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How much lorazepam is too much? I take 2 mgs twice a day for anxiety.

I take it for daily anxiety, but if I'm late taking it, I freak out. So is that the original anxiety I had or am I getting addicted to these pills?

Please help and thank you.

by Umpyreply 6206/22/2013

Oh for God's sake.

by Umpyreply 102/03/2012

Take more, please.

by Umpyreply 202/03/2012

it's obviously not working. go and punch somethiing - find another outlet

by Umpyreply 302/03/2012

Most psychotic nut cases take that dose. Either figure out what is causing your anxiety or resolve yourslf to a life of chemical dependence.

by Umpyreply 502/03/2012

That dose is on the high side. Most patients get .05 or 1 mg. I take .05 and I split them and still get a therapeutic effect. By this point, you are probably physically dependent on them and that is why you don't feel well when you haven't taken it. It's called interval withdrawal, your body is reacting to a prolonged period of no lorazepam. Might take up to a year to clear that all out of you, good luck and hang in there.

by Umpyreply 702/03/2012

Anxiety is easy to learn to manage without meds. You're not supposed to take those meds over long periods of time. You're habituating to them and wanting more. A sign of addiction.

by Umpyreply 802/03/2012

OP, you have to conserve it! I was given enough Lorazepam to take two .5mg pills a day, but I only use it once a week or so. Oddly enough, I took a pill for the first time in a while, this evening, because I've been really stressed out between work, school, and my personal life. All I want to do these days is stay in bed.

by Umpyreply 902/03/2012

Forget the lorazepam. I prescribe 65 Seconals and a bottle of Scotch. It will solve all your problems.

by Umpyreply 1002/03/2012

Being anxious about your dosage of anxiety medication is too funny to be real. It's another disingenuous post from this clown.

by Umpyreply 1102/03/2012


You're just an asshole, that's all

Very common these days.

by Umpyreply 1202/03/2012

According to my pharmacology book, the max you can take per day for an adult is 2-6mg. So taking it twice a day would equal 4 mg. You are not getting addicted to it.

by Umpyreply 1302/03/2012

Of course he'd be getting addicted if he was real. His scenario has him freaking when he doesn't take his meds on time. That's not normal anxiety. Nothing is going on except he doesn't have his pill. That's habituation. Sheesh. More than one addict on here.

by Umpyreply 1602/03/2012

R11, that is actually a common reaction and situation that anxiety sufferers have.

by Umpyreply 1702/03/2012

R15, I'm wondering what types of exercises you've found tend to best lessen anxiety and depression. I know you mentioned bike riding, but I was wondering if there was anything else you could think of. Also, does just getting outside help a lot too?

by Umpyreply 1802/03/2012

I do the threadmill and bike at the gym during the work week. On the weekends, I ride my bike for 2/3 hours. I'm 35 pounds over weight and trying to manage my food intake. I self-medicate with food.

I find riding my bike brings me a lot joy. I love riding into new neighborhoods and it to town. I stop and get a Starbucks or a little bite to eat.

by Umpyreply 1902/03/2012

You can become addicted to benzos after only a couple of weeks - that's why some European countries are moving to ban them completely. If you miss a dose and experience serious anxiety you are physically addicted to the drug. Don't stop cold turkey whatever you do - you could die from convulsions. Hopefully you can find a doctor who'll help you get off them, but in a way that doesn't trigger acute withdrawal syndrome (and 4-6 weeks, which is the standard length of time for detox/withdrawal, isn't long enough for most people).

Even though you annoy the shit out of me, I truly feel sorry for you Umpy - you've got a long, long road ahead of you.

by Umpyreply 2102/03/2012

I've taken 4 mg ativan to try to sleep and it had no effect on me at all. I might as well had taken a couple of jelly beans.

Before an MRI in the hospital they gave me 2 mg IV and it did nothing for me either.

When I had surgery they gave me three shots of Versed and it did nothing for me. I think they finally had to give me that Michael Jackson stuff to put me out.

I'm a very nervous/anxious person. I think my body fights all that stuff off.

by Umpyreply 2202/03/2012

I don't think any of these drugs actually work.

by Umpyreply 2302/03/2012

r18 I'm not r15 but I find any sustained cardio works well. Enough to get your heart rate up so you sweat continuously (and be sure to drink a lot of water). It makes a huge difference.

r6 you really need to find a new doc if yours is telling you that a benzo is a muscle relaxer. That is a flat out lie. Benzos are effective but should only be used for a short term. The addictive potential is really high. Of course the drug companies like to convince doctors that it's ok for patients to get dependent. Then they have a customer for life.

by Umpyreply 2502/04/2012

Face it. He's the new Judy "the pills" Garland.

by Umpyreply 2602/04/2012

yoga is phenomenal for anxiety/stress. especially hot yoga.

by Umpyreply 2702/04/2012

Lovely ... I'm now getting a mental picture of Umpy as Neely O'Hara screaming "I want a doll! I want a doll!"

by Umpyreply 2802/04/2012

I never thought of yoga as for men. It works for men? Do straight men ever do it?

Whenever I try not to take a dose, I get so irritated and hateful inside. I was only supposed to take 1 mg twice a day but I increased it to 2 mg twice a day b/c I'm depressed and I look forward to being drowsy and carefree and falling asleep. My roommate told me I sleep a lot.

by Umpyreply 2902/04/2012

Thanks for the cardio advice, R25.

by Umpyreply 3002/04/2012

R21, how many weeks? Even as little as 3 or 4?

by Umpyreply 3102/04/2012

If you increased it, another sign of addiction by the way, then you'll be out twice as fast. Are you also juggling doctors to get extra or buying on the street?

And you're overdoing the ingenuousness on the Yoga balogna. Overall, this is your least believable thread in quite a while.

by Umpyreply 3202/04/2012

Any alternatives to yoga?

by Umpyreply 3302/04/2012

Sometimes, darling, suicide IS the answer.

Just putting that out there...

by Umpyreply 3402/04/2012

I don't know any men who do yoga balogna. You might live in CA.

by Umpyreply 3502/04/2012

Are you straight, Umpy?

by Umpyreply 3602/04/2012

Umpy, post a pic of you and Tammy!

by Umpyreply 3702/04/2012

OK, so i take 2mg, 3 times daily and cant go a day without this drug.

by Umpyreply 3812/18/2012

You have to get enough of it in your system to work. You take it regularly scheduled even if you're not stressed.

You need to look into antidepressants for anxiety. Paxil rocks and Imipramine is great if you're not a fan of the newer antidepressants. But it has annoying side effects like dry mouth and constipation.

by Umpyreply 3912/18/2012

Any amount of benzo's is to much, but you already knew that op. You were just looking for justification so you could keep taking them.

by Umpyreply 4102/11/2013

The dosage is a lot.

[quote] I take it for daily anxiety, but if I'm late taking it, I freak out.

You know who else does that when they are late taking their meds? Addicts

by Umpyreply 4202/11/2013

[quote] you really need to find a new doc if yours is telling you that a benzo is a muscle relaxer

That is false. Keep your day job. You're never going to have a career as a pharmacist. Valium does have muscle relaxant properties. Ativan does not, but a lot of pain control doctors give their patients benzodiazepines as a way to control anxiety. Anxiety in chronic pain patients does increase their pain and muscle tension.

Muscle relaxants are actually a group of different drugs that each has an overall sedative effect on the body. These drugs do not act directly on the muscles. They act centrally (in the brain) and are more of a total body relaxant.

by Umpyreply 4302/11/2013

My GP keeps bringing up antidepressants but I really don't want to go there. I have been having lots of tests because I know it's not "in my head"..the last time they thought it was "just" anxiety it turned out I had gallstones and had to have my gallbladder out. I am having the same symptoms again, and I've been making lifestyle changes, but I also may need something to get me over this hump of being depressed about my health.

I took lexapro a couple of years ago and hated it. Are there any ADs that don't have sexual side effects or cause weight gain? My pharmacist friend recommended Buspar.

by Umpyreply 4402/11/2013

Is Umpy bumping his old threads now?

by Umpyreply 4603/22/2013

You need to talk to your doctor about weaning yourself off this medication

by Umpyreply 4703/22/2013

[quote]Instead of 2mg twice, try 1mg 3 times a day.

Why don't try Valium, it's longer lasting.

by Umpyreply 4803/22/2013

[quote]You need to talk to your doctor about weaning yourself off this medication


by Umpyreply 4903/22/2013

R49 this is an addictive medication

by Umpyreply 5003/22/2013

Not true, R50. People chose to become addicts.

by Umpyreply 5103/22/2013

Well if you don't want to be an addict, I would suggest you work with your doctor to slowly wean yourself off of it.

If you want to be an addict, by all means continue using it.

by Umpyreply 5203/22/2013

R21 speaks the truth.

by Umpyreply 5303/22/2013

OP I'm sorry to say that you are already addicted to them. Using a benzo like that daily is not acceptable because it doesn't give you the skills that you need to deal with the anxiety, it just suppresses the negative emotion temporarily. I was on 2-3 mgs of klonopin daily (they're comparable in effects and dosage) and my life was a complete mess for four years until I finally got off them. I have some I keep around and the only time I take them is in case of a major panic attack which is rare. But I use it SPARINGLY NOT DAILY. Hopefully you will find a therapist that teaches you skills rather than someone who just lets you vent.

by Umpyreply 5403/22/2013

Why would anyone NOT ask this question of their doctor, the prescribing physician?

Why would you instead seek information from a bunch of anonymous strangers on an Internet forum known for lax moderation and rampant trolling?

by Umpyreply 5503/22/2013

2 MGs twice a day? Im taking about 1 MG a day and Im hooked as fuck. Dont fib yourself, bro. Get off this shit ASAP. Its for the birds!!

by Umpyreply 5603/26/2013

People are just rude. Anxiety is a medical issue. Do you make fun of people with cancer too? Lay off people who have issues.

by Umpyreply 5706/01/2013

Amen, R57. Thank you for saying that.

OP: 1 mg/AM and 1 mg/PM is the best way to take it. You need to keep the dosage level in your bloodstream. For severe days, 1 mg/AM and 2 mgs/PM works well.

Panic disorder is one of the worst mental syndromes in the world. I was born with it and it fucked up my life until I reached my 30s, at which point I decided to say, "To hell with this," and attempted suicide. That's when I was diagnosed. Benzos (in my case, Klonopin) saved my life. If you're on the right drug, it should make you feel NORMAL, not high.

I don't understand why benzos have such a bad rap in the first place. They work as they are supposed to with few side effects, as opposed to SSRIs, NSRIs, or SNRIs, for example, which can destroy your mind. Try Cymbalta sometime. A doctor who objected to my taking Klonopin tried to wean me off with Cymbalta. One dose of that shit made me throw up all day, after which I had a seizure. Never again.

Whether or not you approve of benzodiazepines, just remember that for every prescription pill or feel-good substance, there will always be some jerk who uses it to get high. Subsequently, there's an outcry, the pill gets taken off the market, and people like me who take it legally and legitimately are left to deal with a disability that is essentially hell on earth.

by Umpyreply 5806/01/2013

Follow your doctor's directions. Do tell him about any addition problems that develop while taking this drug. Adivan/lorazepam is quite good in helping one cope with anxiety, but it's never too late to resolve that which is requiring adivan in the first place.

Be well and stay in contact with family, friends and DL.

by Umpyreply 5906/01/2013

Oh lord, OP. You're addicted. Iknow because I was addicted. Lorazapam is tame compared to Xanax which is what I got hooked on but they're in the same class of drugs. You need to ween off that shit. When my mom was in hospice, I was popping valium, xanax and lorazapam at the same time to cope (I had a script for xanax, my BFF gave me valium and I raided my mom's lorazapam stash since she was...well, dying.) I became more anxious and I needed more to calm that anxiety but it lasted less and I always needed more. I did research and found out benzos are like heroin to come off of. It took me months before I came off it and I ended up transitioning to valium since it has a shorter half life.

I now take sam-E to help curb my anxiety and I work out everyday which also helps. If I'm having a bad day, I'll poor myself a little glass of cognac before bed which helps me fall asleep.

Good luck.

by Umpyreply 6006/02/2013

This is kinda old but I just wanna throw out there that benzos like this are addictive in nature, and odds are if you have been taking any amount for more than 3-6 weeks, then there probably is a physical dependence as well as a pysc. dependence as well. I'm retired combat medic, infantry line and in the hospital, and I can say that if you are taking it daily for the time I mentioned, that you prolly are becoming addictive. If before the med you were always kinda panicking or "freaking out," then that's "normal" for you isn't it? But if these constant "freak-outs" when not medicated is a new symptom, then these drugs are probably influencing your body to react that one due to your physical dependence. Either way, just remember that benzos, if taken daily, are a life-time maintenance that you must be willing and able to endure. I prefer more wholestic treatments along with therapy if possible. If meditation and time with a doc can help you control your anxiety, more power to you...but, if you need this med to function normally, then so be it. Anyways, just my 2 cents. Plz know that this is pure speculation on my part and without a proper in-person eval I'm working on 2nd hand info. Plz shoot me a message if you have questions of would like to share if this helped. Later everyone


by Umpyreply 6106/22/2013

R61, is it true if you've been on Ativan for a while and stop suddenly you can have seizures?

by Umpyreply 6206/22/2013
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