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"Grimm" Thread

Since the "Grimm" and "Once upon a Time" thread is mostly a "Once..." discussion, I wanted to have a place to discuss Grimm.

Any fans out there? I think it's getting better but I have a feeling it won't last long.

by Hexenbiestreply 36309/16/2017

OP, I am beginning to get in to it. Friday night's episode about the black widow woman was quite creepy and good. And it doesn't hurt that the lead is awfully cute.

by Hexenbiestreply 102/15/2012

Af for Bitsy Turloch, the actress who plays lead's girl friend, she apparently has a lot of credits. I had never heard of her before Grimm.

by Hexenbiestreply 202/15/2012

I noticed the promos now feature the friend instead of the lead.

by Hexenbiestreply 302/15/2012

I didn't like the character of the friend, but he's growing on me.

The lead actor is the weakest link.

by Hexenbiestreply 402/15/2012

get rid of the wife and give the Chief more air time ...

by Hexenbiestreply 502/15/2012


by Hexenbiestreply 602/15/2012

Seriously, how is this show doing ratings wise? I haven't heard or read a thing about where it stands.

by Hexenbiestreply 702/15/2012

I adore this show. It isn't great yet, but it has so much potential.

It reminds me a bit of what you would get if Buffy grew up and became a detective.

by Hexenbiestreply 802/25/2012

I for one love the lead. I think he's adorable and sexy. Short but I'd suck him dry.

by Hexenbiestreply 902/25/2012

The werewolf guy reminds me of the young Bruce Dern

by Hexenbiestreply 1002/27/2012

Watch this week for a scene to see the shirtless, sweaty Captain.

by Hexenbiestreply 1102/27/2012

I am really starting to like the show. And who would have thought that Hitler was a beast?

by Hexenbiestreply 1203/03/2012

Any ideas on what triggered his ability to see the creatures' true selves? It started right after his partner took a photograph of him and while they were discussing why he didn't look at other women.

by Hexenbiestreply 1303/10/2012

Silas Weir Mitchell, the friend, is hot. The lead is boring.

by Hexenbiestreply 1403/10/2012

Mitchell was on [italic]Prison Break[/italic], as was Reggie Lee, who plays Sgt. Wu.

by Hexenbiestreply 1503/10/2012

Never mind, it was his aunt being on the verge of death that triggered it.

by Hexenbiestreply 1603/10/2012

Prior to her death, I thought his aunt told him he was the last of the Grimms. However, last night his werewolf buddy told him a Grimm was decapitated in Amsterdam recently. So I guess Giuntola is not the last of the Grimms after all.

by Hexenbiestreply 1703/10/2012

Love the show and think the lead is super-sexy.

by Hexenbiestreply 1803/10/2012

I just want to see Nick and Monroe have hot sweaty doggy sex by the light of a full moon

by Hexenbiestreply 1903/10/2012

[quote]Prior to her death, I thought his aunt told him he was the last of the Grimms

No, she told him there were others, but she wasn't in contact with them, so she couldn't tell him how many there were.

by Hexenbiestreply 2003/10/2012

Just got picked up for a second season.

by Hexenbiestreply 2103/16/2012

Awesome, r21.

Hope the lead takes some acting lessons over the summer break.

by Hexenbiestreply 2203/16/2012

Any ideas on what the captain is up to? Since his name is Renard, and they have him speaking French, I assume the writers are working up something to do with Reynard the fox. However, I've never read French folk tales. All I know about Reynard is that he's a trickster figure.

by Hexenbiestreply 2303/17/2012

I love Grimm. David Giuntoli is one of us, you know.

by Hexenbiestreply 2403/17/2012

I love Guintoli. I would suck him off all night...he is so cute.

by Hexenbiestreply 2503/17/2012

So glad it got a second season. :)

by Hexenbiestreply 2603/17/2012

Anyone still watching?

I HATE what they did to the black cop.

I used to really like him, but he's been so useless the last few episodes that they might as well kill him off.

by Hexenbiestreply 2704/06/2012

I agree the black partner is being wasted. I do like the addition of the girl whose running the curio/Monster shop. The werewolf buddy seems to be very smitten with her. Tonight's episode was good though. The gold nugget growing in the woman's neck was just far enough out there for me.

Here's a sneak preview of next week's show.

by Hexenbiestreply 2804/06/2012

Why hasn't Juliette been more vocal asking what the fuck has been going on?

by Hexenbiestreply 2904/07/2012

Wow, tonight's show was intense. New fetish anyone? Force feed someone. Ick. Love the werewolf's new love interest but I'd rather the show were theirs and not the Grimm guy. He's cute, though. Maybe he'll get better. Loved the werewolf being upset that Nick called his girlfriend rather than him. "You? He called you?" He truly is the best thing in the show.

by Hexenbiestreply 3004/07/2012

Strange eating habits

by Hexenbiestreply 3104/13/2012

So is every criminal a "fairy tale creature"?

by Hexenbiestreply 3204/13/2012

some good guys are too.

by Hexenbiestreply 3304/13/2012

Is the lead a real actor? He seems like an athlete they gave a tv show to, hoping his sports fans will watch. He's attractive, but I like people who can really act. It's not fair pretty boys get leading roles in tv shows while interesting guys like Alby on Big Love can't find steady work.

by Hexenbiestreply 3404/13/2012

Grimm is Awesome! I plan on watching every episode until the end. What I dont understand is, if the chief detective "Sean" is a bad guy why dont we seem him transform into some kind of creature. Does anybody understand this? It would be extremely lame if they eventually show him as a creature type thing because that means Nick never noticed him and that wouldn't make since.

by Hexenbiestreply 3504/15/2012

I'm really enjoying Grimm. I didn't watch it when it started, but caught up with it in the last few weeks. I don't really get the flak being thrown at the lead actor.

by Hexenbiestreply 3604/15/2012

I love the show. A great mystery about the key and why it's so important. I also like Sean, the chief detective who's scheming behind the scenes. Nice guest appearance of 'Nan Flanagan' (Jessica Stuck) from True Blood. The special effect after the witch digested the Grimm's blood was cool.

by Hexenbiestreply 3704/15/2012

The Chief has transformed into a creature, but not in front of Nick. Nick does not know who/what the Chief really is, and the Chief doesn't want to give himself away.

Juliet annoys the living daylights out of me. I don't know how Nick gets it up for her. It's like she keeps his balls in her purse or something.

by Hexenbiestreply 3804/15/2012

I love how strong the women opponents are, especially the fire dancer and Munroe's ex-girlfriend. I like them more than the detective, but good has to triumph I suppose.

by Hexenbiestreply 3904/15/2012

I really dont remember the chief Sean Renard shown as a creature. What episode is it in so I can see it.

by Hexenbiestreply 4004/15/2012

I don't remember the Chief changing, or it ever being implied that he changed, into a creature form.

I think I'm going to have to go back and watch Caprica.

by Hexenbiestreply 4104/15/2012

This is from Wikipedia:

Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard, Nick's politically adept superior officer and a member of the creature community of unknown origin. Nick is totally unaware of his status and he seems to be a potential threat. In episode 12, he is addressed as Your Highness, further implying that he belongs to royalty in the creature community. He seems to want a return to the old ways.

The Captain is a creature and I believe we did see him morph into one but I can't recall which episode he did so.

by Hexenbiestreply 4204/15/2012

I don't recall the captain morphing into anything else yet.

by Hexenbiestreply 4304/15/2012

Only 4 episodes until the Grimm Season 1 finale.

by Hexenbiestreply 4404/20/2012

Roger Bart is going to play a grizzly Adams type guy, don't know which episode.

by Hexenbiestreply 4504/20/2012

The cops seem to have jurisdiction in an awful lot of forested areas. Do Portland's city limits really include that much wilderness?

by Hexenbiestreply 4604/20/2012

Sneak Peek at April 27, 2012's episode.

by Hexenbiestreply 4704/20/2012

Good episode tonight.

by Hexenbiestreply 4804/20/2012

I could be wrong about this but I thought the chief of police morphed into a creature in the first or second episode. He was talking to that hot blonde lawyer.

by Hexenbiestreply 4904/21/2012

[quote]Why hasn't Juliette been more vocal asking what the fuck has been going on?

I'm too busy cooking up breakfasts.

by Hexenbiestreply 5004/21/2012

I also like Rosalie and think she and Monroe are cute together. Juliet is meh.

I like that writers are exploring how Grimms haven't always been the good guys despite thinking they were. Lots to explore. Verrat is very fascist, and we can draw many parallels to what they do. Are we to assume that Verrat is responsible for Hitler coming to power? We've already been told the Hitler was a Wesen. At some point I'd like to rewatch this season to pick up more of the mythology.

by Hexenbiestreply 5104/21/2012

I found a [italic]Grimm[/italic] Wiki. It looks like a good resource.

by Hexenbiestreply 5204/21/2012

You senseless queens actually watch that show? I bet you all loved Pan Am too.

by Hexenbiestreply 5304/21/2012

Oh goodie. A troll. -rolls eyes-

by Hexenbiestreply 5404/21/2012

Verrat is the German word for betrayal.

by Hexenbiestreply 5504/21/2012

R55, I've often wondered if I'd get more out of the show if I knew German... or if I'd just roll my eyes more.

by Hexenbiestreply 5604/21/2012

[quote]I could be wrong about this but I thought the chief of police morphed into a creature in the first or second episode. He was talking to that hot blonde lawyer.

You're not wrong, that's exactly what happened. My understanding of why Nick can't see his true form is because he can only see the Wesen when their emotions get the better of them, and the chief cop is powerful and good at keeping his emotions under control.

I'm enjoying this show, too. It's really grown on me. I love Monroe, and love the addition of Rosalie as well. From what I can tell, that's a popular opinion. I think David Giuntoli is fine, not the greatest actor, but he works in the role. And he's pretty, so he gets points for that from me, because I'm shallow.

by Hexenbiestreply 5704/21/2012

[quote]I've often wondered if I'd get more out of the show if I knew German.

It helps a little. My German is rusty, but in "Last Grimm Standing," when it turned out that Leo Taymor was running the Loewen games, I knew that Loewen = lions, and that's why Taymor was named Leo.

by Hexenbiestreply 5804/21/2012

The Police Chief has never morphed into a creature.

by Hexenbiestreply 5904/21/2012

Monroe comes to dinner Friday night.

by Hexenbiestreply 6004/23/2012

[bold]It’s official: Grimm is the best fairy tale show on TV right now[/bold]

After weeks of begging for the Beaver folk to return to Grimm, our wish has finally been granted. This week was all about Beaver people and courage. Beaver courage, which was kind of shown in this episode. But mostly it was Pilates Wolf and Prince Eric doing karate in their garage (ok it's in the woods, but come on, that whole training scene was dripping of Step Brothers). Grimm has really found it's stride and it's just a whole lotta fun to watch.

This week we got to meet the fairy tale trolls, who are, of course, super possessive of bridges. A troll kills a beaver, and a little beaver witness has to find his inner strength to testify. Of course the trolls pull the dickish move every and call the Reapers to come in and kill the Grimm, Nick. But apparently Nick is pretty good at hand-to-scythe combat and easily kills the two big bad reapers.

Then Nick sends the two Reaper heads back to Germany as a "message" to the other Reapers: Don't fuck with Prince Eric. Which makes total sense as he is a learned officer of the law and knows that standard mail makes for great head delivery. But this makes sense as it's in canon for Nick being the worst cop in the whole world.

And so it goes. What we're taking away from this episode is that Grimm has now figured out a way to effortlessly braid in new "monsters of the week" while playing with the fairy tale world they've spent many, many episodes building. Instead of just mumbling a handful of German jargon, we're playing around with characters and dynamics we're familiar with. It's great, seriously great. All this series needs to do now is find a purpose for Nick's lady friend and we're sold. The journey has been long, but it's starting to pay off. Which makes us happy, both for Grimm and our Friday nights.

by Hexenbiestreply 6104/29/2012

bump for Grimm discussion

by Hexenbiestreply 6204/30/2012

'die Häßlichen' (used for the troll species) means 'the ugly ones' in German.

by Hexenbiestreply 6305/01/2012

[bold]NBC Eyes August Premieres For New Comedy ‘Go On’ & Returning Drama ‘Grimm’[/bold]

NBC‘s freshman drama Grimm received a very early renewal in mid-March. And the network’s comedy pilot Go On starring Matthew Perry was given an unusually early series pickup 10 days ago. I hear both are being eyed for an early launch in August, following NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in London. NBC, which is seeking a ratings turnaround, had been contemplating an early rollout for a number of series to take advantage of the monster promotional platform the Olympics provide. To make an August launch date, Grimm and Go On are expected to start production early. I hear Grimm writers are already working, while writers on Go On, created by Scott Silveri and directed by Todd Holland, will convene as early as next week.

The single-camera Go On stars Perry as an irreverent yet charming sportscaster who, trying to move on from a loss, finds solace from the members of his mandatory support group. An August premiere will certainly get the comedy on the air ahead of similarly themed single-camera pilot Rebounding, which is in serious consideration for a series pickup at Fox. In addition to Grimm, also expected to return earlier than this season are NBC’s midseason reality flagship The Voice and Broadway drama Smash, which are being considered for a fall launch.

by Hexenbiestreply 6405/01/2012

[bold]Meet 'Grimm's' Man Behind the Monsters[/bold]

Every episode, Grimm fans are taken in by its many monsters and twists on the fairytales they’ve grown up on. Make-up FX artist Barney Burman is the man who takes the series’ monsters from the script pages and on to the screen.

With his own shop, Proteus Make-up FX, in North Hollywood, Burman comes from an accomplished line of make-up FX artists. His grandfather made masks and props for the original Wolfman and Twilight Zone series. His father, Emmy-winner Thomas R. Burman, worked on Body Snatchers, Star Kid, Powder, Carrie 2 and The X Files, among others.

Burman’s own credits include How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Planet of the Apes, Men in Black 2, Haunted Mansion, and JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek, which earned the make-up FX artist an Academy Award.

“The Star Trek film was definitely a huge challenge,” Burman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It was the biggest film I had done to date and it was about six months of sleeping four hours a night and just keep going and going and going and it took so much of my focus -- just a crazy amount of energy that it took to get that done.”

Grimm’s production schedule is challenging, as well. Burman and his team may have as few as four days to create a monster from scratch. In comparison, Burman says he’d usually ask for at least three weeks for a straight make-up assignment. He must also deal with distance, since the series shoots in Portland.

“It really does vary quite a bit per episode, which is one of the things I really love about it is that it isn’t just kind of doing the same thing,” he says of the many creatures for the series. “It’s creating over and over again each episode. Often we’ve had situations where we’ve had to make a full dead body in five days or we did an episode with some Bigfoot characters and we had four days to get our first one done. I’ve had up to about seven or eight people in my shop in L.A. plus as many as three or four people up in Portland all working at the same time.”

For Friday’s Cinderella-inspired episode titled “Happily Ever Aftermath,” the series tasked Burman with creating the “Murcielago,” a bat-like creature with red eyes, rows of teeth and a death-inducing scream.

by Hexenbiestreply 6505/03/2012

Talk about your wicked step-sisters.

by Hexenbiestreply 6605/03/2012

Scene from next Friday night's Grimm

by Hexenbiestreply 6705/04/2012

Give the Girl A Hand

Preview for Friday's Grimm

by Hexenbiestreply 6805/08/2012

Giuntoli wants a little Grimm Time

by Hexenbiestreply 6905/11/2012

I am so excited about this week's... he finally tells Juliette!

by Hexenbiestreply 7005/13/2012

Finally saw last weeks. Loved how much Monroe got to do.

by Hexenbiestreply 7105/13/2012

As was mentioned in the other thread, the show's production logo in the closing credits is a portrait of two men who are obviously a couple. It turns out Sean Hayes (a.k.a. Jack McFarland) is one of the producers of the show, and the other producers is also gay. I think the portrait is of the other producer and his partner.

So this is actually a "gay" show, of sorts.

Wish it had more gay content, but I like the show so far.

by Hexenbiestreply 7205/13/2012

[bold]Grimm' season finale: Will Nick tell Juliette the truth!? [/bold]

The season finale of NBC’s surprise hit Grimm is upon us, and though Nick (David Giuntoli) has managed to keep his Grimm reality from Juliette thus far, might he be out of options?

In this exclusive clip from the season ender, Nick’s a little concerned after his girlfriend gets scratched by a cat — but we’re not talking about your average fluffer. In fact, he’s so concerned that he makes a shocking move: He tells her Adalind is a witch.

by Hexenbiestreply 7305/16/2012

Okay, I can't handle it anymore. I'm in love with the werewolf.

by Hexenbiestreply 7405/18/2012

Great finale.

This show has gotten really good. I'm REALLY looking forward to next season.

by Hexenbiestreply 7505/18/2012

Me too R75!

by Hexenbiestreply 7605/19/2012

Now, THAT'S how you do a season finale!

This has replaced Once Upon a Time, as the best fairy tale show.

I have LOVED Grimm more and more, and find Once to be more and more boring.

by Hexenbiestreply 7705/19/2012

Season 1 in its entirety is on line. For those who wanted to watch or those who want to watch again, check out Grimm!

by Hexenbiestreply 7805/25/2012

Obviously, his gf will not remember anything when she recovers.

by Hexenbiestreply 7905/25/2012

Is Silas Weir Mitchell related to Tyne Daly? He looks just like her.

by Hexenbiestreply 8005/25/2012

I say turn the gf into a witch and force Nick to kill her. Then let the police chief move in and comfort Nick.

by Hexenbiestreply 8105/25/2012

Tell the damn girlfriend. And then either incorporate her into the story somehow, or have her leave (divorce? Be killed?) because right now she's utterly useless.

by Hexenbiestreply 8205/26/2012

It appears the girlfriend is being turned, somehow. So will she now be one of the monsters that he kills? Ala Angel and Buffy? These are Angel and Buffy people working on this show. Will she be evil next season? Will there be a little demon inside her? (As opposed to a baby.)

That might be fun.

by Hexenbiestreply 8305/26/2012

r81,somewhere there's some '50 Shades of Gay' novel hidden in your post.

by Hexenbiestreply 8405/26/2012

They really dropped the ball by not ending the season with 'Mom, Mom, ... Mommy?'

by Hexenbiestreply 8505/26/2012

Doesn't the show start again in August?

by Hexenbiestreply 8605/26/2012

Yes. I'm hopeful that the short-turnaround time doesn't cause a drop in quality in the scripts and such. And I'm hopeful they pick up some more viewers.

by Hexenbiestreply 8705/26/2012

I didn't know that David did a print ad for Weight Watchers.

by Hexenbiestreply 8807/02/2012

Interesting find!

by Hexenbiestreply 8907/02/2012

Wow... starts right after the Olympics! A new season already!!

by Hexenbiestreply 9007/27/2012

I've never seen this show, but I've just discovered who this David person is because last weekend I had to listen to him and a bunch of his friends talk very loudly and tediously at a bakery/coffeeshop about LA, make-up, being treated like a VIP, etc., while people were coming up and asking for photos. (They were sitting outside in about the most visible location possible.)

I don't mean to be a downer or anything but I was annoyed. And yes I did get a slight gay vibe from him (as in the eye contact thing).

by Hexenbiestreply 9107/27/2012

Oh, and to answer R46, Portland has a huge park within city limits (one of the largest in the country) that is entirely forest and completely undeveloped except for some bike and hiking trails.

by Hexenbiestreply 9207/27/2012

Thanks, r92.

by Hexenbiestreply 9307/27/2012

Up until now, we’ve come to know Grimm’s steely Capt. Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz) as a man of many secrets. And he has pretty much everyone fooled.

To remind you just how much intrigue surrounds the character, Celebuzz has an exclusive video refresher of the many faces of Capt. Renard.

What do we know so far about the shady cop?

We know he’s some kind of royal with several beasts acting (and killing) on his behalf. It was clear from the show’s pilot that he has some plan for Nick, but that hasn’t become totally clear yet.

tHe’s a megalomaniac. He’s a caring cop. He has it in for the Grimms, but he has protected Nick’s life on occasion. Who’s the real Renard and what’s his endgame?

On Season 2, James Frain joins as Renard’s brother and it seems that there’s going to be some familial challenges to Renard’s power.

So, before that and other turns are revealed on Grimm’s second season debuting Monday, August 13 at 10PM on NBC, take a look at Celebuzz’s exclusive video of Renard’s journey so far.

by Hexenbiestreply 9408/01/2012

After last season's cliffhanger ending, it's been a long couple of months for fans of NBC's "Grimm," but the wait is finally over. The show returns Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m. ET, and HuffPost TV has an exclusive first look at the supernatural series' dramatic season premiere, which sees Nick (David Giuntoli) coming face to face with the mother he believed dead for the past 18 years (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio).

There's not much time for a tearful reunion, however, since the arrival of Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) sends Momma Burkhardt into "alpha Grimm" mode; as far as she knows, Grimms and Wesen do not socialize -- Grimms cut their heads off. Awkward.

Here's the episode synopsis for "Grimm" 201, entitled "Bad Teeth":

[italics]After their face-off with Kimura (guest star Brian Tee), Nick (David Giuntoli) finds himself trying to come to grips with the return of his mother, Kelly Burkhardt (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). A trail of brutal murders unveils a foreign conspiracy to hunt down Nick, leading to several revelations about his past. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) still lies in her mysteriously-induced coma as Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) work tirelessly to bring her out of it safely. Elsewhere, Hank (Russell Hornsby) struggles with the shocking truths he’s recently seen and Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) deals with unexpected family issues when his estranged brother (guest star James Frain) comes back into his life. Reggie Lee also stars. [/italics]

"Grimm" Season 2 premieres August 13 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, before moving to its regular timeslot of Fridays at 9 p.m. ET beginning September 14.

by Hexenbiestreply 9508/08/2012

I love, Love LOVE "Grimm" and everything about it!! The scripts are fantastic (Out of the ones I've seen thus far, I love the episode about the three coins that have a weird effect on people the best. I like this episode the best because Nick finally gets some feedback on his past and because of the ending of the episode where Nick is playing that old film of Hitler giving a speech and then sees him to morph into the vicious beat that he truly is. How appropriate in a metaphorical way!), the acting is great, and the special effects are awesome! Even when I know something scary is about to happen I've still jumped at times. Now if you excuse me, I've got to get going and get all caught up ont he episodes before season two starts this Monday as I stil have several to go. Nothing like a "Grimm" marathon, though, right? ;=)

by Hexenbiestreply 9608/11/2012

Brand new episode tomorrow night!!!

by Hexenbiestreply 9708/12/2012

Bump - season 2 starts in 1 hour!

by Hexenbiestreply 9808/13/2012

Nice start. I liked it. Not enough werewolf though.

by Hexenbiestreply 9908/13/2012

Decent episode. I liked his Mom and his two Vesen friends nearly getting into it.

I wonder what the big secret McGuffin will turn out to be?

by Hexenbiestreply 10008/13/2012

I get the sense that Mama Grimm is actually a bad guy. She wants those coins a little too much. I am looking forward to her battle with Mama Hexenbeast!

by Hexenbiestreply 10108/14/2012

I enjoyed the show but I didn't enjoy seeing Nick's partner squeezed out by his mother. The partner was hardly even in the episode. Maybe next week, with Nick charged with murder, the partner will step up and try to prove the charges are wrong.

by Hexenbiestreply 10208/14/2012

FOX was the number one network in adults 18-49 and total viewers.

The premiere of Hotel Hell earned a 1.9 rating, and was the highest rated new series debut on any network this summer among Adults 18-49. Hell's Kitchen returned to earn a 2.7, which was up a tenth from its last original, which earned a 2.6 two weeks ago.

[bold]On NBC, the premiere of Stars Earn Stripes scored a 1.7 18-49 rating, down -23% from last summer's debut of Love in the Wild. The Season 2 premiere of Grimm earned a 2.0 adults 18-49 rating, only a tenth lower than the season one premiere , which earned a 2.1 18-49 rating(its highest-rated episode to date). [/bold]It seems most of your predictions were a touch optimistic.

On ABC, Bachelor Pad earned a 1.2, up two tenths from last week's series-low 1.0 adults 18-49 rating. The Glass House earned a 0.7 rating, up a tenth from last week's series low 0.6. adults 18-49 rating.

On The CW, Remodeled earned a 0.1 rating.

CBS was all repeats for the evening.

by Hexenbiestreply 10308/14/2012

So, the Grimms are Templars who hid some holy and powerful artifact?

by Hexenbiestreply 10408/14/2012

Finally saw the episodes. I thought it was great. And the lead is sexier than ever.

by Hexenbiestreply 10508/14/2012

Grimm's premiere was unfortunately up against the Teen Wolf season finale on MTV and Alphas on Sci-Fi which had to have taken a slight bite out of its audience.

I ended up watching Teen Wolf and streaming Grimm later on.

by Hexenbiestreply 10608/15/2012

I watched Alphas and streamed Grimm later.

by Hexenbiestreply 10708/15/2012

I did the opposite.

by Hexenbiestreply 10808/15/2012

LOVE me some Grimm... and glad they moved it to Monday (with reruns on Friday from my cable provider) Monroe rocks the fox!

by Hexenbiestreply 10908/15/2012

The move to Mondays is only temporary. It goes back to Friday nights on Sept. 14.

by Hexenbiestreply 11008/16/2012

Grimm Blog

by Hexenbiestreply 11108/16/2012

Excellent episode tonight. Lots of interesting twists.

by Hexenbiestreply 11208/20/2012

Interesting reveals, though kind of expected, about Police Captain Sexy.

by Hexenbiestreply 11308/20/2012

btw: Sasha Roiz will be live tweeting during tonight's episode on the west coast.


Ok I've got big thumbs, a small phone and I haven't seen the episode yet. Be gentle with me tonight tweeters.


“@GrimmFan777: Please tell me you don't turn in to a women in tonights episode.” that's episode 6. But I begin lactating in tonight's


off to ice my thumbs in preparation

by Hexenbiestreply 11408/20/2012

Why do I like Monroe's girlfriend more than Nick's?

by Hexenbiestreply 11508/25/2012

I hate the new voiceover for the intro. I hope that only runs for a while to introduce new viewers to the Grimmverse.

by Hexenbiestreply 11608/25/2012

R115, I like her better too.

by Hexenbiestreply 11708/25/2012

Lost fans, get ready to howl. As TVLine previously reported, Mark Pellegrino – who played Jacob on the late ABC drama – will guest-star on tonight’s Grimm.

And we’ve got your exclusive first look at the man in action. Pellegrino’s character, Jarold Kempfer, is a high school pal of Hank’s whose daughter goes missing. From what we hear, Hank doesn’t know Jarold is a coyotl, or coyote-like creature. Maybe in the shot below he’s about to find out?

Take a look at the photo and then hit the comments with your thoughts about how tonight’s episode may play out!

Grimm airs tonight at 10/9c on NBC.

by Hexenbiestreply 11808/27/2012

So no Grimm for me, tonight. When there's a hurricane coming the weathermen take over 24 hours a day until that storm is outta there.


by Hexenbiestreply 11908/27/2012

Oops. Meant to sign myself . . .

by Hexenbiestreply 12008/27/2012

Hey new Orleans, is it true wild pacs of dogs roam your streets? And good luck with the storm!

by Hexenbiestreply 12108/27/2012

Thanks R121. And don't wild packs of dogs roam everybody's streets?

by Hexenbiestreply 12208/27/2012

Is it wrong to think the hillbilly sons were fucking HOT? Hell, so was daddy and the girl's dad.

Is it wrong to want to fuck the guy who was holding the gun to the dad's head until he screams for mercy?

by Hexenbiestreply 12308/27/2012

I love LOVE the asian cop character. He's hilarious.

by Hexenbiestreply 12408/27/2012

The episode fucking ROCKED tonight. Best Grimm ever, and now the partner knows!

I have one question though... why do some of the creatures look at him and know instantly he's a Grimm... while others don't know until he tells them... and still others don't know at first but at some point look at him and go "OMG HE'S A GRIMM!"?

We know how the Grimm learns/figures-out they're creatures. But it's never been indicated what gives HIM away to THEM. Anyone?

by Hexenbiestreply 12508/27/2012

[quote]The lead actor is the weakest link.

The first time I ever saw David Giuntoli was on a bit part in "Hot in Cleveland" which is executive produced Sean Hayes. (I took notice cuz he's hot.) And guess who executive produces "Grimm", that's right, Sean Hayes. Boy toy?

by Hexenbiestreply 12608/28/2012

He's not a wink link. He's the entire reason I watch.

by Hexenbiestreply 12708/28/2012

I knew I recognized the girl's dad. That's Mark Pellegrino who played the devil on Supernatural and Bishop on the SYFY version of Being Human.

by Hexenbiestreply 12808/28/2012

I get him and Callum Keith Rennie mixed up.

by Hexenbiestreply 12908/28/2012

The guy who played the pack leader in the latest episode plays also the main villain in the SyFy show Alphas.

by Hexenbiestreply 13008/29/2012

Lots of hot guys in this series. Would love to fuck David Giuntoli blind!

by Hexenbiestreply 13108/29/2012

The leader of the coyote clan played Sarah's husband (whom she divorced as he was banging Holly's daughter) on the Sally Field Programme.

by Hexenbiestreply 13208/29/2012

Looked to me like Monroe's "foxy" girlfriend might be in trouble in next episode teaser... Sure hope they don't kill her off. She's one of the better characters on the show!

by Hexenbiestreply 13308/29/2012

I doubt it R133, but she was VERY pregnant at Comic-Con so I wouldn't be surprised if she took a break.

by Hexenbiestreply 13408/31/2012

I believe tonight's airing at 10:00 PM is the last Monday night airing of the show. It returns to Friday nights at 9:00 PM next week.

by Hexenbiestreply 13509/03/2012

I love that he's finally out to his partner!

by Hexenbiestreply 13609/03/2012

Monroe and Rosalie are so damn cute. Loved when she yelled at him and he looked at her like he wanted to run. He's the best thing in this show.

by Hexenbiestreply 13709/03/2012

Another good episode. Not as good as last week's, but still, I love this show.

by Hexenbiestreply 13809/03/2012

any ideas/details to: Captain Sean Renard, superior officer and a member of the creature community of unknown origin. What kind of creature? details? etc...

by Hexenbiestreply 13909/15/2012

Some sort of devil, if I had to guess, r139.

Based on the season ender/opener (watched it on hulu so I can't recall) where the captain has to drink the potion mom hex-beast gave him.

Great scenes of him rolling around shirtless and smoke coming out his gills.

And his cousin? brother? who is a sadist.

I love the Asian cop, too. He's almost my favorite (Monroe still wins that title - for now).

by Hexenbiestreply 14009/15/2012

What's the new night again?

by Hexenbiestreply 14109/15/2012

It starts up again on Friday, September 28 @ 9pm. Can't wait. Absolutely LOVE this show!

by Hexenbiestreply 14209/15/2012

I think it starts back up next Friday night.

by Hexenbiestreply 14309/15/2012

On NBC, the Friday premiere of Grimm earned a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating, up a tenth from the 1.5 18-49 rating its last original earned. Dateline scored a 1.3, down from last season's 2.0 fall premiere rating

by Hexenbiestreply 14409/29/2012

Resurrected! I kept getting a "thread does not exist" notice. Thanks R23 from the other thread.

by Hexenbiestreply 14509/29/2012

I liked last night's although it was a bit stale. The wolf and the sheep meme is a bit overdone. I liked that the sheep won the day in the way they did, though. Next week looks interesting.

by Hexenbiestreply 14609/29/2012

I thought it was a decent episode, not outstanding, but good enough. The cabana boy at the very end was hot.

by Hexenbiestreply 14709/29/2012

Here’s NBC’s new HD Promo for next weeks episode of ‘Grimm.’ Episode 2×06, of Grimm is titled ‘Over my Dead Body.’ In 2×06, ‘Over My Dead Body,’ Angelina (Jaime Ray Newman) comes to town with bad news; Nick asks Hank for help keeping Monroe safe; Capt. Renard receives a visit from a former acquaintance (Alice Evans).

Grimm Ratings Note:

Grimm had a disappointing season 2 debut, netting 5.64 million viewers. It’d been down every week since until Friday’s ‘The Good Shepherd,’ which saw Grimm go up a a tenth of a ratings point. It was watched by 5.3 million. I think Grimm’s magic number is 5 million viewers. If the show dips below 5 million viewers a week, I don’t see how NBC renews it for anther season. So, keep your eye on that 5 million mark all year if you love you some Grimm –

Grimm Returns with 2×06, ‘Over my Dead Body,’ on Friday, October 5, 2012 at 9pm on NBC.

by Hexenbiestreply 14810/03/2012

Here's a deleted scene from last night's episode.

by Hexenbiestreply 14910/06/2012

Sacha Ruiz is so sexy! Does anyone agree with me that David Giuntioli is often upstaged as a leading man by the other guys on the show, especially Ruiz and Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe? The problem for David Giuntioli is that while he is handsome and a good enough actor, he lacks the charisma and presence to head a tv show.

by Hexenbiestreply 15010/06/2012

I love the show, I love the lead actor, and really hope it keeps going.

I'm surprised the season 2 ratings haven't been that good... it was given such a prime starting position.

by Hexenbiestreply 15110/08/2012

Grimm has won its timeslot two weeks in a row. Last week, it was the highest rating Friday night show in the key demo. Grimm is doing very well.

by Hexenbiestreply 15210/08/2012

I liked it better when Nick and Monroe were the main characters and Sgt Wu was there for comic relief. It makes absolutely no sense that Hank can see wesen. If Hank can see them, then everyone should be able to see them.

Rosalie, Nick's mother, Nick's girlfriend are all unnecessary characters who muddy up the story. Monroe has practically been castrated since Rosalie showed up. Is Silas Weir Mitchell filming a movie somewhere? Is that why we've seen so little of him?

by Hexenbiestreply 15310/08/2012

Clearly, you didn't see Friday's episode, r153. It was a very Monroe centric episode and they explained when humans can and cannot see Wesen.

by Hexenbiestreply 15410/08/2012

I want Nick and Angelina to fuck.

by Hexenbiestreply 15510/08/2012

It's a little late for that, r155.

I like that actress, though. She was good on Veronica Mars.

by Hexenbiestreply 15610/08/2012

SPOILER ALERT for anyone who wants to keep all of the next episode of Grimm a complete surprise for the end of this week. But for any Grimm fans eager to watch a snippet of what’s to come on the NBC fantasy procedural, EW has an exclusive clip from this Friday’s episode, “The Bottle Imp.”

It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for ever since that coma-ending kiss in the second episode of the season: Juliette and Renard finally come face-to-face. And Nick is there to witness his memory-challenged girlfriend’s encounter with his boss. Check out the clip below:Between this clip and the deleted scene from last week’s episode, Grimm seems to be telling us that there may be some sparks flying between Juliette and Renard, the prince who awoke her from witch spell-induced slumber. How great was Juliette’s flustered response of “Yeah, uh, what? Yeah,” and her smitten twirl out of frame at the end? Could this be the “residual effects” of the potion Sasha Roiz told us about earlier this season?

The promo for this episode tells us, “Things are getting complicated.” A young woman who has selective amnesia starts to fall for her boyfriend’s boss who’s secretly a prince and a Hexenbiest just as she might be getting back her memories of her boyfriend who is secretly a monster-killer and not telling her the whole story of why she turned down his wedding proposal? Yeah, I’d say ‘complicated’ is an appropriate description.

Episode 2.07 of Grimm, “The Bottle Imp,” airs Friday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

by Hexenbiestreply 15710/10/2012

"The Other Side" - Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene of a murdered high school academic decathlete and learn just how competitive some extracurricular activities can be, and the extremes some coaches and parents will go to give students the best chance for success.

In other police matters, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) deals with an unwanted infatuation while we learn an old accomplice of his has been spending time with his family in Europe.

Elsewhere, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) continues to manage the spice shop and gets a visit from an unlikely customer.

Bitsie Tulloch and Reggie Lee also star. GRIMM airs on NBC tonight, October 19, at 9:00 PM!

by Hexenbiestreply 15810/19/2012

On NBC Grimm notched a 1.4, down 13% from last week's 1.6 adults 18-49 rating. Dateline NBC earned a 1.3 among adults 18-49, even with last week.

by Hexenbiestreply 15910/22/2012

Special Halloween Grimm Friday October 26, 2012 after Mockingbird Lane on NBC

by Hexenbiestreply 16010/25/2012

In the final ratings for last week, Grimm went up to a 1.5 rating.

by Hexenbiestreply 16110/25/2012

Friday Night

On NBC, the Mockingbird Lane one-off special earned a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Your predictions were too optimistic. Grimm notched a 1.9, up four tenths from last week's 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Dateline NBC earned a 1.5, up two tenths from last week's 1.3 rating.

by Hexenbiestreply 16210/28/2012

Grimm “The Hour of Death” Season 2 Episode 10 airs Friday, Nov 2, 2012 on NBC (9-10 p.m. ET).

Episode Synopsis: When a brutal vigilante homicide is made public, it sends Portland’s Wesen community into a frenzy. As Nick (David Giuntoli) investigates further, he discovers a pattern similar to that of a particularly brutal line of past Grimms. Is there another Grimm in town, or is Nick dealing with a sadistic copycat? Meanwhile, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) takes it upon himself to offer Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) comfort in handling her ongoing dilemma with Nick. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee.

Show Summary:“Grimm” is a drama series inspired by the classic Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales. After Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli, “Turn the Beat Around”) discovers he’s descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as `Grimms,’ he increasingly finds his responsibilities as a detective at odds with his new responsibilities as a Grimm.

His attempts to shield his fiancée, Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch, “The Artist”), and his partner, Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby, “Lincoln Heights”), from the hazards of his new life have reached a crisis, leaving Juliette in a mysterious coma and Hank on the verge of a mental breakdown.

With help from his confidants, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner, “The Ugly Truth”) — both reformed Grimm creatures, Nick must help those closest to him while still facing off against all manner of ancient evils, including royal lines dating back to the original profilers themselves, the Grimm Brothers. As Nick develops his ability to harness his inner Grimm, he begins to question what he once knew, never more so than when he is reunited with his mother (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, “Scarface”), also a Grimm, whom he thought dead for the past 18 years. Reggie Lee (“The Dark Knight Rises”) and Sasha Roiz (“Caprica”) also star as Sgt. Wu and Captain Renard, respectively.

by Hexenbiestreply 16311/02/2012

Good ep. The makeup on the critter was gross/scary. Needs more Monroe.

by Hexenbiestreply 16411/03/2012

The intern/fake grimm looked like the vesen version of a lamprey eel. I don't blame him for not wanting to be what he was.

by Hexenbiestreply 16511/03/2012

On NBC, the telethon Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together, which was simulcast on numerous cable channels, earned a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating. Grimm notched a 1.8 adults 18-49 rating, down from last week's 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. Dateline NBC earned a 1.1, down from last week's 1.4 rating.

by Hexenbiestreply 16611/04/2012

Michael Grant Terry (the intern) is getting a little long in the tooth to play all these young pup roles.

by Hexenbiestreply 16711/04/2012

On NBC, Grimm notched a 1.7, dipping a single tenth from last week's 1.8 adults 18-49 rating,. Dateline NBC earned a 1.3, up two tenths from last week's 1.1rating.

by Hexenbiestreply 16811/10/2012

I can't believe people actually watch that piece of shit.

by Hexenbiestreply 16911/10/2012

People LOVE it, r169.

by Hexenbiestreply 17011/10/2012

I'm moving to Portland the week of Thanksgiving. My only references are Grimm and Portlandia. I don't know which terrifies me more: vessen or hipsters.

by Hexenbiestreply 17111/10/2012

I can't believe R169 is actually smart enough to breathe.

by Hexenbiestreply 17211/10/2012

Poor Monroe. What will he do with this secret? Should he tell Nick?

by Hexenbiestreply 17311/10/2012

Based on the preview for next week, I think that's going to be a moot question.

by Hexenbiestreply 17411/10/2012

I knew it was coming, but it was still a 'Oh shit!' moment when Monroe caught them in the act.

by Hexenbiestreply 17511/11/2012

I actually find Juliet interesting in her fascination with Renard. She was pretty boring before that soryline. So I hope Juliet does not rediscover her feelings for Nick.

by Hexenbiestreply 17611/11/2012

I want Nick, Juliet, and Renard to have a hot threesome. I always liked the Juliet character for being the one thing that keeps Nick connected to the real world and in the same moment creates a conflict between those two worlds he's in.

by Hexenbiestreply 17711/13/2012

[quote]I actually find Juliet interesting in her fascination with Renard. She was pretty boring before that storyline.


And I want to see Renard take off that shirt again and roll around on the floor! So far, Juliet seems to be the only way we're going to see that!

His "brother" is fug so who cares if he gets it on with little miss ex-hexbeast?

by Hexenbiestreply 17811/13/2012

I love this show and hope it continues. I was wondering why this season seems short. I have not missed an episode since the beginning and I love the characters. Hank will be more involved now that he knows and is not washed out! I am a fan of Juliette"s as well. I think Nick has to have her to be grounded or it would consume him. I think she should be in the know already and I am getting bored with the memory loss bit. I adore Monroe! I am ready for something to happen with the Captain and the Royals. The writing is very creative and the make up is great! There is so much talent in all aspects of this show and I hope they get a bigger audience!

by Hexenbiestreply 17911/13/2012

I want to see more of Rosalee!

Kill off that old auntie already and get her butt back in Portland.

by Hexenbiestreply 18011/13/2012

Bree Turner who plays Rosalee had a baby on Sept 12, 2012 so she is on maternity leave but will return mid-season. I agree she adds a lot to the Grimm series

by Hexenbiestreply 18111/15/2012

On NBC, Grimm notched a 1.6, down 6% from last week's 1.7 adults 18-49 rating,. Dateline NBC earned a 1.2, down 8% from last week's 1.3 rating.

by Hexenbiestreply 18211/17/2012

Am about halfway through Season 1. Pretty clever show. Proves how well 'cross-pollinating' works.

I was watching Season 3 of 'Face Off' and one of the competitions was to create a creature based on one of several 'Grimm' related crime scenes. Had never really heard of the show and definitely had not watched it.

Tracked down a cheap used DVD on Amazon and am now halfway through the season. I have to check Google, I heard it's been cancelled now. Not sure if that's true or not.

by Hexenbiestreply 18312/07/2012

The person who told me it is cancelled must be mistaken. This posting from November 2012 describes it as one of Friday night's rating leaders. That's good to know.

by Hexenbiestreply 18412/07/2012

For some reason the cast seems a bit 'old' to me. I liked the episode with the ratboy/Pied Piper. His character didn't end up doing anything *that* awful (okay ...well he tried to kill those other students with a boatload of rats, but hey ...)

I think he should come back as a younger sidekick to the rest of the group.

That was the episode that got me invested. The ending where Sean offered Hank a slice of pizza and when Hank opened the box there was a plastic rat .... I rewound and watched again about six times.

by Hexenbiestreply 18512/07/2012

I don't care about the show, I care about David Giuntoli. I watch him like a love struck teenager.

by Hexenbiestreply 18612/07/2012

I like David too. And Sasha Roiz makes me swoon!!! Sexy older guy. Getting to like Bitsie Tulloch. Didn't care for her at first but her character (Juliette) is growing on me.

by Hexenbiestreply 18712/07/2012

bump for the new season!

by Hexenbiestreply 18803/09/2013

Really enjoyed the new ep. V. glad Rosalee is back (as predicted by R181).

by Hexenbiestreply 18903/09/2013


by Hexenbiestreply 19003/31/2013

Does the Grimm have some enhanced fighting powers since the blinding?

by Hexenbiestreply 19103/31/2013

I think Grimms do have some kind of kick ass strenght (based on training) and like with any other humans when one sense is temporarily or permanently shut down the other senses become stronger to compensate for the loss of the other.

by Hexenbiestreply 19203/31/2013

I don't understand why he doesn't come out (as a Grimm) to his GF.

by Hexenbiestreply 19303/31/2013

r193, his aunt told him not to. But she also told him to dump her since she will most likely die a violent death if she stays with him.

by Hexenbiestreply 19403/31/2013

Meh episode although I liked the Scooby-like team that took on the lawyer and Monroe and the frog was fun although it bordered at times on cutsie. He managed to pull it off, though.

Ditto with the sweat getting. Almost cutsie but the mouse actor pulled it off.

So the actors are better than the writer of this ep, IMO.

The prince doesn't know about his new son or daughter. That was interesting.

I'm ready for wassername to get her memory back already. The multiple Nicks saying creepy stuff is too much.

by Hexenbiestreply 19504/06/2013

I'm glad Rosalee is back, too.

I want to see more of Hank.

by Hexenbiestreply 19604/06/2013

I love the Monroe and Rosalee scene where Monroe is giving her a clock as a gift that means so much to him.

by Hexenbiestreply 19704/06/2013

Didn't Monroe live on the edge of a vast park, in an area that was a little secluded? All of a sudden he's smack dab in the middle of a suburban neighborhood surrounded by other houses, but the inside of his house is the same as it was in the first episode.

by Hexenbiestreply 19804/26/2013

Shouldn't we see Monroe doing some yoga and Pilates?

He's been kind of de-balled by rosemary.

by Hexenbiestreply 19904/26/2013

He did Yoga before too.

Did no one else notice the thunder and the horses whinnying when the woman with hexan bitch said "Frau Hest" or whatever. It was quiet, but definitely there.

by Hexenbiestreply 20004/26/2013

Moving to Tuesday nights? Anyone know why?

by Hexenbiestreply 20104/26/2013

He still does, r198. It's across the street so you usually don't see it in most shots.

If a dude like him gave me a clock like that, I would totally know he wanted inmy panties!

by Hexenbiestreply 20204/26/2013

Hopefully they're moving it to Tuesday so it will do better. There ain't much on Tuesday.

by Hexenbiestreply 20304/27/2013


In case you somehow missed it, Grimm moves to Tuesday nights immediately, so the next episode will air at 10 pm on April 30th, and the recap will go up on the morning of May 1st. [bold]In other good news, Grimm was officially renewed for season 3,[/bold] because Grimm is NBC’s #1 show among ages 18-49, the prime advertising demographic. Now, this is partially because Grimm is good, but mostly because NBC is so fucking terrible at television it's insane. Look, every other TV network’s top non-reality show is a medical drama, a cop drama, or a comedy. NBC has plenty of those, but they’re all so terrible that more people prefer the weird niche show about the fairy tale monster hunters over every single scripted show TV NBC aired this season. It’s good for Grimm, but terrible for NBC. Still, since Grimm is in all honesty one of NBC’s biggest hits at the moment, I’d be surprised if it was still relegated to the Friday death slot come next fall.

by Hexenbiestreply 20404/27/2013

Yay! Thank you, r204.

Does this mean we get more naked Sacha?

by Hexenbiestreply 20504/27/2013

They make good use of the local geography. They've featured local landmarks and emphasized the woodland area around Portland. They didn't just rely on Portland being a "hip" city and throwing in some local weirdness.

by Hexenbiestreply 20604/28/2013

Am I the only one who wishes Juliet and Renard were still fixated on one another? I thought they had the potential to be a really hot couple.

by Hexenbiestreply 20704/30/2013

Any news on the ratings for its new day and time slot?

by Hexenbiestreply 20805/04/2013

What time does "Grimm" air on Tuesday nights?

by Hexenbiestreply 20905/06/2013

I wonder what Grimm sex is like?

by Hexenbiestreply 21005/06/2013

I'd like to see Nick and Renard become fixated with each other!

by Hexenbiestreply 21105/10/2013

Okay, I apologize but I didn't want to read the whole thread..obviously everyone here likes the show but how does it compare to "once,"? I used to love "Once," but this year it went bat shit crazy and the show sucks. Does Grimm have a hot, sexy Evil Queen?

by Hexenbiestreply 21205/10/2013

Looks like the ratings for the new night are ok.

Don't know what they were for Friday nights.

by Hexenbiestreply 21305/10/2013

Grimm has a hot, evil witch, Adalind, who lost her powers and is trying to get them back.

by Hexenbiestreply 21405/10/2013

Yeah, I really love Adelane the hexenbitch. She's great.

by Hexenbiestreply 21505/11/2013

Me too, R207.

by Hexenbiestreply 21605/12/2013

Renard makes a hot couple with anyone.

I was hoping he would bring the heat to that muse.

by Hexenbiestreply 21705/12/2013

Adelind is nothing compared to Regina, I'm afraid. But Grimm is just as much fun as Once. For one thing, Monroe is the most fun part of Grimm and is just as much fun as Regina, IMO.

by Hexenbiestreply 21805/12/2013

Finally, Julia sees the Wesen.

by Hexenbiestreply 21905/16/2013

Julia needs a job. It doesn't look like she's worked since her coma.

by Hexenbiestreply 22005/16/2013

I'll check it out. Once has become so much a cartoon this year and next year they will be in total CGI Neverland.

by Hexenbiestreply 22105/16/2013

Who is this Julia you write of? Nick's gf is named Juliet.

by Hexenbiestreply 22205/16/2013

My bad...Juliet.

by Hexenbiestreply 22305/16/2013

R212, Grimm is much better than "Once", and it has hot and sexy Nick!

by Hexenbiestreply 22405/16/2013

Zombies Grimm? Hmm.

Like the voodoo man.

by Hexenbiestreply 22505/17/2013


by Hexenbiestreply 22610/11/2013

Monroe's parents are Teabaggers!

by Hexenbiestreply 22702/28/2014

Nick is hot as fuck.

by Hexenbiestreply 22802/28/2014

The final dinner table scene was pretty funny.

by Hexenbiestreply 22902/28/2014

Last night's episode should be called "Wu Rocks, and Nick is an asshole!"

by Hexenbiestreply 23003/08/2014

I know a few people who have had roles on the show. It sounds like a fun set.

by Hexenbiestreply 23103/08/2014

They should've told the cop that he wasn't imagining things, that they saw. They didn't have to explain wesen to him or anything else, just that they'd seen what he saw. Stupid.

by Hexenbiestreply 23203/08/2014

I know. That's why they're assholes.

They'd better bring Wu into the fold next episode, or they'll cement their asshole status.

by Hexenbiestreply 23303/08/2014

This thread hasn't been all that active this season. Of course, this season started out kind of rough (I was close to giving up on it), but I think it's returned to form and I'm really enjoying it.

And no shock here, but Grimm has been renewed for a fourth season. YAY!

by Hexenbiestreply 23403/21/2014

Wow... the actor who plays the vampire on "Being Human" is paying a were-wolf on tonight's episode!

This is kind of a mind-fuck, because I watch both shows...

by Hexenbiestreply 23503/21/2014

I love this show! Never miss an episode. Nick is HOT and love monroe too.

by Hexenbiestreply 23603/21/2014

That wedding cake was cool and looked delicious.

by Hexenbiestreply 23703/21/2014

[quote]Wow... the actor who plays the vampire on "Being Human" is paying a were-wolf on tonight's episode! This is kind of a mind-fuck, because I watch both shows...

IMDb even says in David Giuntoli's trivia that he's "very close friends with Sam Witwer".

Well anyway, I found Grimm through Netflix and watched the first two seasons some weeks ago. I just started watching season three and holy fuck, David is really one of the few men that makes me want to drop on my knees and before he can say hi open his zipper and swallow his dick. He's bulging in all the right places and is just the type that gets me going. He reminds me of a priest's son that was my classmate and who I was secretly in love with in my early teens.

I already ruined Supernatural for myself for digging backstage info about it so I promise myself that I'm not going to go deeper with David or Grimm to find something I don't want to know. I found lovely gay snogging in Grey's Anatomy, and him dancing in a thong in MTV's Road Rules, and those will be enough. Now back to Grimm and admiring that meaty ass and huge bulge that even has vpl at times.

BTW, there must be tons of fanfic about him and that BDF captain of his.

by Hexenbiestreply 23804/07/2014

R238, there are four clips in that series (at the end just keep clicking to part 2, 3, and 4)

I watched it on the show when it originally aired. And watching it again just now (thanks to you), I'm sobbing all over again.

He's so hot, and those scenes were so beautifully done... for being so short. So much more could have been done, but it was done well.

Kudos to him as an actor.

by Hexenbiestreply 23904/07/2014

R239, yeah I watched all the clips before posting. Sad story. Sorry I made you cry ;) I've been emotionally quite fragile for a while and I've been trying to stay away from too upsetting things what sad gay endings at the moment are to me. Thankfully I don't watch Grey's Anatomy and hadn't seen the episode so the emotional impact was minimal. David was super hot in it.

Let's lift the mood with his meaty ass in a strip video:

by Hexenbiestreply 24004/07/2014

This week's episode was easily the best of the season.

by Hexenbiestreply 24105/11/2014

Season Finale this week!!

by Hexenbiestreply 24205/12/2014

I love this show and have been watching since the beginning. I am not sure but I walked past someone who looked sooooo much like Nick last wk in nyc. It was at night so not 100% it was him. He was with 2 other people, 1 guy and other other a girl. He's kinda short though...if it was indeed him.

Can't wait for tonight's episode.

by Hexenbiestreply 24305/16/2014

Now THAT was a motherfucking season finale!!!

Holy shit!

by Hexenbiestreply 24405/16/2014

Probably the single best episode of the show yet, and it bodes really well for the new season next year, imho.

by Hexenbiestreply 24505/17/2014

Please, I hope the captain makes it! I love him and did you see him in the 2nd to last episode, his muscles were bulging under his long sleeved shirt! yum!

by Hexenbiestreply 24605/17/2014

I wouldn't say the season finale was the best episode of the season but it was ok. Not a lot of Grimm bulge which is one of the biggest reasons for me to watch the show. Yeah yeah I'm shallow that way but what can I say, Giuntoli has the goods and I'm not ashamed to enjoy them.

by Hexenbiestreply 24705/17/2014

I love this show. I Trubel kicks a$$ and I respect that, but she's a terrible actress and she's so freaking corny and cliche with how she plays that character. Scarfing down the food and that whole shtick.

by Hexenbiestreply 24805/17/2014

I hope Adalind gets her baby back and gets her revenge on Renard. They're going to have to tell Wu the truth. I'm sure something is going to happen with Juliette and Nick, I like her, so I hope she sticks around.

by Hexenbiestreply 24905/17/2014

Claire Coffee, the actress who plays Adalind is very sexy, isn't she? She is by far the most sexy note of the show.

by Hexenbiestreply 25010/06/2014

R250, no i don't think so. But I enjoy this show, can't wait for it to come back! It's the only thing I watch on nbc.

by Hexenbiestreply 25110/06/2014

Yeah, Adalind is a peach.

by Hexenbiestreply 25210/06/2014

R251, who is the sexiest then? Certainly not Giuntoli. I mean, David is handsome, but he is not sexy, he is just beautiful. Silas Weir Mitchell is the most likeable of all, but he is not what you call sexy either and Bitsie Tulloch is just sweet...

On the other hand, Russell Hornsby is more sexy than David Giuntoli, but i'm not into black men, big dicks scare me a bit...

Sasha Roiz is not my cup of tea and Bree Turner is kind of annoying. You can have her!

by Hexenbiestreply 25310/06/2014

I'm a bit infatuated with Claire Coffee.

However, why it is written that she can take it in the ass with the best of them? Chickipedia is gross, i guess...

by Hexenbiestreply 25410/09/2014

I guess this is the "official" Grimm thread. Some cunt lost his/her marbles because I posted in different Grimm thread.

I enjoyed last night's episode. I hope he gets his powers back!

by Hexenbiestreply 25510/25/2014

Nice season premiere. Hoping they find a way to keep the girl Grimm. Very nice chest shots of the Captain, albeit not under the best imaginary circumstances. And, male Grimm....looking fine as usual. I wonder if his reddish beard and mustache are indicative of other body hair color. hmmmmmmm

by Hexenbiestreply 25610/26/2014

Loving this season so far!

by Hexenbiestreply 25711/11/2014

Did the show ever explain Nick's near death state where he got all pale?

by Hexenbiestreply 25811/15/2014

I have to say, last Friday's GRIMM was probably the best episode yet.

by Hexenbiestreply 25901/26/2015

Grimm seems to have hit its stride this season, a full-out "Scooby Gang" thing happening now that Wu is in on the storyline.

I'm guessing that the writers are working up to a big clash for the season finale in the spring... where's Nick's mother with Adelind's baby? being the clash for a cliffhanger.

by Hexenbiestreply 26001/27/2015

I'm wondering how they follow up after last week's excellent episode.

BTW, totally on TEAM WU! Love that he's finally brought into the fold.

by Hexenbiestreply 26101/30/2015

I love this show.

by Hexenbiestreply 26201/30/2015

[quote]I have to say, last Friday's GRIMM was probably the best episode yet.

To me the last two episodes have been the low points of probably the whole series. Monroe has been an incompetent idiot during the whole season and the whole kidnapping thing was just dumb. They tried to make the rescuing a big event by stretching the thin as hell storyline into two episodes. It ended up being just everyone running in circles doing stupid things while nothing really happened.

The final battle in the woods was just silly. I mean how could Nick let his wife run into the dark forest with a group of murderous wesen? It didn't make any sense. Lazy writing. Lot of it seemed like fan service.

I don't know is the show aimed at women mostly now but it's somehow getting more and more that kind of vibe with weddings and babies and all that. TBH I haven't been too wild about women in the show (except for Mastrantonio and Truble) and the wifey getting bigger role now that she's becoming a witch is not making me happy. I mean she's been ok but only in small doses.

Giuntoli's bulge is also MIA mostly nowadays. Now that it's missing I notice how much it really brought to the show.

by Hexenbiestreply 26301/30/2015

I did not know this show was still on the air.

by Hexenbiestreply 26401/30/2015

It can be a fun show -- but it does better with the monster of the week part of it. The longer arc parts of the show tend to be not as strong. Some of the weaker episodes are the ones leading up and concluding some of the arcs.

by Hexenbiestreply 26501/30/2015

I'm seriously losing interest in this show. I watched the last episode in 5 minutes with fast forwarding. I really used to like the show so it's a bit of a shame. It could be just my own mood making the show shitty now, though. I have a tendency to get tired of things. Then again I've loved many shows from beginning to end.

by Hexenbiestreply 26602/08/2015

They've turned Juliette into the cunt I always knew she was. I love it.

by Hexenbiestreply 26705/02/2015

who the hell watches this shit?

by Hexenbiestreply 26805/03/2015

I was always "meh" about Juliette, now she is one of my favorite characters.

by Hexenbiestreply 26905/03/2015

R268 Nobody. We're just posting here to fuck with your head.

by Hexenbiestreply 27005/03/2015

Are Giuntoli and Tulloch still a hot item?

by Hexenbiestreply 27105/03/2015

Watched season one and thought it was pretty good for a 'beast of the week' show.

Did it get better from there or worse ? Haven't followed much about it since then, but season two and three are available on Amazon Prime and I'm wondering if I should invest the time.

by Hexenbiestreply 27205/03/2015

I freaking love the show. There's never a boring moment, and, of course, lusting over the hot Grimm, the Captain, and the mean Brit guy who recently joined is fun. I was reading that this season (#4) was meant to be the last, so that's why they've gotten so bold with the nasty Juliette storyline. It got renewed though, so they'll have to do some backtracking after the last 2 episodes this season as they destroy the show's infrastructure.

by Hexenbiestreply 27305/03/2015

I enjoy watching this show. It's fun. Love all the characters. Really hoping the captain will be OK, loves it when he shows his chest.

One of the best shows on NBC. LOVE IT!

by Hexenbiestreply 27405/03/2015

R273. oh wow, I had no idea this was supposed to be the last season. I hope they renew for a few more seasons! Fucking NBC always cancels shows I like, fucking idiots.

by Hexenbiestreply 27505/03/2015

I hope Juliette gets killed though I think old Bitsy is doing an excellent job playing a beast. I just don't think the Grimm with a girlfriend is cool. It's bad enough watching the barfy romance between Monroe and Rosalee. Kill the romantic stuff off and get to the gritty.

Adalind is so deliciously self serving and I love the new British sociopath.

by Hexenbiestreply 27605/03/2015

Catching up on the last 6 eps now. DG makes me moist.

by Hexenbiestreply 27705/03/2015

I am beyond sick of that twat Juliette.

They've never seemed to know what the fuck to do with the character, and I hope they end it for everyone by killing her off. Especially after what happened to mama Grimm.

Adalind is annoying, but at least she's consistently annoying.

by Hexenbiestreply 27805/10/2015

R278, Juliette has finally become interesting now that she's evil. And I buy her as a bitch witch better than Adalind ever was. Their role reversal this season has been the most interesting those two have been thus far. I gather they couldn't afford to get Mastrantonio back, hence the Se7en homage. Still, this season has been very dark, and it's about to get even darker. Loving it.

by Hexenbiestreply 27905/12/2015

R279 - I absolutely agree.

by Hexenbiestreply 28005/12/2015

Also agree R279.

When Adalind tried to kill her and she went into the coma, the hallucinations she had was a good story line especially after meeting Henrietta.

Then she got stupid again.

Now she's more interesting than she ever was.

For some reason Bree Turner plays Rosalee as slightly naive and it works very well. But Bitsie Tulloch just couldn't pull it off. Juliette the bitch on the other hand is great.

by Hexenbiestreply 28105/12/2015

Every last one of them had it coming, especially the one at the end.

by Hexenbiestreply 28205/15/2015

The final season has been interesting so far. I find it funny how they manage to get Sean naked in almost every episode. Dianna is creepy.

by Hexenbiestreply 28302/04/2017

Yea - I think this season has been better than last season. I am enjoying it.

I always got a bit of a kick out of the big quest for power involved becoming mayor of Portland.

by Hexenbiestreply 28402/04/2017

Last night's Grimm actually made me choke up at the end.


by Hexenbiestreply 28503/11/2017

It was surprisingly touching. This season is the best it has been in a few years. I think because even though it is the last season, the wesson of the week stories have been more of a focus than the bigger story arc. This show did better with the mystery of the week then whatever the convoluted season long arc was - anything with the royals, the various pregnancies, the quest to be the leader of Portland etc.

by Hexenbiestreply 28603/11/2017

Giuntoli's bulge will be next seen in Mission Control. Or let's add hopefully since it's been missing for quite some time in Grimm.

"... Mission Control revolves around the next generation of NASA astronauts and scientists who juggle their personal and professional lives during a critical mission with no margin for error."

by Hexenbiestreply 28703/13/2017

Noooo! Wu AND Hank? Fuck! It's really ending, isn't it?

by Hexenbiestreply 28803/25/2017

R288 when Wu got stabbed, I started yelling at the TV, "where's the stick? Use the stick Nick!"

That was a surprise... next week is the final episode... man I don't want to miss that.

I've been wondering if there was a spin-off or some sort of continuation series in the works, but now...

by Hexenbiestreply 28903/25/2017

I am going to miss this show sooo much! i don't think i've loved watching a show like this in a loooonnnnng time. I never miss an episode, always dvr so i can ff the ads.

I love everyone on this show!

by Hexenbiestreply 29003/25/2017

r289, apparently Guilioni already has a new gig lined up for him. So if (and that's a big if) there's some spin-off it will be most likely without him. Maybe the show will go on as graphic novel series as Buffy did?

by Hexenbiestreply 29103/25/2017

Dang, his name is David Giuntoli. Sorry for the typo.

by Hexenbiestreply 29203/25/2017

Yeah... they're killing off characters rather gratuitously. That was pretty unbelievable (for Hank... the Wu death was more in character and in keeping with things).

So apparently the defeat of this guy is going to come at great cost, and that cost will be the end of the series... no "happily ever-after" for these people.

Glad they brought Truble back, but it was kind of weird the way she just appeared after being mysteriously absent for so long, and then just dismissed the seasons' long "Black Hand" thing with "oh, yeah, they're all gone now, we got 'em all."

by Hexenbiestreply 29303/25/2017

Black Claw, r293, but you are right.

by Hexenbiestreply 29403/25/2017

Silas Weir Mitchell has been so great in this. Love him sipping tea one moment and threatening to kill someone the next.

by Hexenbiestreply 29503/25/2017

I wouldn't mind monroe and his wife, having a spin off, he's fun and she has such a sweet voice. Love her voice.

by Hexenbiestreply 29603/25/2017

damn. I loved hank. he's cute.

by Hexenbiestreply 29703/25/2017

The only person I don't like on the show is juliette. when I see her, i see her plastic surgery. very distracting.

by Hexenbiestreply 29803/25/2017

Are David Giuntoli and Elizabeth Tulloch married yet? Never bought this hook up.

by Hexenbiestreply 29903/25/2017

R298, I can't stand her either. I could live with her as Eve, but man I always ALWAYS hated her as Juliette..

by Hexenbiestreply 30003/25/2017

I liked Juliette. Especially when she didn't know about what went on with her boyfriend. It was such a nice "double life" conflict dynamic that put a strain on their relationship.

by Hexenbiestreply 30103/25/2017

I always thought Hank was massively dull, unlike Wu. The little subplots they occasionally gave him (usually about his love life) were ineffably tedious.

by Hexenbiestreply 30203/26/2017

I think the stick will bring Hank and Wu back to life.

by Hexenbiestreply 30303/26/2017

I'm noticing how much stuff was introduced that never really 'paid off'... Wu got his voging powers and... nothing really ever came of it, as just an example.

I was hoping something would really come of Truble too. Nothing really did.

Then the whole Eve thing... sorta anticlimactic there too.

And the Black Claw? That petered out.

The keys. The Royal shenanigans. The new son/baby.

This show did "monster of the week" better than any other show I know, but it was rather weak on the long arcs.

Still, I'm really, really going to miss this show.

by Hexenbiestreply 30403/26/2017

I liked Hank because he was ride or die and still grounded. He didn't have powers or anything, he was just Nick's friend and partner.

Call me a Mary, but I really want Nick and Adalind to end up together. I would puke if he went back to Juliette.

by Hexenbiestreply 30503/26/2017

Ditto, R305.

by Hexenbiestreply 30603/26/2017

Nick won't end up with either woman. Psycho fans will forever be frustrated/satisfied.

by Hexenbiestreply 30703/26/2017

I'm fine if he doesn't end up with either one. I do hope that Kelly has some powers.

by Hexenbiestreply 30803/26/2017

Is the little girl Diana going to turn out to be evil?

by Hexenbiestreply 30903/26/2017

My problem with Adalind as a character (the actress seems lovely) is that they always wrote her to do massively stupid things.

by Hexenbiestreply 31003/26/2017

[quote]This show did "monster of the week" better than any other show I know, but it was rather weak on the long arcs.

The first couple of seasons, I always enjoyed it until the last few episodes, but it always got weaker at the end when they focused more on the arc. The year or two prior to this one were weaker because the various pregnancies - Juliet etc, took up most of the season and the arc dominated all year long rather than just at the end.

Even though this season is the final season, instead of spending the whole season with the arc front and center they went back to the monster of the week for a number of the episodes and backed off the relationship drama, and it is the best season they have had in awhile.

by Hexenbiestreply 31103/26/2017

Did anyone see the episode with the hot buff guy that could make himself burst into

by Hexenbiestreply 31203/26/2017

When did Bitsie change her name to Elizabeth?

by Hexenbiestreply 31303/26/2017

Dvrd this show since the start because I've crushed on David G since MTVs Road Rules. But now I just fast forward to the shirtless scenes. Far too little in my opinion. David is the kind of sweet boy you marry and turn into your nasty little slut in private.

by Hexenbiestreply 31403/26/2017

Making Nick and Adalind a couple was a huge mistake. Trying to turn a total cunt into someone the viewer is suddenly supposed to like rarely works. All the soap opera level relationship crap was probably meant mostly for the female fans but it seriously damaged the show for those of us who weren't buying it.

I agree with R304 that longer story arcs were rarely successful. Still, it's a shame the show ends and I will miss it.

by Hexenbiestreply 31503/26/2017

(Not a frau) I like Nick and Adalind because it was such a slap in the face to that awful Juliette. I really can't tell y'all enough how much I hate Juliette.

The new guy who is playing the Devil is hot, hot, hot. I think he was in Jessica Jones last season, but I don't recall him being that hot.

by Hexenbiestreply 31603/26/2017

You're not the only one that feels that way about Juliette. I wanted her dead so often... just rooting for her to die Die DIE.

by Hexenbiestreply 31703/26/2017

This show is great. Completely original, nothing like it. It doesn't get it's due, really. That NBC let it run for 6 seasons with middling-at-best ratings is awesome,

by Hexenbiestreply 31803/26/2017

I like Eve better, Juliette was weak and simpering.

by Hexenbiestreply 31903/26/2017

I liked Juliette just fine when she was just the wife, and a vet. They ruined here character when they made her a hexenbiest. They made Juliette so revolting that I was wondering at the time did the actress want to leave and asked the production to make her as disgusting as possible. When they brought her back it became clear that was not the case.

I actually enjoyed the show the most when Nick being a Grimm was a secret to most folks.

by Hexenbiestreply 32003/27/2017

I hated Juliette at first. When she became the Hexenbeist, I hated her an order of magnitude more.

She was tolerable as Eve.

by Hexenbiestreply 32103/27/2017

I don't get all the hate for Juliette. The reality is Bitsie/Elizabeth wasn't given much to work with and did her best. Eve was pretty awesome.

by Hexenbiestreply 32203/27/2017

True, The writers and producers created the character of Juliette as more of an obstacle to Nick's Grimm work than as an actual person.

by Hexenbiestreply 32303/27/2017

I preferred Juliette when she was a vet. I liked that she was able to help out with cases without being Wessen. I also preferred Adalinde when she was villain. I'm rewatching season 1, I'll miss this show but I think they're ending at the right time. All the conspiracy stuff is convoluting the show. I prefer Wessen of the week.

by Hexenbiestreply 32403/27/2017

I hated all of the relationship crap, I think it damaged the show. Especially the complete neutering of Monroe with Rosalee. "Think for me mom, I mean Rosalee, what should I do?" I mean wasn't Rosalee a rabbit or a hamster? Talk about a bossy bottom.

by Hexenbiestreply 32503/27/2017

Rosalee is a fox - once in a while they let her get aggressive and vulpine with someone and it worked well, so I don't know why they didn't do it more often.

by Hexenbiestreply 32603/27/2017

I wonder if some of the storylines and "arcs referenced above have been dropped or wrapped up quickly because the executive producers didn't know if the program would last another season or if they'd get an order for a full season.

I too have tired of some of the storylines... Juliette - if she had died when truble shot her, fine. But the Eve, now not Eve now not Hexenbeast is silly. I loved the Royal family and shots from Europe, wish that had played out longer with everyone having to travel to Vienna for a big clash/battle. The killed Meisner (Damien Puckler)! Now that man should have ended up with Adalind. Besides with him dead we don't get to see him shirtless any longer. I loved me some Meisner.

I will miss the show however... as others have said, excellent monster of the week episodes and a good "scooby-gang" cast that took several seasons to create.

by Hexenbiestreply 32703/27/2017

Posting this primarily for the incredible photo of David Giuntoli

[bold]CBS Bolsters Whitewashing By Replacing Two Leading Ethnic Actors For A New Sci-Fi Show[/bold]

by Hexenbiestreply 32803/27/2017

Juliette and Adalind threw this show off the rails.

Juliette, as others have said, was best as a vet. I liked the direction they were going with the character when, although she wasn't a doctor, she could help them answer questions about beasts they encountered. The whole, making her sick and lose her memory then getting it back then being part Hexenbeast then death was way too much.

She could have been the Joyce and then the Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Also Adalind worked best, to me, when she was somewhere between pure evil and a funny foil. Sure she made mistakes but she wasn't crying about her baby and Nick. I did enjoy seeing her struggle to get her powers back seasons ago. She should have been more of a neutered Spike type character where they can help out with the fight but you know if they had their full capacity they would be evil to the core.

The series had so much potential back in season one but it never really saw it out.

by Hexenbiestreply 32903/27/2017

I think this season is better than the last couple, but Adalind was more interesting before she was in love with Nick a full white hat character rather than evil or gray. She is mainly trotted out to be Diana's mother. There have been some episodes where her part could have been lifted from Bewitched -- now Diana - mustn't twitch...

by Hexenbiestreply 33003/27/2017

Pulling out that amazing pic from the link in R328

by Hexenbiestreply 33103/27/2017

R331, that image doesn't look real at all.

by Hexenbiestreply 33203/27/2017

Is anyone else surprised that David Giuntoli is straight?

by Hexenbiestreply 33303/28/2017

I'm surprised anyone would believe he's straight.

by Hexenbiestreply 33403/28/2017

I'm surprised he believes he's straight.

by Hexenbiestreply 33503/28/2017

As Grimm developed a fan base there was a push to promote the good looking lead Giuntoli. Engaged to Elizabeth Tulloch? Seemed a PR stunt. So to answer r333, r334 and r335 when viewed from a PR point of view, not surprised at all. He's a product and God knows he's not much of an actor.

by Hexenbiestreply 33603/28/2017


by Hexenbiestreply 33703/31/2017

Any predictions as to who will live or who will die?

After killing off Wu and Hank last week, it seems the producers are in a mood to thin out the crowd.

Here's a question i don't recall being answered in the program - how many Grimm's exist at the same time? Does Nick have any cousins and relatives who are also in the biz of killing of various beasts?

I think Renard, Adalind, Eve, and Diana will be killed off tonight. How the baby Kelly will fit into all of this, I do not know.

by Hexenbiestreply 33803/31/2017

Juliette just bit the big one. GOOD!!

by Hexenbiestreply 33903/31/2017

Renard is down.

by Hexenbiestreply 34003/31/2017

There goes Adalind.

by Hexenbiestreply 34103/31/2017

There go Monroe and Rosalee

by Hexenbiestreply 34203/31/2017

And Truble is dead.

by Hexenbiestreply 34303/31/2017

But somehow Nick's mom is alive, so.... yeah.

by Hexenbiestreply 34403/31/2017

Magic undo spell. Bleh. Feels like the end of Wizard of Oz.

by Hexenbiestreply 34503/31/2017

The Grimm's son Kelly is HOT in 20 years.

by Hexenbiestreply 34603/31/2017

And that's done. And over.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Seemed cheap. Meh.

Unworthy of the build-up.

by Hexenbiestreply 34703/31/2017

I have not watched it yet, but sounds like this season was consistent with the first couple. When Hank and Wu were killed last week, I did wonder if there would be some undoing of their death. Fun episodes, for the most part, but the weakest part of the season was the finale and the episode leading up to it. Still, overall I thought this year was solid, and probably the best it has been in awhile.

by Hexenbiestreply 34803/31/2017

David and Bitsy is real.

They spend 9 months a year shooting this series. They all get along very well and nobody is a "diva" or have any kind of drama.

I will miss this show. I enjoyed it. I think the only person who pings to me is the captain, i don't know his name but he's from canada. Wu could be gay as well. He performed on broadway shows...that should tell you something...

by Hexenbiestreply 34903/31/2017

He performed on broadway shows...that should tell you something...

David and Bitsy is real.

Really r349? You sound like a moron.

by Hexenbiestreply 35004/01/2017

So how did Diana save them? I still don't understand.

by Hexenbiestreply 35104/01/2017

Lazy writing, as usual. The show deserved a better send-off but what can you do. RIP Grimm.

by Hexenbiestreply 35204/01/2017

On one hand I like the feel-good ending, on the other it was a bit of a cop-out of the whole gang being alive at the end.

I like that at the end the next generation is fighting with the older generation. I hope that's what they are going for, a Grimm: The Next Generation spin-off, reboot, sequel, or whatever.

by Hexenbiestreply 35304/01/2017

I know this is going to sound silly, but I wanted to know if Kelly has any hexenbeast powers.

by Hexenbiestreply 35404/01/2017

Who played adult Kelly... he was totally hot for is ten seconds of screen time, and totally believable as Nick's son.

by Hexenbiestreply 35504/01/2017

It felt more like an anti-climax.

Lots of hand-waving. A bit rushed. Didn't feel like a real resolution.

But nice flash-forward ending.

by Hexenbiestreply 35604/01/2017

Adult Kelly is played by Kevin Joy.

by Hexenbiestreply 35704/01/2017

Perfect casting... TOTALLY looks like the son of Nick:

by Hexenbiestreply 35804/01/2017

I am sad the show's over... but I found the finale underwhelming, and their attempts to punch it up with the interviews and such to be kind of forced and weird.

by Hexenbiestreply 35904/04/2017

It was ridiculous how they each kept saying "That's impossible! You need the blood of a vessen, a grim, AND a hexenbeist!" ... each uttering this stupidity while all of them knew at least two of each category, and each time, at least one of all three categories was IN THE ROOM WITH THEM.

That was so fucking stupid.

I want to smack the writers on that front.

by Hexenbiestreply 36004/04/2017

Agreed R360. I don't mind suspending disbelief, but seriously that was just pissing me off.

And I still don't understand how Diana saved them.

by Hexenbiestreply 36104/04/2017

How did Diana save them? Wasn't it the dead mother and aunt who helped give them the edge over the demon or whatever he was?

by Hexenbiestreply 36204/04/2017

I'm binge watching the show now. I'm on season 4 and I'm surprised by how much chemistry Juliette and the captain have. I was very happy when they kissed, there was a lot of passion, unlike every time Juliette is kissing Nick.

by Hexenbiestreply 36309/16/2017
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