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Gilmore Girls

Starting from the first season. Saw some of it when it aired, but college was rough, so I missed a bit.

Are there any shows like this on air today?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34603/28/2017


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 102/25/2012

Jess - swoon.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 202/25/2012

There is not now nor has there ever been as smartly written a show with teen appeal. I am looking forward to Amy Sherman-Palladino's new show on ABC Family.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 302/25/2012

Dean looks like a caveman.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 402/25/2012

Colin McCrae

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 502/25/2012

Who's that, R5?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 602/25/2012

He was at Yale.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 702/25/2012

Watching it now - 1st season - with Thai food and a Diet Coke. AHHHH.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 802/27/2012

I loved GG.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 902/28/2012

I also loved the show. Great dialogue, and Lauren Graham was incredibly hot as Lorelai.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1002/28/2012

I loved the show, but just kept waiting for the moment when Lorelai and her mom would just work it all out and forgive each other for the past.

I also thought that Christopher got screwed in the end. It was a horrible way for his character to go out.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1102/28/2012

Thought it was overrated. The characters had no development because the writers gave them the same identical dialogue. After each witty retort, you have expected them to turn to the camera and wink.

The one thing GG hinted at but missed was putting Lorelei together with Dean.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1202/28/2012

I agree with r12. After hearing so many fantastic things about GG - all the "best" lists it has made - I shut it off not even half way though the pilot. My disbelief was not suspended but I might give it another go, not expecting it to be like real life I guess.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1302/28/2012

OP, for great writing in a tv show I like to watch box sets of Cheers and Northern Exposure for a laugh / pick-me-up. You can watch all of the Cheers (or other show) episodes for free in HD over at Amazon if you have Amazon Prime, or by signing up for the trial period then cancelling before one month is up.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1402/28/2012

[quote]Great dialogue,


-Did you buy milk?

-Do we need milk?

-Would I ask if you bought milk if we didn't need any?

-Would I ask if we need milk if I was aware that we did?

-So you DIDN'T buy milk?

-Did I say I didn't?

-You implied it.

-How so?

-By not answering me when I asked if you bought milk.

-So not answering 'implies' no?

-What else could it imply?

-It could imply many things.

-Name them. All of them.

-Okay I will...

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1502/28/2012

GG reminded me of the "Dick Cavett Show". They had to throw in every literary and pop culture reference they could to show how oh-so-hip they were. I liked Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop but Alexis Bledel was terrible. If you saw her in "Sin City", it's obvious the girl has a reality series in her future.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1602/28/2012

Norman Mailer was on a season 5 episode. Amazing.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1703/12/2012

In fact, he was in an episode entitled "Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant."

I loved the early seasons of the show, but hated what it had morphed into by the end.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1803/12/2012

The head writer for GG is the same writer for Californication. Both series have that same self concious "witty" banter.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 1903/12/2012

I think it had some rough patches in the last couple of seasons but overall it did well even then.

Melissa was wonderful in her interactions with Mailer.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2003/12/2012

I just fucking hated Lorelei with Luke, and I though that diminished her character so much. Especially when they added that goddamn kid.

And to me, the truly interesting family dynamic was the one between Lorelei and Emily, and there was less and less of that as time went on.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2103/12/2012

College was rough?

In olden days, there was a talking Barbie doll who announced, "Gee, math is hard!"

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2203/12/2012

I liked L and L, more so than her with Christopher. The kid was too Cousin Oliver, but the mom (played by Sherilyn Fenn) was a great role.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2303/12/2012

Marty was so much cuter than Logan.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2403/13/2012

Did they ever say who the father of Rory was?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2503/13/2012

dUH. Christoher was Rory's dad.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2603/13/2012

Christopher, R25. It was never a secret.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2703/13/2012

Oh, Ok Thanks I didn't know.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2803/13/2012

Kelly Bishop was fabulous as Emily Gilmore. Hers was consistently the best performance in the show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 2903/13/2012

Agree R29.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3003/14/2012

Without Paris, no one would have gave a damn about Rory's Chilton and Yale escapades. Man, how did Alexis Bledel manage to get cast for this role?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3103/14/2012

I thought Bishop was great but Emily was Sheila Bryant, which is the only character Bishop can play. See her try different characters in "Unmarried Woman" or "Dirty Dancing" and she is so unimpressive as to be invisible.

Bledel is just hopeless.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3203/14/2012

[quote]Man, how did Alexis Bledel manage to get cast for this role?

There was the not-inconsiderable fact that she and Lauren Graham really looked like mother and daughter.

The WB actually forced the show to be neutered a bit in its first season. As originally conceived, Sookie was a lesbian and Luke was a woman.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3303/14/2012

Gilmore Girls at its best. Watch this and you don't need more.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3403/14/2012

R31, I loved Paris. Had a huge crush on her.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3503/14/2012

Sookie was conceived as a lesbian in the pilot, it just never comes up. She had a throwaway line in the second episode, during the cat funeral, about going back home to her girlfriend and the network said NUH UH. And so Sookie was no longer a lesbian.

Alexis had very large breasts and they were more or less strapped down to make them less prominent.

Milo had the costume dept take in his wardrobe to make it form fitting, a trick Alexis eventually picked up.

When he wasn't wearing a cap, Scott Patterson was wearing a hairpiece.

Lauren and Scott indeed did not like each other, for unimportant reasons which become magnified after years and years of close proximity.

Lauren ate very little food.

Kelly Bishop was not very nice! Wow.

The actors, especially Lauren, often had their sides (small printouts of the scenes being shot that day) on set during takes, due to the difficulty of learning 80+ page long scripts (an hour long is usually 55-60 pages). If you look closely, you can often spot these stapled-together half-sheets on the counter at Luke's or on their dinner plates at Friday night dinner. Many actors on TV do this, actually.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but I will post again if I do.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3603/14/2012

Alexis did not have large boobs. She did have a comparatively large bottom. Liza Weil (Paris) had large boobs.

It was clear that Lauren and Scott didn't like each other.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3703/14/2012

GREAT info, r36!

Can you think of any examples of Kelly Bishop's cuntiness?

And what were the original unimportant reasons for Lauren and Scott not liking each other?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3803/14/2012

love the inside info!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 3903/14/2012

Alexis' boobs looked pretty damn huge to me. But she had a thin frame. Liza's boobs were probably larger but they were more pendulous. They did a good job of covering them up too.

I have read about situations where fans think actors on shows are being given diverging storylines to keep them apart, but this was indeed the case with Lauren and Scott. I know she really, really liked Chris Eigeman and they became friends through the show. She also liked the guy who played Christopher, which wasn't the reason he was brought back, but it certainly was a bonus. Lauren wasn't a saint, but she was no worse behaved than you or I would be with that pressure and attention, in my opinion.

Kelly was very, very rude to one of the guest directors, I recall. But in a pretty flip way. I mean, don't believe the gossip, stunts on set are very, very rare in TV.

In terms of Lauren and Scott, I think it's the case of him being a guy she could be polite to at a cocktail party and then never want to see again, and then forcing him to be her love interest for seven seasons. This is a woman who hangs out with Matthew Perry. Scott is a former ball player. I really don't remember a specific incident. You can certainly notice that every shot of them kissing is long, and boy does Luke have a lot of relatives to keep him busy and in different scenes than Lauren.

Sean Gunn is one of the most naturally funny people I have ever met. I really think it's a shock he isn't a star by now. I am not sure if it reads on camera, I haven't watched the show in forever, but I remember him having a very weird distended belly even though he was quite thin.

None of the actors had the power to approve or reject storylines -- even Lauren -- but Yanic would have had a larger role had he allowed them to make Michel gay.

Matt Czuchry certainly was nice, but talking to him was like talking to Patrick Bateman. Very hollow, polite, phony upbeat.

Any other questions?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4003/14/2012

R40, Kirk was one of the most annoying and needless characters ever written. I don't think that was Sean's fault, but from the writing.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4103/14/2012

What was Jared Padalecki like, Miss Patty?

And did he often wear flip-flops to the set??

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4203/14/2012

Jared is one of the rare examples of an actor I think looks better in person than on camera. He is very tall, and I remember he's a "big Bordeaux fan." Not a lot else to report.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4303/14/2012

Anything else about Liza Weil?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4403/14/2012

Liza was a lot of fun, a good drinker, and nothing like Paris. I wouldn't call her a free spirit, but it doesn't seem fair to say she was more "laid back." Anyone is more laid 1back than Paris. Her boobs were very prominent out of character!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4503/14/2012

Hi Miss Patty, Could you tell us anything about where Gilmore Girls was filmed? I loved the quaint look of Stars Hollow, although I'm sure it just some lot in Hollywood.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4603/14/2012

^ it's...oh, dear.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4703/14/2012

Gilmore was filmed on the small town backlot at Warner Bros, which I believe is now used on Heart of Dixie and in lots of movies. The gazebo is the giveaway (as well as the hills of Burbank in the background).

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4803/14/2012

Anyone besides Liza a good drinker, Miss Patty? Love the info. you have.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 4903/14/2012

I'm with the thumbs down crowd on this. It was self-conscious and annoying. Had a very fake look and feel to it. No depth. Compare it to Once & Again and you're comparing New York to Cleveland. Even the first two seasons of Felicity was a LOT better than this.

[quote]Kelly Bishop was fabulous as Emily Gilmore. Hers was consistently the best performance in the show.

Consistent, yes. The same note over and over again.

This was a show for fraus to watch with their daughters and young gays from Cleveland to watch with their older sisters.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5003/14/2012

They did manage one brilliant moment in one of the final seasons (the points where Lorelei and Rory weren't speaking to each other because Rory had dropped out of college), where, on Rory's 21st birthday, she dreamed Madeleine Albright was Lorelei, and so you have the surreal sight of a former Secretary of State recounting being in labor.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5103/15/2012

Alexis really looks better with bangs.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5203/22/2012

was Scott P. really such a prick? Good body, though.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5303/26/2012

I guess I'm the only one who liked Alexis Bliedel?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5405/07/2012

I like her more, R54.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5505/07/2012

Fucking racist piece of shit show which went out of its way to exclude Black actors.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5605/07/2012

Seriously r56? Looks like they went out of their way to have a black guy as Michel.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5705/07/2012

LG's high school pic

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5809/02/2012

Here's an early appearance by Lauren Graham in Caroline in the City, playing Richard's ditzy gf.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 5912/11/2012

And another

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6012/11/2012

What was the deal with Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel? There are rumors that he abused her. Any info on this? Also read rumors he is a closet case, any truth to that?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6101/01/2013

I don't think Milo abused Alexis. There's rumors of him abusing Hayden.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6201/01/2013

I first remeber seeing Lauren Graham on Newsradio as the efficiency expert.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6301/01/2013


You have the URL in the author field.

Lauren was very good in that role, though her presence caused some angst amongst the NewsRado staff.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6401/01/2013

I know, too bad we can't fix posts.

I can see why, she was so funny in that role.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6501/01/2013

You could just repost the link.

I agree - Lauten was very funny as the efficiency expert. I thought she and Maura interacted very well.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6601/01/2013

Really R62? I have never heard about the Hayden abuse rumors. I always thought that relationship between Milo and Hayden looked more like a publicity stunt.

There are rumors that Milo abused Alexis but who knows. Something must have happened because they were dating for 4 years then it ended pretty abruptly and you did not hear anything about that relationship from either of them. They had both gushed about the relationship previously. I also heard rumors that he cheated on Alexis. Who knows.

Anybody have any real dirt about this on here?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6701/03/2013

i loved the show when i watched it the first time around. tried it again a couple of years later...and all i wanted was to punch those bitches in the throat so they would SHUT THE FUCK UP already. i'd kill myself if i had to spend the rest of my days with one of them...and i'm lesbian.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6801/03/2013

Very good show for most of its run. Then when Amy Sherman Palladino left, it crashed. It was already getting long in the tooth, but it could not survive the loss of ASP. There were already a few stories that didn't fit the characters. I really hated Logan toward the end, but not as badly as I hated Jess. I never understood either character's appeal.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 6901/03/2013

Are you kidding me R69? Jess was the best part of that show. After he left, the show was never the same. The guys who played Dean and Logan were horrible actors and they both had zero chemistry with Alexis Bledel.

I agree that when Sherman-Palladino left, that show became awful.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7001/03/2013

Didn't DL have an interesting behind the scenes thread at one point? I think it was shut down at one of the new show runners' request

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7101/03/2013

Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson didn't get along at all.

I think there was an 'incident' between them that caused production to be shut down.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7201/03/2013

Sorry R70, but I just couldn't stand Jess. Most people I know hated his character. I'm not saying Dean was great, and I already wrote that Logan was bad. I guess I never liked any of Rory's boyfriends.

Oh well, at least we agree about ASP!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7301/03/2013

Miss Patty, Lauren is gay, right?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7401/03/2013

Seasons 6 and 7 weren't the best, but they were good.

Why Liza Weil (Paris) did not become a bigger star?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7501/03/2013

Jess is for those stupid fangurlz who believe the bad boy with the heart of gold really exists. You'll see them daily on "Judge Judy." They've gained 100 pounds and are suing "Jess" for the money they've loaned him.

Dean was perfect for Lorelei. That would have been the story to run with, not Dean/Rory part 2.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7601/03/2013

The grandparents were my favorite characters

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7701/03/2013

Dean was boring and not all that bright, R76.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7801/03/2013

R78 I agree with you, Dean was as dumb as a brick and his storyline was boring. Also, he could not act his way out of a paper bag. Terrible actor/character.

Jess was the typical bad boy and probably a terrible match for Rory as well, but at least Jess and Rory (or the actors who played them) had chemistry. Rory had no chemistry with Dean or Logan.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 7901/03/2013

R73, for me Jess was the best. Cute as a button even though he was bad news for Rory! You could at least see some chemistry with those two actors (Alexis and Milo.)

But each to his or her own I suppose. :)

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8001/03/2013

R72, what type of "incident" occurred between Scott and Lauren to shut down production? What was the problem between them?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8101/03/2013

I loved that Sherilyn Fenn played Jess's mother.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8201/03/2013

I hate that show with a passion. That Alexis Bledel character hollier than thou shit is annoying and the wannabe cool mum with rich parents yet she dresses shit and has an average house.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8301/03/2013

R83 - Rory was not holier than thou. Lorelai was estranged from her parents for 15 years. She only came to them to get money so Rory could go to a private school. She worked her way up from maid to inn manager and then finally owner.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8401/03/2013

I stopped watching the last season because they fucked it up so bad, especially the reunion with Christopher which should have been handled a different way.

But the one thing I wanted from the show was for Emily and Lorelai to sit and work out their problems and they never did. Lorelai never owned up to her mistakes in the situation.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8501/03/2013

"Lorelai never owned up to her mistakes in the situation."

Neither did Emily, R85

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8601/03/2013

The burden was on Lorelai, R86. She was the emotional center of the show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8701/03/2013

R87 - The burden was on both of them.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8801/03/2013

R84 I don't like such shows in Wich the main characters are made out to be so good, most ppl with rich parents would not work at an inn and she didn't have the mannerism of a person who grew up rich. Rory to me comes over like a passive aggressive bitch. I just really don't like that show, there's only one show I liked less and that's 7th heaven.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 8901/03/2013

R89 - the mannerisms of someone who had grown up rich? What do you mean by that? She rebelled against the trappings of wealth. She was determined to make it on her own. That's admirable.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9001/03/2013

R90 admirable maybe, my point is exactly that though that she is made out to good to be true. There's no need for that, plus I don't think your a bette person if you refuse your family's wealth. It's just very naive and poor attempt to make her likeable tho obv it did work.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9101/03/2013

Emily's mistake was that she embarrassed that her 15 year old daughter was pregnant because she was a snob. You could tell that she regretted all of that, Lorelai would never admit that Emily was trying.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9201/03/2013

The burden was on Lorelai, [R86]. She was the emotional center of the show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9301/03/2013

Just skip the Cousin Oliver episodes AKA April.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9401/03/2013

April wasn't too bad. And it allowed Ms. Fenn to come back to the show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9501/03/2013

Leave Dean alone!! He was supposed to be boring and safe and a sensible choice for Rory.

Jess was a dick and of course, Rory would be attracted to the bad boy.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9601/03/2013

April was horrible and always cited as the jump the shark moment in the show. She was ugly as sin too. R95, are you the Gilmore Girls insider who got pissy back in the day when the show was still on the air and we had a DL thread about it and threw a fit whenever someone inevitably bitched about Cousin Oliver April?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9701/03/2013

I'm not defending April, nor am I the insider. April wasn't good, but she was not on that much.And as I said, Ms Fenn was wonderful as her mother.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9801/03/2013

The actress who played April was on an episode of Parenthood, as a girl friend of the son of Lauren Graham's character. She went from awkward to zaftig- talk about huge boobs!

Sherilynn Fenn played both April's mom and Jess's father's hippie girlfriend in San Fran.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 9901/03/2013

[quote]Sherilynn Fenn played both April's mom and Jess's father's hippie girlfriend in San Fran.

No shit. I don't understand why some people have to waste time stating the obvious.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10001/03/2013

R99 - that's not uncommon for child stars.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10101/03/2013

I know real Gilmore Girls insiders have posted on this thread and elsewhere on the DL over the years. Take it as you will. And, maybe if you're nice, some questions can be answered. But warning: answers are usually disappointing.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10201/03/2013

Dean was actually very smart in the first season. If you'll recall, it was his knowledge of Ruth Gordon in "Rosemary's Baby" that intrigued Rory. They took those elements away from him to give to Jess, since there wasn't anything else to give him when they decided he'd be a regular.

Lorelei already had her bad boy, twice in Christopher so it would make sense that Rory would make the same mistake.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10301/04/2013

Someone did a poll many years ago and it seemed that the Jess/Dean supporters were almost divided entirely along age lines. Younger viewers saw Jess as exciting and older viewers had had their Jesses and wanted the stability of Dean.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10401/04/2013

I get the point of other posters that Jess was the bad boy and young women, particularly adolescent girls, find that attractive. But Jess was the lamest bad boy ever.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10501/04/2013

R103 - "Dean was actually very smart in the first season. If you'll recall, it was his knowledge of Ruth Gordon in "Rosemary's Baby" that intrigued Rory"

Interesting. I never saw the season 1 episodes. Dean was dumbed down by seasons 2 and 3.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10601/04/2013

It was soooo talky. Yap yap yap yap yap. And most of the "witty" references quipped by the younger cast members was too old for the mom even, unless she's in her late 50s.

But it makes good "background" tv.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10701/04/2013

I enjoyed the witty fast talk.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10801/04/2013

R105 Dean was the lamest by far. I think Jess was much more popular with tv viewers than Dean ever was. Dean was a stiff plain and simple. Boring character and zero chemistry with Rory,whereas Jess had tons of chemistry with Rory. The show was never as good when the character Jess was written off.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 10901/05/2013

The only performer I thought had any chemistry with the very wooden Bledel was Chad Michael Murray, who was quickly snatched up by the WB machine.

Jess was a stupid thug that they tried to redeem by making him book smart. It wasn't a great message but then, that was the point of the show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11001/05/2013

R110 do you think Liza Weil (Paris) would have made a better Rory?

It was between Liza and Alexis for the part of Rory.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11101/05/2013

Liza Weil looked way too old for the role of Rory (or Paris). By their senior year of high school, it was ridiculous that Weil was supposed to be 17/18. Had she been cast as Rory we'd have been reminded constantly of how old she looked. At least as Paris, we didn't see her all the time and had less time to think about how old she looked.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11201/05/2013

Liza didn't look like she could be Lauren Graham's daughter. I think she's a much better actor.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11301/05/2013

R109, Jess did not have "tons of chemistry with Rory." What the hell show were you watching? And I wrote that Jess was the lamest bad boy ever. Dean wasn't supposed to be a bad boy. So whether Dean was lame or not doesn't have anything to do with Jess being a lame attempt at a bad boy character.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11401/05/2013

R111 Liza Weil as Rory? She was too ugly to be cast as Rory. She is a better actress than Bledel is but she is not attractive enough to be a lead in a tv show, at least not in the capacity that Rory's character was in that show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11501/05/2013

R114, yes Jess did have a lot of chemistry with Rory and he was not the lamest bad boy ever. That is your opinion but it is not the majority opinion. Jess's character was the one who was supposed to get a spin-off show but it never got off the ground. What does that tell you about the popularity of Jess' character?

Now chill out, people are entitled to have different opinions.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11601/05/2013

R115 - I wouldn't call Liza ugly. She wasn't as pretty as Alexis, but she wasn't ugly.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11701/05/2013

I hate saying this because I like the actress but she was a bit oafish

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11801/05/2013

Liza had a recurring role on Scandal.

She got a little chunky during the latter seasons of GG, but she was slim at the start.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 11901/05/2013

Looks like Liza is still very chunky. I still love her though.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12001/05/2013

Liza lost a good deal of weight.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12101/05/2013

Oh and the mom, not the grandmother, character was insufferable - so self-involved and overbearing.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12201/05/2013

I wanted Luke in me very, very deeply.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12301/05/2013

To each their own, but I laughed out loud as I read through R15's post. Yes I loved Gilmore Girls.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12401/05/2013

R15 - good job!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12501/05/2013

I agree, R15 was great! But that's why I loved GG. Those silly diatribes were refreshing.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12601/05/2013

I couldn't see anyone but Lauren as the lead.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12701/05/2013

She may have lost weight R127 but in those clips she is still chunky. Nothing wrong with that, though.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12801/05/2013

Liza didn't look at all like a Gilmore and the Bledel/Graham/Bishop link made it work. Bledel was such a dreadful actress that she made it tough to work up any feeling for the character. Her performance in "Sin City" was a disgrace.

Kristin Bell might have made a good Rory, even though she too didn't look like a Gilmore.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 12901/06/2013

Kelly Bishop deserved an Emmy for her work on GG

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13001/06/2013

They should of had Jenna Elfman as Lorelei and Liza Weil as Rory, maybe Loni Anderson as Emily.

Would that work?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13101/06/2013

Linda Lavin would have been a great Emily Gilmore.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13201/06/2013

I love Kelly Bishop but she goes back to that same tired old Sheila Bryant act in everything she does. She's even Sheila on Bunheads.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13301/06/2013

MadTV's Gabmore Girls

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13401/06/2013

It is better to be type-cast, then not cast at all.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13501/06/2013

Jenna Elfman, who starred with Lauren and Molly Ringwald in Townies, would not have been good in the role. It was Lauren's.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13601/06/2013

[quote]They should of

Oh dear. We have a dumbass at R131.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13701/06/2013

Lauren looked the same or younger by the final season as she had the first.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13801/06/2013

I thought Lauren looked great every season, including the final season. But younger? No.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 13901/06/2013

Maybe not younger, but she hardly aged.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14001/06/2013

New pics of Alexis. She still looks young.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14101/17/2013

ahh gosh thinking about Gilmore Girls makes me yearn for the simple days of college life,

My friends and I would gather in the common room and watch it every Tuesday night when this came on.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14201/17/2013

Another recent Alexis pic

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14301/26/2013

Alexis has a pilot

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14403/02/2013

Unwatchable. The whole thing seemed pretty unbelieveable and the dialogue was moronic. The tribulations of rich people--snore.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14503/02/2013

R145 - They weren't rich.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14603/02/2013

R145: I suspect your opinions might bore be if they ever mattered.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14703/02/2013

The hefty cafe guy whom Lorelai seemed to have a crush on, well he was hot.

What was his name again?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14803/02/2013

Luke... Scott Patterson R148

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 14903/02/2013

I'm watching the series now. On season one.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15003/08/2013

What do you think R150?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15103/08/2013

R150, I really like it.

I love Lorelai. I love the dialogue. Rory can be annoying.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15203/08/2013

The Rory problem is because of Alexis. I think she gets better as the series progresses.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15303/08/2013

Season 2 is dull, but Jess just showed up and he is cayoot!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15403/11/2013

Luke pushed Jess into the lake. Ha!

Jess is really cute. I prefer this Milo to the current overly muscular Milo. Though Heroes-era was his hottest.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15503/11/2013

Jess was a lot more interesting than Dean or the other guy from Chilton.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15603/11/2013

Lane's character is pointless.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15703/12/2013

This is the second fucking GG thread that got bumped from oblivion. There's no movie, no new shows, just reruns on Soap Network. That should tell you something about the show's audience right there.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15803/12/2013

This thread wasn't bumped from oblivion. It has been going at a slow and steady pace since it was first posted.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 15903/12/2013

Jess hates Ayn Rand.

I love Jess.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16003/12/2013

Did you get to the part with Sherilyn Fenn playing the wife of Jess's father?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16103/12/2013

Not yet, R161. Jess just bought Rory's picnic basket. She's with Dean, but he's boring.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16203/12/2013

lol r15

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16303/12/2013

Dean is so boring.

What do you think of Paris?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16403/12/2013

Paris is funny, but in real life I'd have slapped the bitch several times by now if I were Rory.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16503/12/2013

Love Paris, but I'd never want to interact with her.

I always thought there might have been something going on with Lorelai and Dean. That would have been a storyline.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16603/12/2013

I wouldn't want to deal with Paris, but she's fascinating to watch. Liza Weil is underappeciated.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16703/12/2013

I always thought Paris was a latent lesbian.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16803/13/2013

Paris DID have a thing for Tristan, who resembled a young Ellen Degeneres.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 16903/13/2013

Liza Weil (paris) in Binheads (GG 2.0)

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17003/13/2013

Rory's at Yale now and got a hideous haircut. Jess is gone but stupid Dean is still here? Not sure how I'm going to like season 4

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17103/23/2013

I liked Rory's shorter hair.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17203/23/2013

[quote]Are there any shows like this on air today?

If you're into shows about obnoxious bitches with arrested development who talk too much, I suggest you check out the following:

Two Broke Girls

The View


The Talk

Parks and Rec

The Good Wife


Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Grey's Anatomy

Private Practice

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17303/23/2013

The actress who played Paris was waaaay to old for the role. She looked middle aged. Thirties at least.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17403/23/2013

R174 - Liza Weil looks older, but not 30s.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17503/23/2013

Watching the later seasons and I'm struck by how much Logan reminds me of Billy Bush.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17603/23/2013

The actor who played Logan was super hot and naked in I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. He plays that creep Tucker Max.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17703/23/2013

R176 I don't see it.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17803/23/2013

They should have done more with Wayne Wilcox, the guy who played Marty.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 17903/23/2013

Marty was boring,

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18003/23/2013

I never understood the Luke and Lorelai thing , Lorelai and Christopher were way better suited for each other. And I hated the way Lorelai acted like an overgrown teenager all the time. Rory was the adult in that mother daughter relationship. Dean was boring , Jess was too full of himself , Logan was perfect.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18103/23/2013


I thought Logan was annoying.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18203/23/2013

I haven't gotten to Logan yet. Right now there's a Marty. He's pretty much non-existent though.

Jason or Digger or whatever is the worst.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18303/24/2013

Do you guys think Kirk has a big penis? Lol

I know his brother James Gunn has a small dick.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18403/24/2013

I liked Digger for some reason.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18503/25/2013


Not a Digger fan but I did really like the episode where they have their first date.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18603/25/2013

Digger had the advantage of being neither Luke nor Chris.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18703/25/2013

And how do we feel about Max?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18803/25/2013

I remember watching Gilmore Girls while I was at college. Why are we talking about it, is it returning on the air??

I stopped watching when Rory went away for college, the show went downhill from there. Also the non stop unecessary chatter between Rory and her mom bugged the shit out of me.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 18903/25/2013

The early college years were pretty good. Rory's crisis of confidence and rebellion was interesting.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19003/25/2013

Logan is basically Tristan, right?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19103/29/2013

Paris belongs on Designing Women.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19203/30/2013

Yes, R192

I'd love to see Liza Weil in a comedy like DW or Golden Girls.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19303/30/2013


Yes, just way less attractive... And considering Tristian wasn't well... that says it all.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19403/31/2013

This spoof of GG is spot on.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19503/31/2013

Alexis Bledel really got pretty in Season 5.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19603/31/2013

R189, agreed, the whole Yale thing was annoying, they would never say "Rory is going back to college tomorrow" it was always "Rory is going back to Yale."

The whole kitschy small town setting got tired after about three seasons, it just started to seem like the same jokes were being repeated over and over.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19703/31/2013

They should have done a spin off with Paris moving in with Emily. That would have been awesome.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19803/31/2013

R16- is that when she started wearing bangs?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 19903/31/2013

Yeah, around that time, R199.

This Luke and Lorelai shit is starting to bug me in Season 6. It's obvious they're not getting married. What a waste of 3 seasons.

Should I even bother with season 7, because I'm going o be seriously annoyed if they don't end up together?

Logan is insufferable. Paris has overstayed her welcome. Lane and the band shit is pointless, though I LOVE Mrs. Kim.

Rory has grown up to be a beautiful cunt.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20004/05/2013

You should watch season 7. It's better than 6.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20104/05/2013

Anna is a major bitch. Wow

Any chance she dies in a fire or gets decapitated or something?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20204/05/2013

Is it wrong that I wanted Luke to just use me? I mean, nasty, nasty sex. It's the only reason I watched to show. To just stare at him.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20304/05/2013

Anna is a major bitch, but I loved how Sherilyn played her.

I hated Christopher.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20404/05/2013


There seemed to be nothing sexual about Luke at all. And he always came across as like too lazy to even have sex.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20504/06/2013

Do you think Lorelai sucked Luke's dick? Do you think she swallowed?

Do you think Luke and Lorelai ever had anal sex?

What do you think about Rory? Do you think she and Logan did anal?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20604/06/2013

Oh, R205, I don't know. He seems like he'd throw a mean fuck. You'd just have to piss him off first.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20704/06/2013

Rory and Logan did anal. Lor and Luke did not.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20804/06/2013


I still don't think so. He looks the type to withhold sex when he's pissed off.

R208 is right. Rory and Logan did anal. Luke and Lor did not.

Luke and Jess however, did.

Jess had to pay his room and board somehow.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 20904/06/2013

[quote]Jess had to pay his room and board somehow.

I agree that Luke and Jess probably did have anal sex, I really dn't think it was done as any form of payment.

Ig you remember in the Season 6 episode (maybe the 18th episode?) when Luke and Rory go visit Jess at his bookstore. Jess gives Luke a check and says it's for all he did for him.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21004/06/2013

My apologies, I'm wasted.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21104/06/2013


Well, maybe some other poster here was right and Luke did throw a mean fuck and Jess, although had to pay for his room and board with his ass, thought the sex was so hot and enjoyed it so much, he never really paid up so cash was the way to go.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21204/06/2013

I thought both Lauren and Alexis looked their best in the last season.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21304/06/2013

Another pic

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21404/06/2013

Alexis looked best season 6. Great new bangs and a stellar wardrobe. Her hair was slightly better in Season 7, but the wardeobe took a nosedive.

I agree that Lauren looked her best in Season 7. Her body was better in season 6, but her hair and just overall she looked better in Season 7.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21504/06/2013

Well, I'm going to continue to fantasize that Luke will throw a mean fuck, then cook me eggs in the morning.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21604/06/2013

R215 - You might be right about Alexis and her season 7 wardrobe.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21704/06/2013


He wouldn't. He'd scream downstairs for his cook, the only Latino in Stars Hollow to do it.

I told you, he's lazy.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21804/06/2013

Luke is NOT lazy. He was always fixing shit. He was always at the end making repairs. He was always making repairs on Lorelai's house. He built her that arch for her wedding. He movies Rory into Yale.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 21904/06/2013

Rory sure did use the power of the purse (and by purse I mean pussy) to get what she wanted.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22004/06/2013

Logan bought Rory a Berkin bag. She definitely used that purse.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22104/06/2013



He was lazy. And when he "moved" Rory into Yale didn't he pay some kid to move the mattress? And then he was so lazy he wouldn't dispose of the mattress making poor Lorelei do it and she couldn't even drive a stick!

Luke is lazy.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22204/06/2013

Luke is overworked. He's not lazy.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22304/06/2013

Luke needs a back rub, a blow job, and a beer. And he needs all three to be given by someone who will let him watch his ballgame, not make him fix everything, and shut the hell up.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22404/06/2013


Luke had a cook, Jess, and Lane working for him. He wasn't overworked, he was lazy!

He'd often make customers get their own coffee and would get Dozey to close for him on multiple occasions. Lazy!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22504/06/2013

If Luke was lazy, he wouldn't be making repairs all over town, building sets for the school play. When Kirk drove Taylor's car through Luke's, he did all of the repairs himself. When TJ hurt himself, Luke donated months of his time to helping out on the road.

He was not lazy.

But he does seem a bit asexual. He and Lorelai were hardly ever affectionate. We'd see them wake up in bed together, but that's about it. Luke never really seemed turned on by Lorelai.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22604/07/2013

Luke was lazy.

We only heard that he was busy doing all this stuff. And it wasn't like any of this was a daily occurrence. But just like he was "overworked" at the restaurant by having his staff do everything he probably directed everyone one what to do, rather than doing the work himself.

Let's face it, Luke was just a bossy bottom.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22704/07/2013

In all seriousness, I think Luke came off as asexual because Scott just wasn't a very good actor. He obviously had issues with Lauren and couldn't get past them.

I always felt like Scott probably felt the show should be called Luke and the Gilmore Girls.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22804/07/2013

Scott wasn't a very good actor, but he didn't need to be.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 22904/07/2013

I thought Scott was one of the best, along with Kelly Bishop (who gets mentioned shockingly little in this thread) and Graham.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23004/07/2013

Kelly Bishop was fantastic. Scott was not.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23104/07/2013

What's with his limp? I thought maybe it was just for Luke, but he also limps in all of those Saw movies.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23204/07/2013

Why is Luke dating this swim instructor? She has an annoying voice and a weirdly shaped head.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23304/07/2013

Blame April for the swim instructor.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23404/07/2013

April is cute. It's a shame she comes with Anne.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23504/07/2013

R235, you mean Anna. And April was a Cousin Oliver and Mary Sue rolled into one. Thankfully, her presence was limited.

Anna was a really well done character.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23604/07/2013

Yeah, Anna. That bitch.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23704/07/2013

Yes, she is a bitch, but it's a great, nuanced character.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23804/07/2013

I always thought it was funny Sherilynn went from playing Jess' dad's ho, but when the spinoff didn't happen, she became Luke's baby mama.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 23904/07/2013

Sherilyn looked so different with the blond hair.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24004/07/2013

She looked terrible with that white, short hair.

I guess I'm not digging Anna because she seems so uptight. But I loved Sherilynn so much on Rude Awakenings.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24104/07/2013

Anna was uptight, but I loved Sherilyn's portrait of that uptight character.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24204/07/2013

Lorelai should have knocked that bitch Anna out.

Did we EVER see Lorelai in a physical fight?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24304/07/2013

I always wish the Gilmore Girls went dark with their finale. Like Rory goes missing and the series ends with her never being found.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24404/07/2013

What was the The Comeback reference?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24504/07/2013

Luke and Chris were in a physical fight.

I don't think we ever saw Lorelai in one.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24604/07/2013

Does anyone know why Alexis Bledel burned down La Mirage? And what's with her frosty relationship with Martha (aka "Mom")?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24704/07/2013

This is one of those shows where I'm surprised they didn't try to tap an audience for a spinoff about the younger years of Lorelei.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24804/08/2013

Who would play the younger Lorelai?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 24904/08/2013

The finale was good enough.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25004/19/2013

Lauren Graham on Craig K. She hasn't changed.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25106/08/2013

Alexis Bledel is in some new movie playing a high schooler! Not even a senior. Ridiculous.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25206/08/2013

Alexis could be playing teens till she's 40.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25306/08/2013

Alexis Bledel is the white version of Bianca Lawson. Or Stacey Dash.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25406/09/2013

Alexis is Latina.

"Bledel was born Kimberly Alexis Bledel in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Nanette (née Dozier), who worked as a gift processor and flight attendant, and Martin Bledel.[1][2] She has a younger brother, Eric.[3] Her father was born and raised in Argentina.[4][5] Her paternal grandfather, Enrique Einar Bledel Huus, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to parents who were of Danish descent; Enrique was Vice President of Coca-Cola Latin America and the Coca-Cola Inter-American Corporation. Alexis Bledel's paternal grandmother, Jean (Campbell), was originally from New York.[6][7][8] Alexis' mother, Nanette, was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and had moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, at the age of eight; Nanette was raised there, and in Mexico City.[9][10] Of her parents' upbringing in Latin America, Bledel has stated "It's the only culture my mom knows from life, and my father as well, and they made the decision to raise their children within the context they had been raised in".[2][9] Bledel grew up in a Spanish-speaking household, and did not learn English until she began school; she considers herself Latina.[2][11]"

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25508/18/2013

r36 Many prime-time actors are suckers. Daytime actors go through much more dialogue without cheat sheets!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25608/18/2013

r255 Yes. But latina/hispanic isn't a race. Alexis Bledel is white racially.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25708/18/2013

R257 - yeah okay.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25808/18/2013

Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter are the US leads for the American version of BBC Gavin and Stacy

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 25908/18/2013

Really, R259? Jason was Lauren Graham's love interest in Parenthood.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26008/18/2013


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26110/31/2013

I had not seen the pilot before until recently. Emily comes off better in it than she does later on.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26208/08/2014

I'm rewatching the series on Netflix and I'm liking Emily more and Lorelie and Rory less the second time around.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26310/19/2014

Why the change R263?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26410/19/2014

R264 It may just be the case that I'm older myself and see relationships as more fraught and complicated. Emily was deeply wounded by Lorelei's running away but Lorelei never gives her mother a break nor tries to understand from her point of view. And Rory, as someone so aptly put it somewhere else, remains dumb about her own privilege.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26510/19/2014

There are NO mother daughter relationships that work on the Gilmore Girls except for Lorelei and Rory.

The writers must have really had a bad relationship with their mothers because the only mother daughter relationship that works is a totally unrealistic relationship.

If you really look at the show the writers could use some psychoanalysis.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26610/19/2014

R266 - There aren't that many mother-daughter relationships, Emily-Lorelai (did not work), Loreali-Rory (worked), Edward and his mother (which worked), April and her mother (which worked). Lane and Mrs. Kim was an odd one.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26710/19/2014

the eqiv to that show is Supernatural. what jared andjensen have done is amazing tv. i think that jared learned how to do a greatjob from this show. meanwhile jensen was filming smallville doing an amazing job. together thy are awesome. it totally isa shame VOTN cant be banned

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26810/19/2014

Some bloopers from the first season

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 26910/30/2014

R268 - huh?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27010/30/2014

I will say that the show was kind of a female fantasy.

Lorelai is smart, and hip, and fun, and sexy...but her horrible mother just doesn't understand! But she gets along wonderfully with her daughter, in an almost creepy-close, best friend way(that if I actually saw in real life, I would say was dysfunctionally *too* close). There is a non-stop stable of handsome men at the disposal of both female leads, and there is almost no vision of male friendship in the show. In fact, they mainly all dislike each other because they're busy fighting over one or the other girl. I suppose her rich boyfriend had some college guyfriends in the later seasons but those were peripheral characters at best.

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, or woman-bashing. Go ahead and have a female fantasy, since there's plenty of male fantasies...but let's just recognize that that's what it is.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27112/23/2014

Great point, R271, from a fan of the show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27212/23/2014

Milo was so hot in it. I liked the first seasons a lot. Great show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27312/23/2014

This is one of the shows I can watch over and over, but the more I do, the more I realize how EXHAUSTING it would be to hang around Lorelai.

Emily is the best character. Sure, she did do some awful things over the course of the series, but sometimes I felt the other characters were being really mean to her.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27412/23/2014

I loved the interactions between Lorelei and her mother. The writing was great, and Kelly Bishop is magnificent.

I hated Christopher, mostly because he has a pinched, whiny voice.

Every episode that Daniel Palladino wrote had some atypical, out-of-character cuntiness between two women. It's striking because I'd watch an episode and think it was odd that two women either were in competition, or had snapped at one another, and then at the end of the episode I'd see the credits and yep, Daniel wrote it.

I love ASP. Did she write the episode of Roseanne when Darlene reads her poem at school?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27512/23/2014

I never got to see the episode with Mike Henry.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27612/23/2014

There are plenty of other reasons to hate Chris R275

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27712/23/2014

Has anyone watched Bunheads?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27812/23/2014

I loved Chris. The actor was cute and fun. But I liked all of Lorelei's men, even Digger.

Gilmore Girls was also my favorite Melissa McCarthy show.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 27912/23/2014

"Gilmore Girls was also my favorite Melissa McCarthy show."

How many are there?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28012/23/2014

R280 meant "role" but she has had a few. I liked Samantha Who, but not her character. Loved Jennifer Esposito on it though

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28112/23/2014

The guy who played dean is shacked up with his male co star now.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28212/23/2014

R282 meant to say the guy who played Dean is the star of many chapters of fan fiction

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28312/23/2014


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28412/23/2014

Bumping to note the death of Ed Herrmann (Richard Gilmore).

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28501/02/2015

Both Lorelei and Rory had such horrible taste in men. I found each of Rory's boyfriends annoying, especially that last one.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28602/04/2015

R286 - The smarmy Logan, who is now the smarmy Cary on The Good Wife.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28702/04/2015

I would've boned Marty.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28802/04/2015


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 28902/20/2015

when lorelei and rory go on a trip to Harvard, when Lorelei's viewing the valedictorians, is her mot one of harvard valedictorians? why was that not mentioned that rory's grandmother emily was harvard's smartest person for that year?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29002/20/2015

R290 - Huh?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29102/20/2015

R290 I thought Lorelei was looking at a photo of what would have been her class had she gone to college.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29202/20/2015

no she was looking at the past graduates of valedictorians, and she saw her mom's photo, shewas Emily Parker. i think that'swhenshe realized her mom was smarter than she gave her credit.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29302/21/2015

btw i think Christopher was a closet gay for rory's bf, he fixed jared padeleckis bow tie and stared lovingly into hiseyes during the debutante DAR coming out ball

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29402/21/2015

R293 needs a space bar!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29502/21/2015

Uh, no R293. R292 is right.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29602/22/2015

Hart of Dixie is like GG. Same small town with charming locals.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29702/22/2015

Taylor was a homosexual, right?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29802/22/2015

[quote]no she was looking at the past graduates of valedictorians, and she saw her mom's photo, shewas Emily Parker. i think that'swhenshe realized her mom was smarter than she gave her credit.

Lorelei was looking at the valedictorian for what would have been her graduating class - not her mother Emily.

Emily went to Smith College and was a history major. She met Richard at a Yale College party. If Emily had gone to Harvard, she would not have rooted for Yale at the "Big Game" each year with Richard.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 29902/22/2015

The person posting at R293 is clearly an idiot.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30002/22/2015

Where did Lorelai go to school for hotel management?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30102/22/2015

Hartford Community College, R301.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30202/22/2015

Thanks R302

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30302/22/2015

tristan played prince charming on Cinderella story with hillary duff and romeo on GG with Rory.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30402/23/2015

How did Alexis get this role?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30502/23/2015

[quote]How did Alexis get this role?

Similarity in appearance and chemistry with Lauren Graham.

The weirdest thing is that her acting actually gets worse over the series. Also, the character is written as so helpless and hapless later - she's just so, so, so very nice and sweet and nice and nice.

If you look at how sharp the dialog and character were in the pilot episode, she was so much more interesting.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30602/23/2015

Oh, one side factoid - Lane Kim (Keiko Agena) was 28 during the first season of GG.

I was floored when I found out.

She's no Gabrielle Carteris, but she is damn close.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30702/23/2015

Keiko looked a lot younger. She did gain a good deal of weight during the run.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30802/23/2015

As time goes by, I empathize more and more with the Stars Hollow High girls who thought Rory stuck up. As if public high school was beneath her.

The problem with Rory is that the older the character becomes, the less interesting she becomes. She ends up a smug Ivy League grad like any other. Why does Stars Hollow love her more than any given Stars Hollow High grad?

Dean was lobotomized - the actor was being considered for a Young MacGyver series that went nowhere. Jess displaced him.

Love Lorelai with Digger and Christopher.

But, c'mon, Jon Hamm wasn't good enough for her. Lorelei had her issues.

Love Kelly Bishop and Edward Herrmann. Richard's Yale manipulation was revelatory. He let Emily be the heavy, but...

Hated Doyle and Paris, and DeLuise. Oy.

Also found the Magda Albright, Borman Mailer, and Amanpour cameos twee.

Loved the ep where crazy editor Paris goes Apocalypse Now crazy, calling her reporters by numbers, not names - said to be inspired by Paladino's time in the Rosanne writer's room.

Best moments: the rapprochement between Lorelei and Christopher...until Mädchen Amick. Those damned Twin Peaks hos!

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 30902/23/2015

Paris as the crazed editor was great. Did not know that it came from the Roseanne writer's room. R309

Not just Amick, but also Sherilyn Fenn as Anna. Amy must have been a Twin Peaks fan.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31002/23/2015

There are lots of quirks in GG. The Hep Alien meltdown was a direct homage of "Dig!",the Brian Jonestown Massacre documentary.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31102/23/2015

What was that one guy that they were clearly setting up to be a more major character for Rory at the first school? He was mean to her at first, but clearly was developing feelings, but then the actor got hired for another show so the character was sent away to military school or something.

I wonder how things went at military school...

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31202/24/2015

[quote]What was that one guy that they were clearly setting up to be a more major character for Rory at the first school? He was mean to her at first, but clearly was developing feelings, but then the actor got hired for another show so the character was sent away to military school or something.

Tristan - played by DL fav and large nipple owner Chad Michael Murray, who went on to star on One Tree Hill.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31302/24/2015

I hated myself for being attracted to Tristan, he was such a boy band looking kid, but he was pretty.

R309 agree with your thoughts on Rory. She became a simpering, smug elitist. She was much more interesting as a quiet and introspective smart teenager. I guess when you actually make it to Yale, everyone is as academically inclined as you are, and you're no longer anything special.

I loved Digger, he was my favorite of Lorelei's boyfriends. With his weirdly trained dog and his inability to sleep next to someone and his amazing house.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31402/24/2015

Chad Michael Murray, 1/4 Japanese, it's said! He was very sexy.

He and "Dean", Jared Padalecki, were in that terrible new "House Of Wax" movie with Paris Hilton. Always expected Lorelai to slup in a dig.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31502/24/2015

r115 the entire pointto the show was LL took care of Rory, Paris could make it on her own. thus no show dumbass

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31602/24/2015

my mom is like emily gilmore, but i'm the sweet son like Dean. funny how jared padalecki, was named dean in GG, but became a Sam on Supernatural with Dean as his brother, jensen, who was acting on smallville with a sam. talk about irony.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31702/24/2015

[quote] talk about irony

Would love to discuss irony - where would it be in anything you wrote?

By the way, nothing in Alanis Morissette's song was ironic, either. Bad luck - yes. Coincidence - yes. Ironic - decidedly NOT.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31802/24/2015

R318 - That's the irony.

I liked Digger more than Christopher and Luke.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 31902/24/2015

I liked Digger also, but he's really lost his looks.

What the hell happened?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32002/24/2015

i love the dance instructor lady who wears the caftan and smokes the cig on the stick. shes purdy id marry her

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32102/24/2015

r300 honey did you forget to take your meds ?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32202/24/2015

r299. thank you for clearing that up, i stepped away and just caught the end of it.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32302/24/2015

R322 not R300 but your come back was weak. Judging from all of your other posts, R300 is right, you're not very bright. I'm sort of hoping you're 12.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32402/24/2015

r324. you seem like a left swipe. lol.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32502/24/2015

R324 R325 You're both annoying.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32602/24/2015

R324 and R325 are annoying but you're the worst R326.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32702/24/2015

can't tell which is the biggest piece of shit, r324 or r326.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32802/24/2015

That's because you're a moron R328.

But I'll help you out. It's you.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 32902/24/2015

I thought they got rid of Digger in a weird, abrupt, sort of brutal way.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33002/24/2015

lol moron. that would give you a 300 verbal on PSAT.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33102/24/2015

Digger and LG were mirror images.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33202/24/2015

[quote]i love the dance instructor lady who wears the caftan and smokes the cig on the stick. shes purdy id marry her

r321 - every time someone mentions caftans on DL, I envision Ms. Patty. I mean, c'mon, how could you not?

If they ever remake GG, they'll need to cast Magic Johnson's son in the role.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33302/25/2015

What is in Miss Patty's punch?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33402/25/2015

who exited the show first. dean or jess? it seems dean knows rory is a cheating lil bitch. and jess seems ripped and veiny which means he works out. dean barely kisses rory which implies hes got a crush and secretly wants jess for himself

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33502/27/2015

You should write bad fanfiction R335.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33602/27/2015

R336 Something tells me Tristian and Logan, if they weren't trying to get it on with each other, would probably prefer to doubleteam Lorelei while Rory sleeps.

There's no way Rory was any fun in bed.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33702/27/2015

hmm r337, you're right.

I think Lorelai might be a little judgemental or sarcastic at first but then would let loose once things got going.

Btw, speaking of Jess:

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33802/28/2015


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 33902/28/2015

r336 you inviting me over? cool im there thanks r338 and r339. fapped away.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34002/28/2015

Is this show still on the air, will there be another season or two?

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34106/22/2015

Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time. I can watch it over and over again....and have. I rooted for Luke and Lorelei all the way through the series. Christopher was never going to be a grown up. Max Medina was the WORST! I also dislike Digger. Of Rory's bf's I liked Dean, but you never stay with your first BF. I like Jess the best. Logan was a smarmy rich kid and I would never want to inflict his asshole family on Rory long term. I often wondered why they didn't expand Sally Struthers's Babette character more. Loved Sookie and Paris. Less in love with Kirk and Taylor. Mrs. Kim was also great. The biggest misstep was not making Michel gay. Yes, Alexis' acting was very wooden, especially when she was forced to cry. The best thing about the whole series was EMILY GILMORE. You couldn't take your eyes off of her when she was on the screen. I loved her panic when Richard's mother came.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34206/22/2015

I didn't realize that when they filmed the finale they weren't actually aware it was the series finale.

Anyway, they should have done a reunion show/movie centered around Rory's High School Reunion and Paris' wedding.

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34306/26/2015


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34407/10/2016

I always loved myself a bit of dean ;)

by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34503/28/2017


by Tristan Dean & Jessreply 34603/28/2017
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