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How Does David Furnish Sleep With Elton John?

Just the thought makes me want to vomit.

by M Cicconereply 4503/25/2013

Same way the boy toys sleep with you Madge...They just think of the money.

by M Cicconereply 101/20/2012

Just close your eyes and think of England, dear.

by M Cicconereply 201/20/2012

oh I could think of several billion pounds I mean reasons.....

by M Cicconereply 301/20/2012

R1, isn't Elton always on the edge of being broke? Hence the Limbaugh gig?

by M Cicconereply 401/20/2012

Just smoke copious amounts of pot silly

by M Cicconereply 501/20/2012

I'm sure he just orders up a rentboy to do it. I doubt either one of them maintain any sexual interest in one another.

by M Cicconereply 601/20/2012

There is no way, he makes too much $$ in licensing fees from his song catalog. He can't be broke.

by M Cicconereply 701/20/2012

OP, sooner or later most of us get less than appealing. Unless you want to spend you're entire life alone - not that there's anything wrong with that if that's what you want - I suggest you stop buying into the idiocy that sex is only for the young and or gorgeous, or that sex with who is not physically appealing to someone who doesn't love them is not nausea-inducing to someone who does.

It's called being human.

by M Cicconereply 801/20/2012

[quote]isn't Elton always on the edge of being broke? Hence the Limbaugh gig?

NO! That's what makes the Limbaugh gig so odious.

Elton was at the top of some recent list of "wealthiest English pop stars", with a net worth around 500,000 euros. He has a a huge back catalog, and the royalties just pour in every year.

by M Cicconereply 901/20/2012

^Sorry, left off 3 zeros. Make that 500,000,000 euros.

by M Cicconereply 1001/20/2012

I'd ask the opposite question. Furnish is an idiot and John could easily have escorts and sex whenever he wanted for a lot less.

by M Cicconereply 1101/20/2012

But not love R11.

by M Cicconereply 1201/20/2012

Furnish is Canadian.

by M Cicconereply 1301/20/2012

I'm certain it's just like Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV.

After the first year or so, the king's courtesan no longer fucks the king but mostly is there to amuse him with chit chat and folderol. Meanwhile, beautiful peasants are secretly brought in nightly to satisfy His Majesty's carnal urges: he probably no longer even finds Madame de Furnish sexually attractive anymore.

by M Cicconereply 1401/20/2012

Furnish is no spring chicken himself.

by M Cicconereply 1501/20/2012

Elton's a lot prettier if you lay him on his money.

by M Cicconereply 1601/20/2012

With a piece of plywood.

by M Cicconereply 1701/20/2012

"I'm certain it's just like Madame de Pompadour and Louis XV. After the first year or so, the king's courtesan no longer fucks the king but mostly is there to amuse him with chit chat and folderol."


by M Cicconereply 1801/20/2012

Well said R8. That's how I feel exactly and I think the reality is that our perspectives, beliefs and opinions change as we experience different stages in life.

by M Cicconereply 1901/21/2012

I really think they deserve each other. Elton john gets meaner every year and Furnish showed what a idiot he is with the madonna golden globes twittering.

by M Cicconereply 2001/21/2012

Furnish's body is pretty good.

Elton is just disgusting, and was even that way in his youth. It's basically like sleeping with an obese lesbian.

by M Cicconereply 2101/21/2012

with one eye open?

by M Cicconereply 2201/21/2012

Mr. John getting ready for an evening with Mr. Furnish:

by M Cicconereply 2301/21/2012


by M Cicconereply 2401/21/2012

Is that real r23?

by M Cicconereply 2501/21/2012

That pic has been circulating around the net - apparently it is Elton.

by M Cicconereply 2601/21/2012

Wow, Elton wear his sunglasses during a power cleanse? Tres chic.

by M Cicconereply 2701/21/2012

Elton is just vile - come to think of it... so is his bf with the growing forehead.

Just the thought of that fat, flaccid old fairy with a hard on is surely enough to turn every woman into a confirmed lesbiana!


by M Cicconereply 2801/21/2012

I tink I trow up in my mouth...but just a little.

by M Cicconereply 2901/21/2012

They don't sleep with each other. David hires male hookers in London and Elton does the same while in Atlanta. An acquaintance of mine has been a friend of David's for 20 years or so and has been to their wedding, stayed in their house, etc, so I tend to believe it's true.

by M Cicconereply 3001/21/2012

LOL @ R16

by M Cicconereply 3101/21/2012

Elton with his tits out in leaner times (posing with frenemy Madonna circa mid-90s):

by M Cicconereply 3201/21/2012

r30, why does Elton live in Atlanta, of all places?

by M Cicconereply 3301/21/2012

An endless supply of hot black dick, r33.

by M Cicconereply 3401/21/2012

"Just the thought of that fat, flaccid old fairy with a hard on is surely enough to turn every woman into a confirmed lesbiana!"

Go to any Walmart across the country and you'll see women with husbands far uglier and fatter than Elton John. And, unlike Elton, those guys aren't multimillionaires.

by M Cicconereply 3501/21/2012

I think Madonna and Elton look a great deal alike, but Elton does have bigger tits. Furnish has always looked like a horror to me, but that's just one no-counts opinion. The idea of any of these three having sex does little to settle my dyspepsia.

by M Cicconereply 3601/21/2012

If Elton's personality were better, he would be a lot more attractive. There is a difference between a cuddly bear with a wicked sense of humor but a a kind heart, someone who is NICE vs. the mean, dour, angry bitch he seems to have morphed into in recent years. THAT is what is so "ugly." His body is not that repulsive but BECOMES so when you add in the crazy.

by M Cicconereply 3701/21/2012

r30 - why keep up the relationship if they don't have anything to do with one another? Doesn't make sense.

by M Cicconereply 3801/21/2012

It's the price of, pretend.

by M Cicconereply 3901/21/2012

r38, read r14.

by M Cicconereply 4001/21/2012

And I suppose having the children has alot to do with it too - adopting the children and becoming the world's first famnous "Daddy-couple" is something Elton doesn't want to lose.

by M Cicconereply 4101/21/2012

R4, Elton makes tons and tons of money. The problem is that he spends it. He's a compulsive shopper on an outrageous scale. He's gave an interview to an American tv news magazine about 5 - 8 yrs ago around the time there was a lot of press about him having money problems.

by M Cicconereply 4201/21/2012

With the lights off in a separate room ... I'm sure.

by M Cicconereply 4301/21/2012

For a million euros you bitches would open your ass and let the fat pig fuck you raw

by M Cicconereply 4401/21/2012

Idiot people you have never though that it can be call love? This is so stupid the comments here...

by M Cicconereply 4503/25/2013
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