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Paul McCartney died in 1966 and Adnan Khashoggi cut Heather Mill's leg off with a sword.

Check out the picture linked of Paul McCartney in 1966 and him in 1967. That's a different dude. There is also a difference in his voice between the two years.

Mill's big secret is that she discovered Paul is fake. That's why she made out so well. She threatened to spill the beans. She made it so that if anything happened to her, everything would be revealed.

I just watched an interview where Mills says he betrayed her on a much deeper level than merely cheating.

by Anonymousreply 15103/26/2013

I always knew it, I hope they find Elvis next!

by Anonymousreply 101/18/2012


by Anonymousreply 201/18/2012

Ridiculous. Anyone can see it's the same person.

Tell us more fairytales, OP!

by Anonymousreply 301/18/2012

There is a healthy conspiracy subset on the internet who actually believe this bunk about Paul being replaced with a doppleganger.

by Anonymousreply 401/18/2012

I love the whole "Paul is dead" rumor. Link goes to my favourite "Paul is dead" site.

Never heard the Heather Mills leg-removed-by-sword story though.

by Anonymousreply 501/18/2012

OP = Heather Mills after more money and martyrdom.

by Anonymousreply 601/18/2012

OP: Your meds. Take them.

by Anonymousreply 701/18/2012

Yeah yeah OP, and Viki Sleestack is going to win a 7th Emmy. Dream on.

by Anonymousreply 801/18/2012

Here's proof!

by Anonymousreply 901/18/2012

great conspiracy linkee R5.

by Anonymousreply 1001/18/2012

The "Paul is dead" rumor be put to rest if some voice analysis was done on Paul's voice through the years. Only one person's ever done that though, Henry M. Truby in the 1960s. He claimed that there were three different Paul voices. #3 item on this Listverse list:

by Anonymousreply 1101/18/2012

The King is Dead

by Anonymousreply 1201/18/2012

I've met Paul McCartney. He's stoned and not very funny, but I wouldn't categorize him as particularly dead.

by Anonymousreply 1301/18/2012

Read Dave McGowan's research (nothing about fake Paul) all about the interconnection between Laurel Canyon, the drug induced counter culture of the 60s and the desires of the Military Industrial Complex.

An uncanny number of rock music superstars, almost all products of the MIC, emerged from Laurel Canyon beginning in the mid-1960s and carrying through the decade of the 1970s. He also goes into the stories of those who died young including Ricky Nelson, John Dever, Jim Morrison, Sonny Bono (who, at the time of his death, occupied a seat on the House Judiciary Committee, which was about to come to sudden prominence with the investigation and impeachment of President Bill. )

MIC products from LC:

Jim Morrison is the son of Admiral George Stephen Morrison who commanded, in August, 1964, U.S. warships that allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam’s Tonkin Gulf. This false flag event resulted in the immediate passing by the U.S. Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution, that turned into the Vietnam quagmire.

John Phillips entire family is MIC. He is son of U.S. Marine Corp Captain Claude Andrew Phillips and a mother who claimed to have psychic and telekinetic powers, John attended a series of elite military prep schools in the Washington, D.C. area, culminating in an appointment to the prestigious U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis who married Susie Adams, a direct descendant of ‘Founding Father’ John Adams.

David Crosby, son of Major Floyd Delafield Crosby. His family tree is a truly dizzying array of US senators and congressmen, state senators and assemblymen, governors, mayors, judges, Supreme Court justices, Revolutionary and Civil War generals, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and members of the Continental Congress.

Jackson Brown the product of a career military family whose father was assigned to post-war ‘reconstruction’ work in Germany, as OSS

Frank Zappa, who had nothing but contempt for the ‘hippie’ culture that he helped create and that he surrounded himself with was son of a chemical warfare specialist assigned to the Edgewood Arsenal His wife Gail hails from a long line of career Naval officers, including her father.

John Denver, whose real name was Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., born in Roswell, New Mexico, son of Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr. a career US Air Force officer assigned to the Roswell Army Air Field

and a ton more...

Elvis, it seems, is the real deal, and he probably REALLY died of what was said he died of.

by Anonymousreply 1401/18/2012

Khashoggi? Shapari Khashoggi, darling. All that money and she's still got a moustache.

by Anonymousreply 1501/18/2012

The story goes, R5, that Mills was a high-priced hooker, favorite of Saudi arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. Well, she decided to go "legit" and dumped the bum. He, in turn cut off her leg with a sword, then telling her he didn't want her anyway now that she had one leg.

by Anonymousreply 1601/18/2012

I remember reading something about Kristen Wiig's father having some kind of military-conservative credentials.

by Anonymousreply 1701/18/2012

You would be surprised as to how many have military/intelligence origins, R17.

McGowan said that when first presented with a truncated summary of this, people say that there is nothing necessarily nefarious in the fact that so many of these icons of a past generation hailed from military/intelligence families because perhaps they embarked on their chosen careers as a form of rebellion against the values of their parents.

He said that might be true in a few of the cases but then went on to say

"But what are we to conclude from the fact that such an astonishing number of these folks (along with their girlfriends, wives, managers, etc.) hail from a similar background? Are we to believe that the only kids from that era who had musical talent were the sons and daughters of Navy Admirals, chemical warfare engineers and Air Force intelligence officers? Or are they just the only ones who were signed to lucrative contracts and relentlessly promoted by their labels and the media?"

And he goes on to say, "If these artists were rebelling against, rather than subtly promoting, the values of their parents, then why didn’t they ever speak out against the folks they were allegedly rebelling against? Why did Jim Morrison never denounce, or even mention, his father’s key role in escalating one of America’s bloodiest illegal wars? And why did Frank Zappa never pen a song exploring the horrors of chemical warfare (though he did pen a charming little ditty entitled “The Ritual Dance of the Child-Killer”)? And which Mamas and Papas song was it that laid waste to the values and actions of John Phillip’s parents and in-laws? And in which interview, exactly, did David Crosby and Stephen Stills disown the family values that they were raised with?

He also wrote "Programmed to Kill" which is a fascinating look at all of the infamous serial killers, mass murderers, and lone gunmen, and their connections to the MIC. The connections are absolutely astounding.

by Anonymousreply 1801/18/2012

LOL, Jerry “Governor Moonbeam” Brown, was, a longtime resident of Laurel Canyon. He lived on Wonderland Avenue, not too many doors down from 8763 Wonderland Avenue, the site of the infamous “Four on the Floor” murders, regarded by grizzled LA homicide detectives as the most bloody and brutal multiple murder in the city’s very bloody history (if you get a chance, by the way, check out “Wonderland” with Val Kilmer the next time it shows up on your cable listings; it is, by Hollywood standards, a reasonably accurate retelling of the crime, and a pretty decent film as well).

by Anonymousreply 1901/18/2012

His chin looks different, but whoever the guy is who has been playing Paul McCartney since the first one died is a really great actor, singer, musician, and has written great songs.

by Anonymousreply 2001/18/2012

Obama's mother and Geithner's father worked together in Washington.

Now THAT is truly fucked up, too. I think his mother was CIA.

by Anonymousreply 2101/18/2012

By that logic, how does "California Dreamin'" PROMOTE the military-industrial complex?

by Anonymousreply 2201/18/2012

Those look like two different people to me. Their features are not identical. Look at the shape of the heads - completely different. Paul on left has wider, shorter face and thicker neck than Paul on right, and much more prominent ears.

by Anonymousreply 2301/18/2012

R18, tell us more

by Anonymousreply 2401/18/2012

Just out of curiosity, does anyone here NOT have family connections to the military-industrial complex?

by Anonymousreply 2501/18/2012


by Anonymousreply 2601/18/2012

R25 - my family purchases batteries of all sizes. Does that count?

by Anonymousreply 2701/18/2012

[quote]He also wrote "Programmed to Kill" which is a fascinating look at all of the infamous serial killers, mass murderers, and lone gunmen, and their connections to the MIC. The connections are absolutely astounding.

R18 I just finished reading "Programmed to Kill".It's really too shocking to be true,it has to be one of the weirdest books I've read. I'm still not sure if Dave McGowan is a credible author or a conspiracy theorist who has joined the dots incorrectly.

by Anonymousreply 2801/18/2012

lol, R27!

by Anonymousreply 2901/18/2012

I recently found and read the pages R14 and R18 speak of, and while it is fascinating how interconnected so many of the rock stars are with the Military Industrial Complex and each other (Gail Zappa beaned Jim Morrison with her shoe when they were kids together in school), stepping back a bit, it seems the kids were often sacrificed, then, as so many died young and bad. If alive, many still have problems with the aftermath of their drug use and with the negative effect of The Brave New World on their music careers.

by Anonymousreply 3001/18/2012

Paul is Dead is my favorite batshit conspiracy theory because it hinges on the idea that The Beatles management, in order to keep the gravy train going, would commit one of the biggest frauds in history. THEN, they would plant clues about their fraud in the music and on the album covers.

It makes perfect sense if you're really, really stoned.

by Anonymousreply 3101/18/2012

R20, dear, all the songs by the Beatles and Rolling Stones were written by one guy at Tavistock. Get with the program.

Exactly, R25. The MIC didn't start with WWII. I wonder if there's something about the rootless army brat existence that drives kids to escape through music. I think Michael Stipe's family moved around a lot too. Maybe Stipe's mumbled lyrics were subliminal NWO propaganda.

McGowan's a really fun read, but he ties everything together a bit too neatly.

He does have an interesting defense of Stalin:

by Anonymousreply 3201/18/2012

This is from the documentary a few years ago. The funniest thing of all time, I swear to god!

by Anonymousreply 3301/18/2012

[quote]because it hinges on the idea that The Beatles management, in order to keep the gravy train going, would commit one of the biggest frauds in history. THEN, they would plant clues about their fraud in the music and on the album covers.

That's so funny...Only in the 60's!

by Anonymousreply 3401/18/2012

[quote]The Beatles management, in order to keep the gravy train going, would commit one of the biggest frauds in history. THEN, they would plant clues about their fraud in the music and on the album covers.

I wondered about that too, but last year in a thread we had on this subject, I was told that John didn't like the fraud so planted the clues.

by Anonymousreply 3501/18/2012

Around the time of the "Paul is dead" hoopla, Batman had a story based on it. The solution was that Paul was actually alive and the other three had been killed. They created the conspiracy story themselves to focus people's attention on Paul (or "Saul" as they called him in the comic) and away from themselves.

by Anonymousreply 3601/18/2012

It is true that John Lennon thought the rumor/legend was hilarious and occasionally encouraged it.

One thing he didn't do, if he was so upset by Paul's death and the subsequent cover up, was to call up The Guardian and tell everyone.

by Anonymousreply 3701/18/2012

Did you read that the Grateful Dead were part of some FBI plot to make the kids drugged zombies instead of politically aware and active

by Anonymousreply 3801/18/2012

Yeah, but what about the album cover of Abbey Road? Paul McCartney was not wearing shoes. That was pretty weird!

by Anonymousreply 3901/18/2012

R28, do your own research and you will find it's true. Look at original documents. Use FOIA. Go to the actual source and look up records. Contact Dave McGowan. He's super nice and very down to earth He will give you his sources and point you in the right direction. That's what I did, although it helps if you live in the area.

Anyway, if you believe all of these musical icons just sort of spontaneously came together in Laurel Canyon and overlook the peculiar coincidences and occult like activity re this chance gathering, you are truly magical.

Although, Frank Zappa was ringmaster in the 1960s, he took over from Vito Freakers, whose exquisite little puppet child, Godot, Kenneth Anger’s (an avowed Satanist who was investigated for producing snuff films [see LC covert movie studio]) first candidate to play Lucifer, died a freakish death at the age of 3, but before his death, “They passed that little boy around, naked, in a circle with their mouths. That was their thing about ‘introducing him to sensuality.’

Anyway, what's really creepy about LC is that on average, a white person in this country has about a 1-in-345 chance of being murdered. Well, if you live(d) in LC, as a white person, your chances of being murdered are greatly escalated. Statistically speaking, if you were a famous actor in the 1920s, you would have been better off playing a round of Russian Roulette than living in Laurel Canyon as four of the eight actors living there at the time were murdered, three of them with occult significance.

That trend continues on. Natalie Wood lived in the very home that Cass Elliot would later turn into a Laurel Canyon party house. A fourth young star of the film, Rebel Without a Cause, Sal Mineo, lived at the mouth of the canyon, and the fifth member of the “Rebel Without a Cause” posse, Nick Adams, who was, just prior, a young prostitute with James Dean, lived just a mile or so away in neighboring Coldwater Canyon. His official cause of death was listed as suicide, of course, but as actor Forrest Tucker has noted, “All of Hollywood knows Nick Adams was knocked off.” Nick’s relatives reportedly received numerous hang-up calls on the day of his death, and his tape recorder, journals and various other papers and personal effects were conspicuously missing from his home. His lifeless body, sitting upright in a chair, was discovered by his attorney, Ervin “Tip” Roeder. On June 10, 1981, Roeder and his wife, actress Jenny Maxwell (best known for being spanked by Elvis in “Blue Hawaii”), were gunned down outside their Beverly Hills condo.

Anyway, with the exception of Hopper, all of their lives were tragically cut short, proving once again that Laurel Canyon can be a very dangerous place to live.

Until 1969, LC has its own completely self-contained movie studio where 19,000 films have been made? With 100,000 square feet of floor space, the covert studio included sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and seventeen climate-controlled film vaults. It also had underground parking, a helicopter pad and a bomb shelter run by the Air Force?

Filmmaker Peter Kuran was the first to learn of its existence, through classified documents he obtained while researching his 1995 documentary, “Trinity and Beyond.”

by Anonymousreply 4001/18/2012

[quote]an avowed Satanist who was investigated for producing snuff films


by Anonymousreply 4101/18/2012

Thanks R40.I wondered If anyone who had read it had verified the facts in the book.

Do you know of any other interesting books of this type?.

by Anonymousreply 4201/18/2012

You guys have seen the documentary, right?

by Anonymousreply 4301/18/2012

I have family ties to Jerry Brown. What does that make me?

by Anonymousreply 4401/18/2012

r44 -- Rice?

by Anonymousreply 4501/18/2012

I've hung out with Khashoggis daughter. She's really nice.

by Anonymousreply 4601/18/2012

I think it's become a well-known fact among historians that Lyndon Johnson was behind Paul's murder back in the 60's.

by Anonymousreply 4701/18/2012

I still don't get the LC connection with the MIC. Why can't it all just be coincidence?

by Anonymousreply 4801/18/2012

[quote]the LC connection with the MIC

There was a secret Air Force propaganda studio/secret film processing base up there

by Anonymousreply 4901/18/2012

This is one of my favorite conspiracies, too.

by Anonymousreply 5001/18/2012

More proof here!

by Anonymousreply 5101/18/2012

I love the people who make fun of the information without doing any research into these matters at all. So freaking arrogant, as if they just know because of their innate brilliance. Rather trust the people in the msm making millions of dollars to lie to your fucking face than the people who make ZERO and take lots of shit from dumb assholes for the countless hours of research they do.

I'm not talking about Paul/Faul, because I really don't care, but after reading about Laurel Canyon, there is far too much detail there to be bogus. There is most definitely something going on there.

Damn! Just look at how this country's gone to shit since the 1970s. I'm one of six kids. My mother was a hausfrau. My dad, a teacher. Today, people cant raise a family of four without both paretns working at the very least, one job. Doesn't that tell you something's very wrong?

by Anonymousreply 5201/18/2012

More shocking evidence!

by Anonymousreply 5301/18/2012

R48/49, you've got to READ all or at least some of the 19 chapters to understand. Very easy reading. I'm on chapter 7 already.

Read: "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation" at the link.

It's extremely interesting.

by Anonymousreply 5401/18/2012

This is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard.

by Anonymousreply 5501/18/2012

As important as the Freaks were to building an audience for the new Laurel Canyon bands, Hollywood’s so-called “Young Turks” -Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper and Warren Beatty, along with their female counterparts like Jane Fonda, Nancy Sinatra and Sharon Tate - became an immediate and constant presence on the newly emerging Sunset Strip scene, their presence was supposed to lure people to the new bands.

Some of them, including Peter Fonda and Hopper found homes in the canyon so that they could live, work and party among the rock stars (and, in their free time, pass around John Phillips’ wife to just about every swinging dick in the canyon, including Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Warren Beatty, Roman Polanski, and Gene Clark of The Byrds). Some of them never left; Jack Nicholson to this day lives just off the portion of Mulholland Drive that lies between Laurel Canyon and Coldwater Canyon. Not far west of Nicholson’s property sits the longtime home of Warren Beatty.

From the symbiotic relationship between Laurel Canyon actors and Laurel Canyon musicians arose a series of feature films (23 to be exact directed by Roger Corman seated next to David Crosby's dad, the Admiral, General or whatever)

Two weeks after Easy Rider premiered on July 14, 1969, police acting on a phone tip raided the Solar Lodge’s compound near Blythe, California and found a six-year-old boy locked outdoors in a 6’x6’ wooden crate in the sweltering desert heat. The young boy, whose father was a Los Angeles County probation officer (as was Michelle Phillip’s father, by the way), had been chained to a steel plate for nearly two months in temperatures reaching as high as 117° F. According to an FBI report, the box also contained a can “partially filled with human waste and swarming with flies … The stench was nauseating.” Before being put in the box, the child had been burned with matches and beaten with bamboo poles by cult members. The leader of the cult, Georgina Brayton, had reportedly told cult members that “when it was convenient, she was going to give [the boy] LSD and set fire to the structure in which he was chained and give him just enough chain to get out of reach of the fire.” Killing the child had also been discussed (and apparently condoned by the boy’s mind-fucked mother).

How is that related? Several of the people involved in making Easy Rider including the art director were members of the OTO.

The massacre at the Tate residence occurred less than two weeks after the aforementioned raid on the OTO compound. Manson’s Barker Ranch hideout would be raided a few months later, on October 12, 1969 – the birthday of Aleister Crowley, the Grand Poobah of the OTO until his death in 1947.

by Anonymousreply 5601/18/2012

Look, you conspiracy theory nutters had damn well better be GAY conspiracy theory nutters.

by Anonymousreply 5701/18/2012

Conspiratologists converging on meaningless shit is what DL is all about.

by Anonymousreply 5801/18/2012

Bruce Dern, one of the "Young Turks", was godson of sitting First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and future two-time Democratic presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson. Bruce’s paternal grandfather was George Dern, who served as Secretary of War under President Franklin Roosevelt and who also served as Governor of Utah and Chairman of the National Governors’ Association.

Bruce’s mother was the sister of Archibald MacLeish, who also served under Franklin Roosevelt, as the Director of the War Department’s Office of Facts and Figures and as the Assistant Director of the Office of War Information.

In other words, Archibald MacLeish was essentially America’s Minister of War Propaganda. He also served at various times as an Assistant Secretary of State and as the Librarian of Congress. By far the most impressive item on his résumé, however, was his membership in everyone’s favorite secret society, Skull and Bones (class of 1915, one year before Prescott Bush was tapped in 1916).

Peter Fonda, son of Henry Fonda, a decorated US Naval Intelligence officer during World War II. Not too many years after the war, Hank’s wife, Francis Ford Seymour, was found with her throat slashed open with a straight razor. Peter was just ten years old at the time of his mother’s, uhmm, suicide on April 14, 1950. When Seymour had met and married Hank, she was the widow of George Brokaw, who had, curiously enough, previously been married to prominent CIA asset Claire Booth Luce.

8 mos later, Fonda married Susan Blanchard, to whom he remained married until 1956. In 1957, Hank married Italian Countess Afdera Franchetti (who followed up her four-year marriage to Fonda with a rumored affair with newly-sworn-in President John Kennedy).

Franchetti, as it turns out, is the daughter of Baron Raimondo Franchetti, who was a consultant to fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. The countess is also the great-granddaughter of Louise Sarah Rothschild, of the ever-popular Rothschild banking family (perhaps you’ve heard of them?)

Oh, and Hank’s first wife, Margaret Sullavan – who was yet another child of Norfolk, Virginia – also allegedly committed suicide, on New Year’s Day, 1960. Nine months later, her daughter Bridget followed suit. In 1961, very soon after the deaths of first her mother and then her sister, Sullavan’s other daughter, Brook Hayward, walked down the aisle with the next Young Turk on our list, Dennis Hopper. For those who may be unfamiliar with Hopper’s body of work, he is the guy who was once found wandering naked and bewildered in a Mexican forest. And the guy who, after divorcing Hayward in 1969, married Michelle Phillips on Halloween day, 1970, only to have her file for divorce just eight days later claiming that Hopper had kept her handcuffed and imprisoned for a week while making “unnatural sexual demands.”

Hopper told a journalist that he “didn’t handcuff her, [he] just punched her out!”

Dennis Hopper's mother was a farmer, but in his own words, "But my father was not a farmer. He was a working person in intelligence [who during WWII] was in the OSS. He was in China, Burma, India. He was one of the 100 guys that liberated General Wainright out of prison in Korea.”.

To briefly recap then, we have thus far met three of the ‘Young Turks’ and we have found that one of them is the nephew of a Bonesman, another is the son of a Naval Intelligence officer who was once married to a Rothschild descendent, and the third is the slightly deranged son of an OSS officer. Come to think of it, we have actually covered one of the ‘Turkettes’ as well, since Jane Fonda obviously came from the same family background as her younger brother, Peter. As for the other female members of the posse, Sharon Tate was the daughter of Lt. Col. Paul Tate, a career US Army intelligence officer, and Nancy Sinatra is, of course, the daughter of Francis Albert Sinatra, whose known associates included Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Sam Giancana, Carlo Gambino, Goetano Luchese and Joseph Fishetti (a cousin of Al Capone).

Next up Beatty and Nicholson.

by Anonymousreply 5901/18/2012

Stopmfucking threadjacking. There's already a Laurel Canyon thread; use it. This thread is about Faul.

by Anonymousreply 6001/18/2012

I'm gay. Check out the Bitter Queen's blog.

Warren Beatty. Young Warren spent all of his early years living in various spooky suburbs of Washington, DC. He was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1937, after which his father moved the family to Norfolk, Virginia, which I think I may have mentioned is home to the world’s largest Naval facility (the reason for that, by the way, is that Norfolk is the gateway to the nation’s capital). The family later relocated to Arlington, Virginia, home of the Pentagon, where Warren attended high school and where he was known on the football field, as John Phillips (who attended a rival school) remembers it, as ‘Mad Dog’ Beaty.

His father was a a professor of psychology, involved in ? Ira Beaty’s relatively frequent relocations, and the fact that those relocations always seemed to land the family in DC suburbs that are of considerable significance to the military/intelligence community...well, that's up for speculation.

Jack Nicholson officially, has the exact same biography as serial killer, Ted Bundy.

It is said that Nicholson was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, but there is no record of such a birth at the hospital or in the city’s archives. As it turns out, Jack Nicholson has no birth certificate. Until 1954, by which time he was nearly an adult, he did not officially exist. Even today, the closest thing he has to a birth certificate is a ‘Certificate of a Delayed Report of Birth’ that was filed on May 24, 1954. The document lists John and Ethel Nicholson as the parents and identifies the location of the birth as the Nicholson’s home address in Neptune, New Jersey.

It appears then that there is no way to determine who Jack Nicholson really is. He has told journalists that he has no interest in identifying who his father was, nor, it would appear, in verifying his mother’s identity. What we do know is that the nucleus of the 1960s clique known as the Young Turks (and Turkettes) was composed of the following individuals: the nephew of a Bonesman; the son of an OSS officer; the son of a Naval intelligence officer; the daughter of that same Naval intelligence officer; the daughter of an Army intelligence officer; the daughter of a guy who openly associated with prominent gangsters throughout his life; the son of a probable spy-chologist; and a guy whose early years are so shrouded in mystery that he may or may not actually exist.

Henry Fonda scored his first acting gig through Dorothy “Dodie” Brando, the director of a local theater and the mother of Jack Nicholson’s future neighbor, Marlon Brando. Being the small world that it is, Marlon’s mom happened to be a good friend of Hank’s mom, Elma Fonda. Truth be told, the families had likely had close ties for a long time. A very long time. The ancestors of both Marlon Brando and Henry Fonda, you see, arrived in New York at nearly the same time, roughly three-and-a-half centuries ago.

Marlon Brando is in a direct line of descent from French Huguenot colonists Louis DuBois and Catharine Blanchan DuBois, who arrived in New York from Mannheim, Germany circa 1660 and promptly founded New Rochelle. Other descendents of DuBois include former U.S. Senator Leverett Saltonstall, former Massachusetts Governor and CFR member William Weld, current California First Lady Maria Shriver, and U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Zachary Taylor.

Henry Fonda, on the other hand, is a direct descendent of Jellis Douw Fonda and Hester Jans Fonda, Dutch colonists who arrived in New York circa 1650 and settled near what would become Albany. The Fondas had sailed out of Friesland, Netherlands on a ship dubbed the Valckenier, which happened to be co-owned by a very wealthy Dutchman by the name of Jan-Baptist van Rensselaer. And Mr. van Rensselaer, as those who have been paying attention in class will recall, happened to be from the bloodline that would one day produce a guy by the name of David van Cortland Crosby.

September 28, 1919, when Henry Fonda was just fourteen years old, he bore witness to a crime so brutally sadistic and depraved that

by Anonymousreply 6101/18/2012

Hey, I started this thread, R60. So, fuck off.

by Anonymousreply 6201/18/2012

This thread has been ruined by all the seriously mentally I'll people with their lunatic "theories."

by Anonymousreply 6301/18/2012

I thought lunatic theories was the point of this thread.

by Anonymousreply 6401/18/2012

“David was obnoxious, loud, demanding, thoughtless, full of himself – of the four of them [David Crosby, Steven Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young], the least talented.” -- David Geffen

by Anonymousreply 6501/18/2012

[quote], dear, all the songs by the Beatles and Rolling Stones were written by one guy at Tavistock. Get with the program.

That theory was debunked long ago.

Theodor Adorno was a sociologist, and yes, he also happened to be a good musician. However, he hated rock 'n roll and there is zero evidence to suggest that Adorno wrote the Beatles songs and music.

At least with the "Faul" theory, there's a smidge of evidence, as flimsy as it is. The Adorno/Beatles conspiracy has none.

by Anonymousreply 6601/18/2012

[quote]Aleister Crowley, the Grand Poobah of the OTO until his death in 1947.

Of course, the holder of this title now is his daughter, Bar Bush.

by Anonymousreply 6701/18/2012

[quote]Of course, the holder of this title now is his daughter, Bar Bush.

This is another favorite crazy conspiracy theory of mine. It's completely ridiculous, yet it's not out of the realm of possibility either. The resemblance between Bush and Crowley is uncanny.

by Anonymousreply 6801/19/2012

You all do realize that a large percentage of "arty" types come from money.

That's what all those folks have in common, not some weird ass MIC conspiracy.

Comfortable money in most cases, serious money in others.

Hard to be "arty" when you have to work to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.

Those that make it without $ used sex (hooking or marriage) to support themselves.

by Anonymousreply 6901/19/2012

What's going on with the conspiracy theory troll? He/she seems to be on overdrive lately.

Perhaps he/she is being controlled by MIGHTY ISIS!!!

by Anonymousreply 7001/19/2012

It used to be that almost everyone had military connections because who didn't serve in WWII or Korea? Not serving was unusual. Baby boomers' parents with military experience was the norm not some crazy conspiracy.

The long ass posts about celebrities and their connections are meaningless. They show nothing except that people who travel in certain circles marry in those circles. Did you expect these people to marry a stockboy at Sears or a mailman in Colorado?

Anyone can come up with a "conspiracy" by picking and choosing selected "examples" and people. It proves nothing except that one has an imagination.

And research into bullshit produces bullshit. Logic is not favored in the minds of conspiracists. There's a reason why the mentally ill are always seeing conspiracies in everything.

The one way you can tell Paul is the same old Paul is that he is as obnoxious as he always was.

by Anonymousreply 7101/19/2012

Here's the other Faul thread:

by Anonymousreply 7201/19/2012

My take on how all the rich people descended on Laurel Canyon comes from their historical penchant for intruding on any "happening" because they have the resources to do so.

Some freaks started something, then the moneyed scions moved in because they could afford to, then they made it theirs, and then they fucked it up with drugs.

When Manson changed the tone, the rich kids also had the means to run away.

Think Jock Whitney moving in on Gone With The Wind -- once he got his, he was gone.

by Anonymousreply 7301/19/2012

Those new Paul pics on the right were taken from an interview he did outside. He's obviously squinting because he is facing the sun.

by Anonymousreply 7401/19/2012

I always thought the dead Paul stuff was ridiculous, esp. the 'clues' in the music played backwards, the Abbey Road cover, etc. All seemed like stunts.

But the shapes of the skulls do look different. Eyes wider apart, etc. It's compelling that the italian Wired story set out to debunk the conspiracy theories but upon examining the evidence says it's not the same person.

by Anonymousreply 7501/19/2012

[quote]September 28, 1919, when Henry Fonda was just fourteen years old, he bore witness to a crime so brutally sadistic and depraved that

AND? what?? r61 please complete your post.

by Anonymousreply 7601/19/2012

It's all on the previously cited webstie, r76.

[quote]One other thing we could note here about Hank Fonda before wrapping up this installment: on September 28, 1919, when Henry was just fourteen years old, he bore witness to a crime so brutally sadistic and depraved that one wonders what such an event would do to a young boy’s psyche. According to an account published at the time, a young black man named Will Brown, accused of raping a white girl, was beaten unconscious by an angry mob. His clothes were then torn off and he was hanged from a lamppost. Though quite dead, his corpse was then riddled with bullets, after which he was cut down and dragged behind a car. His body was then doused with fuel and burned. Following that, Mr. Brown’s charred, battered, bullet-ridden corpse was proudly dragged through the streets of downtown. To commemorate the event, the lynch rope was cut into small pieces that were sold for 10 cents each to eager buyers.

by Anonymousreply 7701/19/2012

Has anyone watched the video the last testament of George Harrison? Did it make you believe?

If there was a Faul, why wouldn't Jane Astor have come out and said anything? wouldn't she have been dating both?

Wouldn't have Olivia Harrison known about this if George was spilling it? why doesn't she come out and say anything?

by Anonymousreply 7801/19/2012

What's this about Heather's leg and a sword?

by Anonymousreply 7901/19/2012


That is the most fucked up saddest thing I've read in ages. That poor little boy. Horrific. I hope those bastards burned in hell.

R18 and R40 have also totally freaked me out.

by Anonymousreply 8001/19/2012

Nothing happened to any of the abusers:

"Jean Brayton, her husband, the boy's father, and three other members left California before they could be arrested, going on the run from the authorities. Three years later they all surrendered in court, but none were forced to serve a sentence in jail because it was determined that the circumstances surrounding their charges were subject to entrapment laws. Jean Brayton pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years probation and a $500.00 fine. Her husband, Richard Brayton, had his charges dismissed. Frater Dys, who had actually chained the boy for no more than 10 hours, pleaded guilty and received probation. Other members had their charges dismissed due to lack of evidence."

by Anonymousreply 8101/19/2012

R71 obviously hasn't read one word of the LC information, hasn't researched any of the information, yet knows it all, anyway.

Must be nice to be you, R71.

by Anonymousreply 8201/19/2012

Watch The Secret Right Volumes 1 (Free online...just search) and 2 ( at link) by Josh Reeves. An amazing amount of information about the right-winged and highly secretive "Council on National Policy", founded by the John Birch Society, which is more powerful than the Bilderbergs, CFR, etc.

It illuminates the connections that serve to control this country and HW is a crucial (PROPAGANDA, etc) part of this right-winged control mechanism. He also supplies plenty of evidence that the right wing (H.L. Hunt, Gen. Edwin Walker, John Russelow (sp? convinced other JBers that Kennedy was a commie and had to be killed...he was going to destroy a tax break that would make the TX oil titans lose BILLIONS), had Kennedy killed. NBC (GE- huge benefactor of JFK death) never allowed an interview to air on the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder, with all the details of the JFK shooting.

For instance, Harry Connick Jr's father, Harry Connick Sr. (John Bircher and JFK conspirator) immediately replaced Jim Garrison as DA of New Orleans after Garrison brought Clay Shaw to trial to continue the cover up. Woody Harrelson's father, Charles Harrelson, another one in on the JFK assassination. Both Woody and Harry Connick Jr. appeared in Cheers as cousins...wink, wink..

Also, Ronald Reagan is another LC actor.

The dirty little secret is that more than a few (NOT ALL) of our beloved celebrities, liberal or conservative, are very connected in one or another to the right-winged power.

by Anonymousreply 8301/19/2012

Right wing authoritarians will allways attempt to pigeonhole and limit the debate in to existing control structures. So, it appears we have lots of right-wing authoritarians on here.

When 'emote control' begin to occur, parts of the brain normally involved in reasoning are not activated. Instead, a constellation of activations occurred in the same areas of the brain where punishment, pain, and negative emotions are experienced.

Once a way is found to ignore information that could not be rationally discounted, the neural punishment areas turned off, and the participant received a blast of activation in the circuits involving rewards - akin to the high an addict receives when getting his fix.

In essence, those of you who insist that you know all info is false are not about to let facts get in the way of your hot-button decision making and quick buzz of reward.

by Anonymousreply 8401/19/2012

Here's a list of some LC residents past and present. MIC=Military Industrial Complex connections DK =Don't Know

* Jensen Ackles, actor, present (DK)

* Elvis Cole, Fictional Detective, present (DK)

* Jennifer Aniston, early-mid 1990s (MIC)

* Christina Applegate, present (DK)

* Mary Astor, Appian Way (MIC)

* Lex Barker (Alexander Crichlow Barker, Jr.), international Actor (Tarzan, German Karl May movies), Mulholland Drive, neighbour to Errol Flynn, end of 1940s (MIC)

* Saul Bass, graphic designer (DK)

* Harry Bosch, present (fictional) (DK)

* Clara Bow, 1920s, on Horseshoe Canyon and Lookout Mountain (MIC)

* David Blue 1980s,rented on Lookout Mountain Ave. (DK)

* Victory (Vicki) Tischler Blue, 1980s - 2003,and 2006 [rented on Lookout Mountain] producer/director, bass player for the The Runaways (MIC)

* Zach Braff, present on Lookout Mountain Ave. (MIC)

* Peter Brocco 1940s to 1992 (died at 89 years old) stage, film and tv character actor, blacklisted in the 1950s. His home was on Laurel Canyon Blvd., just north of the Country Store. (DK)

* Louise Brooks, 1927-28 (DK)

* Jerry Brown, 1970s (MIC)

* Eric Burdon, 1970s (DK)

* David Byrne (DK)

* Neve Campbell, 1996-2000 (DK)

* Canned Heat, their house and rehearsal studio on Lookout Mountain Ave next to Joni Mitchell's burned to the ground in 1969. A photo of their charred amplifiers was used for Steppenwolf's album At Your Birthday Party'. (MIC)

* Leslie Caron, 1950s, lived on Laurel Canyon Boulevard, near the Country Store (MIC)

* Danny Carey, drummer for Tool, present (DK)

* Adam Carolla, 1980s (DK)

* David Carradine 1970s (DK)

* Stephen Christian, present (DK)

* George Clooney, present (MIC)

* Chuck Connors, 1950s, lived on Ridpath (MIC)

* Alice Cooper, 1971-1976 (MIC)

* David Crosby, 1960's (MIC)

* Richard Day, art director, lived on Oakstone Way, 1920-1940 (MIC)

* Pamela Des Barres (DK)

* Henry Diltz, photographer, 1960s (DK)

* Denny Doherty, 1960s, also lived in the Mary Astor house on Appian Way (MIC)

* Shannen Doherty 1980s, rented (her first time away from home) on Lookout Mountain Ave (DK)

* Micky Dolenz, 1960s (MIC)

* D.C. Douglas, actor, present (DK)

* Marty Teboe, 1967, and once again early 1989 thru 1994 (DK)

* Troy Donahue, early 1960s, lived on Ridpath(DK)

* Rob Dyrdek, Pro Skateboarder, MTV2 star, present (MIC)

* Eliza Dushku, present (DK)

* Cass Elliot, 1960s off Woodrow Wilson (MIC)

* Geoff Emerick, present (DK)

* Will Ferrell, present(DK)

* Fabian, 1960s, lived on Ridpath (MIC)

* Kim Fowley, 1970's (DK)

* Errol Flynn, early to mid 1950s (MIC and a Nazi)

* Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski, 1968-1969 (DK)

* John Frusciante, guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, present (DK)

* Glenn Frey, 1970's (DK)

* James Frey, presumably mid-90's, however, his account of his time there, in My Friend Leonard had a compressed timeline (DK)

* Roman Gabriel, former quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, lived on Skyline Drive, 1970s (MIC)

* Esther Galil, present (DK)

* Balthazar Getty rented a house on the corner of Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Laurelmont Dr., 1990s (DK)

* Jackson Browne, 1960s-70s (MIC)

* [[Erin Hamilton] recording artist, daughter of Carol Burnett, 1990s on Lookout Mountain Ave. (DK)

by Anonymousreply 8501/20/2012

* Robert A. Heinlein, 1940s (MIC)

* Katherine Helmond, present (DK)

* Jimi Hendrix, summer 1968 (MIC)

* Maya Asztinx, Present (DK)

* Chris Hillman, 1960s (DK)

* Harry Houdini, 1919-1921 (CIA operative)

* Jim Hutton, 1970s (DK)

* Boris Karloff, 1930s (MIC)

* Anthony Kiedis, 1990s-present

* Ed Kienholz, artist

* Carole King, 1970's-90's

* C. M. Kornbluth, 1940s

* Robby Krieger, 1960's-70's

* K.D. Lang, musician, present

* Leadbelly (Huddie William Ledbetter), blues singer and musician lived as subtenant on Merrywood Drive, in a house which was damaged by fire 1944, then remodeled by R.M. Schindler when he was trying to get work as a studio musician in Hollywood.

* Timothy Leary, 1990's (MIC)

* Arthur Lee, and his band Love, in the Béla Lugosi house on Blue Heights Rd, 1960s (MIC)

* Sharmagne Leland-St. John, poet, concert performer, film-maker, author, lived on Prospect Drive 1965, Fareholm Drive '68-'70, Ridpath '71 and on 34 acres known as Lookout Mountain Park with Paul A. Rothchild, record producer until '74, has lived in her present home on Merrywood Drive off Lookout Mountain since 1986 (MIC)

* Daisy-Alexandra Sylbert-Torres, Film costumer 1986-2002 (DK)

* Martyn LeNoble, bassist for Porno For Pyros, Jane's Addiction, and The Cult (DK)

* Jenny Lewis, Present (MIC)

* Tom Leykis, syndicated radio talk show host, 1989-93 (MIC)

* Bessie Love, silent film actress, lived at 8227 Lookout Mountain Ave, reportedly haunted, 1920's (DK)

by Anonymousreply 8601/20/2012

* Josh Lucas, actor, present (MIC)

* Béla Lugosi, Blue Heights Road (MIC)

* Sue Lyon, 1960s (during first marriage, on Kirkwood) (DK)

* Joel Madden, present (DK)

* Marilyn Manson, 1997-2004, residence is on Appian Way at the famed 'Mary Astor House', built in the 1920s as a 'Hills hideaway for actress Mary Astor, who used the home secretly for her romantic trysts with studio execs and other notables; Marilyn Manson wrote the entire Mechanical Animals album at this house, and much of it was recorded at 'The White Room' -- Manson's home recording studio in his pool house (MIC)

* Ray Manzarek, 1970's (DK)

* Alicia Silverstone, present (MIC)

* Gardner McKay, actor, author (DK)

* Steve Martin, late 1960s (DK)

* Bob Masse, late 1960s (MIC)

* John Mayall, 1969-1979 House burned down, see the 1968 blues album Blues from Laurel Canyon (MIC)

* Monet Mazur 2000s, rented on Merrywood Drive. (DK)

* Mark McGrath, singer, Sugar Ray, host of Extra, present (DK)

* Roger McGuinn, 1960's (DK)

* Jillian Michaels (DK)

* Joni Mitchell, 1960's- 1970s on Lookout Mountain Ave. Still owns the house. (MIC)

* Robert Mitchum, 1940s-'60s (MIC)

* Tom Mix, cowboy film star, 1920's (DK)

* Keith Moon, mid-1970s, Studio City side of Laurel Canyon (MIC)

* Tom Morello, guitarist for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave, present (DK)

* Jim Morrison, lived behind the Canyon Country Store, late 1960s (MIC)

* Mark Mothersbaugh, musician, composer, artist, founder of Devo, present (DK)

* Douglas Anne Munson, novelist, attorney, on Kirkwood Dr., late 1950s, attended Wonderland Ave. Elementary School (MIC)

* Graham Nash, 1960's- 70's (MIC)

* Harry Falk, T.V. director former husband of child actress Patty Duke. 1968-1970. 8046 Fareholm Drive. (MIC)

* Patty Duke, Child actress. Bought house on Fareholm from former husband Harry Falk. (MIC)

* Buzz Osborne, singer, guitarist for The Melvins present (DK)

* Mackie Osborne, artist, present (DK)

* Gram Parsons, early-1970s (MIC)

* Adam Pascal, present

* Iggy Pop, 1970s (MIC)

* Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank, Jr. 1960s - present (DKI)

* Trent Reznor, 1995-1997 (DK)

* Jonathan Rice, Present (DK)

* Keith Richards, 1970s (MIC)

* Nicole Richie, present (MIC)

* The Rolling Stones, 1970s, interestingly, The Rolling Stones occupied the same house mentioned above, the 'Mary Astor House' in which Marilyn Manson lives today; their film, Cocksucker Blues was filmed here (MIC)

* Paul Rothchild, producer, The Doors, Crosby Stills & Nash 1960's-90's (MIC)

* Rick Rubin, and his studio The Mansion where the Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Stadium Arcadium and shot the film Funky Monks. Others who have recorded here include Johnny Cash, Slayer, Audioslave, Slipknot, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, System of a Down, Maroon 5, The Mars Volta. (MIC)

* Meg Ryan, present (DK)

* Betye Saar, 1950s-70s (MIC)

* Alison Saar, 1950s-70s (MIC)

* John Saxon, 1960s-70s (lived on Jewett Dr.)(DK)

* Kesha (singer) (Ke$ha), present (MIC)

* Slash, guitarist for Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, 1976-mid-'80s (MIC)

* Matt Sorum drummer for The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver 2006- present (MIC)

* Dusty Springfield, 1970s (MIC)

* Danny Sugerman, Author, No One Here Gets Out Alive and Wonderland Avenue, manager of The Doors & Iggy Pop 1970s (MIC)

* John Taylor bassist for Duran Duran, 1995-1998 (DK)

* Lloyd Thaxton, 1960's (DK)

* Justin Timberlake, present (Project Monarch)

* Ian Thorpe, present (DK)

* Peter Tork, mid 1960s (MIC)

* Mark Volman, late 1960s (MIC)

* Victoria Vetri, actress, ex-Playmate of the Year (DK)

* Orson Welles, lived on Greenvalley Road, late 1970s (MIC)

* Pete Wentz, present (DK)

* Brian Wilson, 1960s (MIC)

* Chuck Wright, bassist for Quiet Riot, present (DK)

by Anonymousreply 8701/20/2012

* Neil Young, late 1960s (MIC)

* Frank Zappa, 1968-1993 (MIC)

* Travis Keller, present

* Frances Farmer, American actress and husband Leif Erickson American actor. Hollywood Hills Road. Late 1930s early 1940s. (MIC)

* Claudia Jennings, American actress, Playboy Playmate of the Year, Playboy centerfold. On Woodrow Wilson, then on Ridpath, until her death in a car accident in Malibu in 1979

* Tommy Boyce, Boyce and Hart, Studio City side of Laurel Canyon at "Sunshine Park"

* Bobby Hart, Boyce and Hart on Woodrow Wilson in two separate locations form the 1960s to present (DK)

* Hedge Capers & Donna Carson, A & M recording artists Hedge and Donna 1960s to 1970s off Ridpath then after divorce Hedge moved to Stanley Hills Road (MIC)

* Peter Walker, Vanguard recording artist concert performer. Rainy Day Raga Second Poem to Karmela Father of American Folk Raga. Played music behind Timothy Leary's "Celebrations" slide shows. Rented a room in a house owned by Fred Tackett Little Feat 1966. (DK)

* Fred Tackett, Guitarist. [Little Feat]] 1960s. (DK)

* Renae Lambert, American stage actress. Created the role Anna Christie on Broadway. Was brought to Hollywood to star in the movie version, but lost out to Greta Garbo. She was also in the Broadway version of The Real McCoys. Merrywood Drive. 1930s-1960s. (MIC)

* Greta Garbo Film actress. On Hillside Drive off Fareholm. (DK)

* Lon Chaney Jr. on Hillside off Fareholm Drive (MIC)

* Alex del Zoppo Sweetwater the first band to play onstage at Woodstock. In a garage attic rented from Sharmagne Leland-St. John. Fareholm Drive (MIC)

* The Lady Patricia Pelham-Clinton-Hope, American actress, daughter of The 9th Duke of Newcastle, Stanley Hills Drive, 1960s to 70s various locations (MIC)

* Nick Mancuso, Canadian Actor (DK)

by Anonymousreply 8801/20/2012

Mark Volman is my professor at Belmont University! I need to ask him about this Laurel Canyon history.

by Anonymousreply 8901/20/2012

Well, after all that uninteresting, well-documented bullshit about tedious creeps none of us especially care about - and not understanding why we're supposed to be surprised that young privileged people in the 1960s rebelled against their rich dadas - back to the thread.

The photos are pretty funny, but...

What I've wondered about is the near-complete collapse of McCartney's talent after 1971 or 1972. I mean, the shit has been relentless. Slop, schlock, and nothing - NOTHING - comparable to the work of his youth. Don't cite the usual claimants among Wings' hits. Those pop pieces are wandering, poorly orchestrated, too-commercial, inane and inauthentic drivel. Live and Let Die, indeed.

McCartney didn't die in 1966, but if he had died in 1972 his legacy would not have been affected at all. That's 40 years of dreck and nothing but the hilarity of the Late Linda's vocalizing to take pleasure in.

by Anonymousreply 9001/20/2012

R89, if he's involved, he's not going to tell you anything. However, it will be interesting to see how he reacts.

Ask him about all of the underground tunnels, caves and caverns, secret passageways and hidden chambers.

Ask him about the various "white supremacist" groups that operated from "Look-out Mountain" within the canyon. It was mentioned by the Homeowner's Association of Laurel Canyon.

And ask him about Harry Houdini. He was, in fact, an intelligence asset who used his magic act as a cover. Corroborating documentation from Scotland Yard, and confirmation from John McLaughlin, former Acting Director of the CIA prove this to be true.

by Anonymousreply 9101/20/2012

From Joan Baez (Her father was the head of Operations Research at Cornell University, which is known today as being the home base for all MK-Ultra contracts during the 1950s):

You don’t have to play me backwards,

To get the meaning of my verse,

You don’t have to die and go to hell,

To feel the Devil’s curse.

Well I thought my life was a photograph,

On the family Christmas card.

Kids all dressed in buttons and bows,

And lined up in the yard.

Were the golden days of childhood,

So lyrical and warm?

Or did the picture start to fade,

On the day that I was born.

Let the night begin, there’s a pop of skin,

And the sudden rush of scarlet,

There’s a little boy riding on a goat’s head,

And a little girl playing the harlot.

There’s a sacrifice in an empty church,

Of sweet li’l baby Rose,

And a man in a mask from Mexico,

Is peeling off my clothes.

I’ve seen them light the candles,

I’ve heard them beat the drum,

And I’ve cried Mama, Mama, I’m cold as ice,

And I’ve got no place to run.

So I’m paying for protection,

Smoking out the truth,

Chasing recollections,

Nailing down the proof.

I’ll stand before your altar,

And tell everything I know,

I’ve come to claim my childhood,

At the chapel of baby Rose.48

by Anonymousreply 9201/21/2012

Wait, people genuinely believe this Paul McCartney died and was replaced thing? I could forgive the people of the 60s an 70s buying this, they were taking acid and tripping balls back then, but sober, reasonable people buy this shit?!

by Anonymousreply 9301/21/2012

R91 & R92, please stop. You're not even on topic. Go start your own thread and stop derailing what could have been a hilarious and interesting read if you hadn't come along and shit all over it with your boring drivel.

by Anonymousreply 9401/21/2012

Who was Baby Rose?

by Anonymousreply 9501/21/2012


Oh, dear.

by Anonymousreply 9601/21/2012

Look what I just found. This is truly weird:

by Anonymousreply 9701/21/2012

"Don't cite the usual claimants among Wings' hits"

Uh... and why shouldn't we, r90?

'Band on the Run' is easily one of the best albums of the 70s.

Many artists have a great run for ten years, before their well is dry. After a couple of years, they are inspired again - as in McCartney's case with BOTR - only to go back to mediocrity.

The Stones were no different after 'Exile on Main Street', not to mention Elton John or David Bowie. They all had 10 terrific years, followed by 20 years of ups and down in creativity.

And McCartney has released a string of highly regarded albums over the last 15 years.

It's common knowledge that Lennon kept in check McCartney's fondness of kitsch, during the Beatles years. That's what made their songs so special. It had a bit of both. Once McCartney composed on his own, the kitsch factor became more prominent.

Finally, his voice has always sounded the same. From 'She Loves You' to 'Hey Jude' to 'Silly Love Songs' to his recent songs.


by Anonymousreply 9801/21/2012

Also, are we arguing that all these artists with 'MIC roots' willfully and knowingly furthered the supposed aims of the MIC?

Someone upthread made the claim that none of them really attacked the values of their parents.

But what about Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Teach Your Children"? The very anthem of the 'new beginning', of turning away from your parents' generation.

Why do you think David Crosby was the sperm donor to Melissa Etheridge's baby? You can't be more anti-establishment than that.

Then there's Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock", celebrating the ideas of the movement. Both she and Neil Young have railed and railed against the Bushes, Sr. and Jr.

I mean, Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World". Hello?

Or John Lennon's "Imagine", essentially a communist manifesto.

Then we've got Jefferson Airplane with their countless songs of 'living outside the norm.' Ok, so they never resided in LC; but they were part and parcel of the movement. Why has Grace Slick never mentioned any of this, if it were true? Surely she'd know if her colleagues were all fake. And she's not known to hold back anything.

by Anonymousreply 9901/21/2012

More anti-establishment and anti-parental battle songs from the LC-set:

Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth".

The Stones' "Street Fightin' Man" (yes, written prior to Richards' years in LC - but has the band ever disowned that song? No.) "Sympathy For The Devil" is questioning the status quo as well.

Jimi Hendrix covering "All Along The Watch Tower", another anti-establishment anthem.

The Doors' "The End" and "When The Music's Over" are completely apocalyptic songs, lamenting the status quo.

And Iggy Pop is a walking anti-establishment manifesto. Please.

by Anonymousreply 10001/21/2012

Finally, the most obvious indicator of McCartney being the real McCartney hasn't been named yet:

if there TRULY was a doppelganger standing in for the dead McCartney, don't you think he would've used the breakup of the Beatles as a means to leave the music industry then and there?

Why keep up this charade when no longer necessary? Why record albums, go on tours, always under the risk of being 'found out'?

He could have said: "The Beatles are breaking up, that's it, I'm tired of music, I'm leaving to become a farmer in Scotland, my spiritual home".

Secondly, why has cantankerous Yoko Ono never accused him of being a doppelganger, especially after Lennon's death, when there was no reason left to keep up appearances? For 40 years, this woman has been showered with hostility from Beatles fans. She'd have every reason in the book to tell them who the true "meanie" was, if he truly existed.

Why has Elvis Costello - one of the most respected and radically sincere songwriters of his generation - collaborated with McCartney TWICE? He'd be the first to inform the world of there being a doppelganger at play.

by Anonymousreply 10101/21/2012

R95, the sacrificed baby that Joan Baez had to watch get sacrificed.

Satanists (genuine ones) aren’t ignorant peasants or semi-literate natives. Rather, their ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and basically highly responsible citizens...pillars of the community!!

What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of "the Brotherhood" pyramid that rules the world. Like all the other parts of the network, it is strictly compartmentalized. The highest levels of the Satanic network lock into the highest levels of the Brotherhood, but the lower degrees are not allowed to know the true nature of the organizations they are involved in.

Satanism is run like a transnational corporation. The higher up the societal the more Satanists you will find.

Most of you, like the public at large, would rather believe the allegations are not true because they want to believe such horrors are not happening. Unfortunately they are, on a vast scale, and if you go into denial about it because you don’t want to face the truth about your world, then you are helping to perpetuate this unspeakable treatment of children.

by Anonymousreply 10201/21/2012

Wait how are J Anniston G. Clooney related to MIK

by Anonymousreply 10301/21/2012

The crackpots on DL lately make me alternate between laughing and shaking my head, but this:

It is said that Nicholson was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City, but there is no record of such a birth at the hospital or in the city’s archives. As it turns out, Jack Nicholson has no birth certificate. Until 1954, by which time he was nearly an adult, he did not officially exist.

I guess this means he's off the ticket as Barack's VP?

by Anonymousreply 10401/21/2012

I looked up that Baby Rose song -- funny, Hotel California got a dialogue going about Satanism in Beverly Hills, but there doesn't seem to be much discussing about this song anywhere, outside of in MK-ULTRA interest blogs

by Anonymousreply 10501/22/2012

[quote]if there TRULY was a doppelganger standing in for the dead McCartney, don't you think he would've used the breakup of the Beatles as a means to leave the music industry then and there?

No, because, according to the Paul/Faul theory, the doppelganger who was ultimately chose was also a musician.

Most musicians want to make their music and have it heard by a wide audience. This would've been a perfect opportunity for any passionate musician. Add in the money factor and the doppelganger would have no problem keeping his mouth shut.

[quote]Why keep up this charade when no longer necessary? Why record albums, go on tours, always under the risk of being 'found out'?

See answer above. Also, keeping up the charade would have been necessary for all parties because of the criminality involved. Plus, back then the risk of being 'found out' would've been substantially less than it would have been today, in the age of the Internet and cell phones.

[quote]Secondly, why has cantankerous Yoko Ono never accused him of being a doppelganger, especially after Lennon's death, when there was no reason left to keep up appearances? For 40 years, this woman has been showered with hostility from Beatles fans. She'd have every reason in the book to tell them who the true "meanie" was, if he truly existed.

Yoko would never have know the "real" Paul, so she would never have known that there was a doppelganger in the first place. Yoko didn't hook up with John until a few years after the "real" Paul supposedly died.

[quote]Why has Elvis Costello - one of the most respected and radically sincere songwriters of his generation - collaborated with McCartney TWICE? He'd be the first to inform the world of there being a doppelganger at play.

Same as the Yoko explanation above. Elvis wouldn't have known the "real" Paul.

Plus, this whole Paul/Faul conspiracy theory wasn't very well known until the Internet became extremely popular. Before that, very few people knew about it.

by Anonymousreply 10601/22/2012

r106, those arguments only work on the surface.

Yoko Ono was MARRIED to John Lennon, who could have and would have told her about the doppelganger, especially in the very testy latter-day-Beatles-era. There was no need for her to have known the 'real' McCartney.

As I said, she's been bombarded with hostility for 40 years. She'd be the first to indicate someone else was the true culprit for bringing down the Beatles, the true "odd man out" - yet she never made that claim about McCartney.

"Most musicians want to make their music and have it heard by a wide audience"

Girlfriend, please. Not on the level of the Beatles.

If McCartney had been fake, he WOULD have been found out, even before the age of the internet. Only a brilliant artist with a true musical gift could have written "Band on the Run".

And who wrote the Beatles songs between 1966 and 1970, officially penned by McCartney? His doppelganger could not be the one, for you'd need to be supremely gifted to continue writing in the vein of the "old McCarntey". Especially 1966-1970 saw the Beatles at the absolute peak of their creativity. It was McCARTNEY, not Lennon, who pulled the band together at the very end, and he wrote and inspired Abbey Road almost single-handedly. One of the most respected albums in the history of popular music - written by a fake and lesser musician? Right!

"Also, keeping up the charade would have been necessary for all parties because of the criminality involved"

Wrong. THe easiest way out of this criminality wouuld have been by ENDING it. The break-up of the Beatles was the perfect occasion for that.

Too many people would have known about there being a doppelganger, including the producer of the Beatles, family and friends of McCartney, exgirlfriends, family and friends of the three other Beatles, and also COLLEAGUES of that time.

You truly think Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, who both knew McCartney before 1966, would continue to appear with a fake McCartney at events, then and now? Please.

And yes, bringing up Costello is important too, because he'd know if McCartney was a lesser talent in two seconds, working with him.

Finally, where do you find a "doppelganger" who by pure coincidence not only LOOKS like McCartney, but also SOUNDS like him? From "She Loves You" and "Michelle" to "Hey Jude" and "Long And Winding Road" to "Jet" and "Mull of Kintyre" to "Say, Say, Say", he's always SOUNDED THE SAME. Same voice!

Anyone who believes scores of people (who at times hated each other) would agree to keep this charade running for decades, is paranoid.

Even (and especially) Mills would have found a way to blow things up, by getting the truth out.

So much paranoia here. Where is a link indicating "Joan Baez had to watch a baby get sacrificed"? Link, please! And not to some obscure site full of paranoia. I want to hear HER saying that.

by Anonymousreply 10701/22/2012

One final thought:

George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney all had exactly ONE brilliant moment in the post-Beatles era, equal to the quality of the Beatles music.

Harrison had "My Sweet Lord", Lennon had "Imagine", and McCartney had "Band on the Run".

The rest of their output ranged from very good (but not supremely brilliant) to pleasant to boring or too experimental.

In other words, McCartney did not stand out in any way, with his trajectory in the post-Beatles years.

by Anonymousreply 10801/22/2012

Paul had his nose thinned -- that's why he looks a little different from certain angles.

As with most nose jobs, it becomes obvious with age.

Note 0:30

by Anonymousreply 10901/22/2012

Excellent video, thanks for the link R109.

by Anonymousreply 11001/22/2012


by Anonymousreply 11101/22/2012

This thread is insane.

by Anonymousreply 11201/22/2012

Paul McCartney was very big in the 70s, both as a solo artist abd with Wings.

by Anonymousreply 11301/22/2012

I like how the conspiracy theory has Lennon planting clues about the reptlacement McCartney, but somehow never telling his wife of many years.

Of course if Yoko had known anything, she'd be only too delighted to spill the beans. Not only because she cound undoubtedly find some way to get her hands on Faul's royalty money, but because she'd like nothing better than a chance to destroy the Lennon-McCartney legacy, and declare herself Lennon's true creative partner.

by Anonymousreply 11401/23/2012

bump for more craziness!

by Anonymousreply 11501/28/2012

Brrr -- Baby Rose

by Anonymousreply 11601/29/2012

Will be funny if Paul McCartney is the last Beatles who dies

by Anonymousreply 11701/29/2012

Yes, r113, but the band really sucked.

by Anonymousreply 11801/29/2012

Paul McCartney's father and brother would have also had to play along, or are the tinhats trying to say that McCartney's own family would have been kept in the dark about his demise in 1966 (not to mention how would THEY have been fooled by a 'false Paul' if they weren't told of the real Paul's death)?

by Anonymousreply 11901/29/2012

I bet Paul had surgery after his accident that made him look slightly altered.

Plastic surgeons can change someone's look. They can't really make a duplicate though. Paul and Faul are too close to not be the same person.

by Anonymousreply 12001/29/2012

If it was so easy to replace Paul with a convincing look & sound a like fake, why haven't they been able get better "fake" Pauls for Beatles bands or the show Beatlemania?

by Anonymousreply 12101/29/2012

I will bet that Paul had nose surgery to create a different look and distance himself from the Beatles when he started a new career with Wings.

Does anyone know that he messed up his upper lip in a motorcycle accident around 1968? Look at the left side of the lower part of his upper lip in later photos. Bad plastic surgery.

by Anonymousreply 12201/29/2012

r120, not only that, but his VOICE has been the same, from 1962 through to 2012.

They conveniently ignore that little fact, our conspiracy theorists.

Secondly, "Wings" was not just shit, r118. They had ups and downs in creativity. For every "Silly Love Songs" (a number one hit, btw) they had a "Band on the Run", "Jet", "Mull of Kintyre", "With a little luck" - all of them great pop songs.

You can make the claim that after the Beatles, McCartney became too sentimental/mawkish, and Lennon too experimental/inaccessible - but they each were inclined that way during the Beatles' years, and they kept each other in check during that time.

It's only natural that when going solo, their inclinations would surface and take over.

They still created brilliant work as solo artists, though.

by Anonymousreply 12301/29/2012

I want my leg cut off with a sword. I think that would turn a lot of guys on.

by Anonymousreply 12401/29/2012

LOL, r123, Best selling does not equal good.

by Anonymousreply 12501/29/2012

r125, we can attest to that!

by Anonymousreply 12601/29/2012

OP, I think that those are two different people in the link you posted.

by Anonymousreply 12701/29/2012

r43, that so called "documentary" is one of the biggest piles of shit I've ever seen. The voice does NOT sound like George Harrison, and they got numerous historical facts about the Beatles wrong that anybody with more than a rudimentary knowledge of their history wouldn't ever be inaccurate about.

For instance, and this is only ONE of the many mistakes that are in that "documentary," they list a number of Paul is Dead clues that can supposedly be found on the albums Rubber Soul and Revolver. The problem is that BOTH of those albums were recorded and released BEFORE the supposed accident that killed Paul in November 1966.

It's worth a laugh or two, but little else.

by Anonymousreply 12801/29/2012

Plus, this whole Paul/Faul conspiracy theory wasn't very well known until the Internet became extremely popular. Before that, very few people knew about it.

Are you kidding r106, where were you in the fall of 1969? The Paul is Dead Conspiracy was the biggest rumor or urban legend going around at that time! Whether you believed or not, EVERYBODY was talking about it. Lawyer F. Lee Bailey even did a TV special on it.

by Anonymousreply 12901/29/2012

Such was the brouhaha over the "Paul is Dead" rumors, Paul made an appearance on the cover of Life magazine beneath a headline, "I am NOT Dead!"

by Anonymousreply 13001/30/2012

Oh, yeah, that's soooooo convincing, Life mag.

Here's a link to new music by Faul. He's singing STANDARDS NOW.

by Anonymousreply 13101/30/2012

forgot to tell r129, EVERYBODY ALIVE knew about it in 1969. And the story continued for years and years. This, of course, only for people who could READ. It had nothing to do with the internet, fool.

by Anonymousreply 13201/30/2012

r106, was the one who said it only became big with the internet, I was the one who said the opposite.

Get your posters straight mister.

by Anonymousreply 13301/30/2012

What no one will acknowledge or talk about, is Daphne Zungias role in all of this.

As a child genius, she created a robotic Paul which continues to entertain to this day. Linda was also a robot, as is Stella.

Mohamed Al-Fayed actually cut off Mills leg because she was caught shoplifting at Harrods.

Dodi and Di died because La Zuniga threw a cat into the path of the oncoming Mercedes. The driver swerved and the rest is history.

by Anonymousreply 13401/30/2012

R131, Paul/Faul sounds like an old woman singing those songs - exactly as Rod Stewart did.

by Anonymousreply 13501/30/2012

It is truly a puzzle, very intricately linked, but easy to miss if you're not paying attention.

James Franco is the epitome of "connected". If he makes it to 40, I'll be surprised.

by Anonymousreply 13602/05/2012

Yeah, this guy's beyond fucked up.

by Anonymousreply 13702/05/2012


Warren Beatty' father was a high school teacher and later on down the line he was a principal. That is it.

This is officially one of the most far out threads ever but I kinda dig it all the same.

by Anonymousreply 13802/06/2012

Wrong R138

by Anonymousreply 13902/06/2012

You guys do know that there are the same suspicions about there being a John Lennon double, too, correct? Look it up. He looked noticeably different, one of the things that is the hardest to change(with plastic surgery) is the ears. The ears were one dead giveaway.

by Anonymousreply 14002/06/2012

WHEN, r140? Not when he was alive, not when he was a Beatle. Stop making shit up.

by Anonymousreply 14102/07/2012

It wasn't in the public consciousness like Paul, 141. Like I said, look it up.

by Anonymousreply 14202/08/2012

coud be clones.

by Anonymousreply 14302/08/2012

Mickey Dolenz (and Peter Tork) was a very popular canyon hangout in the late ‘60s for a number of "real" musicians. Dolenz's party house, in particular, was regularly visited by Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson.

by Anonymousreply 14411/30/2012

And Warren Zevon, an LC regular was the son of William Stumpy Zevon, a lieutenant for infamous LA crimelord Mickey Cohen.

Mike Nesmith of the Monkees arrived in LA not long after serving time with the U.S. Air Force. Nesmith also inherited a family fortune estimated at $25 million.

Gram Parsons, who would briefly replace David Crosby in The Byrds before fronting The Flying Burrito Brothers, was the son of Major Cecil Ingram Coon Dog Connor II, a decorated military officer and bomber pilot who reportedly flew over 50 combat missions. Parsons was also an heir, on his mothers side, to the formidable Snively family fortune. Said to be the wealthiest family in the exclusive enclave of Winter Haven, Florida, the Snively family was the proud owner of Snively Groves, Inc., which reportedly owned as much as 1/3 of all the citrus groves in the state of Florida.

James Taylor spent time in two different mental institutions in Massachusetts before hitting the Laurel Canyon scene, and Larry Wild Man Fischer, who was institutionalized repeatedly during his teen years, once for attacking his mother with a knife (an act that was gleefully mocked by Zappa on the cover of Fischers first album).

All these folks gathered nearly simultaneously along the narrow, winding roads of Laurel Canyon. They came from across the country although the Washington, DC area was noticeably over-represented as well as from Canada and England. They came even though, at the time, there wasn't much of a pop music industry in Los Angeles. They came even though, at the time, there was no live pop music scene to speak of. They came even though, in retrospect, there was no discernable reason for them to do so.

It would, of course, make sense THESE DAYS for an aspiring musician to venture out to Los Angeles. But in those days, the centers of the music universe were Nashville, Detroit and New York. It wasnt the industry that drew the Laurel Canyon crowd, you see, but rather the Laurel Canyon crowd that transformed Los Angeles into the epicenter of the music industry. To what then do we attribute this unprecedented gathering of future musical superstars in the hills above Los Angeles? What was it that inspired them all to head out west? Perhaps Neil Young said it best when he told an interviewer that he couldnt really say why he headed out to LA circa 1966; he and others were just going like Lemmings

by Anonymousreply 14511/30/2012

Is that Jared Padalecki in that picture, R144? If so, why did you post a picture of him?

by Anonymousreply 14611/30/2012

Uh, can you read, R146? Or, haven't you progressed much past picture books?

by Anonymousreply 14711/30/2012

[quote]Gram Parsons, was the son of Major Cecil Ingram Coon Dog Connor II, a decorated military officer and bomber pilot who reportedly flew over 50 combat missions. Parsons was also an heir, on his mothers side, to the formidable Snively family fortune. Said to be the wealthiest family in the exclusive enclave of Winter Haven, Florida, the Snively family was the proud owner of Snively Groves, Inc., which reportedly owned as much as 1/3 of all the citrus groves in the state of Florida.

I thought his family obliterated itself through drink and suicide before G did the same with drugs.

by Anonymousreply 14811/30/2012

Faul bump

by Anonymousreply 14911/30/2012

I believe.

by Anonymousreply 15011/30/2012


by Anonymousreply 15103/26/2013
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