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Raquel Welch outs Stephen Boyd!

At a recent talk-back at Lincoln Center she told the crowd a story about being rebuffed by the hunky gay Boyd who costarred with her in Fantastic Voyage.

by ATCreply 7305/14/2016 Or maybe that's her justification for being rebuffed? Maybe he was more into Brigitte Bardot or Ursula Andress.

by ATCreply 102/13/2012

It's odd to realize we actually have a Stephen Boyd Troll (aka OP, who posted about him yesterday) on datalounge: but we do.

by ATCreply 202/13/2012

He was married twice, but both times were very short, once for a few months in 1958, then again in 1977, shortly before his death.

by ATCreply 302/13/2012

I posted the first Boyd thread, this is not mine.

by ATCreply 402/13/2012

Yeah, I'm not the other OP. Was there another thread about this? I searched but didn't find one so here we are.....

I'm surprised it's not getting some press.

by ATCreply 502/13/2012

"I'm surprised it's not getting some press."

Hon, it's 2012 & Stephen fucking Boyd. Press? Call AARP & see if they call hold the magazine print run for the breaking news.

by ATCreply 602/13/2012


I started a thread the other night about how hot Boyd was while I was watching The Best of Everything on TCM.

by ATCreply 702/13/2012

Am I a bad gay because I had to Google both Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd?

by ATCreply 802/13/2012

Good old DL. Steven Boyd trolls - if not here, where?

I remember reading the book "The Oscar". It was a lot juicier than the movie but I definitely had Steven Boyd in my mind as I pictured the character Frankie Fane.

by ATCreply 902/13/2012

OP and r4 are like the "Dante's Peak" and "Volcano" of DL Stephen Boyd threads.

by ATCreply 1002/13/2012

Raquel, I thought you had more class than that. Granted, Boyd's sexual orientation is nothing of which to be ashamed. But to say something now? Really?

by ATCreply 1102/13/2012

[quote]Am I a bad gay because I had to Google both Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd?

Ah, yeah!

by ATCreply 1202/13/2012

TWO Stephen Boyd Trolls? Wow.

r11: thanks for asserting that people who are long dead should still be kept in the closet, in the name of "class." Asshole.

by ATCreply 1302/13/2012

We nearly had three, but he's no relation to that unstoppable Broadway sensation who acts, sings, dances, taps, and saves lives.

by ATCreply 1402/13/2012

"Raquel, I thought you had more class than that."

Um, yeeeah...

by ATCreply 1502/14/2012

Oh, this is nothing. They're still discussing the casting of Celeste Holm in The Grass Harp over on the B'way thread which makes two Stephen Boyd threads positively timely!

by ATCreply 1602/14/2012

OP, did Raquel actually say he was gay? Or did she just say she was rebuffed and you're assuming it was because he was gay?

by ATCreply 1702/14/2012

You thought she had more class than to simply state the truth? Homophobe much?

by ATCreply 1802/14/2012

I think you may be correct r17 about OP assuming too much.

by ATCreply 1902/15/2012

Stephen Boyd? No wonder he always seemed like such a nice young man. So polite.

by ATCreply 2002/15/2012

S. Boyd was 'discovered' while working as a hotel doorman by Michael Redgrave.

by ATCreply 2102/16/2012

Looking good for 70 something

by ATCreply 2202/16/2012

"Looking good for 70 something"

A 70 something mannequin.

by ATCreply 2302/17/2012

So that's Stephen Boyd, r9? WORST actor ever, then.

by ATCreply 2402/17/2012

Raquel said she was rebuffed by Stephen (when she invited him up to her hotel room for a late night drink) and clearly stated that she ASSUMED it must have been because he was gay.

Fair is fair.

by ATCreply 2502/17/2012

She's actually hilarious. Here she is in that interview before a screening of "Myra Breckenridge" at Lincoln center a few weeks ago.

by ATCreply 2602/17/2012

She's smart! Funny stuff in the interview. She does not take herself seriously.

by ATCreply 2702/17/2012


by ATCreply 2802/17/2012

Ben-Hur actor Stephen Boyd was gay, according to his one-time co-star Raquel Welch.

Boyd, who died of a heart attack in 1977 aged 45, never came out as gay and was married to his secretary at the time of his death.

Welch, who starred alongside him in Fantastic Voyage said the actor, who played Messala in Ben-Hur, made hints about his sexuality after she became enamoured with him.

At a film retrospective this weekend in New York, she said: “He was so hot with his cleft chin and he was so not interested in me. I tried to seduce him one time. I was so smitten with him and I was so excited every time I would come on the set I would see Stephen, and think, ‘Oh God, he’s so cute.’ He had what sounded like a Welsh brogue that was so charming.”

Boyd was born and raised in Northern Ireland. He was the original choice to play Mark Antony in Cleopatra opposite Elizabeth Taylor. When he pulled out, the role went to Richard Burton.

She continued: “For my first trip to New York, when we opened the movie, we were both staying at the Plaza Hotel, so I thought, ‘Here’s my chance!’ So Darryl Zanuck took us all out to dinner at 21 and on the way back to the hotel we shared a cab. I said to him as we were going up in the lift, ‘So Stephen, would you like to come in for a drink?’

“We got out of the lift and he walked me to my room and he said, ‘I’d like to tell you a little story that was told to me by John Gielgud when I was working with the National Theatre. You’ll have to think about it for a moment but I hope you get my drift: An actress is a little bit more than a woman, but an actor is a little bit less than a man.’

“I thought, ‘Oh! He’s not interested in me; I am the wrong sex!’

“Honestly, he was such a love and he’s not here anymore. Of course I’m sure a lot of people in the National Theatre knew!”

Boyd was married twice, to Mariella di Sarzana from 30 August 1958 till their divorce on 23 September 1958 and then to secretary Elizabeth Mills from early 1977 until his death later that year. He was rumoured to have been a Scientologist.

by ATCreply 2908/12/2012

You can't judge Boyd by The Oscar, even if he was legendarily bad in it. The script was equally horrible. The screenwriters, famous for film-noir classics, never worked again. Still Boyd should've known how ridiculous he'd look. I don't think he was the greatest actor, but he was better than what was seen in The Oscar.

Nothing wrong with Raquel outing him, he's been dead so long and there's nothing wrong with being gay. Even on the way outside chance that he was straight, Boyd wasn't homophobic, and wouldn't take it as an insult. To add spice to Ben-Hur, Boyd and Heston's characters' relationship was re-envisioned as a romantic one. They told Boyd that and he was happy to play it that way, but they didn't tell Heston. Who subsequently denied they were gay, but he was tricked into playing it that way. Haha

by ATCreply 3008/12/2012

I think it's a nice story and I'm sure many people knew or assumed he was gay. I think he was a good actor, but I thought "The Oscar" was a scream.

by ATCreply 3108/12/2012

Stephen Boyd, another gay Scientologist.

by ATCreply 3208/12/2012

He had a HUGE cock

by ATCreply 3308/12/2012

Stephen was trying to get his next gig with well known pretty boy tormentor Otto Preminger...this is how things work....

by ATCreply 3408/13/2012

He seemed a bit shy in that clip. Gorgeous and shy.

by ATCreply 3508/13/2012

He was an alcoholic, but I never heard he was into Scientology. I read several articles about him after his deaht, after watching his Mesala, and it was widely known he drank. A lot. But back then, compared to Peter O'Toole, Richard Harris, Richard Burton, and the fact he was Irish, it was all relative. The fact he married twice is very sad to me. He must have been terribly tormented to try twice. Ugly days those were. I have to wonder how Geilgud and Nigel Hawthorne and others got thru it.I have tremendous respect for Ian McClellan.

by ATCreply 3608/13/2012

So did Gore Vidal know Stephen Boyd was gay? Is that why Gore asked Stephen to play Messala as having a gay crush on Ben-Hur?

by ATCreply 3708/13/2012

I have always assumed Gore Vidal knew Boyd was gay and they were both in on the Ben-Hur character plotting together.

John Gielgud, Nigel Hawthorne and Ian McKellan had a little bit easier time of it, I would surmise, because none of them were ever typed as macho sexy leading men.

I think the story coming from Raquel Welch is rather sweet, too. In the end, it's only her imression of him...make f it what you will. I don't think she comes off as a snitch.

Love the What's My Line? clip! Boyd is so effortlessly handsome there with a lovely modesty and self-deprecating sense of humor.

He was also sexy and seductive in The Best of Everything.

by ATCreply 3808/13/2012

Oh he's in Best of Everything? I like that. Fantastic Voyage isn't bad either, for what it is. Last I heard they're going to remake it.

by ATCreply 3908/13/2012

I was under the impression that Gore Vidal already outed Boyd in [italic]Palimpsest[/italic], which was back in 1996.

by ATCreply 4008/13/2012

What did he say, R40?

Btw, Stephen Boyd had a lead role in "The Fall of the Roman Empire".

by ATCreply 4108/13/2012

so much for any class.. her comments mean nothing I believe Boyd loved women and in an interview at his place he mentioned he didn't like amatuers,go figure.

by ATCreply 4212/09/2012

[quote]He was married twice, but both times were very short, once for a few months in 1958, then again in 1977, shortly before his death.

He was playing golf when he died. How could he be gay???

by ATCreply 4312/09/2012

If only the names Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd meant anything.

by ATCreply 4412/09/2012

[quote]When he pulled out

So I guess he was a top?

by ATCreply 4512/09/2012

After all these years only one person said this and only because she was rebuffed. Where is all the other corroborating information? At this point not passing the smell test. Very bad form for her to say this publically when all she has to go on is that he turned her down.

by ATCreply 4611/28/2013

What does "an actor is a little less than a man" mean?

by ATCreply 4711/28/2013

I thought Gore Vidal said he was gay.

by ATCreply 4811/28/2013

An old man I know was a consultant on a film costarring Stephen and had an affair with him - we're going back fifty years now. He tells a story about a woman interested in Stephen (it may have been Welch) and Stephen in a nice way told her he wasn't interested in women.

by ATCreply 4911/28/2013

R49 Who are you???

by ATCreply 5003/14/2014

I've always assumed Boyd to have been gay, and kept his private life private. The two short lived marriages could be significant too. Maybe the first one, during the making of BEN HUR it seems, could have been to deflect any awkward gossip as he was becoming more well known then. His career was basically over by the time he died so that may have been a marriage of convenience with his friend/agent/secretary.

There is a story that English actor Sir Michael Redgrave picked him up when Boyd as a struggling young actor, working as doorman at a cinema, and Redgrave got him introductions into the movies ...

by ATCreply 5103/14/2014

[quote]Raquel, I thought you had more class than that. Granted, Boyd's sexual orientation is nothing of which to be ashamed. But to say something now? Really?

Hunty, puh-lease! You should listen to the commentary track for the Myra Breckenridge DVD. Classy Raquel shits all over her iconic costar Mae West, by saying things like, "Honestly, do those look like the hands of someone born female?"

by ATCreply 5203/14/2014

Another sign he was gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay:

According to George Malko, Boyd was involved with Scientology and had attained the state of Grade IV Release, and "... wrote an enthusiastic letter to Scientology describing how he had used his newfound abilities to survive the rigors of location shooting in Louisiana."

by ATCreply 5303/14/2014

Boyds of a feather flock together.

by ATCreply 5403/14/2014

[quote]"Honestly, do those look like the hands of someone born female?"

Welch had a reason. Mae West was awful to her.

by ATCreply 5503/14/2014

Apparently Boyd was the front runner to play the original James Bond (in the very early stages of casting) but rumors of his homosexuality derailed that decision.

by ATCreply 5603/14/2014

WIth me, Rackelle can consider herself "prebuffed."

by ATCreply 5703/14/2014

Welcome to the world of Hollywood stars gossip, where anything sexual that straight people do is fair game but if some actor has actually told you that he is gay when he declined a forward pass then that is some kind of sacrosanct secret that has to be held in strict confidence.

Even in 2014 when the person in question has been dead for 40 years and everyone alive who still has any inkling who the person was knows goddamn well he was gay because this is hardly the first time it's been discussed.

Yeah, Raquel really crossed a line here.


If you think this was a breech of classiness, than any movie star biography worth reading is smut.

Ironically that all the idiots on DL who are constantly discussing rumors about who's gay would trash Raquel for reporting this about Stephen Boyd, whom it's well known was gay.

by ATCreply 5803/14/2014

He was absolutely gorgeous!

by ATCreply 5903/14/2014

When I asked Marshall how he met people, he told me all gay men are named Rick, Mark or Steve. And they all have track lighting.

Sometimes Raquel is under the lighting, and sometimes she's not.

by ATCreply 6003/14/2014

She's a Right-wing cunt, who trashed Obama, calling him inept, and that he should have been a talk show host or an actor.

by ATCreply 6107/20/2014

Ah, is the truth a crime now?

by ATCreply 6212/11/2014

He was Protestant.

Most Popular People Born In "Northern Ireland/UK:

by ATCreply 6312/11/2014

His performance in "The Oscar" was riveting.

by ATCreply 6412/11/2014

Well, he never sucked MY cock.

by ATCreply 6512/11/2014

I must have missed the memo that determined Miss Welch is actually playing with a full deck, and not her usual Pinochle deck.

by ATCreply 6612/11/2014

It crossed my mind he might have been gay, but this is the first time I've ever read that others thought so too.

by ATCreply 6712/11/2014

R64=Tony Bennett

by ATCreply 6812/11/2014

Raquel may be attracted to gay men. I had an encounter with her about 20 years ago, she flirted with me and tried to pick me up in a hotel lobby. I was totally enamored with her, but had to tell her I was gay, so we could only hang out. She laughed and said this had happened to her before! I had no idea I was in the same company as Stephen Boyd.

by ATCreply 6912/11/2014

Celebrity biographer, David Bret, claimed in his book about Elizabeth Taylor that, despite gossip that La Liz was cheating on Eddie Fisher with Boyd, Boyd was actually gay and carrying on an affair with British boxer Freddie Mills, who then left him for singer Michael Holliday.

Bret once again brings up Boyd's sexual orientation in his biography on Doris Day, claiming that Doris had crushes on her gay co-stars Rock Hudson and Stephen Boyd.

by ATCreply 7012/11/2014

For #69(how appropriate!)Raquel must also be attracted to right-wing gaybashers like Rat Robertson.Screw her with a meat cleaver.

by ATCreply 7112/11/2014

Not shocked! Vile cow assumes EVERY straight man must want her. Some men like a classy lady, not a glorified streetwalker!

by ATCreply 7205/13/2016

He died on a golf course at 45 years of age. Of a freaking heart attack! Was he snorting something, or was it the smoking?

Anyway, he seemed to have a way with the ladies:

[quote]Boyd also had a close relationship with actress Dolores Hart. Dolores Hart describes what would be her only romance with a co-star in her autobiography The Ear of the Heart. [bold]Boyd eventually rejected her advances, but they remained close friends even after she turned to the cloistered life of a nun in 1963.[/bold] He visited her in Connecticut at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, and remained in communication with her up until the 1970s.

The scorned Dolores actually became a nun!

[quote]Boyd’s short but most passionate affair seems to have been with beautiful Austrian actress Marisa Mell. They met while filming the movie Marta in 1970. Boyd also initially rebuffed Marisa Mell's advances, but during the second film they made together, The Great Swindle, the two became inseparable lovers. They married in a gypsy style wedding outside of Madrid, which included a ritual wrist-cutting ceremony. The marriage was not considered legal, but Marisa Mell said, "Who cares? In our minds it will be real." According to Marisa Mell, their affair was so passionate that while living in Rome they made a trip to the Italian town of Sarsina for a ritual exorcism at the Cathedral of St. Vicinius. [bold]A short time later, Boyd became physically ill over the affair, and abruptly left Rome to return first to Belfast, then onto Jamaica to begin filming The Treasure of Jamaica Reef in early 1972.[/bold]

Playing with the poontang made him sick!

He was definitely sexy, especially in Ben-Hur; too bad he died so young.

by ATCreply 7305/14/2016
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