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Does Susan Sarandon resent Meryl Streep?

This woman works constantly, but most of her films disappear before you can blink. She actually does more films than Meryl, but mostly because she has more time, since most of the films she's in these days are in supporting roles.

She'd probably have gotten many of Meryl's roles if Meryl weren't around. Clearly she's chosen not to make a career change to episodic television like Glenn Close, but is she resentful that she is rarely the first choice for roles for a woman her age because of Meryl?

by Sigourney Weaverreply 8301/29/2013

Why would it be Meryl's fault?

by Sigourney Weaverreply 101/07/2012

Who knows?

At any rate, she ought to be grateful for the career she has, as there are countless equally talented women who haven't had one-tenth the opportunities she's had, and even a lot of big stars, currently and of generations past, who can't/couldn't get work after age 40 or 50.

So what if there are a small number of women who have bigger careers, more awards, etc., than Sarandon? There are thousands of talented women who would love to have a chance at her cast-offs.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 201/07/2012

Sarandon hasn't got Streep's talent, obviously.

Yes, she's talented. But not to that extent.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 301/07/2012

And unlike Glenn, Sigourney, Julianne and others, Susan has a Best Actress Oscar. Meryl also only has ONE Best Actress Oscar. So unlike Glenn, Sigourney, Julianne and others, Susan isn't bitter.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 401/07/2012

But the big difference between Meryl and Susan is that Meryl's career soared after her Oscar win, while for Susan it was the last noteworthy role she did.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 501/08/2012

I doubt Susan Sarandon resents Meryl Streep because Susan Sarandon has always been her very own lady. That chick has always been very own person within the industry and that is actually easier said than done.

I have always wondered if Cherry (gossip free) Jones ever resented Meryl Streep playing her role in the movie version of "Doubt." That would maybe be some worthy resentment right there.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 601/08/2012

They no more would have cast Cherry Jones in the movie version of Doubt than they would have cast Barbara Bel Geddes in the movie of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Theatre ain't the movies (thankfully).

by Sigourney Weaverreply 701/08/2012

[quote]But the big difference between Meryl and Susan is that Meryl's career soared after her Oscar win, while for Susan it was the last noteworthy role she did.

The fact that Meryl Streep was 33 and Susan Sarandon was 50 didn't have anything to do with that.

Fucking idiot.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 801/08/2012

For what it's worth, I'd rather hang out with Sarandon than with Streep. I have a feeling she's a fun gal. After all, one of her friends is Amy Sedaris.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 901/08/2012

I don't think Susan Sarandon is losing sleep over Meryl Streep's career.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1001/08/2012

I suck homeless men's cocks as a hobby.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1101/08/2012

I doubt Susan is jealous. And I can't picture her doing most of Meryl's roles anyway.

That said, it's a shame Susan isn't getting better roles. I don't remember the last movie I saw her in. She was on a streak in the 90's from Thelma & Louise, to Lorenzo's Oil, to The Client, to Safe Passage (she was great in it), to Little Women, to Dead Man was just great performance after great performance. Wasn't she nominated for the best actress oscar like 4 times in the matter of 5 years during that period? I think she's amazing. She & Sigourney have always been my favorites. I hope she gets some good leading roles. Soon.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1201/08/2012

r6, Tallulah Bankhead hated Bette Davis. It's rare that the person who created a Broadway role gets to do the filmed version of that role.

Did Mary Martin hate Julie Andrews? Did Julie Andrews hate Audrey Hepburn? Did Ethel Merman hate Rosalind Russell? I will bet that Carol Channing hated Lucille Ball.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1301/08/2012

I doubt any of the actresses mentioned resent Streep. After all they've worked consistently for decades, putting them in the top 1 percent (at least) of all actors. Remember that Meryl was considered through for most of the 90s save Bridges of Madison County. She certainly was never considered big box office until Devil Wears Prada. And all of it has been based on hard work and pure talent, not playing Hollywood politics or badmouthing others. I would guess most of her contemporaries consider her a special case in Hollywood history and not worth jealousy or scorn.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1401/08/2012

Why is the Cherry Jones Troll always convinced that ANYONE was EVER going to finance a film starring Jones? I fucking guarantee you she was not even on a "maybe" list of actors considered for the film of Doubt. Get a clue.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1501/08/2012

[R8] Susan Sarandon is a whopping THREE years older than Meryl.

This thread is stupid. As if two interesting, powerful actresses can't exist in the same universe. Ugh.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1601/08/2012

R16, read R8 better. He was referring to how old each of them were when they won their first Academy Award, basically saying it's not fair to compare their careers post-win because Susan was so much older when she won whereas Meryl was relatively young when she won.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1701/08/2012

Yes, Susan Sarandon does resent Meryl Streep. I once had to break up a knife fight between the two of them outside an Aldi supermarket.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1801/08/2012

Why would Carol Channing hate or not hate Lucille Ball?

by Sigourney Weaverreply 1901/08/2012

Yes. I did have a sister. Once.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2001/08/2012

[quote]For what it's worth, I'd rather hang out with Sarandon than with Streep. I have a feeling she's a fun gal.

I don't. maybe it was Tim Robbins's influence, but she always came off as a condescending, politically correct bore when she was with him. Remember that incident at the Oscars where they decided to rally the cause for some Haitian refugees. Streep has far more class than that.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2101/08/2012

"Why would Carol Channing hate or not hate Lucille Ball?"

Because Lucy did the movie of Carol Channing's big Broadway triumph "Mame."

... or so thinks one resident genius...

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2201/08/2012

[quote] Did Ethel Merman hate Rosalind Russell?

Actually, she did. Read "Sondheim & Company" or any of the other books about GYPSY and see how Russell's husband, producer Freddie Brisson schmoozed Merman about making the film version, only to buy the property for his wife to star in. Merman called him "The Lizard of Roz".

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2301/08/2012

I'd rather spend time with Streep. I get the feeling that both actresses can be uptight, but Streep strikes me as someone who knows this about herself and can snap out of it and not take herself seriously. Maybe it's the Tim Robbins association that R21 mentions; I just don't have the same feeling about Sarandon.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2401/08/2012

Reportedly quite difficult to work with and the 'compassionate, comparing' persona is just an act.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2501/08/2012

R17, don't confuse R16 with any abstract thinking.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2601/08/2012

Back in the late 80s, in between "Atlantic City" and "Bull Durham" when Sarandon was going through a bit of a career lull, before she really took off again and became the go-to woman for the sexy woman of a certain age role, Sarandon did make a catty comment about Streep to the press. She essentially said that there was no way that Streep had it as all together as she she seemed to, that nobody could.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2701/09/2012

[R17], you're right. I misunderstood that. My bad.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2801/09/2012

I'm with R16. Both seem like great people. My guess is that both know quite well how good life has been to them and dwell very little on resentments toward other terribly successful people. Most successful people are inspired by other successful people- that has been my experience.

Joan Crawford and Betty Davis were NOT stable or nice women you know.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 2901/09/2012

Sarandon hangs out with the crew and can be rather chatty on the set, unlike Streep, who sticks to her hair guy (of years) and is not approachable.

That's what I heard, at least.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3001/10/2012

Meryl is a bitch. And a horrible actress.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3101/10/2012

I raped my own grandfather and ate his shitty diaper.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3201/10/2012

R3 is right. Susan is not in Meryl's league. Few are.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3301/10/2012

That's right, r33.

Redgrave: cannot do comedy.

Lange: ditto.

Adjani: ditto.

Mirren: a bit too stiff, but she does challenge herself.

Huppert: sticks to the 'imperious intellectual' roles.

Binoche: cannot do working class, a la Silkwood.

Dench: too actorly.

J. Moore: ditto.

Close: only really good as a villain.

Weaver: only occasionally brilliant.

M. Smith: has played the same role for 3 decades now.

Blanchett and Cotillard are clearly in Streep's league, though.

Sarandon is a good actress, but in a league below all these ladies, i.e. two leagues below Streep.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3401/10/2012


It has become evident that some of you do not understand what is expected of you on this forum. Please view the message at the link and adjust your behavior accordingly.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3501/10/2012

In other words, she's in a league with Sally Field, Cher, Jane Fonda, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Which is not a bad thing.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3601/10/2012

r34, is that post a parody? It should be.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3701/10/2012

No it's not, r37.

It's just the truth.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3801/10/2012

The Meryl loon is back. Primetime must be off now.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 3901/10/2012

I fart in Meryl's general direction.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4001/12/2012

Yes, she probably resents her.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4101/15/2012

Oh, but the Globes tonight should be such fun.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4201/15/2012

Nah, I don't think so. The thing is, these actresses probably don't mind if Meryl gets these parts cause there isn't really anyone in that age range who can do the technical accent stuff, they're probably happy if it goes to her.

Weaver (who she was friends with back in the day) once joked that she gets the Meryl reject parts. She's friends with Close and Lange as well and generally is a cheerleader and inspired by all these actresses.

She seemed particularly pleased when Sarandon won.

I think she also knows when she won't win when there's strong competition and probably is surprised to be nominated a lot of the time.

It's not her fault that she gets nominated all the time and there's no one better, it's a pretty sad indictment of the actress race that there aren't more who break through and there's a Streep slot. The actor race has always been much tougher.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4301/15/2012

Please. They didn't call Merly when casting The Banger Sisters.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4401/15/2012

[quote] They didn't call Merly when casting The Banger Sisters.

Correct. They called Susna and Goldei.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4501/15/2012

Not the same type of actresses. Susan relies on her sexuality to 'find the character'. Meryl does not rely on just one part of her experience. Susan perhaps resents Meryl's talent but that would only be human.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4601/15/2012

No Meryl relies on the external in order to find her characters and then moves inward fromm there, usually not to any great depth, which is why her performances, while fascinating to watch from the perspective of mimicry, are not particularly effective viscerally.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4701/15/2012

That nun in "Doubt" is the only role I've ever been able to stand Streep in. She was perfect as that fugly, bitter hag.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 4801/15/2012


by Sigourney Weaverreply 4901/15/2012

Susan would have brought another dimension to the role of Sophie that Meryl wasn't capable of. I can almost hear her shouting "Take my daughter, y'all! Take mah baby!" in that dramatic drawl of hers.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5001/15/2012

Susan would've added dimension to Meryl's roles but I can't think of any of Susan's roles that Meryl would've done better.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5103/05/2012

Is Meryl in the closet?

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5212/20/2012


by Sigourney Weaverreply 5312/20/2012

R53, are you Meryl?

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5412/20/2012

Susan Sarandon is what they used to call, a "good ol' broad."

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5512/20/2012

I officially lost interest in Susan in 2006 with "Bernard and Doris", which is incredibly boring. Lauren Bacall's Doris Duke miniseries was far better. The best of Susan's movies (Atlantic City, Thelma & Louise) were ok but I burnt out on them long ago. And she made plenty of embarrassing movies too (White Palace) along the way. In short, she's no Meryl.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5612/20/2012

Susan is great. Meryl is great too. You don't have to lose interest in Susan. That's cheap if you liked her. She is still the same.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5712/20/2012

I always felt that people liked Susan Sarandon more than her acting. I love her in Thelma and Louise and, of course, prior to that she made a lot of interesting movies but I don't think her screen persona works for an old lady.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5812/20/2012

A friend had to interact with Sarandon on a charity event and he said she's a cunt.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 5912/20/2012

[quote] I can almost hear her shouting "Take my daughter, y'all! Take mah baby!" in that dramatic drawl of hers.

Sarandon might have redeemed even that dreadful Maggie Thatcher biopic with that dramatic drawl of hers. Her Reggie Love persona would have worked for Maggie.

"Ah aym tellin' y'all raght heah and raght noyw that mah peahls ahh non-negotiable. You undehstaynd?"

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6012/20/2012

I always felt Meryl Streep's acting was excellent but flat.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6112/20/2012

It bears repeating: Sarandon doesn't possess Meryl's instrument.

Not even that of Jessica Lange or Glenn Close.

She's lucky she received so much Oscar attention, while Glenn, Sigourney and Annette are still without one.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6212/20/2012




Patrice Kahlman

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6312/20/2012

Susan has a young boyfriend. I doubt she spends much time thinking about Streep these days.

I wonder, however, why hasn't her daughter had a better career? She's just as marginally talented as Streep's daughters, but hasn't had their opportunities. Streep has more Hollywood power?

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6412/20/2012

I'm sure all those women do to some extent; but I also think most of them realize Meryl's better (she really is), and that many of the films that headline Meryl are made only because Meryl agreed to do them in the first place.

Also, few of them have Meryl's range. Susan Sarandon is much better at drama than she is at comedy; Meryl can do both equally well.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6512/20/2012

The Other M (Maeve) is more talented than both of them.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6612/20/2012

hey what about Patty Duke???

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6712/20/2012

"Susan Sarandon is much better at drama than she is at comedy; Meryl can do both equally well."

Oh, but Streep is anemic in both.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6812/20/2012

[quote]Sarandon doesn't possess Meryl's instrument.

If you're talking about Don's dick, she's welcome to it.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 6912/20/2012

They are both excellent...Meryl is more powerful to be resilient, that's all.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7012/21/2012

[quote]In other words, she's in a league with Sally Field, Cher, Jane Fonda, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Actually, I think Sally Field is by far the best actress of this group. She really remains a rather underrated actress, in my opinion.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7112/21/2012

Sarandon's always had a mature, earthy sexuality that she brings to her roles. Streep is a more versatile actress but she lacks sex appeal.

Both are superb actresses.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7212/21/2012

I hate to encourage the Streep troll, but Meryl Streep has been able to project sensuality in roles as well. She really can do it all.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7312/22/2012

She should have shagged Billy Joel all those years instead of Tim Robbins. Bug eyes are not attractive to see on screen.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7412/22/2012

I think Lange, Sarandon, Sally Field, Debra Winger are all in the same league as Meryl Streep. I like Streep a lot but find her rather mechanical and very limited in her ability to project emotion.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7512/22/2012

Meryl Christmas, everybody!

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7612/25/2012

They both emit lesbian sparks

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7701/29/2013

Susan Sarandon is a stage name.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7801/29/2013

R78, I thought it was her married name, from her first (and only) husband.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 7901/29/2013

That is what I meant R79

by Sigourney Weaverreply 8001/29/2013

Does that make it a stage name? It was legally her name at one point in her life and she maintained it. It's not like she invented it.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 8101/29/2013

Susan Sarandon for her professional work, and she legally goes by her maiden name in private.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 8201/29/2013

No, they haven't slept together indeed.

by Sigourney Weaverreply 8301/29/2013
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