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Scarlett Johansson

What happened to her career?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 18205/18/2015

She has a puny career, much like your dick, Ryan.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 102/07/2012

she really doesnt make too many movies, does she?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 202/07/2012

Shes doing ok i think. Still gets work. Won a tony short time ago.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 302/07/2012

Wouldn't suck Fincher's dick.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 402/07/2012

She's in The Avengers this summer and was just in We Bought a Zoo. She seems to be doing fine.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 502/07/2012

She spends her free time polishing her Tony Award

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 602/07/2012

She always has work.

Ever hear of, OP?

and, OP?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 702/07/2012

Yes, bitch at R7, but what I'm getting at is the fact that she has not been in any major films or been nominated for an Oscar in quite some time.

She is no longer a star on the rise, but one on the decline. She may still be getting work, but no one's talking about her anymore, are they?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 802/07/2012

She was never nominated for an Oscar.

We Bought a Zoo was a disappointment both critically and commercially, but she does have the Avengers.

She's an average actress who has coasted on her sex appeal. Once that goes, she's toast.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 902/07/2012

She was never nominated for an Oscar. Notably snubbed in her big breakout year.

I agree her It Girl status diminished badly, but she does have great name recognition at least.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1002/07/2012

She's doing fine. The fanboys are still obsessed with her, even after finally seeing her nekkid. She's the only woman in a major blockbuster that's about to be released, and she's dating some new non-Hollywood hottie. No need to shed tears for Hooty McBoob.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1102/07/2012

Have no fear, OP. JGL will rescue Ms. Johansson's career:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Readies Directorial Debut

By Kyle Buchanan

ScarJo + JoGo-Lev? Deadline reports that actor and multimedia mogul Joseph Gordon-Levitt will soon start shooting his directorial debut, a romantic comedy in which he'll act alongside Scarlett Johansson. "I wrote myself a helluva role, one that people wouldn’t necessarily thought of me for," said Gordon-Levitt, who'll be playing "a modern-day Don Juan" attempting to become less of a "selfish dick." As an actor, Gordon-Levitt will be among our most ubiquitous this year — he's got five films dated in 2012, provided he can still schedule his small role in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained — so when better to dedicate some time to going behind the camera? (And who wants to lay odds on the frequently musical Gordon-Levitt singing a song or two with part-time chanteuse Johansson?)

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1202/07/2012

Poor role choices in film. She doesn't seem to have too great of a management team based on the roles she chooses.

She notoriously took a VERY lowball offer to get the Black Widow role. Something like $500K (while Gwyneth and RDJ made millions in their Iron Man 2 roleS). Was willing to take pennies just to get in a blockbuster series.

Doesn't help that she also goes out of her way to play down her amazing body. She dresses horribly and does ugly things to her hair.

She was never more sexy & stunning than when she wore that low cut red dress to the Golden Globes years back and Isaac Mizrahi felt her up. Since then she dresses and styles like a 40 year-old who wants to look 50.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1302/07/2012

"The Avengers" is gonna be fucking HUGE!

Scar Jo is not dead yet, bitches.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1402/07/2012

Did 'The Black Dahlia' damage her career?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1502/07/2012

Oh no R12, just as I was starting to like JGL after his brilliant turn in 50/50.

Nothing like polymath hipster overexposure to douche you up. Ask Franco and the very precariously balancing it Gosling.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1602/07/2012

[quote]Poor role choices in film. She doesn't seem to have too great of a management team based on the roles she chooses.

Her agent is Reese Witherspoon's husband, Jim Toth. Maybe he's a shitty agent because he also reps McBongo and he makes nothing but crap.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1702/07/2012

At age 27, an actor is supposed to be nominated for an Oscar as a run of the mill matter?

Being nominated for an Oscar is not a requirement for a viable actor and for an actor to get work and remain a 'working actor'.

As an aside, Scarlett J. won a Tony award last year for a play performance in NYC.

I get so sick of Datalounge posters stating so and so is 'over' and WEHT about actors who are continually working, are very viable, and are having no trouble getting work.

A Datalounge poster posted last week 'WEHT Antonio Banderas'. Just ridiculous and ignorant.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1802/07/2012

I remember when Issac Mizrahi jiggled her boob on the Red Carpet...

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 1902/07/2012

Her house in the H-Hills went into foreclosure in November '11.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2002/07/2012

R17 he's not her agent. She is repped by CAA but not by him. He supposedly had to get permission from the partners when he wanted to start dating her cause dating amongst the client pool isn't cool for agents there.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2102/07/2012

She's a no-talent cunt. She will never happen.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2202/07/2012

R20, her house did not go into foreclosure. She sold it for $5 million and took a $2 million dolloar loss because she had purchased it for $7 million.

'Scarlett Johansson'

'When you lose $2 million on your house and that's not even your biggest public loss of the year, that's a pretty good sign you're on the A-list.

Such are the woes of Scarlett Johansson, who parted with $7 million for a 1931-vintage Spanish hillside villa in Los Angeles' swanky Outpost Estates neighborhood back in 2007, the same year she started dating Ryan Reynolds. After three years, one marriage, turns in Iron Man 2 and Woody Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona and renovations to the mansion including windows, doors, appliances and tech upgrades, Johansson inexplicably turned around and listed her 4,300-square-foot, seven-bedroom manse in 2009 for $5.1 million.

Maybe neighbors such as Charlize Theron, Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy and Orlando Bloom gave off too much star power to get a decent sleep without blackout curtains. Maybe the lap pool and spa were just too small. Either way, she likely didn't have time to look the place over before she left; she sold it for just less than $5 million. Six months later, she and Reynolds called it quits.'

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2302/07/2012

hmmmm i wonder if i should worry whether the bitchy fags at datalounge think i'm pretty, talented or relevant...nope!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2402/08/2012

She does not look like she does in that photo R24 in real life.

The photo is touched up beyond belief.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2502/08/2012

Scarlett Johansson has FANTASTIC care if you consider her lack of talent and retarded face.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2602/08/2012

"JGL will rescue Ms. Johansson's career"


by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2702/08/2012

Scarlett Johansson has FANTASTIC CAREER if you consider her lack of talent and retarded face.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2802/08/2012

It's pathetic how her career is fizzing out already.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 2902/08/2012

Her face is so plain when she's not made up and in a designer gown. Basically, she's utterly forgettable without some spackle and giant tits.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3002/08/2012

Keep on hating she's been working steady for over a decade has new projects fashion and cosmetics endorsements 2 big budget blockbusters in the pipeline and Antony award. So I'm afraid she already has "happened" dears.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3102/08/2012

The 3 Woody Allen films gave her some cachet, but that may have evaporated now ... she wasn't in Midnight in Paris ! Even Woody moves on ...

was she hooked up for a while with that no-talent pretty boy Josh Hartnett ? not a good career move.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3202/08/2012

She is indeed fading, because everyone has realized what a poor actress she is. When she was young, some good directors used her as a blank slate and the results inflated her reputation. Now she’s too grown up to use that way, but hasn’t developed any talent or charisma. She’s just an attractive woman who can play a love interest, but who can’t carry a film.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3302/08/2012

I think her looks are fading.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3402/08/2012

She and Josh Hartnett are a perfect pair of good looking blanks who caused a stir for a while but did not have the talent to sustain it, they may still get occasional roles now in less important films, but the caravan has moved on to all the new brilliant talent around - the Fassbenders and Mulligans etc...

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3502/08/2012

Josh Hartnett is a good guy, even if he isn't the brightest bulb.

He's very pro-gay and he even had the guts to accuse the Bush administration of being behind Paul Wellstone's plane crash in Minnesota in 2002.

He showed his ass in 'The Black Dahlia'.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3602/08/2012

Show business really devours its young ... its already a few years on from her Woody film set in Barcelona which was popular then - but now its all about the new talent out this year. Didnt she make an album as well but it may not have caused much interest, can she actually sing?

I'm sure I saw her in some perfume advertisements, but Charlize is hogging all those now !

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3702/09/2012

She has worked continuously, and was just in We Bought a Zoo.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3802/14/2012

She is supposed to be some kind of intellectual rebel in Vicky Cristina Barcelona! I just watched it last night. While there were some funny moments with the Spanish actress, the dialogue had some clunky and very Woody Allenish old sounding dialogue (ex Rebecca Hall saying "making love" -nowadays, people would say "have sex" or "fuck." And there was the whole women are intellectually inferior to men thing that is really stale and appears in all of his movies). Rebecca Hall is wasted in a lot of movies.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 3902/14/2012

Rebecca Hall is a better actress than Scarlett, that's for sure. I thought Scarlett did better in Scoop than she did in VCB.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4002/14/2012

Dating Nate Naylor.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4108/20/2012

So she's switched to a new penis, attached to some sloppy-looking, overly-tattooed old guy. Things are looking up for Scary!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4208/20/2012

Avengers was massive and after that project she was straight to work on another.

She is attractive and curvy - thats what men like. Now I see the hatred for ScarJo. If there is one thing gay men hate it is an attractive, sexy woman who has a lot of men lusting after her. Jealous much.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4308/21/2012

AVENGERS would have been a hit regardless if she was in it or not. Cut the comedy.

She has good PR. People wouldn't be able to point this "Star" out of a police lineup if they had to.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4408/21/2012

[quote]So she's switched to a new penis, attached to some sloppy-looking, overly-tattooed old guy. Things are looking up for Scary!

Sounds like she has a type.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4508/21/2012

So you guys missed the hottie brother at R34? He used to look very nerdy, now nicely grown up!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4608/21/2012

[quote]I think her looks are fading.

Everyone's looks are fading, starting at age 22.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4708/21/2012

R47 - not true. Many people, both men and women, look better in their 30s than in their 20s.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4808/21/2012

Yeah, I agree. Men AND women don't star getting hot until they're in their 30s. When you're in your 20s (and I'm in my 20s) you just look bland, undeveloped. Most Hollywood actors/actresses want to look like they're "forever 34-36" - i.e. Tom Cruise, Sandy Bullock, Julia, etc. No one tries to look like they're 22 (except M. Louise Ciccone). Madge could pass for a hot 37 year old lobbyist in DC. I don't know why she keeps trying to pretend she's 19.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 4908/21/2012

She has coasted too much on her looks rather than developing her acting skills and taking challenging film roles. She has gotten herself into a rut playing sexy roles and when you are type-cast in sexy roles there is always a new hotter, sexier It girl waiting in the wings. Actresses type-cast as sexy have a shelf-life. It's the actresses who prove their talent (Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, etc) and/or develop a likeable on-screen persona that attracts life-long fans (Sandra Bullock-and this seems to happen very rarely because I can't think of another actress)that manage to have long careers.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5008/21/2012

Its just hilarious how predictable the fags are. Let me guess, you hate her because she got to fuck Ryan Reynolds?

Maybe you Marys should fire off an email to the straight boys and tell them to stop fapping to her pics because shes so fugly. Jealous little cunts!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5108/21/2012

R49 - Sandra peaked in her mid 30s, Julia peaked in her early 20s, Dana Delany's been on a plateau for the past 20-25 years.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5208/21/2012

R49, who the fuck wants to look like a lobbyist‽ Hi, I resemble Satan!

Scarlett's problem is that she can't act for shit and she looks like she has FAS.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5308/21/2012

Scarlett can act. Her best role is still Lost in Translation, but she was also very good in the Woody Allen pics Scoop and Match Point, A Love Song for Bobby Long, and The Island. She does need some better roles, though.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5408/21/2012

R54, Lost In Translation was absolute tripe and she was blank as fart. She hasn't given an even semi-decent performance since Manny & Lo.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5508/21/2012

I believe that she also got good reviews for one of her earliest films: GHOST WORLD. She ought to have received higher billing for THE AVENGERS.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5608/21/2012

R56 - I agree about Ghost World, though it was more a supporting role.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5708/22/2012

R57 = idiot newbie

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5808/22/2012

What's your problem? R58.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 5908/22/2012

R59, you don't know anything. Read before you post. You make idiotic statements based on not knowing the history here. It's obnoxious.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6008/22/2012

R60 - What's idiotic about saying that SJ's role In Ghost World was a supporting one? Thora Birch had the main role as Enid. Scarlett's Becky was excellent, but supporting.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6108/22/2012

I was not impressed with her in Ghost World ( a movie I love), so I was surprised that she was the one with the career that took off.

She is getting paid a HUGE amount to return for Avengers 2. Second only to RDjr, who is making a shit-ton of money being Iron Man.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6208/22/2012

R61, you're idiotic to like Tiny Furniture

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6308/22/2012

R63 - I haven't said anything about tiny furniture.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6408/22/2012

Then I hallucinated it.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6508/22/2012

she is currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood. So I guess your saying that she's over doesn't mean that she is.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6608/22/2012

Scarlett receiving her star. Looks gorgeous.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6709/17/2012

Her acting is shit.

I walked into the Avengers movie, then walked right out, because she was on screen and boring the hell out of me.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6809/18/2012

Also her voice is annoying, sounds like too many cigs and alcohol.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 6909/18/2012

She has a dead presence on screen.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7009/18/2012

I know she did a great album a few years back with Pete Yorn. Below is a link to my favorite song from the album. I think it's a great collaboration. I’d enjoy another album from these two!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7109/18/2012

Any lesbian stories?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7209/18/2012

R72 - I wish.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7309/18/2012

Scarlett can act, as someone mentioned check out Ghost World. So the potential is there unfortunately Hollywood isn't turning out a whole lot of movies with meaty roles for actresses of any age. It's either going to be big blockbuster or rom com and you don't need to keep your acting chops too sharp for either.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7409/18/2012

Ghost World is ok but over-praised, and the fact that Scarlett was in it doesn't impress me at all. Plus she played the basically unlikable bitch anyway.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7509/18/2012

She was wasted in We bought a Zoo.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7609/18/2012

Why the 50's porn name?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7709/18/2012

R75 - Scarlett did not play an unlikeable bitch in Ghost World.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7809/18/2012

Yes she did r78, Enid was the likable one and also the star. Rebecca was a pretty girl who had chosen to be an "outsider", but was just as narcissistic as an in-crowd cheerleader and no different aside from her fashion sense.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 7909/18/2012

R79 - That doesn't make her an unlikeable bitch. Actually, she did well in the role as "the straight man".

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8009/18/2012

I liked this scene in GW.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8109/18/2012

Who is Scarlett Johansson?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8209/18/2012

She is one of the highest paid actresses in the movie business.

She recently won a Tony Award for her acting in a play on Broadway in NYC.

She has many movie roles and makes a lot of money for movie studios.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8309/18/2012

She is quite average looking in person.

She is extremely air-brushed in advertisements and non-candid photos.

She is very short-waisted which gives her a odd look.

And when left to her own devices of dressing in her off-work time, she has dreadful non-existent taste and fashion sense. She often looks terrible off-screen.

Her hair is always a wreck in terms of condition and style. A wretched mess, her hair is.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8409/18/2012

Even in candids, she's quite attractive. Not the most beautiful woman in the world, but definitively pretty. She likes to party and to eat greasy foods, which shows up in her midsection, but she does have nice T and especially A.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8509/18/2012

Oddly, her breasts has shrunk dramatically in size. They are dramatically smaller these days.

It's odd because she has not lost much, if any, weight of note.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8609/18/2012

sorry, her breasts have shrunk, not has

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8709/18/2012

R86 She went on a crash diet a few years ago, and her boobs shrunk. Then she gained weight back, and it went more to her belly than to her boobs. Shit like that happens to women.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8809/18/2012

Shes miss thunder thigh

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 8909/18/2012

She comes off very bitchy.

Like a complete bitch.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9009/18/2012

Scarlett Johansson marble columns skit on SNL was awesome. Wish I could find a link to it!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9109/19/2012

She's very pigeon-toed. Plus, that nose job did wonders for her.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9209/19/2012

She was good in "Ghost World", then tried to become a sex symbol.

The girl needed to remain a character actress!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9309/19/2012

She was just in The Avengers, and she looked better than ever. She's so hot!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9409/19/2012

Her best role might be in A Love Song for Bobby Long.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9509/19/2012

R94, she may look hot in the Avengers movie, but she doesn't look overwhelmingly attractive in real life.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9609/19/2012

Didn't she fuck Benicio del Toro in an elevator once?

I thought she looked best in Bob Dylan's "When The Deal Goes Down" video.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9709/19/2012

Scarlett will be starring as Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway in NYC starting this December.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9809/20/2012

She looks good in these photos.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 9910/03/2012

Scarlett is shooting Under the Skin. She plays an alien disguised as a woman who feeds off of hitchhikers.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10010/24/2012

Scarlett's poster for CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF which starts previews in December at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. Brick is played by Benjamin Walker who was in ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE KILLER, BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON and is married to one of those Gummer girls.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10110/24/2012

R101- Scarlett looks almost Old Hollywood glamourous in that poster.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10210/24/2012

She's gonna have to work with that bitch Debra Monk.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10310/24/2012

Meh. She's always been boring. Pretty, but boring.

There was that tape of Johansson that went around a few years back. She was complaining about the guys she gave blowjobs to in exchange for work.

Has she tried Harvey?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10410/24/2012

Receipts, r104?

She's the only female who ever worked for Michael Bay and had an ascending career afterwards.

He's such a douchebag that he'll blackball even after they worked with him and serviced him.

I give her props for that, if nothing else.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10510/24/2012

Well, she's about to star on Broadway in CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren in HITCHCOCK, one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

So what's happened to her career is that it continues to thrive.


by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10610/24/2012

"She's the only female who ever worked for Michael Bay and had an ascending career afterwards" - Good point, R104

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10710/24/2012

She's also the face for Dolce and Gabbana Cosmetics, so she's doing fine. Plus she got an insane amount of money for Avengers 2- more than most of the men.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10810/24/2012

Hunter Foster had a hand in trashing Scarlett's career. She won a Tony for actress in a featured role in 'A View From the Bridge' which I thought she was very good in. He flipped out and started a blog or something (Facebook page?) deriding her as a dilettante and in fact, deriding all Hollywood actors who come to Broadway for limited runs. Honey, it keeps those theaters lit. And your own sister went Hollywood.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 10910/24/2012

Stop the hate! I lived in Scarlett's beloved grandmother Dorothy's building for many years and got to see Scarlett and her siblings grow up. A very lovely and loving family, and I still keep in touch with Dorothy.

Scarlett is beautiful and talented (see, Tony Award). Some of you just go out of your way to criticize others, and for what? Does it make you feel better about yourselves? Live and let live: save your hatred for those worthy of it--start with Dick Cheney--but don't begrudge a happy, harmless young woman living her dreams.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11010/24/2012

r101 she looks gorgeous and young in that picture about 18 which is not her usual look.

Her tattoo on her forearm is awful looking and she has been aging fast imho.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11110/24/2012

Why would she get that hideous tattoo? What is it, a panda bear? The logo for that Panda Cinese fast food chain?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11210/25/2012

She's in that difficult period for an actress in Hollywood (ages 27-54) where you can no longer play the ingenue and aren't old enough to play the Meryl roles. Men don't start getting the good roles until mid-40s. It's so twisted.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11310/25/2012

27 is young enough to play the ingenue.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11410/25/2012

She's too stable to get much attention. Plus she probably doesn't need to grab every role that comes along.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11510/26/2012

She got another ugly tattoo.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11611/06/2012

She's dating Romain Dauriac, whoever he is.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11712/08/2012

It was announced last year she'd be directing an adaption of Truman Capote's "Summer Crossing". But it's not in her IMDB bio, seems to have been dropped.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11812/10/2012

Imdb bios aren't always updated.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 11912/10/2012

Friend of mine has seen her out and about in NYC and says she looks okay (recognizable and pretty even without makeup) but that she has a bizarre walk, almost bowlegged and not attractive at all. He and his colleagues have taken to calling her "Gimpy Johannsen". Behind her back, of course. Calling her that to her face would be rude!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12012/10/2012

I hope her career tanks - useless annoying bimbo actress!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12112/10/2012

Bitter much, R121?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12212/11/2012

[she hooked up for a while with pretty boy Josh Hartnett? not a good career move.]

Hartnett got insanely mad for her no-monogamy statement and wanted her to shred her hyper-sexual image.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12302/02/2013

Under the Skin looks interesting.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12402/03/2013

Scarlett as a red head in Captain America 2.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12504/23/2013

Isn't she gay?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12604/23/2013

She may be bi, but I don't think she's gay.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12704/23/2013

I wonder what she's got now, slept with Sean Penn!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12804/23/2013

She's lost a good deal of weight.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 12904/25/2013

At the Tonys

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13006/20/2013

I remember when she was huge and the hottest thing years ago. Since then something seems to have deflated her career/image. I think maybe she just doesn't have so much interest in it and prefers to date men. Seems straight to me btw.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13106/20/2013

R131 - what makes you think she doesn't have any interest in it? Scarlett has been rather active.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13206/20/2013

Looks like she got a breast reduction - she looks the same everywhere else on her body. I've had one myself. Huge tits get very tiresome on many levels after a while.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13306/20/2013

Maybe in terms of working her image and PR.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13406/20/2013

R133 - No, she looks thinner everywhere. Look at her face.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13506/20/2013

But seems like her breast were soo huge previously - diet and exercise alone wouldn't shrink them "that much"....

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13606/21/2013

Filming a movie wearing an ugly wig.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13707/17/2013

" shooting under the skin " I can't get past that image.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13807/17/2013

At Comic Con

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 13907/21/2013

She likes to jog or did, and that is a boob deflater for the most part, especially when you lose weight.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14007/21/2013

She seems to be losing weight from the top down.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14107/21/2013

Her face looks thinner.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14207/21/2013

With Chris Evens at Comic Con.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14307/23/2013

What happened to her?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14408/03/2013


by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14508/28/2013

Scarlett Johansson works out like a guy. The actress says she heads straight to the weights room when she hits the gym and much prefers to sculpt her body than do cardio exercises.

She told French ELLE: "I go to the gym twice a week, but if I'm preparing for a role, I sometimes go every day. I'm not a fan of cardio, I like lifting weights and doing exercises to work my core muscles. To be honest, I work out like a guy!"

However, the sultry star is far more feminine when it comes to her beauty routine and wouldn't dream of heading out for the night without a full face of make-up.

Scarlett said: "I've always loved eye-shadow. When I was younger, my mother would always get dolled up before she went out, I've inherited the same habit.

"In the evening, I wear bright red lipstick and accentuate my eyes. I like to have an expressive gaze, with lots of layers of mascara."

The 28-year-old beauty also shared her best DIY remedy for great skin - using lemon juice as a natural toner.

She revealed: "I use lemon juice diluted with water instead of toner to make my skin glow and reduce marks. It's perfect for the days before a red carpet appearance."

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14608/31/2013

Teaser for Under the Sun

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14709/02/2013

"She is known for having a colorful personal life when it comes to her relationships.

And hopefully Scarlett Johansson's decision to take off her engagement ring yesterday didn't have any bearing on her relationship with beau French journalist Romain Dauriac.

Thankfully the actress was seen back with the ring on Tuesday as she attended the premiere of new movie Don Jon at the Toronto Film Festival."

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14809/11/2013

Her face looks different, doesn't it?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 14909/14/2013

Interesting outfit.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15001/11/2014

Have we talked about her movie Chef with Robert Downey Jr?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15108/28/2014

Hey OP/Ryan Reynolds, perhaps the better question is "What Happened to YOUR Career?"

Your last films were flops and everything listed for you as upcoming is small indie films.

Are you just being a househusband, living off Blake Lively's earnings from those commercials for hair color?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15208/28/2014

LOL R152

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15308/28/2014

Scarlett seems to have put together a rather remarkable body of work. I wonder if she can continue at this pace.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15408/28/2014

From what I understand, before she got the role in the Iron Man 2, her career was not doing that hot or where she wanted it to be and she had a "come to Jesus" meeting with her agents about what needed to get her on track.

That and dumping Reynolds were her best career moves ever.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15508/28/2014

R155 - What did she do differently?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15608/28/2014

She started working on better projects such as Beneath the Skin, Her, Chef, Don John, Lucy (debatable) and more Broadway.

But anything would be an improvement from doing a Michael Bay movie she did a while back.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15708/31/2014

How did she get the better roles?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15808/31/2014

Yeah, I've actually been impressed with her recent output, and her career's probably as high as it's ever been.

Whatever her qualities as an actress, there's no denying she's been in several films that have performed well recently, either critically or financially (sometimes both): Her, Captain America 2, and Lucy (which is soaring on its way to profitability). Besides Jennifer Lawrence, she is probably Hollywood's go-to actress now for comic book / action roles.

And being a female action star is a severe departure from how she started out in her early years, with indie films and romantic comedy crap, but I'm sure it's earning her several more million dollars to do what she's doing now.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 15908/31/2014

And I don't know how she got better roles, but her success can partly be attributed to her selection of Iron Man 2 - getting the role of Black Widow led directly to the Avengers (biggest movie since Avatar), Captain America 2, and probably Lucy as well, and secured her a "niche" as Hollywood's female action star. That gave her more freedom to do other indie projects or roles.

Sometimes one role can really be the big break that changes everything - I guess in her case she's lucky she got to have two big breaks in her career; "Lost in Translation" for the first part and "Iron Man 2" for her current career trajectory. Not many actresses get that chance.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16008/31/2014

R158, I heard that she would come in at a cheap price that would get her the role. Plus, she strikes me as a hustler (in a good way). That would seem obvious for an actor, but some actors miss out on some great roles because they are too concerned about the paycheck than the advantage of taking a good role that will have long term benefits. Scarlett was smart and got her money from the numerous endorsements she has done. Now she can do endorsements, get the high profile role and demand a good paycheck.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16108/31/2014

Or maybe it was just a change in luck.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16208/31/2014

She looks great post baby

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16302/21/2015

'Lucy' or 'Under the Skin'?

Which of these movies, you liked the best?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16402/28/2015

Why the hell does she show her pussy? For artistic reasons...?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16502/28/2015

R164 - Under the Skin

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16602/28/2015

Thanks for replying, R166.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16703/01/2015

It was a turnoff, when i lerned that her name was pronounced like Joe-hansson and not like Yo-hansson. Damn!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16804/20/2015

*is pronounced

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 16904/20/2015

Really R167?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17004/20/2015

She looks great and she's in the Avengers, so I don't believe she has a problem with her career.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17104/20/2015

She had an orange juice yesterday (in Paris). My best friend had lunch just a few feet away from her.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17204/21/2015


by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17304/21/2015

I have a feeling Black Widow gets killed in this new Avengers movie. Oh well

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17404/21/2015

She has gotten a lot of good roles the past few years. I'm sure Blake Lively wishes her career was as hot as Scarlett's.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17504/21/2015

Scarlett Johansson is sweet, but she CANNOT ACT!

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17604/21/2015

Or yanno not, R174.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17704/21/2015

you guys are just jealous cause she got the bae

btw does anyone have any dirt on chris evans?

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17804/21/2015

She has many inked art on her body - six in total - but the new mom showed off a tattoo that not many have seen before.

During her appearance on the Tonight Show on Thursday, Scarlett Johansson displayed a winged art piece on her right ribcage that peeked through the keyhole detail of her white Jonathan Simkhai dress, and appeared to be of a bird.

The 30-year-old actress stopped by to promote her upcoming Saturday Night Live hosting gig and chatted about her latest Avengers installment before schooling host Jimmy Fallon in the fan favorite game Box Of Lies.

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 17905/01/2015


by Ryan Reynoldsreply 18005/01/2015

'I'm officially a MILF!': Scarlett Johansson performs provocative dance as she hosts SNL in thigh-skimming white dress

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 18105/03/2015

On the Captain America set

by Ryan Reynoldsreply 18205/18/2015
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