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2012 predictions

What are yours, or maybe some interesting ones youve heard.

by ...besides the world endingreply 8411/13/2012





Happy New Year !

by ...besides the world endingreply 112/26/2011

New releases will render everyone's Apple products obsolete.

The hysteria over the end of the world will reach a fever pitch by about October.

Maryland will legalize gay marriage.

by ...besides the world endingreply 212/26/2011

Someone prominent in fashion is going to die in an accident.

by ...besides the world endingreply 312/26/2011

A beloved old movie star will die.

Someone will win the election and half the country will be upset.

Meryl Streep will make a movie using a foreign accent.

by ...besides the world endingreply 412/26/2011

I predict that when the December 21, 2012 Mayan end of the world prediction turns out to be a huge FLOP, people will move on to make the next prediction for the end of the world.

So far, every end of the world prediction has been WRONG.

by ...besides the world endingreply 512/27/2011

I'm waiting for the predictions of "The English Psychic" Paula Roberts. They'll be in Cindy Adams's column now and New Year's Day.

by ...besides the world endingreply 612/27/2011



by ...besides the world endingreply 712/27/2011

More pointless bitchery.

by ...besides the world endingreply 812/27/2011

The return of the mini skirt!

by ...besides the world endingreply 912/27/2011

What r4 said

by ...besides the world endingreply 1012/27/2011

My pussy will continue to stink.

by ...besides the world endingreply 1112/27/2011

Bergdorfs and Niemans have declared spring and summer to be YELLOW fashion seasons.

The "yellow" economic barometer switch has been pulled.

The economy will rebound with a vengeance.

Happy Days will be here again!

by ...besides the world endingreply 1212/27/2011

Tyler Maynard's Grindr profile at full mast will be released to the world!

by ...besides the world endingreply 1312/27/2011

The official start of the Great Depression 2.0.

2012 is going to be THE economic disaster year.

by ...besides the world endingreply 1412/27/2011

Every cunt and his mother will release pop/dance songs.

by ...besides the world endingreply 1512/27/2011

I'm sorry, but Meryl will die.

Martha violates probation.

Jerry Lewis, Nancy Reagan, McCain, Zsa Zsa, Mickey Rooney, Don Rickles, and Sophia Loren.

Iran attacks Israel

by ...besides the world endingreply 1612/27/2011

12/21/12, end of the world as we know it.

Or just more depression, poverty, starvation and war.

by ...besides the world endingreply 1712/27/2011

Actually, I'm getting no vibes at all. I think that means I'm not a psychic.

by ...besides the world endingreply 1812/27/2011

The rich oil barons will continue to robb everyone.

by ...besides the world endingreply 1912/27/2011

Gays will be attacked by the Republican party because they think it will still help them get elected in November.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2012/27/2011

In 2012, particularly in the Spring once it starts to get warm again, the Occupy movement, which is going through a hibernation of sorts, will regroup and become much stronger and popular.

r14 is on to something and there will be more riots in the streets.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2112/27/2011

I predict that the bird flu will escape the lab in Wisconsin and 2/3's of the human race will die.

I also predict that chartreuse will be the new black this spring.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2212/27/2011

An A-list actress will leave her husband for a woman.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2312/27/2011

2012 will be the Year of the Shoulder!

by ...besides the world endingreply 2412/27/2011

Something else

by ...besides the world endingreply 2512/31/2011

Post Apocalypse looting on December 22nd.

Blackberry dies a horrible death - probably this spring.

Large amounts of snow and ice bury the east coast in mid January thru late February.

Neither Mitt nor Gingrinch gets the Repub nom - it's someone else.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2612/31/2011

I'm not exactly going out on limb here, but I predict that my perennial death pool candidate Fidel Castro will die.

That is, if he isn't already dead which is something that I've always thought is possible.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2712/31/2011

Nancy Reagan will die.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2812/31/2011

Madonna gets knocked up.

by ...besides the world endingreply 2912/31/2011

Bob Barker will die.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3012/31/2011

Germany will pull out of the Euro and go back to the mark, causing all of Europe to collapse financially.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3112/31/2011

Hi Della honey,

Good to see ya! Wishing you a great 2012.

I think Castro is alive and kicking.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3212/31/2011

Hi PJ!


by ...besides the world endingreply 3312/31/2011

Another Stock Market/Global Stock Market meltdown.

More trouble in Egypt this spring.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3412/31/2011

Barbra will start filming GYPSY

I will have mind-blowing sex with my soulmate

Keifer Sutherland will kill himself

Thus The World will end

by ...besides the world endingreply 3512/31/2011

Israel will think of some reason to attack Iran.

Another earthquake in Japan.

Obama for another 4 years.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3612/31/2011

Russell Brand and Katy Perry will split.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3712/31/2011

Magnitude 7.0+ quake near Montreal, loss of life and property damage exceeds that of Katrina and the 1906 SF quake.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3812/31/2011

Magnitude 7.0+ quake near Tokyo on New Year's Day.

by ...besides the world endingreply 3912/31/2011

Mick Jaggar passes on unexpectedly

by ...besides the world endingreply 4012/31/2011

Lady GaGa will seek attention...

by ...besides the world endingreply 4112/31/2011

Yellow Stone erruption? Big earthquakes AGAIN around the world.

by ...besides the world endingreply 4212/31/2011

God you people are no fun.

I will win the lottery. Now THAT'S fun.

by ...besides the world endingreply 4312/31/2011

Russell Armstrong is not really dead. It was all for ratings.

by ...besides the world endingreply 4412/31/2011

I believe the U.S. is in a second recession despite what official reports indicate. The Bush administration did not reveal the first recession until September 2008 after more than a year of being in a recession. I believe Obama will try to hide the information to not influence the election. We are going to get good and bad news that will nullify each other out like we did last year.

If people start to acknowledge the house of cards/ phony economics in China and Japan, watch out, there will be a global depression. For years now, countries have looked the other way as these two countries have inflated their economic numbers because they control so much foreign manufacturing that to disturb it would bring down the entire world economy.

Be wise with your money. Save it.

by ...besides the world endingreply 4501/01/2012

Someone on DL will start a thread about Madonna. Every fucking day of the year.

by ...besides the world endingreply 4601/01/2012

Bayer will continue permenantly crippling unsuspecting patients with their poison marketed to the public as an antibiotic (Cipro & Avelox).

by ...besides the world endingreply 4701/01/2012

here they are

by ...besides the world endingreply 4801/01/2012

I was right about the earthquake in Japan. I guess that was an easy call.

by ...besides the world endingreply 4901/01/2012

Low wages all over the world is what's killing the economy. Germany has it right, why can't the rest of the world catch on.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5001/01/2012

I have to admit that I think Bieber really did father that girls baby but that's what she was hoping for. It didn't work out.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5101/01/2012

The Music Industry will FINALLY put down Justin Beiber, as the next one - Justin 3.0 emerges.

Music will be salvaged for a few weeks, in between this transition, as real musicians and song writers get a few potential weeks of media coverage.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5201/01/2012

Year of the dragon — it'll be a hot one


The year of the dragon, (tatsu, ryu or ryo in Japanese) is upon us — and now just hours before the New Year, I can see the dragon peeking out of his lair, counting down the seconds until he is allowed to take over the world for a year. As midnight approaches, he waits . . . 10, 9, 8, 7, ready to pounce . . . 6, 5, 4, breathing fire 3, 2, 1. . . . Happy New Year! We are engulfed in flames.

Japanese dragons are said to be benevolent but don't be fooled. They can still be very wrathful.

Take the legend of Burning Mountain, for example. Burning Mountain is in Shikoku, between temples 11 and 12 on the Shikoku 88-Temple Pilgrimage. The name Burning Mountain comes from a legend that Kobo Daishi (774-835), the founder of Shingon Buddhism in Japan, subdued a fiery dragon who lived there.

The dragon set fire to the mountain, probably while eating too much wasabi, the combination of which caused flames to leap out of his mouth like fireworks. Kobo Daishi ascended the mountain and extinguished the fire. As a result, the people and their property were spared. It's a wonder that no one seems to notice that dragons are a fire hazard. People just don't see them for what they really are: pyromaniacs.

Nonetheless, dragons are said to be the guardians of Buddhism. Temple 21 on the Shikoku pilgrimage is called the Temple of the Great Dragon and temple 36 is Temple of the Green Dragon. The deity who looks after this temple is called Dragon Fudo Myo-o, who also serves as the guardian deity of the local fishermen. Lastly, temple 41 is the Temple of Dragon's Ray.

Dragons can be found at temples all over Japan, though, and dragons figure in Shinto folklore as well. While the Buddhist temple on Shiraishi Island is called Open Dragon (kairyu), we also have a shrine named Flying Dragon (hiryu).

Legend has it that the Shinto goddess Benzaiten (sometimes called just Benten) created Enoshima Island (just off Shonan coast in Kanagawa Prefecture) to thwart a dragon that had been menacing the people in the area for over 1,000 years. And this was no ordinary dragon — it had five heads! I suppose five heads is better than one, which made the dragon harder to outwit, but Benzaiten did it.

First, she raised Enoshima Island from the bottom of the sea to give her a place to live and plan her attack. The dragon took notice of Benzaiten and fell inextricably in love with her. Under this lusty spell, the goddess was able to convince the dragon that he was doing very bad things to the people. Being a Japanese dragon, he profusely apologized to the people and then committed suicide — by turning himself into a hill, which can still be seen today. It's called Dragon's Mouth (Tatsu-no-kuchi) Hill. Enoshima Island is dedicated to Benzaiten and there is a shrine there in her honor.

We also find dragons in Japanese mythology. "Ryujin shinko" is the worship of dragons as water gods who can bring rain to farmers and fortune to fisherman. You'd think dragons would stay away from water, which can put out their fire, but perhaps the reason they're associated with water is because it is said that their powerful movements cause thunder and rain to shake from the heavens.

With this association of dragons as water gods, it's no surprise that the Japanese Imperial Navy also used dragon references. Midget submarines were called "Sea Dragons" and suicide scuba divers, who used explosives to blow up ships from underneath, were called "Crouching Dragons."

Since the dragon is most powerful of all beasts, the Japanese emperors are said to be descendants of dragons, and thus the dragon became a symbol of imperial power.


by ...besides the world endingreply 5301/01/2012

Now, to be descended from dragons indicates there must have been some kind of dragon-human tryst along the way. Now we get to the exciting part! Indeed, it is believed that Japanese dragons can mate with humans. (And you thought there were no good men out there). The trick is that dragons are said to be able to turn into humans and vice versa. So you never really know who is a dragon, I suppose, unless of course, you get pregnant and lay a large egg. And what would a dragon-human look like? Just like that one person at work who really drives you crazy.

But the good news for 2012 is that the dragon, full of myth and magic, should bring us wealth and fortune in the New Year, which is optimistic news in these tough economic times.

People born in the year of the dragon (years 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, 1928) are energetic and short-tempered. Oh yeah, and stubborn. But they are also honest and brave. If you're a dragon, you probably have the ability to breathe fire but have never told anyone.

Whether you were born in the year of the dragon or not, I hope you will find all seven Dragon Balls in 2012, and that you take on the challenges of the New Year with equanimity. It is a good year to develop friendships and work on your martial arts skills in order ensure victory over the evils in the world.

In the year of the dragon, walk softly and carry a fire extinguisher.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5401/01/2012

No celeb will come out

by ...besides the world endingreply 5501/01/2012

Clay Aiken will win Celebrity Apprentice.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5601/01/2012

It will gradually become public knowledge that even now a lot of people in Japan have radiation poisoning. Japanese export sales will drop off and cause the economic situation there to worsen considerably.

Check out the link below. The poster recently left Japan, and is translating Japanese articles, tweets and blogs. And check out the earlier article referred to at the link.

Warning: scary stuff ahead.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5701/01/2012

Let me fix that link.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5801/01/2012

But no government will acknowledge what actually happened to the Japanese people.

by ...besides the world endingreply 5901/01/2012

Also, many seals in Alaska have been found with hair loss and bloody lesions. Viruses have been ruled out. Now they are checking for radiation. If true, the seals most likely source of radiation exposure would be eating contaminated fish from the area. Check where the fish you consume are coming from before you buy - this has been predicted for a while. One seal eating a lot of contaminated fish is exposed to more radiation than each fish itself is, and more likely to get sick than the fish themselves.

We learned this from eagles consuming DDT-laden fish back in the 1950's-60's. They nearly died out before DDT was banned. The poor Alaskan eagles will probably be in trouble next.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6001/01/2012

The lasting damage from Fukushima will not be limited to Japan by any means.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6101/01/2012

Thanks, R58. Here's the link to the article that came before it.

Warning: Scary shit ahead.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6201/01/2012

Sorry, here's the link to R60. Must be too much New Year's.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6301/01/2012

I'm afraid it's curtains for Delta Burke and Major Dad.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6401/01/2012

[quote] Be wise with your money. Save it

Thanks, R45. I will.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6501/01/2012

Here's some "faith-based predictions" *snicker* courtesy of CNN:

by ...besides the world endingreply 6601/01/2012

i can't bear to click your link, r66. sounds just too ghastly to even provide comic relief.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6701/01/2012

Jackie Onassis will remarry!

by ...besides the world endingreply 6801/01/2012

Did you read them? Only a couple are outlandish.

by ...besides the world endingreply 6901/01/2012

There will be an extra day this year.

Rick Perry gets outed!

by ...besides the world endingreply 7001/01/2012

I just saw a slovenly fat chick with her thong hanging out of low rise jeans. Does not bode well for this year.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7101/02/2012

[bold]The Supervolcano That Can Devastate Europe Is Showing Signs of Awakening[/bold]

Every ten to 12 thousand years, there's a volcano in the heart of Europe that goes boom. And not any boom, but a let's-kill-everyone-with-billions-of-tonnes-of-magma boom that would cover everything in ash from England and Denmark to the north of Italy.

Now, the supervolcano that can destroy bad teeth, rude waiters, overpriced wine, olive oil, smelly camping sites, disco music, nudist beaches, pasta, David Hasselhoff and Oktoberfest is awakening

It's been 12,900 years since the last eruption. The supervolcano is located under the Laacher See, a caldera lake in the Eifel mountain range, 15 miles from Koblenz and 30 miles from Bonn, the old capital of West Germany.

Some scientists are saying that the volcano can go now at any time, although there are no official alerts. They are just watching for now. Seismological activity started in 2010, with the latest movements happening last February, when a series of seven earthquakes ranging from 2.0 to 4.5 magnitude were registered in the area.

The lake has been bubbling since with with carbon dioxide gas that comes from the magma under the lake's bed. Maybe this is what Europe needs to get out of the Euro crisis.

I wonder what would happen to the world's weather if this, the deadly Mount Tambora and the Yellowstone hypermegasupervolcano explode at the same time. I can already imagine the 2012 doomsday idiots screaming "I told y*" before getting engulfed in flames.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7201/02/2012

I want Yellowstone to go first...let us pray.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7301/14/2012

Myy bird gets pregnant My bird lets me have a bit of anal. It will cost me a fortune thereafter.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7406/13/2012

Nosferatu the Vampire will see the light of day and shrivel and die.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7506/13/2012

nancy reagan will die around august 17th

by ...besides the world endingreply 7607/18/2012

I think it's never going to snow again.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7707/18/2012

I can see another Nuclear reactor meltdown. Apparently a couple are at high risk in the USA and with the bad weather as a multiplier.....

by ...besides the world endingreply 7807/19/2012

Well hopefully One Direction will stop all this heterosexual nonsense and come out.

by ...besides the world endingreply 7907/19/2012

David Tyler Muir will show his feets by the end of the year.

by ...besides the world endingreply 8007/19/2012

How'd we do?

by ...besides the world endingreply 8111/13/2012

From the CNN link above:

15 faith-based predictions for 2012

January 1,2012

To ring in the New Year, CNN's Belief Blog asked experts in religion, faith leaders, and a secular humanist about how the forces of faith and faithlessness will shape the world in 2012.

Here's what they told us:

1. The Republican Party will tap Mitt Romney as its presidential nominee, and America will finally have its "Mormon moment." As evangelicals try to figure out whether they can support a president who practices Mormonism, the rest of us will try to figure out whether Mormonism is a cult, a form of Christianity, or something in between. Meanwhile, visitors to Marriott hotels will finally crack open some of those nightstand copies of The Book of Mormon. –Stephen Prothero, Boston University religion professor and regular CNN Belief Blog contributor

2. Despite all of the lessons that could have been learned from Y2K and Harold Camping, people will still rally around the idea that apocalyptic events are on the calendar for 2012. Some will turn to the end-date of the 5125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (closely associated with the Maya civilization) and a handful of folks believe cataclysmic events are awaiting on December 21, 2012. But the dates with will pass with little fanfare — except for those profiting from the sale of gold coins, generators, and dried food that you'd probably rather want to die than eat. –Margaret Feinberg, author of "Hungry for God"

3. Continuing revolutions across the Arab world will raise alarming questions about the fate of the remaining Christians in the region, and will put the issue of religious persecution squarely on the political agenda. Sizable Christian populations now survive in only two Arab countries, Egypt and Syria, both of which could soon be under Islamist rule. At a minimum, expect to see inter-faith violence on the ground. In a worst case scenario, Arab Christians could face large scale persecution, forcing millions to seek new homes overseas. Watch too for religious persecution to be an emotive issue in the U.S. presidential race. – Philip Jenkins, Penn State University professor and author of "Laying Down the Sword: Why We Can't Ignore the Bible's Violent Verses"

4. The year will see an increase in the number of people "coming out" as nonbelievers. Major events like the Reason Rally in March will be a catalyst for more people to publicly declare their secular worldview. The statements of popular celebrities George Takei and Ricky Gervais as atheists in 2011 are just the tip of the iceberg. –Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association

5. "All-American Muslim" will become a bigger hit than "Jersey Shore" ever was. Obsessed fans worldwide, regardless of gender, will begin rocking sassy colorful hijab (veil) and converting en masse. Tim Tebow will choose to fast in solidarity with Muslim football players and Tebowing will be replaced by Teprostrating. President Obama will jump on the bandwagon and replace VP Joe Biden with Keith Ellison as his running mate, guaranteeing his re-election in a landslide victory in November. Peace will reign on earth and pigs will have a new lease on life. –Maysoon Zayid, comedian, actress and co-producer of the New York Arab American Comedy Festival

6. There's no question the worldview of most younger Christians already differs from previous generations regarding social justice, cultural engagement and politics. The next issue of probable divergence? The conflict in Israel and Palestine. The American church has largely purported just one theology about the modern state of Israel, but now questions are being asked - especially by younger Christians learning of persecution and human rights issues happening in the region - if the church should have a more active role in peacemaking. Is there a way for the Church to be pro-Israel, pro-Palestine and pro-peace? –Cameron Strang, publisher of RELEVANT magazine

by ...besides the world endingreply 8211/13/2012

7. Significant numbers of millennials (young people born in the 1980s and 1990s) will continue to walk away from socially conservative religious traditions. Bringing them back will be tough, especially for religious organizations deeply invested in brick-and-mortar and bureaucracy. Millennials who are facing the erosion of access to affordable, quality education and meaningful employment and who stand to inherit from their elders a great deal of debt and environmental destruction want to know why and how faith matters. –Joanna Brooks, Mormon author and columnist for Religion Dispatches

8. The year 2012 promises to be a time of great spiritual stirring in our nation. People are seeking both practical and spiritual answers to their problems. As a result, churches and media ministries that answer specific needs will grow in unprecedented numbers. We can expect to see the numbers of mega-churches and super mega-churches continue to grow. Culturally there will be marked return to helping the poor (both domestically and internationally) and political and social engagement by a younger/more racially diverse, evangelical people. –Harry R. Jackson Jr., senior pastor, Hope Christian Church and president of the High Impact Leadership Coalition

9. Sabbath becomes trendy! Fourth Commandment makes a comeback! Sabbath named Time’s person of the year! A new movement sweeps the country. They call themselves 24/6. Worn out by being tethered to the grid 24/7, sick of being accessible all hours of the day, inundated by updates, upgrades, and breaking news, Americans finally rebel, demanding, “We need a day off.” People all over the country go offline for 24 hours every week. The simple break from the frenetic pace results in lowered cholesterol rates, fewer speeding tickets, and a reduction in marital strife. Peace, tranquility and contentment spread like wildfire. –Jamie Korngold, rabbi and author of "The God Upgrade"

10. Women in the Middle East and around the world will rally in protest about the woman who was beaten, stomped on and stripped down to her blue bra (under her abaya) during a demonstration in Egypt. Women everywhere who have been oppressed by their religions will rise up, as they have already done in Egypt, to join "The Blue Bra Revolution." We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. –Sally Quinn, founder and editor-in-chief of Washington Post's “On Faith”

11.“Occu-pew Church" – a movement away from counterfeit "Church-ianity," cult of personality and religion toward authentic grassroots personal faith, based on living and loving like Jesus. More churches will lose the moat dragon mentality, lower the drawbridge and dispatch members beyond the church service to church SERVICE, applying their faith in the community through volunteerism and outreach. A renewed global emphasis on prayer - especially for peace and reconciliation - as individuals and leaders recognize that personal spiritual peace in one's heart provides the only lasting foundation for physical peace among families, friends, neighbors - even nations –A. Larry Ross, Christian communications executive representing clients like Billy Graham and Rick Warren

12. Hindu Americans will continue to become better advocates for themselves, particularly in the public policy arena. They will play a larger role in defining the manner in which Hinduism is represented in the media, academia, popular culture, and interfaith dialogue. The acknowledgment of the Hindu roots of yoga will continue to spread with more people seeing the connection. And the Hindu ethos of religious pluralism will take on a more prominent role in nurturing not only tolerance, but respect for and between the world's religions. –Sheetal Shah, senior director of the Hindu American Foundation

by ...besides the world endingreply 8311/13/2012

13. In 2012 the lines between the sacred and the profane will get even more blurry: Scientists will religiously maintain their search for the elusive God particle (they won't find it); evangelical sports superhero and Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow will continue to be both an inspiration to the faithful and an object of scorn to skeptics (he will be watching, not playing in, the Super Bowl); at least one well-known religious leader or leading religious politician will be brought down by a sex scandal (let's hope all our leaders have learned a lesson from former Rep. Anthony Weiner and stay away from sexting); and the "nones" - those who don't identify with one religion - will grow even more numerous and find religious meanings in unexpected places (what TV show will become this season's "Lost"?) –Gary M. Laderman, chairman of Emory University’s religion department and director of Religion Dispatches

14. America’s evangelical community will have its hands full addressing both a presidential election and offering a biblical response to “end of days” Mayan prophecies surrounding 2012. With the economy emerging as the primary issue for the November election, America’s born-again community will have an opportunity to contextualize an alternative narrative to the polarizing elements from both the right and the left by reconciling the righteousness message of Billy Graham with the justice platform of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. By offering compassionate, truth-filled solutions and focusing on the message of grace, love, reconciliation and healing, evangelicals will demonstrate that the greatest agenda stems neither from the donkey nor the elephant but rather from the lamb. – Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

15. We are seeing the divide between younger generation evangelicals and older generation (baby boom and older) get wider every year both theologically and culturally (lifestyle). 2012 promises to widen the gap even more with Gen X and younger evangelicals having trouble understanding why the traditional lines make sense and/or just outright rejecting those lines. –Mark Tauber, publisher at HarperOne

by ...besides the world endingreply 8411/13/2012
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