, but it's kind of wrong that they were split up so soon.

by Jeff Probstreply 7603/14/2012

At least the hot guys like Jay and Michael are around for a while longer.

Did you hear Probst during the water challenge?

"Jay & Michael double-teaming Colton!"

by Jeff Probstreply 7703/14/2012

Oh, gawd, I laughed so hard when Colton mouthed "Do you remember what to do?" to Tardzan at tribal council. What a doddering old fool.

by Jeff Probstreply 7803/14/2012

What is the word for the type of chest Jonas has? It's so odd.

by Jeff Probstreply 7903/14/2012

"Did you see Jay's ass when they showed him walking from behind? Damn that thing swayed like a hooker on the streets."

MARY! I don't think I've ever seen an ass on Survivor described that way here before.

In which segment of the show in particular was this displayed?

by Jeff Probstreply 8003/14/2012

2010 story on Jay Byars' modeling career:

by Jeff Probstreply 8103/14/2012

Jay Byars underwear modeling photo:

by Jeff Probstreply 8203/14/2012

Jay modeling Emporio Armani underwear:

by Jeff Probstreply 8303/14/2012

Jay modeling 2xist underwear:

by Jeff Probstreply 8403/14/2012

Another of Jay modeling 2exist:

by Jeff Probstreply 8503/14/2012

Jay showing bush:

by Jeff Probstreply 8603/14/2012

Jay showing a glimpse of ass:

by Jeff Probstreply 8703/14/2012

Jay in Calvin Klein

by Jeff Probstreply 8803/14/2012

Jay in 'Rated M'

by Jeff Probstreply 8903/14/2012

Jay in Hugo Boss

by Jeff Probstreply 9003/14/2012

Side view of Jay

by Jeff Probstreply 9103/14/2012

More Jay in Hugo Boss

by Jeff Probstreply 9203/14/2012

Jay in pouch underwear:

by Jeff Probstreply 9303/14/2012

Jay in skimpy black pouch:

by Jeff Probstreply 9403/14/2012

Jay, side view:

by Jeff Probstreply 9503/14/2012

Jay in white pouch:

by Jeff Probstreply 9603/14/2012

Jay in another pouch

by Jeff Probstreply 9703/14/2012

Jay rear view:

by Jeff Probstreply 9803/14/2012

Jay ass crack:

by Jeff Probstreply 9903/14/2012

Jay in a G-string, showing ass

by Jeff Probstreply 10003/14/2012

Jay in blue pouch:

by Jeff Probstreply 10103/14/2012

Jay showing bush, bigger photo:

by Jeff Probstreply 10203/14/2012

Another big photo of Jay showing bush:

by Jeff Probstreply 10303/14/2012

Jay showing bush, slightly different shading:

by Jeff Probstreply 10403/14/2012

Jay animation:

by Jeff Probstreply 10503/14/2012

Jay bush photos, side by side

by Jeff Probstreply 10603/15/2012

Jay in white undies, hairy legs

by Jeff Probstreply 10703/15/2012

Jay showing off that bush yet again

by Jeff Probstreply 10803/15/2012

Wow, Jay has absolutely no bulge in the profile photos.

by Jeff Probstreply 10903/15/2012

No bulge? There's definitely something there. You can see the outline of his cock. A guy doesn't have to be hung like Jeff Stryker.

I do think though that his ass is a bit flat. Not exactly a bubble.

by Jeff Probstreply 11003/15/2012

Doesn't Alicia (is that her name?) realize that all the guys would vote her off in a second?

by Jeff Probstreply 11103/15/2012

R78, all I could think of during that scene was the SNL skit with Phil Hartman as Stockdale shouting "Who am I?? Why am I here??"

by Jeff Probstreply 11203/15/2012

Colton needs to go away and die. I've never hated a Survivor "character," more than I hate Colton. That hermaphrodite makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm so happy that all the hot and cool people made it onto one tribe. That makes it so much easier to hate the tribe with Colton and Alicia. Those two are completely vile.

I'm starting to watch the show and pretending that Colton's not in it. Like when that disgusting pig shows up on my screen, I turn away and pretend not to see it.

And yet I'm perplexed by the fact that those losers on that tribe won't vote the evil out. The japanese guy, tardzan, lief... none of them will step up and do the right thing. What a sorry display.

It's easy to see that Colton is the poison in any tribe. Just look at how he voted Monica off - she being the only worthwhile competitor on the whole team. And yet Colton conspires like a slithering snake, to get off the one person who contributes the most. All while that nasty, vile bitch Colton sits in the background, acting like ... I don't even know what.

It makes me so sad that THIS is the impression that people are getting about the gay community. A lazy, backstabbing, cheating, lying, manipulative, hateful, bigoted, entitled diva, who brags about befriending people and then fucking them over.

30+ years of gay activism down the drain, with a clueless, fat, Republican queen who makes us look like every bad stereotype ever imagined by straight people.

by Jeff Probstreply 11303/15/2012

Jay's body is kinda blah. Needs more ass to really show off a thong.

by Jeff Probstreply 11403/15/2012

R113, go lie down dear, your [italic]Mary[/italic] is showing.

by Jeff Probstreply 11503/15/2012

The scene of the tribe stabbing those crabs in the head was disgusting. I could have done without that.

by Jeff Probstreply 11603/15/2012

Because, R113, the people following Colton probably agree with his choices, and are happy to just let him take responsibility. No blood is on their hands. You really think guys like Leif and Tarzan would have survived on the boy's tribe had the alphas taken control? It's the same on the merged tribes - anyone who's a threat or strong needs to go. Their tribe doesn't need strength because they're always going to lose. The question is getting rid of who matters most until the next merge. Guys like Tarzan and Colton and Jonas probably need to stick to Colton at this point. Colton is a nasty piece of work, but he knows what he's doing.

by Jeff Probstreply 11703/15/2012

And your cuntface is showing, R115. Why don't you go have "the help" serve you another mint julep on the terrace, while you debate whether to vote for Gingrich or Santorum, who will do something about all those awful handouts that "the darkies" like to receive?

by Jeff Probstreply 11803/15/2012

[quote] The scene of the tribe stabbing those crabs in the head was disgusting.

Agreed. It would have been much better if it was Colton, in place of the crabs.

by Jeff Probstreply 11903/15/2012

Unclench R118, it's a TV show. Stop watching before you have a stroke.

by Jeff Probstreply 12003/15/2012

Oh please. You all know you'd be bitching that this season was boring as shit if not for Colton's antics. Not defending his specific actions, but come on. The other "characters" are beyond dull.

by Jeff Probstreply 12103/15/2012

I agree R121. Nothing says ratings like hate and bigotry. It's fun, fun, fun!!

MOAR! Bring on the vileness, crudeness, and hate!

Fucking hell, you'd think we're living in ancient Rome, when people being mauled by lions was considered a "sport."

by Jeff Probstreply 12203/15/2012

Yet you're still watching, r122.

I rest my case.

by Jeff Probstreply 12303/15/2012

Is there anyway that Tarzan is not senile?

Can he possibly be faking it to look harmless and

get brought farther along

because he is not a threat?

by Jeff Probstreply 12403/15/2012

That would be his strategy, R124. He has no athletic ability to make him valuable -- but what makes you think he's not smart enough to fool the other twits out there into underestimating him? He's a surgeon, but he hasn't told anyone there what he does for a living.

Granted, he's annoying as hell, and he's sure playing the clueless old fart thing to the hilt.

by Jeff Probstreply 12503/15/2012

"Colton walks around saying, "I'm a girl." What IS that???"

by Jeff Probstreply 12603/15/2012

[quote] Colton walks around saying, "I'm a girl." What IS that???

Self awareness.

by Jeff Probstreply 12703/15/2012

No one here seemed to notice that KKKolton first targeted the black guy for elimination and now the Asian girl? He had absolutely no reason to target Christina,same as Bill,than for they're not being white. I found it hilarious that he bonded with Alicia so soon-another "Mean Girl"just like him! I can imagine KKKolton sitting amongst his rich friends talking about people of color in the worst possible way...

And to echo the others on this thread-what the hell is wrong with these people? Tardzan(love the person who coined that name!)or the worthless Jonas should have gone before Monica. Jonas reminds me of the Asian girl from last season-playing into the pathetic subserviant stereotypes with his "I'll be KKKolton's bitch"comment. Have a back bone!

Despite being the tallest guy there,Michael is doing a great job of staying in the background and not making any waves,as well as Troyzan(?)Jay and the girl who looks like actress Diane Farr,who found the immunity idol.

Can't wait for next week when KKKolton has another freak out and starts wailing on Christina for no apparent reason other than her race...

by Jeff Probstreply 12803/15/2012

I wish Monica and Kat had been on opposite tribes. Kat is Salani's weak link and Monica was Manono's only strong link.

Obviously Manono will continue losing... I foresee Colton and Alicia becoming partners. The two are vile and perfect together. Colton is a bit too vile though and I hope he goes shortly after the merge. Keep him around for more drama, but keeping him too long would just sour the whole season. I'd rather Alicia last the whole season.

Also have to laugh at the poster who claimed Colton is going to set gay rights back because people will assume all gay people are like him. Yeah right!

by Jeff Probstreply 12903/15/2012

Holy shit, the Ozzy troll has found himself a new target. Slow down with the pictures, MARY!

[quote]Doesn't Alicia (is that her name?) realize that all the guys would vote her off in a second?

She does, but she pretty much knew the women were going to be picked off one by one and she played it to be the last one picked off.

by Jeff Probstreply 13003/15/2012

At least they had Jonas actually vocalizing that he's aware of Colton's shit. Everyone else seems to walk around in utter ignorance.

by Jeff Probstreply 13103/15/2012

Colton is probably reading this thread unless he's decided not to read anything, given how hated he is. But I'm sure his contract prohibits him from posting.

[quote]At least they had Jonas actually vocalizing that he's aware of Colton's shit. Everyone else seems to walk around in utter ignorance.

That's got to be editing. People must have compared notes on Colton, but as long as he's not after them, they may as well play along as he eliminates tough competitors.

by Jeff Probstreply 13203/15/2012

R128 Alicia is Hispanic.

by Jeff Probstreply 13303/15/2012

Hey stupid bitches, Colton here!! Any questions?

by Jeff Probstreply 13403/15/2012

[quote]I'm so happy that all the hot and cool people made it onto one tribe.

Quite possibly the stupidest thing I've read here in some time.

by Jeff Probstreply 13503/15/2012

I thought Alicia was Italian, but only because she reminds me so much of an Italian friend.

by Jeff Probstreply 13603/15/2012

Alicia is black.

by Jeff Probstreply 13703/15/2012

The HELP was based on Coltons family for sure.

by Jeff Probstreply 13803/15/2012

I really believe Colton thinks he is just like Scarlett.

by Jeff Probstreply 13903/15/2012

I thought it sucked when the women voted out Nina, the tough-looking former L.A. cop. She had character and was decent in the challenges, unlike some of the women.

by Jeff Probstreply 14003/15/2012

Would Colton be on an All-Stars edition? Would love to see him and Russell interact.

by Jeff Probstreply 14103/15/2012

I'll miss Monika's fun bags. :(

by Jeff Probstreply 14203/15/2012

I would like to see how Colton and Ozzy would interact.

by Jeff Probstreply 14303/15/2012

What's to miss about fake tits, Wanda?

by Jeff Probstreply 14403/15/2012

Colton would hate Ozzy b/c he couldn't control him and he's not 100% white.

Jay is sexy until he opens his mouth and that hideous voice pipes up.

by Jeff Probstreply 14503/15/2012

Gay villains make the best villains.

by Jeff Probstreply 14603/15/2012

so who was in Playgirl? Jay?

by Jeff Probstreply 14703/16/2012

Ewww, why doesn't Jay shave his pubes???

by Jeff Probstreply 14803/16/2012

Ewwww to any "man" that shaves his pubes . . .

by Jeff Probstreply 14903/16/2012

R147, I don't think Jay was in Playgirl. He he has done a lot of nearly naked underwear posing though. I posted every photo I could find above. (And was reprimanded for doing so by some bitch above).

by Jeff Probstreply 15003/16/2012

Colton may be leading the tribe but that doesn't mean he knows what he's doing. His last two decisions were idiotic. First he encourages everyone to go to tribal when they don't need to just to vote Bill out because he's black. And then he votes out the only athletic player on his team. The guy is a fool. He has given no reason whatsoever for mistrusting Christina, so as someone up thread said, it's probably because she's Asian. The KKK chapter he belongs to must be bursting with pride.

by Jeff Probstreply 15103/16/2012

Colton is from Alabama, which just voted for Santorum this week. Colton was probably one of those voters.

by Jeff Probstreply 15203/16/2012

I don't know how he comes across one-on-one, but maybe because Colton is so out there and non-secretive about who he is people have an instinct to find him trustworthy.

by Jeff Probstreply 15303/16/2012

The title of this thread sucks. It obviously must have been made by Colton himself. Fuck Cunton.

by Jeff Probstreply 15403/16/2012

I love how Alicia is skanking it up and using her sexuality to get the mens' trust. That is smart gameplay.

by Jeff Probstreply 15503/16/2012

I love how Alicia's thighs make everyone crave cottage cheese.

by Jeff Probstreply 15603/16/2012

Alicia is kind of a boner killer.

[quote]I posted every photo I could find above. (And was reprimanded for doing so by some bitch above).

I was not that "bitch" but I agree with him. Deranged types who gunk up threads like this suck.

by Jeff Probstreply 15703/16/2012

Colton rocks!

by Jeff Probstreply 15803/16/2012

I had forgotten Tarzan is a surgeon. I liove him playing up the bumbling grandpa angle. Great strategy. I hope has lasts longer than Colton or even blindsides him.

Is Jay still a pro model?

by Jeff Probstreply 15903/16/2012

Last episode Tarzan said he was a medic. Is he hiding that he is a surgeon, or do we have his actual occupation mixed up somehow?

by Jeff Probstreply 16003/16/2012

and remember guys, Colty lives in a fucking bubble.

He is from ALABAMA. The most backwards state we've got.

So "rich" in Alabama is not "rich" in the Northeast, for example.

I would say he lives with his mama in a sizable home (about 4,000 square feet) that's worth about $350K.

His family probably has about $400K in net worth.

And that's his attitude? HE LIVES IN A BUBBLE.

Come to the big city, boy, and we'll see how you fare.

by Jeff Probstreply 16103/16/2012

He's not fat.

by Jeff Probstreply 16203/16/2012

R161, you may be right, but you may also be way off. All of the generalizations you made are out of control. When it comes down to it, you just don't know, so you can't make such broad assumptions like that.

by Jeff Probstreply 16303/16/2012

the assumption I am making is solely based off the "character" he is portraying on television.

The point is this: he is a poser. The worst kind.

Bitchy to be bitchy, not funny.

A fat whale with a pasty body who flops around the mud bitching like a pussy.

He's not someone I would consider hot in the least.

So his thinking he is rich and that his housekeeper is African-American makes him a well-rounded individual??? Bitch thinks she's Lady Mary!

by Jeff Probstreply 16403/16/2012

R164 it's a GAME. Obviously the point is not to portray your real personality.

by Jeff Probstreply 16503/16/2012

So you think Colton is acting, R165?


by Jeff Probstreply 16603/16/2012

KKKolton is a fat and fugly piece of shit.

by Jeff Probstreply 16703/16/2012

R160 I think Tarzan is hiding that he's a plastic surgeon. Should he make it to the end a jury may decide he already has enough money.

Frankly, hiding his profession is the only strategic thing Tarzan's done. He seems academically bright but also seems to posses very few street smarts. The guy is very naive. He thought racism ended with the election of a black president. He lives in rich, straight, white guy world. Your daughters debutant ball last Saturday and couples tennis next sunday don't equip you for the dirty game of survivor, no matter how high your IQ is.

by Jeff Probstreply 16803/16/2012

I was sad to see Monica go.

She is a hot MILF

by Jeff Probstreply 16903/16/2012

Don't you think it's embarrassing to be Monica, though? She's simply identified as "Ex-NFL player's wife".

by Jeff Probstreply 17003/16/2012

R170, if that's your claim to fame, so be it.

Unfortunately for Colton, from now on he will be known as "loathsome homoseksuelle."

by Jeff Probstreply 17103/16/2012

Colton, like the living stereotype he is, is playing the game hysterically. Rather than playing the game, he's decided to simply create a world of his own making. The game of Survivor is nothing to him, he's there to rid himself of people he simply has decided he doesn't like. He sits on his ass talking shit about people, whining and complaining while not contributing a single fucking thing.

Why others are allowing this to go on is truly bizarre. How is it possible that Colton is even still there? As he has declared everyone else in the game to be stupid, perhaps his very survival in the game is proof positive that this one time he's actually right.

by Jeff Probstreply 17203/16/2012

Colton's problem is that he is not thinking of the end game.

He failed to realize where is band of 4 misfits will be after the tribe mergers. He is not bonding with his new tribe, he never bonded with Michael and Jay doesn't he think they might bound with their new tribe and just knock off his remaining 4 men after the merge. It will be 7-4 or even less depending if they merger at 11 or 10.

He will have lost the girl alliance when the see that Monica is gone. If he was with the girls and having the idol how could that have happened.

Now that Kim has that idol, they need to seriously blindside Colton at the merge.

by Jeff Probstreply 17303/16/2012

r162, yes you are Colton

by Jeff Probstreply 17403/16/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 17503/16/2012

So true,r172. I just watched the episode and KKKolton has targeted everyone who simply irritates him-no stategic game play whatsoever! Unless I'm missing something,he dislikes Christina for no apparent reason and got rid of Monica because she's too smart-in other words,the perfect Repug! And just like a repug,he looks down on smart people and wants to be surrounded by idiots that he can manipulate.

And I wish that Leif's and Michael could switch bodies,because each of their faces looks like it belongs on the other person!

by Jeff Probstreply 17603/16/2012

Lief is handsome. They showed a closeup of him without his hat and his sunglasses, which is how we usually see him, and I said "Wow, who's that handsome guy?" The camera pulled back and that handsome face was Lief's.

by Jeff Probstreply 17703/16/2012

R177 = Midget Fucker

by Jeff Probstreply 17803/16/2012

I agree R177, he isn't bad looking but he's not the brightest.

by Jeff Probstreply 17903/16/2012

"Did you see Jay's ass when they showed him walking from behind? Damn that thing swayed like a hooker on the streets."

Which scene was this ?

by Jeff Probstreply 18003/17/2012

OMG! Jay's voice is a nightmare!

Have his balls dropped yet?

Somebody shove something in his mouth so he can't speak.

by Jeff Probstreply 18103/17/2012

I like em small and stupid.

by Jeff Probstreply 18203/17/2012

Leif was always at crotch level while he was tackling Michael and looked like he would pull down his shorts several times!

by Jeff Probstreply 18303/17/2012

I think Jay may be the secret gay one.

Like JP Calderon before him.

But, r180, please provide link or describe in detail. Was it sashaying like a girl?

by Jeff Probstreply 18403/17/2012

Who said there's a secret gay one?

by Jeff Probstreply 18503/17/2012

>>Colton's problem is that he is not thinking of the end game.

Colton's problem is that he has a personality disorder.

And that's also the key to why the others haven't gotten rid of him yet. Often people intuitively want to keep things smooth with someone with a personality disorder because if they went against them they have to deal with the aftermath of vitriol and punishment that would be directed at them. And in this case, there are huge stakes (a million $), so there's a lot to lose with one misstep.

I just spent three years experiencing this at my job. In looking back on it, that seemed to be the dynamic between our personality disordered person and her staff and co-workers. Knowing that she'd stoop to levels so low to get rid of them kept them afraid of her and afraid to speak out against her.

Come reunion time, Colton will explain away what he said and will have created a version of events in his head that never happened, yet he will truly believe.

by Jeff Probstreply 18603/17/2012

R186, you competed on Survivor for three years?

by Jeff Probstreply 18703/17/2012

That's what it felt like, R187. We finally were able to vote the bitch off the island.

by Jeff Probstreply 18803/17/2012

R184, I am R180. I was quoting someone else who said that above. I also would like to know in which scene Jay's ass was swaying like a hooker.

by Jeff Probstreply 18903/17/2012

R189: I am not the person who first mentioned Jay. In watching the show again, his walk is more obvious than I remembered. Watch the first half of the show again.

by Jeff Probstreply 19003/17/2012

I can't believe no one has mentioned how hot Troyzan is for a 50 yr old. I'd do him in a heartbeat.

by Jeff Probstreply 19103/17/2012

[italic]And that's also the key to why the others haven't gotten rid of him yet. Often people intuitively want to keep things smooth with someone with a personality disorder because if they went against them they have to deal with the aftermath of vitriol and punishment that would be directed at them.[/italic]

I disagree. They haven't kept him because they're scared of repercussions. They haven't gotten rid of him because they actually have some reverence for the guy! They throw around words like "brilliant" and "genius" when they talk about him. They happily made him their leader and respect him as such. It's mind-boggling!

by Jeff Probstreply 19203/17/2012

Why would they get rid if him? It serves them no good to get rid of their own and have the women outnumber the men. You guys are horrible at strategy and simple math. You just play emotionally and would be terrible at playing Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 19303/17/2012

Hey smartass at R193....before the tribe switch, the men went to tribal council twice and so had two opportunities to get rid of him.

As of now, yes, it would be stupid to get rid of him and lose the number advantage. However, the game didn't just start this week, moron.

by Jeff Probstreply 19403/17/2012

As you can see above, Jay has done some very revealing underwear modeling - practically showing his cock.

So it's not surprising that his ass would sway like a hooker's.

by Jeff Probstreply 19503/17/2012

I totally agree R194. Not to mention Colton has made 2 of the stupidest strategic moves ever. He convinced his dumb arse tribe to go to tribal when they didn't need to, reducing his tribes numbers, just to get rid of someone he didn't like. Dumb. He then lands on a tribe that doesn't physically measure up to the other tribe and organizes to vote out the most athletic player they have, significantly reducing their chances of winning anything from here on in. Colton is about strategic as a tree.

by Jeff Probstreply 19603/17/2012

And the members of his tribe *didn't* want to go, but were afraid to dissent because they thought it would put targets on their backs.

by Jeff Probstreply 19703/17/2012

R184 and R180, I am not the person who posted about Jay's sashay, but I think it is in reference to the scene where the new "gods and goddesses" tribe is trying to catch a chicken.

by Jeff Probstreply 19803/17/2012

R196 If you think Colton, a gay man, can win Survivor by keeping heterosexual males around to the end you are dumb. Wake up to the real world. Where have heterosexual males brought a gay man or gay woman with them to the finale?

by Jeff Probstreply 19903/17/2012

Umm why does a gay man need to be "brought" to the end? Can't a gay man win survivor on his own merits? Richard Hatch ring a bell? Nobody took him to the end, he got himself there. And if your implying that Colton's strategy involves voting out all the straight men, then both of you need an anatomy lesson, because at last check Monica is a woman.

by Jeff Probstreply 20003/18/2012

I wonder if Jay has had gay sex along his path to being a male model?

He has done some pretty revealing modeling for some gay underwear sites.

But he says on his Twitter that he is very religious and that he against sex before marriage, so who knows.

by Jeff Probstreply 20103/18/2012

He is a virgin to sex to both man and woman. With that voice, who would want to bed him?

by Jeff Probstreply 20203/18/2012

Jay should avoid inhaling helium before his interviews.

by Jeff Probstreply 20303/18/2012

Ahem! r199?

by Jeff Probstreply 20403/18/2012

What's so terrible about Jay's voice? It's a bit on the high side?

Not all men have deep voices like Christopher Lee or James Earl Jones.

by Jeff Probstreply 20503/18/2012

Soooo,which one of the remaining men do you think KKKolton beats off to in the bushes at night? He got rid of the guy he was most obviously attracted to(Bill)Did you see the coquettish look he threw Michael during the basketball challenge? Or maybe he wants Jay to ram him mercilessly exchange for votes? I notice he has not targeted those guys by name,only in general whe refering to the men...

by Jeff Probstreply 20603/18/2012

Jay sounds like a muppet, but I'd still fuck him silly. And I don't see that voice deterring any women if he is straight. They might not like his voice, but they aren't going to kick that ass or those abs out of bed.

by Jeff Probstreply 20703/18/2012

r207, I agree. hot to death. And if he has a sashay when he walks, even better. shows vulnerability.

But, I guess I have to closely watch next time.

Or can someone intelligent here post the video of Jay walking swinging his ass from side to side???

by Jeff Probstreply 20803/18/2012

I think that's a myth,r208. I watched the episode again and the only place I can see Jay's ass is in the immunity challenge running thru the water. I think the person who said they saw Jay 'sashaying'got excited...

by Jeff Probstreply 20903/18/2012

Ooops-my bad! There is,indeed,a shot of Jay 'sashaying'at about the 13:30 mark(without commercials)Just as he and Michael are trying to catch a chicken! But it's only about 5 seconds...

Again,sorry to the poster I doubted.

by Jeff Probstreply 21003/18/2012

Jay's voice doesn't go with his face, but that body is perfection.

by Jeff Probstreply 21103/18/2012

can anyone post a clip of Jay the sashay walker???

by Jeff Probstreply 21203/18/2012

During the water challenge last week there's a point at which Jay & Michael push Colton down into the water and Jeff says "Colton double-teamed by Matt & Jay!"

by Jeff Probstreply 21303/18/2012

Thanks for the souvenir!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 21403/21/2012

All the laughter all the tears

I want to Colton and his lime green polo shirt and Bobby Brady hair

I want to see Jay and his muscles

I want to see Tarzan and his stellar vocabulary

I want to see Troyzan and his tan

I want to see Jonah and his whale

I want to see Leaf and his tree

I want to see nameless gals and their whispering

I want to see slobbering monkey

Where are the monkees!

All that and Jeff's shiny forehead on tonites show

by Jeff Probstreply 21503/21/2012

I pray to God it's not the Playgirl model who gets hurt tonight and is sent home on a stretcher. Please please please let it be one of the girls!

by Jeff Probstreply 21603/21/2012

I think you speak for all of us, R216. : )

Best wishes to Jay!

by Jeff Probstreply 21703/21/2012

If David Beckham is considered major league fuckable with that voice of his than Jay can be, too.

by Jeff Probstreply 21803/21/2012

Awww, poor fat widdle Colton doesn't get any ice cweam!!! lol!!

by Jeff Probstreply 21903/21/2012

How does Colton develop such deep "hate" for these people? He now says the same thing about Christina that he said about Bill. "I hate her voice. I hate her face. I just want her gone."

I wish someone would talk to his fat ass as horribly as he talks to others. I cannot believe anyone puts up with him.

by Jeff Probstreply 22003/21/2012

Colton is the mean girl of this season. He is suffering from estrogen poisoning.

by Jeff Probstreply 22103/21/2012

R220, if you woke up every morning knowing you were Colton, you'd be filled with tons of hate as well.

by Jeff Probstreply 22203/21/2012

Don't ya love how that queen blamed Christina for the challenge when he and his hag couldn't even throw the damn ball?

by Jeff Probstreply 22303/21/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 22403/21/2012

Oh my god! what a bitch! He kept the Idol for a souvenir!

by Jeff Probstreply 22503/21/2012

karma - ha! it really is a bitch!

by Jeff Probstreply 22603/21/2012

The tears from Jonas and the group goodbye were so annoying. The guys appendix may be bursting but let's draw out the drama and drag the other castaways to say a few words first.

I hope Alicia gets hit by a meteor.

by Jeff Probstreply 22703/21/2012

I guess they'll be no elimination tonight since Colton went out. So Alicia gets to play Queen Bitch another day.

by Jeff Probstreply 22803/21/2012

OMG, Jay is pretty.

And OMG - that chick doesn't know what appendicitis is?

by Jeff Probstreply 22903/21/2012

They're all sad for him? It's already apparent that no one will call him out on his shit, even at the reunion.

by Jeff Probstreply 23003/21/2012

Maybe he will lose some weight and look good at reunion.

by Jeff Probstreply 23103/21/2012

the spoilers were right.

it was kind of refreshing to see a soft and fleshy non-obese guy on tv for a change. i wonder how colton feels knowing the entire country has seen him doubled up, constipated, dehydrated and flabby.

by Jeff Probstreply 23203/21/2012

The only thing better would've been if Colton had died from appendicitis .... and if it were contagious and Alicia caught it too. With those two together, it was hard to decide with was the bigger cunt.

by Jeff Probstreply 23303/21/2012

I hope his doctor operating on him is black.

by Jeff Probstreply 23403/21/2012

No, R234 - Blasian!

by Jeff Probstreply 23503/21/2012

Karma bites Colton in the ass!

by Jeff Probstreply 23603/21/2012

When will a gay person win this show again?

by Jeff Probstreply 23703/21/2012

Thx, r215!

by Jeff Probstreply 23803/21/2012

Don't know R237, but it looks like a gay man is going to win Celebrity Apprentice.

by Jeff Probstreply 23903/21/2012

Colton is one of the most revolting reality show contestants I've ever watched. How could the others listen to he and Alicia talk to Christina the way they did? I was hoping she was going to snap Colton's neck when she had his head in her hands. Jonas, Leif and and Tarzan need to get in the game.

by Jeff Probstreply 24003/21/2012

I wanted the nurse to keep pressing in on his appendix like a game, watching his pulse race.

I'm on the Christina bandwagon since she seems to be a very kind person.

by Jeff Probstreply 24103/21/2012

Yes, the scenes of Colton and Alicia puting down Christina were horrible. It went beyond being a bully.

I believe Jonas interviewed about it, but said nothing directly to the two. Tarzan is almost as bad as Colton & Alicia, he did even seem to notice.

I wish I could feel sorry for Colton, but I can not.

by Jeff Probstreply 24203/21/2012

KKKolton is one of the most horrible person I have ever seen on a reality show. I wish that appendix had burst and killed him.

by Jeff Probstreply 24303/21/2012

Ha! Ha! Colton's flabby belly and lady hips were on TV! So glad to see that fat, stretchmark-laden, racist, classist, fugly cunt in tears being hauled out on a stretcher. .

The only thing that could have made this episode more satisfying would've been for Alicia to be voted out, then chastised for her hideousness, terrible personality, ridiculous boobs, and cottage cheese ass/thighs, and then shoved into the fire while being hit by a meteorite and having her neck snapped by Christina.

by Jeff Probstreply 24403/21/2012

Colton was verbally abusive to Christina. He called her a 'fucking bitch' (or something that was bleeped out) after their team lost the reward challenge. It's true she didn't score any points, but neither did he. It's amazing how vicious he was.

by Jeff Probstreply 24503/21/2012

Here's the bad news, Colton is GUARANTEED to be invited back on to the next season of Survivor. You know Jeffy is not going to let one of his favorite villains get away that easily.

It's the only time I'll be rooting for Russell to be brought back as well.

by Jeff Probstreply 24603/21/2012

Would the merge ordinarily have been a week later? Did they move it up a week because someone had to withdraw tonight?

by Jeff Probstreply 24703/21/2012

I miss the days of Survivor when it there wasn't an extreme asshole on each season.

by Jeff Probstreply 24803/21/2012

Colton went from being bullied to The Bully really quickly. And now you know we will have to see him on another season, just because there seems to be a shortage of game show contestants, or because he will try to sue. No wonder they kept placing him in the best player of the week selection, which hardly matters if we only have their choice of three. Or maybe they will pair him with Alicia (I will never teach again) on Amazing Race, like the Bretchels. Why is she always in bikini pants? She's hideous. Maybe people will actually start playing now, instead of just handing Colton the win. And yet I watch....

by Jeff Probstreply 24903/21/2012

Colton and alicia are horrible people. I believe in karma an he definitely got it. I'm glad he is out of the game. I hope Alicia will get hers next! Horrible people!

by Jeff Probstreply 25003/21/2012

R248, and you're no producer, either.

by Jeff Probstreply 25103/21/2012

It's certainly hard to believe that Alicia is a special ed teacher. Normally to work in special ed you need enormous amounts of patience and kindness to require you to devote time to children with extra needs.

by Jeff Probstreply 25203/21/2012

What does Alicia teach. Gawd, that woman is ugly inside and out. And I can't bear the sight of her digusting ass.

by Jeff Probstreply 25303/21/2012

I'm very disappointed he's gone in this way because I would much rather have seen the other people there finally wise up and vote his fat ass off.

by Jeff Probstreply 25403/21/2012

Colton stayed an asshole till the end. He didn't even give someone on his tribe the Idol - he insisted on taking it home with him.

by Jeff Probstreply 25503/21/2012

Based on tonight's episode,I'd say Christina is in the running for overall Fan Favorite-and she deserves it.

Christina could have stepped over KKKolton while his insides burned(Oh,the irony!)but she was a true angel,caring for him like a mother would. For the life of me,I don't know why Alicia and KKKolton hate her so much.(Well,maybe I know why KKKolton hate her-same way he hated on Bill-using the exact same language)

The correlation between Alicia' personality and what she does for a living is striking. Special Ed Teacher?!!

by Jeff Probstreply 25603/21/2012

Oh,forgot to mention what a bitch move by KKKolton to keep the idol for herself!

A queeny bitch to the very end...!

by Jeff Probstreply 25703/21/2012

We didn't get to see much of Jay's ass sashaying tonight : (

by Jeff Probstreply 25803/21/2012


When was Colton bullied? He never tried to work with the guys, and assumed they all would hate him because he is gay. He was never bullied.

by Jeff Probstreply 25903/21/2012

I'm starting to like Asian Boston Rob

by Jeff Probstreply 26003/21/2012

Colton and Alicia's treatment of Christina was revolting. It went beyond game play and into bullying territory. I so wish Christina had kicked Colton in his appendix until it burst.

by Jeff Probstreply 26103/21/2012

I think Jay's helium voice is kind of cute.

by Jeff Probstreply 26203/21/2012

I kinda wished Christina stuck it to him, just a little bit. She went above and beyond being nice. This isn't RuPaul's Best Friend Race. All in all, good to see the piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home.

by Jeff Probstreply 26303/21/2012

Tardzan is even more retarded than originally thought if he thinks Alicia is more trustworthy than Christina.

by Jeff Probstreply 26403/21/2012

Alicia really had nerve almost bobbin' and weavin' her head at Christina, saying "she's done" with her and accusing HER of talking smack, when all Christina was doing was strategizing like everyone else does!

Alicia is a weak, fragile person on the inside and likes to fancy herself as a tough bitch on the outside.

Colton is a weak, fragile person on the outside and really is a tough bitch on the inside.

by Jeff Probstreply 26503/21/2012

We are no longer in Colton's World!

by Jeff Probstreply 26603/21/2012

Well now that Colton is gone, there is no longer a reason to watch this season.

by Jeff Probstreply 26703/21/2012

If you google "colton asshole" you get 1.68 million returns.

by Jeff Probstreply 26803/21/2012

There's still Jay, R267. : )

by Jeff Probstreply 26903/21/2012

There has NEVER been a gay survivor that DL or viewers in general like. You'll worship any good-looking heterosexual male on the show no matter what but a gay person can never meet your standards. If you don't like other gay people then get help. I don't watch the show however I always look at the message boards and see the same negative stuff directed at the gay survivors no matter if they are tall or small, young or old, black or white etc. The same stuff will happen next season and the season after that and so on.

by Jeff Probstreply 27003/21/2012

Maybe Jay is gay.

by Jeff Probstreply 27103/21/2012

You just KNOW that Colton will be invited back for another season, AND he'll get to bring his immunity idol into play.

by Jeff Probstreply 27203/21/2012

R270 is right. We should root for psychopaths like Colton and Richard Hatch.

by Jeff Probstreply 27303/21/2012

I want to see Ozzy brought back for a duel with Colton

by Jeff Probstreply 27403/21/2012

R270, I don't remember DL's reaction to Todd from the China season, but I think he's one of the best Survivor winners. He played a great game and kicked ass at the final tribal council. He's one of the few winners that truly deserved the win. I was always disappointed that he never returned for another season, but I guess he has nothing else to prove.

by Jeff Probstreply 27503/21/2012

I watched season one, the first half of season two and last quarter of Survivor: China. The gay people in those seasons were not the evil people they were made out to be. Ricard may have manipulated a few situations however he also caught food for the tribe and won challenges. I watched as Todd Herzog won. He was a fun guy. Not how heterosexual viewers wanted him to be. When a heterosexual particularly males are manipulative viewers praise them however when gay people do it they are evil. Viewers don't want gay people to get in the way of heterosexuals winning reality shows.

by Jeff Probstreply 27603/21/2012

The reaction to Todd on DL and in general was pretty positive as I recall. Considering he was a femme,tiny twink he handled the tribe brillaintly and deserved the win. Other than the usual complaints of backstabbing, the tribe seemed to like him as well. The most positive portrayal of a gay man on this show so far.

by Jeff Probstreply 27703/21/2012

Why hasn't Jay been forced to walk around in his underwear?

by Jeff Probstreply 27803/21/2012

Until you've witnessed the personality disordered, hateful, bigoted Colton, R270, you don't get to have an opinion.

by Jeff Probstreply 27903/21/2012

R277 You are imagining things. Todd was hated like every other gay contestant. I remember I had to defend him on the CBS message boards. I didn't come to DL at the time but I did go to other gay websites and they were negative toward him as well. I had to defend him in those places too.

by Jeff Probstreply 28003/21/2012

[quote]I'm starting to like Asian Boston Rob

Who's Asian Boston Rob??

by Jeff Probstreply 28103/21/2012

[quote]If you google "colton asshole" you get 1.68 million returns.

We get to see his hole?

by Jeff Probstreply 28203/21/2012

[italic]When a heterosexual particularly males are manipulative viewers praise them however when gay people do it they are evil[/italic]

That's just not true. With all the posts over the years about evil Russell and Cochran and Boston Rob and Coach and countless others, you're seriously going to say something as inane as that? You're a fool.

by Jeff Probstreply 28303/21/2012

[quote]Would the merge ordinarily have been a week later? Did they move it up a week because someone had to withdraw tonight?

No, the merge is right on time at 12 people. They normally would show it at the beginning of the next episode but since they needed a closure for the show tonight, they did it tonight.

by Jeff Probstreply 28403/21/2012

This is BULLSHIT! Colton did not deserve to go out like that. He's a horrible person but he was playing a great game and had the idol. I would have liked to see how that dynamic played out and how the idol got played. We know he would never have won so it would have been great to see how he finally got voted out. Now we will never know how it would have played out.

Inviting him back for another season doesn't really make up for it since the dynamics would be different. And everyone would already hate him and vote him out first.

by Jeff Probstreply 28503/21/2012

R283 Absolutely. Those survivors are fan favorites regardless of what they do.

by Jeff Probstreply 28603/21/2012

But the bottom line is that because of Colton going home, someone was spared tonight, yes?

by Jeff Probstreply 28703/21/2012

Yes, R287. The second time this season. They're dropping like flies!

by Jeff Probstreply 28803/21/2012

How come Jeff told Colton that if he goes to the hospital, he's out of the game? When Courtney went to the hospital, she wasn't automatically out of the game. Jeff had to give the girls an update at tribal council that Courtney was not coming back. Colton should have been given the same chance to come back.

by Jeff Probstreply 28903/21/2012

Do you think Colton secretly gave the idol to someone or had Jeff secretly give it? He really couldn't give it to anyone out in the open when they were all gathered around him. Maybe he told Jeff to give it to someone when the crowd dispersed.

by Jeff Probstreply 29003/21/2012

I can't believe no one has ragged on Kat yet about her terrifying thought that she TOO could get appendicitis, like it was a communicable disease.

And that she'd never heard of it in her life. And that the other contestants had to tell her it was a human organ and where it was in the body.

Are people today really THAT stupid?

by Jeff Probstreply 29103/21/2012

R281 Jonas. The Asian guy who looks kind of like Boston Rob. Is doughy like him too but ore quiet and trying to fly under the radar. He was the one who was willing to back Alicia's ouster when Christina told him and Leif that Alicia had a female alliance still with women from the other tribe.

by Jeff Probstreply 29203/21/2012

So what? I've never heard of this disease either. It's no big deal. Chill.

by Jeff Probstreply 29303/21/2012

Is Leaf a vampire? Why is he always sleeping in coffins?

by Jeff Probstreply 29403/21/2012

Kat is a dumb blonde. Why are you surprised?

by Jeff Probstreply 29503/22/2012

Glad Colton is gone, couldn't stand him another minute.

by Jeff Probstreply 29603/22/2012

This sucks. The alliance of Colton and Alicia was umbeateable, and now something unfair like this has to happen. If Alicia is out next week, I stop watching.

by Jeff Probstreply 29703/22/2012

R237, in answer to your question: Richard Hatch was a gay man who won the very first season of survivor. So go out, get the survivor back catalogue and you can watch a gay man win survivor any time you want.

by Jeff Probstreply 29803/22/2012

Umm, R293, appendicitis is NOT a disease, you're as dumb as Kat and tht's saying something.

by Jeff Probstreply 29903/22/2012

Isn't it great that we can have these Survivor threads and no one spoils them anymore? Like it was before resemption island days? Had to avoid reading them.

by Jeff Probstreply 30003/22/2012

[quote] Christina could have stepped over KKKolton while his insides burned(Oh,the irony!)but she was a true angel,caring for him like a mother would.

I don't understand why she did what she did. Well, it was partly for survival, but I personally could never touch that evil cunt after how he acted. I might spit on his face while he was writhing in pain, but cradle his head? Um, no. And notice his "friend" Alicia couldn't be bothered with his flabby ass.

[quote] This is BULLSHIT! Colton did not deserve to go out like that. He's a horrible person but he was playing a great game and had the idol.

You don't get it, do you? Colton was taken out by his own evil. There is no way that someone that bigoted and hateful can be successful. NO FUCKING WAY.

Colton got his just desserts, and he's just lucky he didn't die in those palm fronds, which he absolutely deserved.

He is a vile, despicable excuse for a human being, and anyone supporting that sort of behavior is simply clueless.

In fact, his ailment did him a favor. If this season had gone on, he would literally have been the most hated person on the planet. He already set gays back by 50 years. He didn't need to stay on the show to set us back another 200 years.

I am so glad he's gone. SO glad.

by Jeff Probstreply 30103/22/2012

They will milk Colton as much as they can. How many times was Russell brought back?

by Jeff Probstreply 30203/22/2012

[quote]Colton got his just desserts

[Psst: it's just deserts, with one s, derived from "deserve." Dessert is what comes after dinner, after the diners have been "desservis" (plates cleared away).]

by Jeff Probstreply 30303/22/2012

Seriously, R303? Who the fuck is supposed to know that? Nobody gives a shit about an obscure saying. You get the point.

by Jeff Probstreply 30403/22/2012

OK, I've had a bit too much coffee and am a bit manic at the moment. I know as errors go, "just desserts" is far at the bottom of the list. At least I didn't "Oh dear!"

by Jeff Probstreply 30503/22/2012

R305, A grammar troll with a heart?

by Jeff Probstreply 30603/22/2012

You could tell our hefty boy Colton wanted that damn ice cream.

by Jeff Probstreply 30703/22/2012

Friends don't let friends go around typing "just desserts"!

Anyway, seriously, Kat had never heard of an appendix?!

by Jeff Probstreply 30803/22/2012

Well, Colton's team did lose the ice cream challenge, so it would really be more fair to say that he DIDN'T get his just desserts.

by Jeff Probstreply 30903/22/2012

With Colton gone, this could be one of the most interesting seasons. I am really looking forward to Wednesday nights again. There are many potentially interesting players left now that Colton is no longer around to get all the player interviews.

by Jeff Probstreply 31003/22/2012

Nobody cares about contestants who are out before the merge and aren't on the jury. By the time the finale rolls around, we'll be saying, "Colton who?"

by Jeff Probstreply 31103/22/2012

Did anyone else raise an eyebrow when Colton was lying there with possible appendicitis, and Probst wasted time grilling him about his feelings? Shouldn't he have been focused on getting Colton to a hospital stat, before the thing ruptured?

by Jeff Probstreply 31203/22/2012

I agree, R310. Colton was too much of a force. It'll be interesting to see whether or not there are any real alliances or strategies amongst the remaining players. Everything's been too focused on Colton.

by Jeff Probstreply 31303/22/2012

Kat had never heard of an appendix --- and was worried that she might "catch it?"

Girl is just too stupid to live.

by Jeff Probstreply 31403/22/2012

I'm still tickled that R393, much like the impossibly ignorant Kat, has never heard of appendicitis before. Run, R393, or you might catch it!

by Jeff Probstreply 31503/22/2012

People don't hate Colton because he's gay. People hate him because 1. he's a raging asshole 2. a racist 3. a classist. 4. lazy 5. worthless in challenges.

by Jeff Probstreply 31603/22/2012

R316...bullshit. They mainly hate him because he's gay. This whole country is racist and classist. They hate him because he's a "faggot." This thread is something out of free republic. It's one thing to hate Survivor because they chose this guy to represent the gay community. Which was obviously done to invite homophobia from the audience. It's another thing for you self-loathing nazis to wish death on another gay man. I don't like him either, but you evil pricks have gone WAY too far here. Check your own internalized homophobia.

by Jeff Probstreply 31703/22/2012

I hope Alicia stays in and makes it to the final 3. Keep using sex as a weapon gurl.

by Jeff Probstreply 31803/22/2012

R298 and also Todd from Survivor:China.

by Jeff Probstreply 31903/22/2012

I really like Jonas. I hope he and Leif run this thing.

by Jeff Probstreply 32003/22/2012

I have a feeling that if Alicia didn't have that bikini top holding her breasts up and together, they would look like a Ubangi grandmothers lip plates.

by Jeff Probstreply 32103/22/2012

Any of you bitches post over at that Atheist thread which was recently shut down?

After last night's SURVIVOR there can be no doubt that there IS a God.

by Jeff Probstreply 32203/22/2012

Without Colton this show is not worth watching. I'm done with it until the aftershow, when they will hopefully have Colton back.

by Jeff Probstreply 32303/22/2012

R323 = Colton

by Jeff Probstreply 32403/22/2012

I can start watching again. I couldn't stand "miss thing".

by Jeff Probstreply 32503/22/2012

R270 said while ranting "I don't watch the show" and you lost me right there. Who are you to tell us how to feel when you don't even watch the damn show!

by Jeff Probstreply 32603/22/2012

No, r322. If there was a God, Christina would've left him on the ground to be slowly eaten by big black ants.

r323= bigoted logcabin republican who doesn't believe Colton has done anything wrong.

by Jeff Probstreply 32703/22/2012

Hopefully now the focus of the show will be more on hotties Jay & Michael.

by Jeff Probstreply 32803/22/2012

r328 nailed it. Keep this thread going.

by Jeff Probstreply 32903/22/2012

Michael's got beautiful lips and nipples. Those alone are worth tuning into.

I wonder whose idea it was to not include the competitors' faces in the opening. I thought they only just showed the logo when they were short on time.

by Jeff Probstreply 33003/22/2012

They hardly ever show opening credits with the names anymore. I noticed last season that they were already starting to eliminate it. I haven't seen the full titles once this season.

by Jeff Probstreply 33103/22/2012

Baby Colton was probably trying to keep the immunity idol so he could sell it on eBay. But I'm sure producers confiscated it.

Evil, crazy, camera-hungry reality show "characters" really distract from the actual competition. I want someone to root for, because the Colton/Russell/Boston Rob/Coach/Brandon schtick gets boring and predictable.

by Jeff Probstreply 33203/22/2012

What a terrible actress that Colton is. It looked like a producer's ultimatum rather than a medical emergency. Bullying on reality shows never comes off well for producers.

And what a turd face Alicia ended up looking like. Survivor is meant to be a battle of wits not deliberate, abject cruelty.

Please being back Matthew and his big balls.

by Jeff Probstreply 33303/22/2012

R333 I really want to know where Alicia was a special ed teacher.

I can't imagine ANYONE wanting their special needs kids around such a narrow minded bully. S.E. teachers are supposed to me the most patient and compassionate of people. Alicia is just a bulling brute.

I'm sure with her huge fake tits and "I'm miss thing!" demeanor she was probably a manager at a Fresno-area Hooters who was too old to do service work. And I'm sure she never spent time with special needs children for a living.

by Jeff Probstreply 33403/22/2012

This show was just getting good, now with Colton gone, this show isn't going to be the same.

by Jeff Probstreply 33503/22/2012

It will definitely be different with Colton gone, but it allows others to come into the spotlight now.

by Jeff Probstreply 33603/22/2012

I agree with R333. I honestly didn't think Colton was ill. And Jeff's behaviour was odd.

by Jeff Probstreply 33703/22/2012

Well, it will be interesting to see what is said at the reunion show, i.e., what Colton's diagnosis was.

by Jeff Probstreply 33803/22/2012

All I kept thinking was that I wanted to slap Colton.

by Jeff Probstreply 33903/22/2012

Colton rocks!!

by Jeff Probstreply 34003/22/2012

R338, it appears to be appendicitis

by Jeff Probstreply 34103/22/2012

R341 what's that?

by Jeff Probstreply 34203/22/2012

I meant if it really turns out that he had appendicitis, R341, or if it was all an act, like others have speculated.

by Jeff Probstreply 34303/22/2012

Kat is the type of vapid, stupid blonde that will appeal to young straight guys

by Jeff Probstreply 34403/22/2012

Finally saw the last episode. I'm so happy that little shit is off the show. Next Alicia needs to go she is a vile piece of work.

And she's a special ed teacher? I bet she points and laughs at her students. Calls them retards and nut jobs.

I don't know who I hate more her or Colton.

by Jeff Probstreply 34503/22/2012

R343 I'd bet anything it was a stunt to get him off the show. He was such a bully and bringing others into bullying other contestants as well.

With bullying being the issue it is today, it wasn't playing well. He was getting personal and just being downright cruel and vicious. Colton crossed a big line, many times.

Other villains like Russell didn't even go that far. He played people but he didn't tell people days in advance "we're voting you out cause I hate you, I hate your face, I hate your voice, you're poor and disgusts me and I want to throw you into a fire" without any real cause like Colton did.

Also, notice all Colton's "confessionals" about his appendicitis and sickness were when he was filmed looking fine and healthy. The producers knew ahead of time they were sending him home and gave him a more sympathetic way out.

by Jeff Probstreply 34603/22/2012

Yes, I agree it was the producers who made Colton leave. It's a conspiracy. Colton probably made up the appendititus. His acting was so bad. Especially with the Tyler Clementi case in the news, the producers knew they couldn't risk having Colton on the show any longer or it would become a liability.

by Jeff Probstreply 34703/22/2012

r346, I would really respect the producers if they did actually do that.

But I doubt it. I do think they could have taken him to the hospital and not kicked him out before his official diagnosis and surgery.

They saw a moment and the took it. Oops we have to fly you out, even though we've flown people out before and given them a chance to come back, we won't with you because we are digusted by your behavior.

Karma is a bitch, watch out Alicia.

by Jeff Probstreply 34803/22/2012

R346, we don't often see femme "bullies" on reality TV.

by Jeff Probstreply 34903/22/2012

ITA R347. His bullying and ridiculous put downs of Bill was bad but when he turned that same venom on Christina, someone he didn't even know, he crossed a line from villain to vile.

Bullying is too big an issue in society right now to tolerate someone as disgustingly racist and intolerant as he was. I think the producers came to realize this and stopped it in it's tracks before he could bully anyone else on the show.

All it would take is a few cases of bullying by people claiming it was okay cause they saw it on "Survivor" to give them MAJOR bad publicity.

by Jeff Probstreply 35003/22/2012

The producers didn't want lawsoots.

by Jeff Probstreply 35103/22/2012

Colton was universally reviled on Survivor fan site pages. And not cause he was gay, but because he was a bigot and a bully. Comment sections were 98% full of hatred of how he treated others in the game.

Producers saw this coming and got rid of him.

by Jeff Probstreply 35203/22/2012

You people are out of your damn minds if you really think the producers pulled Colton out of the game because of his bigoted comments. All they would have had to do is not air any of his comments and then there wouldn't be any issues.

If anything, I'm sure the opposite is true. The producers considered him gold which is why they aired so many of his hateful comments & gave him so much screen time. They knew his antics would make people talk about the show, thereby increasing it's popularity. They milked that situation for all that they could.

I'm sure they were pissed when they learned he'd have to be pulled from the game. They knew they were losing out on loads of drama.

I thought the rule was always that if they had to leave the island for medical reasons, they could not return. That's why I remember someone (Penner?) getting stitches on the island. But then it got infected and he needed to be hospitalized, so he had to be pulled from the game.

If there really were times that someone received medical care in a hospital and was able to return, I'd love examples. I could very well be wrong, but I don't remember it happening.

by Jeff Probstreply 35303/22/2012

[quote]If there really were times that someone received medical care in a hospital and was able to return, I'd love examples.

Courtney from this season is an example. She went to the hospital and was going to return. But it turned out her injury was too severe so she didn't return and Jeff had to tell the girls that she wasn't coming back. If going to the hospital means automatically getting pulled from the game, then why didn't Jeff just eliminate her right then and there instead of awaiting for news of her condition? Jeff did the opposite for Colton. He told Colton he was automatically disqualified from the game if he went to the hospital. Weird.

by Jeff Probstreply 35403/22/2012

In a recent interview, Colton said that he had a bacterial infection, not appendicitis. He was given a round of medication before returning to the states for more medication. He's fine now and still has his appendix. I'll try to track down the article and link it here.

by Jeff Probstreply 35503/23/2012

"I had a severe bacterial infection in the lining of my stomach and my intestines. That was causing the headaches and the pain."

by Jeff Probstreply 35603/23/2012

After the abuse and bullying she was subjected to, Christina kept her composure and even turned around and gave Colton some nurturing when he was sick. She's a far, far better person than I.

by Jeff Probstreply 35703/23/2012

R317, how on earth can you say the Colton hate is based merely on his sexuality? Do you just excuse his vile behavior and comments? To do so means that you are either exceptionally dim, incredibly myopic, or a racist piece of shit like Colton. Or maybe all three.

by Jeff Probstreply 35803/23/2012

I couldn't believe how quickly Alicia jumped on board with Colton - I mean, they way they treated Christina it was starting to look like the Stanford Prison experiment. I couldn't believe how vile Colton was. Glad to see someone pulled the plug on her.

by Jeff Probstreply 35903/23/2012

There are several interviews on Survivor Sucks where Colton says that he wanted to give the idol to Jay, but Jeff would not allow it because Jay was on the other team.

Interesting, because we hardly ever saw Colton and Jay talking to each other.

Colton is asked about his gay friends reactions to the the show. Colton admits that he has very few gay friends. But, he brags about having a boy friend whom Colton says comes across as very straight to most people.

Take it for what it's worth from a not all that pretty little liar.

by Jeff Probstreply 36003/23/2012

I wouldn't be surprised if Colton did want to give the idol to Jay.

Racist, bigoted, gay republicans would eat shit if it meant the hot straight guy would give them the time of day.

Also, I'm laughing at the ones who think the producers wanted Colton gone. Really? A reality show producer that doesn't want a shit-stirring drama queen on their show?

If anything, I expect Colton to return in a future all-stars edition.

by Jeff Probstreply 36103/23/2012

The whole season finished filming last fall so there's no way producers could react to viewer complaints about Colton. I think he was just mad he didn't get ice cream so he "got sick."

by Jeff Probstreply 36203/23/2012

Alicia's stock just dropped considerably in my book, because she posted an apology on Facebook. Gurl, you should never explain, apologize or back down.

by Jeff Probstreply 36303/23/2012

Doesn't make sense, R362

by Jeff Probstreply 36403/23/2012

Alicia is a complete twat. I hope she gets as much ridicule Colton's going to get after the show.

by Jeff Probstreply 36503/23/2012

Wonder why Colton wanted to give the Idol to Jay?

by Jeff Probstreply 36603/23/2012

No, R362, of course the idea isn't that the producers were reacting to viewer complaints. They (according to this theory) were reacting to the behavior they saw displayed right in front of them during production and decided to take action to neutralize him.

by Jeff Probstreply 36703/23/2012

R361, how do you know Jay is straight? With that voice, he could be gay.

by Jeff Probstreply 36803/23/2012

[quote]This is BULLSHIT! Colton did not deserve to go out like that.

More to the point, we deserved to see him blindsided at tribal.

by Jeff Probstreply 36903/23/2012

Here's my quick take on Colton:

Believe it or not, this season ALL the contestants respected his being gay.

What I cannot fathom is that NO ONE has called him on ANY of his shit. Or Alicia. When you starve, do you truly go crazy??

Even the hot guys this year are dumber than dumb (and that's saying something considering each year, the hotties play stupid). No one even thinking of going against Colton.

It's not that much of a surprise on how to have voted him off, idol and all.

Makes no sense.

He was vile. Disgusting rubbish. Alicia is a special ed teacher? Play that card during an election and the Democrat would lose (unfortunately).

I think Jeff was boinking the ice cream guy, too.

Lastly: Jay and his sashay. Gorgeous guy I'd love to fuck.

by Jeff Probstreply 37003/23/2012

I'm the one who posted about Jay from Survivor Sucks. In thinking about it, Colton never targeted Jay even though they seemed not to have an alliance. It also makes sense if Colton really has a boy friend whom people think is straight. That may well describe Jay too.

by Jeff Probstreply 37103/23/2012

We didn't get to see all of the bullying that Colton and Alicia were inflicting on Christina. I've heard there's a behind-the-scenes video of them making fun of Christina's "Asian-eyes". These two really are vile.

by Jeff Probstreply 37203/23/2012

Yes, I gather Colton said he and Alicia were sending Christina home on the Shanghai Express.

by Jeff Probstreply 37303/23/2012

Seeing KKKolton going off to die like a wounded animal in the bushes was karma realized.

And I know KKKolton was 'raised'(I use that term loosely)in Alabama but who would allow their child to leave the house acting like that? Growing up,I was always taught to be on my best behavior,especially around strangers. KKKolton met these people for the very first time and quickly started acting like an untrained dog. I can't believe he's 21 and in college-he acts like he was raised in a barn with pigs! His personal attacks on Bill and Christina is inexcusable and should be an embarrassment for him-same as for Alicia.

Thank God Bill and Christian acted like the mature adults they are in the face of such poisonous venom directed at them.

by Jeff Probstreply 37403/23/2012

I'm pretty sure a clip of Colton and Alicia's taunting of Christina will be played on the reunion. The audience will boo, I hope.

by Jeff Probstreply 37503/23/2012

Colton tweeted something about Jesus being his best friend. I saw it yesterday, but can't find it today.

by Jeff Probstreply 37603/23/2012

R372, You mean this?

by Jeff Probstreply 37703/23/2012

Wow, R377. Just wow. I'd be stunned to see children doing that, but adults? Gawd.

by Jeff Probstreply 37803/23/2012

Lots of speculation around the interwebs that Colton was indeed faking.

by Jeff Probstreply 37903/23/2012

What a bitch, and she's a teacher?

by Jeff Probstreply 38003/23/2012

[italic]of course the idea isn't that the producers were reacting to viewer complaints. They (according to this theory) were reacting to the behavior they saw displayed right in front of them during production and decided to take action to neutralize him.[/italic]

Get it through your head....this would never happen. The worse his behavior is, the more people are going to talk about the show (and probably watch). The producers loved every bit of him spewing venom at anyone & everyone.

And of course, if your theory was correct & they didn't like his behavior, they didn't have to show any of that footage! The fact that they did air so much of his nastiness when they didn't have to just proves my point that they loved it.

by Jeff Probstreply 38103/23/2012

Colton was shaping up to be one of those players you love to hate, like Russell.

His premature exit without even a castmate sendoff was no doubt greeted with dismay by the producers.

by Jeff Probstreply 38203/23/2012

How do you know Colton and Alicia were making fun of Christina in that video? Maybe they were joking about bad facelifts or Joan Rivers.

by Jeff Probstreply 38303/24/2012

Say what you will, Colton kept us all watching this season. Sure, I'll want to watch now to see that nightmarish Alicia smacked down...but you know, it's not the same as seeing Prince Colton run the show.

Some of your comments -- about how the producers forced him out because the audience didn't like him -- are just incredibly naive.

by Jeff Probstreply 38403/24/2012

Actually ratings are down this season to series lows. So Colton did not keep everyone watching.

by Jeff Probstreply 38503/24/2012

Alicia will most likely lose her job over this.

by Jeff Probstreply 38603/24/2012

Sure, the producers loved Colton's bitchy comments and mean girl behavior. However his racism bit them in the ass. How coukd they have shown the tribal council with Bill without airing Colton's racist comments? I think they knew airing it was going to be sensitive but I think they were a bit surprised by how much strong backlash they got from it. All the contestants are screened and evaluated before being chosen and I think after Colton they will screen better for racism.

by Jeff Probstreply 38703/24/2012

Jonas sure had his nose up inside Colton.

His "Colton is the biggest Survivor fan ever! He was really playing the game!" had me wondering where all that "Colton playing the game" footage ended up. It sure never made it to my tv. Colton played the game? When? Colton didn't do a single fucking thing and was a useless twat in the challenges.

If being a piece of shit is playing the game, then yeah, okay, Colton played it well.

Of course he's going to be Miss Misunderstood at the reunion, doing his Cinderella best to play up the tragic hero role.

by Jeff Probstreply 38803/24/2012

r387, stop talking. You clearly have no idea how reality tv works.

Yeah, reality tv producers from now on will make sure hateful and overly dramatic people don't get on their shows. Just look at Russell, he was so despicable, the Survivor producers never asked him back for a second season, or a third season, and they never invited his equally repulsive family members either. Reality tv HATES and never rewards repulsive behavior!

And what backlash? The only ones getting any hate are Colton and Alicia. Plus, ratings have been declining for YEARS. Not to mention ratings this season are the same as last season, and the season before that. If anything survivor boards are full of people talking about survivor and how much they hate Colton. So if anything, producers are thinking of a way to bring him back again.

by Jeff Probstreply 38903/24/2012

R389, that's all fine and good but you're forgetting the Tyler Clementi factor. With bullying in the news so much, the producers don't want liability for showing it on national TV and letting others copy the behavior. They're going to be removing Alicia from the game next.

by Jeff Probstreply 39003/24/2012

R390, stop. You don't know what you are talking about.

by Jeff Probstreply 39103/24/2012

Just watch next week when they remove Alicia from the game and you'll know I'm right.

by Jeff Probstreply 39203/24/2012

Wrong R389, repulsive behavior such as Russell's will be continually sought on Survivor and other reality shows. But these shows are meant to be trashy fun. Racism is not trashy fun and these shows are not built to deal with it. It's too real for "reality" tv.

by Jeff Probstreply 39303/24/2012

Alicia may well get voted out, R392, but because she's useless and repulsive, not necessarily because the producers took her out.

by Jeff Probstreply 39403/24/2012

The producers could take her out of the game by getting others to vote for her. That way it doesn't look like the producers interfered.

by Jeff Probstreply 39503/24/2012

You're in outer space R393. There have been numerous "race incidents" on both Survivor and Big Brother (and probably other reality shows) in the past 12 years.

by Jeff Probstreply 39603/24/2012

r390 and others. Lay. Off. The. Drugs.

There is no way a producer would know the future.

They fucking edited the show. We see 40 minutes of a 10,080 minute filming!

by Jeff Probstreply 39703/24/2012

10,080 minutes is 7 days.

by Jeff Probstreply 39803/24/2012

R390 is retarded. I never use that term & hate using it, but I really can't think of another word to describe someone who's just so....retarded!

by Jeff Probstreply 39903/24/2012

*sigh, deep breath* R390 you do realize that the show was filmed several months ago? There is no way the producers can get the tribe members to vote for Alicia because of recent audience reaction, unless they find a time a machine and go back in time. "Survivor" is not like "Big Brother," which is filmed in real time.

by Jeff Probstreply 40003/24/2012

If it's not filmed in real time then how does the audience vote? Ozzy won fan favorite last season beating out Cockring.

by Jeff Probstreply 40103/24/2012

In all honesty I think R390/R392/R395 be a child. I don't mean that as an insult, I actually believe r390 is a 13 year old. No adult is this naive. He probably also thinks Colton has been grounded by Jeff Probst and Alicia will have her pocket money confiscated next week.

by Jeff Probstreply 40203/24/2012

Only the finale is filmed in real time! The rest of the episodes were filmed months ago. They're currently filming the season 25. Before you argue with me, google it.

by Jeff Probstreply 40303/24/2012

So if Colton is replying to his critics right now, does that mean he's not in the next season?

by Jeff Probstreply 40403/24/2012

Probably, R404, because they started filming next season last week.

by Jeff Probstreply 40503/24/2012

Colton crying about being medivaced out.

by Jeff Probstreply 40603/25/2012

I still wish Colton made jury. It would have been both an epic boot and an epic jury speech. And the reactions and eye rolls each week sitting in the jury would have been great. Now we were robbed of all that.

by Jeff Probstreply 40703/25/2012

Colton crying about being medivaced out.

by Jeff Probstreply 40803/25/2012

Not to mention we won't get to see Colton's relative come to meet him for the family reunion episode. It would probably have been his black housekeeper.

by Jeff Probstreply 40903/25/2012

At the live reunion"

Jeff: Colton, you didn't bring the immunity idol with you, did you?

Colton: Oh Jeff, of course I did!

Jeff: Well, let's see it! Show it to us!

(studio audience applauds)

Colton: (batting his eyelashes and looking coquettish) ohhh... okay, if you really want me to... (giggles)

Jeff: (to studio audience) how about it, do you want to see it?

Studio audience: (loud applause) Yesss!!

Colton: Here it is! Here's my souvenir! Thanks for the souvenir, Sabrina!

Other contestants laugh and applaud and ad-lib approval and "that's our Colton" type of comments.

Jeff: Colton, in 24 seasons of Survivor we have never had a contestant like you. You are definitely unique in Survivor history. You are possibility the biggest fan ever to play Survivor.

Studio audience: cheers and applause Contestants: ad-lib approval and agreement, those nearest to Colton pat him on the back and shoulders.

Colton: soaking it all up and believes it is his due.

by Jeff Probstreply 41003/25/2012

You are SPOT ON, R410.

Colton's disgusting display of bigotry will be completely swept under the rug by Probst and the show, and they will pretend like everything is fine and dandy.

And Colton will be a STAH, and revel in his hideousness.

Don't you just love what our "reality culture" has become? Simply disgusting.

by Jeff Probstreply 41103/25/2012

You know, Colton finally did what no other Survivor contestant did - got me to stop watching the show.

So when I read that he left the game, I entertained the idea of tuning back in. Then I read R410, realized that this is EXACTLY what will happen, and have decided that after watching faithfully since Season 1, I'm officially done.

by Jeff Probstreply 41203/25/2012

Colton will make a statement at the reunion that apologizes for his behavior. He'll say that he's matured tremendously since filming, that filming and being away from home was stressful, etc. None of what he said actually reflects his feelings. He grew up in a very respectful household and his family was ashamed of him. He'll say he has tons of friends, including blacks, dwarves, and asians.

The audience will applaud and Jeff will move on to another contestant.

by Jeff Probstreply 41303/25/2012

I don't think so, R413. I think he'll say he was playing the game and using what worked, and he is what he is. I don't think he's self-aware enough to know how offensive that is, even now.

Also, I'm amused we need to provide Remedial Reality TV instructions for some of our posters here.

by Jeff Probstreply 41403/25/2012

The pattern has been to have the December reunion in LA and the May reunion in NYC. I hope Colton has so much "ghetto trash" surrounding him he'll be puking right and left.

by Jeff Probstreply 41503/25/2012

The finale is scheduled for May 13. I hope the Black Panther Party is there to "greet" him.

by Jeff Probstreply 41603/25/2012

Tarzan is a surgeon. Wouldn't he have immediately told producers that medical help should be called? It ended up being a bacterial infection which was cleared up with meds. Collera could have come back in the game. I think It was a conspiracy.

by Jeff Probstreply 41703/25/2012

"Jay and his sashay"

Would someone please link to a clip of it?

by Jeff Probstreply 41803/25/2012

[quote]Collera could have come back in the game

Ha ha!

He was certainly well enough to go back (or some beach somewhere) for his follow-up on-camera interviews. He sure seemed to be have recovered quickly and was perfectly healthy for someone who just had an appendectomy, which was the "official" story at the time.

Maybe we'll learn when those interviews were taped, but we were all sitting here going "this queen didn't have appendicitis"

by Jeff Probstreply 41903/25/2012

[quote] It ended up being a bacterial infection which was cleared up with meds. Collera could have come back in the game. I think It was a conspiracy.

Colon COULD have come back into the game, but the producers knew he had to go. He has already done so much damage to the Survivor "product," as it is.

Just imagine the thousands of people tuning out of the show not only because they don't want some nasty queen on their screen, but because they don't want a nasty, BIGOTED, and evil queen on their screen. Ratings would have tanked if Colon were allowed to continue with his hateful "game play."

Judging from the "slanted eyes" he was making in that linked clip at 377, there was a lot of vileness from that creep, that WASN'T shown on screen.

Go back to the episode after Bill was eliminated, and you'll notice that they totally skipped the conversation after Tribal Council, which is normally where the next show begins.

I'll just bet there was a LOT of racial conversation going on back at camp, which the producers don't want us to see.

Colon is like POISON, and all the bile he was spewing, finally manifested itself in his body. He's a gross pig, and I'm glad he's gone.

by Jeff Probstreply 42003/26/2012

He was deemed a "super villain" on Survivor: One World, but Colton Cumbie prefers the term "evil queen."

by Jeff Probstreply 42103/26/2012

I hope Jonas, Christina and Leaf can stick together. It looks like it would be them versus Jay, Troyzan, Kim and Chelsea and everyone else is collatteral damage. Whose side are you on?

by Jeff Probstreply 42203/28/2012

I'm on Jay's side.

by Jeff Probstreply 42303/28/2012

I'm not watching anymore because Colton is no longer on.

by Jeff Probstreply 42403/28/2012

I love Jay's chest, hairy legs and swingin' ass!

by Jeff Probstreply 42503/28/2012

I want to see slobbering monkey

by Jeff Probstreply 42603/28/2012

I was so grossed out during the "poop vs dirt in Tarzan's underwear" debate.

by Jeff Probstreply 42703/28/2012

I think that slender, dark-haired woman Kim is going to win.

Mike's heavy beard makes my boy parts tingle.

by Jeff Probstreply 42803/28/2012

R420 - you do realize the show was taped months ago, right? It's not like the producers just realized now that the ratings are tanking and then made a quick decision to re-shoot the last half of the season in the last week so they could get rid of Colton just to improve ratings. You do know that, right?

by Jeff Probstreply 42903/28/2012

They showed the full opening for the first time which includes images of the contestants. Michael and Jay looked hot, of course. So did Troyzan. Interesting timing that it was PC-Post Colton. But the music edit sucked. Let's hear the whole music theme, dammit!

by Jeff Probstreply 43003/28/2012

Okay, I'm just gonna say it.


I fell asleep during this episode. It's BORING as fuck. Bring back Colton NOW!

by Jeff Probstreply 43103/28/2012

Mike has such a heavy growth of beard, I'm surprised he doesn't have more body hair.

by Jeff Probstreply 43203/28/2012

[quote] Bring back Colton NOW

Fuck, NO!

by Jeff Probstreply 43303/28/2012

Ratings have gone up since Colton left.

by Jeff Probstreply 43403/28/2012

Glad that evil queen is gone. I've enjoyed watching the show now.

by Jeff Probstreply 43503/28/2012

I saw Jay and his sashaying ass for the first time tonight.

by Jeff Probstreply 43603/28/2012

Colton leaving has ruined the game. Jonas voted out? What the fuckery is that? Are the men that stupid to be voting out their own? And they regret it next week. The game was set up so perfectly with Colton leading the guys and also aligned with some girls AND having an idol. There was so much drama to be had from that situation. THAT was what Survivor is all about. It was going to be the ultimate power struggle with lots of power moves. Now we won't see how that shakes out but instead get this sorry group who are now all lost and fucking everything up. Who cares what happens in the game now. It's been neutered and is now completely uninteresting.

by Jeff Probstreply 43703/29/2012

Troyzan's balls haven't moved in a while.

by Jeff Probstreply 43803/29/2012

Colton must be furious to not be included in the intro of the show he loves.

by Jeff Probstreply 43903/29/2012

Please rant the intro.

Survivor One World Intro's :


01.Jay ~Dramatic Running~ Great Water Effects. Definitely the best intro.

02.Kat ~shes like falling in the air~ ~and then her 2nd intro is also cute~

03.Christina ~shes like struggling, but it almost looks like shes hanging onto the barrel~ ~so cute~

04.Chelsea ~ ~awkward runnning and then cheering~ ~amazing~

05.Alicia ~ jumping in the water o something but her 2nd intro makes up for it with a weird head toss to the side with her teeth open ~

06.Kim ~ is LITERALLY CHOPPING THE COMPETITION, with that axe~ ~so DRAMATIC sophiesque~

07.Tarzan ~ huge roar~

08.Leif ~falling off lol ~

09.Sabrina ~ just smiling nothing special ~

10.Troyzan ~ just smiling and then pulling back on the launch thing ~

11.Jonas ~ just smiling then boring close up looking tired

12.Michael ~just close up of his face, boring. ~

by Jeff Probstreply 44003/29/2012

I don't see what the big deal is. Do you see any poop? I don't!

by Jeff Probstreply 44103/29/2012

Did Tarzan really say "cant look at that asian face anymore"? I didn't hear him say it in the episode but Probst tweeted it as Tarzan's "quote of the day.

by Jeff Probstreply 44203/29/2012

More Jay modeling shots

by Jeff Probstreply 44303/29/2012

More Jay modeling shots

by Jeff Probstreply 44403/29/2012

More Jay modeling shots

by Jeff Probstreply 44503/29/2012

Jay's reaction to seeing Colton's cock.

by Jeff Probstreply 44603/29/2012

Judging from the photo at R444, the poor boy either tucks or is Princess Tinymeat Supreme.

by Jeff Probstreply 44703/29/2012

last night i did see Jay's ass swing from side to side as he walked.

somehow it is hot to me.

what a body. what an ass. what a sashay!

by Jeff Probstreply 44803/29/2012

What a cameltoe!

by Jeff Probstreply 44903/29/2012

Did we really need the discussion about Tarzan's dirty underwear? Why did they include that? Are the producers of Survivor in Grade 5?

by Jeff Probstreply 45003/29/2012

Jay has the perfect body, my GAWD!

by Jeff Probstreply 45103/29/2012

Yeah, Jay has a great body but he seems curiously sexless to me.

I think Mike is hotter.

by Jeff Probstreply 45203/29/2012

Did anyone else notice how huge Jay's biceps are?

by Jeff Probstreply 45303/29/2012

Did anyone else notice Tarzan's words of disgust towards Jonas were almost exactly the same as Colon's? He said something like, "I hate him. I can't stand to look at his face anymore."

No wonder Tardzan took a liking to Colon. Looks like Old Man Shitstain is a nasty racist himself, who can't stand those "orientals." I guess since Colon got away with being a hard core hate monger, Shitstain thought it was okay for himself, as well. They're both foul and disgusting.

I wonder if Sabrina's screw-up at the reward challenge was foreshadowing her eventual elimination from the game? I can't believe that she lost that huge lead for her team. Lucky for her, Shitstain fucked up too.

Jay is still the hottest fucker out there. What a beautiful man he is, even with the high voice.

I love that the tribe is already merged, because it adds a lot of drama to Tribal Council. I was hoping Jonas would persuade voters to keep him, but he really should have stopped arguing with Shitstain.

I hope the girls don't start taking out the boys next week. I need to see Jay and Matt make it to final four. Those two are gorgeous!

by Jeff Probstreply 45403/29/2012

Yeah, I was surprised at how badly Sabrina did in the first challenge. Jay had given his team a huge lead, and she nearly blew it.

I don't get why the guys wanted to vote out one of their own. Doesn't it risk making them more vulnerable?

by Jeff Probstreply 45503/29/2012

Jay is hawt! But that helium voice gets old fast. No wonder he's a model and not an actor.

Although he could probably do voice overs for cartoons

by Jeff Probstreply 45603/29/2012

Voting out Jonas was definitely a bad move for the men. It seems that the girls are going to align and take out all of the guys ... Tarzan, Leif, Troyzan first .....and then Mike& Jay (who were in the 'alliance' with some of the girls after the team switch up/before the merge).

The dumbest move in the last episode was starting off the challenge with Leif digging the hole. Hello ? He's the smallest person there (and HE couldn't even get through the hole he dug !!). Props to that team for catching up as far as they did. By the time they got to the puzzle they'd made up a lot of time (Thanks to Sabrina !)

The vibe is definitely different without Colton there. Can't say I 'miss' him, but there aren't that many people remaining that I'm 'rooting for' (not that I was rooting for Colton). I guess there are a couple girls I'd like to see win.

by Jeff Probstreply 45703/29/2012

Tarzan exposed himself as a racist during the tribal council when Bill got voted off. Jeff was questioning Colton on calling Bill ghetto trash and Colton giggled and claimed to have lots of people of color in his life (ie, the maid.) Tarzan got enraged and bellowed for them to stop calling Colton racist while making his support for Colton's statements clear. He's a nasty old skidmarked racist.

by Jeff Probstreply 45803/29/2012

Tarzan also has a pretty dirty mouth for a senior citizen. He was swearing away at Colton during their argument last night

by Jeff Probstreply 45903/29/2012

Whoops. Meant to say he was swearing at Jonas - not Colton.

by Jeff Probstreply 46003/29/2012

Jay might be pretty but he seems like one of those people who's only comfortable around other beautiful people. He didn't really hit his stride in the game until after the merge where he ended up on the younger, prettier tribe. Now he talks about how he "hates" the people on the other tribe, specifically mentioning Leif and others he has no particular reason to scorn.

by Jeff Probstreply 46103/29/2012

But Leaf is a midget... and/or maybe possibly a vampire.

by Jeff Probstreply 46203/29/2012

I'm a huge fan of Troyzan. At first he gave me flashbacks of Coach, and I thought he would be a huge douchebag.

But he actually seems like a really nice guy, grateful to be in the game, and even though he's dominating, he doesn't seem to have an over-inflated ego. He also has a really nice body, considering that he's one of the oldest guys on the tribe.

I wouldn't mind hooking up with a hot daddy like Troyzan. Btw, is that really his name?

by Jeff Probstreply 46303/29/2012

Wait, there's another contestant named Troyzan? I haven't watched "Survivor" in years, but I recently started reading this thread just for the hell of it. I thought when people were writing Troyzan, they were deliberately misspelling Tarzan's name as a way to mock him (a la Tammy for Tom Cruise) 'cause apparently he's not a likable guy. So I guess the joke's on me. Hahahaha

by Jeff Probstreply 46403/29/2012

I hate Troyzan's "This is our island!" and "This is my island!" crap.

by Jeff Probstreply 46503/29/2012

Yes, R464, it's confusing that there is both a Tarzan and a Troyzan on this year's season. It must make it difficult for reviewers and readers of the show to know what they are talking about when they use those names to describe the episodes.

by Jeff Probstreply 46603/29/2012

Well, they could always refer to Tardzan as the old, decrepit, doddering, racist, dementia-riddled, shitstained, alcoholic, freakshow one and that would remove any confusion.

by Jeff Probstreply 46703/29/2012

Tarzan is like Jerry from BIG BROTHER a few summers ago-a thoroughly irrelevant old fart.

by Jeff Probstreply 46803/29/2012

[quote] it's confusing that there is both a Tarzan and a Troyzan on this year's season. It must make it difficult for reviewers and readers of the show to know what they are talking about when they use those names to describe the episodes.

It's simple. Just refer to Tarzan as either "Shitstain" or "Skidmark" from now on. Problem solved.

by Jeff Probstreply 46903/29/2012

I Agree R493 out of the men I hope he's there at the final. He seems to be a real fan of the game and LOST( "This Is My Island!").? He does sort of remind me of Locke only hotter.

by Jeff Probstreply 47003/30/2012

I meant R463

by Jeff Probstreply 47103/30/2012

Troyzan has a super hot body for a 50 year old. Google indicates that his real name is Troy Robertson. YOW!

by Jeff Probstreply 47203/30/2012

The preview indicated that Troyzan and Jay are in trouble. Strange, because the show almost never signals such things. I wonder if it's just a tease that turns out to be incorrect.

by Jeff Probstreply 47303/30/2012

Was it shit or not?

by Jeff Probstreply 47403/30/2012

Looking at Tarzan and considering his current living conditions, I'd say the likelihood of it being shit are about 99.99 percent. Maybe higher.

by Jeff Probstreply 47503/30/2012

[quote]The vibe is definitely different without Colton there. Can't say I 'miss' him, but there aren't that many people remaining that I'm 'rooting for' (not that I was rooting for Colton). I guess there are a couple girls I'd like to see win.

Well, I sure wasn't rooting for Colton to win. But, would like to see the look on his face if he was voted out. So far, rooting for Jay. But, next week doesn't look good for Jay. :(

by Jeff Probstreply 47603/30/2012

R461: It was Mike who talked about hating the guys on the Manono tribe: Jonas, Leif, and Tarzan. Jay simply said that he felt comfortable with the alliance that he has found with Troyzan and two of the women. As for Mike, he didn't like those guys because they targeted his alliance. Had it not been for the tribe shuffle Mike would have been the next man to voted out of the game

by Jeff Probstreply 47703/30/2012

I miss Colton, wednesdays show sucked without him.

by Jeff Probstreply 47803/30/2012

Perhaps not, R476, but Survivor often shows misleading previews to hide who is really in trouble.

by Jeff Probstreply 47903/30/2012

I like Jay. I think in real life he'd be a cool guy to be around.

I am more comfortable around people like me, as well. I don't think he's a snob, he's just socially deluded as to where he fits.

People who are considered very good looking don't really see it. At the core, that's what it's all about.

by Jeff Probstreply 48003/30/2012

There's nothing wrong with a model like Jay being a little shallow or preferring to be with other hot people. There's a big difference between that and being hateful and racist like Colton and Tarzan.

by Jeff Probstreply 48103/30/2012

I guess r480 and r481 didn't read my post.

by Jeff Probstreply 48203/30/2012

I could stare at Jay's body all day long.

by Jeff Probstreply 48303/30/2012

Jeff says Colton won't be back.

by Jeff Probstreply 48403/30/2012

“I had no idea how ugly Colton was being at camp. … I didn’t realize how aggressive he was in treating people and how poorly he treated people.”

by Jeff Probstreply 48503/30/2012

Yes, R442, Tardzan did say Asian face. Shitstain all the way around.

by Jeff Probstreply 48603/30/2012

Why did CBS edit it out?

by Jeff Probstreply 48703/30/2012

Jay's dick is pathetic. I have no idea why he ever wanted to pose in Playgirl.

by Jeff Probstreply 48803/30/2012

Remember when it was said that no one wanted to stand up to Colton because they were afraid of retribution? Well, that was correct...

Reality TV World: Going back to before the merge, what made you decide to agree to give up tribal immunity and go to Tribal Council to vote off [Bill Posley] when Colton suggested it? Were you really just that kind of afraid to stand up to Colton and say no?

Jonas Otsuji: Exactly, and because Colton was so volatile in the sense that he wasn't voting strategically. It was all about, "I hate this person. He needs to go!" He wasn't thinking 10 steps down the road. He's just thinking, "Right now, I hate this guy. Let's get rid of him."

So I knew that I could easily become that guy if I threw a wrench in his plans. So, it was the dumbest move, obviously. It wasn't my first choice, but like you said, I just went along with it because I didn't want to be the guy that ruined Colton's plan and then become the target.

by Jeff Probstreply 48903/30/2012

R488, first of all, what is 'pathetic' about Jay's dick? You can't accurately judge its size based on an underwear outline.

Second, where does it say he wanted to pose for Playgirl? I think that's just something DL got confused about.

by Jeff Probstreply 49003/30/2012

So do the men now regret volunteering to go to Tribal Council? They could have gone into the merge 7 men to 5 women. If Colton didn't get sick, it would have been 8 to 4. The women were going to be wiped out. Now it looks like the men are going to be wiped out because of their stupid move.

by Jeff Probstreply 49103/30/2012

There's no bulge there at all! It's a VayJay!

by Jeff Probstreply 49203/30/2012

Photochops from Survivor Sucks. A couple made me laugh until I cried.

by Jeff Probstreply 49303/31/2012

Jay sitting naked in shallow water.

by Jeff Probstreply 49403/31/2012

He doesn't look naked - he's in swim trunks.

But thanks for the link. : )

by Jeff Probstreply 49503/31/2012

Jay has great feet.

by Jeff Probstreply 49603/31/2012

I would rather have heard about Jay's dirty underwear instead of Tarzan's.

by Jeff Probstreply 49703/31/2012

r477, the episode was still on my DVR so I watched it again. Here's what Jay said that I was referring to: "I understand your thought, your thought was take out dead weight. I completely hate to see dead weight- Alicia, Christina, Tarzan, Leif. I hate 'em, sittin' around camp."

Jay said this when he was with Kim, Kat, Chelsea and Mike. In other words the youngest and most attractive people in the game.

I'm not indicting Jay, it was just an observation about him. I hope Jay and Mike stay in the game until the end because I like looking at both of them.

by Jeff Probstreply 49803/31/2012

You Jay trolls are a sad lot.

by Jeff Probstreply 49903/31/2012

Sadder yet is that the Jay troll is also the Ozzy troll.

by Jeff Probstreply 50003/31/2012

[quote] Jeff says Colton won't be back.

I loved reading the comments at the bottom of R484's link. It's not only on this site, but apparently on many others - and it's a concensus - that Colton is the most HATED Survivor player ever. He's hated even more than Russell Hantz, and that's saying something.

If Colton is to get what he deserves, then his face should never appear on any reality telvision show EVER again. He should never appear on ANY television show ever again.

Yes, he's really that disgusting.

by Jeff Probstreply 50104/01/2012

Jay and Mike's balls must now stink of rotten milk. Gross!

by Jeff Probstreply 50204/01/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 50304/01/2012

And Tardzan's balls still smell like shit.

by Jeff Probstreply 50404/01/2012

[quote]Jeff says Colton won't be back.

Yeah, but he also says: "But, I could be wrong on that."

This show loves its villains.

by Jeff Probstreply 50504/02/2012

R505 is right.

When Jeff comments about Colton not returning to Surivor, and follows that up with “But, I could be wrong on that.” It mean Colton WILL be back.

Jeff is being PC and pandering to viewers' current disgust with Colton. If he had no intention to ever bring Colton back on the show, he wouldn't have said “But, I could be wrong on that.”

Afterall, the very same Reality Blurred link reminds us that "host and executive producer Jeff Probst, who has a say in these matters..."

In other words, it's up to Jeff. And Jeff himself is strongly implying that there is a possibility that Colton will be back.

by Jeff Probstreply 50604/02/2012

Jay is so dreamy!

by Jeff Probstreply 50704/02/2012

I think there are lots of people who would like to see Colton come back, especially since it seems like he isn't on the season currently being filmed. That means he'd be on with a bunch of contestants who know how vile he is and they would vote him out so fast his head would spin. Who doesn't want to see that happen ??

by Jeff Probstreply 50804/02/2012

[quote]That means he'd be on with a bunch of contestants who know how vile he is and they would vote him out so fast his head would spin.

Which is exactly what we all thought would happen with Russell... but didn't.

by Jeff Probstreply 50904/02/2012

Not sure why some people think Jay's voice is that bad. Is it really that high? Part of it is his Southern twang.

by Jeff Probstreply 51004/02/2012

you're wrong r509. Russell WAS voted off earlier during teh season the contestants already knew of him. In Villains vs Heroes, he wasn't targeted earlier because nobody there had watched his season, so they didn't know how unlikeable he was.

Colton is just too much for Survivor so I hope we've seen the last of him. He does seem like he'd fit in on Big Brother. That show is full of Colton's.

by Jeff Probstreply 51104/02/2012

Jay would look so much hotter with some tattoos.

by Jeff Probstreply 51204/02/2012

Jay would be so much hotter if his larynx dropped. I cannot get past that ridiculous voice. I can hear it even when he's not talking. It turns him into a cartoon joke.

by Jeff Probstreply 51304/02/2012

No he wouldn't.

by Jeff Probstreply 51404/02/2012

I think Colton couldn't take living in the elements and faked his way off the show.

by Jeff Probstreply 51504/02/2012

Why did the bitch insist on having to take the Idol with her?

by Jeff Probstreply 51604/02/2012

He didn't want anyone on his tribe to have it. He wanted Jay to have it, but Probst said no.

by Jeff Probstreply 51704/02/2012

Does Colton have a crush on Jay?

by Jeff Probstreply 51804/02/2012

Yes, he's in love with Jay. He didn't want to give the idol to anyone since it might have been used against Jay to send him home.

by Jeff Probstreply 51904/02/2012

Is he really in love with him, or does he just want to suck Jay's cock?

by Jeff Probstreply 52004/02/2012

With Colton gone, this season is ending in a whimper. Hate him or not, he was the one holding the men together and was the brains of the operation. He would never have let the men vote off one of their own. Now the women will annihilate the men and the last half of the season will be all fish. Who the hell wants to watch all fish? This is Vanuatu all over again.

by Jeff Probstreply 52104/02/2012

[quote] He would never have let the men vote off one of their own

Did you miss the episode where he threw a bitch fit, convinced his tribe (the men) to give up immunity and go to tribal council to vote off one of their own?

by Jeff Probstreply 52204/02/2012

True, have you forgotten what happened to Bill ?

by Jeff Probstreply 52304/02/2012

That was before the merge, R522. YOu know full well Jonas would not have been voted out last week if Colton were still there. He would have controlled Tarzan too.

by Jeff Probstreply 52404/03/2012

Fuck you, asshole/R521. Fuck you hard in the eye with a stick.

by Jeff Probstreply 52504/03/2012

Off your meds?

by Jeff Probstreply 52604/03/2012

[quote]Is he really in love with him, or does he just want to suck Jay's cock?

What's the difference?

by Jeff Probstreply 52704/03/2012

R521 = MissHelenbedd

by Jeff Probstreply 52804/03/2012

Colton didn't give a rat's ass about men's team vs. women's team. He wasn't hold holding anything together, let alone any team, other than his own putrid self-interest.

There's no fucking way he'd ever give a nanosecond's worth of thought to "team", his game was about nothing other than his hatred-of-the-moment and manipulating others to vote of his current object of hate.

by Jeff Probstreply 52904/03/2012

Jay's hole must just be .....[italic] WOW. [/italic]

by Jeff Probstreply 53004/03/2012

you're wrong [R509]. Russell WAS voted off earlier during teh season the contestants already knew of him. In Villains vs Heroes, he wasn't targeted earlier because nobody there had watched his season, so they didn't know how unlikeable he was.

No, R509 isn't wrong.

Yes, [quote]Russell WAS voted off earlier during teh season the contestants already knew of him.

But he wasn't voted

[quote]out so fast his head would spin.

He managed to Survive for quite a while before being voted off.

by Jeff Probstreply 53104/03/2012

R529 has gotta proofread before clicking...

by Jeff Probstreply 53204/03/2012

Must be what, R530?

by Jeff Probstreply 53304/03/2012

r509/531, what are you talking about?

Russell was voted off EARLY during the Redemption Island season. He didn't even come close to the merge. He was the FIRST person voted out of his tribe. How does that translate to "managed to survive for a while?"

In HvsV, he lasted till final 3 because the other contestants hadn't seen his style and didn't know what a leech he was.

by Jeff Probstreply 53404/03/2012

Of course the game would have played out differently if Colton was there. He still had the idol. Jonas, Leaf and Tarzan would have stuck with him. Troyzan would have too, and Alicia. Alicia even knew the men would wipe out the women so that's so she switched sides. Everything blew up once Colton was gone. Now the men have to pay for it.

by Jeff Probstreply 53504/04/2012

Somoneone help. Question. I just watched last week's show.

The plan was to get out the blonde at TC. Then Jonas gets a wild hair to oust Mike. Tarzan has a hissy fit and says to oust Jonas.

Question. Did the other guys (Troyzan, Jay, Mike) switch their votes from the blonde to Jonas at TC or was Jonas the plan the whole time? (I did notice Leif was completely out of the loop because he voted Mike like Jonas).

I really would like Troyzan to win but I'm completely bumpuzzled by his strategy.

by Jeff Probstreply 53604/04/2012

New episode in 15 minutes

by Jeff Probstreply 53704/04/2012

Gross. They are re-capping the scene about Tarzan's dirty underwear.

by Jeff Probstreply 53804/04/2012

Episode begins with a scene of Jay & Trozan walking & talking through the jungle.

Almost got a shot of Jay's ass sashaying again.

by Jeff Probstreply 53904/04/2012

Poor Jay! He worked so hard for his team in the Reward Challenge and yet his team lost.

He looks unhappy. : (

by Jeff Probstreply 54004/04/2012

Damn, that shilling of 7-Up was about the worst I've ever seen on this show. And they've done their share of product placement in the past (with the videophones, etc).

The boys appear to be screwed, unless one of the girls swings.

by Jeff Probstreply 54104/04/2012

Awwww, Squeaky Jay won immunity! He's so cute!!

by Jeff Probstreply 54204/04/2012

If Troyzan doesn't clear the air before tribal .... well played, Kim !!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 54304/04/2012

Looks like the girls are getting treacherous!

They are telling Trozan that Michael is going to stab him in the back, even though that's not true in an effort to get Trozan to vote out Mike?

Will Mike be voted out? Will the first of the hotties since Matt fall?

by Jeff Probstreply 54404/04/2012

Jay wins immunity!

by Jeff Probstreply 54504/04/2012

The men this season are majorly stupid.

by Jeff Probstreply 54604/04/2012

Looks like Troyzan is an idiot and was played by the girls into being fooled enough to vote for Mike.

Hope this doesn't mean Jay gets picked off next because of Trozan's stupidity.

by Jeff Probstreply 54704/04/2012

I will watch just for Jay. He cute!

by Jeff Probstreply 54804/04/2012

Looks like Jay voted for Mike too. Why? I thought he was part of his alliance.

by Jeff Probstreply 54904/04/2012

I'm confused. I missed who voted for Christina and Tarzan.

Leif, Troyzan and Jay all voted for Mike (I think). Which would mean only three of the girls voted for Mike.

Which three girls voted for Christina/Tarzan ??

by Jeff Probstreply 55004/04/2012

I think Alicia is one of the girls who voted for Tarzan.

by Jeff Probstreply 55104/04/2012

Alicia and Christina voted for Tarzan.

by Jeff Probstreply 55204/04/2012

Tarzan and Mike voted for Christina.

by Jeff Probstreply 55304/04/2012

WTH? Tarzan is a doctor ? Not just a doctor but a plastic surgeon ???

I am completely dumbfounded.

I wouldn't let him tie my shoelaces much less work on my body with a scalpel.

by Jeff Probstreply 55404/04/2012

certification in that practice are notoriously lax.

by Jeff Probstreply 55504/04/2012

If Jay voted out Mike, then he deserves to go next. You know the men are going to go one after the other, now.

by Jeff Probstreply 55604/04/2012

Correct R556. Even more obvious because they tried so hard to create fake drama in the preview for next week, as if the four guys are going to pull some kind of game changer. You could practically see Kat giggling as Jay was talking to her.

by Jeff Probstreply 55704/04/2012

Would it have killed Probst, while putting the immunity idol around Jay's neck, to slide his hands under Jay's t-shirt and begin massaging his luscious chest?

I think not.

by Jeff Probstreply 55804/04/2012

The comment 'Tarzan and Mike voted for Christina" is over on Wit and Wisdom ??? Huh.

by Jeff Probstreply 55904/04/2012

I love Jay and his squeaky voice so much! Him winning immunity was the highlight tonight.

Looks like the men are fighting back next week.

by Jeff Probstreply 56004/04/2012

The girls are evil, they are trying to turn the guys against each other by lying.

by Jeff Probstreply 56104/04/2012

I miss Colton

by Jeff Probstreply 56204/04/2012

Why did Jay vote for Mike? Does he think he is safer with the girls?

by Jeff Probstreply 56304/04/2012

This really has to be one of the worst seasons. Everything feels contrived and lackluster.

by Jeff Probstreply 56404/04/2012

We need Ozzy.

by Jeff Probstreply 56504/04/2012

Wow R565, talk about contrived and lackluster.

by Jeff Probstreply 56604/04/2012

You're right, 534

As Russell cried like a 5 year-old girl, I guess his head was spinning when he lost his battle at Redemption Island.

I would have responded yesterday but Prime Time didn't want me to.

by Jeff Probstreply 56704/04/2012

[quote]I miss Colton

Then go marry him.

by Jeff Probstreply 56804/04/2012

R566, Ozzy is an awesome contestant. That's why he won Fan Favorite.

by Jeff Probstreply 56904/04/2012

Mike was the only interesting/sexy one left. Jay has a good body but seems about as sexual as a Ken doll.

by Jeff Probstreply 57004/04/2012

Mike appears to have been stupid, though, and Jeff Probst even set him up at the Tribal Council tonight to look like an idiot. Mike admitted he was 'totally secure in his Alliance' and had nothing to worry about.

He didn't see it coming.

by Jeff Probstreply 57104/04/2012

Bad season overall. The only thing that *might* get it back on track would be in Leif dressed up in an red rain slicker, grabbed a knife and started stalking the other contestants.

by Jeff Probstreply 57204/04/2012

Is Mike the stupidest person EVER to play Survivor?

by Jeff Probstreply 57304/05/2012

This season started out so strong and then completely fell apart when Colton left and now it's the worst season ever. No one wants to see all women for the last half of the season. How tedious.

by Jeff Probstreply 57404/05/2012

R572-- don't look now, but that's what Leif is planning in the previews.

by Jeff Probstreply 57504/05/2012

Mike sure is tall.

He was towering over Jeff Probst when Jeff snuffed his torch.

by Jeff Probstreply 57604/05/2012

[quote]Bad season overall. The only thing that *might* get it back on track would be in Leif dressed up in an red rain slicker, grabbed a knife and started stalking the other contestants

LOL! Don't Look Now indeed!

by Jeff Probstreply 57704/05/2012

and Jay does sashay when he walks! The camera man is always concentrating on his front, but when it follows him as he walks there's that shake!

by Jeff Probstreply 57804/05/2012

Kim looks like Kim Raver.

I actually like Troyzan. Originally, I thought he was going to a Coach-like douche, but I was wrong.

Re Mike. I've never seen someone with such thick facial hair have absolutely no body hair.

by Jeff Probstreply 57904/05/2012

r579, ever hear of laser hair removal?

Isn't he a wannabe actor?

Isn't that why he's on Survivor?

by Jeff Probstreply 58004/05/2012

What an exciting episode. I'm happy that I couldn't tell who was going to get voted off. I'm also amazed at the level of game play this season. Some of them are really thinking the strategy through, and it's great to watch. Nevermind the fact that this is a very attractive cast.

[quote] Hope this doesn't mean Jay gets picked off next because of Trozan's stupidity.

[quote] If Jay voted out Mike, then he deserves to go next. You know the men are going to go one after the other, now.

[quote] Even more obvious because they tried so hard to create fake drama in the preview for next week, as if the four guys are going to pull some kind of game changer.

Poor Jay. As ironic as it may be, Jay is the smartest player on the men's team. He's really thinking in terms of strategy, he's busting his butt to win challenges, and he actually is the only one thinking about the girls' plan.

Unfortunately, I think we can all see through the editing of the upcoming episodes, because at least three of us have detected the bs from the girls, and the setup about to come, which will either vote out Jay or Troyzan.

The girls this season are like the fundie freaks lasty season. They're smiling to your face, but they're going to pick off the boys, one by one.

[quote] well played, Kim !!!!

She was really good. It's awesome that she never stopped playing the game, even after the BBQ feast.

It was a very smart move to run after the boys and interrupt their conversation, then change the subject off of Mike. Kim is an awesome player.

[quote] Would it have killed Probst, while putting the immunity idol around Jay's neck, to slide his hands under Jay's t-shirt and begin massaging his luscious chest?

Jay's body is INcredible. He's such a handsome guy, and he's much smarter than I thought he would be. I have a new found respect for Jay, after this episode. He really knows how to play the game. Unfortunately, I don't think he'll last long, due to circumstances beyond his control. Everybody knows he's a threat.

I was really hoping that Skidmark Shitstain was a goner, but I guess not. If he makes it to the finals, I'll be pissed. The girls obviously don't see him as a threat.

by Jeff Probstreply 58104/05/2012

Speaking Skidmark, doesn't he see that he completely annoys everyone? Not just people who've had boob jobs who may subconsiously now hate all plastic surgeons? That was a new low for him.

by Jeff Probstreply 58204/05/2012

This season has gone completely downhill once Colton left. He is the one that kept the show interesting and made you want to watch.

by Jeff Probstreply 58304/05/2012

I hated it with Colton and without him.

by Jeff Probstreply 58404/05/2012

Sad to see Mike go, he was the sexiest guy of the season to me, although Jay is a close second.Love Mike's weirdly handsome face and he has sexual charisma to spare. I also thought Mike had the potential to take charge of the game; the women saw that potential too, obviously! Mike is an investment banker I believe, so he is probably not looking for a show-business career. A lot of male contestants on Survior will get their chests waxed; I guess they feel self-conscious about showing chest hair on television.

I agree with the posters who have praised Kim; she is playing a terrific game. R581 is right that Jay is actually playing the best game of any of the men this season. Unfortunately the mistakes the men have made earlier will probably doom Jay. We'll see

by Jeff Probstreply 58504/05/2012

Glad Colton is gone, I started watching Survivor when he left. I hope Jay makes it to the finals, can't stand those mean bitches.

by Jeff Probstreply 58604/05/2012

Yep, could have been an epic battle between Colton, Kim and Sabrina. Now it's just ho-hum.

by Jeff Probstreply 58704/05/2012

I agree Jay has turned out to be smarter than I thought he would be. He is also the last one standing of the 'hot' guys - Matt was taken out very early, and now Mike is gone.

Jay is strong in challenges though, so he does have the ability to keep himself going for a while if he can keep winning.

by Jeff Probstreply 58804/05/2012

I miss Jonas and Colton.

Kim is really ugly. Is it the eyebrows? Sorry, I look away when her face is onscreen.

by Jeff Probstreply 58904/05/2012

What do you miss about Jonas?

by Jeff Probstreply 59004/05/2012

Hasn't just about every challenge so far had a puzzle aspect to it? I'm sick of the fucking puzzles.

by Jeff Probstreply 59104/05/2012

I'm rooting for the women to vote off every single guy, as punishment for their kowtowing to KKKolton in the first couple of episodes. They all deserve to be voted off for being the abject idiots and pussies who wouldn't stand up to that vile creature.

by Jeff Probstreply 59204/05/2012

Yes, Jay said last night he hates puzzles (although he ended up winning in the end).

by Jeff Probstreply 59304/05/2012

JayBird's hole must be BURNING w/ muskiness by now.

by Jeff Probstreply 59404/05/2012

Despite being the strongest player last season and winning most of the challenges, unfortunately Ozzy was screwed over at the end because of a puzzle, otherwise he would have won.

by Jeff Probstreply 59504/05/2012

And Jay won after Jeff told everybody what a loser he was for being so far behind with his puzzle.

by Jeff Probstreply 59604/05/2012

Jeff is always talking during the challenges and describing how everyone is doing. If I was a contestant I would find it distracting and want to tell Jeff to shut up!

by Jeff Probstreply 59704/05/2012

r586, how are they mean? The only mean one is Alicia.

Kim, Sab, Chelsea, Christina and Kat are all pretty nice.

r587, then stop watching if you miss that racist bitch Colton so much.

The guys this season have been disappointing so not too sad to see them go. Troyzan has an idol and could change the game up but he's so easily fooled.

Jay seems to be the only male with a strategy but he prob won't last long since the girls are smart.

by Jeff Probstreply 59804/05/2012

I imagine it happens at least twice a season: "JEFF, WILL YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" but they never edit it that way.

by Jeff Probstreply 59904/05/2012

Thread 3 is here.

by Jeff Probstreply 60004/05/2012

Continue on in next thread...

by Jeff Probstreply 60104/05/2012
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