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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs...

I had no idea so many great acts have been snubbed...


The Doobie Brothers

Cheap Trick

The B-52s


Deep Purple

Electric Light Orchestra

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Alice Cooper

and so many more....

by Brian Epsteinreply 16609/15/2013

Alice Cooper was inducted last year.

by Brian Epsteinreply 101/29/2012

I thought Heart was already in. My bad.

by Brian Epsteinreply 201/29/2012

It took long enough, r1. The omission of Brian Epstein from the non-performer category is egregious. So many legendary rock acts have been ignored I wonder what's going on with the HOF?!

by Brian Epsteinreply 301/29/2012

The Cure

by Brian Epsteinreply 408/20/2012

The Cure

Gary Numan

..what about Kraftwerk?

by Brian Epsteinreply 508/20/2012

Yes, egregiously overlooked last year were Heart and Joan Jett.

by Brian Epsteinreply 608/20/2012

Donna's getting in next year. Suck it discophobes, it's happening.

by Brian Epsteinreply 708/20/2012

Connie Francis!

The Carpenters!

Hopefully, Donna will get in this year and her daughters can accept for their late mother. She had a very blessed voice.

by Brian Epsteinreply 808/20/2012

Jonathan Richman and/or The Modern Lovers.

by Brian Epsteinreply 908/20/2012



by Brian Epsteinreply 1008/20/2012

Kiss The Go-Go's

by Brian Epsteinreply 1108/20/2012

And queen of them all...and Queen of the Universe:

Cher should be in the the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame on her own if for no other reason having number one hits in each of the past five decades, an achievement which may distinguish her alone in the music business.


"Sonny & Cher" should absolutely be in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

by Brian Epsteinreply 1208/20/2012

I don't understand why The Shangri-Las have never even been nominated.

"Leader of the Pack" is one of the all time great singles from the early 60's. They weren't a one hit wonder like The Ronettes.

They created a visual style with their leather outfits, plus they were the forerunners to artists like Blondie and Patti Smith who are in the HOF. In short, they were innovators.

by Brian Epsteinreply 1308/20/2012

Is Chicago really considered rock and roll? I always thought of them as light fm snooze tunes

by Brian Epsteinreply 1408/20/2012

They were before Terry Kath died, R14.

by Brian Epsteinreply 1508/20/2012

Not to mention my era, Rick Springfield, Sheena Easton, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Laura Branigan, Human League, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper...

by Brian Epsteinreply 1608/20/2012

Which of Cher's hits actually qualify as "Rock", though? Yeah, I know, with Madonna and ABBA in there, it's actually the Pop Hall of Fame, but I for one think Rock music is special enough to deserve its own honors. (FFS, if COUNTRY has its own Hall, why are Country artists in the Rock Hall?)

Meanwhile, Deep Purple, with the 13-note introduction (BOM BOM BOM, BOM BOM B'BOM! BOM BOM BOM, B'BOM BOM) that everyone on the planet knows, has been eligible since 1993. Oh, well, with Jon Lord dead now, that's one less member to fit on the stage, right? Sigh.

ELO, ELP, Chicago, and the B-52s should all easily be in. Groundbreakers with legacies, all of them.

IN: The Moonglows OUT: The Moody Blues

Yeah, surrrrre. Two R&B/Pop hits are wayyy more influential than "Nights in White Satin". JFC.

IN: The Beastie Boys OUT: X

Because party-rap by rich kids (including a famous playwright's son) is way more important than punk. Kill. Me. Now. (Also? Punk Rock is rock. Rap? Not rock. Just saying.)

IN: Brenda Lee OUT: Yes

From Brenda's official Hall bio: "Her third single, “One Step at a Time,” was her first to chart, reaching #15 on the country chart and just missing the pop Top Forty by three places. Her major breakthrough, and the biggest hit of her career, was “I’m Sorry,” which inaugurated a string of ballads that did quite well for her in the early Sixties. “I’m Sorry” was one of the first songs cut in Nashville to feature strings, thereby helping to inaugurate the “Nashville Sound.”

A country singer whose bio has to point out that she got all the way up to #43 on the Pop chart? Wow, what a crucial rocker this chick is! She excels at ballads! She introduced strings to the Nashville Sound! Damn, she rocks hard, huh?

The most famous prog-rockers in the world, OTOH? Take a hike, boys, take a hike. (What, you think King Crimson are more deserviing? Don't worry, they're not in there, either. Because Robert Fripp never influenced anyone.)

IN: Every vocal harmony group from the '50s, it seems (The Dells? Seriously?) OUT: Boston

Because Tom Scholz and his computer didn't redefine technology in music, at all! And it's not as if they sold a lot of records or the entire first album isn't still played on the radio, constantly.

But hey, "Oh, What a Nite!" Great song. "Song", singular.

IN: Guns'N'Roses OUT: Steppenwolf, KISS, Judas Priest (and again, Deep Purple)

Axl and Slash, total groundbreakers! Didn't need any of the above to pave the way for them, nuh-uh!

(Note: I support G'n'R getting inducted…eventually. But Slash in is the Hall, and Ritchie Blackmore isn't. Are you kidding me? And given that EVERY PRIEST SONG is actually about gay sex, I may be slighly biased, but I also believe that the guitar team of Glenn Tipton and K.K. Dowling was revolutionary in a way Mr. Saul Hudson isn't.)

IN: Laura Nyro ("She never attained a Top 40 single, gold album or Grammy Award." [not even as a songwriter]) OUT: Joan Jett/The Runaways (Buncha dykes, what do you expect?)

Also deserving and long-overlooked: Jethro Tull, The Steve Miller Band, Todd Rundgren (both as performer and producer; should probably be in twice), and War.

by Brian Epsteinreply 1708/20/2012

Dionne Warwick, snubbed since she's been eligible (the 80s).

by Brian Epsteinreply 1808/20/2012

Forgot Men at Work.

by Brian Epsteinreply 1908/20/2012


by Brian Epsteinreply 2008/20/2012

Is Siouxsie and the Banshees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Some video memorabilia is on display in one of their museums.

by Brian Epsteinreply 2108/20/2012

[quote]Which of Cher's hits actually qualify as "Rock", though?

R17. Nearly Cher's entire "Heart of Stone" CD (1989/1990) is rock. The CD also sold triple platinum.

The single, "I Found Someone" from the self-titled, "Cher" CD in 1987 is also is "We All Sleep Alone" and "Bang-Bang."

by Brian Epsteinreply 2208/20/2012

The Go-Go's for sure.

And Dionne Warwitch, too. Haven't heard from Miss Dionne here lately (sad face).

by Brian Epsteinreply 2308/20/2012

R14, Chicago was known for marrying jazz instrumentation and playing to rock, but they were never just "lite FM pop" in the early days. Everything up until about the seventh or eighth album is at least pop-rock, often more on the "rock" side of the ledger, IMO.

What changed was Peter Cetera's emergence as the group's hitmaker (the early hits were usually written by Robert Lamm or James Pankow, and often sung by Lamm) with "If You Leave Me Now" on the 10th album and "Baby, What a Big Surprise" on the 11th. (Still arguably rock here, though.) With Kath's death and the split from longtime manager/producer James William Guercio, the band went through a down period in the late '70s before getting their pop revival under producer David Foster in the '80s.

Ironically enough, by the Hall's current standards, I would think that the poppy '80s material alone (beginning with "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" [#1 hit] through "You're the inspiration" [#3], "Hard Habit to Break"[#3], "Will You Still Love Me?" [#3], "Look Away" [#1] and "What Kind of Man Would I Be?" [#5]) would qualify them for induction. (They had another Top Ten single and several more Top Twenty hits, in addition to those listed.) The 4 original albums of this decade (Chicago 16-19) and the "Chicago 20" greatest hits package have sold over 20,000,000 units, combined.

by Brian Epsteinreply 2408/20/2012

[quote]Laura Nyro ("She never attained a Top 40 single, gold album or Grammy Award." [not even as a songwriter])

Are you kidding? She wrote a bunch of hits. "Wedding Bell Blues" was a number one hit for the Fifth Dimension. "Stoney End" "Eli's Coming" "And When I Die" were all top 10 songs written by Nyro.

by Brian Epsteinreply 2508/20/2012

Is every songwirtier who wrote a #1 in the Hall, R25? Do you really think "And When I Die" (hardly Blood Sweat and Tears's biggest success or even one of their 5 biggest) is more important than Jett's career?

Btw, Blood Sweat and Tears? Not in the Hall.

by Brian Epsteinreply 2608/20/2012

Um yeah, "And When I Die" was the 3rd biggest hit of Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

You need to do a bit more research on the influence of Laura Nyro, R26. Yes, I would argue that the sum total of her career is more important than Joan Jett's, as would most people who have more than a surface knowledge of American popular music.

by Brian Epsteinreply 2708/20/2012

The Raspberries

Big Star

The Cars

Roxy Music

by Brian Epsteinreply 2808/20/2012

K.C. and the Sunshine Band

by Brian Epsteinreply 2908/20/2012


Earth, Wind And Fire

That says it all right there.

by Brian Epsteinreply 3008/20/2012


by Brian Epsteinreply 3108/20/2012

Dick Dale, for sure! No Ventures, no Beach Boys, no nothing without him!

by Brian Epsteinreply 3208/20/2012

As bad as such people can be when you let them into the country club, they can be even worse when allowed to start their own.

by Brian Epsteinreply 3308/20/2012

Joan Armatrading

Kate Bush

Ann Peebles

BTW, Laura Nyro was a giant influence on music in general, from pop to broadway. It's nothing short of criminal that she had to wait so long to begin with.

Joan Jett was a great rock and roll singer, but to even try and put her in the same league as Nyro is insane.

by Brian Epsteinreply 3408/20/2012

Janet Jackson. She truly belongs in the Hall alongside her brothers. Her career (videos, stage productions, choreography, style) has been copied by many a dance diva over the years (Paula Adbul, Vanessa Williams, Karyn White, Nia Peeples, TLC, Aaliyah, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Mya, Kelly Rowland, etc.). She also has a myriad of records and achievements in the industry. Career missteps aside, when you look back over the totality of her 25-plus years as a superstar, it is a shame that she has never even been nominated, especially after being eligible since 2007.

by Brian Epsteinreply 3508/20/2012

Several posts back, someone commented about "pop" versus "rock."

Well, perhaps there's a difference between the two genres. But at the same time, there are plenty of "pop" performers in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

"Pop" and "rock" are often one in the same, especially when it comes to Hall of Fame inductees, as it should be in my opinion.

by Brian Epsteinreply 3608/20/2012

What about Hall and Oates?

by Brian Epsteinreply 3708/20/2012

The RRHOF is the music equivalent of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Jann Wenner won't let anything in he doesn't like. He hates prog, for example, so no Yes.

by Brian Epsteinreply 3808/20/2012


by Brian Epsteinreply 3908/20/2012

They heard I refused to appear in Cleveland without being paid for it, and have punished me ever since.

But then I won't attend my own funeral unless I'm paid for it. The secret to my longevitudinism.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4008/20/2012

Forgot Kim Carnes.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4108/20/2012

R41. Make No Mistake, I haven't forgotten her.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4208/20/2012

Carly Simon is noticeably absent. It took the R&R Hall of fame almost 20 years to add Laura Nyro.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4308/20/2012

Didn't it all become meaningless once Madonna got in?

by Brian Epsteinreply 4408/20/2012

Forgot Air Supply.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4508/20/2012

Nirvana better be in during their first year Of eligibility(2014).

by Brian Epsteinreply 4608/20/2012

Patti Smith / Patti Smith Group. Even if she and the band just got in HOF for "Radio Ethiopia" and "Wave" alone. So primal...

by Brian Epsteinreply 4708/20/2012

"Carly Simon is noticeably absent."

Yet her penised ex is not! In fact, he's been in there for twelve long years now.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4808/20/2012

Jan Wener of RS hasn't annointed anyone mentioned here and therefore they will not get in. It's a a big fucking joke.

by Brian Epsteinreply 4908/20/2012

The 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

Albert King Chic Deep Purple Donna Summer Heart Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Kraftwerk The Marvelettes The Meters N.W.A The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Procol Harum Public Enemy Randy Newman Rush

by Brian Epsteinreply 5010/04/2012

Linda Ronstadt is another snub.

by Brian Epsteinreply 5110/05/2012

[quote]The omission of Brian Epstein from the non-performer category is egregious.

He has been egregiously overlooked!

by Brian Epsteinreply 5210/05/2012

R47 Patti Smith IS in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

by Brian Epsteinreply 5310/05/2012

Connie Francis should at least be nominated one day.

She was one of the very first grand balladeers of pop, had international success in no small part because she sang in multiple languages, and she had a great range.

She predates everyone. Babs, Ronstadt, Houston, Dion, and so on...they all owe a mite bit of a debt to Connie Francis.

Connie Francis was the bridge between the evolution of the early days of rock and roll to the more heavier rock and roll of the 1960's. She filled the gap between those two periods of musical evolution marvelously and for that alone she should at least be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

by Brian Epsteinreply 5410/05/2012

It's a joke that non-talents like Vadgedonna are let in, but other TALENTED acts aren't (yet).

by Brian Epsteinreply 5510/05/2012

Joan Jett being nominated makes me laugh. She's talented and famous, sure, and deserves credit. But she became famous for being in a band cultivated by a Svengali, then went on to a few top 10 hits that she didn't even write.

I get that there need to be more women in the rock hall of fame, but to snub far more deserving artists like the Go-Gos, Carly Simon, Linda Rondstat, etc is ludicrous.

by Brian Epsteinreply 5610/05/2012

Has Robert Palmer been inducted because he should definitely be in there?

by Brian Epsteinreply 5710/05/2012

I'm surprised that Deep Purple and Rush got the nod, since RRHOF/Rolling Stone boss Jann Wenner hates them so much. On the other hand, there will be hell to pay if Donna Summer doesn't get in this time.

by Brian Epsteinreply 5810/09/2012

KATE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Brian Epsteinreply 5910/09/2012

[quote]Linda Ronstadt is another snub


But Connie Francis should at least be nominated before Linda Ronstadt.

Years ago someone at Rolling Stone nailed it when they said that Linda Ronstadt was the Connie Francis of the 1970's and that Olivia Newton John was its Sandra Dee.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6010/09/2012

Deep Purple should have been inducted the first year for the guitar riff from "Smoke on the Water" alone.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6110/09/2012

ELO :)

by Brian Epsteinreply 6210/10/2012

How about behind-the-scenes people, famous producers such as George Martin and producer/engineers such as Glyn Johns and Motown record producer/songwriter Frank Wilson, who recently died? There are so many talented people who are not musicians!

People seem to forget the behind-the-scenes technology needed to produce great music. Most musicians cannot produce and engineer their own records. Jimmy Page is the exception, but most music needs to be produced/engineered by talented behind-the-scenes people.

Re progressive rock, it's as important as any other type of rock or pop music. Why snub this genre, especially when Rap and Hip Hop have been honored.

Yes' first four LPs were brilliant and their first two LPs weren't very heavy on the prog rock, they did Simon & Garfunkel and Beatle songs. Yes was made up of excellent musicians, Bill Bruford is one of the greatest drummers in the world, period. He transcends prog rock.

It's ridiculous that talent free people such as Madonna get inducted, I guess it IS about selling millions of records? Adding dance moves to music was hardly original, being overtly sexual was just a gimmick, it really had nothing to do with music.

It would be nice if Madonna's music was iconic or important, if it could be interpreted by others or if she had a great voice, none of this applies to Madonna. Basically she was inducted because she became so famous despite not being talented or original.

Sure, she changed how music is viewed, she brought more theatrics to music, which to me is really not all that important, because one doesn't see all that when they LISTEN to music!

Dylan and Leonard Cohen cannot technically sing, but no one can deny their songwriting talent and that fact that so many musicians of different genre have interpreted their songs, this will NEVER happen with Madonna's music!

by Brian Epsteinreply 6310/12/2012

The Rock and Roll Hall of fame has only been around since '83 and only inducts a handful of artists a year. I'd hardly call anyone on OP's list "snubs." There's still time.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6410/12/2012

In the case of the Gogos and kiss for example, they have told them they don't want them r64. They place lesser important bands before groundbreaking ones. No, they are snubs.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6510/12/2012

"The 2013 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees:

Albert King Chic Deep Purple Donna Summer Heart Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Kraftwerk The Marvelettes The Meters N.W.A The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Procol Harum Public Enemy Randy Newman Rush"

What a motley crew. Surely there are more deserving artists than that bunch.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6610/12/2012

Madonna haters. You throw around all these chart statistics as justification why other acts should be inducted but ignore the fact that her stats outshine everyone in music. More top tens than Elvis and The Beatles.

And who keeps perpetuating this lie about Cher having a #1 in each of the last 5 decades. She was dormant for most of 80's and when she did come back, the highest she placed was #3. I'd allow that she's had a top 10 from the 60's to the 90's but she's been absent since 1999.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6710/12/2012

I say this every year, and I'll say it again: It's a crime that Tina Turner is only in as half of "Ike and Tina" and not as a solo artist.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6810/12/2012

"Madonna haters. You throw around all these chart statistics as justification why other acts should be inducted but ignore the fact that her stats outshine everyone in music. More top tens than Elvis and The Beatles."

Oh shut UP, you idiot. Madonna isn't good enough to smell the shit of Elvis or the Beatles. She's NOTHING compared to them.

by Brian Epsteinreply 6910/12/2012

and yet she has more hits than them....suck it douche fag.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7010/17/2012

Not everybody can make it in, people! It wouldn't be much of an honor if they just let everyone get in.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7110/17/2012

Madonna LOVER, having a ton of hits is NEVER a barometer of TALENT.

The general public are SHEEP, most people are quite ignorant...did you listen to the interviews with the 'undecided" voters last night? What a bunch of dolts!

Having lots of hits doesn't really prove that a musician has TRULY contributed anything innovative to their genre of music, people have simply bought into the hype surrounding that musician.

Face it, R70, Mad-Donna is a FRAUD! It's laughable the way her rabid fan continue to lick this dumb whore's asshole.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7210/17/2012

[quote]R70: yet she has more hits than them

Oh dear.

And double "Oh dear" because this vicious little piece of uneducated garbage listening to her hash of ego-driven, derivative claptrap probably will never understand her error.

Such are the fans of the gash, the trash and the all-for-the-cash Ciccone.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7310/17/2012

A major snub is the Three Dog Night.

"Eli's Coming"

"Mama Told Me Not to Come"



"Never Been to Spain"

"Old Fashioned Love Song"

"Easy to be Hard"


And more.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7410/17/2012

Carly Simon...

by Brian Epsteinreply 7510/17/2012

Johnnie Ray has tagged "The Grandfather of Rock 'n Roll" by Tony Bennett. He should be inducted as a major influence. When he hit it big, the crooners of the day, and their followers were outraged.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7610/17/2012

Dire Straits

by Brian Epsteinreply 7710/17/2012

Connie Francis?

Linda Fucking Ronstadt?

The eldergays really are taking over here.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7810/17/2012

Harry Nilsson.

by Brian Epsteinreply 7910/17/2012

Errr..R78? The Elder artists have been around awhile. They have a history. For better or for worse, they've been influential one level or several. For both my contemporaries, and yours. Here, have the baton (g)

A few notables from my RRHOF Not an Ice Cube's Chance in Hell list.

Richard Thompson. Linda Thompson. Richard & Linda Thompson. "The Great Valerio" may be the most terrifyingly beautiful song ever written.

Wishbone Ash. Visceral, intelligent, and the originators of the twin-guitar attack. Criminally underrated.

Sandy Denny. Absolutely regal, queen of the British electrified folkies, and the only guest vocalist ever on a Led Zeppelin album.

Uriah Heep. Another victim of the venality and envy of the rock journalism establishment. Powerful singing, adventurous songwriting, and great chops. I defy anyone to listen to "The Wizard" and not smile hugely for the joyousness the tune projects.

Maggie Bell. Forget all the blue-eyed soul clichés-no other woman in rock could wrap themselves around a song quite like Maggie did. Listen to her version of "It's Been So Long". Simply astonishing.

There's many more of them, of course. And I'll always think better of them for not having been nominated.

Wenner and his ilk are parasites feeding off of other peoples talents. The fleas need the dog, not the other way around. Fuck 'em all.

by Brian Epsteinreply 8010/18/2012

Jack Wagner

by Brian Epsteinreply 8110/21/2012

Um, R67- 1970's-Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, Dark Lady, Half-Breed. 1980's-After all, If I Could Turn Back Time 1990's-Believe, Strong Enough, all or Nothing 2000's-Song For the Lonely, Different Kind of Love Song, When the Money's Gone 2010's-You Haven't Seen the Last of Me

That would be 5 decades of #1 hits (not even including the years with Sonny) across various Billboard American charts.

by Brian Epsteinreply 8210/21/2012

Way to go, Casey. Besides, a hit doesn't need to be #1 to be a big hit. Mariah Carey had a lot of #1 hits and every one of them sucks, IMO. I would add Bang Bang, The Way of Love, I Found Someone, and We All Sleep Alone.

by Brian Epsteinreply 8310/21/2012

On a related matter, singers Garth Brooks and Connie Smith, and studio pianist Hargus "Pig" Robbins were just inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

by Brian Epsteinreply 8410/23/2012

Nobody cares about the Country Music Hall of Fame around here.

by Brian Epsteinreply 8510/24/2012

The Go-Gos

by Brian Epsteinreply 8610/24/2012

Latest standings on the "fan's ballot" they're offering this year show the top 5 performer slots going to Rush (by a large margin), Deep Purple, Heart, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and Albert King, in that order.

Of course, it's just one of the 600+ votes, so it probably won't make any difference. Wenner will do what he wants; Rush got a nom because their ex-manager is on the committee, but they're still too close to prog for them to have a chance. Hell, based on the Rod Evans years (and the "Concerto for Group and Orchestra"), even Deep Purple is too prog for Jann.

Donna Summer's death may put her in, Chic just got their seventh nomination (and Nile Rodgers still has some influence, I'd think) and Wenner's been campaigning for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, so those could be favorites. Either NWA or Public Enemy will probably get in. But once again, the snubs far outnumber the honors.

(Seriously, The Marvelettes?? Yes, "Please Mr. Postman" is a nice song. But the Beatles are already in the Hall. Sheesh.)

by Brian Epsteinreply 8711/24/2012

2012 Inductees:







by Brian Epsteinreply 8812/11/2012

This thread is going to be bumped every year isn't it?

by Brian Epsteinreply 8912/11/2012

Janet Jackson should get in for this one alone:

by Brian Epsteinreply 9012/11/2012

I think he's eligible, and it's REALLY pissing me off that LUTHER CAMPBELL has not yet been inducted.

by Brian Epsteinreply 9112/11/2012

Oh no. Here it comes...

by Brian Epsteinreply 9212/11/2012

It's all lame until 2014 when Nirvana will be eligible - the next cultural important band eligible. After that it's all outliers until Radiohead.

by Brian Epsteinreply 9312/11/2012

inducted? Sorry I meant INDICTED!

by Brian Epsteinreply 9412/11/2012

The Country Music hall of fame is at the Republican HQ right?

by Brian Epsteinreply 9512/11/2012

r93, and who are the next group of 4 or 5 white males who are important enough to be inducted after Radiohead?

by Brian Epsteinreply 9612/11/2012

R82 on the main Billboard Hot 100 chart Cher has only had 5#1 singles as a solo artist or with Sonny and amazingly NO #1 albums. Madonna has had 12 #1 hot 100 songs and 8 # 1 albums, in fact Madonna has had more top 10 hits than Cher, Tina and Striesand COMBINED. Madonna's worldwide albums sales are at 320 million while Cher's despite debuting nearly 15 years before Madonna has WW album sales of only 100 million.

by Brian Epsteinreply 9712/11/2012

Have we had a billion comments about how this or that "isn't rock" yet?

I get it, the Hall of Fame is misnamed. But, we've seen years and years of non-rock nominations, so we all know by now that "Rock and Roll" really means "Various Genres of Popular Music."

by Brian Epsteinreply 9812/11/2012

I've grown to hate Nirvana so much.

by Brian Epsteinreply 9912/11/2012

It's not the White Male KKK awards, which is what it'd be if only a cliched, narrow-minded definition of rock held sway.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10012/11/2012

Rock is just a White Man's version of the Blues, invented by Blacks!

by Brian Epsteinreply 10112/11/2012

The B-52's should be in. They are insanely good.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10212/11/2012

R96 I think getting into the Hall of Fame should be something very few acts achieve. I couldn't give a shit if the recognized act is black, white, Asian, or gay. If they made a huge, once in a generation impact, they should get in. If not, they shouldn't. The fact that many of these musicians tend to be white males is a topic for a different debate. For rock (and I realize agreeing on just what that encapsulates might be difficult) the next two band that are shoo-ins for first ballot inductions are Nirvana and Radiohead.

R99, they are not my favorite either, but denying their status as legends isn't going to change that status from being true.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10312/11/2012

The last three are the only ones in on merit.

I'd love for an industry insider to explain the Randy Newman hard-on it has had forever.

He's a boring, marginally talented white guy.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10412/11/2012

Janet Jackson Donna Summer Chic Duran Duran Bon Jovi Afrika Bambaataa Styx MC5 Genesis Pat Benatar Def Leppard

by Brian Epsteinreply 10512/11/2012

I think The Cars should be in.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10612/11/2012

I'd be more impressed by Heart's induction if I thought it was based on their early rock work (in the 70s) than the pop crap of the 80s ("Alone, etc.) I remember when someone sang "Magic Man" on American Idol and Simon Cowell said he'd never head the song. (Because Heart didn't make it big in Europe until they went pop.) Sheesh.

Surprised by Rush, to be honest. Don't know if it's the ex-manager's influence (he now manages the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who also got in more quickly than they should have, IMO) or the Hal's wanting to throw the "fan's ballot" a semblance of relevance. Or maybe Wenner loves Ayn Rand as much as Neil Peart (drummer/songwriter for Rush) does. That would be depressing.

I'm hardly thrilled with disco artists in the supposedly-"Rock" Hall (did Donna Summer ever record a rock song in her entire life?) or with the "vote the dead people" memorial nonsense (which didn't work for Deep Purple's organ-master, Jon Lord, alas), but I'm hardly surprised she got in, either.

And points for putting Public Enemy in ahead of NWA. Both great rap acts, but PE was better, IMO.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10712/12/2012

Donna was nominated for 3 rock Grammies and won one, Hot Stuff. Which is much rock as disco, it was a blend, predating Michael Jackson's Beat It by 5 yrs. Her 1980 Wanderer album is entirely new wave rock, and the Rolling Stone critics loved it. She finished 3rd in their poll that year (2nd in '83.) Her 3rd rock Grammy nomination was for a song written specifically for her by Bruce Springsteen. Stringsteen and many rock critics defended Donna as a great rock singer. She had her own rock band in high school, and said she would've tried to be a rock singer if disco hadn't happened, but that it would've been very difficult because of racism. So considering that she does have some rock credentials, and that racism prevented her from pursuing a pure rock career (feel free to name any black females who got rock radio play in the 70s, or any blacks other than Hendrix), it'd be racist to hold a grudge against her now for her association with disco.

by Brian Epsteinreply 10812/12/2012

Janet Jackson

The Cure

Depeche Mode


by Brian Epsteinreply 10903/05/2013

is Suzie Quatro in?

by Brian Epsteinreply 11003/05/2013

I've started drumming in the last year and while researching equipment and learning, I've realized how much Rush is worshiped in the drum world.

Rush was before my time so I never heard of them before. I'm a little confused if RUSH really is a big deal or its just big in the drumming community?

by Brian Epsteinreply 11103/05/2013

Foreigner deserves to be inducted.

by Brian Epsteinreply 11203/20/2013

R111 Rush really was a huge deal in the '70s and '80s. Very talented musicians. I love them and I think they deserve their spot in the Hall of Fame.

Another group that really deserves to be in is Blue Oyster Cult. They were so quirky and out-there that they likely never will be, but I loved/love them passionately.

by Brian Epsteinreply 11303/20/2013

Pat Boone and Paul Anka need to be recognized for being there at the birth of rock 'n roll and helping shape it for future generations.

by Brian Epsteinreply 11404/24/2013

Paul Revere and the Raiders-long overdue!

by Brian Epsteinreply 11504/24/2013

R114 I disagree a wee mite bit. Paul Anka and Neil Sedaka maybe but not Pat Boone of all people.

Pat Boone was a cover artist way back in his early days more so than most anything else. Watch the you tube video I am linking to of Pat Boone neutering Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" and you'll see what his "thing" was way back then.

by Brian Epsteinreply 11604/24/2013

Captain and Tennille. Soft rock, but they were very important to the evolution of rock and roll as a musical form.

Chicago. I hated their early jazz stuff, but they became a hell of a rock band in the late seventies and early eighties.

Foreigner. The only metal band worth a damn. They deserve their shot, but Rolling Stone and Wenner hate them.

Air Supply. Very soft rock, but very talented and a great band of the rock era.

Erasure. The greatest band of all times. Rolling Stone and Wenner hate them but too bad. They deserve to be there.

by Brian Epsteinreply 11704/24/2013

I've given up on this shit. It doesn't matter, people, just go on playing your downloads, cds & records by your favorites and have your own rock hall of fame in your apt. That's what I do!

by Brian Epsteinreply 11804/24/2013

Like the Grammys of recent years, any music industry organization, is only as good as those it endorses.

by Brian Epsteinreply 11904/24/2013

(R116)In Pat Boone's defense, he was the 2nd leading record seller in the 1950's next to Elvis. With nearly 50 million records sold, 38 Top 10 hits, he rates #6 among artists with the most consecutive Top 10 hits, #10 with the most Top 40 hits and #16 with the most No. 1 hits. Billboard rates Pat as the #10 recording artist of all time. By recording those cover versions, he introduced the white teenage market to R&B. Like him or not, he was an influence on early rock and roll and deserves to be inducted into the Hall. By the way, Pat's version of "Tutti Frutti" reached #7 on the charts.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12004/25/2013

Is Justin Bieber in yet?

by Brian Epsteinreply 12104/25/2013've got to be joking...the whole post.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12204/25/2013

He was going to r121 but this pot smoking thing has now derailed the plan.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12304/25/2013

Donna's daughters at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony.

All gorgeous.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12404/25/2013

R120 I don't believe Boone has 38 top 10 Billboard hits, because Billboard themselves rank Madonna as the artist with the most top 10 singles of all time with 38, followed by Elvis with 36 and the Beatles with 34.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12504/25/2013

R120 I think its probably 38 top 40 hits. Still pretty impressive.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12604/26/2013

Donny & Marie

Partridge Family

John Travolta

The Brady Bunch Kids

Tiny Tim

Jimmy Osmond

Kristy & Jimmy McNichol

Scott Baio

by Brian Epsteinreply 12704/26/2013

Sonny and Cher deserve to be inducted.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12804/26/2013

R124 Thank you. I hate like hell Donna didn't live long enough to see this happen.

by Brian Epsteinreply 12904/26/2013

R126 It's even more impressive to think that Pat Boone compiled these numbers in an era when there was a smorgasbord of artists for the record buying public to choose from including Elvis, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, etc.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13004/29/2013

At $22 the Rock Hall is no bargain. I've been through it twice, each visit was barely 90 minutes.

That said, there are tons of great artists not inducted (Lauper,Go-Go's, B-52's, Ronstadt, Eurythmics, Cure, etc., etc.) yet sometimes represented in special temporary collections.

Really the only reason to visit is to gaze upon headless mannequins of rockstars. Pretty boring, actually.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13104/29/2013

R131 Cyndi should not be included, as she's basically a one album wonder.

She doesn't have the career commercial success nor cultural impact

I can probably name 100 female artists, with Cher and Whitney at the top of the list, that should be inducted before her.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13204/29/2013

r12 I'm tired of this lie continuing. Please name Cher's #1 hits after believe.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13304/29/2013

Since when are Cher and Whitney rock and roll artists?

by Brian Epsteinreply 13404/29/2013

Rock and roll is garbage and has been dead for 30 years. I can't believe anyone ever bought into that vapid beeswax. There is a reason why Judy and Barbra and Liza are worshipped by gays. We have taste. Rock and roll was vile and took no talent to record. Rock is dead, but we still have the divas! Long live the divas!!!

by Brian Epsteinreply 13504/29/2013

True, R135. I hated rock music. I am of the mind that rock 'n' roll died in the plane crash with the Big Bopper and Richie Valnes. The Beatles and their ilk brought it back to life for a few years but thankfully disco killed it once and for all. Good riddance.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13604/29/2013

You don't have to sing rock to be inducted, R134. Artists of all genres are in the RNR HOF.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13704/29/2013

I can't help but wonder why Connie Francis hasn't gotten a nom at least. She helped hold American Rock and Roll in its place there for a bit.

by Brian Epsteinreply 13804/29/2013

Gloria Loring

Stacy Q

Samantha Fox

Latoya Jackson

The Nylons

Michael Franks

Toni Basil

The Fat Boys

New Edition

Musical Youth

Jermaine Jackson

Paula Abdul


by Brian Epsteinreply 13904/29/2013

A lot of people have really shitty taste in music...just saying.

by Brian Epsteinreply 14004/30/2013

R133 exactly, Cher has only had a relatively paltry 5 Billboard #1 singles in her near 50 year career on the main Hot 100 chart, nothing special at all.

The thing about her having a #1 single in the last 5 decades is because people are including the Billboard dance and Adult Contemporary charts.

But she hasn't even had a top 10 hit on the main Hot 100 since Believe in 1999. That's also her only hit song in the last 20 years.

And something I just looked up Madonna (who was inducted in the HOF her first year eligible) has more top 10 hits than Cher, Striesand and Tina Turner COMBINED.

by Brian Epsteinreply 14104/30/2013

R140 Why don't you grab some balls share your favorite music choices with everyone?

by Brian Epsteinreply 14205/01/2013

R140 Why don't you grab some nuts and share your musical favorites with the rest of us instead of bashing people?

by Brian Epsteinreply 14305/01/2013

No more hard rockers in there. Hard rock is the embarrassment of the music world. Even worse then country. What about acts like Chicago, Company B, Dead or Alive, Bay City Rollers, The Nylons, Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta, Helen Reddy, The Archies, Stephanie Mills, Sinitta, Stacy Q, Air Supply, Bread, and Sister Sledge? They all made more of an impact on music than some worthless, talentless, homophobic act like Guns & Roses. Most of the acts in the Hall are embarrassing. Elvis? Led Zepplin? ACDC? Terrible!

by Brian Epsteinreply 14405/01/2013

The "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" is a joke, always has been. About as relevant as Rolling Stone magazine and the Grammys.

by Brian Epsteinreply 14505/01/2013

Put down your crack pipe R144! You've had more than enough. Since when did Dead or Alive, The Archies, Helen Reddy or Air Supply have more of an impact on music THAN (not then) Guns N' Roses? Elvis, Zeppelin and AC/DC definitely deserve to be there.

The Bay City Rollers?????? They were bubblegum.

Question: What the fucking fuck is a Sinitta, a Company B, The Nylons or Stacy Q? I am 48 years old and have never heard of any of them. Some impact they must have made on the popular music world.

by Brian Epsteinreply 14605/01/2013

If Cher is ever inducted, it will be with Sonny, the same way that Ike and Tina Turner were inducted together.

The problem with the Rock Hall is that is has both too many and too few inductees. If the Rascals and the Lovin' Spoonful were inducted, why not Mitch Ryder and Johnny Rivers? And if Percy Sledge is in, why not Joe Tex?

by Brian Epsteinreply 14705/01/2013

I hate to break it to you, R144, but there was no such band as The Archies. "Sugar, Sugar" and their other songs were recorded by an assembly of studio musicians. There was no actual Archies group. The songs were recorded for the late 1960s Archie cartoons on Saturday morning TV.

by Brian Epsteinreply 14805/01/2013

R148 Very true. Most people did not know that. They were like the Village People and Milli Vanilli later on. A pure studio creation with one lead singer and a bunch of studio musicians and backing singers.

by Brian Epsteinreply 14905/01/2013

I don't know who is in already, but these are bands I like. I am R140.

The Who

The Police

Bruce Springsteen

George Thorogood

The Band

The Clash

Manu Chao

Immortal Technique

The Pretenders

Talking Heads

by Brian Epsteinreply 15005/01/2013

Frankie Smith, Jackson Five, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Chic, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner (solo), Jermaine Stewart, Fat Boys, Sugar Hill Gang, Taste Of Honey, Amii Stewart, Gap Band, Run-DMC, Pointer Sisters, Mary Jane Girls, Rick James, N.W.A., Public Enemy, L'Trimm, Neneh Cherry, Ollie & Jerry, Jermaine Jackson, Stacy Lattisaw, Teena Marie, Natalie Cole, Salt N Pepa, Peaches & Herb, Victor Willis/Village People, Kool & The Gang, Syreeta, and many more. The Hall needs to add some darker flavor to be more diverse. The above acts contributed greatly to the music of today.

by Brian Epsteinreply 15105/02/2013

The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson are already in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

by Brian Epsteinreply 15205/02/2013

R140 You're right...some people do have shitty taste. Who the hell is Manu Chao or Immortal Technique?

by Brian Epsteinreply 15305/04/2013

R153...LOL...Your lack of knowledge is not mine to fix.

by Brian Epsteinreply 15405/04/2013

Janet Jackson definitely deserves at least a nomination.

The Cure

Depeche Mode

Duran Duran

There are so many deserving artists/bands that continue to be snubbed year after year after year!

by Brian Epsteinreply 15506/09/2013

The Hall of Fame is so hopelessly sexist! Where are Mary Wells and The Marvelettes, the only major classic Motwon acts NOT inducted to date? Is Berry Gordy still holding a grudge against Mary for leaving Motown in '64? What about Carole King- she's in as a writer, not as the great singer she is. Where are Connie Francis, Lesley Gore, Dionne Warwick, Marianne Faithfull, Linda Rondstat, Irma Thomas, The Shangri-La's, Carla Thomas, Big Maybelle, Barbara Lewis, Minnie Riperton,? And how about having Scepter/Wand founder Florence Greenberg inducted?

by Brian Epsteinreply 15606/09/2013

No Moody Blues-R&R hall ias a joke signed one of the kids of the rock generation

by Brian Epsteinreply 15708/30/2013

The Monkees!

by Brian Epsteinreply 15808/30/2013

Here we go again. Whoever decides these things are elitist and not objective whatsoever. Luckily for the artists snubbed, their careers do not depend on whether they're inducted or not.

by Brian Epsteinreply 15908/30/2013

Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode definitely. DM would cover all the shitty goth bands from the 80s like the Cure, Sixousue and the Banshees, Bahuaus etc.

by Brian Epsteinreply 16008/30/2013

Say what you will about Madge, she's way more influential than any other female pop singer, so I have no issue with her being in the RRHF.

by Brian Epsteinreply 16108/30/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Brian Epsteinreply 16208/30/2013

Janet Jackson should be at least nominated.

The Cure and Depeche Mode need to be on the list, too.

by Brian Epsteinreply 16309/15/2013

"Not a Madge troll."


by Brian Epsteinreply 16409/15/2013

R165, MARY!!!!!!

by Brian Epsteinreply 16509/15/2013
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