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SIAP:Which of romney's sons are gay...

...which ones have had sex with each other, how often, are there video tapes or photos? Only honest answers please. TIA!

by curious bluereply 2510/26/2012

The ethnic one.

by curious bluereply 101/11/2012

I would suggest to them, in the nicest way possible, that they skooch the ugly one off to one side when Romney is speaking and replace him with a hotter one.

by curious bluereply 201/11/2012

Isn't there some website, Horny Mormon Boys or something? Maybe someone could forward the link to the Romney campaign headquarters.

by curious bluereply 301/12/2012

Mormon Boyz

by curious bluereply 401/12/2012

Hey, who's baking cookies?

by curious bluereply 501/12/2012

Through the sheet all sorts of things happen.

If you don't know, look it up.

by curious bluereply 601/12/2012

Well, it's been studied and the conclusion is: Families with multiple sons the research shows a higher rate of homosexuality in the male children.

by curious bluereply 706/19/2012

UM..I would hope that all of them are....and I would love to do any one of them...even all of them at once. Sex knows no political, who ares anyway???

by curious bluereply 806/19/2012

Didn't you mean "which of Romney's sons IS gay" since "which" means one?

by curious bluereply 906/19/2012

with each successive son, the rate increases that he will be gay. so in all likelihood, the youngest son is gay.

by curious bluereply 1006/19/2012

Mitt Romney has benn with gay men sexually

by curious bluereply 1109/17/2012

mitt romney like to be with gay men. I know for a fact. He had sex with me...............

by curious bluereply 1209/17/2012

R10. It could be any combination thereof: the elder son could be the gay one...and then the others are straight. Maybe the fist two are straight, then a gay one, then the last two are straight.

Unfortunately, all five could be straight.

by curious bluereply 1309/17/2012

I have a friend who has four boys in his family. Three are gay; only one is straight--and the straight one lives in San Francisco. Haha, go figure.

by curious bluereply 1409/17/2012

OP, get some help.

by curious bluereply 1509/17/2012


by curious bluereply 1609/17/2012

The sons are even more awkward than he is.

by curious bluereply 1709/17/2012

Craig is the GAY one. The boy is terrorfied his father will find out. I wouldn't be supprised if the boy committed suicide.

by curious bluereply 1810/09/2012

I think you're right r17. They don't know how to connect with people.

by curious bluereply 1910/10/2012

Josh for sure.

by curious bluereply 2010/10/2012

If i was to make a bet id say the one working in the hospital, his voice and mannerisms are a tad gay compared to his other brothers.

by curious bluereply 2110/26/2012

If you say I'm gay, I'm gonna take a swing at you! Don't fucking mess with me 'cause I'm not gay.

by curious bluereply 2210/26/2012

I'm sure Tagg is gay!

by curious bluereply 2310/26/2012

first off, Mormons don't cuss.

second the fastest and surest bet to find out which is the gay Romney is to do a butt hymen check to see which has had his rosebud butt hole cherry popped.

by curious bluereply 2410/26/2012

Craig looks like he could eat an apple through a chain link fence.

by curious bluereply 2510/26/2012
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