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Sherlock is Back!

I'm going to get me some Benedict Cumberbatch (best name ever, and it's real) goodness.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8601/01/2014

I loved the first series and was excited to watch the latest episode yesterday.


It was scattered, and it lost my interest a few times. I got lost in the plot (a planeload of bodies?; 5 second shot of Moriarty in the middle of the story) and had to suspend disbelief at 2 points:

1) a boomerang?

2) the ending.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 101/02/2012

Are you serious??? My backwoods worthless public television station showed a rerun of Downton Abbey.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 201/02/2012

R2, I don't think the new season/series of Sherlock is scheduled to air in the US yet. I assume that airdate of 1/1/2012 was for BBC1 in the UK.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 301/02/2012

It will probably hit Masterpiece Mystery this summer.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 401/02/2012

Give me some Martin Freeman.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 501/02/2012

I wish we could buy streaming BBC (the real one,not that ridiculous BBC America). I'll bet they'd get tons of viewers.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 601/02/2012

This episode was confusing - I got lost at various points. Here's the major points I'm confused about:

I don't understand about the bodies in the plane. How was it supposed to stop a terrorist attack and why did they abort the flight.

Was Irene Adler working with Moriarty; are IA and Moriarty a team? Is she a sociopath bent on screwing with 'superior mind' Holmes like Moriarty (how she seemed so psyched to solve the hikers death). Was she a dominatrix or a spy? She had a lot of technical knowledge and skills (rigging her phone, escaping out a window, sneaking into Holmes house) for being a high class sex worker.

Why were Americans involved?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 701/02/2012

The British government knew there would be a terrorist attack on that particular plane, but they couldn't stop it from happening, because the terrorists would realise the British government had somehow infiltrated them and had access to their plans. The government made the decision that not letting the terrorists know they had access, was more important than stopping this one flight being blown up. So the government decided to allow the terrorist attack on the plane to go ahead, but replaced all the passengers with corpses, so that no one would die. They had to abort the plan because when Sherlock cracked the code for Irene, she told Moriarty who told the terrorists that the British government infiltrated them.

Irene contacted Moriarty to ask for his help because she had a lot of very sensitive info and didn't know how to use it, and because people were trying to kill her to get that info. In this series, Moriarty advertises himself as a 'Consulting Criminal' and basically hired out his services. In exchange for helping her, he got her to get Sherlock to crack the code for him, because he wanted to fuck with the Holmes' brothers. (Though I don't know why Moriarty wasn't able to crack the code himself, since it was obviously very easy.) She also seems to love genius men. She probably was a bit of a sociopath.

She was a dominatrix, not a spy, but she'd collect information on and from her clients (like secretly taking pics of clients) as insurance. When she came across really valuable government secrets she tried to use it to scam a lot of money from the government. She had a lot of spy skills because she was playing a very dangerous game, and because she enjoyed it.

I assume the Americans knew about the terrorist attack on the plane and British government's plan, and were working with the British government to make sure everything went okay. The photos of the Royal were a bluff, she did have those photos, but the plane plans were the important thing.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 801/02/2012

Thanks r8 -- you've clarified 99% of my questions. I still have a problem with the ending, though. Tall, blue eyed Brit sneaking into a terror cell.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 901/02/2012

r1, I agree. The boomerang? Really.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1001/02/2012

Yes, what on earth was the boomerang all about? I followed the rest of it but that bit was bizarre. Maybe it will make sense after next week's episode?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1101/02/2012

Is it true Benedict has a small dick? That's what some of the guys who saw him naked on stage in the UK seem to be saying on other sites.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1201/03/2012

The Boomerang thing was silly, but sort of unimportant. All in all, I liked the episode and liked the little twist at the end. I don't know why they made Irene Adler British, though. She's always been American, including in the original story.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1301/03/2012

It looked average to me. Smaller than JLM's. But he was flaccid and it was a very cold stage, so it's really not accurate to judge.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1401/03/2012

R14, please describe both of their cocks in more detail.

Were they both uncut? Shaved? Bush? Big balls?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1501/03/2012

I need to ask something seriously about series two.

I just watched the first episode, Scandal in Belgravia. Loved loved loved 90% of it and all the QUEER ASEXUAL?BI references. But I can't believe the would have Irene declare herself gay then go gaga over Holmes and lose her case. Did that Really happen ?

Episode 2 was good but I guessed the gas thing way ahead of Sherlock so in that sense it wasn't as good.

Also - I have to say that though I like the gay references; friendly people assuming Holmes and Watson a couple, and just being SO accommodating to offer double beds and such- It's complete fantasy isn't it? THe real world is not that kind and accommodating to real couples are they. I'd like to see them come up against some realistic anti-gay bias just cause... well it feels a bit ... i dunno, naive?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1601/21/2012

Still waiting for details from R14

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1701/21/2012

Episode three of series two is quite the mindfuck. But it was quite clear that Sherlock wouldn't be dead after all.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1801/21/2012

The double bed was offered by the pub landlord who was gay himself.

I didn't really understand why Irene was getting all moist over Sherlock when she had clearly stated she was gay. I may have to rewatch at some point as there seemed to be a lot of information dumped on us.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 1901/21/2012

r19, [quote]I didn't really understand why Irene was getting all moist over Sherlock when she had clearly stated she was gay.

There are several responses to this...

1.) Moffat and Gatiss don't know any real lesbians. The last 10% of this episode completely defeated Adler character in canon and insulted lesbians altogether both erasing Adler's intelligence, her dominance and her lesbiansm. They took a dominatrix and brought her to her knees to beg for help- LITERALLY. The flagrant non-canon and misogyny in the very last scene makes me thing/hope/wish that Gatiss wrote is as a fantasy and nothing more.

2) They're trying to make a point about how 'fluid' sexuality is, thus feeding the John/Lock "SEE!... they could be no matter what John says about his orientation" .

3) They theoretically removed the act of sex from the sexuality- i.e. she's drawn to his brain and sooo... turned on that she would turn for him (barf).

4) They're making a diametrically opposite Sherlock. He's male homo-asexual who doesn't understand sex and/or care about sexuality.... Or (according to how you choose to listen to) an a-sexaul who 'abstains" to protect himself.

While, she's a brilliant female homo-hypersexual who uses sex to protect herself thus, his 'equal and direct opposite'.

5.) She's lying, or playing a game to Watson.

She only said that because she knew Sherlock was listening and didn't want to appear remotely available to him or any man on that level. In the end they were in on it together and he was helping her get out of Moriarty's grasp by letting her "win" while getting her a deal wit Mycroft to get out of the country (I'd prefer this reading). Their respect for each other remains in tact and both their sexualities are fluid/and or / Moot.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2001/24/2012

So how do we think he survived the fall?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2101/24/2012

r20 continued...

Upon further thought, making Adler a "out" lesbian feeds the idea that Sherlock is actually a closeted gay man. She's not fooled by his intelligence and jokes about his sexuality (or lack thereof) and he's her equal opposite, whereas he respects her intelligence an is not fooled by her sexuality, they make a "perfect" couple.

If you accept that Adler is actually Gay then you must accept that Sherlock is gay too or the pairing just doesn't work.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2201/24/2012

[quote]The Boomerang thing was silly, but sort of unimportant.

It was only important as a continuing motif throughout this series of people's who's talents would come back to kill them and people who would be taking their own life while other's looked around for a killer.


by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2301/24/2012

I found the first series unnecessarily and pointlessly complicated.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2401/24/2012

Well some shows aren't meant for the spoon fed crowd, r24.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2501/25/2012

I don't get why Benedict Cumberbatch has become so popular.

He's okay, but I don't see what's so great about him.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2601/25/2012

r26, You don't even watch the show.

Can we please talk about the lastest episode. How did Sherlock survive?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2701/26/2012

BC is a creepy-looking guy.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2801/26/2012

LOTS OF SPOILERS (And least, this is my guess about what happened.)

r27 -- Before he went up to the roof, there was that scene with Molly where he tells her he needs her. So I think he must have thrown a corpse off the roof or something .. but obviously he already had a trick planned before he went to the roof and Molly was part of it.

Obviously John was purposefully knocked off the bike to give him a concussion or something so his memory of the event would be hazy (and will, consequently, give the writers leeway in their explanation in the next series.)

And as for Sherlock telling John that he (John), Mrs. Hudson and Lestadt had to spread the word that Sherlock was really the villain -- Sherlock knew that Moriarity wasn't really dead and the only way Sherlock could save those three was by giving Moriarity a reason to not kill them i.e. keeping them alive so they could trash the legacy of Sherlock. So that's why all those snipes were called off.

And look for more Moriarity in the next series as well.

I LOVE this new Sherlock; especially the way they've folded the use of new technology into the storytelling and, most importantly, I'm fascinated by the chemistry between Benedict and Martin Freeman ... who is, without question, the Watson EVER.

Having said all of that, however, I have to say I do find the plots unbelievably preposterous. I've never read any Conan Doyle and I'm wondering if the plots in his books are just as silly. International spy rings? Criminal mastermind cartels? Boomerangs? Huh?

But, still, I just love this show.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 2901/26/2012

R27, yes I have watched the show.

Do you mind not making statements about me that you can't possibly know?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3001/26/2012

R29 If Gatiss and Moffat are going with canon which they seem to be other than putting a modern spin on ACD's stories then if I remember correctly Moriarty is indeed dead after Reichenbach Falls but I do agree with your take on how Sherlock faked his death.

There have been various discussions over many years about homoerotic subtext in Sherlock Holmes so it makes sense for Moffat and Gatiss to include it in their adaptation. Gatiss amy be the force behind this being openly gay himself.

We should also remember that Moffat writes Doctor Who so strange scenarios come naturally to him.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3101/26/2012

One of the things I resent about this show is the Moffat situation.

Apparently it's because of Moffat's involvement with this show that the next season of Doctor Who has been delayed. That's not right. He should pick one or the other if he can't handle both.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3201/26/2012

[quote]Before he went up to the roof, there was that scene with Molly where he tells her he needs her. So I think he must have thrown a corpse off the roof or something .

No. That is Sherlock.

The body falling from the roof is clearly alive and kicking with it's arms flailing outwards. And in a BTS interview with Cumerbatch, he says they hoisted him up and dropped him with a cable rigging. He did the stunt fall himself. They wouldn't have bothered if it was only going to be revealed to be a corpse.

[quote]And look for more Moriarity in the next series as well.

Well, anything is possible if they go completely off-canon. But in the original series Moriarty is dead. Also, think about it. How could Sherlock fake a fall (Or throw a corpse) if Moriarty was alive the whole time? M. would have known it was fake. No. Sherlock was counting on Moriarty being dead before he made his jump. He could not have done it successfully - convincing anyone- if Moriarty was alive to see it happen.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3301/26/2012


Since we know that Sherlock is still alive at the end of show (he's lingering in the cemetery) then why did he kill himself at all? He stages his death solely for Moriarty's benefit. It's the only way he could get Moriarty to not kill John, Mrs. Hudson and Lestadt.

But since he jumped AFTER Moriarty shot himself -- that has to mean that he knew Moriarty wasn't dead. I mean, why would Sherlock kill himself if Moriarty really was dead?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3401/26/2012

You forgot about the assassins r34.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3501/26/2012

OP, I'm not sure if he has the 'best name ever'. It's an interesting name, but it's a bit too unusual and pretentious to become a major movie star one.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3601/26/2012

The assassins were told to kill everyone unless they 1) get a signal from Moriarty to stop OR 2) Sherlock kills himself.

And it had to be a suicide, not murder, in order for M. to "complete his story." Sherlock says so himself on the rooftop. It had to appear that Sherlock was a fraud and died in utter shame. That was the whole plan of the "The great fall." Not just death, or M. could have pushed himself 0 but Public humiliation and defeat.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3701/26/2012

About those assassins --

Why would Sherlock tell John that he was the real villain? And why would Sherlock tell him it was important that he, Mrs. Hudson and Lestadt tell the world Sherlock was the villain.

Because it was the only way he could keep them alive. Moriarty wouldn't kill them because they had to spread the word about Sherlock's immorality.

But, again, Moriarty was dead when Sherlock had that conversation with John on the phone. So why would Sherlock say it? Because Sherlock knew Moriarty wasn't dead and that he was listening.

So I do think we'll see Moriarty in the next series. (Which is good because the guy who plays him is really fun to watch.)

As for Benedict talking about being hoisted on wires -- since we see the fall mostly from John's POV ... and then John gets that concussion ... I really do think that's the authors' way to get themselves out of a box next series. (ie Sherlock saying: "You thought you saw me fall John, but only because that's how your brain is remembering it.") I can't think of any other reason to have shown John getting hit by the bike. After all, we know that Sherlock didn't die in the fall, they show us that he didn't. So Moffat and Gatiss have to come up with some dramaturgical sleight of hand.

And, too, it's quite possible that Benedict wasn't maybe telling the truth. Hitchcock famously put out word that he was auditioning actresses to play Tony Perkins' mother in his new film "Psycho." So maybe Benedict was just leading us on. I think it's all part of the fun

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3801/26/2012


by A Whore in Belgraviareply 3901/26/2012

It's Lestrade not Lestadt. Someone's reading to many Anne Rice vampire novels.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4001/26/2012

His mother, Wanda Ventham, is an actress, although she never achieved this level of fame. She was in the Hammer Horror films back in the 60's, and was in a few episodes of the original Doctor Who.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4101/26/2012

r38.There is actual bts video and/or images of Ben in the harness being dropped. So it did get filmed.

[quote]Why would Sherlock tell John that he was the real villain? And why would Sherlock tell him it was important that he, Mrs. Hudson and Lestadt tell the world Sherlock was the villain.

[quote]Because it was the only way he could keep them alive. Moriarty wouldn't kill them because they had to spread the word about Sherlock's immorality.

Think about the amount of surveillance that happens in the show. We saw Sherlock being watched and followed all season long. Is it reasonable to assume that Sherlock was being watched, followed and listened in to the whole time?

Moriarty didn't NEED Sherlock's friends to spread the word. He had the press in his pocket. He had That reporter's exclusive to Richard Brooke all set up. The Public image of Sherlock was already Dead.

The significance of Watson, Hudson and Lestrade, was not only that they were the three people who publicly cared for Sherlock. More importantly they're the three that Moriarty believed [italic]Sherlock [/italic]cared for. In Moriarty's mind, Sherlock's ego would be trapped by The three people that believed in him and cared about his image. Watson being the most important.

Sherlock knew John would never believe the lie, so that part was an act, but not for John. It was for anyone else watching or listening. Sherlock needed to say it out loud and have it be heard by whomever was watching/listening in on his phone.

This is why Sherlock did something else unusual, he called John and spoke to him instead of texting. Then he dropped his phone on the roof behind him before he jumped.

--- About the surveillance:

On the roof, Sherlock leads Moriarty into counting the assassins by naming off people until Moriarty says the exact number. Three. Sherlock does not include Molly.Sherlock knew Moriarty would not count Molly but Sherlock did count on her. He was ahead of the game from early on.

At some point, Sherlock had to know every step he made was being watched since early on in the episode. He sees "IOU" everywhere Moriarty expects him to be. Moriarty could put a cab in front of Sherlock at any time. Moriarty can walk in and out of S's apt. on a whim.

For Another example: Sherlock found one camera in his flat while noting there were several other surveillance signals in the area. The one Sherlock dug out just happens to be the one facing his computer. We saw a list of several signals but are we to assume there would just be ONE camera? Or did he just decide to let the rest of them up, so he could play the part Moriarty expected? It is shortly after this that At one point Sherlock Sherlock even says he's going to do exactly what Moriarty expects him to do.

If Sherlock was to make his death believable, he would want to appear to have failed and be beaten. He would want to appear frustrated, angry, aggressive (chasing "Richard Brooke" out of the reporter's flat). Sherlock knew everything that happened on the rooftop was being watched and listened too NOT just by Moriarty- by the assassins.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4201/26/2012

Benedict is hot as Sherlock, a little less so as a blond in Tinker Tailor and even less so with a mustache in War Horse.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4301/26/2012

How come he was able to get into so many films lately?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4401/26/2012

R44 It does seem as though both he and Martin Freeman are both getting a lot of work at present. Martin probably coming out best with landing the part of Bilbo Baggins. Benedict mostly in decent supporting roles. I loved him in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and am interested to see what role he will take in the new Star Trek.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4501/26/2012

[quote]His mother, Wanda Ventham, is an actress

A great English beauty, too. His father, Timothy Carlton, also acts and is also relatively attractive in a nerdy, David Tennant kind of way. He resembles them both, but his mother was a stunner in her day.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4601/26/2012

I'm still waiting for a detailed description of his cock from the person above who saw him naked on stage in the UK.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4701/26/2012

How to survive a long fall. If I can google it, I'm sure Sherlock could.

1) .... Maximize your surface area by spreading yourself out using the skydiving technique. (Sherlock spread his arms as he fell)

2) Position yourself so that the front of your body faces the ground. (He pointedly fell face forward, didn't jump.)

3) Extend your arms so that your upper arms are out to the sides, and bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle so that your lower arms and hands point forward (parallel to, and on the sides of, your head) with your palms facing down; spread your legs to shoulder width. (Again, textbook.)

4)Bend your knees slightly. (When his body was found his legs were bent)

5)Steer yourself to the landing spot.

6)Bend your knees. Possibly nothing is more important to surviving a fall (or simpler to do) than bending your knees. Research has shown that having one’s knees bent at impact can reduce the magnitude of impact forces 36-fold.

7) Relax. Relaxing during a long fall—especially as you near the ground—is easier said than done, but try anyway. If your muscles are tense, your body will transfer force more directly to your vital organs. One way to remain (relatively) calm is to focus on performing the steps and being aware of your body. Doing so gives you something else to think about besides impending death. (Sherlock fell, didn't jump, he simple allowed his body to fall over the edge in a very relaxed position.)

8)Protect your head on the bounce. When you fall from a great height onto land, you will usually bounce. Some people who survive the initial impact (often with a feet-first landing) suffer a fatal injury on their second impact. Cover your head with your arms. One technique for doing so is to put your arms on the sides of your head with your elbows facing forward (and projecting in front of your face) and your fingers laced behind your head or neck. This covers a large portion of your head, but obviously not all of it.

If you have time to get an indication of which way you’re bouncing (and hence which part of your head you’re likely to hit), you can quickly adjust your arms to cover that part of your head.

(He was 'found' on his side, his arm could have just been moved from this position. )

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4801/26/2012

I haven't seen his cock for the poster asking, but I have seen him in real life, and he looks like an alien. Never seen anyone who looks anything like him before in my whole life, he makes Tilda Swinton look like someone who would blend into the crowd by comparison. Quite a big guy too. He looks thin on screen but in real life he has some bulk to him. Over 6ft very solid.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 4901/26/2012

[quote]A great English beauty, too. His father, Timothy Carlton, also acts and is also relatively attractive in a nerdy, David Tennant kind of way. He resembles them both, but his mother was a stunner in her day.

That's a point, how come David Tennant's film career never materialized, when Benedict and so many other Brit actors are thriving?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5001/26/2012


But Watson, Hudson and Lestrade are the only three who could possibly challenge (and back up with evidence) Richard Brooke's assertion that Sherlock was the real villain. So it would be in Moriarty's best interest to kill them after Sherlock died. Why would he call off the assassins? It's not like he cared about them.

There had to be some reason for Moriarty wanting them alive ... and Sherlock gave it to him by specifically telling John to tell the two others that he was the villain. So Moriarty couldn't have been dead when Sherlock made his announcement.

Sherlock would maybe think that John would believe it was a lie, but I don't think he'd be sure that Lestrade would believe it was a lie.

As for the security cameras ... the show's logic on them has been pretty hazy. They're there when needed, but not when not.

I don't know how they'll explain away the fall, but Molly supplied something to Sherlock before he went up to the roof.

And, again, what was the purpose of John being knocked over by the bike?

All we'll be revealed soon ... we just have to get through the filming of those stupid "Hobbit" movies.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5101/26/2012

R50, Tennant has had a few film roles and been more successful than most, but of course it's unlikely that he is going to be the next Colin Firth. Only a minority of Brit actors make it to the Oscar-winning level.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5201/26/2012

He looks scrawny to me, R49. He may be tall, but I don't think he's very muscular. Even his ass, while cute, is very twinky as opposed to beefy.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5301/26/2012

Rupert Graves, and now Russell Tovey. Of course a gay man was behind this series: Mark Gatiss!

No cock though. What gives?

Apparently, the show will not be back in 2013. Don't know what that's about.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5401/26/2012

R54, of course there aren't going to be cock shots on a mainstream British mystery series about Sherlock Holmes.

You're no more likely to see cock in Sherlock Holmes than you are in Poirot or Miss Marple.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5501/26/2012

r55, Gatiss has already added the element of a homosexual relationship going on in "Sherlock". He takes liberties. This is not your typical Sherlock Holmes, and the Beeb want to sex it up and make it more contemporary. They're doing this with Miss Marple, which will be portrayed by a girl in her 20s this year.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5601/26/2012

They may spice it up, and yes I'm aware they are hinting at a homoerotic sub-text, but my point is simply there isn't going to be any nudity, sex or cocks coming out in mainstream British mystery shows. These shows are also sold to other countries & networks like PBS - they're not aiming for the HBO market.

As for Miss Marple, are you saying they are replacing Julia McKenzie? I hadn't heard that yet.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5701/26/2012

From what I've heard, it's going to be an entirely new show. Angela Lansbury's face was priceless on telly when she was interviewed and told about it. lmao.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5801/26/2012

I don't think the Joan Hickson fans will be happy.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 5901/26/2012

Where did you hear that, r54? Steven Moffat announced that Sherlock S3 is planned to start shooting before the end of the year, and it's been confirmed a few different places that it will air next year.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6001/27/2012

I heard there will be a Season 3 too, although I think Steven Moffat needs to pick either Sherlock or Doctor Who. He seems to be having trouble coping with both.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6101/27/2012

There definitely will be a third series - it was commissioned at the same time as S2. It just depends on when, due to Moffat and the two leads being so busy.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6201/27/2012

Gatiss is in favor of Sherlock and John being gay and Martin Freeman has described it as a love story, that they complete each other, and has said he would be fine with the two being a couple.

Unfortunately Moffat, as always, wants to go against what everyone else including the audience wants. He is fine with joking about them being a couple and basically portraying them as such, but at the end of the day he says Sherlock is clearly heterosexual and would have no interest living with John if he were into men. He plans on having John get married and moved out of the flat they share.

I'd love for Moffat to focus on Doctor Who and leave for Gatiss to run.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6301/28/2012

R54 the producer announced that Sherlock will be back in summer 2013. there was some speculation that series three may air this year as some of it has already been filmed but that isn't going to happen now.

As for Sherlock being gay Moffat says he thought he wasn't but leaves things deliberately ambiguous. he and Gatiss are two of the biggest, but amusing, trolls ever on twitter so who knows how it will play out. Whether the relationship stays as non physical or not Freeman is right about it being a love story and even Arthur Conan Doyle comments on the love Sherlock feels for John in one of his stories. Whichever way it goes I enjoy the series and love the portrayals of John and Sherlock by the two actors.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6401/28/2012

I should have added that if Moffat is going with canon then John would already be married by the time of Reichenbach Falls and said wife would be gone by the time Sherlock returns in The Empty House so I have doubts if we are actually going to see John's wife even if it is hinted at that he marries in the time Sherlock is away.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6501/28/2012

I love that Adler's a lesbian and Watson's straight and they're both in love with Sherlock.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6601/28/2012

{quote] ... at the end of the day he says Sherlock is clearly heterosexual and would have no interest living with John if he were into men.

Because we all know a gay man can't live with another man because he would want to jump his bones, right?

This is beyond trolling. Moffat says the most homophobic shit.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6701/28/2012

This add the homoerotic content for two reasons, 1) Canon allows it - these men do love each other, whether that's sexual or not is up for interpretation. 2) The fan base, gay and female love it. Slash writing by a majority of young women drives the fanbase and they know it. This is a major demographic.

It used to be that writers thought their male characters had to be chivalrous,strong and macho to bring in the young obsessive viewers. Now they just have to be smart and add some gay subtext and the women are all over it.

The irritating thing is that Moffat feels they have to couch all the gay stuff as "lol -ok not really but *Wink Wink Am I Right? No Not really, mate." so the hetero male fanbase won't be too threatened.

And It feels like exploitive really, gayness as a joke, a 'subtext' only to be dismissed and ultimately put down cause we're "READING TOO MUCH INTO IT- DON"T BE SILLY (insert another gay joke here)"

If I don't read Moffat's bullshit comments, I really enjoy the show. He needs to shut the fuck up and let the show be the show.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6801/28/2012

Benedict shirtless in boxers:

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 6902/01/2012

(Why doesn't this thread show up in the search function? I had to google it. can't believe people pay money for this site .... )

Anyway I found this quote today.

[quote]“Originally there was a shot of seeing Sherlock on the rooftop which we dropped. I always rather loved that shot but I discovered that nobody else did…everyone else thought it was a bit Mills & Boon.”

—Steven Moffat, A Study in Pink commentary.

FYI Mills and Boon is a series of Romantic Novels and yes that shot was VERY much about John being so impressed with Sherlock on the rooftop.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7002/03/2012

[quote] Because we all know a gay man can't live with another man because he would want to jump his bones, right?

In context I don't think the comment was as bad as that. His point was that Sherlock in the books seeks to avoid women as a group because their attractions and entanglements could damage his pure logical mind. So in Moffat opinion Sherlock's lack of similar concern about living with a guy like John would indicate a lack of sexual interest in guys. Of course, some problems with that theory is that he could be bisexual, they have Mrs. Hudson around despite her being a woman so John may just not have struck Sherlock as his type when they decided to live together, and it would be a simple thing for two bachelors to share an apartment back then but completely socially unacceptable for a bachelor and an unmarried woman to whom he wasn't related to live alone in an apartment together.

There's three writers, two (Moffat and Gatiss) being the creators and huge Holmes nerds. They each write one episode a season. I've had the feeling that they all have their own longstanding impressions of things like Holmes's sexuality that are reflected in their own episodes.

I don't usually see it remarked on but Moriarty was flirting with Holmes non-stop and pretty flaming in Gatiss's first season episode (the third episode, The Great Game) even when he wasn't playing Molly's closeted bf. He even got a little bit of flirt back from Holmes. John's sister is a lesbian, but I wonder if we are actually supposed to conclude Mycroft is gay too? Sherlock made the queen reference. For what it's worth Mycroft is also played by openly gay Gatiss.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7102/18/2012

Anyone watching tonight?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7205/06/2012

Canon Mycroft was heavily influenced by Oscar Wilde.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7305/06/2012

Bumping this excellent thread since Season Three is filming. Let's hope BBC will announce the release dates on TV for both the UK and US soon!

Am a fairly new fan (been catching up on seasons 1 & 2 via DVDs since May); so I can't wait to know on how Sherlock survived/faked the fall, and how Watson will react when he sees Sherlock alive...ugh, Gatiss, Moffat - give us the release dates!

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7408/18/2013

I can't wait to see John married to Mary (played by his real life babymama).

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7508/18/2013

Oh really, R75? I remember reading somewhere John gets married but that is cool Martin's real life lady is portraying Watson's wife.

I'll admit I haven't ACD's novels yet but the show follows Doyle's stories fairly close, right? I guess what I'm asking and not trying to be spoilerish (for those who haven't the novels either) but does something happens to Watson's wife?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7608/18/2013

Not sure how accurate this article is but just being hopeful here.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7708/18/2013

Is anyone ready for Season 3 next month? I can't wait to see everyone's reactions and find out how exactly Sherlock escaped death from that fall!

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7812/14/2013

The show is meh but I Cumberbatch and Freeman are both excellent.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 7912/14/2013

I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to John getting a wife!

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8012/14/2013

I wonder if there'll be a scene of John shaving his moustache? I think it's cute but the fans aren't having none of it, ha-ha!

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8112/21/2013

R81 Have you hit puberty yet ha-ha?

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8212/21/2013

Of course. Not.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8312/21/2013

Such great potential, but such ridiculous plotting. It lost me at the Hound of the Baskervilles episode.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8412/21/2013

That was such a bad ep, R84.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8512/21/2013

Needs a new thread, but Sherlock UK is back with our elf (or hobbit?) as Holmes and BC as, well, Sherlock. Anyhow: "I'm not gay!" protestations are prominent. The producers tip of the hat to viewers who think so...great episode (The Empty Hearse). Spoilers: Sherlock, after that precipitious fall, is now alive (somewhat) and still pale enough to be undead, in any event.

by A Whore in Belgraviareply 8601/01/2014
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