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Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs and Snoballs.

No, that's not the guest and activities list of the last party you attended.

Hostess, the makers of Wonder Bread and the above mentioned is going out of business.

I loved Ding Dong and Ho-Hos. I was never a fan of Twinkies.

by Dellareply 4701/10/2012


They are an American staple.

I love the Suzy Qs.

by Dellareply 101/10/2012


Of course, they're blaming high labor costs rather than blaming management for, over the decades, not creating fresh marketing.

by Dellareply 201/10/2012

Ding Dongs ( were those the round ones?) were really good if you put them in the freezer. The chocolate coating was real crunchy and the cream filling was heavier. A real taste treat.

by Dellareply 301/10/2012

I was never a Twinkies fan either. But I loved the sno-balls, especially the pink ones (of course)

The Jelly rolls were excellent.

(OT: Devil Dogs were Drake's, but they kinda sucked. They always stuck to the roof of my mouth)

by Dellareply 401/10/2012

Ann Blyth

by Dellareply 501/10/2012

How could I forget Suzy Qs?

When I was a kid, someone told me that the filling was made of whipped lard and sugar. Momentarily, I became queasy. And then I got over it.

by Dellareply 601/10/2012

Other brands include:

Marie Callender’s


Roman Meal

Much of the company's success was about an enzyme which permitted their breads to enjoy the very long shelf life you associate with their snack cakes. Central bakeries, more efficient methods, nasty product. (per Wiki)

by Dellareply 701/10/2012

From Long Island, we never had Little Debbie's crap. We had Hostess and Drakes, and Entenmann was just a local bakery. Hostess is OK, they made good fruit pies but Drake's are the best, Devil Dog's Ring Ding's & Funny Bones (Peanut butter filled).

by Dellareply 801/10/2012

They're not "going out of business" yet. They're just planning to file for bankruptcy protection.

In my hick state, Hostess changed the name of Ding Dongs to "King Dons" to avoid the phallic connotation.

by Dellareply 901/10/2012

The link at R2 doesn't say that Hostess is going out of business -- it says that the company plans to file Chapter 11. That's typically a reorganization bankruptcy (though it can be used for liquidation of all assets if approved by the Court, like Borders Books & Solyndra).

As the article notes, Hostess filed Chapter 11 before, in 2004, & completed a reorganization in 2009. That's not uncommon & the company probably won't go out of business this time either -- more likely that it will use Chapter 11 to bust its union contracts & real estate leases, screw unsecured creditors with a token payment, & emerge as a profitable enterprise for the future. Meanwhile, popular products will continue to be marketed & customers won't even notice the effects of bankruptcy.

by Dellareply 1001/10/2012

Always wondered how "Ding dong" got that connotation - like it is the clapper of a bell, maybe? Of course, that is the first term I ever heard as a kid for the male organ...

by Dellareply 1101/10/2012

Thanks for elaborating on and correcting my original post, r10.

by Dellareply 1201/10/2012

What will we do for food if there's a nuclear war?

by Dellareply 1301/10/2012

But their products will still remain, even after Armageddon.

by Dellareply 1401/10/2012

I'm on the East coast and Ding Dongs are known as Ring Dings here. Why the two different names?

by Dellareply 1501/10/2012

Aren't Twinkies merely what happened when American capitalism got hold of tiramisu ?

by Dellareply 1601/10/2012

Loved them as a kid, tried them again last year at a White Trash Party and found them to be inedible. The "cream filling" was ghastly.

by Dellareply 1701/10/2012

Wikipedia clears up the vital Ding Dong/Ring Ding/King Don issue!

"The company marketed the snacks on the East Coast as Big Wheels, to avoid confusion with the Ring Ding, a similar (and pre-existing) treat by Drake's Cakes. The names were consolidated in 1987, when a short-lived merger of Drake's with Hostess' parent company (then Continental Baking Company) briefly resolved the Ring Ding/Ding Dong conflict. When the merged company broke up, however, Hostess was forced to cease, once again, using the Ding Dongs name in areas where Ring Dings were available. The compromise sound-alike name King Dons lasted until Interstate Bakeries Corporation, which had recently merged with Hostess' parent company, bought Drake's in 1998. The Hostess product is now sold under the name Ding Dongs throughout the United States. However, the snack is still sold as the King Don in Canada."

by Dellareply 1801/10/2012

Does that leave Taystee Cakes with no competition other than Drakes and Little Debbie? None of that dreck is edible. The most redeeming thing about Snoballs was peeling the rubbery marshmallow off the pink ones, and wondering why those hadn't been called Titz.

by Dellareply 1901/10/2012

[quote] I'm on the East coast and Ding Dongs are known as Ring Dings here. Why the two different names?

No clue


Best Foods/Hellman's Mayonnaise

by Dellareply 2001/10/2012

Somebody will buy the Wonderbread name. It is too valuable. "Twinkies" are a retro brand name, not of much value today.

by Dellareply 2101/10/2012

I hope they can get back on their feet. What slim chance I have of ever tasting their raspberry donuts again rests with them.

by Dellareply 2201/10/2012

Survey says: this is probably about screwing the union shop out of the benefits they agreed to pay.

by Dellareply 2301/10/2012

Those snack cakes are cash cows. They sell well even priced much above Lil' Debbie chemical stew. Marie Callendar's was a piss-poor investment. They had no expertise in frozen foods. The issue is the debt, which means that some fake Texas businessmen bought them with borrowed money and never had any intention of paying it back.

by Dellareply 2401/10/2012

Drake's makes Rings Dings. I was always (and still occasionally am) a fan of Devil Dogs.

by Dellareply 2501/10/2012

The name Wonderbread has no value. It is associated with nasty white bread of very poor quality.

by Dellareply 2601/10/2012

Our mom refused to buy Wonderbread.

by Dellareply 2701/10/2012

It's a privately held company.

Sounds like the founder's kids are using the company as an ATM machine and running it into the ground.

by Dellareply 2801/10/2012

When I was a babygay, I used to practice blowjobs on Twinkies. I loved to squirt out the filling after a vigorous session.

I was disappointed when I found out that cum didn't taste as sweet.

by Dellareply 2901/10/2012


by Dellareply 3001/10/2012

Private message to R29:

Mine does. Try some.

by Dellareply 3101/10/2012

I loved Ding Dongs but they changed over to corn syrup at some point and they ended up being dry and the cream filling was not fluffy like it was before HFCS.

by Dellareply 3201/10/2012

what? No comments about Ann Blyth's hair? Isn't this a gay gossip board?

by Dellareply 3301/10/2012

R33, dear, you first. The rest of us here exhausted ourselves on the subject a decade ago, in the midst of the 17th thread about her Hostess commercial.

And if I called you a looser you'd probably correct me, dear.

by Dellareply 3401/10/2012

#28, it didn't use to be a private company. I did an equity offering for them years ago. They were owned by Ralston (dog food etc). Terrible low margin business. They were run out of a strip mall outside Kansas City if my memory is correct.

They aren't going out of business as folks above have pointed out.

by Dellareply 3501/10/2012

You get a big delight in every bite!

by Dellareply 3601/10/2012

[quote]what? No comments about Ann Blyth's hair? Isn't this a gay gossip board?

That commercial is old news around here by now.

by Dellareply 3701/10/2012

"I eat them all the time!", Blyth rises, her girth toppling the table she was sitting at, upending the stacks of snack cakes.

by Dellareply 3801/10/2012

I have some Ho-Hos (a box) sitting on the table. I nearly had a fit when I read they were having trouble. How? :(

by Dellareply 3901/10/2012

HAHAHAHA!! I remember that, r38!!!

by Dellareply 4001/10/2012

Bumping original thread

by Dellareply 4101/10/2012

How can they stop making those pies, Twinkies, and Snoballs? Don't eat them often but sometimes after the bar I will grab one at a gas station....great late night munchies!

by Dellareply 4201/10/2012

I always hated snowballs. I never liked that pink marshmallow crap it was covered in. But I loved Hostess cupcakes and I loved Twinkies, and most of all I loved their fruit pies. Pineapple and cherry were my favorites. We'd stop at a corner store and buy them for Ten Cents on the way home from school and eat the whole pie by the time we walked home. Hostess is an important part of my childhood. I would never eat that crap now! We never had Wonder bread in the house. My father would only eat whole wheat bread. He drank himself to death but he ate good bread. LOL!

by Dellareply 4301/10/2012

I used to love those Hostess Fruit Pies. The apple, lemon and blueberry more than the cherry, but they were all good.

by Dellareply 4401/10/2012

Truly a sad day.

by Dellareply 4501/10/2012

I have seen Mrs. Freshley (never bought it) which looks like a cheap imitation of Hostess.

by Dellareply 4601/10/2012

This thread made me realize that I haven't eaten any of those things in decades - and I LOVE sweets, and good white bread.

It's one of those things I always assumed everyone but me liked, but I guess not.

by Dellareply 4701/10/2012
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