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David Bowie

What's up with David Bowie? I've been hearing all sorts of rumors, and none good. Some say he's seriously ill. Others that he had a stroke, became disabled and so can't show himself to the public. Others that he gained a lot of weight, now really looks his age and doesn't want to show up.

Maybe it's just hard for many of us to face his an old man, but I have a feeling it's more than that.

by Ziggyreply 9108/22/2013

I heard he had some serious form of cancer and is on chemo.

by Ziggyreply 101/10/2012

Is your source credible, anon? God, I hope it isn't true...

by Ziggyreply 201/10/2012

He sold out and became boring about 30 years ago.

by Ziggyreply 301/10/2012

I heard a rumor about cancer but no idea how serious it might be. In the most recent photo of him I saw, Bowie seemed slightly chunkier with a fuller face so it didn't seem that he was wasting away being terminally ill.

by Ziggyreply 401/10/2012

My source was a pretty reliable one I'm afraid. His landlord has known Bowie for decades and he's been sick for a long while.

by Ziggyreply 501/10/2012

Why the nasty remark R3? ..Why not wish him well, and be grateful for what he's given us?

by Ziggyreply 601/10/2012

How long r1? He looked so fit for so long and suddenly everything went downhill since the heart attack in 2004.

by Ziggyreply 701/10/2012

I agree (R6) , Bowie gave us one of the greatest albums ever " The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust " Bless you David ! and Thank you !

by Ziggyreply 801/10/2012

r8, you can thank Mick Ronson for that as much as Bowie. Ronson never got the playing (or writing) credit he deserved.

I don't wish him suffering, but Bowie is a known user who took credit for collaborators' work that made him famous.

I also hated the "ooh I'm edgy and gay--wait, no I'm not" crap.

by Ziggyreply 901/10/2012

I see - having exhaused George Michael's health its now David Bowie's turn ....

Odd though he has not been seen for some time and been so reclusive for years, I just assumed he was so rich he just did not want to bother any more.

by Ziggyreply 1001/10/2012

Jean Genie

by Ziggyreply 1101/10/2012

r10 I think he was one of the first to really market himself and put himself out there.

When he disappeared, as 50+ year old pop stars do, it seemed more drastic.

Living in NYC probably lowered his profile too.

by Ziggyreply 1201/10/2012

His old lady (and I do mean OLD) is the one making money these days.

Back in the 90s, Bowie got wind that Pete Burns from Dead or Alive was planning on doing a cover version of "Rebel Rebel" and apparently tried to "order" Pete not to do it. Pete told him to fuck off, and then told an interviewer that "just because Bowie is now 90 we are all supposed to give him our respect unquestioningly" or something to that effect.

by Ziggyreply 1301/10/2012

I just read a biography of Iggy Pop. Iggy comes across as a spoiled child and Bowie as a remarkably patient bloke, who tried his best to help Iggy.

by Ziggyreply 1401/10/2012

He's not about to pop off with cancer. He's 'retired' just hasn't made a song and dance about it (pun intended). Thankfully, Bowie knew when to call it a day and exit stage left with his legend and integrity intact.

... the likes of Madge and Elton should watch and learn how to do it in style and let go of being a fame whore.


PS. You can't take it with you when you die.

by Ziggyreply 1503/23/2012

David Bowie wanted to be rich and famous and would do anything -- incuding marrying some groupie American chick, fucking Mick Jagger and appearing with Bing Crosby-- to get there.

Once he was comfortably rich and famous, he relaxed and enjoyed his fame and money.

Mission accomplished.

by Ziggyreply 1603/23/2012

Wait r16 fecking Mick Jagger.. for real?

by Ziggyreply 1703/23/2012

Will the slag never shut its narcissistic hole?

by Ziggyreply 1803/23/2012

Yes, he and Mick had a thing.

I live in the Hamptons and Bowie and Imam are in the art snob crowd. The art snob crowd is super A level.

They don't have a house here, they stay with other people who take them to restaurants and invite them to galas and openings. They probably don't spend a dime during the time they are here.

by Ziggyreply 1903/23/2012

[quote]the likes of Madge and Elton should watch and learn how to do it in style and let go of being a fame whore.


by Ziggyreply 2003/23/2012

Lucy is spot on, as usual. However, bowing out after Ashes to Ashes, or even Let's Dance would have been a whole lot better.

by Ziggyreply 2103/23/2012

Here R17

by Ziggyreply 2203/23/2012

Also for R17:

[quote]But the music business takes a backseat in this rip-roaring bio. The author prefers to focus on Jagger`s love life, a list so long the reader begins to lose count. Jagger`s sexual appetite is voracious, and his affairs range from Britain`s Princess Margaret to Linda Ronstadt and Carly Simon, according to Andersen. And that`s just the women. The book asserts Jagger`s sexual swaggering is equally appealing to men, including his alleged lovers, David Bowie, Rudolf Nureyev and Eric Clapton. But Jagger especially loves women, although he treats all of them like groupies.

Supposedly it was Chrissie Shrimpton who swears she found Jagger in bed with Clapton. That was in Christopher Sanford's bio on Clapton called "Edge of Darkness".

by Ziggyreply 2303/23/2012

r23 - Jagger & Clapton? That's a new one for me.

by Ziggyreply 2403/23/2012

In "A Season In Hell With the Rolling Stones," Anita Pallenberg is talking to the author about something to do with Jagger and she blurts out, "You know he is bisexual, of course." She goes on to say that he likes beautiful boys as much as he likes beautiful girls; he sleeps with anyone he takes a fancy to or who can get him something he wants.

She didn't say this in a homophobic way, but just as a fact.

by Ziggyreply 2503/23/2012

Please shit in my mouth because my taste is so bad it will be an improvement.


by Ziggyreply 2603/23/2012

Thank you R26 for saving me the trouble of remarking on R21's idiocy in encouraging one of DL's most fucked-up trolls.

by Ziggyreply 2703/23/2012

Mick Jagger has looked like a bucket of boiled assholes for 35 years. I can't imagine the ugly Bowie canoodling. That would look like two bowls of noodles trying to have sex.

by Ziggyreply 2803/23/2012

I worked with a 60+ guy in a minimum wage, blue collar job in the Midwest who told me his son worked for David Bowie as a personal assistant.

I don't have any anecdotes to relate, but the situation blew me away on so many levels.

by Ziggyreply 2903/23/2012

He had some of the worst teeth imaginable. I believe that is why he originally used all that makeup and was attracted to mimimg. His teeth wouldn't stand out so much if the rest if his face was freaky looking.

Of course, he had them fixed years ago and then abandoned the freak makeup.

by Ziggyreply 3003/23/2012

Bowie's teefs, before he had them fixed.

by Ziggyreply 3103/23/2012

I've seen much worse, R31.

by Ziggyreply 3203/23/2012

[all posts by tedious troll]

by Ziggyreply 3303/23/2012

I liked his freaky teefs.

by Ziggyreply 3403/23/2012

Those are just his top teeth.

Here are the bottom teeth

by Ziggyreply 3503/23/2012

Toofs got fixed for Ashes to Ashes video shoot, as a matter of fact.

by Ziggyreply 3603/24/2012

The most recent photo of him that I can find was taken almost a year ago; he and his wife Iman attended a "Linked Against Leukemia" Gala benefit in April 2011.

I am a lifelong Bowie fan. The thought of him not being here anymore is hard for me to contemplate. Even though he's been under the radar for nearly a decade I just assumed he'd chosen to retire and focus on raising his young daughter. I figured he'd easily live to be 75 or more. It never occurred to me that he might have been fighting a losing battle with a terminal illness all this time, but looking back at photos of him from the last half-decade ...fuck. Apparently there have been rumors swirling around online about him having a serious illness/cancer since at least 2008. Just ....fuck.

by Ziggyreply 3703/24/2012

Well, he's at the age where things start going seriously wrong.

I love his music. I can't help liking him even if he's not a nice person.

by Ziggyreply 3803/24/2012

I had read that Mick had an affair with Brian Jones. Here's what Marianne Faithfull once said

"Marianne has talked about her longing for Keith many times in interviews. She has stated that Keith wasn’t interested in her, and even hinted to her that Mick was the one that she should go with. Though she was distraught, she found comfort in Mick because he too identified with her predicament. Marianne has spoken that she and Mick bonded unspeakably because they were both pining for the same person: Keith. Though Mick never talked to her about it, she understood and knew it was there. It would prove to add tension between the Glimmers, and Marianne believed that heroin was one of the ways to block it out."

Marianne said in a book that Mick told her he wanted to sleep with Keith. Anybody else here notice that Jaggers current girlfriend L'wren Scott sorta looks like Keith Richards?

by Ziggyreply 3903/24/2012

I remember looking forward to The Man Who Fell to Earth and being unable to sit through it. It was so boring. What a disappointment.

by Ziggyreply 4003/24/2012

He looks ok at the leukemia gala. He is 65 years old. He's not going to look young and pretty anymore

by Ziggyreply 4103/24/2012

I don't blame Mick, I'm in love with Keith after reading, LIFE. He's a together guy minus the alcoholism and heroin.

by Ziggyreply 4203/24/2012

Bowie was and remains the only bloke I would actually fuck - that speaks bucket loads about how attractive he is (to me).


by Ziggyreply 4303/24/2012

I've always thought that the Bowie/Iman marriage is fake, but that they get along. I think the same about the Brad/Angelina marriage.

by Ziggyreply 4403/25/2012

I saw this video a few days ago - I'm fascinated by the dance sequence at about 3:39. The vid made up of random Bowie song videos and the Youtube poster doesn't reply.

Does anyone know what song this is from? I checked Youtube and couldn't find anything. I googled 'bowie video blonde dancer' etc. but nothing came up.

by Ziggyreply 4504/22/2012

R44 here - forgot the link.

by Ziggyreply 4604/22/2012

I feel some sort of Bowie vibe tonight I can't place a pulse on...

by Ziggyreply 4705/06/2012

R43, the dance sequence was part of David Bowie's Sound+Vision Tour in 1990. The dancer is Louise Lecavalier, who was part of canadian dance company La La La Human Steps. The dancers appeared live in the most important shows of the Tour. See the link for a video of the show.

by Ziggyreply 4805/13/2012

I think vanity probably has a lot to do with it. Bowie was always so image conscious; to go out there not looking his best (or sounding it--the voice goes into serious decline after 60) would be unimaginable for him. As it is now he never did a project where he looked or sounded like an old man...keeps the legend intact.

by Ziggyreply 4905/13/2012

Mick Jagger's affair with David Bowie revealed in new book: They 'were really sexually obsessed with each other'

by Ziggyreply 5007/11/2012

Jagger/Bowie affair has been written about since the 70's.

by Ziggyreply 5107/11/2012

R21, do you post under the name "ThunderKat" on another site?

by Ziggyreply 5207/11/2012

[quote] "Mick Jagger's affair with David Bowie revealed in new book:"

[italic] OH MY SIDES!!! [/italic]

by Ziggyreply 5307/11/2012

Weird that this thread popped up today, because I was just thinking about David Bowie earlier. He hasn't been seen in quite a while - like, totally off-the-radar - and I hope he's doing ok. I know he's had heart problems and he's no spring chicken.

by Ziggyreply 5407/11/2012

R54, I did actually see a picture of him out in NYC recently. I cannot remember where it was, possibly on ONTD. But he looked fine.

by Ziggyreply 5507/11/2012

Yes everyone knows the story about Mick found in bed with Bowie, but the article has a lot more detail, says they basically lived together for months

by Ziggyreply 5607/11/2012

If Brian Jones had sex with Mick Jagger, could it have anything to do with his mysterious and untimely death? Like he was bumped off to keep it from coming out?

This could be an interesting lead, many have suggested that he was murdered.

by Ziggyreply 5707/11/2012

I saw the same picture R55; I think it was on ONTD. Bowie looked the same as he's looked for the last 5 years - not fatter or thinner, not decrepit, same hair, walking alone on the streets of NY.

by Ziggyreply 5807/11/2012

R57 or Jones was on downers or very drunk and drowned.

I've heard that Brian Jones was bisexual and everyone knows about Mick, and Bowie being bisexual.

by Ziggyreply 5907/13/2012

Bill Wyman is 75 yrs. old. Here is a pic of him from 2009. He's still kickin' it!

by Ziggyreply 6009/18/2012

From that article about Mick and David:

"Once Bowie and Jagger realized that they were both carrying on affairs with Buell (“Nobody was monogamous. Everybody was sleeping with everybody,” she said), the two stars teamed up to lure her into an orgy or two. “I used to get some pretty strange phone calls from Mick and David at three in the morning,” she said, “inviting me to join them in bed with four gorgeous black women.” Or, she added, “four gorgeous black men.""

Oh dear!

by Ziggyreply 6109/18/2012


by Ziggyreply 6211/28/2012

http: //

This was taken this past July, so if he's sick, he's not bedridden. Yeah he looks older but a lot of British celebrities don't have a ton of "work' done like Americans do, and they tend to drink and smoke a lot more over there.

(I had to add space after "http:" or the post wouldn't go through for some reason)

by Ziggyreply 6311/28/2012

He looks wonderful.

Bowie made some of the greatest music ever. I really miss alot of these great artists. Most of today's music sucks big time and is completely unoriginal.

by Ziggyreply 6411/28/2012

It's sad that some people don't even know who David Bowie is.

by Ziggyreply 6511/28/2012

No offense r64, but Bowie wasn't original either.

He was the ultimate striver, as Brian Eno and the late, great Mick Ronson well know.

by Ziggyreply 6611/28/2012

'Beauty and the Beast'

What a funny song...i like it.

by Ziggyreply 6711/28/2012

[quote]Mick Jagger has looked like a bucket of boiled assholes for 35 years. I can't imagine the ugly Bowie canoodling. That would look like two bowls of noodles trying to have sex.


by Ziggyreply 6811/28/2012

Bowie offered a lot to the music scene. A LOT! I'm not deaf, only deaf people find excuses to trash the talent of gifted people. David Bowie has been greatly talented and not one-dimensional.

by Ziggyreply 6911/30/2012

He looks a tad jowly in R63's pic but not bad by any stretch!. He's growing older gracefully and naturally IMO (unlike someone like, say, Rupert Everett).

(R63, just FYI, you can post links in the URL box right below the main message box. I'm guessing you had trouble because the site no likey linking in the message box itself.)

by Ziggyreply 7011/30/2012

Although i like Morrissey a lot, i believe that Bowie is artistically superior to him.

by Ziggyreply 7111/30/2012

'Sweet Thing' A bittersweet bitter a sweet need can turn out to be.

by Ziggyreply 7211/30/2012

R71, I was a Smiths fan in the 80's so I have nothing against Morrissey but he's not even worthy of being compared to David Bowie.

"Although i like Morrissey a lot, i believe that Bowie is artistically superior to him."

Stating the bleeding obvious...

Though I admit I find it hard to find anyone who was better than Bowie at his peak.

by Ziggyreply 7311/30/2012

Obviously, he's run for the shadows in his golden years.

by Ziggyreply 7411/30/2012

[quote] No offense [R64], but Bowie wasn't original either.

Check out some of Anthony Newley's musical appearances on youtube. He was definitely an influence on Bowie.

by Ziggyreply 7511/30/2012

All artists are influenced by the artists that came before them and by what's going on around them now. No, Bowie isn't 100% original, but neither is anyone else. That's art.

The point is that however much he was influenced by other artists he did what he did extremely well. He took all those things, made it his own, and turned it into something quite amazing.

Bowie was also hugely influential on other artists. He can take credit for punk (to some extent), New Wave and New Romanticism. Those scenes were filled with Bowie wannabes and admirers. Those artists were hugely influenced by him. And he, in turn, was influenced by them. You can see it in his music and style at the time. But they wouldn't have existed without Bowie.

by Ziggyreply 7611/30/2012

Bowie's voice sounds a lot like Newley's

by Ziggyreply 7711/30/2012


Growing up in the 80's and being into the Smiths, Cure, Depeche Mode, etc, I remember how often many of the bands/artists of the 80's would cite either Bowie or the Velvet Underground as influences. At the time, I didn't have much time for those "old" bands and artists. I thought it was "nice" that Robert Smith was a Bowie fan, but didn't quite understand the deal about Bowie. It was only a decade later that I realized how good Bowie and VU were. Original or not, they were seminal artists.

Over twenty years after my adolescence, I very rarely listen to Cure or DM, but Bowie and VU get much more play on the MP3 player.

by Ziggyreply 7811/30/2012

Me too, R78.

I was also into The Smiths, Cure, Depeche, Yaz, etc. Also the NY bands like Blondie, Ramones, Talking Heads, etc.

They all talked about and referenced Bowie but I didn't really pay attention to him, although I thought Fashion and Ashes to Ashes were kind of cool. It wasn't until about 15 years ago that I really started listening to him. Now he's my absolute all time favourite and I listen to him constantly.

I also really like Lou Reed and VU, which I also discovered after the fact.

by Ziggyreply 7911/30/2012

I miss Bowie. What a pity he doesn't release new songs anymore. I would love to see a comeback of David Bowie, a new album would be a sensation.

by Ziggyreply 8011/30/2012

David Bowie where are you??????????????

by Ziggyreply 8112/01/2012

His Best Of is one of the best albums i have in my possession and believe me i have a lot!

by Ziggyreply 8212/01/2012

By the way, guys, have you seen his son's debut movie 'Moon'? I plead guilty, it escaped me. However i remember me wanting to see it when it got released. I had many options that made me forget 'Moon', but i decided that this week i'm going to rent this peculiar film. Finally!

by Ziggyreply 8312/01/2012

[quote] What a pity he doesn't release new songs

Be thankful he doesn't. Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Springsteen and others have been releasing new songs for 20 years that stink. Artists have a certain number number of year's where they are most creative and it seems to end by age 45.

That nasty old man Irving Berlin made record books for having written a ton of songs --- most were crap produced in his later years that nobody remembers.

by Ziggyreply 8412/01/2012

R84 there are always exceptions to a rule. What about Bob Dylan for example? He released his thirty-second album 'Modern Times' while he was 65 years old. An AWESOME album.

Inspiration is something which is not predictable.

by Ziggyreply 8512/01/2012

[quote] Bob Dylan for example?

We disagree there

by Ziggyreply 8612/01/2012

Gasp! Bowie has a new album coming out in March! His son just tweeted about it.

by Ziggyreply 8701/07/2013

Bowie's failed in his attempts to incorporate the zeitgeist in anything he's done in the last 25 years (drum & bass? dubstep? NO!!), and he doesn't have the youth and swagger to produce the sort of material he did in the 70s/early 80s.

by Ziggyreply 8801/07/2013

Thanks for the heads-up, R87. I just listened to the song on his web site. I like it. Very mellow.

by Ziggyreply 8901/07/2013

my mate had lunch with one of his illustrators from the lodger days,whom comfirmed he had a cancer scare, and is dealing with it like anyone would

by Ziggyreply 9001/09/2013

Some folks claim this foal looks like David Bowie; I say neigh.

by Ziggyreply 9108/22/2013
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