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I just saw "Berserk" (1967) and I have more questions than answers...


by aybreply 2012/05/2012

That script has more holes than swiss cheese.

by aybreply 102/25/2012

1) Ty Hardin is listed as being 37 and whilst he's fairly hunky but not devastating, he has grey flecks in his hair. Did he live fast and hard?

2) Why is the midget stalking Joan? Is that just supposed to be a red herring to cast suspicion on him?

3) What's with the extended scenes from an actual circus? The dog one seems to go on forever. It's like watching this film is like actually going to the fucking circus.

4) How did Joan make her legs look so good in tights at 61?

5) Ty Hardin is listed on IMDB as some sort of white supremacist nut. What the hell is that all about?

6) How many drugs did the writers take to think that shitty ending would be acceptable?

7) What was with that musical comedy number at the party?

8) Why do I spend my Saturday nights watching stupid campy crap like this?

Anyone who has answers is welcome to reply. Also, why not add you own questions.

It's what Miss Crawford would have wanted.


by aybreply 202/25/2012

Here is what I think, R2.

1) Ty couldn't have lived that hard, he's still alive. Even if he were fully gray, he would have seemed too young in the scenes where he's shirtless and flirting with Crawford.

2) Yes, the film is full of false clues to distract you from its senseless and arbitrary solution. The killer isn't even with the circus early enough to have done the first couple of murders. You just have to assume that person sneaked onto the grounds long before officially arriving.

3) Blame Cecil B. De Mille for that. For all the Biblical epics he made, his only Oscar-winning Best Picture was a circus flick.

4) Read "My Way of Life" to learn Miss Crawford's exercise regimen. (You might want to look into her diet tips too.)

5) Let's just say there's a reason he didn't go far in Hollywood.

6) Is gin a drug?

7) Noel Coward always played at Joan's parties. What's a party without a musical comedy number?

8) Embrace the eldergay within.

[quote]It's what Miss Crawford would have wanted.

Bless you, darling.

by aybreply 302/25/2012

The best Ty Hardin performance ever----

Ty in the short square cut bathing suit throwing a football on the beach in THE CHAPMAN REPORT.

Second best performance --

Ty, also in swim trunks, being seduced by Glynis Johns in THE CHAPMAN REPORT.

He may be a white supremacist but in the 60's he had the most beautiful body.... and feets!

by aybreply 402/26/2012


by aybreply 502/26/2012

Was Joan schtupping the dwarf?

by aybreply 602/26/2012

Anyone want a Pepsi?

by aybreply 702/26/2012


by aybreply 802/29/2012

It is what was known as a "penny thriller". .. Don't look for too much. Be entertained and then have dinner.

by aybreply 902/29/2012

Joan was 64 at the time.

by aybreply 1002/29/2012

Why would you have any answers? No one asked any questions.

by aybreply 1102/29/2012

Ty, football, bathing suit.

by aybreply 1202/29/2012

Joan's face is always in blasted front light, but her neck always has a shadow across it. You can see how technically perfect she was at filmmaking--she hits some very precise marks in this film spot-on so that she's "protected" and photographed just so.

by aybreply 1302/29/2012

"It's all like a horrible nightmare. I keep wondering and thinking, who's next!!"

by aybreply 1402/29/2012

"You can have 50% of my circus, and 100% of me!"

by aybreply 1502/29/2012

Plenty of Ty here, plus there's another page about The Chapman Report with revealing shots of him in those trunks. He's now a deranged incoherent old coot, though.

by aybreply 1602/29/2012

[quote]How did Joan make her legs look so good in tights at 61?

That's what I always wondered too, she was a hot old mama.

by aybreply 1702/29/2012

I was out at the Lone Pine Film Festival one year recently when Ty Hardin came up to be in the (Old Western Movie Star) parade and sign autographs. He looks DAMNED good for however old he is, and he was with his wife. I've never heard of the White Supremacist stuff (wow!) but one thing -- the ping. He definitely pinged when I spoke to him. He must moisturize himself into a stupor!

by aybreply 1802/29/2012

It's on TCM now. Please do keep in mind that she's running a circus, [italic]not[/italic] a charm school!

by aybreply 1912/05/2012

Ty does look pretty good for 82.

by aybreply 2012/05/2012
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