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The Pope Isn't Kidding Anymore: Gay Marriage Will Destroy the World

Pope: Gay marriage threatens humanity’s future

Pontiff's strongest tirade yet says same-sex nuptials 'undermine the family'

Pope Benedict XVI denounced gay marriage in his annual “State of the World” address Monday, going so far as to say the same-sex nuptials threaten the future of humanity.

In the speech, the pope, 84, unleashed what some consider being his strongest tirade against gay marriage, saying it is among conventions that “undermine the family” and “threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself,” Reuters reported.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12607/31/2014

The most evil man alive. Time to send him to Hell, Baby Jesus!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 101/09/2012

Meet NOM's secret sugar daddy, and the man behind most Republican Presidential candidates odd insistance that banning contraceptives is a moral high ground.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 201/10/2012

He is evil, of course. But, when will the masses come to realize the fact the the Catholic church is more evil - by a long shot? It's nothing but a racket. That's all it has ever been. A huge, cynical, EVIL racket.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 301/10/2012

Fuck that nasty, ex-Nazi wannabe drag queen from Hell. The people at the Vaticunt know little or nothing about the people who call themselves Catholics. It's just another big, greedy, evil, corrupt government hiding behind a gaudy cathedral.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 401/10/2012

Does he have anything to say about institutionalized pedophilia? Of course not. But my partner and I sharing a mortgage and a joint checking account will "destroy the world".

Where are our gay Catholic apologists? Where is that nasty old priest that's always posting here?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 501/10/2012

He is truly the Glenn Beck of popes.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 601/10/2012

Priests fucking kids with officials like Ratzinger covering it up do more damage than gay people making a lifetime loving commitment to each other.

Catholicism is soooooooooo fucked up.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 701/10/2012

He's nothing more than a boy in a dress.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 801/10/2012

Ironic. He's gay as gay can be.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 901/10/2012

The Catholic Church has caused more death and suffering than any other institution in world history. FUCK HIM.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1001/10/2012

Translation: Look out for the gays trying to ruin your lives while me and my pals are going to steal you sanity and all your wordly posessions.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1101/10/2012

He used his Xmas message to tell the world that he felt Christmas was sullied by tackiness and festivity - all the while surrounded by his nodding dogs in expensive robes and golden statues/high end architecture in the Vatican, the kind of riches that if melted down, could pay for treatment for hundred of thousands of children with diseases worldwide.

He just doesn't get it. It's like one pantomime dame calling another pantomime dame 'trash'.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1201/10/2012

This is the sort of story which shows how much Christopher Hitchens will be missed. In his prime he'd by now have set Slate ablaze with a coruscating opening broadside; then taken a few choice TV slots to quote chapter-and-verse hypocrisy with annihilating wit. At best some archaic apologist would be put up to debate with him, and enhance the ridicule.

Still, his work was done with 'God Is Not Great.' But how can any sane person join an outfit with a boss like that? Low as recruitment is now said to be, it's a mystery why anyone would sign up at all.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1301/10/2012

Disgusting- why do these dinosaurs of organized religion rale against something their own religion does not- if you really read the Bible. It's very very depressing. What IS it about organized religion that must do this kind of thing? Is it because they perceive so much of their tradition is about a "family"... mother father etc? I really do not get it; whether Orthodox Judiasm, Fundementalist Christians, Muslims- and of course the wacked out RC leadership.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1401/10/2012

He just wants to make sure that the only marriage gay men can enter is one with the church. Where would the priesthood be without gay men.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1501/10/2012

The Catholic Church is a hate group.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1601/10/2012

Gay marriage represents the epitome of all the Pope knows what the Church is not - encouraging gay men to hide under the cloak of the Church, wear Prada and ornate robes, and teaching hate for having sex that they don't allow themselves to have.

There's no other explanation for making us the enemy.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1701/10/2012

We are still proud Catholics.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1801/10/2012

Hey, what about pedophilia and covering it up you fucking Nazi! That is a crime against children and humanity! I also think the high-divorce rate about hetrosexuals is undermining some families. I am so sick of the Catholic Church and their hypocrisy. Guess he is definitely in Santorum's corner.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 1901/10/2012

Agree with the Pope.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2001/10/2012

One day, some law enforcement agency, is going to go into the Catholic Church and bust it all up.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2101/10/2012

Of course the Pope can't agree to gay marriage. His priests are having sex with underage boys, and everyone knows they are too young for marriage.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2201/10/2012

Well, if the world survived untold numbers of years of predatory pedophiles abusing the children of trusting churchgoers, the burning of witches, the Spanish Inquisition and the rape of the New World mong other things, I'm guessig gay marriage will not even be a blip on the radar screen.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2301/10/2012

The funny part is brainless Catholics are ever calling folk like Ratzinger and Wojtyla geniuses because they know a few languages (and a few words in many languages). No, they are/were morons, both of them.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2401/10/2012

Any Catholic that puts money into a collection plate, is supporting this anti-gay Pope.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2501/10/2012

A lot Catholics will excuse this kind of foaming nonsense because Ratzy is 84. But that is not a valid excuse for ignorance, bigotry, and false and inverted morality.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2601/10/2012

But, but, but, the Muzzies are the ones who are gay haters!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2701/10/2012

In America Mormons are much more hateful than Catholics. Not than the hierarchy, but the rank and file. But the Mormon rank and file are as hateful as the old men at the top.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2801/10/2012

He always does this during a U.S. election year. My guess is that law firms like Greenberg Traurig threaten huge new waves of class action lawsuits unless he takes a republican line.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 2901/10/2012

It was interesting when he was last in England a year or so ago to see his personal assistant, a very attractive young priest, with him at all times ministering to him. Not bad having a cutie like that on hand when you are in your 80s!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3001/10/2012

"The Catholic Church is a hate group."

True, that.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3101/10/2012

So the Pope is a Republican supporter..... Gee why does that not surprise me? Oh wait, didn't Pope Pius ask that African American soldiers be banned from Vatican property in 1944, because he felt they would soil the grounds?

Obama must love Catholics even more, because of this!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3201/10/2012

I've known a few gay Catholics and I don't know how in the hell they can be part of a group/cult where the leader puts them down like they're the anti-Christ.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3301/10/2012

Because, R33, gay Catholics -- and indeed, the majority of American Catholics -- treat the Pope as completely superfluous to the way they practice Catholicism. The Pope condemns birth control just as harshly as he does homosexuality, and nobody pays attention to him on that, either.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3401/10/2012

Amen, R28.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3501/10/2012

It's interesting that the ONLY place I ever hear about what that archaic institution, so completely out of touch with the real world, is doing, is here at DL.

Thanks for the updates.

My mom, who goes to church practically every day, has no idea what he talked about in his speech or even that he made a speech.

Nobody cares or listens to what he says.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3601/10/2012

Does the Pope think gays people spring from the ground? It tales (mostly) straights to make gays for pete's sake.

We're all interwoven. This man is a nuisance.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3701/10/2012

American Catholics may not listen to what he says, but they put money in the plate to keep in him those Prada shoes he wears when telling us how evil we are.

Anyone that gives them any money (including your mother r36 and mine as well) is an idiot.

My mom will go on and on about how she disagrees with the pope on this and that and when I ask her why she gives him money, she has no answer. I don't get how these people function.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3801/10/2012

How can anyone dressed like this denounce gay anything?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 3901/10/2012

r39 Is that the Pope's Santa outfit?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4001/10/2012

[quote]American Catholics may not listen to what he says, but they put money in the plate to keep in him those Prada shoes he wears when telling us how evil we are.

Thank you.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4101/10/2012

I think he realizes that acceptance of gay marriage would be the final nail in the Catholic church's moral authority. Abstinence, contraception, abortion and now gay marriage--all against church teaching, yet all widely (in some cases almost universally) accepted.

If the church loses its moral authority it's not long until it becomes empty pantomime and dress-up.

Of course to the pope destroying the church is defending the world.

The church is going to have to take a radical turn in its doctrine on sexuality and gender or it is going to destroy itself.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4201/10/2012

The Pope does not need the pennies from our collection plates. The 'church' over which this man rules is a political organization worth billions.

In the words of Mother Teresa, a true Catholic, and the one I would prefer the world think of when they think 'Catholic,'

"There is only one God and He is God to all; therefore it is important that everyone is seen as equal before God. I’ve always said we should help a Hindu become a better Hindu, a Muslim become a better Muslim, a Catholic become a better Catholic."

Which Pope, evangelist, country preacher, Iman, or Rabbi would say that? None. That is the example we need to follow.

Religion is the public realm of politics, coercion, and control while spirituality is the person realm of the experience of the Divine. My Catholicism is the path through which I experience this connection to the Universal. It is all the same God. The politics of it all are irrelevant.

And while many judge me and feel I am stupid for being Catholic, I look at others who lack any connection to 'God' and feel only pity.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4301/10/2012

Fuck the pope. Fuck him with something hard and sandpapery.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4401/10/2012

The catholic church is already a pantomime and dressing up. Who can take it seriously when they pontificate around with their robes. They must be intent on shoring up their wealth at the vatican, and all those art treasures since the dawn of catholicism 2,000 years ago. Interesting that catholicism is declining as muslims become more vocal ...

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4501/10/2012

People take this antigay thing to far... Destroy the world because of gay marraige? Geez... not thousands of earthquakes or disease but gay marraige... give me a fucking break assholes!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4601/10/2012

R43 - Mother Teresa? A real Catholic? Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah - I guess you COULD say she was a real Catholic, now that I think about it. Real in the truest sense of the word.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4701/10/2012

[quote]Interesting that catholicism is declining as muslims become more vocal ...

I'd say ALL Abrahamic religion is declining except for fundamentalists of all three faiths, which means the inmates are in charge of the asylum.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4801/10/2012

Pope is jumping on the bandwagon to try to appear mainstream and increase donations from decrepit old people. Fuck him. He has no problem with priests fucking little boys, or Hitler killing Jews.

And so what if the Pope condemns gay marriage. Its like a fish bashing bicycles. How many gay Catholics are there out there looking for the Pop's blessing of their union? According to the bible, us gays are all going to hell.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 4901/10/2012

"the majority of American Catholics -- treat the Pope as completely superfluous to the way they practice Catholicism. The Pope condemns birth control just as harshly as he does homosexuality, and nobody pays attention to him on that, either."

I see it differently, R34. Most American Catholics DO practice birth control and don't give it much thought, but when the subject of homosexuality comes up, many suddenly become by-the-book Catholics who align with the pope. That idiot Sean Hannity is a good example. He's Catholic and only has a couple kids, so he's obviously using birth control...but when the subject of gay rights comes up on his show, he immediately says that homosexuality "is against my religion."

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5001/10/2012

r. 47

You send to a link by Christopher Hitchens? As if he could ever have an objective opinion about someone as beautifully devout as Mother Teresa. To this atheist ass wipe, any person of faith, regardless of the faith, is an idiot. He takes a life such as hers and finds ways to make it ugly. What did he ever do that was worthy of praise? Write for Vanity Fair? Yes, she was extreme, but guess what? She got in there and did it. She did not promote bigotry or hatred like the rest of the world does. She might have gotten a lot of money, but she lived with the poorest of the poor and gave them care that no one else would have done. Take your cynicism and shove it.

His article also reinforces my thoughts on the political versus spiritual. Mother Teresa's mission was a spiritual one that, after her death, the political machinery picked up on and made her a saint for purely personal and business reasons.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5101/10/2012

I give AC a 1 on a personality factor.... his daytime show is dreadful... he's better off in Africa reporting at some diaster show than shows like this... he's too dry and a bad sport...

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5201/10/2012

"Most American Catholics DO practice birth control and don't give it much thought, but when the subject of homosexuality comes up, many suddenly become by-the-book Catholics who align with the pope."

Studies show Catholics are not more likely to be against gay marriage than the general population. Of course there are some Hannity-type Catholics who are right-wing phobes but most ordinary Catholics are not particularly homophobic. Even Catholic people have gay kids, gay brothers, gay sisters, etc.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5301/10/2012

[quote]Mother Teresa's mission was a spiritual one that, after her death, the political machinery picked up on and made her a saint for purely personal and business reasons.

She was quite famous for many years before her death. She was my college graduation speaker. She told us all to stay celibate.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5401/10/2012

"To this atheist ass wipe, any person of faith, regardless of the faith, is an idiot."

You attack him for calling religious people idiots, and yet you have no probably attacking atheists. Did you get lost on the way to Free Republic, hon?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5501/10/2012

No, I attack Hitchens who much like anyone adhering to a dogma twists the truth to fit his ideas and arguments... not so much unlike the hated Christians do. I don't hate, just pity Atheists, in general. But... I am not going to fight with you about religion anymore. It's pointless. You stay there and I'll stay here... hon.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5601/10/2012

r43, do you put money in the collection plate? If so you're a huge idiot.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5701/10/2012

I don't know why everyone is so angry with such a gay organization! I know a lot of gay priests, including one who enjoys public sex at Raw Hide in New Orleans, baby! HOT!!!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5801/10/2012

So, two gay men or women marrying and sometimes even having kids threatens the future of humanity more than a bunch of men and women being celibate their whole lives (while they aren't raping little boys and girls, destroying their lives)? Is it more dangerous than telling hordes of poor ppl not to use birth control and have kids they can't feed? More dangerous than telling ppl condoms are a sin so they can't protect their lives and health?

Whatever fucker.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 5901/10/2012

Well, Why didn't she give those Indian women condoms, I do not give my money to the church. Instead I offer my time and talents doing volunteer work, because I know that the political organization of the Catholic church needs my pennies a lot less than I do. I spend time working with the poor with the St. Vincent de Paul society and in the soup kitchen that my parish has.

... and to answer your question, she didn't give those Indian women condoms because she was extremely orthodox in her Catholicism, and she believed that birth control interfered with God's will. My point of bringing up Mother Teresa in this conversation was her quote on the equality of all people, and to point out, that while the Pope may be a bigot, not all Catholics are.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6001/10/2012

Disease and earthquakes and murders aren't destroying the world but gay marriage is?

What an idiot!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6101/10/2012

Equality like that divorce is evil, except when you're a Princess?

Orthodox = evil. The world is complicated, but that much is simple.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6201/10/2012

Pope Rat ...another in the long line of bizarro closet cases, parading around in his best dress & party hats, making sanctimonious anti-gay & anti-woman pronouncements.

What a freak - he is fooling no one. Wait! ...i take it back. He *is* fooling the idiotic Catholic sheeple who continue to fund this strange criminal organization.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6301/10/2012

"You cursed brat! Look what you've done! Gay marriage! I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Oooooh, look out! I'm going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!"

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6401/10/2012

There was a time when Catholics disdained poverty as an evil. Not since the rise of Opus Dei, however.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6501/10/2012

[quote] think he realizes that acceptance of gay marriage would be the final nail in the Catholic church's moral authority. If the church loses its moral authority it's not long until it becomes empty pantomime and dress-up.

I think it could keep its moral authority by taking full responsibility for the child rape it perpetrated and then covered up and by stopping the scape-goating of gays,

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6601/10/2012

The Pope is gay.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6701/10/2012

Once a Nazi always a Nazi. This is just proof.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6801/10/2012

R51 - As if Hitchens was the only person to criticize that whore... Get real. Do some research - that link was provided only as some well documented research you might like to peruse to "get you up to speed" on things, as it were.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 6901/10/2012

Mother Teresa fetishized suffering. She didn't want to wipe out poverty, she wanted to wallow in it.

Norman Borlaug... now there's a person who actually did something constructive about poverty and starvation.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7001/10/2012

Wasn't there a case where Mother T. left her nun to die of rabies for want of medicine whilst she jetted around the world first class?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7101/10/2012

My late cousin was involved in the December, 1989 ACT-UP demonstration at St. Patrick's in NYC.

I've been feeling for some time that to honor the memory of those who have gone before us, and for our own self-respect, our actions must let them know the church's institutionalized bigotry must not stand.

Occupy St. Patrick's.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7201/10/2012

We really should Shut Down the RC Church.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7301/10/2012

The whole thing. We should ring the Vatican and not let anybody in or out.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7401/10/2012

Mother Teresa had a real good scam going. She would approach the scum of the earth despots and dictators and ask, "how would you like a picture with me? It will do wonders for your image." Of course the despots would jump at the chance, and thats when she let the other shoe (or sandal) drop. "Pay me. Pay me big time."

There's a special place in hell reserved for people like her.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7501/10/2012

Damn, R75. You must be really bitter if you can see a dark side in one of the most gentle people that this planet has ever known. In your book, Gandhi and Elmo must be total cunts as well.

Why don't you get off your ass and start feeding, caring for, AND living with the homeless and diseased for a change. Then you may have the most infinitesimal iota of credibility.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7601/10/2012

How will gay marriage "destroy the world"? If men had a choice, 100% of men would become gay and refuse to be sperm donors, thereby insuring the end of human life on earth? Ok with me, there's too many people as it is and they're going to destroy the planet with overpopulation and the resultant pollution, long before gay men even make a dent.

This is a case of "don't judge others by yourself." Mr. Pope is gay, thinks all men would be gay if they could, because that's how he feels.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7701/10/2012

Not true R76. She was not gentle, she was not compassionate. She was a vile political ideologue.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7801/10/2012

R76 Sorry if the facts dont mesh with what you wish was true. But that's not my fault. Im not bitter, I just dont go around pretending everything is sunshine and lollipops when its clearly not.

One of the most gentle people this planet ever knew was more than happy to see poor woman saddled with more babies they could care for rather than let them use birth control.

You can call me names all you like, it doesn't change the truth. And the fact that you react with such hostility to the truth says a real lot about you. None of it really very good.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 7901/10/2012

Whatever, R79. Enjoy the pity party/delusional haze. This lil' cowboy is now boarding the plane and leaving your Bizarro world. Bye bye!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8001/10/2012

Mother Teresa was a famewhore.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8101/10/2012

The pope is also a head of state, essentially a political position, and this is why he harps on this issue.

It really doesn't affect the majority's everyday life. As such, it's easier to daemonize people and spread misinformation.

It also detracts from the basic rot that is the Catholic Church.

As gays, I think we sometimes fall into the trap of debating people on this, instead of making it a part of a larger issue for basic human rights for the LGBT community. (Yeah, I added the "T"-sorry haters, they're not 'it's or things.)

It's like American politicians, usually conservatives, who use high-profile criminal cases to advance their careers. It's too risky to focus on the actual complex causes of crime.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8201/10/2012

It's more than that R82. He thinks it threatens the future of humanity BECAUSE HE CANNOT IMAGINE MEN WANTING TO LIVE WITH WOMEN. That is beyond his comprehension.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8301/10/2012

I agree with the Pope. Immorality in the likes of gay relationships will destroy this world.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8409/12/2012

[quote]He just doesn't get it. It's like one pantomime dame calling another pantomime dame 'trash'.

But Benny is a ruthless label queen, so surely she wins.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8509/12/2012

He means gay marriage will destroy the Catholic corporation.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8609/12/2012

Gay marriage will strengthen society, not weaken it.

The demonization of gays is what creates the underground, risky lifestyle...not the affirmation of gay relationships.

Wake up Bennie.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8709/12/2012

Immorality in the likes of the Republican Wing-Nuts is destroying the world.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8809/12/2012

One of the most expensive structures on Earth, when adjusted for inflation is:

St Peter's Basilica in Rome

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 8909/12/2012

But it's not really that attractive R89

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9009/12/2012

The pope is probably gay himself, look at that outfit he has to wear.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9109/12/2012

probably r91?

He absolutely is.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9209/12/2012

How do you know for sure, R92? No evidence needed of course, just wondering about your take.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9309/12/2012

"Darling, I love your gown but your purse is on Fire!" - Tallullah Bankhead

Actually, gay marriage will destroy the Catholic Church. Not that they're doing a bad job of it themselves.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9409/12/2012

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Third Reich. Amen.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9509/12/2012

The world needs another gay Establishment figure like Roger Peyrefitti who outed Paul XI, so that he was forced to issue a public denial even though his actor boyfriend Paolo Carlini was still alive.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9609/12/2012

So...ex-Nazi Pope turns the Catholic into an anti-gay hate group. nobody saw this coming, except this time, the Nazi picked the Gays not the Jews first.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9709/13/2012

Nothing ex about this Nazi, nor of the previous one, who probably helped unleash HIV against us.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9809/13/2012



by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 9909/13/2012

I feel a parody coming on ...

"Pope Pooh-Pooh's Same Sex-Marriage"!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10009/13/2012

R76 - Gandhi was actually pretty racist. He was FOR apartheid in South Africa, for instance.

But most young Catholics I know (30 and under) are pretty pro-gay and think the church needs to change its viewpoints on things if they don't want to keep losing members.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10109/13/2012

In the eyes of the Catholic Church, the only reason to have sex is to have children. The ONLY reason.

That's why birth control is forbidden.

That's why same-sex relationships are forbidden.

Neither will "bear fruit" to populate the world.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10209/13/2012

That's why gay rights threaten human survival R99. Men will not sleep with women if they are not forced to.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10309/13/2012

Once a member of the Nazi Party, always a member of the Nazi Party.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10412/21/2012

The Pope is right !

Let's see what GOD has to say:

HE already stated the situation over and over again:

in the Holy Bible we are able to read GOD's Will: it is very clear ! GOD's Anger and Justice will soon come, but the gays, with their same sex marriages, are contributing to accelerate the end times ! May GOD have pity on all the poor world ! The gays that are contributing to same sex marriages, if they don't repent, are going to face the inevitable, but the problem is that, all of those that agree with the abominia and blasfemy, are contributing to accelerate the end times, and GOD is going to move on to drastic decisions, there is no way out: BEWARE and open your heart, the eye of your heart that has been closed while the dragon was and is taking avdantage of the weak !!!!!!! May GOD Our LORD save us !!!!!!!!!!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10501/15/2013

Ratzi the Nazi still spewing hatred against gays 68 years after Hitler died.

It was Catholics who made him pope.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10601/15/2013

Pedophilia is wrong. Homosexuality is wrong. Both are sexually perverse. God made a woman and a man to be together sexually and in marriage. Anything else is not what God intended, and it will not lead to true happiness, but rather more evil and more unhappiness. I pray that God helps those that have been fooled and confused.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10703/15/2013

Get a life Cajun, you have warped values.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10803/15/2013

God made man/woman to plenish the earth, man/man or woman/woman can't fullfill that and they will burn in hell. Can u gays really say that if you was laying in front of GOD that he would except and bless u having sex?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 10907/31/2014

Someone said, "Get a life Cajun, you have warped values. "


You have to be kidding me, He can see but yet he is blind. Do you really belive God thinks its ok for a man to have sex with another man, to spill his seed inside another man. Now that gross and warped.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11007/31/2014



you bump a 2-year old thread about the PREVIOUS (gay) Pope to say THAT?

if i "was laying" in front of god he'd either say: "good job, you led a decent loving life" or he'd say NOTHING.

You freakin' numbskull!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11107/31/2014

You're wrong, R109. Gay people are made in God's image and their sexuality is a gift from God. Sex is one expression of love that gay and straight people share. You represent bigotry and hatred, not God's love or any love.

Jesus preached love and told us to love one another and care for the weakest members of our flock. He said nothing about marriage except to condemn adultery, and he never spoke out against gay people. He mingled with prostitutes and other marginalized people and preached against sanctimony and judgment. You and his other misguided "followers" are his greatest disappointment, not us.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11207/31/2014

God is imaginary.


by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11307/31/2014

Yet gay marriage seems to be doing fine.

Pope Razi? Not so much.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11407/31/2014

Sigh. What on earth would Zeus say about all this?

I wish Jesus would make his second coming. He needs to clarify his message of love and redemption with his followers.

My God doesn't hate gays. Neither does the goddess I worship.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11507/31/2014

I was having a fit over the thread being bumped considering the title.

But read the offending bumper, R109. Clearly a religious wing-nut found their way onto Datalounge.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11607/31/2014

Where in the bible does God say he accepts a man lying with a man. No where in the bible does it say that. Now I didn't say gays can't get into heaven. God will forgive anyone who ask for forgivness of their sins. So if you ask God to forgive you for having sex with another man, then he will forgive you.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11707/31/2014

#114 said, "Yet gay marriage seems to be doing fine "

Murders, rapist, theives, all sinners are doing fine. Gays marriages doing fine has nothing to do with is wrote in the bible. Its an abomination, thats what the bible says. But pray for forgiveness and u can still get into heaven.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11807/31/2014

Charly. You are insane.

Quite literally.

Being gay does not equate with being a murderer, regardless of your feeble-minded religious beliefs.

try again.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 11907/31/2014

This pope is pretty dedicated to cleaning out the church before it collapses. He is now making noises to the effect that we may well see the day when priests are allowed to marry, as they had before the year 900. He has nothing against gays but is 100% committed to ridding the church of pedophiles. The majority of church pedophilia is homosexual in nature for two reasons, 1. The church has a high percentage of gay clergy due to its prohibition on marriage 2. Celibacy is against human nature. Damming up human sexuality is almost impossible unless you have complete control of people all the time.

Stay tuned for some changes, unless the pope's decision to ride in unprotected cars proves to be fatal.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12007/31/2014

r120, this thread is about the PREVIOUS pope.

Yes, the current one is proving to be surprisingly progressive (for a pope)!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12107/31/2014

Fuck all religious bullshit.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12207/31/2014

Charly, the bible is a book written by Iron Age desert nomads and hermits. It is not a blueprint for life in the 21st century.

God did not intend for Man to stay locked in a pre-modern state of ignorance and darkness. He gave us reason and intelligence in his image. Through them we have learned much about the human condition, and we are still made by God in his image, but we now know this includes women, all races and the full spectrum of sexuality, not an "Old Testament" patriarchy of hegemony, subjugation and forced conversion.

God's central message is one of love and tolerance. Love takes many forms and all of them, expressed truly and without harm or manipulation, are beautiful in God's eyes. Two adults joining in love is a blessing to God and an expression of his message, not an abomination.

I hope you someday find the truth. For now you are chasing false idols and making God very unhappy. You are denying the logic and history of the world he created for us and meant for us to learn.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12307/31/2014

[quote]The majority of church pedophilia is homosexual in nature for two reasons, 1. The church has a high percentage of gay clergy due to its prohibition on marriage 2. Celibacy is against human nature. Damming up human sexuality is almost impossible unless you have complete control of people all the time.

You're both simplifying and complicating it. It's not as simple as "gay people turn to kids when they're denied sex". And the celibacy rule has little to do with it; plenty of straight and gay clergy get around it and form adult relationships with each other or lay people.

The simplest fact is that pedophiles--people predisposed to sexually molesting children--seek out roles that give them access to kids. Pedophile priests are just like pedophile coaches, scout masters and teachers.

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12407/31/2014

[quote]Can u gays really say that if you was laying in front of GOD that he would except and bless u having sex?

Yes, if god existed and we were "laying" in front of him, he would certainly "except" us. What is he excepting us from, BTW?

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12507/31/2014

We want our gay people to be single and preferably in the Priesthood!

by Monsignor Georg Gansweinreply 12607/31/2014
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