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Toronto has a fat-fuck mayor

How did that happen?

by skinny minniereply 7205/18/2013

And just what exactly is wrong with a fat-fuck mayor? Many great mayors have been fat-fucks, in case you did not know, OP.

by skinny minniereply 102/09/2012

Fat-Fucks deserved to be fucked

by skinny minniereply 202/09/2012

He hates the gays.

by skinny minniereply 302/09/2012

A lot of dummies live there and voted for him. Toronto never really evolved into a sophisticated metropolis. It just got more people.

by skinny minniereply 402/09/2012

The Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, is an immensely stupid, homophobic, right wing, wife beating psycho fat fuck.

by skinny minniereply 502/09/2012

Toronto has gone to the far Right Wing, just like Texas.

All the Gays are moving to Vancouver, Halifax and Montreal.

by skinny minniereply 602/09/2012

But, Why is he SO FAT?

by skinny minniereply 702/09/2012

What do you mean, why? He's just one of millions of other people who is obese today. North America has an obesity epidemic. Chris Christie of New Jersey is another one.

by skinny minniereply 802/09/2012

He's fatter than Christie

by skinny minniereply 902/09/2012

I'm guessing French fries and Coca-Cola.

by skinny minniereply 1002/09/2012

Nothing is wrong with the people who live in Toronto, they didn't vote for him. It is the suburbs (905 area code of Toronto) that voted him in. They have to change the districting because urban Toronto always suffers at the hands of the suburban 905.

by skinny minniereply 1102/09/2012

R9, Christie is fatter

by skinny minniereply 1202/09/2012

no, he's not. he's over 300 lbs.

by skinny minniereply 1302/09/2012

Christie is over 300 pounds too.

by skinny minniereply 1402/09/2012

[quote]Nothing is wrong with the people who live in Toronto, they didn't vote for him. It is the suburbs (905 area code of Toronto) that voted him in. They have to change the districting because urban Toronto always suffers at the hands of the suburban 905.

Exactly. Not one single person I know who lives in the city voted for the fat fuck.

by skinny minniereply 1502/09/2012

What r11 said. His election was the revenge of the 'burbs.

by skinny minniereply 1602/09/2012

He won because there was a brief desire for a 'populist' candidate and because his liberal opponent ran a bad campaign.

It was an unusual confluence of events, and hopefully it won't happen again next time.

by skinny minniereply 1702/09/2012

R11 are you drunk? 905 doesn´t vote in the toronto eelction.

it´s not the BURBS that vcoted him in. Scarborough, north york, etobicoke voters believed him when he said he could cut waste without cutting anything else. Downtown voters couldn´t coalesce around a lefty candidate...joey pants and smitherman split the vote.

by skinny minniereply 1802/09/2012

True, R18 - that screwed up the election. The Liberals messed up. Next time if they get a better candidate, the voters can get behind them and defeat Ford.

by skinny minniereply 1902/09/2012

The vast majority of New Canadians living in Toronto are Social Conservatives.

by skinny minniereply 2002/10/2012

Didn't he recently handle a media prank quite badly?

by skinny minniereply 2102/10/2012

Just read his wikipedia page. Sounds like a real charmer.

by skinny minniereply 2202/10/2012

Despite the vote by council, Ford says he is still going ahead with subways vote or no vote.

Nothing is going to stop him.

by skinny minniereply 2302/10/2012

R20, that is also factually incorrect...stop spreading your racist filth.

R23, do u have any guesses as to why he´s being so bullheaded on this one? the province already said they will go ahead with council´s decision and have told him that repeatedly. He´s conveninetly forgetting he also ran on a platform of not going cap in hand to the province to get them to take care of TTC. Guess what´s done a few times and will continue to do?

Don´t always love living in Toronto, but lately it hs been fascinating political theatre in the 416.

by skinny minniereply 2402/10/2012

[quote]it´s not the BURBS that vcoted him in. Scarborough, north york, etobicoke voters believed him when he said he could cut waste without cutting anything else.

Those ARE the burbs, at least to us folks who actually live downtown or close to downtown.

by skinny minniereply 2502/10/2012

He's still a fat fuck

by skinny minniereply 2602/10/2012

Yes, R21, Ford called 911 when actress Mary Walsh showed up at his house with "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" even though they have a tradition of punking all Canadian politicians. No one else has ever called the police on them before.

by skinny minniereply 2702/10/2012

That's it R27. Also, I believe he was abusive to the 911 operator.

by skinny minniereply 2802/10/2012

[quote] I'm guessing French fries and Coca-Cola.

Exactly! Too much poutine!

by skinny minniereply 2902/10/2012

Ford has also been caught driving while using his cellphone, even though that is against the law in his jurisdiction.

by skinny minniereply 3002/10/2012

New Canadians are not a majority of the voters.

by skinny minniereply 3102/10/2012

Many racial minorities vote Liberal and NDP - they don't all vote Conservative.

In fact, except for the 2011 Federal election when a lot of them went Conservative, most of them have a history of voting Liberal. It was because of the bad Liberal campaign that the Conservatives did well in Toronto in May 2011's election.

In the October 2011 Provincial Election, the Ontario Liberals swept Toronto.

by skinny minniereply 3202/10/2012

that's it, "history" of voting Liberal. I think a lot of them voted for Harper in the last two elections.

by skinny minniereply 3302/10/2012

But Toronto voted Liberal in the recent provincial election - the Conservatives didn't win a single seat in the 416 under Hudak.

by skinny minniereply 3402/10/2012

Toronto like most North American cities does not vote overwhelmingly for social conservatives.

Here's how the former City of Toronto voted.I say former because Toronto was amalgamated to include voters living in conservative outlying suburbs who should not be deciding anything to do with Toronto. The mayor's fans as well as the mayor hate the place just like they hate all big cities and their cosmopolitan citizens.

by skinny minniereply 3502/10/2012

Well the Toronto which "does not vote for Social Conservatives" just elected one Mayor......cities change.

by skinny minniereply 3602/10/2012

Ford's approval ratings have gone down.

by skinny minniereply 3702/10/2012

If hospitals fired fat nurses they'd be no one there to take care of patients.

by skinny minniereply 3802/10/2012

[quote] Well the Toronto which "does not vote for Social Conservatives" just elected one Mayor......cities change.

I think some were expecting fiscal conservatism, or that fiscal conservatism was a given with social. Yes, there are that many ignorant liberal leaning centrists in Canada.

by skinny minniereply 3902/10/2012

fat fuck ford

by skinny minniereply 4002/10/2012

he's got STUPID written all over his face

by skinny minniereply 4102/10/2012

He looks like he could be Limpballs' brother.

by skinny minniereply 4202/10/2012

True R19 but also because George Smitherman is a slimy piece of shit, with a catacombs worth of skeletons in his closet (E -Health, Ornge, etc.).

by skinny minniereply 4302/10/2012

So George Smitherman is the only important gay man in Toronto? Bullocks! You could easily sweep that city.

by skinny minniereply 4402/10/2012

The new provincial MP for Toronto Centre, Glen Murray, is gay.

He was the mayor of Winnipeg several years back - I think he was the first openly-gay mayor in North America.

by skinny minniereply 4502/10/2012

[quote]Toronto never really evolved into a sophisticated metropolis. It just got more people.

And the people it got in recent years are the dregs - morons from the inner-burbs who voted against their own self-interest (not unlike GOP-voting americans.)

by skinny minniereply 4602/10/2012

I'm so fucking glad I never moved to Canada, like I kept saying I would throughout the shameful Bush 2 years.

by skinny minniereply 4702/10/2012

R24 needs to grow up. Ford, like the federal conservatives, has swung the immigrant/ethnic/new-canadian or whatever the hell you want to call it vote. They don't give a shit about you. In fact they think you are a disgusting faggot and they are superior "strong-family" people. Keep your head in the sand and watch your hard-won rights slip away.

by skinny minniereply 4802/10/2012

true, R48

by skinny minniereply 4902/10/2012

Rob Ford is a fat piece of shit. Almost everyone in Toronto hates him, and he and his fat brother make Rush Limbaugh look like a multi-degreed Harvard professor in comparison.

by skinny minniereply 5002/10/2012

Cranky old people like him and they all came out to vote.

He's an awful Mayor but the entertainment value is huge. After he lost the transit vote this week, he got downright Shakespearean, riding the subway at 1 AM, looking for support.

by skinny minniereply 5102/10/2012

Rob Ford is a reflection of the voters as is any elected politician.

People from Toronto like to mock all the anti-gay Evangelical buffoons America keeps electing into office and how damaging they are to the USA.... well right back at you!

by skinny minniereply 5202/11/2012

OP, do you just assume we have all seen the mayor of Toronto? If you're going to comment on someone's appearance, post a link.

by skinny minniereply 5302/11/2012

[R53] Don't they let you access The Googles at the retirement home, Mary?

by skinny minniereply 5402/11/2012


by skinny minniereply 5502/11/2012

And Rob's equally fat, stupid brother Doug:

by skinny minniereply 5602/11/2012

Now I wish I hadn't made the request.

Someone post pics of hot mounties before I think all Canadian men are that hideous.

by skinny minniereply 5702/11/2012

Here you go [R57] - a palate cleanser!

by skinny minniereply 5802/11/2012

the Fords white trash familial workings (911 has been called to the Mayor's house in excess of 10X over the past 8 months) makes him the most entertaining disaster-Mayor in a decade.

He's also listed on many a (hopeful) death pool for a major coronary and not expected to last his term (whether by death or corruption scandal).

Every few years people need to elect buffoons like this so when the next election swings around they make wiser decisions.

And the only reason he was elected this time was the competition ran such an awful half-hearted campaign.

The Mayor he replaced would have easily won again, had he decided not to retire from municipal politics.

by skinny minniereply 5902/11/2012

Toronto is over. It is the Detroit of Canada.

The future of Canada lies in the Western Provinces.

by skinny minniereply 6002/11/2012

This pig makes London's Boris Johnson look attractive.

by skinny minniereply 6102/11/2012

R6, Gays can't afford Hongcouver, and no sane English speaking Canadian would ever move to Montreal. Halifax, perhaps.

by skinny minniereply 6202/11/2012

an alarming amount of racism on this thread. you all sound juct like Rob Ford himself.

by skinny minniereply 6302/11/2012

Wakey, wakey, r63. Vizmins can be homophobic too. Saying so doesn't equate to racism.

by skinny minniereply 6402/11/2012

Ford won because the previous Mayor caved into the unions after an extended strike. People were furious that they suffered through a strench ridden summer all for naught. And they lashed out at the established candidates because of it.

There were other reasons, like fat fuck Kyle Rae throwing a $15k going away party for himself on the taxpayers dime, but the strike was the main one.

by skinny minniereply 6502/11/2012

R63 is resentful because his Tiger Dad made him play violin 24/7.

by skinny minniereply 6602/11/2012

[R62] Rink prease

by skinny minniereply 6702/11/2012

I´m sorry, I don~t know what a vizmin is (not being snarky, apologies if that´s a typo)

this LIE that new canadians are all conervative is completely unfounded. Remember what Ford said about the chinese?there goes that community. Remember how he wanted to cut money from Caribana/whatever it´s called now? there go the blacks. Other immigrant groups famously vote Liberal and NDP.

by skinny minniereply 6802/11/2012

Wait a second. If he smokes crack cocaine then why is he so fat?

by skinny minniereply 6905/17/2013

thinking the same thing r69 - also why cant people smoke their crack privately at home? Why haul ass to the crackhouse?

by skinny minniereply 7005/17/2013

Toronto is now permanently a right wing city of mostly foreigners.

Gays are fleeing Toronto for Halifax and Montreal.

by skinny minniereply 7105/17/2013

r71, you obviously don't live there.

The GTA is a right wing area with high foreign, conservative (particularly socially) voters.

Metro is progressive and gay friendly.

Olivia Chow must be thrilled with this video scandal.

by skinny minniereply 7205/18/2013
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