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Breaking Bad

Sklyar is a fucking cunt. Hate her! She always have a bitch face on.

Love the son and Walt!

by anyone else watching?reply 7004/02/2013

When does the new season start ?

I love this show.

by anyone else watching?reply 101/17/2012

There was a long thread on Breaking Bad, did we lose it? I noticed some threads are missing now.

by anyone else watching?reply 201/17/2012

Gosh darn search function don't work.

R2 do you know where the thread is? Can u post the link, please.

by anyone else watching?reply 301/17/2012

Do you mean this thread?

You can google datalounge threads.

by anyone else watching?reply 401/17/2012

Thanks r4

by anyone else watching?reply 501/17/2012

The thread is dormant because the season ended.

by anyone else watching?reply 601/17/2012

When does the new one begin?

by anyone else watching?reply 701/17/2012

I think it starts filming in March.

by anyone else watching?reply 801/17/2012

Skylar is no more of a fucking cunt than Walt is a fucking bastard. Walt has killed at least a half dozen people. Skylar hasn't killed anybody and didn't start a drug business which results in the conditions seen in the "Peekaboo" episode for the little son of the ginger meth addicts.

by anyone else watching?reply 901/17/2012

I've literally just started watching it (half way through first episode).

It's good but I'm not sure what all the rave is about. I thought my friend told me it's very funny but I can't see it.

Oh and that Bogdan guy with the eyebrows is just a poor stereotype of an Eastern European. Little Britain comes up with "more real" characters.

by anyone else watching?reply 1001/17/2012

Wendy should get a bigger role. Love this character.

by anyone else watching?reply 1101/17/2012


You are trying to judge a series when you've only watch one half or one episode?

Are you really that stupid ?

by anyone else watching?reply 1201/17/2012

[quote]which results in the conditions seen in the "Peekaboo" episode for the little son of the ginger meth addicts.

What? Did I miss this? I have seen all of the seasons..

by anyone else watching?reply 1301/17/2012

[quote]You are trying to judge a series when you've only watch one half or one episode? Are you really that stupid ?

Not judging, but stop watching it if I don't like it after 30 minutes.

Honestly, I don't sit around "giving chances" to TV shows when there are so many other things that captivate me in less than 30 minutes.

by anyone else watching?reply 1401/17/2012

I thought I wouldn't get into BB, but I gave it a chance and was hooked after a couple of episodes. The last season's final shows were incredible.

by anyone else watching?reply 1501/17/2012

R7, Google is your fucking friend, moron.

by anyone else watching?reply 1601/17/2012

I only started disliking Skyler after she gave all that money to Ted.

by anyone else watching?reply 1701/17/2012

And it's "Skyler", not "Skylar".

by anyone else watching?reply 1801/17/2012

R10 is obviously British, therefore, talking out of her ass.

by anyone else watching?reply 1901/17/2012

[quote]Honestly, I don't sit around "giving chances" to TV shows when there are so many other things that captivate me in less than 30 minutes.

*has attention span of a six year old

by anyone else watching?reply 2001/17/2012

Watching it from the beginning again and Hank is even more unlikable than I remembered. He's such a dick and obviously stupid if he can't figure it out that it's Walt who is Heisenberg.

It's one of the best shows, ever. If I'd given up halfway into the first episodes of new shows I'd have never seen Conan, AbFab, Newhart, The Daily Show, Stranger's with Candy, Cheers or The Colbert Report. What an odd and slightly strident way to go through life.

by anyone else watching?reply 2101/17/2012

Oh, and I agree, MORE WENDY! The casting on the show is amazing. There aren't any missteps. Well, once in the scene where Walt rescues Jesse from the shooting gallery, there was a guy with a bunch of face tattoos who didn't look like a meth-head, but everyone else is perfect, including the owner of the carwash. R10 has overly thick eyebrows.

by anyone else watching?reply 2201/17/2012

I just finished watching all four seasons and I really love the show. As for the characters, I went from loathing to loving in most cases. Walt was the opposite. I despise him now.

I'm not surprised Hank hasn't suspected Walt. Although, I recall a scene at one point when I think Hank, for a fleeting second, considered it could be Walt. It was when Badger was working with the DEA. Don't want to spoil too much for those still watching. Anyway, if he didn't consider Walt in the past, I think he will after season 4.

by anyone else watching?reply 2301/17/2012

R13, here's a video recap of the "Peekaboo" episode. Skinny Pete gets robbed by a disgusting meth addicted couple. Jesse goes to their house to get his money back and finds something he doesn't expect.

by anyone else watching?reply 2401/18/2012

I love the side characters. Gale (that video!), Badger, Wendy, Skinny Pete. Even Combo had his comic moment when they came out of the strip club and he told Jesse he knew where to get a motor home for $1400 at 6 o'clock in the morning.

I'm not surprised the Mexican assassin brothers were real gang members. At least, the oldest brother had been in a gang in real life. And Tuco and Tio. Tuco was like an homage to Frank in "Blue Velvet."

But that place in the desert where Tuco kept Tio was pretty shitty. Tuco had lots of money and his cousins did too because of their cartel connections. You think they could have stashed Tio in a nicer "place out in the country."

by anyone else watching?reply 2501/18/2012

I like that the show is set in New Mexico and they actually film location shots there. I'm a NYer who is sick of all tv shows being set in LA or NY. I like that the Walking Dead is set in Georgia and a lot of it is filmed there, even though I gave up on that show. It's nice to see different places other than Toronto (filling in for Everywhere, USA), NYC, LA and Miami.

I hear that Breaking Bad is a hit in the heartland, but not so much on the coasts. I have to say -- I never saw people dressed like Jesse and his friends. I would see those kinds of clothes in JC Penney and wonder who the hell wore them. Now I know.

by anyone else watching?reply 2601/18/2012

R26, I live in Albuquerque and see them filming in my neighborhood fairly often. It's a bit of a trip sometimes and they really do a decent job of depicting the city.

They did a scene where Walk blew up some guys BMW at the end of season one that is 2 blocks from my house.

The episode about the stolen tiara from Zachary's was a hoot. I went to the opening party for the store. Gertrude Zachary is one of the towns most well known eccentrics. She built a "castle" on the edge of downtown.

Most often they don't change the names of various business locations which you don't see that often in TV shows.

by anyone else watching?reply 2701/18/2012

They make awesome use of the desert and the sky in that show.

But tell me something, R27, would Walt and Skyler's house look like that inside? Not just the darkness (which is overdone -- open the blinds, sheesh) but that whole decorating scheme is so off for a couple of their age and place. Wouldn't the decor be a bit more ... I dunno, southwestern, rather than Frightful Furniture Shop?

The purpleness (actually more mulberry on my tv) of Hank and Marie's place is more realistic than the scheme at the White's house. It's not as if Skyler has no taste. She knew how to dress hot for Ted when she went back to work.

The White's house is too underlit. I get it that there is a dark underbelly to their lives, but they don't have to hit us over the head with the symbolism of making it look like the movie Se7en, which was the previous most underlit set I'd ever seen.

Obviously, I love the show and am bothered way to much about the little things.

by anyone else watching?reply 2801/18/2012

R28, it was a little too retro, but I've been in plenty of dark houses of that nature.

by anyone else watching?reply 2901/18/2012

[quote] If I'd given up halfway into the first episodes of new shows I'd have never seen Conan, AbFab,

I watched AbFab because it had gotten such great reviews and HATED it. The episode I saw was "Forty" and it was one of the worst episodes of the series. I said, "WTF? That was horrible!"

Luckily, a few months later Comedy Central did a marathon of Ab Fab. I was writing a paper for grad school and couldn't be bothered trying to find the remote control to switch the channel after the show I was watching finished up, so I just left it on. I was doubled over with laughter after the 3rd or 4th episode.

I find watching marathons or waiting to stream a series on Netflix so much better than waiting every week to get into a show. I am spoiled now. Also, I forget which channel and what night of the week and what time shows come on.

by anyone else watching?reply 3001/18/2012

Have they ever explained Marie's obsession w/ purple?

by anyone else watching?reply 3101/18/2012

R28, my experience has been that many houses in New Mexico tend to be dark inside. My own house is very dark. The exterior of Walt and Skyler's house look typical of many houses in the part of town called the Northeast Heights.

Central air-conditioning (refrigerated air as it is called here) is not very common in Albuquerque. Most house have swamp coolers, which are metal boxes with a fan and a pan of water up on the roofs. The fans blow air over the water, cooling it, and into the house. Keeping shades down keeps the hot sun out.

I don't know anybody who's decorated their house in Southwestern style. Most people I know may have a few pieces here and there, like I do, but it's not as common as one would think it is.

There is a huge variety of housing styles here. There are some beautiful Victorian places, Arts & Crafts, lots of ugly tract houses and the Pueblo revival style. Santa Fe has the regulations that everything has to be in Santa Fe style, but Albuquerque is a mish-mash of everything.

by anyone else watching?reply 3201/18/2012

I'm new to the show as well. (My brother has been stressing me to give it a try for the longest, telling me all the hype the show receives is justified). So, I finished watching season one on Netflix yesterday and started on season two last night. I have to say I'm very hooked to the show. Perhaps some of the best writing to find on ANY American television show. There use to be a time where people held this snobbery towards television, always considering it the inferior film because television never strive for cinematic quality. But AMC demolishes that entire theory time and time again! Along with Mad Men, Hell on Wheels (very underrated show that's barely mentioned on DL) and The Walking Dead, all put the film industry to shame with its great storytelling, acting and camera work. AMC, along with HBO and Showtime, is reinventing television and it's invigorating to witness. I can't think of a single film right now that rivals the awesome writing, acting and cinematography of Breaking Bad.

The whole premiss of the show is a unique one. (Though the "white suburbia dad in crisis rebels against conformity" plot has been done a lot in movies, most notably in American Beauty. In fact, the tone of the show is very similar to not only Alan Ball's American Beauty but Six Feet Under, also.) I must admit: I was very set on hating this show in the beginning because usually when shows are hyped as "the greatest show in television history" I get very pessimistic. (I heard the same thing about The Wire, which I like somewhat, but never felt it was the greatest thing I saw on television.) Yet this show deserves all the raves and awards it receives -- and then some! I think without Bryan Cranston and the very charismatic and hot Aaron Paul -- who out-Wiggas Joel Kinnaman in AMC's very dry and utterly boring The Killing -- I don't know if the whole show would work as well as it does.

I can't wait to finish season two and three. (By the way: I was so shocked to see Raymond Cruz play such a psychotic bad ass Tuco in the first couple of episodes in season two. I'm so use to him playing the quiet, meek, stone-faced detective on The Closer, it was shocking to see him play something radically different, one so animated and crazy! He should have received an Emmy nomination for his performance.)

by anyone else watching?reply 3301/18/2012

Yeah, Hank & Skyler's house is pretty typical New Mexican on the inside. When you live here there's no desire to make things more southwesterny. I mean you're living in the middle of it! It's akin to how much I loved Native American jewelry, turquoise and silver, when I lived in the midwest, but once I moved to New Mexico it looked touristy and silly to wear it every day. Unless, of course, it is an old family piece of jewelry handed down.

New Mexican's are not really hung up on appearances and has been my experience that often a beautiful house on the outside is just filled with old comfortable stuff on the inside - no one is interested in looking like a place in a magazine. Here it is all about comfort not style.

by anyone else watching?reply 3401/18/2012

I think their house is very realistic. They're poor.

by anyone else watching?reply 3501/18/2012

[quote]Have they ever explained Marie's obsession w/ purple?

There's a lot of color symbolism in BB, it's not only Marie's color purple obsession.

And re: the purple thing. Vince Gilligan said in an interview that Marie would say the color purple represents royalty.

[quote]Are there any other geeky bits of trivia like that about Breaking Bad?

[quote]We decided that Skyler’s sister Marie should love the color purple, and indeed everything she wears and everything she accents her home with is purple.

[quote]Why purple?

[quote]Well, Marie would say purple is the color of royalty. Color is important on Breaking Bad; we always try to think in terms of it. We always try to think of the color that a character is dressed in, in the sense that it represents on some level their state of mind.

by anyone else watching?reply 3601/18/2012

Thanks for the information about houses in New Mexico. I live in the Hamptons and admit i have sort of beach-y bathroom decor (not those signs that say BEACH HOUSE or anything, but I do have a few starfish and small shells and I have a few seagull statues in my high windows). So I guess I do the "local color" thing. I liked the apartment Jesse lived in while renting from Jane. It was a little southwestern in design, but not in decor.

FYI -- the houses shown on "Royal Pains" look nothing like Hamptons houses. They film on what's called the Gold Coast of Nassau County, which has an entirely different climate, ecology and mansion style than the Hamptons. They have about 5 seconds worth of video from the Hamptons, if any at all, per episode.

I like that Breaking Bad shows upper middle class neighborhoods, middle and working class neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. So many American tv shows seem to take place in some weird lookalike suburban no man's land.

I've head of swamp coolers. You can only use them in areas of low humidity (wouldn't work here, haha).. Sounds like they use less electricity than AC.

The cinematography on this show is so good. Reminds me of how the Australian landscape is used in some films. And some of the scenes with the Mexican assassin brothers were so beautifully filmed, it was like watching a really fine arthouse movie.

by anyone else watching?reply 3701/18/2012

I've recently finished all four seasons too. My best friend is obsessed with it and kept telling me I was missing out. I wanted to catch it but I was always so busy with work. I've broken my leg in an accident so I've had about a month off so I decided to check the show out. I've blazed through all the episodes in no time. I became addicted and it was so fun.

I really liked Walt in the beginning when I thought he was doing all of this to provide for his family but now I think the drug business has really unleashed the dark side of himself, maybe we all have it lurking beneath the surface?

He's a murderous villain, plain and simple. Yes, he loves and cares for his family, but I'm sure Al Capone did too. He's killed people in poor blood. He's lied to and manipulated his loved ones and only came clean to Skyler when he had no other choice. There have been several times when Walt could have just walked away from the drug world but a part of him loves being "the one who knocks".

I'm absolutely in love with Jesse Pinkman. I love the character's story arc over the course of the series. He is the true good guy in all of this. When Walt kills he seems to have no remorse afterwards, always finding some justification. Jesse is the only one who truly seems to have deep remorse and sorrow when he takes a life or when someone close dies around him. He has had so many heartbreaking moments on this show and I really think Aaron Paul had done a terrific job of portraying Jesse's feelings on the show.

I think the fifth and final season is obviously being set up as Walt vs Jesse with Hank finally finding out about Walt being a backdrop storyline. But make no mistake...Jesse is the true hero of the story and Walt is the true villain.

by anyone else watching?reply 3801/26/2012

At first I wasn't so sure about it, but 12 days later and I'm on Season 4 Episode 10 and I really really like it.

I still wouldn't go so far and say that for me it's the Best Thing Ever, but it is extremely well done in all aspects, storyline, acting, cinematography etc.

Agree with lots of posts including R38 (well, apart from the "in love with Jesse Pinkman").

by anyone else watching?reply 3901/29/2012

Ok, I just rewatched the series and I can't believe Hank doesn't suspect Walter. I mean, come on! Walt and skylar go over to Hank's house with a concocted story about how they were able to raise all the money to buy a car wash and Hank shows them the videotape of Gale and shows Walter Gale's notebook.

In one of the first episodes the gas mask from Walt's lab at the high school was discovered at the scene of a cook. Walter couldn't explain how it got out of the lab to which only he had the key. Then there was Walter disappearing and showing up naked in the convenience store. There is Walter's connection to Jessie Pinkman and Pinkman's connection to the meth RV.

How many brilliant chemists are there in Alberquerque? How many unemployed cancer stricken high school chemistry teachers win big at gambling and buy a car wash just after another chemist involved in drug production is murdered?

Hank, you SUCK

by anyone else watching?reply 4004/08/2012

I just got done re-watching the first season. It's brilliant.

[quote]I can't believe Hank doesn't suspect Walter

I don't understand this complaint at all.

Hank has known Walter for close to twenty years. In that time, I'd bet Walter has never done ANYTHING even slightly bold, daring, or even interesting.

Presented with the evidence R40 lists, of course Hank would suspect some stranger, but he discounts anything that might lead to Walter BECAUSE he knows (or thinks he knows) Walter so well. Very few people experience the changes in personality and behavior the Walter is undergoing at his late age.

And this last season, with super-villian Gus, was the best yet. Such a brilliant, brutal, smooth, and strangely sympathetic character (also gay).

by anyone else watching?reply 4104/09/2012

Hey, guys. I'm new to Breaking Bad. Watching it via Netflix. Am I the first to flag the amazing resemblance between Walt Jr. and Harlow Cuadra?

by anyone else watching?reply 4205/30/2012

The show is interesting. If anything a big "fuck you" to suburbia. In fact it's very much like Weeds for that matter.

It's interesting to watch Walter move his way to the top after murdering so many people. Too funny how ruthless we can be when money is at stake.

by anyone else watching?reply 4305/30/2012

Did anyone catch the small preview of season five of Breaking Bad last night? Looks like Walter is really turning into a Scarface-type.

I can't wait for July 15th!

by anyone else watching?reply 4406/11/2012

Breaking Bad's fifth and final season starts tonight. Anyone watching? I can't wait to see where Vince Gilligan will take the show after last season's explosive -- literally -- finale.

by anyone else watching?reply 4507/15/2012

I've already put it into the schedule on the cable box. I can't wait.

Plus Netflix just added Season 4 to the watch instantly section.

by anyone else watching?reply 4607/15/2012

How was Gus gay?

by anyone else watching?reply 4707/19/2012

r47, it was alluded to in at least one flashback.

by anyone else watching?reply 4807/19/2012

"Because I said so." ... Silence ... Oh, this is going to be goooood.

by anyone else watching?reply 4907/19/2012

My favorite was the last episode where Walter finally kills Gus.

It was brilliant. Using Salamanca like that, exploiting the old hatred. Priceless.

by anyone else watching?reply 5007/19/2012

r40. I think Hank is in extreme denial. He's one of the most repressed characters in the show who care a great deal for his own reputation.

His pride won't allow it. He couldn't possibly consider Walt in the same way that someone can see their own uncle as a serial killer- never mind what the neighbors would think.

by anyone else watching?reply 5107/19/2012

r48, which one? Details please?

by anyone else watching?reply 5207/19/2012

R52, it was in the flashback scene where Gus and his partner Max first meet Don Eladio, the head of the Juarez Cartel. Max engineered the meeting to try to get Don Eladio to distribute their meth, a new product. Max explains that Gus rescued him from the street, put him through university to become a chemist., and that they were partners in both Los Pollos Hermanos and their meth business. It was obvious the two were a couple.

Don Eladio shot Max for brazenly engineering the meeting, and forced Gus to lie down facing Max's body, only sparing his life because of his (unspecified) history in Chile. It was clearly torture for Gus on a personal level--I think Don Eladio even used the word "maricon" at some point.

Then add in Gus's domesticity without any women,in sight, the framed photo of him and Max in his office, and the pleasure he got from killing Don Eladio with the poisoned tequila? No question that Gus was gay, and had spent a lifetime mourning Max. It was one of the characteristics that humanized him and made him somewhat sympathetic.

by anyone else watching?reply 5307/19/2012

Even Giancarlo Esposito (the brilliant actor who played Gus) said he felt that Gus was gay.

by anyone else watching?reply 5407/19/2012

Clues Hank should pay attention to:

Heisenberg -- a Nobel prize-winning scientist

Hank knows Walt is smarter than your average chem teacher

The face masks found at the abandoned site in the desert came from Walter's chemistry lab at the school and Walter is the only one with the keys to the storage area. Hank knows this.

Gus was blown up by someone with a lot of scientific knowledge. Heisenberg.

The lab under the laundry was set afire by someone with a lot of scientific knowledge. Heisenberg.

Walt's odd behavior in the 711-type store just over the Mexican border. This showed early on that Walt wasn't the laid-back guy everyone thought he was.

Walt's behavior when he made his son drink until he puked (in front of Hank)

Hank knows Walt has "admitted" to smoking pot. Marie told him. That's not Walt's normal behavior.

Hank knows Walt has a second cellphone. At the very least he is cheating on Skylar. Again, this is behavior that shows Walt isn't Mr Chips.

Hank had to get Walt out of trouble when Walt exploded at the cop who asked him to get out of his car. More behavior of Walt not being meek Walt.

Walter has changed quite a bit. Skylar caught on early.

Walt's supposed luck at gambling

by anyone else watching?reply 5507/19/2012

One odd thing was that Gus made a remark about having kids when Walter was at Gus's house. Gus made a fish stew and said he loved it, but "the kids" didn't.

Tio Hector Salamanca accused Gus and Max of being gay. Hector peed in front of them and made a remark along the lines of, "They like what they see."

by anyone else watching?reply 5607/19/2012

Shouldn't Hank wonder how someone like Jesse came up with his wife's name in such a short period of time? Hank was waiting only a few seconds (for a court order to go inside the meth trailer at the "car-crushing place") when he got a phone call telling him his wife Marie was in a serious car accident. They knew her middle name as well. Doesn't Hank wonder about that?

by anyone else watching?reply 5707/19/2012

[quote] One odd thing was that Gus made a remark about having kids when Walter was at Gus's house. Gus made a fish stew and said he loved it, but "the kids" didn't.

I remember that. I also remember in that same scene when Gus opened the door to greet Walt you can see in the background behind him in another room toys lying on the floor. That makes me wonder if Gus has any kids. Yet I'm sure if he did we would have seen them when Walt and later Jesse visited him at his home.

Maybe this was something the writers wanted to elaborate on but decided to keep his domestic life as vague and mysterious as possible since that works well for his Zen-like character.

by anyone else watching?reply 5807/19/2012

Doesn't Hank think it's odd that drug dealers know so much about him? His wife's name, his cellphone number (called twice --once by Saul and once by Gus telling him two men are coming to kill him). The DEA has to post guards at his home.

Drug dealers don't usually go after DEA officers. There will just be another one to take his place and the DEAwill come down even harder on them.

I wonder if we will ever find out who the mole is at the DEA who notified Gus that Hector had asked to see the DEA. Or if the mole will be like The Russian in the Sopranos "Pine Barrens" episode -- a question mark.

by anyone else watching?reply 5907/19/2012

Won't the police and DEA know the magnet came from that auto salvage lot? Not many places use big magnets like that.

by anyone else watching?reply 6007/19/2012

[quote]It was obvious the two were a couple.

I'm sorry, but it was most certainly *not* obvious. Nothing on this show is terribly obvious, really. They could've been lovers, or they could've simply been best friends. We don't have enough information to develop a conclusive theory one way or the other, and I doubt the writers will pursue the idea any further now that Gus is dead.

[quote]Won't the police and DEA know the magnet came from that auto salvage lot? Not many places use big magnets like that.

Do you know how many auto salvage lots there are out there? There's absolutely nothing linking that particular magnet to that particular junkyard, and certainly nothing linking the junkyard to Walt. Judging from the previews for next week, I think Hank's going to find a much more salient clue from the German manufacturing reps who sold much of the specialized lab equipment to Gus.

by anyone else watching?reply 6107/19/2012

Won't the auto salvage guy need to buy a new magnet? I'd look to see who buys a big magnet in the coming days.

Hank was so brilliant at deducing Gus was a drug kingpin simply by finding a Pollos Hermanos napkin in Gale's apartment.

You'd think he'd put two and two together about who Heisenberg is.

Let's all have a moment of silence for Gale.... as he sings for us

by anyone else watching?reply 6207/19/2012

Didn't Hank come up with the name of the German company previously? That's how we found out about the German company, didn't we? From Hank looking at all the companies Gus did business with?

by anyone else watching?reply 6307/19/2012

I think they were lovers. I like that.

by anyone else watching?reply 6407/19/2012

Madrigal Electromotive GmbH is the German company Hank discovered in Season 4.

by anyone else watching?reply 6507/19/2012

Didn't Gus have CIA ties?

by anyone else watching?reply 6607/19/2012

Here's the thread on the new season:

by anyone else watching?reply 6707/20/2012

I'm going to post on this thread because my comment has to do with Gus and season four.

Vince Gilligan has said that he wanted to leave the question of Gus and Max's relationship up to viewer interpretation, but he has said in a few interviews that he always saw the scene in 'Hermanos' as a reveal that they were lover.

I also recall an interview with Giancarlo Esposito where he mentioned that in the scene when Walt first goes to Gus's house, the director and writers asked him to bring in some photos of his kids (he has four daughters) so they could put them up on the walls.

While we never got to see the pictures, there was definitely evidence of toys laying around and a stuffed dog in the kitchen. Some viewers like to think it was all a front, but I always felt like, given Gus's shady past, he probably HAD to marry some cartel chica to protect his reputation, had kids, and then divorced. The reason we don't see family is because they live elsewhere, but Gus's comments about the fish stew imply that he still has part custody.

But make no mistake. He was in love with Max. He took him off the streets as a young boy and he put him through university to earn two degrees. He even taught him to cook. That was more than just an investment into meth production.

With Hank, I feel like all of these little bits and strange bobs about Walt are rattling and collecting in Hank's subconscious like pieces of a puzzle, but there's a part of his brain that doesn't want to see it just yet.

All it will take is some inexplicable event that Walt isn't going to be able to talk his way out of and the last puzzle piece will fall into place. And then Hank will have a meltdown.

by anyone else watching?reply 6807/20/2012

After watching that episode, I agree that it was obvious the two were lovers. For all the reasons cited in previous posts— the flashback made it obvious , especially the moment that Gus is forced to watch Max die. Max is panicing when he thinks Gus is going to be killed and then when Max dies - Gus was BAWLING. This is a man who keeps his cool about everything and shows NO emotion. This is the one guy that Gus every cried over. He loved Max. For fucks sake, how is that NOT obvious?

Also - something that I found poignant was the final shot from when Walt is walking past Gus's car after the bomb - the close up of the air freshener in Gus's car. The logo from the restaurant has the two "Brothers" on it and (I think) one of them was dressed in pants similar to Max's when he died. I can't explain it but - it was like the picture of Gus and Max that would show up again in Season 5- there's a heavy significance to that logo and the partnership it represented. The two characters are adoring of each other. Max and Gus together again.

And of course Gus PINGS like HELL.

God damn, by the end of season 4 I like Gus more than I did Walt. Season 5 is gonna be hard for me. Walt is NOT a likeable guy.

by anyone else watching?reply 6907/21/2012

Question: HOW does AMC intend to fuck its viewers over THIS year with this show?

I predict that of the 8 final episodes, they'll pull some shit like ending with the first 4 or 5, and pulling some kind of bullshit to bring it back during fall sweeps or early next year.

I love the show but fucking hate this network and look forward to not watching them again.

There is no way in hell they're going to air the final 8 episodes all back to back. AMC is too notorious in its greed and fucking their dedicated and loyal viewers over.

by anyone else watching?reply 7004/02/2013
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