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Courtney Stodden Launches Website, Spells Own Name Wrong

Oops! Teen bride Courtney Stodden launched a personal website Thursday, consisting mostly of half-naked provocative photos of herself. Unfortunately, Stodden spelled her own name wrong in the title bar, leaving out the second "d" in her last name.

The misspelling has since been corrected, but BuzzFeed has a screenshot of it here.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1611/15/2012

It was a TYPO--not a misspelling, bitches!! I know how to spel, I mean, spell my own name.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 103/09/2012

Like she made her own website!

Seriously, she probably paid some high school nerd $50 to set it up for her.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 203/09/2012

I almost never say this, but why exactly is she famous? Her husband is a nobody, and she's not the first or last person to (supposedly) marry as a teenager. And she can't really be a teenager, can she? Looks about 35 at least.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 303/09/2012

I'm with r2. I'd be surprised if she knows how to use a computer, let alone something like set up a website.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 403/11/2012

I'm fluent in HTML. (HTML means "Hey that's my labia" right?

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 503/11/2012

R3: see anything named Kardashian or Jenner or Hilton or Angelyne, et al.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 603/11/2012

For such an overtly sexual girl, I bet she and Doug never fuck.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 703/11/2012

ROFLMAO guyz @my mad coputer skillz!

Hugs LOL winky-face!!!


by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 803/11/2012

She's seems like she would be one of the most boring women in the world. She tries so desperately hard though. How sad to be so very desperate for a shallow life.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 903/11/2012


by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1003/12/2012

An absolutely ridiculous press release I got today:

MEDIA ALERT: Courtney Stodden Too Hot for Stripper Pole?


Media Giants – West Hollywood, Calif. (November 14, 2012) *** It is with great sadness and regret to announce that Courtney Stodden’s debut performance at The Abbey in West Hollywood was cancelled today by S.B.E. corporate executives and venue management. The reasons for the cancellation provided by S.B.E. are a mystery to us but seem based on fear. Many outlets have been calling non-stop about the upcoming debut “Reality” single performance of Courtney Stodden and looking for ways to cover the Thanksgiving Eve show for GB2. We were informed by The Abbey management that they were unable to allow press inside the venue.

While many performers and celebrities from all walks of life have graced the stages and property of The Abbey and S.B.E. joints, the GB2 promoter, who booked Courtney Stodden, was forced to cancel the show. It is most unfortunate that a venue such as the S.B.E. controlled Abbey needs to approve and censor performers that audiences want to see, and would not be able to control the crowds and paparazzi anxious to see Courtney’s show.

Courtney Stodden has a huge gay fan base and truly loves and adores everyone in the community. At this time, Courtney is heartbroken and we are currently seeking alternate opportunities for Courtney to make her debut club performance in West Hollywood.

For Media Inquiries: (some asshole)

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1111/15/2012

"I almost never say this, but why exactly is she famous? Her husband is a nobody, and she's not the first or last person to (supposedly) marry as a teenager"

She is the world's most pointless celebrity - even more so than Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, etc.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1211/15/2012

Any of y'all seen her and Doug on [italic]Couples Therapy[/italic]? She truly is the Jayne Mansfield of our time.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1311/15/2012

She is famous because she was 16 when she married an actor hardly anyone has heard of but was on a TV show or something. When people saw how she looked they couldn't believe she was only 16 and that she actually had that wacky personality and laugh that she has. Subsequent slutty dresses and pumpkin patch romps have kept her in the "news."

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1411/15/2012

We gays LOVE our ultra-feminine train wrecks!

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1511/15/2012

I don't. Liking somebody talentless just because they are a train wreck is very shallow.

by hahahaha. dumb bimboreply 1611/15/2012
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