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He looka like a MAAAAAAN!

Inspired by the "pretty boys" thread...

Who are your favorite square-jawed, Marlboro Men-type hotties?

I'll offer up Mark Deklin, who'll be costarring in "GCB" tomorrow night.

by Miss Swanreply 7405/18/2013

i tell you everyting!

by Miss Swanreply 103/03/2012

Sam Elliot.

by Miss Swanreply 203/03/2012

Mark Valley, star of "Boston Legal", "Human Target", "Fringe" and now "Harry's Law"

by Miss Swanreply 303/03/2012

Why not title this thread "ugly guys"?

by Miss Swanreply 403/03/2012

OP Wins

R4 is stupid with no taste.

by Miss Swanreply 503/03/2012

Elias Koteas is such a real MAN. Whenever I see pictures of him or watch him move onscreen, I can almost TASTE the salty, hair-matted, testosterone-oozing sweat of his armpits and his heavily bulging crotch.

Whenever I think about the Male as a symbolic idea, and about what images, smells or tastes represent pure raw Masculinity in my mind's eye, I think about what it must be like to bury my face between Elias Koteas' thighs and inhale the warm musk of his taint. What it must be like to have him sit astride my face and grind his sweaty man-ass off my nose as I tenderly tongue-fuck his spread hole.

What do you think Elias Koteas smells like?

by Miss Swanreply 603/04/2012

Well, in that photo R6 he looks like he probably smells a bit like wee.

by Miss Swanreply 703/04/2012

A jaw doesn't get much more square than Grayson McCouch's.

by Miss Swanreply 803/04/2012

I am Philip Winchester's bitch.

Or I would be, if the position is open.

by Miss Swanreply 903/04/2012

Would love to drink Elias' hot manly piss, R7. Bet it has a heavy flow and is much more manly than your nasty Appletini piss.

by Miss Swanreply 1003/04/2012

Only on the DL would someone think "I don't want to drink your piss" is a viable comeback.

by Miss Swanreply 1103/04/2012

Patrick Warburton from the otherwise dreadful "Rules of Engagement." Sexiest voice on television, too.

by Miss Swanreply 1203/04/2012

Elias and Grayson are sexy, though that is a dreadful photo of Elias at R6.

Of course, Ed Harris invented that shit. Look at him from "Sweet Dreams." I wanted to ride him like there was no tomorrow.

by Miss Swanreply 1303/04/2012

Also, former soap actor Mark Derwin - now on that teen pregnancy show with that chick from the Descendants.

Daddy is HOT.

by Miss Swanreply 1403/04/2012

And when Derwin left Guiding Light, this hot piece of ass, Rob Bogue, replaced him.

(Dressers who worked with him on shows/plays have said he is hung like a horse)

by Miss Swanreply 1503/04/2012

Lucky Vanous looka like a man.

Unfortunately he had somewhat of a high-pitched voice which I think ruined his chances of breaking out in tv.

by Miss Swanreply 1603/04/2012

Harrison in Blade Runner.

by Miss Swanreply 1703/04/2012

Stanley Tucci, especially in his Levis commercial.

by Miss Swanreply 1803/04/2012

Tucci has always been super sexy, though he's starting to look like his Prada character these days.

by Miss Swanreply 1903/04/2012

Of course, Mike Rowe:

by Miss Swanreply 2003/04/2012

Male model David Gandy oozes sexiness and manliness in a world of cardboard pretty boys and twinks.

by Miss Swanreply 2103/04/2012

What the HELL are you people talking about, saying that photo of Elias Koteas at R6 is bad? It's fucking gorgeous, as he always is! Here's a hotter one of him for you queens. And yes, I certainly would drink his piss for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

by Miss Swanreply 2203/04/2012

Ugh, this thread has me so horny now I have to pop one off, thanks guys!

by Miss Swanreply 2303/04/2012

Another delicious pic of Elias Koteas. He owns this thread so hard, I wish he was blowing a salty Greek load all over my face right now.

by Miss Swanreply 2403/04/2012

Koteas is a sexy daddy, no doubt about it.

But 6/10/22/24 and his deranged "I would drink his piss" talk is beyond revolting.

Take your meds, dear.

by Miss Swanreply 2503/04/2012

He's absolutely a lousy performer, but Randy Blue's Jeremy Walker is one hell of a man. The chest hair, the muscles, the nose, omfg

by Miss Swanreply 2603/04/2012

That Koteas is not "hot." He is mildly attractive. His bald head with the little tufts of hair is...unfortunate. He looks like somebody's dad. NOT a "daddy" but, literally, somebody's dad. Who sells insurance and has questionable hygiene.

by Miss Swanreply 2703/04/2012

". . .somebody's dad. Who sells insurance and has questionable hygiene."

He smella like a MAAAAAAAAN!

by Miss Swanreply 2803/04/2012

What's so bad about wanting to drink Elias Koteas's piss? LOTS of people are into piss. There's something about a hot manly DILF type that always makes me want to do dirtier stuff with him than I would ever do with a pretty boy. When I think about Elias Koteas, I think about the abject. The wastes of the human body, shit, piss, sweat... it's all very natural and it's an unavoidable part of what gives him his masculine appeal. Let me ask you a Q: can you really imagine someone like Zac Efron or Taylor Lautner shitting, pissing or sweating? Of course not because they're airbrushed, manscaped, asexual Ken dolls; their assholes are probably sealed up! The guy-next-door earthiness of Elias Koteas makes me think about his natural, male bodily functions. It's very easy to picture him squatting over a toilet bowl, or unbuttoning his jeans to whip out his daddy dick and take a long steaming leak. Or simply coming home from work in the evenings with a layer of dried sweat on his crotch, taint and armpits. I see no reason not to integrate these very real, very natural aspects of his masculinity into my erotic fantasy life. I love the thought of kneeling before him, having him roll back his foreskin and make me suckle gently on his mushroom head, which is fat, purple, and carries an ever-so-slight whiff of fishy sweat. Do I have an emotionally distant father? You betcha! But this thread is about men who look and act like men, and these are the things I associate with male sexuality. Very hot Elias photo below.

by Miss Swanreply 2903/04/2012

R27 is clueless, R28 knows what he speaks of. Koteas looks, acts, smells, shits, farts, pisses, breathes and FUCKS like a MAAAAAAAN. That's why he owns this thread.

by Miss Swanreply 3003/04/2012

Rugby player James Haskell. He's practically a Cyclon.

by Miss Swanreply 3103/04/2012

Jason Statham, for the win!

by Miss Swanreply 3203/04/2012

[quote] His bald head with the little tufts of hair is...unfortunate.

that's hot to some of us, twinko

by Miss Swanreply 3303/04/2012

Maybe that's a man to you, Mary OP, but all we see is a nelly, pouty-looking fruit!

by Miss Swanreply 3403/04/2012


by Miss Swanreply 3503/04/2012

Another ex-soaper who's done a lot of theater work and was on The Sopranos…Matt Servitto.

This photo is older…he's even sexier balder as he is now. And he's got a deep sexy voice.

by Miss Swanreply 3603/04/2012

men , I love ALL of them

by Miss Swanreply 3703/04/2012

Mark Harmon, Tom Selleck, and Chris Meloni

by Miss Swanreply 3803/04/2012

Adam Lambert.

by Miss Swanreply 3903/04/2012

Tom Verica. Had such a thing for him.

by Miss Swanreply 4003/04/2012

Another vote for Meloni.

by Miss Swanreply 4103/04/2012

Tom Verica is HOT! who is this hunk?

by Miss Swanreply 4203/04/2012

Joe Manganiello. Woof!

by Miss Swanreply 4303/04/2012

Of course, this man owns this thread….

by Miss Swanreply 4403/05/2012

Richard Burgi, no chest hair but sex on a stick.

by Miss Swanreply 4503/05/2012

If only he was a mute...

by Miss Swanreply 4603/05/2012

I present the manliest man:

by Miss Swanreply 4703/05/2012

R45 Agreed, he's very sexy (and from all accounts huge hung)

by Miss Swanreply 4803/05/2012

I guess Deklin proved you wrong, OP.

by Miss Swanreply 4903/05/2012

R47, who is that guy?

by Miss Swanreply 5003/05/2012

Recently retired rugby play Joe Worsley!

by Miss Swanreply 5103/05/2012

R50, that is The Howie Long who did sports shit before starring in commercials with Terri Hatcher.

by Miss Swanreply 5203/05/2012

Boxer/Rugby Player/My Future Husband Sonny Bill Williams!!

My poor hole aches just looking him...!

by Miss Swanreply 5303/05/2012

Richard Armitage is so hot with a beard(of the facial variety)

by Miss Swanreply 5403/05/2012

Why do so many of these guys look like serial killers?

by Miss Swanreply 5503/05/2012

one person's serial killer, another's hot date!

by Miss Swanreply 5603/05/2012

I'm drawing a blank on his name, but the guy who briefly dated Chelsea Handler who does the animal shows... or some kind of outdoor adventure shows. Him.

by Miss Swanreply 5703/05/2012

David with an Italian name

by Miss Swanreply 5803/05/2012

Dave Salmoni

by Miss Swanreply 5903/05/2012

What is r58 talking about?

by Miss Swanreply 6003/05/2012

Ross Ford

by Miss Swanreply 6103/05/2012

Paul Johansson.

by Miss Swanreply 6203/05/2012

Ewww, that Johansson guy has dog teeth.

by Miss Swanreply 6303/05/2012

That's because he's a man, not an Osmond.

by Miss Swanreply 6403/05/2012


by Miss Swanreply 6503/06/2012

So true R58. Unbefuckinglievably hot.

by Miss Swanreply 6603/06/2012

Even by DL standards, R29 is a special kind of cuckoo.

by Miss Swanreply 6703/06/2012

White House chef, Sam Kass.

by Miss Swanreply 6803/06/2012


by Miss Swanreply 6903/06/2012

James O'Keefe (just kidding)

by Miss Swanreply 7003/06/2012

R43 wins.

by Miss Swanreply 7103/31/2012

bumpa bumpa bumpa

by Miss Swanreply 7205/18/2013

R8, I've liked Grayson McCouch since He looka (relatively speaking) like a BOYYYYYYY ("Morgan Winthrop" on Another World).

by Miss Swanreply 7305/18/2013

Oh, a thread to post pics of ugly people.

by Miss Swanreply 7405/18/2013
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