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Chris Donaghue

An example of a guy who can pull off the whole tattoo thing and still look hot non?

by BonnieandClydereply 1305/18/2013


by BonnieandClydereply 102/13/2012

Awesome man. Love the show. Did not know Jai from queer guy was or is boyfriend and also producer or creator of the show Bad Sex.

by BonnieandClydereply 203/13/2012


by BonnieandClydereply 303/13/2012

He has a very sexy voice on Bad Sex show.

by BonnieandClydereply 403/14/2012

Bet he's wild in the sack.

by BonnieandClydereply 503/14/2012

With those big tatted muscular arms, I bet he is one hot daddy in the sack!

by BonnieandClydereply 603/14/2012

Chris and Jai. Apparently they're not together anymore.

by BonnieandClydereply 703/14/2012


by BonnieandClydereply 803/14/2012

great show.

by BonnieandClydereply 903/14/2012

hot man - sexy voice

by BonnieandClydereply 1004/10/2013

It's a bullshit show. It's completely inappropriate for a sex addiction counselor to dress to accentuate his body. And this show with its bullshit 'sex positive' jargon doesn't seem to follow any sort of recovery program. He's just enabling these folks.

by BonnieandClydereply 1104/10/2013

His message is he is not their friend or their father. Good to hear from a therapist who wants people to accept consequences of their own actions.

More therapists should take this stance.

by BonnieandClydereply 1204/11/2013

R12, that's what all addiction counselors do. This guy is not legit. One thing counselors are told is not to dress in a sexy fashion when dealing with sex addicts. This guy wears his clothing so tight you can see his heart beating. It's right up there with "dr Drew".

by BonnieandClydereply 1305/18/2013
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