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Small pee-pee man

Those blind items about the foreign born actor with a small penis.

It's definitely Ryan Reynolds.

And believe me. I know.

by seriouslyreply 4503/12/2015

He's still beautiful. Since I'll never have a chance with him, his penis size is irrelevant.

by seriouslyreply 112/13/2011

He looks like he has Down Syndrome.

by seriouslyreply 212/13/2011

No OP because he was going through all the WOMEN in Hollywood. That's why it has to be someone else.

by seriouslyreply 312/13/2011

I thought they were about Gerard Butler... Maybe theyre both teeny tiny needle-dicked?

by seriouslyreply 412/14/2011

John Cho, Korean actor

by seriouslyreply 512/14/2011

[quote]And believe me. I know.

Posers, pretending to have bedded celebrities is one of the site's more tiresome routines.

Besides, there is a picture of Reynolds naked from behind and you can see his dick dangling between his legs. Not small.


by seriouslyreply 612/14/2011

Keanu Reeves.he also is canadian

by seriouslyreply 712/14/2011

It's not Keanu. Keanu isn't the biggest guy on the planet, and he lacks staying power, but it's got a nice girth and when he was young (when I had him) it managed to stay a beautiful creamy color even when erect, until right before he came. He liked being fucked then, and, yes, he did have thing for the slightly nasty. He called it "guys being guys," so he wouldn't change his socks and wear the same underwear, or none, or borrow a pair of mine from the hamper. And he liked to smell them. He'd sniff around in bed a lot, but it wasn't gross. He was just very open, sensually. He wanted to experience everything about sex, he said, not just the cock. That's why he bottomed, because he wanted more of his body involved. He'd start pushing back (he liked it doggy and standing best, because he has a thing about eye contact when he's close to coming. "Too much of me is on the surface. It's like you're touching my eyes when you look into them," he said once when I complained.) and growl and just try to get as much of you into him as he could. Like he wanted your whole body inside him. He asked me to fist him once and I tried, but he couldn't take it. He started coming like an explosion hit him from inside. He fucked me only a few times, and he was, if anything, too gentle. But I think that's because he gets so turned on he's afraid to blow too fast, which he does anyway. We had one three-way with someone you'd recognize, and K. blew the guy while I fucked him. Keanu's ass at that time really was pretty, but he didn't work out except when a movie was coming up and even then he hated it, so he started tending towards a little flab. He starved himself, actually, for some of his movies and would get very weird - he'd want to have public sex, in my car, in garages and in restrooms. I fucked him in a Macy's john - in the open area, not in a stall - and in a Chinese restaurant restroom. No lube. His ass was so hot for it, and he kept grunting and begging for more - "Please, Please, Please!" In the restaurant I had slipped the lock on the door but he didn't know it, and there was a bus boy in one of the stall jacking off as we fucked. K. kept looking at the door saying to hurry and when he came - no hands - he let out a huge cry and clamped his ass so hard on my dick it felt like a vise. The pulses brought me off and we fell to the floor laughing, and heard the bus boy coming, saw his feet under the stall, and started laughing and rolling around and kissing. God, I miss him.

by seriouslyreply 812/14/2011

You're willing to talk about your Keanu sex, but not name the third in your three-way?

by seriouslyreply 912/14/2011

Are your stories available for purchase, r8?

Because you do write a hot sex scene.

by seriouslyreply 1012/14/2011

R8 That's called fanfiction. Or delusion. Your choice.

by seriouslyreply 1112/14/2011

R9, he's dead now. It feels tacky to talk about the dead. I'm part Indian and we don't do it.

by seriouslyreply 1212/14/2011

I like guessing the Keanu three-way blind item better now.

River Phoenix?

by seriouslyreply 1312/14/2011

I stopped reading R8 after the second sentence. Did it ever get interesting?

by seriouslyreply 1412/14/2011

[quote]John Cho, Korean actor

Married an never considered A-list.

Nice ass though.

by seriouslyreply 1512/14/2011

Can you believe John Cho is 39 years old? I would have guessed 10 years younger.

by seriouslyreply 1612/15/2011

Cho's ass.

First one on the left.

by seriouslyreply 1712/15/2011

I wouldn't be surprised if the actor was Ryan Reynolds. Lets be honest here, how many hot guys -outside of the porn/whore industry- have big cocks. In my years of chasing cocks, many, many cocks, I've discovered that the Lord Jesus Christ has decided to give the uglier guys the bigger cocks as some horrible cruel joke on us size queens.

by seriouslyreply 1812/15/2011

Who believes R8?

by seriouslyreply 1908/10/2012

I'll say, I do think R8 was telling the truth. It sounds exactly like Keanu to me.

by seriouslyreply 2008/10/2012

looks average to me...

by seriouslyreply 2108/10/2012

I couldn't see that.

by seriouslyreply 2208/10/2012


by seriouslyreply 2308/10/2012

R8? Is that a true story?

by seriouslyreply 2408/11/2012

I don't understand why everyone is all gaga over him. He's average looking.

by seriouslyreply 2508/11/2012

Who is average looking? Ryan Reynolds? I agree.

by seriouslyreply 2608/11/2012

Yep, R20; that was my experience too.

by seriouslyreply 2708/11/2012

Keanu has been fucked by the best but few talk about it.

by seriouslyreply 2808/11/2012

So, who is te small pee pee man?

by seriouslyreply 2908/12/2012

I really just want to know, was R8, bigger than average?

by seriouslyreply 3008/12/2012


by seriouslyreply 3108/13/2012

I believe R8 too.

by seriouslyreply 3208/13/2012

But I'm curious and R8 won't come back.

by seriouslyreply 3308/13/2012


by seriouslyreply 3408/22/2012

Jai, is that you at R8? And do you have a big black cock?

by seriouslyreply 3508/22/2012

What? I thought Keanu was a Rice Queen?

by seriouslyreply 3608/23/2012

All this fixation with if R8's story was true. Jeez, just in a year DL has gone down.

by seriouslyreply 3708/23/2012

I'm the only one fixated. No one else really cares.

by seriouslyreply 3808/23/2012

I thought it was Ewan MacGregor. I'm not sure the makers of blind items are even aware that Canada is a separate country.

by seriouslyreply 3908/24/2012

Ryan Reynolds average looking? Are you fucking kidding me?

by seriouslyreply 4008/24/2012

Nice body but I don't like his face.

by seriouslyreply 4109/25/2012

Tom Cruise?

by seriouslyreply 4210/05/2012

So the Keanu Reeves story was deleted? Why? Because it was true?

by seriouslyreply 4311/05/2012

There is not a fan girl online who believes R8 was telling a true story.

They all believe Keanu is a straight man, even though he never has a girlfriend.

by seriouslyreply 4409/12/2013

No one knows who this was?

by seriouslyreply 4503/12/2015
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