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The Matt Bomer Thread Continueth

Previously on the Matt Bomer thread...

*Evidence was given that Matt was wearing a wedding ring as early as 2007.

*We were discussing Matt's ex-boyfriend Mike White, and found his Linkedin page

*Everything that Matt has ever said in print was being rigorously analyzed, dissected and criticized

*We continued to post and admire pictures of his face

by Hyman Saulsreply 60004/29/2012

He doesn't have much of a bubble butt, nor is it amongst the greatest asses posted on these boards, but what I'd give to stick my tongue in there....oh boy!

I could eat his ass for days.

by Hyman Saulsreply 103/08/2012

That video where the pap congratuated him on "coming out" and just looks bemused and says in a vauge way "ah thanks man" in a very straight guy way. almost like congrats on winning the game last night, "ah thanks man."

And he is really big into sports, plus I mean if he just said thanks to my family, that is very vauge, a family could be parents, brothers, a whole heap of extended family and I know I included my friends as part of my extended family.

All very vauge. He hasn't really offically come out. I mean Simon is sen with him yeah but Simon is his pr guy and Simon is regulary seen with other stars does it mean he is dating them?

All very, very vauge and I don't thunk we can say anything for certain. I'm not convinced just yet.

by Hyman Saulsreply 203/08/2012

Question: is the "e" in "vauge" silent?

by Hyman Saulsreply 303/08/2012

R1 wtf are you talking about? The thing is fucking huge.

by Hyman Saulsreply 403/08/2012

Why does everyone want Matt & Simon to break-up? Is it they think Simon isn't in Matt's league, they wanna see Matt with ... I don't know, Justin Clynes or something.

It's horrible, Simon seems like a really nice guy, he is handsome and devoted to Matt and his children. It's good to see a gay man not portrayed as a sex obsessed slut incapable of being in a long term monogamous relationship.

by Hyman Saulsreply 503/08/2012

Matt is nice looking, I'll give you that, but there is something oddly asexual about him. If he cruised me in a bar, I'd probably toss him a courtesy nod and then turn away. I probably wouldn't give him a second look. Sorry, just not my type.

by Hyman Saulsreply 603/08/2012

[quote]Why does everyone want Matt & Simon to break-up? Is it they think Simon isn't in Matt's league, they wanna see Matt with ... I don't know, Justin Clynes or something.

lol that would fucking hot. goddamn.

I think since Bomer is a sex symbol - and now he's the first openly gay sex symbol - people are responding to the image created for him (an image Simon helped to create) and when real life doesn't meet the expectations created by that image, the illusion becomes shattered. For example, Christina Hendricks and Hugh Jackman regularly get razzed for their less attractive partners. At the same time, super couples like Brangelina, Posh and Becks, and Tom and Giselle are held up as some sort of societal ideal. The article below (unfortunately titled The Ugly Husbands Club) explains some of the sociological reasons for this, although in a heterosexual context:

[quote]...People tend to abide by a fairly capitalistic law of matrimony: try to get the most attractive mate you can for what you have to offer. Academics, as it turns out, have some interesting things to say about how the broken and the beautiful survive as soulmates. “The fundamental rule,” says Michael Rosenfeld, a Stanford University sociologist who studies how couples form, “is that married partners tend to be the same on every dimension except for gender.”

We are sociologically programmed, in effect, to judge other people's partner choices. The image of a stunningly beautiful young man on the arm of a middle-aged one is going to inspire cynicism even if we know nothing about why those two people got together.

Whatever criteria Bomer used to choose his partner, I'm sure Simon is able to fulfill. And that's all the counts.

That said, if Matt ever leaves Simon, I hope he leaves him for Tate Taylor.

by Hyman Saulsreply 703/08/2012

Matt is not single , that's the reason behind the wish for a break up

by Hyman Saulsreply 803/08/2012

Someone saw Matt and Simon at LAX today and tweeted about it "they both looked great" and "they were both laughing and smiling alot".

by Hyman Saulsreply 903/08/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 1003/08/2012

[R10] Kit looks so cute!

by Hyman Saulsreply 1103/08/2012

" Simon seems like a really nice guy"

From what, exactly? You know less than nothing about him. He's never even been interviewed. This is fangirl observation, if ever there was one.

Nobody is 'wishing for them to break up'. You Marys should be on the IMDB board, seriously. The point is that they clearly have a Hollywood marriage that is, in part, expedient for both parties. Simon gets a gorgeous trophy, and Matt gets one of the most powerful players in Hollywood to help him with his career. Like ALL Hollywood marriages, it's at least partly a practical arrangement.

Stop projecting and stop being so fangirlish. As I said on the former thread...when Simon arranges to have Matt as legal co-guardian of the children, then we'll talk about 'forever'. Forever doesn't happen in Hollywood. People move on to another arrangement when that becomes more viable. It's not different here just because they're gay.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1203/08/2012

The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (on news stands now) he comes out in an interview with them as well.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1303/08/2012

"when Simon arranges to have Matt as legal co-guardian of the children, then we'll talk about 'forever'."

We don't know if that hasn't happened already.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1403/08/2012

Oh please, if they went through the trouble to get married/committed, he's probably already adopted the kids.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1503/08/2012

Simon looks fierce here.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1603/08/2012

I thought he had adopted them?

Anyway, Ted C seems to think they are very serious..

Hope they have a nice holiday!

by Hyman Saulsreply 1703/08/2012

They're not going on holiday. Matt is off to film White Collar in Puerto Rico for a week or so before filming continues in New York.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1803/08/2012

Alright, so he married his goddamn father. Who are we to judge?

Matt needs to stop dressing like a 20 year old and Simon needs to stop dressing like... that. I think my 77 year old father has the same cardigan.

by Hyman Saulsreply 1903/08/2012

Awesome pic! They look great.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2003/09/2012

r19, Matt looks great a dressed pretty age appropriate, if he were wearing skinny jeans it'd be a different story.

Having said that they don't look too happy in that picture.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2103/09/2012

I found Simon's eyes so creepy. In every picture.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2203/09/2012

His ex Mike White is also kind of intense looking. Beady eyes and all.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2303/09/2012


Simon is going with him you can see his shows behind him, so it is a holiday like when he went to Maimi.

But how do YOU know how long it's for....?

by Hyman Saulsreply 2403/09/2012

r19 and r21

I don't know what world you live in, or country nor do I know what industry but am I right in thinking that you're from pretty straight laced surburban backgrounds where people are married with kids by 30 and men wear only slacks from their 30's?

Shiver. You remind me of the people from the town I grew up in who look 50 by the time they are 25 because they have already settled down with a mortgage and a 9-5.

It's so funny cause I take the 50 mins train to London and all my friends/acquaintances of the same age dress in skinny jeans hoodies etc.

In fact I think Bomer dresses pretty conservatively but then England is SO fashion concious and Americans are generally square.

Oh and you do realise the 'fashion' for young people is retro 80's hipster look right? How on earth does Bomer look like that? Dad!

And why don't rappers wear nice suits and comb their hair!!

by Hyman Saulsreply 2503/09/2012

They are really no match for the Tom Ford / Richard Buckley pairing.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2603/09/2012

I think Simon looks kind of hot in the new photo, much better than Matt looks actually.

Someone on a Simon Halls thread--R47--said he's actually much better looking in person. Not the first time I've heard that.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2703/09/2012

Did Matt and Marty West ever hook up when they were on GL? They were on the show at the same time, weren't they? Or is West straight? I can't keep track without a scorecard these days.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2803/09/2012

Buckley looks quite ghoulish there--skinny face, the eyes.

by Hyman Saulsreply 2903/09/2012

Lol, just read the Daily Mail article! I love how they chose Kit to be born as Matt's son??! I guess it's because of that picture with Kit at the celeb football game.

Too funny but they are known for doing shoddy journalism, although they get the scoops!

by Hyman Saulsreply 3003/09/2012

R24, it just seems he's not going with Matt because he's not carrying anything, including tickets or passport etc...

The week thing is just an estimate, though I may be wrong, as apparently production only starts on Monday. It just makes sense that they would film all the scenes for these first two episodes set "abroad" as quickly as possible, and the rest of the scenes will be filmed in New York, as usual.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3103/09/2012

[quote] Simon looks fierce here.

Matt looks like a zombie in that photo, R16 .

by Hyman Saulsreply 3203/09/2012


But why would he go all the way in there? And also I saw his trainers behind him on the red maybe Matt is holding the stuff? When I travel as a couple, we don't need to get two bags...especially I assume if you are both guys. Guys don't carry anything. My ex was always putting his stuff in my bag.

Plus those look like the two least high maintenance guys gay or not I have ever seen. Matt's always scruffy and Halls doesn't look made up in the face like many gay men his age in Hollywood.

I think they went together. They probably never have the chance to holiday without the kids, so chances like this he can take for a few days and not feel guilty, I think he takes.

I know I would as a business person that works so many hours!

Also Jared mention "they made their way to the check point" You can't go that far in my home country at the airport!

by Hyman Saulsreply 3303/09/2012

I don't get the DLs never-ending obsession with this guy. I get that he's good-looking but still find nothing to obsess about him.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3403/09/2012

He has the potential of being the first openly gay leading man, if he pulls it off and gets cast in say, The Wolf Gift or whatever, it would be a huge deal.

The reason there are so many closet case in industry and there is so much homophobia is the view a gay man cannot be an a-lister, a gay man cannot open a movie or be a leading man, Matt could change that homophobic view.

I think Simon has had that idea for Matt for a while and is shaping his career to at least try and attempt for that to happen.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3503/09/2012

R33, you may be right, I'm not saying I know for sure, but in the U.S. you can go that far even if you're not travelling, not like elsewhere as you say.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3603/09/2012

R35 As a movie-goers, I don't give a damn about the actors's sexual preference, all i know is that whether the actor is perfect for his roles or otherwise. I saw this guy (thanks to DL) on quite a number of things he's been in, all I can honestly say that he's not a leading man material, he just doesn't have that special impact nor aura to become a role that people's excited to see. He's just forgettable and replaceable handsome actor if you ask me.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3703/09/2012

I would love to see Matt do Wolf Gift, how can you go wrong with a character that is based on you, plus I think fans of that genre wouldn't care about Matt being gay.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3803/09/2012

Millions of White Collar fans around the globe feel very differently [R37].

I think he could carry a leading role in a film, if it was the right project.

by Hyman Saulsreply 3903/09/2012

r37 How insane! I have never been this interested in actor before! I don't care for White Collar....I saw him in TCM the beginning and fell for him.

Good for you that you don't like him and you prefer your leading men like Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum.

The rest of us prefer actors who not only are genuinely good-looking sans plastic surgery but are also great actors-Carnegie Mellon.

PLEASE go on twitter or tumblr and type his name. You will realise this badly, just your opinion. And other mean gay men. But it's a handful.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4003/09/2012


Oh okay. Didn't know that. I still think he went with him. He isn't leaving for a long time. I think it's a few days and I they will then go to NY as Halls works their all the time.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4103/09/2012

Carnegie Mellon guys from '00 are taking Hollywood by storm!

Just posted this on IMDB.

Quinto is producing an adaptation from his Beyond The Doors production with Akiva Goldsman (big movies) and Halls publicist.

As usual it's all linked some way to Simon Halls, inc Anonymous Content but I am really excited by this because these guys are really talented and doing amazing things!

If I was gay this would be so exciting because they are changing the face of Hollywood.

Lee Pace is next. Then Jim Parsons.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4203/09/2012

Matt Bomer has NOT come out of the closet! He hasn't said "I am GAY" on national TV! I don't hear a thing! LA LA LA!

by Hyman Saulsreply 4303/09/2012

I can easily picture Simon fashioning, carrying, and brandishing a wicked ass shiv.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4403/09/2012

I wonder if Simon regrets how he and his partners changed the face of Hollywood PR, now that it's come around to bite him in the ass with him and his children are being followed by paparazzi too.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4503/09/2012

Surely they anticipated that, r45. Although he does look like he's making a list and checking it twice.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4603/09/2012

His butt is definately good enough to eat

by Hyman Saulsreply 4703/09/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 4803/09/2012

What r34 said.

by Hyman Saulsreply 4903/09/2012

Looks like Matt and Simon share clothes - Matt wore that blue cardigan when he was kid wrangling at the Grove the other day.

by Hyman Saulsreply 5003/09/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 5103/09/2012

Random question, but does anyone know if Simon is left-handed? The top pic in R51 shows his tie is tied in the reverse of Matt's. My left-handed ex did his ties backwards too, it was like watching a mirror image. Never been with another leftie, so I didn't know if that was common or not.

by Hyman Saulsreply 5203/09/2012

A mutual friend had dinner with Matt and Simon not long ago. He brought up the subject of the threads on DL and other sites.

The basic response was a yawn and then back to talk of projects, etc..

We're not even the subject of ridicule.

Just offhand dismissal.

by Hyman Saulsreply 5303/09/2012

R45 I believe dramaturgists would call that a classic case of situational irony.

I'm not doubting that these two guys are the loves of each other's lives, but if someone ever wrote a tell-all book or play about the past couple of years in their relationship, it would be like "Little Dog Laughed" on mescaline. Sex, power, money, ego, ambition, cynicism, hypocrisy... Face it, why have we been discussing them for what must be a couple thousand posts over three years? Because it's a fucking crazy, juicy story!

by Hyman Saulsreply 5403/09/2012

R51 that is an almost frightening piece of fangurl detective work, and I love you for it.

r53 WTF did you expect them to say? "Oh yeah, we love reading terrible things about us in print! We especially like the ones that are rooting for us to break up because I'm not hot enough for him!"

by Hyman Saulsreply 5503/09/2012

R55 LOL anyway mat and simon look great together at the airport ..i still feel that simon is hot

by Hyman Saulsreply 5603/10/2012

Oh great observation, [R52]. I don't know for sure, but I've always thought he might be left-handed because of the way he carries things and how he gesticulates. But I would have never noticed the tie thing, lol.

by Hyman Saulsreply 5703/10/2012

Matt bomer has great potential to make history .....i am so excited for whats ahead ...

anybody who has watched him In chuck bryc larkin .and his other projects knows his a pretty diverse actor and doesn't play himself in every role like most actors of this genration that are lorded so much

he can play almost any role ..even though white collar is such a big thing i hope he leaves it and does a more serious Tv show sometime in the future

by Hyman Saulsreply 5803/10/2012

Never noticed they shared clothes, thanks for the detective work [R51].

Continue to love the photo of them at the airport, they look well-matched in it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 5903/10/2012

Bump for official thread.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6003/10/2012

Re: Ford/Buckley

Buckley is obviously dying of AIDS. I'm not a fan of Tom Ford but it says a lot about his character that he's sticking with him until the end.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6103/10/2012

i dont think its aids i think its cancer

by Hyman Saulsreply 6203/10/2012

That pic at r26 is over a year old. I wonder what he looks like now.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6303/10/2012

You're welcome, r59, but the only thing I detected was someone else's tumblr post.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6403/10/2012

R58 I think he'll be fixed for gay roles for a while after "The Normal Heart" then maybe he'll try some big budget stupid movie which will fail, because they always fail, then Matt will be back to TV again. He'll be near 40 at the time, so he'll probably play some teenstar's handsome parent.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6503/10/2012

A contributor to Towleroad writing about the Proposition 8 reading a few weeks back said Matt Bomer told him he had a "hot dork" vibe.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6603/11/2012

Gee, what an odd sort of come on given that Matt is in a monogamous relationship built on fidelity and true love. Because people on here 'know' Matt and Simon from seeing pictures of them on the internet, and they kn ow this is a great, passionate love that will sing through the ages. Rather than a typical Hollywood pairing where they both sleep with other people and their relationship is a sort of arrangement. Bet the hot dork had fun that night.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6703/11/2012

R53...and who was that "mutual friend", hon? Santa Claus? The Boogey Man?

Hey, next time make up a better story. Like about how you were in a hot tub with Matt, Simon, Channing Tatum, and Ed Begley Junior, and only Ed Begley Junior came on to you! It's funny because it's true!

by Hyman Saulsreply 6803/11/2012

"Matt bomer has great potential to make history .."

Hon, do you know what "history" is? I get it; he makes you horny. Me too. But Ben Franklin he's not.

by Hyman Saulsreply 6903/11/2012

LOL, r67. No one really knows anything here, of course, but let's face it, you're probably hitting closer to the truth than anyone else.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7003/11/2012

I'm sure that Matt came on to the guy on the red carpet in front of the press after recently coming out, took part in a play about gay marriage with his partner in the audience, and then ditched said partner at the after party and hooked up with the cute dork.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7103/11/2012

People can flirt without sleeping around.

I do think Matt and Simon's relationship is based on love, but it wouldn't surprise me if they don't have an open relationship. The fact that a relationship is open, however, doesn't automatically make it an "arrangement" and not a loving, lasting relationship.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7203/11/2012

I know that i'll be roasted for this but Simon (to me)looks like the type to resort to domestic violence if pushed hard

Matt sometimes seems so fragile and clingy that I think he would just accept it for the sake of their kids and his career

just my thoughts

by Hyman Saulsreply 7303/11/2012

So is Simon the bisexual publicists that featured in the Page 6 bi not long ago, the item that read some high power publicists was sleeping with girls regardless of the fact he had a devoted boyfriend.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7403/11/2012

Hey guys, I just got done fucking Matt. Jealous bitches?

by Hyman Saulsreply 7503/11/2012

No, that was discounted here awhile ago by some posters who said Simon is 100% gay.

The thing I find particularly interesting about the hot nerd comment is that it lends support to the argument that Matt does find Simon attractive.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7603/11/2012

The hot dork is ripped.

JD is from Harvard, too.

Simon should worry.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7703/11/2012

Why would he worry? I'm sure he has his fun on the side, too.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7803/11/2012

So, romantically speaking, Matt is essentially Sugar Kane from Some Like It Hot.

by Hyman Saulsreply 7903/11/2012

Christ, look at that thing. It's almost as wide as his shoulders.

by Hyman Saulsreply 8003/11/2012

Wow, great shot [R80]. If People did a hottest ass issue Matt would win by a mile.

by Hyman Saulsreply 8103/11/2012

Is he top or bottom?

by Hyman Saulsreply 8203/12/2012

Look at this photo and tell me what you think, r82.

by Hyman Saulsreply 8303/12/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 8403/12/2012

did yall read that interview he did with after elton ??? about how his

by Hyman Saulsreply 8503/12/2012

I just want Neal and Peter to fuck and get it over with.

by Hyman Saulsreply 8603/12/2012

that picture cant be real it??

by Hyman Saulsreply 8703/12/2012

It's real. Matt and Tim always play and kid around. The two of them do have wonderful chemestry together, though. I could totally see Neal giving it up to Peter.

by Hyman Saulsreply 8803/12/2012

sometimes when i watch white collar i can totally picture them fucking

anybody know that peter ..aka played a gay role in this movie called eden something .he was tonguing down this guy like he was born to do it lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 8903/12/2012

Its not real guys! If you ever follow WC you should know that! Tim was playing-look at his twitter feed.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9003/12/2012

Yeah, that Eden movie Tim DeKay played gay in was really good.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9103/12/2012

This was begging for a cheezburger style caption

by Hyman Saulsreply 9203/12/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 9303/12/2012

The photo at the top of this post is the one I love of Tim and Matt.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9403/12/2012

Oh yeah. They fuckin'.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9503/12/2012

I sense a return to the days of The Trilogy that Dare not Speak Its Name; MSA (aaaak!), fangurls, slash/fiction, etc.:

vis-a-vis Matt and Tim!

Who's with me!!

by Hyman Saulsreply 9603/12/2012

R73, you make a good point; Simon looks to me like he has quite a temper (oh, and he's a Capricorn, I believe? no offense to posters who are Capricorns but they scare me.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9703/12/2012

Simon's eyes appear to be pure black, which gives them a beady, intense appearance.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9803/12/2012

R16 I see Matt's starting to go gray.

by Hyman Saulsreply 9903/12/2012

He's probably terrified of losing his looks.

by Hyman Saulsreply 10003/12/2012

Tim and Matt make slashing easy

by Hyman Saulsreply 10103/12/2012

That slashy feeling has sadly been missing from the last season of White Collar.

by Hyman Saulsreply 10203/12/2012

R97 Honey, you haven't seen a temper until you've been around a Leo.

by Hyman Saulsreply 10303/12/2012

[R92] Haha, funny!

by Hyman Saulsreply 10403/12/2012

matt needs some more movie roles already.....his got like only two years to land the most important roles of his career if he will ever be a viable movie star ..because after two years he will too old for anything significant in hollywood ..

i wish his career was at this peak in his 20's it seems like just when his on top of the world his literally just got a few years

by Hyman Saulsreply 10503/13/2012

Matt's career hasn't taken off that much because big daddy doesn't want him to develop a big head and take off with the next best thing

Simon is holding all the cards right now

by Hyman Saulsreply 10603/13/2012

Matt is very limited in what he can do right now because of the White Collar shooting schedule. I also think he probably doesn't want to work on projects that would keep him away from LA for a big chunk of time as he already has to do that for White Collar.

by Hyman Saulsreply 10703/13/2012

Here's a blank for anyone who wants

by Hyman Saulsreply 10803/13/2012

bored at work

by Hyman Saulsreply 10903/13/2012

So I've gotten on to Season 2 of White Collar on Netflix and it occurs to me that this is maybe the first TV show I've seen to unabashedly fetishize its male star's beauty. This is something that's been done with actresses before (the best example being Kim Novak in Vertigo, although that was done self-consciously) but I can't think of an example with a man. It's more than just Bomer being beautiful and photographed flatteringly - it's the obsessive, concerted effort to have him DRESSED and GROOMED beautifully, in every scene, no matter how preposterous the circumstances (nighttime stakeout, visiting a friend in the hospital, home alone). This is pretty unusual for a male star - Don Draper obviously looks good in his suits, but we've also seen him in a plain white t when he's home, or looking like shit when's he's drinking. Neal never looks like shit - he always looks like he just walked off the set of cologne commercial. But his plausibility as a character is sacrificed - the image becomes a distraction. When you combine the objectification of Bomer with the essentially vacuous nature of the show's dialogue and disposable plots, the end result is that the primary pleasure of watching the show is simply LOOKING at him.

I'm sure some media studies student will write a paper about it eventually.

by Hyman Saulsreply 11003/14/2012

[quote]his got like only two years to land the most important roles of his career if he will ever be a viable movie star ..because after two years he will too old for anything significant in hollywood ..

Horseshit. He's only 34 and looks great for his age. If that ugly ape Gerard Butler could get roles when he was in his late 30's looking haggard and old as hell, then Matt will certainly be fine.

by Hyman Saulsreply 11103/14/2012

Oh please, Bomer was never going to have a future in features and we all know why.

by Hyman Saulsreply 11203/14/2012

Welcome to the world of "blue sky" television [R110].

Although I have to admit I never thought about it in quite the way you have, or how limiting it can be for the character.

by Hyman Saulsreply 11303/14/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 11403/14/2012


dat ass

by Hyman Saulsreply 11503/14/2012

More cheezeburgerz.

by Hyman Saulsreply 11603/14/2012

(R 73)wrote :Simon (to me)looks like the type to resort to domestic violence if pushed hard.

WHAT??? YOU SUGGEST THAT SIMON HIT/BEAT MATT!! no simon treat matt like a prince

by Hyman Saulsreply 11703/14/2012

At the very worst, Simon gives Matt a mutually enjoyable spanking.

by Hyman Saulsreply 11803/14/2012

oh hai!

by Hyman Saulsreply 11903/14/2012

LMAO [R119].

by Hyman Saulsreply 12003/14/2012

[quote] it occurs to me that this is maybe the first TV show I've seen to unabashedly fetishize its male star's beauty.

I was about to post "You've never seen Prison Break" then I saw the rest of your post re Bomer looking implausably primped.

by Hyman Saulsreply 12103/14/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 12203/15/2012

Who wants to take a tour of Casa Bomer?

by Hyman Saulsreply 12303/17/2012

Why is there a big N on the wall of the kid's room?

by Hyman Saulsreply 12403/17/2012

How do you know it's his house?

by Hyman Saulsreply 12503/17/2012

for 125

by Hyman Saulsreply 12603/17/2012

I feel rather relieved that I'm not the only google user with stalker tendencies

by Hyman Saulsreply 12703/17/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 12803/17/2012

R124 this was filmed before they bought it.

Or was your question why parents insist on putting their child's initial on the wall of their bedroom? That I have no answer to, I don't understand the trend either. It's like the stacked books for children.

by Hyman Saulsreply 12903/17/2012

Oh, I thought they were selling it, not buying it, r129. thx

by Hyman Saulsreply 13003/17/2012

[quote]Or was your question why parents insist on putting their child's initial on the wall of their bedroom?

Because we said so. It's an ingenious way to get people to pay $29.99 for something it only costs 15 cents to produce.

by Hyman Saulsreply 13103/17/2012

R90, yes, Tim was playing around in that photo of him kissing Matt on the cheek. (I really hope no one seriously thinks Tim isn't straight.) But the photo is still real, and not photoshopped. They really love one another, just not in a way that includes man sex.

by Hyman Saulsreply 13203/17/2012


Think Simon gets jealous?

by Hyman Saulsreply 13303/17/2012

Simon Halls is being honored *ahem*

Is this 'our' Simon Halls?

by Hyman Saulsreply 13403/18/2012

Lol that's our Simon! The award is going to be presented to him by his client Ryan Murphy, at Marc Cherry's house. Ah, the Gay Mafia is alive and well.

I wonder what the trophy looks like. A gold baster? Can we call it a "Bastie"?

by Hyman Saulsreply 13503/18/2012

Awesome! thanks for posting R134 and R135

by Hyman Saulsreply 13603/18/2012

i just saw a comment on imdb Forum about a possible movie of Matt and Luke Macfarlane, But found nothing when i did some stalkin on Google. Is this just a rumor or any one know any thing about this?

by Hyman Saulsreply 13703/18/2012

I wonder if Marc Cherry has an actual log cabin on Toluca Lake?

Also, yay for gaybies!

by Hyman Saulsreply 13803/18/2012

Here's Matt's GQ Italy editorial!

I don't care for what they did to his hair.

by Hyman Saulsreply 13903/19/2012

Not a fan of the hair either, but it goes with the era of the clothes, and I love seeing him pull off a different look and character. Even his body language is different.

by Hyman Saulsreply 14003/19/2012


Love the hair and love the clothes. Thank god they don't keep on making him cheesy Mr nice guy because he isn't some sexless non drinking 30 something old.


Lol, like two men would have a house like THAT? Really?? It's horrible-even by women standards and it's the OPPOSITE of their old place which had white walls with sparse art and very masculine brown furniture.

It was very nice but too guy-ish for me. Like the opposite of frilly or twee.

by Hyman Saulsreply 14103/20/2012

R141 their old house is also shown in the Real Estate Stalker page, and it's pretty fucking twee.

And unless you've been brazen enough to go peeking into their windows, you haven't seen their furniture.

by Hyman Saulsreply 14203/20/2012

[R141] This is before they bought it, so of course NOT their furnishing!

by Hyman Saulsreply 14303/20/2012

I only want to see the bedroom.

by Hyman Saulsreply 14403/20/2012

R132...Simmer down, Mary! Loosen those pearls! You don't know that he's straight, hon. Get over yourself. And I'd love to see those two fuck!

by Hyman Saulsreply 14503/20/2012

Oh God, this face! Peter should kiss Neal to erase the sad look in his eyes :)

by Hyman Saulsreply 14603/20/2012

Thanx for the link.

by Hyman Saulsreply 14703/21/2012

LOL Poor Matt, you can really see the desire in his eyes in some of his scenes with Tim.

by Hyman Saulsreply 14803/21/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 14903/21/2012

Matt's going grey, nothing hotter than a young guy with greying hair.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15003/21/2012

Is it weird to jack off to pics of his face? I've never done this with anyone else before.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15103/21/2012

Unkempt Neal, so hot and gorgeous.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15203/21/2012

Indeed, R148. And the thing is, I noticed that "longing" look in Matt's eyes for Tim in the pilot episode--way before people realized who Matt Bomer was, and that he's a gay man.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15303/21/2012

Bet Matt went to his dressing room to rub a few out after they shot this scene.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15403/21/2012

^^Tim Dekay really does have bod. He's done a few shirtless scenes in other films, and he's really built. I'll bet Matt has had a few fantasies about ol' Tim.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15503/21/2012

R155 I don´t know if Matt has had fantasies about Tim, but I certainly have had fantasies about Matt and Tim together lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 15603/21/2012

Damn, eau de fangrrrrrl all over this thread.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15703/21/2012

No way.He love Simon.

by Hyman Saulsreply 15803/21/2012

R158= breeder frau.

Sweetums, there are such things as open relationships in gaysville. Not all are, but some. His come on line to the hot dork suggests that Matt and Simon might swing. It doesn't mean they don't love each other. Your hubbie loves you even though you're kinda stupid. See, love can overcome lots of things!

by Hyman Saulsreply 15903/21/2012

R159 All right get over your self baby k? What makes you think you're so smart asshole?

by Hyman Saulsreply 16003/21/2012

It's Gale Harold & Randy Harrison all over again. Waiting for the complete body language analysis.

by Hyman Saulsreply 16103/21/2012

I doubt they swing. Simon does not look like someone who'd be okay with sharing his toys.

by Hyman Saulsreply 16203/22/2012

R162 Well, Matt is more than welcome to come see me if he ever wants someone closer to his own age ;)

by Hyman Saulsreply 16303/22/2012

Forgive my curiosity, but does Matt have a personal assistant?

by Hyman Saulsreply 16403/22/2012

Most working actors have personal assistants 164.

by Hyman Saulsreply 16503/22/2012

and risk it ALL -kids,status,fame,wealth,respect...,because of Tim Decksomething?S.H. will not be the subject of laughter in HW,he would not have married Matt, to think otherwise.If Matt has sidepiece it would have been one of his BFFs who is in a similar or the same situation, or is just willing to serve.Oh and Matt is soo feminine, the way he blinks constantly, stares and laughs,he knows exactly how beautiful he is.I absolutely love him, he is my favorite actor now.Sooo handsome,like, is he real?? (bad grammar and spelling, I know .. sorry).-Why so much hate towards (a bit dumb) streight womens here?No hate ppl!

by Hyman Saulsreply 16603/22/2012

Glad to see Matt draws out the literate ones.

by Hyman Saulsreply 16703/22/2012

OH MY...

by Hyman Saulsreply 16803/22/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 16903/22/2012

R167= Oooh papalouey, we've got a looney!

by Hyman Saulsreply 17003/23/2012

Tim De Kay. Booooring. If the Bomz is hot for that, he has shitty taste.

I LOATHE that dumb all American square white bread suburban look that American women find so appealing.

by Hyman Saulsreply 17103/24/2012

Tim DeKay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Simon Halls

by Hyman Saulsreply 17203/24/2012

There is nothing suburban or white bread about Tim's body.

by Hyman Saulsreply 17303/24/2012

Why do you people want to break up a family? Such home wreckers.

by Hyman Saulsreply 17403/24/2012

I'll agree that Tim is kind of white bread, but that's his appeal. He's like the teacher or soccer coach you had when you were a teenager, who you secretly prayed would ask you to stay after class, lock the door and mercilessly have his way with you.

Or am I projecting?

by Hyman Saulsreply 17503/24/2012

^^^^^ no you are not lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 17603/24/2012

R174...oh dear. Darling, gay people do not always have relationships that follow straight configurations. And most relationships in Hollywood are open, hon. You must have fallen off the hay truck yesterday on your way to church.

by Hyman Saulsreply 17703/24/2012

R162...umm, you seriously don't think that Simon doesn't use Matt as bait to bring home super hot guys for three-ways? Is anyone on DL gay anymore? Does anyone here have ties to the entertainment industry anymore? The industry is completely decadent, and everything goes. Most deal are done in strip joints, and some actors/actresses got their jobs because they were good at blow jobs. Welcome to Hollywood! Four words...Barry Dilly, Sandy Gallin. And how about Bryan Singer, dear? David Geffin? Yes, they're all monogamous virgins.

by Hyman Saulsreply 17803/24/2012

R170 here...ooops, big apologies and kisses to R167. Of course I meant that 166 was the looney!

by Hyman Saulsreply 17903/24/2012

R178 I don't think most of us are blind to the decadence of the gay mafia, but the idea of Matt and Simon bringing home guys for orgies to their charming English tudor while their three young kids are sleeping down the hall is a little dark, even for DL.

Granted you could be right. The basic facts we know about Hallsmer (BoHalls? BHalls?) - wealthy, influential middle-aged Hollywood player meets beautiful but struggling actor 14 years his junior, actor becomes a star on network the player represents - has the trappings of a quid pro quo arrangement. The subsequent three year "my private life is private" dog and pony show, complete with children introduced as if spawned through osmosis, was cynical and pathetic. Can you imagine how humiliating it must have been for Halls, who'd cultivated a reputation as a stalwart supporter of gay rights charitable causes, to agree to stuff himself in his husband's closet? To see his own biological children attributed to another man? But nevertheless Halls went along with it, possibly even masterminded it. So yes, by all means, let's project our cynicism on them. I'm sure most of Hollywood already has.

That said, when I see some of the achingly beautiful photos of Matt with Simon's kids, I definitely want to believe that what I'm seeing isn't built on the shallowest Hollywood foundations of greed, ambition and sex.

by Hyman Saulsreply 18003/25/2012

What a great post, r180.

by Hyman Saulsreply 18103/25/2012

I have a feeling that when the two met, Simon already had a son (i.e Kit the eldest boy)

But the twins I think belong to Matt coz if you watch videos of them at the mall, you'll notice that they walk just like him

Anyway, i think that Matt and Simon really do love each other esp Matt to Simon given how much halls has helped him with his career

Oh, and I hope someone will get us photos of them together at that event on the 28th next month where Simon will be honoured for sth

by Hyman Saulsreply 18203/25/2012

I wonder of Matt has, like Ricky Martin, ever slept with chicks?

by Hyman Saulsreply 18303/25/2012


Do we know how much money he has?

by Hyman Saulsreply 18403/25/2012

Halls probably has a couple million from his PR work, nothing too spectacular in terms of Hollywood. I have heard he comes from money, though, nothing confirmed, just online chatter.

by Hyman Saulsreply 18503/25/2012

I think the "Simon Halls, Trustee" says it all; I have worked in trusts and estates a little bit and it is usually (very) rich people that have family trusts. Also, upthread quite a ways, a poster said that Simon is of the Halls Mentholytus Halls; if that's true: wow. just, wow.

by Hyman Saulsreply 18603/25/2012

If Halls is as wealthy as stated, then good for Matt - if his career stalls as a result of coming out, he can just relax at home and raise their kids

Lucky bitch

by Hyman Saulsreply 18703/25/2012

Its Great if Simon is Wealthy - he can produce a great Gay Tv Show/Movie

by Hyman Saulsreply 18803/25/2012

By the way, the 3.1 mill mansion that they purchased recently was under Matt's name but through a trust ( read Simon)

Wink, wink

by Hyman Saulsreply 18903/25/2012

[R180] is the gay version of a fan girl.

Most stars buy their houses through trusts, and a lot of them even use trusts to collect their income and then pay themselves out of it.

Matt is making $100,000 an episode, so I don't think the income and wealth difference is as great as some think.

I also don't think the younger kids are Matt's, the kids all look alike and the oldest in recent photos really looks like Simon now that he is older.

by Hyman Saulsreply 19003/25/2012

I saw Walker's face recently, his face became a bit longer than before, he really looks like Simon just like Kit. I found them not really pretty they used to be, actually. I also heard like R185 , R186 that Simon comes from a wealthy family. His family "mansion" probably owned by his parent or his grand parents I don't know, but, wow, it's BIG.

by Hyman Saulsreply 19103/25/2012

matt bomer will probably make around $6mill from the white collar franchise by the time his done with it ..not too bad..simon is probably worth over 10mill

by Hyman Saulsreply 19203/25/2012

You people know nothing. You desperately pore over paparazzi photos and anonymous online posts and think you glean something true and real about a stranger's private life. It's beyond pathetic.

And please learn the difference between a trust and an fso corporation.

by Hyman Saulsreply 19303/25/2012

R193, how did you manage to type all that with your little fists on your hips?

by Hyman Saulsreply 19403/26/2012

Simon is the father of the twins, as well as Kit. Variety announcement at the link.

Speculation is fun, but it's probably best to only go with that when we don't have the FACTS easily available.

by Hyman Saulsreply 19503/26/2012

R193 Some of comments here on DL are unnecessarily accurate = some insiders'. Even I can't laugh at them...

by Hyman Saulsreply 19603/26/2012

Great Simon video:

by Hyman Saulsreply 19703/27/2012

Some pics of Matt Bomer looking good from his upcoming appearance on Glee.

Apparently he is a playing a popular actor who stars on some sort of sing/dance show.

I wouldn't put it pass Ryan Murphy to have Matt Bomer be playing a Darren Criss stand-in as Darren Criss' brother. God knows he likes the meta.

by Hyman Saulsreply 19803/27/2012

Here's a new photo of Matt on Glee!

by Hyman Saulsreply 19903/27/2012

I think you're right r198. It looks like they've styled Matt's hair to look like Blaine's (in the TV screens, presumedly showing the TV show-within-the-show).

Kind of surprised that Bomer went along with the whole Cooper Anderson thing, considering you know... everything.

by Hyman Saulsreply 20003/27/2012

Would be funny if they had him play a disgraced actor on a "show GLAAD how much I'm not a homophob" apology mission.

by Hyman Saulsreply 20103/27/2012

R197 simon really does look great in this video

by Hyman Saulsreply 20203/27/2012

Here's the official Promo!

by Hyman Saulsreply 20303/27/2012

Who wants to see Simon with a buzz cut???

by Hyman Saulsreply 20403/27/2012

From 99. Guess he has a thing for cardigans.

by Hyman Saulsreply 20503/27/2012

I dont care what anyone says simon halls is HOT

by Hyman Saulsreply 20603/27/2012

DAMN MATT bomer can move..i couldnt help but look at the was he was thrusting his waist ..he could do some serious damage in bed

by Hyman Saulsreply 20703/27/2012

R207 That video...MARY!

by Hyman Saulsreply 20803/27/2012

Here's two minutes of unobstructed Halls for your viewing pleasure.

No wedding ring (this is from August 09). Huge fingers though.

by Hyman Saulsreply 20903/28/2012

Simon looks rather handsome in that video at r209.

by Hyman Saulsreply 21003/28/2012

He looks quite handsome in that video at R205 . I wanted to tell Nathan Lane to get the hell out of the way, so there would be an unobstructed view of Simon!

by Hyman Saulsreply 21103/28/2012

SIMON IS hot in that ....simon is an attractive man i dont see why DL folks keep saying his ugly

by Hyman Saulsreply 21203/28/2012

Thanks [R209], he looks very hot there! And he's got great hands.

by Hyman Saulsreply 21303/28/2012

Because he's fucking Matt.

by Hyman Saulsreply 21403/28/2012

First clip of Matt singing!

Fuck, they autotuned him.

by Hyman Saulsreply 21503/28/2012

Matt sounds amazing singing . .he has been trending on twitter for sometime and people are going nuts over him on the internet ,i can only imagine what happens when the episode airs

by Hyman Saulsreply 21603/28/2012

they didn't autotune his voice are you fuck deaf

by Hyman Saulsreply 21703/28/2012

Hollywood Reporter interview. Poor Bomz is hit with the Simon Halls question right out of the gate.

THR: "Considering your partner, Simon Halls, is Ryan's agent, has working with Ryan been something you’ve wanted to do for a long time?"

Translation: "Be honest, your homosexual life partner is helping you get roles, right?"

No wonder he didn't want to come out.

by Hyman Saulsreply 21803/28/2012

People who know nothing about music and hate Glee always cry "autotuned" at every audio clip that comes out because they think it makes them look informed and discerning. Of course, people who actually know anything about recording music know what they're hearing is just basic, normal production tweaks that are evident on even the most seasoned Broadway/live performers tracks.

Pop sound =/= autotuned

by Hyman Saulsreply 21903/28/2012

Simon looks absolutely adorable here. It's easy to picture anyone falling in love with that smile.

It's unfortunate that a lot of the still photos of him out there are so unflattering. He should have prepared for Bomer's outing by leaking some flattering headshots on the web.

by Hyman Saulsreply 22003/28/2012

[r218] I'm a bit dubious as to whether they actually asked him the question phrased like that. Aside from the complete sidestep in his answer, he doesn't correct the interviewer on the fact that Simon's not an agent? I'm thinking there was no mention of Simon originally and they added that part into the question afterwards.

by Hyman Saulsreply 22103/28/2012

i keep reading how the shooting of whitecollar takes all his time ..i think he should leave that show after this season he can pursue other projects

by Hyman Saulsreply 22203/28/2012

r221 Adding it afterward seems even worse, though, like they're just taking a passive aggressive swipe. At least if they had brought it up in the interview, he or his publicist could respond.

by Hyman Saulsreply 22303/28/2012

I remember Bomer when he was singing during the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors. He wasn't bad, but he wasn't that good that he should be one of the featured singers either.

by Hyman Saulsreply 22403/28/2012

Bomer can sing, is he some amazing singing talent? No, of course not. But he gets the job done.

The autotune complaints are silly because anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows that every singer, no matter how talented, has people that use post-production tuning.

And yes, he obviously gave a non-answer to that reporter because they were asking if his opportunities were completely due to sleeping with Simon Halls. What is he supposed to say to that?! And Simon is Ryan Murphy's publicist, not his agent. Way to fuck up basic facts.

by Hyman Saulsreply 22503/28/2012

Thanks for the videos. Simon looks so beautiful in motion. Woof!

If you find more videos, please post them. Share the wealth ;)

And what is he doing with his hands? Late night bondage play hmm?

by Hyman Saulsreply 22603/29/2012


So when you heard him raw with Dianne Carroll you thought he was just okay?

by Hyman Saulsreply 22703/29/2012

THR was being cheeky. End of. Journalists do it ALL the time and he side stepped it. So would I!

LOVE the song with Criss. I love this guy even more!!

Plus he's soo funny in the's SO Bomer if any of you have watched WC out takes!

And how much does Criss really fancy Bomer? So cute! But overwhelming! :-)

by Hyman Saulsreply 22803/29/2012

Also, Bomer chose the song and I bet my mum that he wanted it RAW but Murphy did it his Glee way.

Autotune. But at least this worked well instead of Matt Morrison's whiney voice.

by Hyman Saulsreply 22903/29/2012

[R220] Thanks, Simon looks amazing in this one!

by Hyman Saulsreply 23003/29/2012

Fungurltune R227 to R229 *sigh*

by Hyman Saulsreply 23103/29/2012

matt bomer is far from an okay singer ..i mean his no pavarotti but on his best days he can hold his ground .an okay singer will be timberlake or bieber ..bomer is better than those two

another thing ...that is not auto tune my God must you spoil everything.

by Hyman Saulsreply 23203/29/2012

It wouldnt surprise me if he gives up White Collar after season 4. He's got the fame that he wanted, and his name recognition is enough that he shouldn't have too much trouble getting film LA-based TV work. That would at least let him be a full time dad, he looks like he loves being a dad so it must be awful to be away from them for half the year. Maybe Simon will let him take a crack at the ol' baster and we'll get some beautiful baby Bomers.

by Hyman Saulsreply 23303/30/2012

[quote]It wouldnt surprise me if he gives up White Collar after season 4. He's got the fame that he wanted, and his name recognition is enough that he shouldn't have too much trouble getting film LA-based TV work.

I would think twice about that if I were him. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 23403/30/2012

Simon seems very charismatic in those videos.

by Hyman Saulsreply 23503/30/2012

I would really love to see him and Matt be affectionate (even if mildly) with each other

Thank god they're not media whores like NPH and his whatever - yuk

by Hyman Saulsreply 23603/30/2012

In that video with Jude Law, Simon seems like he's mischievous and fun. I can imagine him and Matt exchanging looks like that and being quite naughty together *ahem*

by Hyman Saulsreply 23703/30/2012

simon is everywhere with Jude law ,btw jude law stopped being relevant like 5years ago what is he up to i wonder if his friends with bomer.

Matt bomer should give up white collar..or he will never have the time to pursue other projects clearly his mainstream public profile is at an all time high now ,he should capitalise on it

i did a search for matt bomer on google , a couple of days i got only 4million hits now over 30mill related overnight wow ..and he was trending again today

by Hyman Saulsreply 23803/30/2012

I'm i the only one who thinks that at times Matt behaves like a 'beautiful girl"?

I know that he's handsome and all but he also has this feminine beauty that fascinates me - so amazing

Simon is one lucky daddy!

by Hyman Saulsreply 23903/30/2012

Matt bomer speaking spanish from puerto rico

by Hyman Saulsreply 24003/30/2012

r239 beautiful girl ?? you are the only one who thinks so

by Hyman Saulsreply 24103/30/2012

It's not a negative thing 241 and i'm sure that i'm not the only one who sees it

I'm not saying that he's femme or anything like that, just that he has this fragility about him that I love, esp when he smiles or laughs

by Hyman Saulsreply 24203/30/2012

r242 oh okay. from that perspective i see your point

by Hyman Saulsreply 24303/30/2012

Re: beautiful girl

See my post @ r110

That might explain why you respond that way to him

by Hyman Saulsreply 24403/30/2012

I've read your post 244 and it's to the point - thanks

It's amazing how one man can be so beautiful. I bet it drives the not so beautiful straight ones crazy

by Hyman Saulsreply 24503/30/2012

i am one heck of a specimen myself but i envy him ...he makes every body on earth look inferior

by Hyman Saulsreply 24603/30/2012

Bomer talks with E!'s Kristin who mercifully does not bring up his husband.

by Hyman Saulsreply 24703/30/2012

what's wrong with everyone??? I keep seeing his name everywhere and I finally saw him the other day and well...he is a plain looking guy. He's not ugly but he certainly isn't worthy of all the attention. I wouldn't look twice at him.

by Hyman Saulsreply 24803/30/2012

Is there something wrong with bringing up his husband R247? It is fairly common for reporters to ask questions about an actors family, it comes with being a public figure.

And hardcore eyeroll at R248. It must be nice to live in the fantasy world you live in where guys like Matthew Bomer don't even deserve a second look from you.

by Hyman Saulsreply 24903/30/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 25003/30/2012

Matt Bomer in Puerto Rico

by Hyman Saulsreply 25103/31/2012

R251 That was already posted at R240.

by Hyman Saulsreply 25203/31/2012

Oh oops I didn't notice, I'm so sorry.

by Hyman Saulsreply 25303/31/2012

248 you're kidding right?

Matt is the hottest living actor right now in hollywood, period.

Even the likes of Ian sm-----whatever, pale in comparison. Add in his sweet personality and disciplined life and you have a beautiful package

by Hyman Saulsreply 25403/31/2012

r254 exactly

by Hyman Saulsreply 25503/31/2012

Yes reporters bring up family all the time. ANd yes, people use their connections to get work, that's how Hollywood and a lot of other places work.

But how many straight actors do you see grilled about using family connections to get a job? I can't recall seeing anything like that, say with Nicole Kidman while she was with Cruise.

Seems like it only happens with gay men, like NPH being outed and razzed by Perez for getting David work on How I Met Your Mother.

It just felt like a bit of homophobia to me.

by Hyman Saulsreply 25603/31/2012

Exactl 256. How many interviews with Kathryn Bigelow open with, "So, the marriage to James worked out pretty well for you?"

by Hyman Saulsreply 25703/31/2012

Here's a pretty dour looking Simon, probably fed up with his super difficult client Alex Pettyfer. You can hear his voice pretty well here.

by Hyman Saulsreply 25803/31/2012

Matt and Cheyenne holding hands.

The hawtness. The unbearable hawtness.

by Hyman Saulsreply 25903/31/2012

r256, I was trying to pinpoint why that question made me so uncomfortable, and I think you hit the nail on the head. There does seem to be a double standard, doesn't there? Robert Downey Jr., for example, has appeared in more than one film that his wife produced (and I think he even admitted that she was the one who set him up with Guy Ritchie after he found out Ritchie was doing a Sherlock Holmes movie) but I'm pretty sure no one has ever asked him if he's fucking his way into movie roles. Or Catherine Zeta-Jones appearing in Traffic after she started dating Michael Douglas, or any other number of couples.

I guess I'm also a little surprised that it was in the semi-respectable The Hollywood Reporter, and not OK!. I don't really think it's a legitimate question that an industry-focused publication should ask, since there's no way to answer that wouldn't sound awful.

My discomfort doesn't even have anything to do with Matt Bomer specifically, it's just that it is a gross precedent to set, to start implying that the few out actors there are in Hollywood are making it not because of their talent, but because of whom they sleep with.

by Hyman Saulsreply 26003/31/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 26103/31/2012

I was really surprised it was in the Hollywood Reporter too. Sounds like something a newspaper in the middle of nowhere would ask to get attention, and knowing that they're not going to burn any bridges.

Saying that gay men sleep around to get ahead when you're not saying it about the straight actors is homophobic.

by Hyman Saulsreply 26204/01/2012

R259 Ewww! I don't like Miss Jackson!

by Hyman Saulsreply 26304/01/2012

A Bunch Of Amateurs = know-it-all tone middle-aged fungurls.

by Hyman Saulsreply 26404/02/2012

Random post is random R264

by Hyman Saulsreply 26504/02/2012

R263 = FUCK YOU. What kind of comment is that to make in a thread supporting an out actor?

I love how you can see in Matt's notes where he wrote "HOLD HIS HAND."

And I don't want to launch another salvo in the Matthew Bomer Height Wars, but Cheyenne is 6'3"...

by Hyman Saulsreply 26604/02/2012

It Takes a Thief (starring Robert Wagner) is running on MeTV, and I saw my first episode the other day.

Imagine my surprise at the premise -- a stylish thief is caught by law enforcement and is offered the choice of going to jail or helping the government catch other thieves. And he has an exasperated but affectionate supervisor/mentor.

Now where have I heard THAT before?

by Hyman Saulsreply 26704/02/2012

Nothing new for sure. Haven't seen that show in years, do they play up the bromance as much as they do on White Collar?

by Hyman Saulsreply 26804/02/2012

Dear Ted: Are you sure Matt Bomer is free of any Vice behavior? I'm hearing all kinds of things about my new celeb crush. It makes me sad to think he's not as tied up and in love with his "family" as I really want him to be. Kisses to your babies. —Nosykitty

Dear Knotted Up: Honey, it depends on when you think he did the untying? That husband of his isn't complaining. But earlier on is a different story.

by Hyman Saulsreply 26904/02/2012

Wasn't it just last month that Ted was claiming they were one of the most normal couples in Hollywood? Why would he have said that if "earlier on" his husband was complaining?

Anyone know what "things" are going around? Or why Simon wouldn't be complaining now?

by Hyman Saulsreply 27004/02/2012

That really, really pisses me off. He's totally implying that he used to be a slut. Gay men really are their own worst enemies.

by Hyman Saulsreply 27104/02/2012

So Ted is talking about before he settled down with Simon? Really, what's the point of talking about that?

by Hyman Saulsreply 27204/02/2012

[quote]That husband of his isn't complaining. But earlier on is a different story.

In other word, someone's been complaining to Ted about how Matt was unfaithful to him.

Now who could that be...

by Hyman Saulsreply 27304/02/2012

Calm down, frau-fan R271. Ted was referring to earlier in Matt's career, not earlier in their relationship. I highly doubt Ted would risk being pulled off the Hollywood gossip teat by openly suggesting Matt cheated on Simon.

by Hyman Saulsreply 27404/02/2012

The weird thing about that is... what rumors? Are there really rumors around him? I can't believe I actually remember this, but a while back someone in one of the threads at Blind Gossip said that they were expecting Matt Bomer to be the answer to a bunch of BIs now that he'd come out, and one of the mods replied that none of the BIs they'd ever posted had been about him because there was no gossip to be had -- no cheating, no drugs, etc.

Which is a longwinded way of saying that that is a very weird question to ask Ted C.

I'm glad someone did ask it, though, because it resulted in the spectacular mental image I now have of Ted suckling at the teat of a giant g (for gossip)-shaped mammal. A+ imagery, r274.

by Hyman Saulsreply 27504/02/2012

Also, I realize that we're talking about Ted C., and so expecting a coherent response might be a bit much, but that is a very poorly phrased answer. While I think he's referring to pre-Simon, it's not clear from the way it's written.

by Hyman Saulsreply 27604/02/2012

Here he's saying himself that Matt is entirely viceless... strange!

by Hyman Saulsreply 27704/02/2012

[quote]While I think he's referring to pre-Simon, it's not clear from the way it's written.

Exactly. It's written in a way that allows a lot of innuendo with a minimum of information.

It just rubs me as a very nasty, bitter way to greet a celeb who was decent enough to come out of the closet. The "family" in quotation marks is vicious. The question (obviously written by Ted) is vicious - not just implying that he doesn't really love his partner, but his kids?????

by Hyman Saulsreply 27804/03/2012

Has Ted C ever been truthful about any celeb? Seems like he just spins a bunch of hyperbole and people buy it up!

by Hyman Saulsreply 27904/03/2012

It only took Matt Bomer one month to go from squeaky-clean to slutty-actor-whoring-himself-out-for-a-career. Is that some kind of record?

"Family" is really fucking offensive. Even without looking it up, I can guarantee that at least 90% of the hetero couples with kids mentioned in blind items are referred to simply as families, without the added implication that they are not real or somehow need to be qualified with snarky quotes.

by Hyman Saulsreply 28004/03/2012

I get the feeling that Matt will never give an interview to a gay publication or even appear at any of their award shows.

He really seems to avoid the gay scene or anything gay related because I think he gets embarrassed by them (not that I blame him). I even doubt that he has many close gay friends - His family is everything to him

But i'm glad he cotributes to different charities that front gay causes - it says alot about his character and I wish him and Simon all the best in their relationship regardless of what some jealous fools think or wish upon them

by Hyman Saulsreply 28104/03/2012

That's right, R281 . Matt Bomer has no friends who are gay.

by Hyman Saulsreply 28204/03/2012

[quote]He really seems to avoid the gay scene or anything gay related because I think he gets embarrassed by them

R281 - you realize you are talking about a man who once wore this in public?

by Hyman Saulsreply 28304/03/2012

Wasn't his sort-of coming out at a gay event?

by Hyman Saulsreply 28404/03/2012

I said 'not many' friends, not 'non' at all and I do know about some of his gay friends e.g Zach Q, Lee Pace, Shayenne Jackson, some gay movie directors, theatre pips - just that he seems like an introvert who really only bothers with the people within his circle

by Hyman Saulsreply 28504/03/2012


But how would you know? He does his own thing. Plus he is the only famous gay guy who actually gives money to gay events, supports gay events and attends with little funfair (Trevor Project, GLSEN, GLAAD, Family Equality Council.....etc etc)

by Hyman Saulsreply 28604/03/2012


It just felt like a bit of homophobia to me.

You need to copy and paste your comment on every gay blog.

I'm not sure how many minorities truly post on here but women and black people are just as bad on turning on their own, particularly if that person doesn't fit the mould they feel is the 'woman just like me' or 'that black guy/girl looks or talks just like me'

Gay men if you are not camp, bitchy or aggressive, will tear you apart. See Queerty or the comments here about Matt Bomer. Insane. And the guy really is just doing his thing...

Re Ted, I have been following Ted and EVERY Blind he said was someone, it was. I'll admit since celeb news got really mainstream because of Perez, Ted has lost his spark and because he has interns working for him, on more then one occasion he went back on people he said were not blinds.

He really likes Matt so I did not see that post as anything then it was. I know that I've written to Ted before and he wrote back, so I doubt he made it up.

And, I'm a little shocked that Bomer as a 34 year old who is that good looking, lived in NY since he was 21....seems to be friends with some really social, cool, ambitious creative types had not had any dirt come out about him.

So instead of some fangurls sticking their heads in the clouds about him, just be thankful that his team are keeping everything at bay, especially if his ex is as bitchy as people have said here.

Lastly, it's Matt Bomer's suburban fans who are obsessed with White Collar whom have project this weird image of Matt as some altar boy. When you read his interviews, the music he is into, the places he says he likes to go to or the movies he is interested in playing...this guy isn't some good boy surburbanite! He even looked like he was the life and soul of his school years.

He has spoken about being nearly expelled, drinking too much etc but yet, these girls keep on projecting this weird image of him that sets him up to fail, esp as he does not want to be a role model.

Lol, that's why I like him because despite his somewhat perfect looks, he looks like he'd be a lot of fun with a bottle or two of alcohol down the local bar!

by Hyman Saulsreply 28704/03/2012

I agree that some of the idealization of his personality that goes on with some fans is silly – I cannot roll my eyes hard enough at the idea of such an incredibly attractive man in his 20s sitting around alone in his NYC apartment every night, crying into his non-alcoholic beverage because he was too shy and lacked social skills to make new friends.

At the same time, I'm very disturbed by the change in tone of some of the coverage he's been getting. It's been subtle but, as others have pointed out, it's there. As far as we know, Matt Bomer's behavior hasn't changed dramatically in the six weeks since he came out. And yet, before he came out, that behavior was characterized as clean-living and family-oriented. Now that he's openly gay, suddenly he's promiscuous and willing to whore himself out to get ahead. [italic]For the exact same behavior.[/italic] That's more than a little bit problematic. And the fact that those stereotypes are being perpetuated by another gay man (Ted) is sickening.

I didn't post on here when Quinto came out. Did the same thing happen to him?

by Hyman Saulsreply 28804/03/2012


I was thinking more about what you said and to continue, this reminds me of when the National Enquirer had an article about how NPH's friends are making fun of the fact that Burtka was staying at home to look after the kids and NPH was pissed/embarrassed and got him the E! job.

Whether you like the NE or not, the whole story sticks because Burtka looks really uncomfortable and not at all that happy presenting on E.

Anyway, what was sad/interesting were the comments on here and on Queerty from gay men, who were belittling Burtka for wanting to stay at home with his frigging children.

Did Natalie Portman get this vitriol when she took time off with her giant baby that she overfeeds instead of eating any food herself? How about the amount of famous actresses who adopt and talk, talk about taking time out to spend with the child-they never do!-?

Yet Burtka has reluctantly been made to stay away from being a stay at home parent when they can more then afford to live on NPH's salary. And it was gay men that threw the vitriol.

And trust me, it's not a gay man thing, it's a people thing, especially minorities. You try telling a bunch of women sipping their white wine spritzers down the local bar that you're much more interested in pursuing a successfully career then fulfilling the role of housewife and mother.

Lol, you won't get out of there alive without plenty of _rolled eyes_ and bitchy side glances!

by Hyman Saulsreply 28904/03/2012


Good point and said eloquently-are we on the same site! lol.

Yes, you are right and I have missed that. It's true but I have seen it as a continuation to put Bomer down that I feel they have been dying too. Well some of them and by some I mean only gay orientated sites or journalists.

Like that Hollywood Reporter comment, man name me one women who hasn't done the casting couch in Hollywood? And has someone like Megan Fox EVER been thrown such a comment? When everyone knows what happened with that sleaze bag for her to get that role in Transformers?

What about the slutty model he replaced Fox with who can't even string a sentence together? If that isn't saying 'F*CK YOU' to paying customers, I don't know what is. And ALL the articles I read about her, not one person asked how did a model with no acting experience get the lead female part in one of the biggest grossing movies this decade?

But poor Matt gets a tiny role on Glee at the grand old age of 34 after years acting plus a stellar education at a top drama school and the first question he gets asked is 'did you get this because of your partner?'

At least if Bomer was as bad at acting like Cheyenne Jackson AND had no drama experience like Cheyenne, I might 'get' why you would ask that...but has anyone complained and questioned how Jackson got 3rd Rock with his acting chops?

And we all know how he sleeps around.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29004/03/2012

"What definitely didn't give him nightmares was working with White Collar hunk Matt Bomer on Glee. "That guy's perfect," Colfer said, adding with a laugh, "It's just obnoxious how perfect he is."

He also praised Bomer for coming out of the closet as a gay man in February when he thanked his longtime partner, publicist Simon Halls, during an awards acceptance speech. "I'm very proud of him," Colfer said. "I think that's going to be very much the norm very soon."

Fingers crossed!"

Hmm, are we STILL going on about Bomer coming out? 2 months ago? And I HATE it when they say proud. How patronizing.

Anyway Colfer is so professional, be it posing with Michelle Bachman and thinking he is changing things or saying that it will be the norm soon....riight....more like in 20 years. In the US.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29104/03/2012

More gushing about Bomer. Criss is right tho lol!

TV & Satellite Week

Playing Kurt’s supportive boyfriend Blaine Anderson in Glee has turned Darren Criss into a key member of the Mckinley High gang over the last couple of series. This week, as the show returns after its short break, more is revealed about Blaine as his older actor brother Cooper, played byWhite collar star Matt Bomer, pays a visit from Hollywood. We caught up with 25 year old Criss to find out more…

What can you tell us about Cooper?

Well, for starters, Matt Bomer looks like a Disney prince. I guess they felt the need to flatter me into thinking that he could be my brother- in my dreams! I can’t really reveal what is going to happen between the brothers as I don’t want to ruin it for viewers, but they are 10 years apart in age which brings in certain things.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29204/03/2012

Oh my god....just seen the full length of the GOTYE song. Wow, Darren Criss can NOT sing to save his life. Plus he overexaggerates his movements really badly.

Oh dear god. Wow. Talk about ruining a good song.

Why didn't Bomer sing most of it? Urgh. That's his problem which is why he will always be a supporting role for the rest of his life. I've never seen an actor despite his talent musically and screen presence wise is so obsessed with not being in the limelight.

I get that he is generous. Ok. And it's great the amount of airtime you give De Kay on WC, even though it's far too much but whatever. But he goes too far.

Criss is an over hyped monkey who is were he is because he is sleeping with Murphy and acting/singing alongside Bomer shows that even more.

But hey, the fangurls and some fanwomen thing he's god's gift, so okay!

by Hyman Saulsreply 29304/03/2012

Nobody here thinks Matt is an angel. The problem is Ted's complete turn around and the change in tone in how he's being treated by some of the press. It really does seem like the knives are being pulled out just because he is out of the closet, and it's disturbing to see.

Same with the person insisting he does nothing for the gay community when he does more than just about anyone I can think of.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29404/03/2012

290/293 What is your logic in trashing two other very talented gay or gay-friendly actors while criticizing someone else for trashing Matt?

by Hyman Saulsreply 29504/03/2012

I don't even get R293. I just listened to it and both Darren Criss and Matt Bomer's voices are autotoned to hell through a lot it, especially the chorus. I'm not even sure how you can think one sounded good and the other didn't based on that.

And I think Darren is overrated in a lot of ways but I give him that dude is a capable singer, better than most of the male Glee cast. (His acting...whole other story)

They both look hot, though I am not sure how half-asian Darren Criss is supposed to be brothers with a clearly white blue eyed Bomer.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29604/03/2012

Wrong link! Here is Bomer/Criss on Glee.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29704/03/2012

thetWhat are you all talking about?

The media funny enough has been very respectful to Matt so far except for that one publication, and that Ted guy never said anything wrong or insulting about Matt.

When I read what he said, I took it as him saying that Matt may have had a bit of fun here and there before Simon, but that now that he's settled down, everything is okay

Trust me guys, Matt has had it good so far, I follow quite a few gay celebrities and it's brutal out there for them. It also helps that he's hot, not a famewhore, and is a leading character on a well liked tv series.

He also doesn't fit into the stereotype - this is esp important for an actor like him who wants a leading role in a big budget movie one day

by Hyman Saulsreply 29804/03/2012

r296 Darren sure looks white to me. I would never have guessed he was half-Asian.

by Hyman Saulsreply 29904/03/2012

What "Ted" are you guys talking about? link please?

by Hyman Saulsreply 30004/03/2012

Closeted queers are victims of their own misogyny.

DL is a misogynist space, as this "frau" hatred makes clear. Imagine a comparable word with which to characterize gay men who bug you; imagine that word showing up over and over again in various threads, without a single objection; imagine how none of you would stand for it.

Your misogyny is juvenile, stupid, out-of-date, destructive of your own humanity, brutalizing to children, murderous, self-loathing, and wrong.

Stop it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 30104/03/2012

I see , trolling another post . Go back to Romney

by Hyman Saulsreply 30204/03/2012

Embedded version

I agree, not enough singing Bomer. But they sound good together.

by Hyman Saulsreply 30304/03/2012

Here's Simon in 97.

He does like oddly the same as he did 15 years ago.

by Hyman Saulsreply 30404/03/2012

Some finger porn.

by Hyman Saulsreply 30504/03/2012

Looking good here!

by Hyman Saulsreply 30604/03/2012

Finger porn, very nice! He is looking good in these "new" clips.

by Hyman Saulsreply 30704/03/2012

Here's Simon looking kind of pissed...

by Hyman Saulsreply 30804/04/2012

Smiley and scruffy

by Hyman Saulsreply 30904/04/2012

how tall is Simon?

by Hyman Saulsreply 31004/05/2012

He looks so different with the scruff--I prefer him with it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 31104/05/2012

How great do Matt's pecs look in this photo?

I love that he drives a station wagon.

by Hyman Saulsreply 31204/06/2012

Ahh, no wonder he wears that St Louis cap-that's were he was born...

"Megan was born on July 26th in St. Louis, MO, growing up under the arch.

She was a tomboy out of necessity in those days, with two older brothers to keep up with. She was often the extra player when sporting competitions arose between rival neighborhood children daring to encroach on her brothers' turf.

Moving to Houston at the ripe age of 5, Megan assimilated to the Texas way of life and developed a love for sports. She played on the soccer, volleyball, and swim team, and even found time to attend class.

After high school Megan went to UT where she was a Delta Gamma.

She studied Public Relations and Business and managed to land a job in shipping with a company called CSA. From there she moved to a new company where she uses the education her parents so lovingly gifted her with."

Lol, CSA was Daddies company!

by Hyman Saulsreply 31304/06/2012

313 who the fuck are you talking about?

by Hyman Saulsreply 31404/06/2012

Matts sister I guess.

by Hyman Saulsreply 31504/06/2012

I guess that WC ratings will improve now with a new batch of fans from Glee and Magic Mike, so here's hoping that the only people obsessively tweeting Eastin gushing about the show/boring clingly bromance/Neal emasculated are not those middle aged suburban house wives on USA forums or suburban single girls/mothers on Twitter.

They've really ruined a really fun, sexy and single character.

It's like I don't know why he listens to them when they are such a minority? It's like he thinks that is his demo and it's not lol. It's why the ratings dipped and even on that Deadline interview the journalist said the same thing I did to Eastin, who agreed they messed up trying to make Neal emulate Peter but I have a feeling he's still going to it!

Peter's and Mozzie's characters are the only ones with real bite, since Neal is a big wimp who apparently yearns for a desk job.

I mean they've even managed to make NYC look and act like the suburbs!

by Hyman Saulsreply 31604/06/2012


Hey 'Fuck',

I assume anyone going out of their way to post on DL and THEN a Bomer thread at least knows about him, his family or his sister's name??????!

If you don't, my bad. I don't care. I'm not going to start every post with some LONG family/personality background about him when we really should be over this after, what, the 8th thread?

by Hyman Saulsreply 31704/06/2012

R316 LOL post had me rolling

now you know they plan to drag this white collar series for 6 seasons right ...matt is never going to be able to pursue a film career . even if studio's would want him .. i think his just very contented and not overly ambitious

by Hyman Saulsreply 31804/06/2012

[quote]I assume anyone going out of their way to post on DL and THEN a Bomer thread at least knows about him, his family or his sister's name??????!

Um, no, you psycho.

by Hyman Saulsreply 31904/06/2012

lol r319

by Hyman Saulsreply 32004/06/2012

LOL, thank you, r319.

by Hyman Saulsreply 32104/06/2012

Yeah, USA does tend to drag their series on for years, even if the ratings aren't there.

I know Jeff Eastin is shooting a new pilot for USA, so maybe if that gets picked up he'll end White Collar after season 4.

I don't know how much demand there would be for Matt in films, but I'd like to see him with a really, really good tv role. Even if he does only get offered gay roles, there are a lot more of those on TV and many of them are quite good (ie David Fisher of Six Feet Under, Kevin Walker on Brothers & Sisters). White Collar is so one dimensional... I think he's better than the material.

by Hyman Saulsreply 32204/06/2012

Yes white collar is very one dimensional ..matt is such a verse actor and deserves so much more...he can even rock the comedy and high action genre thriller ....seeing him just walk up and down white collar looking pretty is not using his full potential

by Hyman Saulsreply 32304/06/2012

So from somebody who has seen a prescreening of magic mike matts role is almost un noticeable This is Upsetting ...i Mean Matt bomer has a higher media presence right now that Joe mangeafdzfsfd ..alex pyfter or whatever his name is ..yet he has the smallest role. his basically like an Extra on set

what pisses me of is i am going to watch this movie for him..but will watch it pissed

I hope he doesn't go around promoting the movie like crazy ..he should just leave it to Channing tatum and Mathew macccgherey or whatever since they are technically the biggest stars and draws to the movie

by Hyman Saulsreply 32404/06/2012

Alex & Joe. Soo much hotness!! Yeah. Why are you deliberately degrading them, R17 ? A fan jealous? Steven Soderbergh didn't like something about Matt's role or it was very small role from the first place. Don't worry, The Normal Heart, we can see Matt's gay sex scene!!

by Hyman Saulsreply 32504/07/2012

Or maybe Matt couldn't show any chemistry with a girlfriend actress (like in White Collar). Couldn't hide the excitement (see his pants) during the dance scene with boys. His hard on toward young blond Alex Pettyfer. HOT. It must have been very very hard for Matt pretending a straight guy when he was almost naked surrounded by various kind of hot guys. Phew!

by Hyman Saulsreply 32604/07/2012

R326 so true

by Hyman Saulsreply 32704/07/2012

The role Matt is playing in MM (Ken) is very small in the script. The relationship with his wife (played by Mircea Monroe) is not supposed to have sizzling chemistry (which would be easy for him to play, then, [326]): they have no emotional attachments and Ken objectifies her. He's playing a real asshole, which gets me quite excited, heh. I find the guy has chemistry with almost everybody, female and male, except for that dark-haired girl in season 1, but they almost looked like siblings, which I find off-putting. Now I want to know who is the alleged other gay actor from the MM cast Ted referred to. Joe M or Pettyfer?

by Hyman Saulsreply 32804/08/2012

It's Joe @328

by Hyman Saulsreply 32904/08/2012

[R329] That's my bet, too. And his ~engagement with Audra Something screamed bearding.

by Hyman Saulsreply 33004/08/2012

I don't think Joe is gay, but I just found out that his agent is powergay Kevin Huvane, and I have a terrible feeling he may have put out for him. Why else would Meryl Streep and Oprah's agent take on a himbo with limited star potential?

I like Joe but if you follow his career and his press (very well documented at fuckyeahjoemanganiello) it's obvious that he's very, very ambitious. His PR is out of control. Maybe only Kellan Lutz has as much PR without having the career to back it up.

by Hyman Saulsreply 33104/08/2012

R324, that might change, if Matt's screen time tested well with test viewers it could be uped, like Rupert Everett in My Best Friends Wedding, apparently his original screen time was less than half of the final edit.

by Hyman Saulsreply 33204/08/2012

Oh God, I just realized who Simon reminds me of. I can't believe it took me so long to make the connection.

by Hyman Saulsreply 33304/08/2012

Loving the Glee fans and their new found obsession with Bomer! They are so committed and this is perfect towards Bomer's movie career. The more execs see that so many women and girls absolutely love him and would follow his career, the more likely they are to gamble on him.

He'd be perfect for so many roles that are being thrown about at the moment like Christian Grey and Finnick from Hunger Games.

Woo hoo!

by Hyman Saulsreply 33404/08/2012

This is who Simon reminds me of (a younger version):

by Hyman Saulsreply 33504/08/2012

I also read somewhere that Matt and Joe share a publiscist, but are you sure 331 that Kevin Huvane is Joe's agent?

by Hyman Saulsreply 33604/08/2012

By the way, I also don't think that Joe's exclusively gay but maybe bi because enough people have sworn that he's always had man crushes and apparently, his biggest one has been for his buddy Matt

I don't know if this is someone's wild imagination going too far but if it is, SIZZLING

by Hyman Saulsreply 33704/08/2012

R331 I hope he's not. Because saying stuff like 'It's a pleasure to be here to lend my voice to HRC's fine work and your fight for equality. I don't happen to be gay," he said as the audience groaned with disappointment. Then he added a teasing 'yet' to the end of the sentence to wild audience applause. 'While I'll ever be fully able to understand what it feels like to be judged and precluded from basic civil rights based on my sexual orientation, I do know what it's like to be prejudged based on what people think they know about me,' Would be pretty pathetic if he happened to be gay.

So, it leaves us with Pettyfer, Tatum, Mcconaughey or Rodriguez. I mean, assuming Ted is right.

by Hyman Saulsreply 33804/08/2012

R336 IMDBPro lists him as Kevin's client. You can get a free two-week membership if you want to see for yourself.

Matt and Joe has different publicists, Joe is with a boutique agency.

Does someone have a link to the Ted C column where he says two Magic Mike stars are gay?

by Hyman Saulsreply 33904/08/2012

what's a boutique agency?

by Hyman Saulsreply 34004/08/2012

Is it true that Simon Halls is an heir to the HALLS Mentho-lyptus fortune?

If true, WOW!

by Hyman Saulsreply 34104/08/2012

r341, the Mentho-lyptus fortune is owned by the Hall (not Halls) family, so unless they picked up an extra "s" along the way, then... no. He's not the Mentho-lyptus heir.

r339, here's the link to Ted C.'s blind. It's about halfway down the page. I can't actually make heads or tails of what he's saying, but the consensus seems to be that someone else on set (besides Bomer) is gay.

by Hyman Saulsreply 34204/08/2012

R334 YOU sound exactly like a delusional fungurl. Period.

by Hyman Saulsreply 34304/08/2012

R340 "Creative professionals like writers, actors, and models can opt to work with a boutique agency for representation. Representation is often required for certain areas of the creative industry; many publishing houses, for example, will only accept queries from agents, not directly from writers. Boutique agencies are small, represent a variety of clients, and provide very hands on, personal service. These agencies are often more willing to take a risk on clients, providing a launch point for someone's career. Some very noted actors, writers, and models started with boutique agencies.

While boutique agencies are small, they are often highly respected in the industry. They can include staff members with extensive connections and networking abilities. Being represented by a boutique agency can provide someone with opportunities that might not be available through larger agencies. These agents also work very hard on behalf of their clients and can take time to focus on packaging a client to be appealing, an option that may not be available to people in agencies with big client lists. Many boutique agencies are referral-only and very choosy about who they are willing to represent."

by Hyman Saulsreply 34404/09/2012

R342 and that they might be coming out of the closet.

by Hyman Saulsreply 34504/09/2012

Thanks [344]

by Hyman Saulsreply 34604/09/2012

I've heard people here say that Simon is extremely wealthy or comes from a well - to - do family

So what's the story?

by Hyman Saulsreply 34704/09/2012

I don't think the Casablanca item says much at all - it's just trying to stir up speculation where none exists.

Nobody appears to know anything much about Simon, the wealth rumors I think are just inferred because of his long career and success in PR. He went to USC, so he was probably at least comfortably upper middle class as a young man.

SH appears to be an extremely private person. It must have been a huge sacrifice for him to agree to go along with Matt's quest for stardom.

The things one does for the love of a beautiful man...

by Hyman Saulsreply 34804/09/2012

THE TED C guy from e seems like he has become bitter against MATT

it seems like the more successful matt become the more vicious and vile the attack on him will become ,people will start with the "he did anything and everything to get ahead" and slept with the right people.i dont know if this is happening because his gay or it happens to ever hollywood up and comer

with that said matt seems to be the fan favorite to play 50 shades of grey weather he will be cast or weather he will even accept such an xrated erotic role is another thing

by Hyman Saulsreply 34904/09/2012

R349 etc. IS a delusional fangirl. A fan favorite to play a frau-porn character in a book that doesn't even have a movie deal is hardly an indicator of a successful career. I would hope he wouldn't be stupid enough to take on a role like that anyway; his career would be over except for bad Lifetime movies.

by Hyman Saulsreply 35004/09/2012

the book has been number 1 on the best selling list for weeks..and the is already a movie deal with universal ..its set to be the next big franchise .

by Hyman Saulsreply 35104/09/2012

No Matt is not going to get overtly heterosexual roles, unless it is tongue-in-cheek like Barney on How I Met Your Mother.

Such is the openly gay actors' lot in life.

by Hyman Saulsreply 35204/09/2012

I think there is a good chance that Matt will tear down some barriers like that [R352]. He's already shown with White Collar that he can play a leading man type without scaring away the fan girls. He's already broken down that barrier a bit with White Collar as he was in pretty thin glass closet from the get-go.

by Hyman Saulsreply 35304/09/2012

Downgraded by Cosmo on their list of hot guys. According to Cosmo, being gay and out is a real turn-off. Back to the closet with you, Bomer!

by Hyman Saulsreply 35404/09/2012

Wow, I don't know why but I am really surprised that a mainstream magazine would come right out and give him bad marks for being out.

On the other hand, is a dinosaur like Cosmo even relevant?

by Hyman Saulsreply 35504/09/2012

Matt is one of the hottest working actors out there - gay or straight - so he'll be fine

And he's dating one of the most powerful PR guys in the business

by Hyman Saulsreply 35604/09/2012

WOW i cant believe that COSMO downgraded him for being Out SMH..

Plus white collar is different from NPH role..his whitecollar role is Leading Man type role ..i remember the first time i saw him on the pilot of chuck i was like damn

by Hyman Saulsreply 35704/09/2012

Can someone explain the downgrade? I'm not seeing it. I thought what they wrote was nice, and they included a sexy photo of him.

The only thing that pisses me off is how they thought they were being cutesy by saying it's "unfair" we have him and Zac Quinto - a grand total of TWO PEOPLE!

I feel like writing back, "So sorry, we keep forgetting our place in society, two is definitely one too many. You can have Quinto back."

by Hyman Saulsreply 35804/09/2012

After reading that shitrag article from Cosmo, I guess I do understand now why gay actors stay in the closet. What a bunch of dumb greedy bitches! As if they don't have tons of straight actors to lust after.

I know nobody gives a shit about that outdated shitrag anyway, but I still think we should all write them an email and let them know it's people like them that keep actors in the closet.

UGH! Straight women are SOOOOOO annoying!

by Hyman Saulsreply 35904/09/2012

COSMO mag did not downgrade him, they just said that it was unfair that with such looks, only the boys can have him

I hate it when people come here to spread things like, 'oh the media is attacking him because he's gay.'

Trust me, most media people love Bomer esp since it's impossible to hate him unless you're jealous of his life

by Hyman Saulsreply 36004/09/2012

Cant you See the bIG ARROW POINTING DOWN on the background of that piece

by Hyman Saulsreply 36104/09/2012

99% if the biggest and Hottest stars out are Straight or so they claim why should the .01% of the hottest gay man be downgraded in hottness because his gay ?? i mean dont the straight community have enough straight guys to lust over .

that piece was just some bullshit and he totally didnt deserve that..but i guess this is just the beginning and its going to become only worse

by Hyman Saulsreply 36204/09/2012

Yeah, I thought his name over the big downward arrow, along with the sidebar that says "Who's getting sexier and who's turning us off," was self-explanatory, but I guess not.

by Hyman Saulsreply 36304/09/2012

R360 [quote] most media people love Bomer esp since it's impossible to hate him unless you're jealous of his life

Super Amatuers. Most media people pretend to love Bomer since his partner is PR guru who can give you subtle malicious revenge someday. Hollywood code is that whoever you are, how ultra super nice you are, they are waiting to nail those bitches who are sleeping with guru/executive types. Just wait and see.

by Hyman Saulsreply 36404/09/2012

I agree with you, r358, that what they wrote was sort of nice, but that makes it worse for me. Because then it becomes clear that he hasn't done anything douchey like, say, Mario Lopez. Pretty much the only reason he's on the "turning us off" list is because he's one out actor too many.

by Hyman Saulsreply 36504/09/2012

r358 He's moved down their "stud meter", he's on the lower half of it (the top part has been cut off in the pic). They're implying that he's less hot because they now know he's gay, how's that nice? In my book that's homophobia.

by Hyman Saulsreply 36604/09/2012

R366 exactly

by Hyman Saulsreply 36704/09/2012

OK I didn't realize that they cut off the top of the meter, so I thought he was in the middle, but I guess now he would be in the bottom third.

That's a pretty shitty thing to do to him. Poor Matt.

by Hyman Saulsreply 36804/09/2012

Matt is back from Puerto Rico with a sunburn!

Oh God, this face!

by Hyman Saulsreply 36904/09/2012

R369 I wouldn't call that a sunburn. Looks like a nice decent tan.

by Hyman Saulsreply 37004/09/2012

Cosmo is a magazine for straight women. Of course they downgrade gay celebs unless being a type of a gay man who can make jokes about gays and can be their girly best gay friend. What the hell are you expecting from horny straight ones? Hypocritical political correctness!? Get over it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 37104/09/2012

We need a sing-along.

by Hyman Saulsreply 37204/09/2012

It's not hypocritical for straight women to find a male celebrity who is gay hot--it's not like they'd ever have a chance with him even if he was straight. Matt has plenty of straight female fans who find him sexy and hot and could care less that he's gay.

If they didn't want to put him on their hot list, fine, who's to know, but to "downgrade" him like that is homophobic and wrong.

by Hyman Saulsreply 37304/09/2012

R373 LOL Keep whining, asshole. Keep delusionating. Do you really understand what you are saying? Don't forget to add that you'll ever have a chance with Matt Bomer either. Can you name some actresses you really find sexy and hot? Someone (female) you really lust for? Nah. lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 37404/09/2012

Anne Rice is totally fan gurling over matt bomer on facebook lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 37504/10/2012

R374, how do you manage to type, with your sisters always at your heels trying to get custody of the eye?

by Hyman Saulsreply 37604/10/2012

I think it's simple collusion with agents et al to reinforce the practice of closeting gay actors.

by Hyman Saulsreply 37704/10/2012

The Cosmo comment it stupid but no more offensive than what they said about Daniel Radcliffe when they mocked his alcoholism. The only people who read Cosmo ate 18 year old girls who don't know any better.

by Hyman Saulsreply 37804/10/2012

MATT BOMER IS ON GLEE TONIGHT....dont forget to watch the future emmy nominated guest star

by Hyman Saulsreply 37904/10/2012

You know you are married to a powerful publicist when entertainment reporters have already been trying to push the idea that your appearance deserves an emmy before the episode even airs. Read that language in several outlets.

by Hyman Saulsreply 38004/10/2012

LOL, you know i wish for once we could just appreciate matt without the reference of how his getting ahead because of his husband .not to say it is or isnt true ,but i dont think we do this with straight actors

by Hyman Saulsreply 38104/10/2012

MATT BOMER ON GLEE ..people are gong crazy on twitter

by Hyman Saulsreply 38204/10/2012

R380 Yup. So true.

by Hyman Saulsreply 38304/10/2012

He was really good. It wasn't quite as showy as I was hoping it would be, but he was really effective.

The Goyte duet was kind of fucked up though... the song is obviously about ex-lovers.

by Hyman Saulsreply 38404/10/2012

everybody is saying EMMY ...his performance was incredibly hilarious !!! so funny omg lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 38504/10/2012

I don't know about Emmy but his 'acting masterclass' was the best thing on Glee tonight.

by Hyman Saulsreply 38604/11/2012

he was better than NPH ..and neil patrick got an emmy for his guest role

by Hyman Saulsreply 38704/11/2012

I love this man.

by Hyman Saulsreply 38804/11/2012

R387 What was "better than NPH"? Actually, NPH made quite an impact on Glee and I really didn't see anything that Bomer did "better" than other guest stars.

by Hyman Saulsreply 38904/12/2012

oh, and the rating wasn't good either. It was one of its lowest rated episodes.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39004/12/2012

He's hotter than NPH, all else is irrelevant

by Hyman Saulsreply 39104/12/2012

Apparently the audition tape was Matt's idea :)

by Hyman Saulsreply 39204/12/2012

Interview with AE, with bonus he's-not-really-out wank in the comments.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39304/12/2012

Also, that audition tape is hilarious, especially when he grabs Blaine's arm to point it. I'm glad he got a chance to flex his comedy muscles; I didn't think he'd be so funny. "It's Megatroooon." Hee.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39404/12/2012

Love how he's eyeing Clooney in this photo.

Yeah, Matt has a type.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39504/12/2012

Matt talks to the "Glee" kids about Simon's girth.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39604/12/2012

Sorry can't post the link but The has new photos from Magic Mike. Type Magic Mike in the search box and voila...

by Hyman Saulsreply 39704/13/2012

AfterElton has a piece on the photos from Magic Mike.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39804/13/2012

Darren Criss is a 'mo. He pings way too hard.

by Hyman Saulsreply 39904/14/2012


Why didn't you mention that everything else was low that night and Glee came in second after NCSI? It never beats Glee did as well as it always does.....

by Hyman Saulsreply 40004/14/2012

EXACTLY FOX said that viewership was 10% lower than the last glee was on air because of daylight so it actually came back very strong and came in first in the most important demo ..the demo Advertisers are interested in keep shit stirring .. Fox is pleased plus his duet is top 5 on itunes

by Hyman Saulsreply 40104/14/2012

Some Sunday morning Bomer butt

by Hyman Saulsreply 40204/15/2012

Matt bomer Lip locking with some girl from small vile

by Hyman Saulsreply 40304/15/2012

PLEASE tell me this means they got rid of Hilarie Burton!

I liked Laura on Smallville. Tom Welling is one of Simon's clients BTW.

Here's a little Bomer bulge action.

by Hyman Saulsreply 40404/15/2012

Glee cast song is ALWAYS top 5 every week on iTunes...

by Hyman Saulsreply 40504/15/2012

Love the Bomer butt photo. He looks kind of geeky in the bulge photo so I find that one funny rather than sexy.

by Hyman Saulsreply 40604/15/2012

R404 LOL! He looks REALLY gay in that picture!

by Hyman Saulsreply 40704/15/2012

I read that Modern Family had a really horrendous week, ratings wise, especially among the key demos. Sounds like it was just a bad week for TV in general, not just Glee.

by Hyman Saulsreply 40804/15/2012

R40R not every week only when people really like a cover

by Hyman Saulsreply 40904/15/2012

So, do you think Matt and Simon fuck bareback?

by Hyman Saulsreply 41004/15/2012

So, Matt Bomer's guest episode was the second worst rating in Glee's three year history. Not so bad..

by Hyman Saulsreply 41104/15/2012

I find this laura hilarie. I swear these are like the kind of women Easting finds attractive because they all have the same built, tall for women in Hollywood, slim, big shoulders, awkward and angular features.

I don't thinks they have ever hooked him up with a woman who is below 5 foot 7 with cute features ala Natalie Portman or pixie. I think he'd go well with a woman like that as he is supposed to be all arty, crafty and fun. These women do not look fun.

by Hyman Saulsreply 41204/16/2012

Almost every show last Tuesday had dismal numbers, including NCIS, one of the top rated shows on TV. NBC was called an "outlier" because they managed to beat the trend.

It's unfortunate that Matt's episode was on when TV viewing in general took a plunge last week, but it certainly wasn't his fault that Glee didn't do better. Who knows, maybe it would have been worse without him.

TV shows don't do themselves any favors by taking long breaks, then starting up right after the holidays/spring break. It's annoying to try and keep track of when a new episode is on.They should follow cable's lead and run the shows all at once.

by Hyman Saulsreply 41304/16/2012

Personally I don't see the appeal of pixies and short "cute" women. They certainly don't fit in with the style of the show, and can't see Matt with someone like that. He needs someone stylish and sophisticated. I don't think Hilarie and Matt have the best chemistry, but I really don't get all the hate for her.

by Hyman Saulsreply 41404/16/2012

Sara is a completely useless character and Hilarie Burton can't act to save her life. I get what the writers were trying to create (a personality between Kate and Alex) but it's just not working . And they keep changing the Sara character to fit the story . So we get a different version of Sara every episode and as a result the actress has no idea how to play her and just stupidly grins her way through every scene, leaving Matt with nothing to work with. It's like he's trying to throw the ball and catch it (and we all know how well that worked for Tom Brady :D )

by Hyman Saulsreply 41504/16/2012

I stumbled on them filming White Collar this morning in Riverside Park. I saw Matt, Tim, and Hilarie, so it doesn't look like they're replacing her Matt was rolling around on the sidewalk with a blonde woman, don't know if it was the Smallville actress.

by Hyman Saulsreply 41604/16/2012

Wow. Just caught up with this thread after not reading it for a few weeks, and there seems to be some huge, weird over-reaction from some people to a couple of dodgy comments from the likes of Ted Casablanca which has translated into some kind of impression that Matt is suddenly being unfairly treated by the press, or is getting a load of negative coverage. WTF?

Outside of this thread in general internetz land, he’s been getting masses of fantastic coverage for his appearance on Glee, and generally loads of great press and commentary all over the web.

To the people who are doing so, stop getting obsessed about the occasional snarky comment (although, tbh, I didn’t even see anything that bad about Ted’s little bit of mischief or the Cosmo silliness) – y’all are sounding a bit mental.

by Hyman Saulsreply 41704/16/2012

While by and large most outlets have been very supportive of Matt and his career since he came out, I don't think there's anything wrong with highlighting the snark - in the mainstream press, mind you - which singles out Matt's sexuality or who his partner is. Of course, the Cosmo stud meter is extremely stupid (I checked it out at the drugstore yesterday, and he-man Zac Efron was at the top), but nevertheless here you have a major magazine essentially saying that a gay man can't be as sexy as he used to be while he was still in the closet. Which is a terrible thing to say, not just for Matt but for all gay actors.

by Hyman Saulsreply 41804/17/2012

"White Collar" returns July 10, two weeks after Magic Mike premieres. Matt will probably be doing a ton of PR this summer!

by Hyman Saulsreply 41904/17/2012


I do see Caffery with someone like that. Not cold anorexic women. He is supposed to be artistic. I went to art school and hang around that world, even the guys who go towards art history or auctioning, tend to like arty looking girls. Say the Alex character physically is the nearest.

Anyway, I could see what Hilaries character was supposed to be and in fact I thought it was great but she just was not with Neal. They had no chemistry. Why? Because she can't act. And why couldn't she act? Because she knew he could never be attracted to her.

You'd be surprised by how many actors or actresses who are not properly trained at school or naturally good, really do not like to move that much away from the character they portray.


Oh she was never leaving. In fact Eastin is going to create some character arc for her since he is so obsessed with the cold fish despite how unpopular she is. It's to do with a sister.

Interesting isn't it? How long has Martha or Shariff been there? Do we see any of their siblings? And to add to the fact that they are both character actors who have an amazing backlog. Burton was a catalogue model, then a VJ, then she was in One Tree Hill, the most corniest of all soaps for Tweens. And he gives her all this...

Whatever. I'm done with the show anyhow.




He better not!! He isn't some racing dog nor horse, and he better put his foot down about doing PR for Magic Mike as they are marketing this as Tatum's movie and have pretty much ignored everyone in the trailer from what I've read. He's always getting used. It's like when the In Time people figured out that he had his own insane bunch of fan gurls, they got him doing the rounds when he was barely in the movie because they know the female press plus gay press adore him, that tumblr fans love his looks and that he has a twitter following. If you see the In Time press, it was obv JT and that Dweeb but after that it was Bomer....why??

I can see that his people will saw that as a good opportunity to raise his profile and yes, that was good but with Magic will just piss people off because they will expect him to be in it and he won't be.

by Hyman Saulsreply 42004/18/2012

So everyone got shafted in the Magic Mike film apart from Matthew Mc who not only changed his role but added to it!

Alex scenes took a major cutting and now it's all about Mike. Oh dear. It still looks good as it's Soderbergh.

But that is Hollywood and this is how you work the system. I mean Tatum must be good-no not acting-to now be Soderbergh's new protege, especially as he can't act and isn't cerebral like all his others...well Clooney and Damon.

Still disappointed as this could've worked really well as a Boogie Nights type ensemble but if you don't fight your corner in Hollywood, you will get shafted as we read time and time and time again.

My beef with Bomer is though, why another tiny, tiny role? He makes out like it's all so much work...but do they cut him or something? I'm sorry but White Collar can re recited by a dog who can read. It's no Mad Men nor is it even a Glee in terms of twists or turns in the script. Every scene is basically the same and ends the same, Bomer character tells De Kay how great he is and how he can't live without him, De Kay smiles then says something he read off a cornflakes box like 'But do you know who you are? Or where you want to be Caffery? Only you know the truth' ......cut to a knowing smile from Tiffani, a nod from Martha and a judgmental shrug from Shariff. The end.

Repeat rinse, repeat rinse. So its not that taxing like some other shows, so why doesn't he get a meaty role more then just a few lines during that hiatus?? Every role he has so far gotten has been linked to his partner. In Time and Magic Mike, he was obv thrown in as a package with Pettyfer-no coincidence there people, please. The Normal Heart and Glee..with Murphy.

Anyway, he isn't a climber nor a schemer like Tatum, so alas I think some of us who actually likes him as an actor and would like to see more of him on the big screen or in something intellectually challenging may just have to wait and see, as it doesn't seem to be moving in the direction.

I mean look at Jon Hamm and Skarsgaard with the stuff they have been in during the hiatus period in their shows....Skargaards was a lead in Straw Dogs and Jon Hamm had a good supporting role in Afflecks film, so it can be done!

by Hyman Saulsreply 42104/18/2012

R421 Fatty cunt no life

by Hyman Saulsreply 42204/18/2012

You're right [421], sometimes I think he's scared of taking a lead role in anything - even in interviews while promoting WHITE COLLAR

I don't know whether it has to do with his quiet nature or sth because he tends to get quite nervous sometimes. But he needs to step-up his game a bit if he wants to remain relevant

Another thing, it may also be that he's used to being taken care of ala Simon and so he always wants someone else to be in charge. I've even heard rumours from guys who've seen them out and about that Simon treats him like an egg when they're out together eg opening doors for him, holding the bags when they've been shopping etc

All that is okay but ...............

Anyway, it's not my call, he's happy and that matters more I think

by Hyman Saulsreply 42304/18/2012

Simon likes to hold his glasses for him.

by Hyman Saulsreply 42404/18/2012

Well obviously his shyness in his interviews can be attributed to not wanting to share too much information about himself when he was still in the closet. The only thing he could talk about was White Colalr. There's a clip of him on the Today Show with Tim and Tim starts talking about his kids and Matt has this awful look on his face because he knows he isn't supposed to say anything. (He ended up going back on Today a few weeks later and specifically addressed his kids - for the first time anywhere.)

[quote]I've even heard rumours from guys who've seen them out and about that Simon treats him like an egg when they're out together eg opening doors for him, holding the bags when they've been shopping etc

LOL I think that's just Simon's publicist nature. I know we think he's this Hollywood bigshot, but publicists do a lot of self-effacing things like holding their charges' coats and purses on the red carpets and opening doors.

by Hyman Saulsreply 42504/18/2012

I don't think it's that [425], I think it's him (Simon) being a gentleman and taking care of his 'lady'. And I think Matt loves that alot, you can tell from the way he also interracts with Dekay off - set

by Hyman Saulsreply 42604/18/2012

[R425] Agree with the last part about Simon!

I think the nervousness is just part of his personality, but in my opinion he's a lot more confident now than when WC started. Of course he still seems rather shy, but it's a huge difference to a few years ago, if you're comparing videos.

by Hyman Saulsreply 42704/18/2012

I'm sure he's well used to the attentions of men.

by Hyman Saulsreply 42804/18/2012

Has anyone else here noticed that Matt has a certain walk, the way he moves his hips - it's almost like a female model on a catwalk

It's so fascinating watching him coz he has this mix of feminine and masculine beauty competing with each other sometimes whenever he talks, laughs or moves

by Hyman Saulsreply 42904/18/2012

421 Well it is harder to get lead roles if you're an openly gay actor. Which he is. That's why no films have ever had an OPENLY gay lead.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43004/18/2012

Oh, for crying out loud. I really don't get the complaining that his part in Magic Mike is too small. It's not like a role, even a small one, in a Steven Soderbergh film is something to sneeze at. There are actors who would kill to be in his place.

I'm a fan, so I'm not trying to bash him, but it's frustrating to read this (ridiculous, IMO) criticism because I feel like people tend to have an exaggerated view of his place on the Hollywood totem pole. This role is exactly the length one would expect from someone in his position.

As for why he doesn't do more movies, who knows? Maybe he can't because of White Collar, maybe he'd rather spend the time with his family, or maybe he's not being offered the roles he wants.

Now that there's an out man with the potential to lead movies, I get the desire to have it happen NOW. But he's not really at that stage in his career yet.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43104/18/2012

Also, can we not with the homophobic "Matt is the woman in the relationship" bullshit? TIA.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43204/18/2012

Exactly, r431. He has to work his way up with smaller roles and make some connections of his own in the biz. And things should go from there. He's not known enough to open a movie anyways so attempting to now could cause serious damage to his career. It doesn't look good to have a bomb on your resume.

Anyone know how big the role in The Normal Heart should be? Never seen the play but I heard the actor in the part won a tony for the role of Felix.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43304/18/2012

Totally agree, [R433]! That's why I'm really happy he wasn't cast as Superman.

Also, agree with [R431]. And regarding the question why he doesn't do more movies, he said himself that after shooting Magic Mike he just wanted to hang out with his family for some time. Good for him!

by Hyman Saulsreply 43404/18/2012

So hes not going to win the Oscar for "Magic Mike". But people will still get to see a confident, sexy man working it on stage. Women will love him. He's going to walk away with a lot of new fans.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43504/18/2012

Wow, Matt's ass has its own Tumblr

by Hyman Saulsreply 43604/18/2012

Good lord, that "Matt Bomer 101" on the Tumblr page is obnoxious. It's the online equivalent of pissing on him to mark their territory.

"1. Matt is a very private person! Respect his privacy! Don't post pictures of his ex because they're private! Private!!

2. Here are his children's names and ages, his partner's name, (that's Halls with an S!), the kids call him Daddy, he's been wearing a ring since this date, here are his top 10 charitable donations, pictorial evidence of his cock measurements and a PDF of his 2011 tax return."

It's nothing that hasn't been discussed here and elsewhere (except that the kids call him Daddy- where is that from??), but it's disingenuous for these girls to dictate what is and isn't appropriate to others, while simultaneously dedicating blog posts to his ass. Don't get all high and mighty, dears, you're just as bad as the rest of us.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43704/18/2012

they probably didnt show matt in the trailer because his gay !!!! SMDH..i am sure it would have been different had matt not come out .

alot of people are pissed that there was no bomer in the trailer ..writers for eonline,tv guide and many more ..are calling it the biggest atrocity of the trailer

where is Matt bomer was trending shortly when the trailer was releassed

by Hyman Saulsreply 43804/18/2012

[R437] I think the Bomer 101 was done especially for all the new Matt fans because of Glee, who didn't know a lot about Matt and therefore got some things wrong.

by Hyman Saulsreply 43904/18/2012

R439 I just found it off-putting that they kept insisting how private he was, then listed out intimate details of his personal life.

If he's so private, he probably wouldn't want his fans discussing whether he is legally married or whether the kids have hyphenated last names.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44004/18/2012

Real private person won't bring kids in public.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44104/18/2012

Oh my god how cheesy did that Magic Mike trailer look!? Horrid euro dance tune as well but ace cinematography! And really, Cody Horn is in like 50% of the trailer when she doesn't even get with Mike and it's actually Olivia Munn's character who is the love interest? Pays to have daddy be COO of Warner Brothers Cody!

Major marketing fail. The new trailer better have more Bomer, Pettyfer and Manganiello. Well, all the guys dancing.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44204/18/2012

Does anyone who's actually seen a test screening of the movie know if the trailer accurately reflects how the movie turned out (a 'love' story b/t Channing's character and Cody Horn)? Or is this a huge misrepresentation of the contents of the actual movie?

I know it's a massive misrepresentation of the original script, but did they massively change it, or is the trailer just total BS?

Because the trailer is certainly NOTHING like what has been written about the movie so far.

As far as I can tell from internet reaction, this trailer was a massive mistake. The reaction is all disappointment and annoyance. Do the people who do the marketing for these things actually READ internet reaction?

by Hyman Saulsreply 44304/19/2012

[quote]they probably didnt show matt in the trailer because his gay !!!! SMDH..i am sure it would have been different had matt not come out.

I don't think so. It looks like EVERYONE apart from Channing and Cody Horn got the shaft with this trailer. Even Alex Pettyfer - whose story it is supposed to be, as much as Mike's - is hardly in it. And none of the other hot guys in the supporting cast got a look in (I don't count a fleeting glimpse of Joe M. on stage, when you couldn't even see who it was).

It just looks to me like a huge marketing fail, where they haven't a clue and decided to market it like a raunchier version of "The Vow". Are these marketing types really so completely out of touch with internet buzz? I wish I could do my job so incompetently and still keep it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44404/19/2012

R442 R443

LOL There's no marketing fall or mistakes out there. Sadly, it's not a gay fungurl movie, it's a Soderbergh movie. Keep panicking and whinning, fungurls. I expected this but still really funny to read these moronic comments.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44504/19/2012

The marketing makes sense to me. It's stupid, but also an easy sell: man-child gives up his hedonistic lifestyle for the love of a good woman. It will put (female) asses in seats. Granted, apparently the movie is nothing like this and is a by all accounts very funny comedy about sex workers, so who knows how it will play out in the end.

All in all I think Bomz is getting a good deal - he benefitted from being featured in his shirtless glory in one of the movie's first released stills which is being used everywhere, and yesterday's trailer release combined with his Glee appearance have pushed him up to #10 on IMDB's starmeter. (He's usually in the 200s/300s although he did reach #5 when he came out of the closet). He'll be okay.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44604/19/2012

Just saw a post on IMDB and also inadvertently after the post, that Matt Bomer is number 10 on the IMDB charts and Tatum is number 22.

One is a TV star and the other has just grossed two big movie hits, yet he's higher.

The irony.

Anyway, I called this. They will do an In Time and when it's too late will wheel out Bomer to partake heavily on all the publicity because they've realized the guys has a pretty huge fan base.

I mean the mind boggles with Warner Bros.....where did they do this market research? Who did they ask? Did they even look at any social media blogs to see how popular the actors are?

Do they not realize how popular these actors are with women?

It's like some archaic 60 something year old and a yes man did all the marketing based on Tatum's last two hits, a focus group probably found via a Tatum blog and that's it.

It reminds me of when some DL posters go on this thread whining about how they only hear about Bomer on DL, so therefore no one must know who he is but at least they aren't marketeers with degrees in marketing!

Qualitative and Quantitative research folks! Seriously! This is undergrad research techniques you should know.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44704/19/2012

What I find stupid about the trailer is the implicit assumption that women are more likely to see a romcom than a movie that is about nothing but hot men shaking their asses. At the last place I worked, there were a stack of magazines in the lunchroom, and the second the straight guys left the room it was all, "This model is hotter." "No, this one has a nicer butt." "Look at the chest on this one." Have the guys who put the trailer together ever even met any straight women?

by Hyman Saulsreply 44804/19/2012


The Cody Horn story is mute. They don't even get it on in the movie. The love interest is Olivia Wilde. Cody Horn is in it for a few secs. Her dad is COO of Warner Bros. Do the maths....


Put down your crack pipe and have a shake of your dick in the corner to release. There, better now? Chilled? Can have a conversation like an adult?

Great. Oh bright one. The people complaining are not only fangurls but journalists as well. Again, get your lazy ass over to twitter and read the threads. Plus IMDB is not populated by fangurls but by a mixture of guys, girls and people in the industry. They too are really pissed but shock as a few of them have read the script.


But he doesn't give anything up. It's a lie. It's got no romance. He's after Olivia Munn's character, I think they fuck but that's it.

You claim it's a win but for whom? If all the girls are so passed off their crush may not actually be very much in this film, how is that a win in marketing? Do you know how many fan sites Alex Pettyfer has? STILL!!? The Vow and 21 Jump Street flopped abroad. Pettyfer in both his only big movies made more then 200 million alone internationally. His reputation may stink in Hollywood but he is still wildly popular with girls.

Rodriguez is huge with the Latino and black girls, whom I've been able to find out all sorts of stuff on him because of their blogs, plus not discounting his CIS fans.

We all know about Bomer, if it's not Kristen on E! gushing about him in tweets or Kelly Ripa licking his picture on morning TV or countless entertainment writers progressing their love for him on Twitter, we have the fact that this a beautiful looking man that is consistently getting more and more female fans everyday.

Kevin Nash is a legend....Joe Manganiello is ALCIDE!!! Come on! True Blood fans are insane!

Ironic that Bomer is number 10 on IMDB, but not Glee actor is in the top 300...and Channing Tatum is number 22!

Yeah, Bomer is doing just fine tbh. He's only been in a silly tween show, was not even in the trailer, yet he shoots up to number 10. Tatum is allegedly the next movie star with all those mega, mega USA hits and is the only person in the trailer!! Shouldn't this be the other way round? Oops. Lolz.

by Hyman Saulsreply 44904/19/2012

Oh and I know it's fun to make fun of fangurls on DL etc and I do to but at the end of the day, outside this Internet small world of DL is the real world. And in the real world its those fangurls that make those stars. Trust me. My younger sister is one. Her and her tweeny friends are what made Titanic what it is. They went to see it over and and over and over and over again.

Same with Darren Criss on Brodway. I was reading that some women, yes women, went to see it on multiple times.

Same with Twilight. There are Twihards who in groups repeatedly went to see the film in that opening weekend.

So yeah take the piss out of their madness but lol, do not take it likely when they say they are not happy about the trailer of a film and that it has spread like wildfire how unhappy they are because they are the ones who will go see this movie.

Don't forget that Rahel McAdams has a loyal core fan base who love seeing her in rom coms after that shitty romantic movie she did with Gosling, who came to watch The Vow. And Jonah Hill is Mr 'right now' comedian, so how was 21 Jump Street gonna flop?

Hollywood can't put Tatum in two sure fire box office hits with two stars who are box office draws for that genre of movie and think that all of a sudden he is this 'star'.

Be smart and market all those gorgeous men. And the women too, Riley Keough gets lots of page views in the UK whenever they talk about Magic Mike, they talk about Elvis granddaughter.

by Hyman Saulsreply 45004/19/2012

[quote]The Cody Horn story is mute.

I suppose an "Oh dear" is moot here.

by Hyman Saulsreply 45104/19/2012

So, R449, you've seen the final cut of the movie?

by Hyman Saulsreply 45204/19/2012

Thank you. THIS article. Oh and it's written by a reporter from The Insider. Ha!

"The hotly anticipated trailer for Magic Mike -- a.k.a. The Channing Tatum Stripper Movie -- finally ripped off its invisibility cloak last night and shook its junk in the world's face. And while this should have been the best day of 2012 (second only to opening night), I found the trailer seriously lacking.

And since I liked to over-analyze things, here are three ways the Magic Mike trailer could -- and should -- have been better.


#1. No One Reads The Articles I understand that a trailer is designed to get butts in seats, but let's call a thong a thong and own up to the fact that no one is coming to see this movie for the plot. A fact Channing seems to understand as he told EW, "Unless you're a guy who likes that, you're not going to say to your buddy, like, 'Yo, what's up man? After the football game tonight, you wanna go see Magic Mike?'" The rom-com elements of Magic Mike will not lure an audience, so why is more than 80 percent of the trailer dedicated to Mike's off-stage antics?


#2. Play To Your Strengths Two of the film's biggest stars -- White Collar's Matt Bomer and True Blood's Joe Manganiello -- are barely glimpsed at any point in this trailer. To quote the noted scholar, Miss. Vivian, "Big mistake. Big. Huge." Fawning over those fellas is half the reason why people are looking forward to this film, and yet THIS IS THE ONLY SNIPPET of Bomer's bod the trailer dares to display?!? But all the Cody Horn fans will be thrilled by how much play she gets. Who? Exactly.

#3. The Coyote Ugly Dilemma In 2000, everyone was tingling with excitement over Coyote Ugly -- a film that promised sex, skin and shimmying atop NYC's hottest bar. But when dudes poured into theaters to see Piper Perabo grind up on Bridget Moynahan, they found a total bait and switch as the film was all foreplay and no sex. In fact, the most flaunted flesh in the film belonged to Piper's love interest, played by Adam Garcia. I am similarly worried that, when all is said and done, Magic Mike will have little to do with an all-male revue and everything to do with Mike's desires to escape his lascivious life.

Don't get it twisted, I am still going to belly up to Magic Mike's theoretical stage with singles pouring out of my pockets on opening night, but now I will do so with drastically lower expectations. What do you think of the trailer? Sound off in the comments!

Magic Mike opens June 29."

by Hyman Saulsreply 45304/19/2012

There is ZERO jounalists who are complaining about the trailer. LOL R449 R450 What a crazy fungurl, you are only one who is mad and complaining about the trailer.

By the way, R449 R450 Because you are so mad now you are showing your real color. Your tone and writing is SO SIMILAR to "matt is not gay, he has secret wife" lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 45404/19/2012

R453 Wow Simon did a good job

by Hyman Saulsreply 45504/19/2012

And here is from MTV...again...not fangurls...

"We're not ones to complain or anything, but because we know exactly how many gorgeous men are in this film's cast, we expected to see a lot more of them in the trailer. There was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of "True Blood" heartthrob Joe Manganiello hurting his back mid-tease, but it was entirely too short. And where in the heck was blue-eyed cutie Matt Bomer? We're hoping they're holding onto the proverbial goods for unveiling in future teasers."

Naysayers I'm sure you get the picture but you'd be contrary anyway to start a boring troll fight and I really can't be bothered to look through all the news items to see a bunch of journalists agreeing with us about the lack of hot guys, especially Bomer in the trailer.


by Hyman Saulsreply 45604/19/2012

I bet they'd probably totally Channing Tatum-ed up the film since his last few films success at the Box Office.

by Hyman Saulsreply 45704/19/2012

Bomer's role is small like an extra so what is the point showing him on the trailer?

I read some from Magic Mike thread on this DL that test screening got really good reception from audience and Soderbergh said it was a final cut. You don't need much crazy maketing. Only bad movies need crazy maketing.

Since Tatum, McConaughey and even Pettyffer are all real movie stars grossed some hundred millions each they don't need small role actors from cable tv for "marketing".

by Hyman Saulsreply 45804/19/2012

Cody Horn's dad is the boss of Warner Bros, the studio behind Magic Mike.

Anyway, if the romanatic love story really was the central story line, then why not start a completely different PR from the beginning? Why selling something totally different in articles than in the trailer? Doesn't make sense to me.

by Hyman Saulsreply 45904/19/2012

I had hopes Matt would be the first gay a-lister, but his part in Magic Mike seems to be rather small, and his next movie isn't 'til 2014 with a The Normal Heart.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46004/19/2012

LOL I just found that Cody Horn was a guest star in White Collar Season 2.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46104/19/2012

McConaughey is a movie star? He hasn't had a hit since 2001.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46204/19/2012

R462 The Lincoln Lawyer in 2011?

by Hyman Saulsreply 46304/19/2012

r463 Never heard oh it but according to wikipedia, it wasn't such a hit.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46404/19/2012

R464 If you look at MacConaughey's resume you now know he's a movie star.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46504/19/2012


Are you retarded? No offense to retards but why would a bunch of huge mainstream news outlets be complaining if he is just a cable star? You dope.

Oh and your cable star with the role as the extra has been credited 5th before the blonde who is 50% on that trailer! What were they thinking? Do they not know he is a minor cable star?

I mean Jon Hamm is in a minor cable show that barely gets 1/2 of White Collar ratings, so he better not get ANY billng on ANY movies because he's a minor cable star.

We don't live in the age of the Internet do we? Apparently you have to live in the US to know who minor cable stars are!

Well memo, we don't get White Collar in my country! So go figure how I found out about Bomer.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46604/19/2012


Yeah but that was years ago. Trust me. It's not his name that people are going on about on twitter or tumblr.

It's Tatum, Pettyfer and Bomer.

by Hyman Saulsreply 46704/19/2012


This is what I have been saying. It's up to Bomer to be fair and maybe he doesn't want it? He has said many times that he has never been interested in being a movie star nor have his face on billboards. All he wanted to do was to be an actor that did great roles.

Frustrating because I want to see him in more movies. Not shitty ones but good movies, as well as great art house films.

You can even see it sometimes on his face when he does publicity, he really doesn't enjoy it.

I also think White Collar for him takes a massive chunk out of his time, plus the kids. Those kids have two working parents who work long hours. I'm sure he feels the guilts even if its sucky for us!

by Hyman Saulsreply 46804/19/2012

R466 No, but I know you are retarded. Mad Men won and was nominated for Emmy and Golden Globes for years. It's not a minor cable show you know that. He is far more established TV star than Matt Bomer. Keep being crazy lol

by Hyman Saulsreply 46904/19/2012

r469 Matt's show gets higher ratings. You will deal.

by Hyman Saulsreply 47004/19/2012

R470 Not just Matt's show, most tv shows got higher ratings than Mad Men. You can't deal with it, can you?

by Hyman Saulsreply 47104/19/2012

Mad Men is a much more high profile buzz than White Collar in spite of its lower ratings. Just how it works. Thus Jon Hamm is a much higher profile celebrity.

Also the idea that Bomer only cares about good roles is ridiculous because he is famous for White Collar, a cheesy mass entertainment show. Like everyone in the business fame and money matter to.him also.

by Hyman Saulsreply 47204/19/2012

Exactly, 4471 Jon Hamm's stardom is inflated in your mind. most people couldn't pick him out of a lineup. He's no better =than Matt.Get your tongue out of his ass.

by Hyman Saulsreply 47304/19/2012

R473 Well, it seems that Emmy, Golden Globes, and whole Hollywood showbuisiness poeple inflated his stardom just like me. Now I'm so happy to find out I'm the sane side. *relief*

by Hyman Saulsreply 47404/19/2012

[quote]You can even see it sometimes on his face when he does publicity, he really doesn't enjoy it.

Oh please, the dude loves it. This is what he always wanted. Look at who he married!

It's scrutiny he doesn't like. Publicity yes, scrutiny no. Unfortunately you can't have one without the other.

by Hyman Saulsreply 47504/19/2012

Matt bomer's ass looks DELICIOUS!

by Hyman Saulsreply 47604/19/2012

Matt is kicking ass in the 50 shades Grey poll on ABC! Woof! Vote if you haven't!

Don't think you can freep the poll though...

by Hyman Saulsreply 47704/19/2012

R473, after Matt Bomer gets his 4th Emmy nomination, then you can compare the two. The Bachelor gets higher ratings than Mad Men and White Collar combined, but that doesn't mean those famewhores would get top billing in a feature film.

"Most people" couldn't pick Jon Hamm out of a line-up, but anyone in Hollywood could.

by Hyman Saulsreply 47804/19/2012

who the hell is Jon hamm???

exactly ??? i really don't know as does the rest of the world .

anyway being a critical success doesn't mean you are a commercial draw . Neil patrick has a lot of emmys blah blah but i doubt he can carry a movie and don't talk about smurfs

by Hyman Saulsreply 47904/19/2012

Flo Rida's "Wild Ones" (featuring Sia) is up 8-7 (187,000; down 6%), theWanted's "Glad You Came" falls 7-8 (181,000; down 14%) and "Mercy" by Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz rises 15-9 (154,000; up 32%). Closing out the top 10 is a new entry from the Glee Cast, with its cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" at No. 10 (152,000).

Amazing somebody should tell matt that he has scored a top 40 hit on the billboard chart and a top10 hit on the digital charts

its the second biggest sales opening for a glee related song this year and its still holding strong at number 23 on iTunes

by Hyman Saulsreply 48004/19/2012

You have to pretend that you don't know John Hamm on Bomer's fan thread. lol Sad.

by Hyman Saulsreply 48104/19/2012

all seriousness i don't know who he is ...unless i google ...i have never watched an episode of mad men

by Hyman Saulsreply 48204/19/2012

You missed Bridesmaids, R482? SNL? 30 Rock? Hamm is kinda hard to miss these days.

by Hyman Saulsreply 48304/19/2012

It's not hard to believe, r483. I've never seen Bridesmaids and I don't watch SNL regularly nor do I ever watch 30 rock.

by Hyman Saulsreply 48404/19/2012

No i haven't watched bridesmaids i am not into chick flicks .SNL the last time i watched that mess emmm i can't even remember years ago and 30 rock i haven't seen it in years

by Hyman Saulsreply 48504/19/2012

Copying a comment from Towleroad because I think it sums up what is wrong with the trailer:

I suspect there was some panic about the absolutely insane gay interest in the film and fear that it might be seen as a niche "gay interest" film, even without actual gay content. I also think that Hollywood is still as uncomfortable today marketing male flesh as they have always been. Remember, Soderbergh doesn't make trailers, studio PR teams do...and they seem to believe there are only three or four major audiences to market this case they chose "women who love romantic comedies," and stuck to that tore Hollywood cliche that most audiences will get turned off by male flesh.

All who discuss the film make it clear that its funny, but dark, and that it is the story of Pettyfer's character being mentored by Tatum's character. The core romance is supposed to be through Pettyfer's character, not Tatum's, as everyone who has read the script confirms this. The fact that Pettyfer, who Soderbergh, Tatum, and everyone who has read the script, says is main character IS NOT EVEN IN THE TRAILER tells you that this is a deliberate attempt to emphasize the male flesh/stripping and emphasize what Hollywood views as proven...Channing Tatum, Matthew McConnaghey, and romantic comedies, even if none of them are front and center in the actual film.

Every report on this movie from the actors, director, screenwriter, and those who'd read the script said it was a) about Pettyfer's charqcter's journey, b) a "hard R" level of raunchy, c) full of A LOT of skin and fully choreography stripping, and d) darkly funny. The parts for Cody Horn and McConnaghey aren't that big in the script though the studio has reasons for promoting both. I don't think there is any way this film could live up to the hype, especially for gay men, but I think we will find this trailer was grossly misleading in an attempt to market the film to women and not threaten straight men. Very dumb, but very surprising, studio marketing math.

by Hyman Saulsreply 48604/19/2012

R420, no offense but are you: foreign born/not so good with the English? Young? nuts? all of the above???

by Hyman Saulsreply 48704/19/2012

Great insightful post r486, thanks for sharing.

At the end of the day, it's just a trailer, and I'll take a shitty trailer and great final product over a great trailer and shitty film any day. By all accounts this is a very funny, dark and sexy comedy/coming of age story from a very talented filmmaker, and preview audiences love it. Why should we care so much how its marketed? I don't care if doesn't make its money back.

Matt is even getting more online buzz for NOT being in the trailer than he might be if he was featured more prominently - def. more than the other snubbed cast members. He has all of the benefits of being attached to this film and none of the burdens of carrying it. It's a win-win for him.

by Hyman Saulsreply 48804/20/2012

Agree with [R486] and [R488]!

"We just have to remind each other that there will be plenty of Bomer on the big screen. And knowing that is enough to tide us over until the end of June, right?!"

by Hyman Saulsreply 48904/20/2012

I need some more roles for matt already ...anything !!!!>i look at imdb and his career looks like its going on a standstill..besides white collar and normal Hart ...northing!!

by Hyman Saulsreply 49004/20/2012

Matt has a rich husband who can take care of him and the kids for years thereafter, so he can afford to skip on those big roles at least for now

Their kids are very young so i'm assuming that he wants to be there for them as much as he can because at least he can do it - Simon is way too busy

Honestly, I just love how family oriented they both are - it's so refreshing

by Hyman Saulsreply 49104/20/2012

Most comments on the trailer seem to be about the absent of Matt, maybe Matt has more buzz than the studio or Soderbergh thought.

by Hyman Saulsreply 49204/20/2012

i know he will be alright regardless of if he ever gets work or not.i just feel that he really has potential to make history in hollywood if given the change .shrugs

by Hyman Saulsreply 49304/20/2012

In Time and Magic Mike were both things we learned he was doing right around the time of filming. It'll probably be the same with future projects, as long as he's filming White Collar. It's probably hard for him to commit to things, plus I do think he wants to work on things in his "off" time that allow him to stick close to home. Hard to do these days with so many films shot outside LA in order to save money.

by Hyman Saulsreply 49404/20/2012

Hoping Matt makes history in Hollywood too, I'm really rooting for him to be a leading man in films. My fantasy is still to see him in a film based on the Anne Rice novel.

by Hyman Saulsreply 49504/20/2012

Matt is a married dad who is away from his young kids for half the year, so he probably doesn't want to spend his off time shooting on location. Both In Time and Magic Mike were small roles that were filmed in LA, so that's probably why they appealed to him.

I know we think it's an actor's perogative to want to be working all the time, but maybe he just wants a normal family life. I mean, he married a man with three kids!

by Hyman Saulsreply 49604/20/2012

The twins are Matt's

by Hyman Saulsreply 49704/20/2012

Don't think the twins are Matt's. Simon was interviewed about having children right before the twins were born, and he called himself a single father. Matt may not have talked openly about his family, but he was careful not to lie, so can't see Simon claiming the twins are his and that he was a single father if that wasn't the case.

by Hyman Saulsreply 49804/20/2012

to me it also seems like he is just content in life .i mean he took so long long to make it .and now that he finally has some success his more than content .i don't think he ever though he would reach this level of fame .

i don't think his a conniving scheming little bitch that most people who get ahead are .i don't think he wants to play the hollywood game .

and if you don't play the game .....

by Hyman Saulsreply 49904/20/2012

[quote]I need some more roles for matt already ...anything !!!!>i look at imdb and his career looks like its going on a standstill..besides white collar and normal Hart ...northing!!

Er, filming "White Collar" will take him through to Sept, and then he's said he's due to film "Normal Heart" after that in the fall, so he's booked until the end of the year. Sounds pretty busy as an actor to me. Plus...

[quote]In Time and Magic Mike were both things we learned he was doing right around the time of filming. It'll probably be the same with future projects, as long as he's filming White Collar.


[quote]The twins are Matt's.

JFC, did you just post this bullshit just to be annoying? I'm assuming so, but anyway... No, they are not. All three children are Simon's, as has been discussed here (on various threads) and elsewhere on the internet. The Variety announcements of all three births, naming Simon as the father, have been linked here previously. No, I'm not going to link them again.

by Hyman Saulsreply 50004/20/2012

Olivia Munn about Matt Bomer:

"And then the person I was really impressed with was Matt Bomer, 'cause I didn't know he could dance. He's got this juicy butt. Like, I just want to make wishes on it, it's so beautiful."

by Hyman Saulsreply 50104/20/2012

LOL Olivia has been pimping for Matt since filming. She's gonna give him a ton of great pr. I like her.

by Hyman Saulsreply 50204/20/2012

r495 Anne Rice's past movies were soooo crappy and critically failed, it can be a career killer for up and comers include Matt.

by Hyman Saulsreply 50304/20/2012

anne rice movies are usually horrible but maybe mike can stop that trend ?

by Hyman Saulsreply 50404/21/2012

Even if it didn't turn out to be the best movie, a movie like that would probably do well at the box office. I think Hollywood has also gotten a lot smarter about how to make movies like that, especially if they got the right director.

by Hyman Saulsreply 50504/21/2012

why is this thread dead ..have y'all moved on from matt homer to the new Dl favorite Henry cavil already

by Hyman Saulsreply 50604/23/2012

How come Simon Halls is referred to as an 'arrogant asshole' by most people here?

by Hyman Saulsreply 50704/23/2012

They are trolls dear.

by Hyman Saulsreply 50804/23/2012

[R507] Have never read something like that here.

by Hyman Saulsreply 50904/23/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 51004/23/2012

Isn't Simon getting his fertility award this week?

by Hyman Saulsreply 51104/23/2012

R511 Yes! Next saturday

by Hyman Saulsreply 51204/23/2012

??? Love Matt; love this thread; love hearing about Simon, but could someone please explain what is meant by "fertility award"? Thanks.

by Hyman Saulsreply 51304/23/2012

R513 LOL It sounds weird, right? Is not a "fertility award" is an award given by the American Fertility Association XD Here´s the link

by Hyman Saulsreply 51404/23/2012

congrats to simon

by Hyman Saulsreply 51504/23/2012

Simon is being honored for his commitment to fertility awareness.

Following the ceremony, Simon will selflessly demonstrate his continuing dedication to cause by fertilizing Matt.

by Hyman Saulsreply 51604/23/2012

Can't wait to see Matt (if we ever get photos) supporting his hubby

by Hyman Saulsreply 51704/23/2012

I love how Simon's own company is sponsoring the even! Gota love Hollywood's nepotism.

by Hyman Saulsreply 51804/23/2012

Matt is still in the IMDB 100!

He's at 45 this week.

by Hyman Saulsreply 51904/24/2012

he will jump up next week again

by Hyman Saulsreply 52004/24/2012

Which top celebrities and companies are rep by Slate PR?

by Hyman Saulsreply 52104/25/2012

By the way, Matt's hubby is now sporting a scruff and looks so good

He was at the NY broadway opening for Matthew Broderick"s play

by Hyman Saulsreply 52204/25/2012

R520 Why next week? Could someone tell me what Matt is doing next week?

by Hyman Saulsreply 52304/25/2012

R521 half of Hollywood is repped by Slate. Stephen Huvane and Robin Baum handle to biggest ones like Jennifer Aniston and Matt Damon.

Simon's clients are mostly directors and producers (Ridley and Tony Scott, Sam Mendes, Ang Lee, Michael Patrick King, Ryan Murphy, Eli Roth). His actor clients include Jude Law (probably his most important), Joan Allen, Frances McDormand, Annette Bening, Nathan Lane, and Matthew Broderick.

You can see a full listing if you join IMDBPro (free two week trial).

by Hyman Saulsreply 52404/25/2012

[524], thanks hon!

by Hyman Saulsreply 52504/25/2012

Were you there [R522], or are there pictures out there.

by Hyman Saulsreply 52604/25/2012

[R526] Here.

Matt Damon isn't represented by Robin Baum, but by Jennifer Allen, who's also Matt Bomer's PR, but doesn't work for Slate PR. Instead, Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig and Ryan Gosling are some of Robin Baum's clients.

by Hyman Saulsreply 52704/25/2012

Sorry, here.

by Hyman Saulsreply 52804/25/2012

And here.

by Hyman Saulsreply 52904/25/2012

[526], I was stalking the 'unhibited-paradise tumblr' as usual and came across the pics

by Hyman Saulsreply 53004/25/2012

Yes, that's where I have them from too :)

by Hyman Saulsreply 53104/25/2012

Thanks. He does look good with the scruff.

by Hyman Saulsreply 53204/25/2012

He looks hot

by Hyman Saulsreply 53304/25/2012

another simon pic

by Hyman Saulsreply 53404/25/2012

Simon Halls is looking like a hot daddy - yummy!

by Hyman Saulsreply 53504/25/2012

No Matt? I guess maybe it was too early for him what with White Collar filming.

by Hyman Saulsreply 53604/25/2012

Presumably Simon was there working, not as a guest, R536.

by Hyman Saulsreply 53704/25/2012

R514, thanks for the link! Wow,at "a private location in Beverly Hills"; cool. Also, that's interesting Ryan Murphy (and partner/hubby?) are donors - do they have kids? Somehow I didn't think of Murphy as the type, but I shouldn't reflexively think that (me, not into kids, but respect people who are.

by Hyman Saulsreply 53804/25/2012

I'm sure Simon was working, but that doesn't mean Matt couldn't have been there too. Stars showing up for a premiere is part of the publicity, and I see no reason why Matt shouldn't support the show of one Simon's clients.

by Hyman Saulsreply 53904/25/2012

Matt was on the guestlist as attending actually. Maybe he didn't walk the red carpet, or maybe he didn't make it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 54004/25/2012

Simon looked fucking awesome last night. I bet he glitzed himself up because he knows people are going to be paying attention to him now, and he has to play the part of the glamorous husband. He needs to keep this look up!

by Hyman Saulsreply 54104/25/2012

Great shot of SH here

by Hyman Saulsreply 54204/25/2012

He looks so different there, the whole shape of his face seems to change when he smiles and isn't doing the fierce stare.

by Hyman Saulsreply 54304/25/2012

Video at 27:00

On a side note, what happened to Matthew Broderick's neck?

by Hyman Saulsreply 54404/25/2012

This is pretty fascinating to play around with.

Damn... February...

by Hyman Saulsreply 54504/26/2012

Thanks [R545], it is indeed fascinating.

by Hyman Saulsreply 54604/27/2012

Matthew is not aging well, and I don't know if it's intentional, but he kind of lumbers around in that dance clip right before the interview where you can see Simon.

by Hyman Saulsreply 54704/27/2012

So will Bomer take the role? The fact that Ian S and Chris Pine have vocally said they want it, makes me think this will be big.

Plus the actor they want to play the role from MSNBC's contact looks like the screen writer will make this more edgier and different. This is big.

Anyway, vote for Matt! He's currently winning on the official fan site that just sprang out.



by Hyman Saulsreply 54804/27/2012


Of course Matt was there. He just didn't do the red carpet.

by Hyman Saulsreply 54904/27/2012


Yes Hollywood!

by Hyman Saulsreply 55004/27/2012

Yeah! We've finally realized that Simon is HOT!

by Hyman Saulsreply 55104/27/2012

Did anyone post about the Matt Bomer, Channing T and Matthew Mc interview in New York?

So it seems Bomer is being rolled do interviews for a film he is barely in because he has so many fans.

Come on Hollyweird. Realize that this guy is a big star. And we are straight women!

The link came from a person From a restaurant in NYC...I lost the link or can't be bothered to find it as it's hard...but it started with a B...burbuto? Something like that. Look at their twitter feed and it mentions the three guys doing interviews for Magic Mike.

Our next stop ladies is Finnick in Hunger Games. He's already one of the faces. Like Grey, it doesn't matter if he does it but the marketing we rare bringing to him!

by Hyman Saulsreply 55204/27/2012

i don't actually care if IAN has expressed interest in the role because lets be real besides vampire diaries no director is really checking for his one dimensional acting and he doesn't really have anything lined up for him..his just not that hot in hollywood

Matt homer shouldn't take that role if it was offered ..have any of you actually read the book.. atrocious

by Hyman Saulsreply 55304/27/2012

R543 [quote] He looks so different there, the whole shape of his face seems to change when he smiles

It's more likely that Simon had a botox or collagen injections or both. Sporting the scruff is the most commong way of hiding it ( swollen face, somme little needle traces. )

by Hyman Saulsreply 55404/27/2012

Maybe he did, but I don't think r543 is talking about his face changing shape from previous photos, but rather from other photos within the same set. (Apologies if I'm misinterpreting, r543.) I can see that, too. To me, he looks different in pretty much every picture we have of him, depending on whether he's smiling or glaring or looking directly at the camera or photographed from the side or is wearing glasses. It's a little weird, honestly.

by Hyman Saulsreply 55504/27/2012

[quote]Yeah! We've finally realized that Simon is HOT!

Maybe to eldergays.

by Hyman Saulsreply 55604/27/2012

R548 to R522

Why are you talking about yourself in plural? You have a friend you can hear her voice from inside of your head?

by Hyman Saulsreply 55704/27/2012

Anne rice Just posted this on her twitter on Facebook page

by Hyman Saulsreply 55804/27/2012

R558 I totally understand the hypo, but my instinct is that Matt should stay away from the woman and what she's talking about. Her past movies were Razzie-worthys, and no real directors will ever pick up the project.

by Hyman Saulsreply 55904/27/2012

Found the blurb....

"barbutonyc 25 Apr What a crew tnite! Gabrielle Hamilton, Matthew Mcconaughey, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, @Matt_Swanston @MissMoniWest, @valentinebureau

kimyorio 25 Apr @barbutonyc did you say Matt Bomer? The one night I go elsewhere? #notmynight In reply to Barbuto @barbutonyc @kimyorio yup! interview for new movie Magic Mike! 25 Apr via web"

by Hyman Saulsreply 56004/28/2012

Why is matt bomer there ??? SMDH ...he isn't even featured in the trailer ..they should let the "stars" of the movie do all that promoting and leave matt out of it .

r559 trust me an anne rice movie will be better than that 50shades of grey mess !!

by Hyman Saulsreply 56104/28/2012

I wonder why Joe M wasn't at the restaurant bar interview? His in NY and was at an event with Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum yesterday. Lol, he made Hemsworth look short!

by Hyman Saulsreply 56204/28/2012


Interview with the Vampire was really good...who's dissing Anne Rice?

Anyway, White Collar is hardly high brow and is really cheesy, so anything is up tbh and I say this as a Bomer lover!

Tatum and Mc whatshisname were there, the only other 'stars' who weren't there was Pettyfer and Olivia Munn-also barely in the trailer.

I don't know why Joe M wasn't there as I've just seen hot pics of him in New York, so he's obviously about and posed with Tatum at one event.

Anyway, if the MM promoters know what is good for them they will get ALL the actors to promote that movie.

Rodriguez brings in the latino&black ladies who love him. The wrestler brings in all his massive fanbase who see him as a legend. Bomer his base plus the media are obsessed with him so that's easy press..Pettyfer etc etc

by Hyman Saulsreply 56304/28/2012

Also, this 50 Shades thing is very intriguing. I wonder how it will be directed?? Chris Pine and Ian S are really gunning for the lead in a very public way, so they must know that it won't be a cheesy movie, as they aren't the types to be associated with cheesy stuff. William Levy tweeted his wishes too but lol, he's not gonna get it all. Firstly he's foreign, can't act but most importantly, he really effed up in Hollywood when he publicly refused the Magic Mike role as if he was to good for it. Bad move. Now he's on Dancing with the stars!

by Hyman Saulsreply 56404/28/2012

R563 well many here seem to think that anne rice movies are so atrocious that matt shouldn't do them

by Hyman Saulsreply 56504/28/2012

Lol new Magic Mike images!! Rodriguez is always the only one out of sync with the others!

Seriously, Warners REALLY do not know how to market this movie! And am I the only who hates the photo's? Quality isn't great, esp when you see the trailer with the amazing Soderbergh cinematography...

We want images of them sans clothes!

by Hyman Saulsreply 56604/28/2012

William levy was dumb to pass on a soderberg movie !!!

by Hyman Saulsreply 56704/28/2012

That is exactly what I meant [R555}.

by Hyman Saulsreply 56804/28/2012

I think the 50 Shades movie sounds like crap, and just because some of the other Anne Rice movies haven't been good doesn't mean the right person couldn't make a good film out of her book. Plus Interview with the Vampire was a hit.

by Hyman Saulsreply 56904/28/2012

Thanks for the video, [R544].

He looks so elegant in that suit!

by Hyman Saulsreply 57004/28/2012

The 50 shades thing is crappity crapp crapp

by Hyman Saulsreply 57104/28/2012

50 Shades of Grey is a disaster in the making. Imagine "Basic Instinct" as remade by Lifetime. Matt will do well to avoid it.

by Hyman Saulsreply 57204/28/2012

Anybody who doesn't want to be a laughing stalk will stay clear of that mess..ian doesn't have a choice

by Hyman Saulsreply 57304/28/2012

"laughing stalk"

Oh, dear.

by Hyman Saulsreply 57404/28/2012

The last time I checked a poll, Robert Pattinson was u-ver-whelm-ing-ly dominated there for the 50 shades role .. the movie/book seems strictly in a teenage-fantasy category. (that's why one fungurl here is so enthusiastic) Plus, I read that even the author said the charactor was based on Pattinson. LOL Fucking LOL.

by Hyman Saulsreply 57504/28/2012

Well, it's Twilight fanfiction with changed character names .

by Hyman Saulsreply 57604/28/2012

How embarrassing . this is the shit that tops the newyork times these days

by Hyman Saulsreply 57704/28/2012

Simon looks hotter then Matt at that American Family Association pictures! But then I've always found him attractive so no change there! Also prefer his suit.

I know Ryan Murphy gave Simon the award but I was wondering, did someone mention that him and his man are looking to have a baby via surrogate? I'm sure I read that somewhere but not officially or anything, it was a comment from a poster.

by Hyman Saulsreply 57804/29/2012


The NY Times jumped ship YEARS ago! Wasn't Snookies biography number one a few years ago?

by Hyman Saulsreply 57904/29/2012


I bet my mortgage who would refuse it lol. And I agree with all the names MCNBC claims they have approached. Max you know him? Hot, v hot arrogant Brit hipster actor from a Dynasty British family....Henry Cavill has just done Superman....and Armie Hammer although he did Mirror Mirror, he also takes himself really seriously.

But you don't know and neither do I what this movie will actually be like at all. I'm intrigued what they can make from this really poorly written book. But then look at Twilight. I watched 5 minutes of it and cants believe how BAD it is. Like really, really bad. But Lee Pace took a role in it and wasn't the last Director some indie bigwig?

After what has happened with people getting involved with Twilight and the fact that Robert Pattinson can still market himself as some boho intellectual flaneur who takes himself so seriously as an actor, I'm thinking that people like Ian S are like, this is a brilliant strategy. You make millions, plus you get a legion of fans that push you to the A List meaning you get a choice of your movies but you can still play cool indie roles and quote German philosophers in hipster magazines like Paper Mag!

Not bad and I can see why they don't think it's career suicide to put their names forward. Though this would not have happened 5 years ago this seamlessly. Actors were forced to stick in one box and it detirmined the roles they would always get and the brand they were.

But re Bomer, this is great PR! Nothing more or less.

by Hyman Saulsreply 58004/29/2012

[quote]Max you know him? Hot, v hot arrogant Brit hipster actor from a Dynasty British family....Henry Cavill has just done Superman.

I have fucking had ENOUGH with all these British pricks that keep taking American movie roles! Let American actors get the leads in American movies!

by Hyman Saulsreply 58104/29/2012

@578 where did you see the pics?

by Hyman Saulsreply 58204/29/2012

Not r578, but here you go:

by Hyman Saulsreply 58304/29/2012

Holy Shit... Simon looks amazing

by Hyman Saulsreply 58404/29/2012

For those of you who thought Simon was this shy private mouse who was always going to stay in the background - WRONG!

He's been waiting years - 2.5 to be exact - for this moment, when he can finally put his arms around his dazzling husband in front of the cameras and make the rest of us green with envy.

I hope he keeps it up and walks the red carpet with Matt at the Magic Mike premiere! I know he has to be there to work the carpet with Pettyfer but maybe he can get one of his lieutenants to take care of that brat.

by Hyman Saulsreply 58504/29/2012

Wow great pics of Simon and Matt!

by Hyman Saulsreply 58604/29/2012

I love you [585], and thanks for the link [583] - so proud of Simon.

by Hyman Saulsreply 58704/29/2012

R580 You have "mortgage" , so you are that old. I knew it, I definately knew it. Stupid, obsessed like a teenager, but the fact is that she is an old angry woman with mortgage.

by Hyman Saulsreply 58804/29/2012


I LOVE YOU! Although it's imaginary and you can't see me, it feels soo good that someone thinks I look or sound like I have a mortgage...because I mention it!

Lolz, I can barely cover my university fees but I have a mortgage! Heh! LOVE IT! I'm a responsible adult who doesn't spend her money on fashion or booze or stupid blogs so she can avoid doing her studies but instead has a mortgae, is middle aged!

I'm not sure about you Americans but it's NOT an English or European thing to have middle aged women posting on blogs. Well, I don't know any and it's just not our culture. Which is why we never can invent anything like Twilight, we're far too sarcastic, bitter and honest.


Lolz, I never called that Halls wanted to be behind the scenes tbh. I think it was those fangurls who think Bomer and Halls are like this super gay suburban couple who lives in the midwest instead of one of the hottest guys on TV with a husband who has been quoted as being one of the biggest networkers in Hollywood.

I've always said and I still stand by that Halls is a strategist. He has NO problems giving interviews or talking about his family, as he has done so before...he just wants to do it on his own terms, when he feels they are ready, which means when Matt was more established and he starts getting recognized for awards.

Right, I reckon next images before Magic Mike will be some LA family pride thing and we'll see the kids with them....? Or that event that Bomer is hosting with Tatum etc in a few weeks time about educating young people?

by Hyman Saulsreply 58904/29/2012


Irons is really hot though. I completely agree with you and I'm British! This would never happen here....but Max has got something about him that other American actors don't.

Now, talking about Australian actors.......grrr!

by Hyman Saulsreply 59004/29/2012

How bizarre Bomer's fangurls have only just realized that Bomer and Caffery have the same wardrobe! Talk about OLD.

And anyone else get infuriated when a stupid women/girl on social media says "physically Bomer would make a perfect Christian Grey but I just can't picture it because I know he's not into me like that'.....a girl even said that he was a face until she found out he was gay...

Oh.My.God. WTF!!!?

To all other female posters a female do you find it impossible to objectively watch a film or movie? These women make us seem like retards. Like we can't actually follow any story about a handsome man without as desperate that he will sleep with us.

I mean, it doesn't matter that Michael Fassbender was in a depressive state the whole of Shame, I was so titillated because I KNOW he likes women and it made it that more enjoyable to see him have empty sex with dozens of women.

by Hyman Saulsreply 59104/29/2012

Simon looks a lot younger in the new pictures. Maybe the person speculating the scruff was to cover botox work was right. They both look amazing.

by Hyman Saulsreply 59204/29/2012

He looks hot, but he still has his wrinkles, so no botox used.

by Hyman Saulsreply 59304/29/2012

Simon looks Hot and Yay almost 600 posts

by Hyman Saulsreply 59404/29/2012

I hate it when a thread gets 600 posts. Nobody knows which is the new "official" thread

by Hyman Saulsreply 59504/29/2012

R593 I'm just not seeing how you all are finding Simon hot. Out of curiosity, are most of the people in this thread in their 40's and 50's?

by Hyman Saulsreply 59604/29/2012

Time to close out this thread, I've started a new one.

R596 - Die in a fire.

by Hyman Saulsreply 59704/29/2012

[R596] Well I'm in my mid twenties, so he definitely would be too old for me, but that doesn't mean I can't find him good looking for his age. For someone about 10 years older, like Matt is, I can see the attraction.

by Hyman Saulsreply 59804/29/2012

I'm in my late 30s, and I find him attractive. He doesn't look that much older than the last guy I dated.

I think scruff sometimes helps older guys look younger, because it covers up the wrinkles/lines at the bottom of the face.

by Hyman Saulsreply 59904/29/2012


by Hyman Saulsreply 60004/29/2012
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