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Mamie Gummer Lands The Lead In CW Drama Pilot ‘First Cut’

Why! Why? Please make it stop.

by Vreply 9809/25/2013

None of Streep's girls proved to have any talent, but that doesn't stop idiot producers from casting them.

by Vreply 103/05/2012

Gummer can be good in small roles. As a lead, though?

by Vreply 203/05/2012

This show is a rip-off of Grey's Anatomy, according to ABC.

Basically a new intern realizes her hospital environment is just like high school

by Vreply 303/05/2012

You'd think 3 Oscars could buy a better network than CW. But when you look like Mamie there's only so much you can do, I suppose.

by Vreply 403/06/2012

What the hell kind of name is 'Mamie Gummer?'

by Vreply 503/06/2012

OP, you mean she was handed the lead.

Neither she nor her equally untalented husband have to audition thanks to Mommie Dearest.

by Vreply 603/06/2012

Thing is, there's so many good examples of nepotism and genuinely talented showbiz brats that the bad ones actually stick out more. I had no idea Meryl's spawn were actors, baaad move there or what?

by Vreply 703/06/2012

What exactly does Meryl's husband do for a living, if anything? Has he ever really worked?

by Vreply 803/06/2012

Meryl's husband is a sculptor. Which means he lives off Meryl's income.

by Vreply 903/06/2012

He's a sculptor all right. He makes busts out of Meryl's money.

by Vreply 1003/06/2012

Meryl's husband Don is actually a very renowned sculptor and artist who's done some beautiful work. He's also a very nice guy. Yes, I do know him.

by Vreply 1103/06/2012

Oh please! He probably puts "Meryl Streep's husband!" in parentheses on all his works.

by Vreply 1203/06/2012

What are you implying R9???

by Vreply 1303/06/2012

So, Don Gummer is a "sculptor" in the same way Ed Schlossberg is a "visual artist." Got it, thanks.

by Vreply 1403/06/2012

Mamie Gummer? Who is this hussy?

by Vreply 1503/06/2012

It's okay, I guess

by Vreply 1603/06/2012

Um, have any of you actually seen her work? She's been absolutely terrific on The Good Wife.

by Vreply 1703/06/2012

She's a terribly homely girl.

by Vreply 1803/06/2012

She is good on the Good Wife. But, it's a pretty one-note small roll

by Vreply 1903/06/2012

It keeps her out of the house and off my sofa.

by Vreply 2003/06/2012

that sculpting thing looks like crap R16

And Mammie what kind of name is that?

by Vreply 2103/06/2012

Her real name is Mary Willa. Meryl (real name Mary Louise) was pregnant with her when she won her Oscar for Sophie's Choice. The only other famous Mamie is Mamie Eisenhower. The rich WASPS love shortening their names, of giving each other cute nicknames.

by Vreply 2203/06/2012

R22, Uh, EXCUSE ME???

by Vreply 2303/06/2012

I think she will be excellent in that pilot based on her mother's life, "First Cunt."

by Vreply 2403/06/2012

Meryl didn't need a 3rd Oscar to feel special. All she has to do is go home and the losers around her remind the woman how great she is.

by Vreply 2503/06/2012

Mamie is at least ugly in her own way. Grace looks like a deformed less attractive M.

by Vreply 2603/06/2012

[quote]Mamie is at least ugly in her own way. Grace looks like a deformed less attractive M.

She should count her lucky chickens

by Vreply 2703/06/2012

People who think Meryl is some Little Miss Perfect only need to look at her ugly children and loser husband to feel better about themselves.

by Vreply 2803/06/2012

Normally I'd consider a network show one step above premium cable, but I think CW is one step below basic cable. Nonetheless, good luck dear. I'm sure you'll find success eventually. Best to Mummy.

by Vreply 2903/07/2012

SO much for that film career, bitch!

by Vreply 3003/07/2012

Lily Rabe is far more talented than Mamie.

Why don't the Gummer girls have lips? Nary a one of them have lips. Freaks me out it does.

by Vreply 3103/07/2012

Just like Ashley Simpson, she would look 100% better with a nose job. She would be very pretty with a different nose

by Vreply 3203/07/2012

I thought Ashley Simpson's old nose was sexy. With the new one she looks generic.

I am afraid it would take more than a nose job to make Mamie pretty.

by Vreply 3303/07/2012

Mammie looks like a rodent


by Vreply 3403/07/2012

As soon as M found out she was pregnant with Mamie I said "get me a knitting needle! Flush it down the pan!"

by Vreply 3503/07/2012

The pilot is being shot in Vancouver. I wonder if the series will be. I can't imagine Mamma Meryl would be happy about that.

by Vreply 3603/07/2012

I half-remember hearing that Meryl bought all three of her kids Manhattan apartments. That must be nice, indeed. I would give my left nut for a free apt. in Manhattan.

by Vreply 3703/08/2012

BUT the apartments are all in the same building so mama can keep an eye on things.

by Vreply 3803/08/2012

I don't think Mamie is hideous, but she is very plain. That pilot synopsis sounds like a fail right out of the gate, though, and her name is truly terrible.

by Vreply 3903/08/2012

Mamie Gummer looks a lot like her mother. She's pretty when she dresses up and not look so homely.

by Vreply 4003/08/2012

[quote]I half-remember hearing that Meryl bought all three of her kids Manhattan apartments.

The kids all live in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Yes, in the same building.

by Vreply 4103/08/2012

M had the most beautiful townhouse on the block I used to live on. I saw her once on hands and knees tending to the front garden.

by Vreply 4203/08/2012

Mamie has been in a lot of meaningless movies. She hasn't been in a blockbuster so it's hard to tell if she has much talent. I am sick of nepotism as much as the next person, but if given the right role she might prove herself. She was on the Jimmy Kimmel show . She has a very cute personality. I don't think it's fair that she gets more of a chance than other actresses. Her brother Henry and sister Grace are also living life on the nepotims band wagon.

by Vreply 4303/25/2012


Lily Rabe is her biggest competition. Poor lipless Mamie just gets offered up Lily's leftovers because her mother is Saint Meryl of Streep.

Boo Hoo!

by Vreply 4403/25/2012

How long will it be til Weinstein starts campaigning for Mammy Gumby to get an Oscar over Viola Davis?

by Vreply 4503/25/2012

Why didn't they cast Mamie in the lead for Hunger Games?

by Vreply 4603/25/2012

why single them out for Nepotism?

Hollywood is almost nothing but:

Nic Cage, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Douglas, Jane, Peter & Bridget Fonda, Ilena Douglas, Melissa Rivers, Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow, George Clooney, Sofia Coppola, etc.

by Vreply 4703/25/2012

Mamie is a worthy heir to a major icon of stage and screen...

...Valerie Harper.

by Vreply 4803/25/2012

She'd be perfect playing a middle age career woman or the matriarch of a political family...if she weren't only 29. What a hag.

by Vreply 4903/25/2012

Oh, right, and Lily Rabe's connections had NOTHING to do with getting her foot in the door.


by Vreply 5003/25/2012

I think she looks cute. Hollywood isn't exactly full of god-like beauties, male or female.

by Vreply 5103/25/2012

Somebody must have swapped Glenn and Meryl's babies at the hospital, because Mamie looks like she came right out of Glenn Close.

by Vreply 5203/25/2012

Mammy Gumby does look like Glenn.

by Vreply 5303/25/2012

Mamie would be very pretty if she got her nose done. It's probably difficult for her since Meryl is always saying she is against plastic surgery. Meryl had a luminous beauty when she was Mamie's age and she could make even a small part interesting. Mamie's acting is adequate but I haven't seen anything stellar.

by Vreply 5403/25/2012

I've seen Mamie in THE GOOD WIFE and the not especially great Bway revival of DANGEROUS LIAISONS and... she's fine. Not untalented. But there's nothing riveting about her.

She is adequate but will never be a star.

by Vreply 5503/25/2012

What's the middle one named? The one who only does stage?

by Vreply 5603/25/2012

Why doesn't Louisa look like anyone else in the family?

by Vreply 5703/25/2012

She looks just like Meryl.

by Vreply 5803/25/2012

she is hideous and cannot act

by Vreply 5903/25/2012


by Vreply 6003/25/2012

[quote]How long will it be til Weinstein starts campaigning for Mammy Gumby to get an Oscar over Viola Davis

How is Mamie at doin' snot bubbles?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

by Vreply 6103/25/2012

Of course she got a guest spot on the Bic C. Meryl is friends with Laura Linney.

by Vreply 6203/27/2012

Don Gummer is renowned in the art world, and makes beautiful, huge, metal sculptures. He started building up a reputation way back when Meryl was still in Drama School at Yale. Sure, he wouldn't make film star levels of money, but art can command quite a price today, and even his smaller sketches sell for $20,000 and up. Yes, I've been at his exhibitions and like his work. He's a star in his own field.

by Vreply 6303/30/2012

The Lily Rabe troll needs to give it a rest.

by Vreply 6403/30/2012

Meryl went to Yale. I believe Mamie went to...Northwestern.

Not the same thing.

by Vreply 6503/30/2012

r63 - Did you see his exhibit about 4 years ago when he maller wood sculptures in wood of famous homes and buildings? His Falling Water was amazing. I have one of his paintings. Don't know if it's worth 20 grand, but I like it!

by Vreply 6603/30/2012

She has Meryls nose and jaw and Glenns eyes!!! How is it possible?!?

by Vreply 6703/30/2012

Does Glenn know that Meryl has her child?

by Vreply 6803/30/2012

[quote]The Lily Rabe troll needs to give it a rest.

Seems like good old fashioned silliness more than anything.

by Vreply 6903/30/2012

She was good in The Good Wife.

She has talent and presence.

by Vreply 7003/30/2012

"I half-remember hearing that Meryl bought all three of her kids Manhattan apartments"

She has 4 kids. (Everyone always forgets the boy.)

by Vreply 7103/30/2012

R71, you know nothing! She gave up the boy. Dustin Hoffman is raising him.

by Vreply 7203/30/2012

Why would she name her Mamie? Gummer's not the greatest last name either.

by Vreply 7303/30/2012

[R66] - I did, and I liked it very much! I also thought his 9/11 memorial competition entry was really interesting. He didn't win though.

by Vreply 7403/30/2012

I was watching an episode of Emily Owens and her brother's song "Stop the Train" was playing in the background. I guess Mamie had to plug her brother. Mamie is a product of nepotism and she is becoming a nepotist.

by Vreply 7512/06/2012

I will NEVER stop striving to make my children happen, R75.

by Vreply 7612/06/2012

you shouldn't impersonate other people.

by Vreply 7712/22/2012

Mamie isn't her real name. Her name is Mary Willa.

by Vreply 7812/22/2012

And Meryl's real name is

MARY! Louise....

by Vreply 7912/22/2012

Hatred of women, hatred of women, you all deeply need therapy for your absurd and destructive hatred of women.

As for Don Gummer, I bet he's a pothead. What do you think?

by Vreply 8012/22/2012

Why is Mamie agreeing to do this to herself again? Does the CW have a hold on her?

It's crazy how she has to take whatever might give her the "most visibility", even if so embarrassing. If she were an aspiring actress with no rich relatives, it wouldn't seem as crazy. But M could have paid for her schooling to be an actual doctor in the meantime or something. And she would've gotten some Method in for these two recent CW series attempts.

by Vreply 8112/22/2012

Mamie's not a bad actress. She's def more capable than the former super models who try to pass for actors. Her problem is that she is quite hard on the eyes. She has M's worst features, and none of her good ones.

by Vreply 8212/22/2012

First Cut was the original title for the Emily Owens show. This is a bumped old thread, r81, she hasn't signed up for a new CW series.

by Vreply 8312/22/2012

Oh, thank god. No one should appear that desperate.

by Vreply 8412/22/2012

I never watched this show.

Did she ever get to fuck the Smallville Green Arrow?

by Vreply 8512/22/2012

Mamie finally got into a descent movie ----Side Effects. Maybe her luck will change as she has been in so many b movies and cancelled t.v. shows.

by Vreply 8602/10/2013

she is more of a social butterfly than an actress. She constantly wants attention.

by Vreply 8702/14/2013

Mamie Gummer sounds like a hausfrau's name.

by Vreply 8802/14/2013

Meryl Streep is always so annoyingly perfect, it is funny to see how badly her kids are failing. I feel sorry for the poor kids, but it serves her right. At least the four kids can be losers together.

by Vreply 8909/25/2013

Mamie is friends with Sarah Paulson. Can't imagine why, really.

by Vreply 9009/25/2013

My God, she's the new Lauren Graham! Networks are intent at throwing a never-ending array of milquetoast drama pilots her way until something - anything - sticks.

by Vreply 9109/25/2013

What's the name of the other one? She was pretty good on The Newsroom (less so on SMASH... but she had even stupider writing to deal with than poor Kat McPhee). Natural, not wooden, warm screen presence. She has potential.

Mamie on the other hand can go away.

by Vreply 9209/25/2013

Her youngest is pretty.

by Vreply 9309/25/2013

R93 must be one of those people that thinks skinny and blonde automatically equals attractive.

The rest of us beg to differ.

by Vreply 9409/25/2013

This is an old thread. All Mamie's shows have been cancelled and her marriage has failed. At least we will be able to get her health insurance come January.

by Vreply 9509/25/2013

[quote] Mamie finally got into a descent movie ----Side Effects

She was in the movie 5 minutes

by Vreply 9609/25/2013

Do you think they cast her with the bizarre hope that she will be able to convince her mother to do a guest spot or something. Or, did her mother make a side deal that she would do a guest spot if they cast her daughter (with or without the daughter's knowledge).

by Vreply 9709/25/2013

To quote Miss Crawford, they did it for the publicity.

by Vreply 9809/25/2013
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