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Dexter - Season 6 - Part 2

Starring Colin Hanks -- so you know it's good!

by J-Stilesreply 32410/07/2012

So now Dexter is sending the DDK video texts? Sloppy.

by J-Stilesreply 112/12/2011

I thought that was an odd thing to do too. Dexter didn't even disguise his face.

by J-Stilesreply 212/12/2011

And the babysitter knew Dexter had foiled Wormwood before Travis who accidentally caught a news report. Don't you think he's be paying attention to the news after launching a terrorist attack? Just a wee bit curious perhaps?

Plus--Homeland Security took hours to show up with a threatened terror attack under way. Really. Did they stop for coffee?

Why would Travis enact the last tableau out at sea where no one would see it? He certainly could not have had all the materials he needed on the Slice of Life.

Louis's remark to Dexter about not being on the sidelines any more is the set up for next season's big bad.

That shrink better be up to something because she is incredibly unprofessional.

by J-Stilesreply 312/12/2011

Matthews and Deb should have been able to figure out instantly that LaGuerta was the rat. Motive, opportunity and means.

by J-Stilesreply 412/12/2011

Here's a theory.

We've been lead to believe that Travis killed his sister and left himself a blood-written message while under the impression he was Gellar.

But what if someone else actually was committing those acts? Someone like...Louis? who's playing an elaborate game?

by J-Stilesreply 512/12/2011

That would also explain why the University murder was drained of blood like Ice truck Killer....

by J-Stilesreply 612/12/2011

I think you might right. This theory has been floated before. And Travis was very baffled about the death of his sister. He knew who every other victim was going to be even though he thought Gellar was doing the killing but he seemed genuinely surprised that his sister had been murdered.

by J-Stilesreply 712/12/2011

If that theory does turn out to be true, I'm eager to see how they reveal that.

Did our favourite spoiler "Sexter" follow us to this new thread?

by J-Stilesreply 812/12/2011

Maybe we need to send Sexter a video text showing him where he can find us, like Dexter did for Travis.

by J-Stilesreply 912/12/2011


by J-Stilesreply 1012/12/2011

We need to leave Sexter an elaborate TABLEAU

by J-Stilesreply 1112/12/2011

Could somebody tell me what the fuck DDK stands for and WHY the lesbian sister has to keep saying "DDK" "DDK" over and over and over again?

I've watched the entire season and not sure how I missed it. I know they're referring to Hanks' character but I somehow missed the "DDK" labeling process. WTF does it stand for?

Oh, and was it really necessary to start a incest storyline? COME ON!

by J-Stilesreply 1212/13/2011

DDK = Doomsday Killer.

I'm a huge Dexter fan. I even liked last season with Julia Stiles. But I'm watching now more out of habit than interest. Hate Howdy-Doody Hanks. Hate this season's incredibly contrived plot machinations. Hate how Dexter last night managed to chew his way out of ropes w/in two seconds to escape the huge blast. Hate the incest storyline. Hate the preview that shows Dexter asking a nun where Harrison is and the nun replying, "He just left!" like they're going to send a toddler on his merry way with anyone but his father.

by J-Stilesreply 1312/13/2011

R13 - Thanks. I feel like an idiot now but thanks for tell me that.

Oh, and I agree with you 110% - Feel like I'm only watching now out of habit and because nothing else fresh is on, so I watch it on video on demand on Monday nights.

Hate the Hanks actor and all of his ridiculous facial expressions in an attempt to 'channel' his character..Hate the tired plotine and I especially hate all the absurd continuity and plot hole problems.

It's just such a silly show now.

by J-Stilesreply 1412/13/2011

There's a reason they killed him off on Roswell. Just sayin.

by J-Stilesreply 1512/13/2011

Yeah, "silly" is the right word for this season. Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but they're insulting the audience's intelligence.

I think Dexter, as a series, should have evolved into something more complex and dark, rather than turn into a cartoon version of itself.

The premise for this season was did they mess it up?

by J-Stilesreply 1612/13/2011

Sexter may not know about the DL's weird thread full start a new thread quirk so he may not be looking for this one.

by J-Stilesreply 1712/13/2011

Were it not for his dad Hanks would never have been cast as anything ...ever.

by J-Stilesreply 1812/13/2011

I looked for this thread before I posted the one I posted and this didn't come up.

by J-Stilesreply 1912/13/2011

This is the other thread...

I still don't believe that Debra is sexually attracted to Dexter. On the show or in real life.

by: Anonymous

Jen was a beard, same as his first wife. Will MCH make a new beard wife no. 3? Gotta keep that heterosexual money coming in.

by: Keith reply 1 12/12/20

I wonder about that too. Some closeted gay actors refuse to beard...unless they get desperate. I hope he will lay off the bearding and just enjoy being free. I mean, no one will talk about it, except a few fans.

She seems really dykey. MCH is gay? I know there are rumors and this is datalounge, but any real evidence? Like pics stepping out with a gay boy?

by J-Stilesreply 2012/13/2011

I have liked all the episodes but the one Sunday night, I have to admit, it was pretty bad.

by J-Stilesreply 2112/13/2011

This season:

Silly is right.

Too much emphasis on Deb. Reeks of the actress at home with her hubby whining "I neeeeeeed more to doooooooo!" Unfortunately, no one cares about this unappealing actress or the character's story lines.

The psychology sessions seem written by someone who has never been in therapy. "Why are you talking about Dexter all the time?" the therapist asked suspiciously. "Because he's my brother, I'm his kid's aunt, and we work together, idiot."

Anyone else wish Travis had offed Angel so we'd be done with him for good?

by J-Stilesreply 2212/13/2011

I love the character of Debra and I think the actress is perfect in the role. She has alot of fans. I would have never liked the show as much as I do, without her character.

by J-Stilesreply 2312/13/2011

I enjoyed the sub plots this season!

by J-Stilesreply 2412/13/2011

I'm a Debra fan, too, although I often get frustrated with her storylines. Also, I don't think Jennifer Carpenter has really evolved as an actress over the course of the show. At this point, I don't think her character should be as emotionally raw as she was back in the first few seasons, or even after Lindy's death. She's a fucking Lieutenant now, where's the maturity?

But its her relationship with Dexter and the constant threat of her finding out that provides the most tension for this series. I await the day she discovers his secret, and that's about the only thing that keeps me watching.

Maybe I'm just naive, but I actually believed that MCH's marriage to Carpenter was real. I think their chemistry is apparent on the show and I can see her being attracted to him in a mentoring kind of way. She might come across a little butch as Debra, but outside of the show, she is a really gorgeous woman.

I tend to believe MCH is bi. I'm sure all the stories of him with the chorus boys during his run on Broadway were true, but he is 40 now, so who knows what floats his boat these days.

And whoever thought it would be a good idea to have Colin Hanks play a killer should be fired. I'd much rather have seen Admiral Adama do away with the little twerp and carry on his 'tableaus'. He'd have made a much better foil to Dex.

That entire scene with Travis sitting down with his ice cream while he WATCHES THE NEWS WITH THE REST OF MIAMI TO FIND OUT HOW IS MASTER PLAN WORKED OUT was so absolutely retarded I was speechless. And then the little tantrum he threw when he discovers it got fucked. Was I supposed to be scared at that moment?

by J-Stilesreply 2512/13/2011

The sub plots were strong this season. From Debs promotion to LaGuerta's politics, to Quinn's spiral. I agree that the therapist's dialogue is very hard to swallow.

But overall the subplots have been better than the DDK story.

by J-Stilesreply 2612/13/2011

"Weef haf ta catch tha killa befo he doth anotha tabLOW! Huwey up ev'webody!"

by J-Stilesreply 2712/13/2011

I love Angel and the entire supporting cast.

The main cast is not the problem.

by J-Stilesreply 2812/13/2011

If they had cast an intense, conflicted, fit young guy in the "travis" role and instead of making him batshit crazy, given him very strong faith in what he is doing, so strong that he's a force to be reckoned with, and then given him a group of quirky disciples way sooner, the MAYBE, I'd believe that he was able to outsmart the entire Miami police department.

It also might have been a fascinating character study.

instead, Colin Hanks looks like he's flailing and they've given him nothing to work with.

Dexter kills serial killers EVERY week. Why is Travis so elusive to him? It makes no sense.

by J-Stilesreply 2912/13/2011

The show has spiraled out of control this year and has lost all its internal logic.

Deb being attracted to her own brother smells like a writers' Hail Mary.

As for MCH being gay, I do know that Peter Krause was the first choice to play David, but Alan Ball decided MCH fir the role much better.

I also know that MCH blushed six shades of red and grinned ear to ear when I spoke with him once at the gym.

by J-Stilesreply 3012/13/2011

R30 perhaps he was embarrassed for you.

Or, are you suggesting you're some sort of god like queer who entrances all men?

by J-Stilesreply 3112/13/2011

Hall can't help but blush, he's a red head. Sometimes he is adorably cute.

I don't blame Hanks as much as I do the writers and where has the smartass humor gone? Are the writers and the actors unhappy this season? I say, give the writers a raise.

by J-Stilesreply 3212/13/2011

The writers are the problem, though. I don't think giving them a raise is going to cure bad writing.

[quote]f they had cast an intense, conflicted, fit young guy in the "travis" role and instead of making him batshit crazy, given him very strong faith in what he is doing, so strong that he's a force to be reckoned with, and then given him a group of quirky disciples way sooner, the MAYBE, I'd believe that he was able to outsmart the entire Miami police department.

That sounds great, but you also just described the villain in season 5. Jordan Chase was ultimately another cipher, though, and we never got a convincing character study. I think that would have been too deep for the writers to handle.

by J-Stilesreply 3312/13/2011

Good point (R33)... I also think Chase could have been handled very differently. A truly charismatic, grinning sociopath who gets off on the power of controlling others into doing anything, even murder. Instead they miscast the role and under-wrote it.

by J-Stilesreply 3412/13/2011

You really didn't like Johnny Lee Miller? I thought he was a nasty bastard, convinced me. Maybe I'm easy?

by J-Stilesreply 3512/13/2011

I liked Johnny Lee Miller and bought him as a nasty villain, but I think the potential for that character was wasted. Chase wasn't supposed to be a serious, dry villain, he was supposed to be a charming motivational speaker who was able to brainwash people into doing anything he wanted.

by J-Stilesreply 3612/13/2011

The fact that he came across as a bastard sort of sold that character short.

by J-Stilesreply 3712/13/2011

What's Hanks villian suppose to be? I thought he was schizophrenic but he obviously isn't because he fooled Dexter and a schizophrenic can't turn the crazy off and on that way.

by J-Stilesreply 3812/13/2011

R31 = the reason good firsthand gossip stopped coming to Datalounge.

You and your fellow bitter shut-ins have ruined it for the rest of us.

by J-Stilesreply 3912/13/2011

Keep in mind, the show has had a new writing team the past couple of seasons. We've got the crew from CSI and NCIS now. In fact, we stopped getting a weekly kill from Dexter because CBS had hopes of softening the show up and editing it a bit to air reruns on CBS.

by J-Stilesreply 4012/13/2011

(R40)--that's depressing! It's like how TBS cut the "sex" out of Sex and the City.

by J-Stilesreply 4112/13/2011

R31, I'm suggesting that MCH enjoys interacting with attractive young men, you tiresome, tedious, oh-so-predictable bitch.

by J-Stilesreply 4212/13/2011

I appreciated that someone shared about MCH blushing, I actually believed the story.

Someone gave some spoilers but I don't know if they are true.

by J-Stilesreply 4312/13/2011

R40, that's not true...the story producer or whatever he's called said the writers have been the same from the beginning.

by J-Stilesreply 4412/13/2011

I have no idea how they can run Dexter, The Sopranos or Sex in The City on regular TV, they must cut the hell out of them.

by J-Stilesreply 4512/13/2011

[quote]that's not true...the story producer or whatever he's called said the writers have been the same from the beginning.

It most certainly is true. I'd google it for ya but I'm on my phone and don't really want to, but feel free.

I believe the original showrunner left after season 3. The sixth season also started with a new showrunner. I'm not sure if seasons 3-5 had the same guy or more than one, but yeah.

Okay, I went ahead and googled. And as you can see in this article, the show has had some pretty frequent turnover over the past few seasons in showrunners.

by J-Stilesreply 4612/13/2011

Either way I think the show has jumped the shark and I have a feeling there's no going back.

I think they missed an opportunity to grow and mature. I would have loved to see them create some increasingly complex opponents for Dexter and maybe even create a bad guy we could empathize with.

Instead they've become simpler and more formulaic as the show goes on.

by J-Stilesreply 4712/13/2011

The thing is, in the last couple of seasons were kind of just "there", chugging along, until the last few episodes which went in some really interesting directions and opened doors to unexpected twists only to have everything resolved in the blandest, safest and the most predictable ways possible.

by J-Stilesreply 4812/13/2011

[quote]Someone gave some spoilers but I don't know if they are true

Then you must not have read the spoilers or watched the show.

by J-Stilesreply 4912/13/2011

[quote] I appreciated that someone shared about MCH blushing, I actually believed the story.

Of course you did.

[quote]Someone gave some spoilers but I don't know if they are true.

Of course you don't.

by J-Stilesreply 5012/13/2011

Oh, and I agree with R25

by J-Stilesreply 5112/13/2011

By the way, thanks for the video (sexy) R9 and the TABLEAU, R11.

(PS: I'll ignore the asshole, aka Dark Passenger on this thread)

by J-Stilesreply 5212/13/2011


Sexter's back!

Thanks C.S.!!

Um...any clues about the season finale you'd care to share?

by J-Stilesreply 5312/13/2011

Well, the spoiler I read...

said Harrison was killed.

Deb and Dex kissed for real.

And Dexter and Louis hooked up after he kissed Deb and then said, no thanks.

Anyway, I guess we can't believe everything we read, can we?

by J-Stilesreply 5412/13/2011

Where are you tonight SnF?

by J-Stilesreply 5512/13/2011

SnF you're both back! Glad you liked the video of me standing in front of this thread. Although R11 stringing up our collective Dark Passenger for his tableau was a work of beauty.

Sooooo since you appear to be at work got any inside info? Any hints on next season...

by J-Stilesreply 5612/13/2011

Ah, let me guess!


by J-Stilesreply 5712/13/2011

R25, I think you should watch season one again, because if you do, you will notice that Debra has matured quite a bit and she almost seems wise enough to be an Lt.

by J-Stilesreply 5812/13/2011

SnF, I've been coming to the Datalounge for ten years and your posts, by far, have been the highlight of my time here. Your wit, openess, and ability to ignore negativity are utterly charming and refreshing. If I could, I'd by you a drink, a bag of Pop Chips, and make you a mix cd. I'd also buy that adorable dog of yours a truckload of dog treats.

It's really great having you here.

by J-Stilesreply 5912/13/2011

Thanks, R50.

And R58, it's not that I don't think DEB hasn't matured--because of course, she's been through quite a bit and changed in a lot of ways--it's that I don't think Jennifer Carpenter has matured along with her role. She still plays Deb likes she's getting ready to fall apart at every instance, doing that choked up voice thing, and I think it's a trick that she needs to let go of. I used to love her vulnerability, but I can't see it applying to every scene. She always makes Deb look like a whiny teenage in ever scene with LaGuerta and Matthews.

by J-Stilesreply 6012/13/2011

Perhaps, r60, but I've certainly known women like that. And in Deb's defense, she has had many scenes this season that showcase her strength and leadership abilities. It's easy to associate the insecure character traits with Deb b/c the actress plays them so well, but Deb isn't one note.

Granted the last couple of episodes show Deb's insecurity more with the therapist subplot. I think the actress does an amazing job having to play insecure AND tough. I can't imagine anyone else in the role.

by J-Stilesreply 6112/13/2011

I think the therapist is going to be revealed as Deb's Dark Passenger in the season finale. It was a nice touch to disguise her as a therapist so it wouldn't be too obvious seeing her not interact with other people. The last episode when they made a point of showing her outside of the session was the deciding point for me. Deb's gone through a lot of big changes in a short amount of time, maybe that is what triggered her dark passenger.

I cannot wait for the finale, many thanks to anyone involved with the show who reads this. I love Dexter.

by J-Stilesreply 6212/15/2011

okay, which thread is the active Dexter thread? I posted this in another Dexter thread.

I think the therapist is going to be revealed as Deb's Dark Passenger in the season finale. It was a nice touch to disguise her as a therapist so it wouldn't be too obvious seeing her not interact with other people. The last episode when they made a point of showing her outside of the session was the deciding point for me. Deb's gone through a lot of big changes in a short amount of time, maybe that is what triggered her dark passenger.

I cannot wait for the finale, many thanks to anyone involved with the show who reads this. I love Dexter.

by J-Stilesreply 6312/15/2011

Why do we have two threads going? I even linked to this one on the second thread. Sigh.

by J-Stilesreply 6412/15/2011

R64, this one was deleted, ("thread does not exist") but all of a sudden it's back again.

by J-Stilesreply 6512/15/2011

This has happened to a few threads. I think one of the Survivor threads or the Project Runway threads had this happen. Anyway, why would Deb have a Dark Passenger? Her mother wasn't murdered in front of her. That's the premise in Dexter. That something horrible has to happen that creates a Dark Passenger.

by J-Stilesreply 6612/15/2011

Okay, if the rumours are to believed, the final 5 minutes of Dexter's season finale will be an out-of-left field twist and doesn't come directly out of any of the main threads of the season.

I don't think it will be that someone finds out about Dexter, but instead maybe that someone has known all along and kept it hidden?

Or it ends with Louis sending some evidence about Dexter to all of his co-workers?

by J-Stilesreply 6712/15/2011

I kind of wondered the same thing, R62 - the therapist showing up outside the office seemed odd. Maybe Deb is really a ghost. Or, no - A VAMPIRE!!! Yeah, a vampire who can walk in the sunlight!!

by J-Stilesreply 6812/15/2011

Laguerta set up the therapist as part of her covert investigation into Dexter.

by J-Stilesreply 6912/15/2011

LaGuerta set up the therapist AND the new cop, Mike, from Chicago as part of her ongoing investigation into Dexter.


by J-Stilesreply 7012/15/2011

Laguerta got Matthews fired because he was getting in the way of her investigation into Dexter as part of his promise to Harry.

by J-Stilesreply 7112/15/2011

Matthews was trying to stop Laguerta's investigation into Dexter by promoting Deb. The next two season will focus on LaGuerta's plan to trap Dexter using her secret team. She will also try to oust Deb as having Deb in a position of power jeopardizes the investigation into her brother.

by J-Stilesreply 7212/15/2011

The therapist initially meets Deb by coming to her office. She always wears the same outfit, and in both of the scenes they show her in after the Wormwood attack, there are other people that could be talking with her there or absent. You never get to see the name on her badge, which adds even more to the idea.

Obviously, it doesn't make sense for Deb for have a dark passenger, but how about:

Deb's dark passenger isn't strong in the sense it drives an urge for her to kill, but it helps her bring some of her feelings out about her love life and relationship with Dexter. I think the season ends with her realizing that her therapist is not a living person(revealing her name?), or she is driven to kill in the finale(killing travis to save harrison?). Season ends with Dexter realizing Deb has a dark passenger, and Deb realizing how strong Dexter's is, and that he is a serial killer. The therapist is already helping her understand her love for Dexter.

by J-Stilesreply 7312/15/2011

I like R72's theory and it would be an interesting direction for the show to take. However, i fear something more bombastic and less grounded in logic will probably happen in this season's finale.

by J-Stilesreply 7412/15/2011

If the last two seasons are set up as Laguerta vs Dexter and Deb I am going to be disappointed. It reminds me too much of how they finished the last two seasons of The Shield with the Vic vs. Shane storyline. They could even have the same ending where Dexter is stuck in some cubicle job for the rest of his life like Vic ended up.

by J-Stilesreply 7512/15/2011

(74)--I think you're right. I like my idea but i have a feeling that the twist is going to be something with more shock value.

I'm excited...the anticipation is killing me.

by J-Stilesreply 7612/15/2011's another thought. What if Batista and his sister are also in on Laguerta's plan? Maybe Angel is reluctant, but coming around?

by J-Stilesreply 7712/15/2011

And his sister has been spying on Dexter the whole time?

by J-Stilesreply 7812/15/2011

Why in the world would you think LaGuerda gives a damn about catching Dexter? If LaGuerda has friends...they are more than likely, Deb and Dex. Friends don't always get along.

We get angry with our bosses but it doesn't mean they are all out to get us. LaGuerda just wants to get to the top...maybe even Mayor of Miami?

I could be wrong but some of you sound like you are having a racial problem with the hispanics on the show.

by J-Stilesreply 7912/15/2011

By the way, Seter's name is never mentioned in this take notice.

Well, the spoiler I read...

said Harrison was killed.

Deb and Dex kissed for real.

And Dexter and Louis hooked up after he kissed Deb and then said, no thanks.

Anyway, I guess we can't believe everything we read, can we?

by: Anonymous reply 54 12/13/2011 @ 10:32PM

I had made it extremely clear, it was a supposed spoiler from another board.

by J-Stilesreply 8012/15/2011

[quote]I had made it extremely clear, it was a supposed spoiler from another board.


by J-Stilesreply 8112/15/2011

R72 and R73 have some good theories. I never noticed that Deb's therapist always wore the same clothes. But didn't Deb meet her through someone else? La Guerta maybe. I can't remember now. I love the idea that Deb might have a dark passenger of her own though. And someone on the other thread suggested that maybe Travis is another of Dexter's dark passengers since no one but Dexter has ever talked to him but then how do you explain Lisa, Travis' sister. I also like your idea R67 that someone has known all along about Dexter being a serial killer.

by J-Stilesreply 8212/15/2011

We really all need to decide which thread we're going to post on. I just posted on the other one.

by J-Stilesreply 8312/15/2011

Why would the actress who plays Deb make a guest appearance on a TV show unless she was looking for work?

by J-Stilesreply 8412/15/2011

Actors do that all the time. Jennifer Carpenter wouldn't want to be type cast as Dexter's sister, the potty mouth cop for the rest of her career. So she goes onto a different show and plays a repressed conservative. By the time the show ends she will have been Deb for 8 seasons, she wants the industry to know she can play different characters.

by J-Stilesreply 8512/15/2011

And actors 'act'. It's how they make a living. Just because you're on one show doesn't mean you're not going to audition for others. Never mind the fact that Dexter only has 12 eps a year. What's she supposed to do with the time she isn't filming Dexter?

by J-Stilesreply 8612/16/2011

This whole season has been a dream. Deb actually looked behind the curtain last season, and Dex had to kill her. Travis killing his sister was Dexter's representation of killing his own sister.

Dun dun dun!

by J-Stilesreply 8712/16/2011

No. It's going to be Julie Benz coming out of the shower and Dexter telling her: "Honey, I had a very strange dream..."

by J-Stilesreply 8812/16/2011

Or, R87, she saw Dex behind the curtain and is now in some fugue state.

Whatever the last five minutes hold, it better be good. I'll be some disappointed in this here show if it don't deliver none.

by J-Stilesreply 8912/16/2011

I think if Deb has a dark passenger, it's just because the violence she sees, is too much for her. I would imagine the therapist is someone who works for the police departent but has nothing to do with LaGuerda. I believe she does think that Dexter holds more influence over Debra than he should.

by J-Stilesreply 9012/16/2011

Dexter's real dad.. Is who? I forget. I know Harry adopted him, but did we get any more background on him? And what about Deb's childhood?

by J-Stilesreply 9112/16/2011

From the other thread:

flag: [ww] [ff] [troll-dar] [R51], I think that the quote

[quote]The "Gellar is all in the mind of Travis" was just a distraction from the real last 5 minutes bombshell that's going to be a serious mindfuck on the season finale."

meant that the 'Gellar is all in the mind of Travis' part of the season was a distraction, and that we should all be looking for something *else*. Kind of like a magician and sleight of hand. We're so busy looking at what the magician wants us to see, that we miss the real action behind the trick. So the Gellar plot was the trick the writers wanted us to focus on - what was going on in the background the whole time that we missed? Will we look back after the finale and think, "Wow, now I get it, damn!!" The way we do when shown the 'sleight of hand" and learn how the magic trick is really done?

I'm really thinking about this too hard,

by J-Stilesreply 9212/16/2011

Sorry, it should have posted as:

From the other thread:

I think that the quote

[quote]The "Gellar is all in the mind of Travis" was just a distraction from the real last 5 minutes bombshell that's going to be a serious mindfuck on the season finale."

meant that the 'Gellar is all in the mind of Travis' part of the season was a distraction, and that we should all be looking for something *else*. Kind of like a magician and sleight of hand. We're so busy looking at what the magician wants us to see, that we miss the real action behind the trick. So the Gellar plot was the trick the writers wanted us to focus on - what was going on in the background the whole time that we missed? Will we look back after the finale and think, "Wow, now I get it, damn!!" The way we do when shown the 'sleight of hand" and learn how the magic trick is really done?

I'm really thinking about this too hard,

by J-Stilesreply 9312/16/2011

Brian killed Dexter's real Dad. I guess he spent some time in prison but he was 30 years sober. I forget his name. He lived north of Miami. I don't think Brian and Dexter had the same father.

by J-Stilesreply 9412/16/2011

I think it's going to be that Louis has been tampering with Travis' kills all along and watching Dexter the whole season. The "mindfuck" will be a montage of flashbacks that show him watching Dexter at the church etc...

by J-Stilesreply 9512/16/2011

it better be a big surprise the way it's been hyped!

by J-Stilesreply 9612/16/2011

R95 you might be right. Dexter has been doing his research on the Elliot seacrh engine that Louis advised him to use so maybe Louis has been following him everywhere. Wasn't one victim drained of blood like ITK and another had his hand cut off also ITK style? And at one point at the church it was implied that someone was watching Dexter from another floor but since Gellar was dead all along who was really watching him?

by J-Stilesreply 9712/16/2011

What's this?

by J-Stilesreply 9812/16/2011

Shit, shit, shit! Huge spoiler at link. Do not click unless you want to know the end. Not surevhow much longer it will be up.

by J-Stilesreply 9912/16/2011

Louis's head bothers me.

It is too big.

by J-Stilesreply 10012/16/2011

Are they both huge spoilers R99 or just the second one? I wouldnt mind a hint but I dont want a total spoiler.

by J-Stilesreply 10112/16/2011

"Oh, God" is how it ends.

by J-Stilesreply 10212/16/2011

[quote]Louis's head bothers me.

I like it. But agree, he uses too much teeth.

by J-Stilesreply 10312/16/2011

He has got a big head but Dexter might think that's a plus?

by J-Stilesreply 10412/16/2011

His head's too big, he has 'too much' teeth, and his eyes are too close together. Nothing about him is hot.

by J-Stilesreply 10512/16/2011

[quote]He has got a big head but Dexter might think that's a plus?


by J-Stilesreply 10612/16/2011

Too much teeth is hilarious but I don't think Louis is that bad looking.

by J-Stilesreply 10712/16/2011

Very funny, R99.

by J-Stilesreply 10812/16/2011

You fell for it too, R108?

by J-Stilesreply 10912/16/2011

Ok everybody, let's play "What the fuck is going on here?"

I have numbered the season finale photos.

Who is Dexter killing at #3? There are witnesses!

Is that Travis and Quinn at #11?

What is Deb seeing or finding out a #12 and #13? Is that a cell phone in her had at #13?

Click on the link to get the photo, then click on it again to make it bigger.

I NEED TO KNOW!! Come on Dex fans!

by J-Stilesreply 11012/16/2011


by J-Stilesreply 11112/16/2011

I wish I could help but im baffled.That's not Louis or Travis at #3 I don't think. Deb seems stunned in one picture and pissed off in the second. I have no clue what's happening.

by J-Stilesreply 11212/16/2011

Not a clue but I remember how Dexter kept putting off killing Trinity and Rita died, then he put off killing Travis...

by J-Stilesreply 11312/16/2011

Hey 110-111. Firstly, I thought I was obsessed!! :)

Secondly, 1-5, I think is stranded in the ocean after the 'ring of fire' and gets rescued by a boat of illegal pirates. (they acknowledged this in one of the early seasons). One of them is keeping the others captive and he kills the guy and takes the boat to shore.

Is this just a misadventure de-tour? Or will the witnesses come back to haunt him?

6-8 Travis is threatening to kill harrison but the cops that Deb sent onto the roof will help Dexter save the day.

12: Deb comes home to find Dexter, post-sea rescue, safe, as seen in the trailer. Her reaction is to seeing him or to his story.

by J-Stilesreply 11412/16/2011

[quote] I think is stranded in the ocean after the 'ring of fire' and gets rescued by a boat of illegal pirates. (they acknowledged this in one of the early seasons).

I didn't know that! Cool.

Travis looks hot at #6. IFHH (as long as he makes that face and holds it there)

# 10-11, Travis cut someone's throat, I see blood squirting out. It looks like Quinn from the back, shit. :(

#12 I think she looks sad. Maybe she finds out Quinn was killed?

#13, is Deb in the church?

#16, is Dexter .. praying??

by J-Stilesreply 11512/16/2011

Just rubbed one out to that #6 Travis pic. Actually, I was looking at #6 and #9. I feel so dirty.

I wonder if he like young Irish guys. Probably not. Hey, a guy can dream!

by J-Stilesreply 11612/16/2011

[quote]Just rubbed one out to that #6 Travis pic

Jack Twist?! Jack Nasty!!!"

by J-Stilesreply 11712/16/2011

Yeah, it makes sense, him killing a pirate...I mean, Dexter is in a hurry, he does not have time to play pirates.

by J-Stilesreply 11812/16/2011

Okay everyone....2 days til the finale. last chance to guess what the "mindfuck" final 5 minutes will be....Any final guesses?....

by J-Stilesreply 11912/16/2011

Deb finds out about Dexter and doesn't care.

by J-Stilesreply 12012/16/2011

R118 and R120, why are you such a snarky downer?

by J-Stilesreply 12112/16/2011

R119 I think there have ben some good guesses made but I think the one you made at R95 might be the right one.

by J-Stilesreply 12212/16/2011

Wait! How did you know that was me at 95? haha :)

by J-Stilesreply 12312/16/2011

I have a feeling that Louis is Dexters younger brother.. I also think i saw a woman's hand touching his slides in one of the photo???

by J-Stilesreply 12412/16/2011

Aaahhh. Is that what picture 15 is? Good pick up R124. I could tell it was a womans hand but I couldn't tell what she was touching or why that picture was relevant. Could the sweet as pie baby sitter have been spying on Dexter all this time?

by J-Stilesreply 12512/16/2011

I kind of want Travis now too.

by J-Stilesreply 12612/17/2011

I agree that photo 11 is Quinn and pho 12 is Deb finding out.

by J-Stilesreply 12712/17/2011

Photo 15, not the nanny. The person is wearing long sleaves and the nanny is usually scantily dressed. Their nails are smooth and manicured. Hard to tell if it is a male or female hand, but based on the attire of the characters in the other photos I narrow it down to Travis or Dexter himself.

Photos 12 and 13 : Deb's expressions to me are looks of 1. A revelation and 2. Shock at the revelation. She has what appears to be a phone in her hand In P12. In P13 she appears to be looking at someone. Maybe a phone tip clues her into dexter's secret and in P13 she's actually talking to Dexter.

I agree with the pirate scenario in the first photos.

Where is Travis in P9? He's indoors, wall lighting, framed art behind him.

Sadly, it does look like Quinn in P11. His character is so broken and often unlikable, but I'll be sad if he dies. Hopefully his partner will come through for him, but didn't Sexter or someone say a regular character was being killed off this season? It's not looking good for Quinn.

Looking back at P15, I think the hand is female based on the curvature of the nail on the ring finger. I bet it's Deb.

I know, I know. I'm way too invested in this. I'm sick in bed and have nothing better to do.

by J-Stilesreply 12812/17/2011

R 128--Didn't Sexter say that DEXTER kills a main character and shit hist the fan? Thanks for reminding me about that spoiler, I'd forgotten.

by J-Stilesreply 12912/17/2011

On the showtime boards, people keep saying that a character from Dexter's past returns.

Does anybody know where that information came from?

by J-Stilesreply 13012/17/2011

R129, I don't recall the exact details of the spoiler.

R130, is the character rumored to be someone we, the audience, has met? Or could it be a long lost sibling or something? Didn't someone suggest Travis could be related to Dexter- a brother or step brother maybe?

They did bring back Trinity's son. Maybe that was what they were talking about.

I kind of doubt they'll kill off Harrison. He grew up in the novels and became a killer himself. That's potentially a whole other Showtime $eries.

It would be easier for writers not to have to write Harrison and his childcare into the scripts. And the photo R14 looks like Dexter emoting extreme grief. That, or he's sneezing.

by J-Stilesreply 13112/17/2011

If that's true, maybe it's Elliot or Lumen?

by J-Stilesreply 13212/17/2011

It does look like extreme grief but maybe it's fear?

by J-Stilesreply 13312/17/2011

But I'm not sure the spoiler about someone from his past returning is accurate as I've never seen it written anywhere.

But if it's true, I wonder if it is Jonah.

I doubt it's Lumen since she was not a fan favourite.

I've said before that Brother Sam's death may have been faked. In a season filled with relatively far-fetched moments, it could happen. Work with me on this.

So the return of someone from his past may be different from the final surprise.

by J-Stilesreply 13412/17/2011

I'm back, bitches! That little sitcom with Michael Chiklis didn't exactly take off...

by J-Stilesreply 13512/17/2011

Obsessing over P15 - maybe it's Lewis's hand. I can only rule out leguerta bc she probably has long painted nails. She spends a lot ofmtime on her appearance.

I'm open to anything with brother Sam bc they dropped that storyline rather abruptly, IMO.

by J-Stilesreply 13612/17/2011

LOL (R135)....Rita's long-lost twin sister rolls into town.

by J-Stilesreply 13712/17/2011

This is what Travis looks like at R110 photo #6

by J-Stilesreply 13812/17/2011

I thought Sexter came back and dismissed that rumor R129. saying he was trying to throw us off - Or maybe that a main character was going to be killed off but dexter wasn't the killer. Something like that.

by J-Stilesreply 13912/17/2011

Oh, brother sam WILL be in the finale, but it may just be as a dream, or maybe he will be Dexter's "Light Passenger" or take Harry's place.

Maybe that's the person from his past.

Or maybe Lumen comes back to say she is pregnant (shudders)

by J-Stilesreply 14012/17/2011


by J-Stilesreply 14112/17/2011

I don't know if you've ever had therapy, but they drop these seeds in you and once they are dropped, it's like, you may not see the shrink, but stuff comes up. All of a sudden, you realize what this meant and what it symbolized. I think it will continue to churn around in Deb. I think her character had a fantastic year. We've really seen that character grow... as a leader, which does alter her relationship with Dexter because she's always been the dingbat younger sister who was all over the place and always needed Dexter to calm her down.

Whether it's actually Dexter in the dream or he actually represents someone else to Deb. The character who plays Dexter in her dream does say, "It's wonderful now that you're starting to see everything isn't black and white." Obviously this is something that we will be dealing with. They lay the seeds so it won't be a shock to Deb. The Deb of two years ago was so black and white that if she had found out her brother was the Bay Harbor Butcher, she would be horrified and would only have one reaction, which is, "I'm going to bring you down. You're going to go to jail." Maybe now she will make, perhaps, a more nuanced, complicated choice.

by J-Stilesreply 14212/17/2011

If Tom Hanks doesnt kill the nanny I'm sure Dexter will be mighty pissed at her. Isn't Deb the only main character besides Dex?

by J-Stilesreply 14312/17/2011

Tom Hanks will be in the finale?

by J-Stilesreply 14412/17/2011

The problem w/Louis is he looks like one of those cheap mannequins from the 70s that Sears or JCPenney had a penchant for pressing into to service well into the early 80s.

by J-Stilesreply 14512/17/2011

It was Sexter who said a main character will be killed before the season ends. I'm not sure if he said that Dexter is the person who kills him. I think poor, long suffering Quinn is dead man walking.

I don't think Deb will find out that Dexter is a serial killer yet. They're going to draw this out I think. Making Deb increasingly suspicious about Dexter.

It's possible that hand on the slide is Travis. The preview thay showed for the next episode (in my country anyway) had Travis in Dexter's apartment. Although it does look like a woman's hand.

by J-Stilesreply 14612/17/2011

Lol R141

by J-Stilesreply 14712/17/2011

It does look like Quinn will be getting the ax but would they really kill off the only attractive guy on the show? Not my type but I'm sure Quinn has fans.

Louis IS a horsehead & it is insulting to look @ him. Julia Stiles as Lumen was the most annoying character. She looks like a turtle.

I found Lila to be the most fascinating protagonist along w/Lithgow

by J-Stilesreply 14812/17/2011

Great post R141. Also I recall Sexter saying way back that the shrink would "figure prominently" into the storyline.

by J-Stilesreply 14912/17/2011

R145 / R148 why do you keep posting that link?

by J-Stilesreply 15012/17/2011

I'll take Quinn over Travis any day of the week but sadly I agree that he's a dead man.

by J-Stilesreply 15112/17/2011

The ITK was very easy to figure out if you were a fan of 'Crossing Jordan' back in the day. The adopted out brother bit was done there.

It is obvious they have changed the writers b/c when the season 1st started Dex went from blood spatter expert in previous seasons to Quincy "Gentleman This Was No Accident" Coroner w/the corpses on the table et. al.

Having to look at Hank's whiny puss this season is more annoying than Julia Stiles' turtlehead.

Louis might somehow be connected to Travis' blog.

The computer tech banter is a hoot, though. Like some luddite is writing those lines & not checking w/a systems admin.

by J-Stilesreply 15212/17/2011

150. sorry, its a link to a suicide/murder sleuthing forum. I'll stop.

by J-Stilesreply 15312/17/2011

I've never watched Crossing Jordan but the fiirst season was based on the Dexter novel.

by J-Stilesreply 15412/17/2011

Not to be negative, but as much as I love the Louis mystery this season, and how subtle it's been, I worry that if he's being set up as the big bad fro next season, he's too much of a nerdy Travis type.

They need to sick a deranged, physically intimidating menace as Dexter's next villain to really up the stakes.

by J-Stilesreply 15512/17/2011

I like Louis but I must be alone. I like the idea as the computer nerd as the super villain. Dexter is at his best when he has to outwit rather than physically overpower his nemises. The first season was good in part because it was all a game of wits which Dexter loved. That's why Travis is a bit lame. He's a nut job, who's no evil genius and no physical threat to Dexter. I want Dex to take that dork down already.

by J-Stilesreply 15612/17/2011

(156) you're not alone. i do like Louis, but I just think that following the Travis season, they're both somewhat similar physical types. Young nerds who make for unlikely serial killers. BUt I guess the similarities end there. So, maybe we're in store for some interesting Louis plot lines.

by J-Stilesreply 15712/17/2011

Although we've established that Louis is unlike Travis in that he has "too much teeth" and I think that Louis might have a chin but Travis does not! See? Very different. LOL

by J-Stilesreply 15812/17/2011

How is that computer game Louis made going to figure into it? You think he somehow incorporated real footage of Dex into the graphics or something? That can't be the end of that game. It was odd how Dex nervously dismissed it, and Louis' was pissed when he did.

by J-Stilesreply 15912/17/2011

[quote] the big bad fro next season


by J-Stilesreply 16012/17/2011

I want to finger Travis. Louis, not so much.

by J-Stilesreply 16112/17/2011

Under certain light, Lila looked hidious.

I like Louis, I'm anxious to know if he's a good guy or a bad guy.

by J-Stilesreply 16212/17/2011

I hated Lila more than Julia Stiles.

by J-Stilesreply 16312/17/2011

I hated Rita more than I hated Lila and Lumen.

by J-Stilesreply 16412/17/2011

Okay R164, you got me. Rita was VERY hard to take at times. But I still hated Lila the most. Not the actress, who I thought did a great job with a hideous character.

by J-Stilesreply 16512/17/2011

I liked Rita as a foil for Dexter. Her innocence and willingness to give him the benefit of the doubt was both darkly comedic and also very touching.

She was a very believable character cause she's had a history of abuse, and with Dexter, was again picking the wrong guy and putting him on a pedestal.

Having said that, I'm glad she didn't stay for the whole series.

by J-Stilesreply 16612/17/2011

I liked the concept of Lumen but wasn't too crazy about Julia Stiles in the role. I really disliked Rita in the end too. She started off as the sweet, naive, damaged woman but they turned her into an overbearing shrew. And Lila was just a nut bag but i agree that the actress did a good job.

by J-Stilesreply 16712/17/2011

I agree (162) about Lumen being a promising concept for a character, but they really should have cast someone completely different.

Nothing against J-Sty, but she always seems completely calm and centred. And Lumen needed to be motivated by anger and desire for revenge.

by J-Stilesreply 16812/17/2011

I have to say, I've known women very like Lila in AA. She was pretty accurate. I hate them too.

by J-Stilesreply 16912/17/2011

Actually, Rita just wanted a normal relationship but Dexter could never give that to anyone. He can never be a good single parent. I hated it when Rita said she was pregnant. Dexter should have supported them but never gotten married, that would have freed him up, he could have been close to a family but not forced to always be there. I guess that sounds good to a lot of people.

by J-Stilesreply 17012/17/2011

I want to elaborate on the DDk-- ITK connection. I just re-watched episode 4, with the "horseman" tableau.

The first thing Dexter and Deb mention is how much the "theatrics" remind them both of ITK.

Given Louis and the blonde intern's shared fascination with Rudy, there must be a connection.

Since we see Travis kill the victims, it could be presumed that Louis and his friend created the tableaus, with Travis assuming it's gellar's work, but that doesn't gel with the fact that Travis is still trying to create tableaus. So...I'm confused.

by J-Stilesreply 17112/17/2011

Dexter stops "listening" to Harry. Starts using brother sam as his "guide" from now on.

The final two seasons will focus on Dexter "recovering" just as Brother Sam did.

Just as he starts to improve Deb and the rest of the game will start to catch on to him.

by J-Stilesreply 17212/17/2011 the end of episode 4, Dexter concludes that the person who chopped up the body was not the person who "composed the crime scene" due to a different approach in technique.

We of course, thought it was Gellar, but now we know that isn't true.

by J-Stilesreply 17312/17/2011

R171, maybe my memory is sketchy but I don't recall seeing Travis kill anyone other than Holly the woman he referred to as "whore". So far it seems he's only killed her and Gellar. And neither Holly nor Gellar's murder had the theatre of the other murders. He just cut Holly's throat, no locusts, no trip wires, no horses. Is it possible that someone else killed the other victims that Travis thought Gellar was killing?

by J-Stilesreply 17412/17/2011

We did see him catch a jogger who was running along the road.

Run over that woman in his car

and we also saw him collecting snakes before the "snake" body.

So...yes, we haven't seen that many actual kills, but he's definitely involved.

I'm so confused.

by J-Stilesreply 17512/17/2011

What if Travis captured these people but didn't kill them?

And after Dexter kills Travis, we find out that it was actually Louis who was responsible?

by J-Stilesreply 17612/17/2011

A lot of people have suggested that Louis is somehow involved. Someone said that maybe Louis has been watching Dexter and if so I guess louis has also been watching Travis. I think Louis has been tampering with the body after they victims are killed to give them an ITK feel, eg draining the body of blood etc. At one point in the Church when Dexter is looking for Gellar it looks like that Gellar is watching Dexter look for him but since Gellar is dead, who was watching Dexter?

by J-Stilesreply 17712/17/2011

I don't think Louis has anything to do with Travis or the DDK. He just seems curious about serial killers and Decter has caught his interest.

by J-Stilesreply 17812/17/2011

I was beginning to think that too R178. Maybe we're supposed to be so busy wondering what Louis is up to that we haven't noticed some obvious clues. Quinn has in the past been very suspicious of Dexter, now that he's no longer dating Deb maybe he's decided to investigate Dexter. Yes Quinn goes on a lot of drunken benders but what if some of the time while everyone is assuming he's out getting hammered, he's actually been following Dexter.

by J-Stilesreply 17912/17/2011

In my cable description of the show it says Dexter and Homicide try to stop Doomsday KillerS from murdering one last victim (Dexter's kid I assume) while Debra deals with a new emotional situation...

by J-Stilesreply 18012/18/2011

Thank god the suspense will end tonight and I can go back to not obsessing over theories.

by J-Stilesreply 18112/18/2011

Here's a producer's quote about Louis:

"like a big ticking bomb in the background” next season. “We are just going to weave in an unexploded roadside bomb that we may not explode this year but it’s there waiting, ticking,”


by J-Stilesreply 18212/18/2011

Shit, we have a dinner party to go to tonight dammit. I have to wait and watch it on the DVR when we get back. I know, pathetic...

by J-Stilesreply 18312/18/2011

I have to watch it online whenever someone decided to upload it.

So I'll be waiting, biting my nails and trying not to read spoilers.

by J-Stilesreply 18412/18/2011

R 183--Pretend to be sick and forget the dinner party !! :) jokes.

by J-Stilesreply 18512/18/2011

I dont live in the US so I won't be watching it for another 13 hours. I'll be like you R184, the suspense will be killing me but I'll try not to read spoilers. It's hard though, I'm like a crack addict with this thread.

by J-Stilesreply 18612/18/2011

Hope its better than last episode. Two characters are saved from a fiery death at the last second 2 different times. Yeah right...

by J-Stilesreply 18712/18/2011

Yeah, the past few episodes have felt far-fetched and i have a feeling that the bulk of this episode will be along the same lines. However, I'm very excited for the final 5 minutes and whatever surprise is in store. I think it will be good.

by J-Stilesreply 18812/18/2011

Am I the only one worried about The Nanny?

by J-Stilesreply 18912/18/2011

I think we should be worried about the nanny. But I dont know if I should worry that she's going to be killed (the preview had Travis in the house watching her) or if she's up to no good. She's just so sweet, is it possible that it's all an act?

by J-Stilesreply 19012/18/2011

Obviously something is up with the nanny, otherwise she wouldn't exist. Dexter already had Sonya as a nanny -- Dexter even talked her into coming back -- only to disappear this season without any explanation. And now we have Angel's sister who is also dating Louis. This kind of lazy writing can only exist to serve some plot point.

by J-Stilesreply 19112/18/2011

I agree R188. Dex always walked a fine line between his secret life and as the respectable blood expert, now he's like some sort of serial killer super hero, it's a bit much.

However since I have hours and hours before I can watch the show, I will take a guess at what happens tonight.

We find out that Quinn has been following Dexter which in turn leads him to Travis, who kills him but before he dies he tells her to watch out for her brother The alternate to this is that it's been Jonah watching Dexter. Either way Quinn ends up dead.

We find out that Deb has a dark passenger of her own,the shrink, and Deb will spend the next two seasons confiding in her about her growing suspicions about Dexter. If the shrink is real, I think she might be blabbing everything Deb says to La Guerta.

Travis dies (Hooray.I'm so done with dork boy)

We find out more about Louis, but he'll be dangled as a mysterious carrot in front of us for next season.

I will probably change my mind about all of this in the next half hour. This obsession needs to end. Bring on the final.

by J-Stilesreply 19212/18/2011

Not exactly earth shattering, R192.

by J-Stilesreply 19312/18/2011

No it isn't. What can i tell you, after days of theorising with everyone else those options look the most likely. I wouldn't mind being wrong if it really ends up shocking the pants off me. Feel free to offer up your theory, if you think you have any better ideas.

by J-Stilesreply 19412/18/2011

I can't offer anything better, R194. We shall see!

by J-Stilesreply 19512/18/2011

I'm sure it's going to be something overblown and defying logic. That said, of course I'll watch it with anticipation.

by J-Stilesreply 19612/18/2011

Starts in 20 minutes. I think I'll do something rare watch live not on my dvr hours later

by J-Stilesreply 19712/18/2011

Why is the therapist encouraging Deb? That is her brother, who cares if he was adopted. they were raised together.

by J-Stilesreply 19812/18/2011


by J-Stilesreply 19912/18/2011

Well, that was interesting. Next season they should turn the writing over to you guys, because this thread has far better ideas than they came up with.

by J-Stilesreply 20012/18/2011




by J-Stilesreply 20112/18/2011

Having rewatched last week's episode, I'm becoming increasingly more convinced that Matthews, being Deb's father close friend and colleague, is aware of Dexter's sociopathic tendencies and that he will use them to blackmail Deb.

by J-Stilesreply 20212/18/2011

The episode had many flaws but the ending was truly exciting...

Best cliffhanger since the history of cliffhangers...

by J-Stilesreply 20312/18/2011

That moron playing the killer is an absolute horrible actor.

All the brooding and frowning to convince us he's really a psychopathic badass is nearly laugh worthy.

Who hired this asshole?

by J-Stilesreply 20412/18/2011

Don't like the Deb being in love with Dex storyline and tonight while being on a serious serial case Deb should have put it on the back burner but I guess if she did we wouldn't have the exc iting ending...

by J-Stilesreply 20512/18/2011

I think Colin Hanks son of Tom did a good job. Thought everyone knew who he was...

by J-Stilesreply 20612/18/2011

Why the fuck would Deb tell Dex she's turning into a crazy person, who's in love with her own brother? It's just embarrassing, she'll wake up tomorrow in her right mind...won't she?

by J-Stilesreply 20712/18/2011

Just finished watching the finale. It was a bit underwhelming, to be honest. Yes, Debra knows now for sure and you can see how it will be used in the power game she's been playing with LaGuerta and Matthews since the dead prostitute storyline will have to lead somewhere in the next season.

by J-Stilesreply 20812/18/2011

One thing that did get answered is whether the therapist is a real person or Deb's own "dark passenger". Deb is seen walking into the therapist's office at the station and the doctor has a nameplate on the door. She's real.

by J-Stilesreply 20912/18/2011

I think the dead prostitute thing is over. Mathews retired...finished, period.

by J-Stilesreply 21012/18/2011

If the character of Travis was wasn't the fault of Colin Hanks.

by J-Stilesreply 21112/18/2011

Shit - I feel like the world's biggest sucker.

by J-Stilesreply 21212/18/2011

[quote]One thing that did get answered is whether the therapist is a real person or Deb's own "dark passenger". Deb is seen walking into the therapist's office at the station and the doctor has a nameplate on the door. She's real.

Let's wait on that. I'm not liking the fact that she's always wearing the same outfit. That's too weird.

by J-Stilesreply 21312/18/2011

Am I in the minority ? I liked the ending.

by J-Stilesreply 21412/18/2011

"Am I in the minority ? I liked the ending."

Me, too. So, in the next season, Deb will be complicit with Dexter. She's in love with him and she has seen him off a guy..... in retro, that's the inevitable development in this series.

by J-Stilesreply 21512/18/2011

OK, so Deb knows.

At this point will she let Dexter keep dumping her suspects into the Atlantic Ocean when everyone is busting her balls for not closing cases? Is she really going to let 10 or 11 murders go unsolved when Travis disappears? I think not. Travis (at at least parts of him) will almost certainly wind up on the morgue table.

This means that from here on Deb and Dexter aren't serial killers as much as they're Dirty Harry.

by J-Stilesreply 21612/18/2011

Once Deb sees him get a guy off, maybe she'll get the picture?

by J-Stilesreply 21712/18/2011

The last 5 minutes made up for any weak points this season. Loved the dialogue, "I'm a father, a son, and serial killer."

Really weird about the therapist wearing the same outfit in every scene. I never would have picked up on that detail. It's got me curious.

So happy Quinn wasn't killed off. I actually cheered when the unknown cop was the victim and not Quinn.

Loved Masuka's Yoda impression. I confess that i now cheer whenever he's in a scene as if I know him personally.

Matthews will be back. His last dialogue with Deb was ominous. The hand left in the box on the fridge will be discovered quickly in Dexter's small kitchen. That will be interesting.

There was never a scene with Dexter's blood sample trays.

When do they begin filming the next season?

by J-Stilesreply 21812/18/2011

Okay! Just watched it.

All the hype surrounding the final five minutes made it...disappointing since the "twist" has been expected since the first episode. It was just a question of how and when.

After last season finale's tease, this time it had almost no affect on me.

It's too convenient that she's "in love" with him.

After all the close calls, this is how he's discovered? She walks in on him?

The whole time i was thinking "The crime scene isn't closed, Dexter".

Oh well.....there we have it.

by J-Stilesreply 21912/18/2011

[quote]Deb will be complicit with Dexter. She's in love with him and she has seen him off a guy..... in retro, that's the inevitable development in this series.

I agree. I've recently rewatched the first season, and they laid foreshadowing for that plot development even then.

by J-Stilesreply 22012/18/2011

HOWEVER, i would add that the episode, in general was stronger.

The opening where Dexter contemplates his own death is great. The final conversation between Travis and Dexter was fantastic.

by J-Stilesreply 22112/18/2011

Hmmm good points guys. Maybe having a sister on the "inside" will make for a fascinating dynamic. She'll be a bit like Harry...keeping him safe while he satisfies his urge.

by J-Stilesreply 22212/18/2011

Well, thanks Sexter and CS :).

Also, R142 nailed it..

[quote]Whether it's actually Dexter in the dream or he actually represents someone else to Deb. The character who plays Dexter in her dream does say, "It's wonderful now that you're starting to see everything isn't black and white." Obviously this is something that we will be dealing with. They lay the seeds so it won't be a shock to Deb. The Deb of two years ago was so black and white that if she had found out her brother was the Bay Harbor Butcher, she would be horrified and would only have one reaction, which is, "I'm going to bring you down. You're going to go to jail." Maybe now she will make, perhaps, a more nuanced, complicated choice.

I actually liked the ending, and strangely enough like the whole "Deb in love with Dexter" storyline.

by J-Stilesreply 22312/18/2011

Sorry, I've watched every season and I never once saw Deb show anything but sisterly interest in her brother. It all just came out of the blue and it's damn stupid and unbelievable.

by J-Stilesreply 22412/18/2011

R218, I agree with your whole post.

This last month, posting here and reading what people are saying as well as visits from Sexter and CS have made it so much more fun to watch this season. I hope all you Dexter fans will be back next October so we can do this all over again!

I'm keeping this thread bookmarked so we can all chat about it before the season starts or if any Dexter news or gossip comes up.

Thanks DL Dexter fans!

by J-Stilesreply 22512/18/2011

I'd also like to thank SEXTER and CS for saving the season. Your clues and pictures got me enthralled again.

by J-Stilesreply 22612/18/2011

One more observation - I really wondered if Deb knew Dexter destroyed the evidence of the mural at the first crime scene. She was at the scene of the crime before Dexter got there and could have already have seen the mural. Of course she surely would have recognized it as Dexter. But her reaction after being in the room with Dexter and discussing the mural was strange. Like she knew Dexter ruined the painting.

I suppose she was just acting on her feelings for Dexter, but it would have made for an interesting twist if she knew he destroyed evidence.

It was risky of Dexter destroying the mural not knowing if other cops had already been through the entire crime scene.

Finally, I thought MCH and JC have had great chemistry this season - ESP the last few episodes. I don't claim to know anything about their relationship, but if there has been a change in their relationship they certainly kept things professional onscreen. I've been enjoying there scenes together. It's my hope they have a good working relationship.

by J-Stilesreply 22712/18/2011

The only way I can explain it is by going back to the previous season's ending when she basically caught Dexter and Lumen in the act but decided not to look behind the curtain. She's had a hunch that Dexter is behind a lot of those cases that were never closed but suppressed it so much that only the therapy was able to help her articulate it. In a way, Dexter is her "dark passenger", someone dealing with murderers in the way she would like to be able to but can't. Otherwise, a genuine attraction would be way too simplistic.

by J-Stilesreply 22812/18/2011

[quote]It was risky of Dexter destroying the mural not knowing if other cops had already been through the entire crime scene.

How the Hell did they know it was a crime scene (double murder even) if no cops had been inside?

By destroying it before anyone saw it, the whole thing became rather pointless anyway. Same with Dexter killing the guy on the boat--what purpose did that serve in the great scheme of things? Neither the mural or the dead guy on the boat did anything to drive the episode, they were just wastes of time.

by J-Stilesreply 22912/18/2011

Yeah, the whole "dexter's face on the painting" thing was pointless. While i loved the moment when they walked in and saw his crafty solution, it made no sense that A) no one else had been into the living room and B) that Dexter would rightfully assume this.

But that's pretty typical of the plot holes all season long.

Not to be overly negative, but I have high standards for this show.

Why did Dexter keep a pen from Nebraska? What did Deb's finding it have to do with anything?

Why did Travis create a ring-of-fire Tableau where no one could see it?

Why would anyone mistake Travis for Dexter, even with a mask on? They know Dexter, and Travis has a completely different body type and voice.

How did Travis manage to create all of those elaborate crime scenes by himself?

Why did Dexter need to create a fountain message AND send a video phone message to Travis?

by J-Stilesreply 23012/18/2011

Ok - photos 14- 17 dont seem to be taken from scenes in this episode. Are they scenes from previous episodes, cut scenes, or perhaps scenes from the next episode?

Also, rewatched Deb's scene with the psychologist. At least in this episode, they are never shown together. There's a camera on Deb and a separate camera on the psychologist. The audience never sees them at the same time.

What do we know about Deb's mother? Maybe these conversations are in Deb's head with her mother or other significant mother figure. Anyone remember how previous scenes were filmed?

by J-Stilesreply 23112/18/2011

The premise really requires the writers to focus on the details. The first four seasons thrived because of their attention to detail.

This season was quite sloppy in that regard.

I'm not trying to rain on the parade. But when i praise the first four seasons, I mean it. So I'm also not going to pretend that this season was anywhere near to the others in terms of quality.

In hindsight they should have made season 5 the final season and spent it dealing with Deb discovering Dexter's identity.

by J-Stilesreply 23212/18/2011

Why would Deb need a 'dark passenger'?I think the shrink may have qujestionable motives but I think she is very real. Maybe whoever was in charge of continunity did a lousy job is why she is wearing same clothes...

by J-Stilesreply 23312/18/2011

This may not have been the strongest season of Dexter, but it was still entertaining. There are still more stories to tell and loose ends to tie up. I'm glad we have two more seasons to look forward to.

I would hope that with this seasons cliffhanger and the story lines that are being set up, the actors and writers might have a renewed energy and creative buzz surrounding their work.

@R225, yes, this has been so much fun! I've bookmarked the thread as well. Looking forward to doing it again.

by J-Stilesreply 23412/18/2011

Colin Hanks is a terrible actor. Yes, Travis was lame but all the frowning, grimacing and growling was damn near comedic.

My guess is Dex will smooth talk Deb and the bulk of the excitement will be gone after the first episode of the next season. She'll know he killed Travis, but not that he's a serial killer. Dex will say he found Travis in the church, or explain the Harrison thing.

This Deb being in love with Dex thing is really really really stupid. I hope it gets dropped quickly.

Surprisingly not the worst season, though. Let's rank the seasons from best to worst.

Season 1

Season 4

Season 2

Season 5

Season 6

Season 3

by J-Stilesreply 23512/18/2011

Is this show still on? It had gotten old by season 4 and haven't watched/paid attention to it since.

by J-Stilesreply 23612/18/2011

R235, would you mind noting the theme of each season? I've already forgotten which was which.

by J-Stilesreply 23712/18/2011

Season 1--Dexter discovers ITK is his bro!

Season 4--Trinity and Rita dies.

Season 2--Lola the crazy girlfriend and Doakes on his tail

Season 5--Lumen (julia stiles)

Season 6--Travisty

Season 3--Miguel prada (jimmy smits) becomes Dexter's new bestie and kill buddy.

by J-Stilesreply 23812/18/2011

I agree with R 235's ranking but would rate number 6 beneath number 3

by J-Stilesreply 23912/18/2011

Three things:

1. Quinn wasn't killed, but rehab may still write him out of the show. (And what's with his HAIR?)

2. In losing Travis, the show at least has lost its Dork Passenger.

3. I'd definitely do Louis!

by J-Stilesreply 24012/18/2011

Did you notice something missing in the finale? Dex's tedious father!

by J-Stilesreply 24112/18/2011

Thanks, R238.

by J-Stilesreply 24212/18/2011

Ummm... just watched... where's the mind fuck? As someone upthread suggested, Dex will just lie to Deb and say he killed Travis because Travis almost killed Harrison. Sure, it might be setting it up for Deb to ultimately find out about Dex in the end, and the whole 'I'm in love with Dexter' is a means to some inner conflict Deb is going to have over exposing Dex, but I was expecting a whole lot more.

by J-Stilesreply 24312/19/2011

I only started watching last season. I've never seen the much vaunted first four seasons. But I was shocked at how bad this season was in comparison. I know a lot of you didn't like the Lumen season, but it at least had a sense of stakes and reality to it. And it was emotional. This was like some weird jumble of ideas swept up off the writers' room floor.

The concept of Dexter wrestling with his faith only to be discovered by his sister at the end is actually pretty great. But the particulars were so silly.

Fingers crossed it gets better next season. In the meantime, I'm going to go back and watch the first four.

by J-Stilesreply 24412/19/2011

This thread is infested with three lonely single women posting non-stop about this show.

by J-Stilesreply 24512/19/2011

Yeah, this entire season seemed like it was made up as it went along. Not even episode by episode, but scene by scene. That's the only way I can explain Brother Sam, anyway.

Decter didn't even struggle with his faith, other than mentioning it a few times in this season's EXTREMELY over used narration.

I agree about the lack of stakes and tension. I think most people were distracted by the plot holes, bad acting and confused as to how Travis was supposed to be a formidable villain.

by J-Stilesreply 24612/19/2011

I'll be back too. This thread was great especially with Sexter and C.S joining in. I hope they're back too.

R230 you asked some really good questions. I wonder if some will be resolved next season or if they'll just be pointless plot lines.

R235 I'm not sure what order I'd place all the seasons in but the third season was the worst and the first was my favourite. Despite some story lines going nowhere and the implausible idea that Travis set up all those crime scenes alone I didn't mind this season.

Anyway I'm glad that Travis is finally gone. A dorky villain who couldn't be caught despite the fact that he looked like he could be overpowered just by giving him a wedgie was getting a little old.

Bring on next season so I can find out how Dex deals with the Deb fiasco and what Louis is up to.

by J-Stilesreply 24712/19/2011

Travis the serial killer pushed me over the edge.

The ending was okay, but it honestly didn't leave me with an ounce of desire for next season. Dexter won't go to prison or be killed or anything like that; the show will just keep going in circles the way it does.

I still think the producers should be embarrassed for letting that stupid Hanks kid play a serial killer. Sorry Tom Hanks, but teaching your son to frown like he's smelled bad ass isn't acting. Better keep writing those checks 'cause that will be the only thing that keeps him employed.

by J-Stilesreply 24812/19/2011

[quote]That's the only way I can explain Brother Sam, anyway.

The Brother Sam character was just wasted, and that's a shame. He was far more interesting that Travis.

by J-Stilesreply 24912/19/2011

Deb will quickly back away from "being in love" with Dexter when it is finally revealed that they are blood relatives sharing the same father ... and she will think he killed Travis because of Harrison ...

by J-Stilesreply 25012/19/2011

I'm not trying to be nasty but do you think her father is Joe Driscoll? Because Dexter's father is Joe Driscoll...DNA, in season one.

by J-Stilesreply 25112/19/2011

CS Lee must be dying to get off the show... working on a script that even a high school freshman wouldn't have bothered to turn's demoralizing.

by J-Stilesreply 25212/19/2011

Hanks can play best friends with no problem but it's hard to see him as a leading man.

by J-Stilesreply 25312/19/2011

All I know is that thay had a large audience gathered and then the writers all went to lunch. I don't know if they will get people to come back.

by J-Stilesreply 25412/19/2011

Hanks is a terrible actor. A better actor could have made so much more of the less than perfect scripts.

I hate it when people are cast because of who daddy is.

by J-Stilesreply 25512/19/2011

Can they fire producers? I mean someone needs to go down but who? Someone made some really bad calls and they need to go away.

by J-Stilesreply 25612/19/2011

If there was ever was a Sexter, he needs to tell us who is at fault for this mess.

by J-Stilesreply 25712/19/2011

They've changed showrunners pretty frequently over the past couple of seasons. My guess is that whoever is writing this show now just doesn't care.

by J-Stilesreply 25812/19/2011

[r251] How conclusive? Then the body was cremated. Hasn't it been implied that Harry was having an affair with the mother-snitch? Why did he save Dexter and not Brian?

by J-Stilesreply 25912/19/2011

Harry saved Dex because he thought he was too young to be too badly affected by the mother's death. Brian was older.

by J-Stilesreply 26012/19/2011

Dexter drew blood from Joe's body, he drew his own blood he sent it for DNA test...father and son. For some reason Harry supposedly thought that Brain was too damaged and could not be saved. He thought Dexter was younger, maybe he would not be effected. Of course, at the age of 4 Brian would have been sent to a foster home but this is a TV show. But 30 or 40 years ago, in some states he might have been sent to a loony bin. It happened that way in some states. In Illinois they put normal children in detention homes and in mental institutions. They really did.

by J-Stilesreply 26112/19/2011

still creepy

by J-Stilesreply 26212/19/2011

Yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm adopted, and this creeps me out no end. Siblings are siblings, blood or not. I sincerely hope they're just trying to make Deb go crazy to justify her (potential) acceptance of Dexter's li'l habit.

by J-Stilesreply 26312/19/2011

I think hanks was fine but he wasn't given good direction and writing. First his character isn't the killer just falling orders then he was the killer. He wasn't given good character development ...

by J-Stilesreply 26412/19/2011

The last couple of seasons have been about building a potentially interesting storyline (or, storylines) with interesting directions that can be explored only to get to the last episode and say: "well, let's wrap this up!" and choose a bland and the most obvious way to do it. Lumen, Jordan, and Travis were built up into these complex characters only to be discarded in a very non-eventful manner. I think that they've been trying to see what shit would stick the whole season, only to run out of time and ideas come Episode 12.

by J-Stilesreply 26512/19/2011

First--Thanks to our insiders.

I agree with R263. The lack of blood relation doesn't make a difference, except that any children would be less likely to be deformed. It's still incest and I suspect most people would find it creepier than the serial killing.

I also agree that the voiceover was overused to the point that the writers were suggesting the viewers were stupid.

The faith theme was not resolved in any compelling way. You had Dexter questioning at the beginning and the contrasting examples of Brother Sam and Travis, but the conclusion ("I am a father, a son and a serial killer") just leaves Dexter back where he started. It's not any kind of epiphany. It's as if he just sort of lost interest in the subject.

I think Travis's beast mural is the perfect symbol of the season. It's a complex premise that could have led in many interesting directions that was just put up for effect and then conveniently erased (using sloppy plot devices) so things could carry on as usual.

by J-Stilesreply 26612/19/2011

More lazy writing - the cops don't enter a house where two people have been murdered because they're waiting on Dexter. Not even to see if anyone is still in the house. Then when Dexter gets there, they still just chill outside.

This has never happened at any of the other crime scenes on this show.

by J-Stilesreply 26712/19/2011

If I was the President or CEO of Showtime...someone would have lost their job by now and hopefully it would be the person who decided to hit the viewers with the worst season of any cable show on any network.

by J-Stilesreply 26812/19/2011

After six seasons of wondering how Deb would discover dexter's secret....she just walks in on him?

After all of the false alarms with Doakes and Quinn tailing Dexter, this his how it happens?

I thought she would discover it gradually through her own detective work or he would finally be honest with her and tell her by choice.

But having her just wander in was a bafflingly boring way and illustrates the writers' desperation.

I don't trust them to handle this potentially great twist in a convincing way next season. This 'reveal' would never have happened this way during the glory days of the show.

by J-Stilesreply 26912/19/2011

[quote]I thought she would discover it gradually through her own detective work or he would finally be honest with her and tell her by choice.

That would require suspense. Plus, this show doesn't do detective work anymore.

Remember, this is the season that had the cops walk up to a man, hand him a piece of paper and ask "Is this your internet protocol address?" he was of course able to confirm on the spot, in his yard, that it was indeed his IP address.

That's the kind of detective work this show gives us now.

by J-Stilesreply 27012/19/2011

Exactly, R269 - why was Deb even going to the old church?

by J-Stilesreply 27112/19/2011

Maybe the writers were busy getting loaded or perhaps they didn't get a raise that they were expecting?

by J-Stilesreply 27212/19/2011

Deb had asked Dexter to go there for some unnamed and implausible police business so, burning with passion, she went to find him there.

by J-Stilesreply 27312/19/2011

I agree R269. I thought the shrink's purpose would be to help Deb discover who Dexter really is. How much is Deb denying to herself, she must have seen and heard so many suspicious things over the years.

by J-Stilesreply 27412/19/2011

[quote]Really weird about the therapist wearing the same outfit in every scene. I never would have picked up on that detail. It's got me curious.

Don't get too curious. They filmed all the therapist's scenes in ONE DAY in order to pay said therapist FEWER DOLLARS.

Economy is what's ruining this show.

by J-Stilesreply 27512/19/2011

A really unnecessary scene was on the ship that picked Dex up from the water. Having the guy rob the passengers/Dex killing the guy added nothing to the plot. Why couldn't they just have Dex jump off when he got close to shore, like the other immigrants?

by J-Stilesreply 27612/19/2011

Because the guy was holding them on the boat till their families gave more money. Dexter had to kill him but it was sloppy and one said a thing it was just a matter of course. This evil son of a bitch needs to be killed, Dexter does his thing and of one would say a word.

by J-Stilesreply 27712/19/2011

I agree, R276. There were MANY red herrings this season: blond intern, Louis, Edward James Olmos, Quinn being a flake, Batista's sister being a nanny, the "faith exploration", Laguerta jockeying for commissioner's spot, Batista and Quinn smoking a joint together, severed hands all over the place, Deb's attraction to Dexter, Jonah and ITK returning for one episode...and so forth.

Why couldn't they simply have made the story focus more on the actual main plot? There was a lot that could've been fleshed from that basic story - the end of times.

by J-Stilesreply 27812/19/2011

I agree, also, early episodes made it clear that there were 2 killers involved in DDK. This was confirmed by the escaped kidnapping victim and by Dexter's own analysis of the bodies.

What was with all the references to similarities between the iTK killings and the DDk victims?

Why did Travis leave those little notes with numbers in the bodies?

If they were going to introduce the incest story, it should have been handled gradually.

No shrink would have drawn that conclusion from the fact that was dependant on her brother and had a history of toxic romances.

by J-Stilesreply 27912/19/2011

This show sounds like a mess now (haven't watched in a long time, so I'll take you guys' word for it).

by J-Stilesreply 28012/19/2011

No doubt some of those story lines will be revisited next season. I'll bet Louis was tampering with Travis's victims (cutting off hands etc) and he's probably been following Dexter around because Dexter has been using the search engine Louis directed him to.

by J-Stilesreply 28112/19/2011

Hi 281, I hope you're right, but even so that doesn't explain why the detectives and Dexter himself dropped the idea that there were additional people involved despite their ample evidence.

If it's obvious to us, it should be obvious to them.

The writers can't defy all logic in order for the story to fit their plan.

But, i hope they do explain Louis' involvement.

by J-Stilesreply 28212/19/2011

[quote]he's probably been following Dexter around because Dexter has been using the search engine Louis directed him to

Oh wow, I hadn't thought about that. That's kind of genius.

by J-Stilesreply 28312/20/2011

One of the most anticipated T.V moments went absolutely wasted.

Last season was the perfect time to pull the trigger. There were many cliff hanger moments when Deb was in the vicinity of Dexter's kills. She had also come off the Trinity story where she was suspicious of Dexters/Ritas involvement. Plus, she was investigating his and her father's past.

It was so anti-climatic, and it will most likely be remembered for it's poor execution, rather than the moment it should've been.

by J-Stilesreply 28412/20/2011

Yup. I think we were all looking forward to Deb becoming suspicious of Dexter and then the drawn out suspense of her investigating him, all the while not letting on to him she's "up to something".

Anticipating that kind of suspense and tension, and inevitable and earned discovery has been why I continued to watch the show.

But no, we get 1 minute at the end of a shitty season of Debra, wanting to fuck her brother, walking in on him. It kind of pisses me off, but mostly I'm just disappointed.

by J-Stilesreply 28512/20/2011

[quote]Anticipating that kind of suspense and tension, and inevitable and earned discovery has been why I continued to watch the show.

The only suspense and tension was created by the speculation in this thread. I mean, Travis takes the kid and plans to kill him, and they walk down the street with the kid in his lion costume and Travis singing a song? Fuck, I've seen Mr. Rogers do scarier things with kids than that.

by J-Stilesreply 28612/20/2011

Liar! Mr Rogers never scared a kid in his life! Maybe the puppets scared them?

by J-Stilesreply 28712/20/2011

I'm just saying, I loved 5 seasons and this season was apparently produced, directed and written by 6th graders.

by J-Stilesreply 28812/20/2011

THANK You 284 and 285. I'm glad I'm not the only one who, as a long-time fan, was shocked they wasted the opportunity to have a good "reveal".

I agree that after all the false-calls of Quinn's investigation, Deb's discovery in LAST YEAR'S season finale would have been perfect.

One of the biggest TV anticlimaxes I can think of.

by J-Stilesreply 28912/20/2011

Yep, "Deb walks in" was lame.Deb walking in to tell her brother that she's in love with him is even lamer. Like any shrink would say "well off you go, go tell your brother you want to touch him inappropiately"

This is my guess on what happens with Deb discovering Dexter. Dex is going to hit her with that animal tranquiliser he always carries around. While she's out he cleans up the murder scene, disposes of Travis and when she wakes up tells her she had one of her panic attacks which caused her to pass out and then he'll convince her that what she saw was all in her mind. Temporarily at least Deb will be convinced but slowly it will occur to her that maybe she saw something very sinister. Cut to a bunch of flashbacks of Deb remembering stuff that don't quite add up eg weird conversations she heard between Dex and their Dad etc.

by J-Stilesreply 29012/20/2011

Then they can put her in a nursing home, till she comes to her senses.

by J-Stilesreply 29112/20/2011

If I was Jennifer Carpenter, I would be so pissed at the writers and producers, I'd want to take a chainsaw to them.

by J-Stilesreply 29212/20/2011

My prediction: Dexter will claim he went to the church and Travis found and attacked him and Dexter retaliated.

He'll claim all of the equipment etc...w as Travis' "work space".

Deb will accept it and spend the whole season "wondering'. It will be lame and far-fetched and defy logic.

by J-Stilesreply 29312/20/2011

No, Deb will 'get it' and forgive him because she wants to fuck him.

She will use Dexter to advance her career and solve crimes and cover for him.

by J-Stilesreply 29412/20/2011

In addition to the critiques that have already been raised, a show that was once dark and edgy has gone soft. I predict that the final episode will be Deb and Dexter going on the run together...

by J-Stilesreply 29512/20/2011

I just wish they wouldn't treat us as if we are all walking around, sharing an IQ of 70.

by J-Stilesreply 29612/20/2011

I like R293's scenario. The only thing that might screw that up is whatever Deb overheard Dexter saying to Travis when she slipped into the church.

I erased my DVR so I can't go back and hear if he said anything incriminating.

by J-Stilesreply 29712/20/2011

I was hoping she heard some of that but doesn't seem like she heard anything...she just saw him stab Travis.

by J-Stilesreply 29812/20/2011

This is the first season I have watched. Thought the ending was good.

by J-Stilesreply 29912/20/2011

I'm glad someone enjoyed it. I liked the first 5 seasons but this season, seemed really bad. I'll still try and watch it next year but this year, I was really disappointed.

by J-Stilesreply 30012/20/2011

I enjoyed it too but I just didn't like the end. "Deb walks in" is ridiculous. I will still watch the next two seasons because I think the purpose of this season was only to set up the final two seasons, which is why we have so many unanswered questions.

by J-Stilesreply 30112/20/2011

What do the "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" books say about Deb and her discovery? Can anyone offer book spoilers?

by J-Stilesreply 30212/21/2011

I don't even recall a Deb from the books. If she is in them she is not a major player.

by J-Stilesreply 30312/21/2011

Deb finds out in the first book.

And yes, Deb is a big part of the books.

by J-Stilesreply 30412/21/2011

[quote] I think the therapist is going to be revealed as Deb's Dark Passenger in the season finale. It was a nice touch to disguise her as a therapist so it wouldn't be too obvious seeing her not interact with other people.

You can only pull the "talking to someone who isn't there" so much. Travis/Gellar, Dex/Dad/Brian. Having her therapist all in her head would be too weird.

by J-Stilesreply 30512/24/2011

It sounds like I am the only one who thought the reveal was kinda awesome.

If you think about it, her first thought isn't going to be "my brother is a serial killer. He may even be the Bay Harbor Butcher". She sees him killing DDK. Fucked up? Yes. Enough to make her suddenly think he's a serial killer? Probably not.

by J-Stilesreply 30612/24/2011

Sexter, I am really glad you're character didn't die this season. When you were posting pics from the set and spoilers I was worried... doing stuff like that can be frowned upon.

Anyway, thanks for making this thread awesome!

by J-Stilesreply 30712/24/2011

I stopped watching after the John Lithgow season. Well, after the first three or four episodes of the season dealing with the aftermath of the Trinity killer. What season was that?

I was already fed up with the show but Lithgow is such a good actor, he made that season interesting. For years, Dexter has been shoddily written and poorly acted. Or maybe it's terrible direction and editing. Either way, the show could be so much better than it actually is.

Imagine my horror and surprise when I caught 30 minutes of the season finale last week. When Deb was talking to her therapist and said something like, "I'm going to tell my brother I'm in love with him" I thought I heard her wrong. I had to rewind three times to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

Ridiculous to have her fall in love with him. It just seems so desperate on the part of the writers. This show is a waste of talent, money and time. It's like watching the L Word all over again. THe L Word could have been so damn good but someone behind the scenes just fucked everything up all the time. It was Chaiken. Hey, maybe Chaiken is Dexter's showrunner. That would explain A LOT.

by J-Stilesreply 30812/24/2011

If they had ever, even once insinuated that Debra ever had any kind of feelings like that but they never did. It was just brother and sister, then all of a sudden, Deb's in love with Dex. Ridiculous.

by J-Stilesreply 30912/25/2011

Dexter's creative success relies on the tone. Its heightened. The recent seasons haven't achieved the right tone

by J-Stilesreply 31012/26/2011

Yeah, I have always found Deb and Dex's relationship distinctively platonic. But many say they've seen signs. To me, 6 years in to a series is too late to introduce this.

by J-Stilesreply 31112/27/2011

I think Deb may have more of a feeling of hero worship for Dexter. After all, he did save her life at least twice.

by J-Stilesreply 31212/27/2011

Yeah, they may be co-dependent and she may idolize him...but want to suck him off? No.

by J-Stilesreply 31312/29/2011

For Michael Hall fans.

by J-Stilesreply 31412/29/2011

I hope they will change their idea about brother and sister sex.

by J-Stilesreply 31512/30/2011


by J-Stilesreply 31601/27/2012

Did you have a question, r316?

by J-Stilesreply 31701/27/2012

My question is will they ignore the stupid incest storyline and go on to something more interesting?

by J-Stilesreply 31801/27/2012

Finally watched the last episode.

I had to wait until now to read the thread because there are too many FUCKS among you that like to ruin everything.

It was funny reading back over the thread at the number of people who posted spoilers that were wrong, wrong, wrong. Just goes to show ya..

LOVED CS and company participating and really hope it wasn't limited to a coke-infused bender (I notice he/they were scant on the Part 2 thread). Hope that changes.

Anyway, all is good, still like (not love) the show and look forward to next season. Long as we're past the Lumin bullshit...UGH!

PS-as a shrink I have to say Deb's "therapist"'s behavior was criminal. Talk about suggestion.. this ain't how it's supposed to be done folks...

by J-Stilesreply 31904/03/2012

I love spoilers and will always love any spoilers that anyone wants to give.

I am still extremely bitter about them destryoing Debra's character with her ridiculous declaration...that she loves her brother. Fuck the producer...damn pervert.

They are charging $37 dollars for season 6 DVDs, no thanks.

And by the way I love Michael C. Hall and I believe he is gayer than a hotel pool full of flamingos.

by J-Stilesreply 32008/14/2012

Michael C. Hall has a nice cock.

by J-Stilesreply 32108/14/2012

All I know is I look forward to watching the screen as Michael walks away from the eyes are always glued to his ass.

by J-Stilesreply 32208/14/2012

What? 5 weeks?

by J-Stilesreply 32308/23/2012

Anyone know where to get a print of the painting of the beast before dexter's face was painted in it?

by J-Stilesreply 32410/07/2012
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